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JEGS Perfect Start app received 35 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about jegs perfect start?

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Good gamePretty good simulated game.Version: 0

Cool App!For all the people have issues and saying it doesn't work and you red light all the time you have to hold down the Jegs button then release. Works perfectly..Version: 1.0

Awesome appThis is way better than spending big bucks on a handheld "tree" device. I can try my RT on both the pro and mod trees. It also improves hand-eye coordination on the track and gives a psychological advantage when I play the NHRA game against my kids on the PS2. Thanks JEGS and iTunes for giving this to us. You beat Summit Racing at getting here first..Version: 0

Red LightsTo those who haven't figured it out yet, the reason you're getting red lights is because you're releasing the button. To start the tree, hit the button, hold it, and release when the light turns green. Was it really that hard to figure out? Great app!.Version: 0

Jegs treeWill use in the staging lanes. Set it up like a delay box car with trans break. As long as you get around the same light who cares what it is..Version: 1.1

Confusion on how to playThe reason that people are always getting redlights is there are no instructions how to play. At first I thought you had to press one time to stage one time to leave. but you need to hold the jegs button untill the tree come dome then let go when you want to leave. I hope this clears things up and gets rid of some of the one star ratings..Version: 0

GreatThe best RT app for the price. FREE! my one and only slight beef is it doesn't keep stats but that's all. Good work jegs once again u never fail.Version: 1.0

Fun app!Works fine you just need to use the delay option on the main page. A little inconsistent however, but it's the off season..Version: 1.0

So simple to use!I can't believe the negative reviews about Red lighting. You guys can work an iPhone but not this app? So sad. I give it a 5..Version: 0

TreeWas getting red light at first but then found out u have to hold the start button till its green. You can not just tap it or it will red light you every time. I got a 0.000 on the pro and a 0.004 on the other with in five minutes of using it. It's fun for a few minutes. Not meant for in your car. And it would be nice if they told you how to use it from the start..Version: 1.0

UpdateGlad I read the reviews before I choose the update, I will keep the old version, thanks guys..Version: 1.1

Kegs appVery cool app. If you read the instructions, like any oter practice tree, you need to add delay into it..Version: 1.0

GREATGot this for my bracket racing hubby and he loves it. A must have for super pro and pro racers.Version: 1.1

Simple and FunGreat App, good graphics. Easy to use for anyone. I was 00's after about ten hits and a quick and easy adjustment to my time delay. Now even I can feel like a Pro Stock Champion....Version: 0

Simple no nonsenseIt's one of those toys where you can play a few and not have to invest a bunch of time into playing it. Could use a small tutorial but after figuring it out, it's great. You need to press and hold, wait and release the moment you want to "go"..Version: 0

Great appVery accurate and good way to stay sharp.Version: 0

GreatBy the reactions have improved tremendously since I’ve been participating in this exercise.Version: 2.0.1

Works for meWorks fine if you read the instuctions. Hold the jegs button down and release for time..Version: 1.0

Great App!!!After only one week of using the sportsman tree portion of this app my lights became very consistent. They ranged from .004 to .010 while racing in the electronics class at my local track. My car ran 8.934 on a 8.93 dial-in. Made it to the semifinals with no problem. Broke my wheelie bars in that round so I didn't make it to the finals. Great App! Anyone racing in an electronic class should be grateful that it's free!.Version: 0

Reaction timeGreat app Very helpful 🏁👀🏁.Version: 2.0.1

Great appThere is no doubt Jegs didn't develop this app. It is just something Jeggie would have his hands involved in! Go Team Jegs!.Version: 0

JegsIt's fun but u have to set the box 1st to where it seems like a real pro tree it's off when u 1st play.Version: 1.0

Cool!Innovative work by the developer of this app to creatively integrate a simple concept with the sponsor's objectives. Good, quick, challenging, pick-up-and-play free fun!.Version: 0

Rollout functionCan't really complain about it since it's free, delay function is nice but being incorporated with the rollout is plain stupid, I believe every racer knows every car leaves different, I'd rather play my portatree eliminator than this to get simulation, but this comes in handy on the go so I'd like to see a few changes..Version: 0

Jegs perfect startWorks great. Set your reaction time delay, pick pro or sportsman tree, hold down button to activate tree and release button, anticipating last amber going out. EASY, if you know anything about Dragracing. Please add sounds, you can choose from pro or sportsman classes..Version: 0

JegsApp works great! This will be nice to have in the staging lanes before a run. You have to adjust the delay people!.Version: 0

AswomeThis app is the for what I do but can you please update it to the latest version and optimize it for the iPhone 5 and 5s please..Version: 1.1

It helpsReally helped me cut a better light.Version: 2.0.1

HardcoreThis app is for hardcore drag racers. It's a great app if u know about delay boxs and bracket racing. Me being a transbreak racer I love the idea of hittin a tree on my phone in the staging lanes. Great job jegs!.Version: 0

Drag racing is in my bloodLove knowing I can cut a great light now to put my practice in real life motions!.Version: 1.1

Finally a Christmas tree app!This app is a pro tree and full tree and really helps drag racers practice on the tree! I have an iPhone 4 with 4.1 update..Version: 0

Enjoying this!Haven't had a chance to race this year (it's March) but this is the best free tree I've tried. It seems to over the basic forms of what the hard body games offer. Minus the stats. I just write down my 10 runs in a row and figure out my averages and my bests. Do look online for ways to adjust roll out, it's what makes this work. There is a lot of good info out there on how to adjust it, especially once you get to the track (it won't be dialled in quite right until then). If I get great results with this, I may be inclined to buy a hand held unit...but if it ends up working I don't know why I would bother..Version: 2.0.1

The real dealGreat free app. It's from JEGS and it's geared for real drag racers. It works great for what it is. It's no portatree but it offers many of the same functions including delay and different tree options..Version: 1.0

Nice ideaFun free acurate. works well. good design. jegs is always first with these kind of promo ideas..Version: 0

HelpfulI run Jrs and it is very helpful to get ready.Version: 1.1

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