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Geo Walk - World Factbook 3D App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Geo Walk - World Factbook 3D app received 48 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about geo walk - world factbook 3d?

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Very poorIt's not worth to download. Nothing but few pictures and almost nothing interesting info..Version: 2.5

Et pourquoi pas en Français?Cette petite application permet de fouiner, d'explorer de façon parfois un peu trop aléatoire mais divertissante divers éléments culturels. Un lien nous mène directement à Wikipédia si on veut en savoir plus. Cette interface est un bijoux en devenir, à condition de créer une version française ET de regrouper des sujets reliés (ex: Égypte, Pharaons, Pyramides, Sphynx, Politique, Drapeaux si on veut couvrir en quelques éléments sans passer par le requin et les Beattles) À suivre de près....Version: 2.5

DisappointingTo say this app offers very little information is a gross understatement. As another reviewer remarked, the information is not without errors. This is entirely unacceptable for any learning application. Lastly, for what you receive from this app, it is extremely overpriced. I like the layout, but sadly that's about the only positive remark I can offer. Add content please..Version: 2.4.1

Blame Canada?I was so excited to get this app after thoroughly enjoying star walk. The only icon I found for Canada is the transcanada highway. I even installed the extension files and still nothing. No wonder Americans think we live in some wasteland of snow and igloos! Apparently we have no animals, interesting plants, geography, history or inventors. Who do they keep giving the order of Canada to every year?.Version: 2.4.1

No where near as good as Star WalkIt needs better descriptions and links to Wikipedia. Location and animal search. Easier to use globe and more then one photo for each thing. If they made this more like Star Walk it would be very good but its just an awful relative..Version: 2.3

Refund pleaseI purchased this based on how good their other apps are and cant believe how awful this is. Obviously the first one they ever did. Don't buy it.. You will be dissapointed.Version: 2.4.1

Not worth $3Very very limited info...More is expected from Vito tech.Version: 2.1

If I could I would give it a zero.I have purchased the additional cards and for 24 hours they were showing downloading. I have reinstalled the app and now the "add more crds" options are no longer available. I am hoping to get some help from the developer or I will have to consider it a big scam... I have just waited $2.99.Version: 2.4.1

Educational?A good app in theory. I won't be letting my kids loose on it though as the gramma and basic language are appalling!.Version: 2.5

Ugh...While pretty enough, this app is oddly content-lite despite recent updates. The biggest issue is the terrible writing. The entries have clearly fallen foul of the dreaded Apple spell check, and even my seven year-old daughter noticed the errors. Very poor checking. Generally very simplistic entries leave you wondering who the app is actually aimed at. Both my kids got bored very quickly. Can't believe this is from the same folks who produced the incredible Star Walk..Version: 2.3

Not great for the price - avoidInitial interface looks great but was hard to use and for younger kids very confusing. Pictures were nice but the only detail was a huge block of text which for even older children was off putting. Not left with much desire to go back and use more than once..Version: 2.2

Parent of 8 year oldThis is pretty cool. It could be improved by adding videos and ways to explore countries by name. A better zoom feature to pinpoint specific locations and the ability to search by typing in what you are looking for would help. We were looking for Pompay and couldn't find it. I look forward to some updates and will come back and up my rating..Version: 2.2

It's a shameHello there, I'm in Canada! You know that country that is north of the 49th. Parallel. You'd think we were a wasteland with little or nothing to warrant a least a cursory mention. This is an example of the little knowledge that our American neighbors have of their best friend. I'm very disappointed in this app after seeing Solar Walk. I would give it zero stars if it were possible. I will not be recommending this app to anyone. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!.Version: 2.4.1

MediocreRandom chunks of disconnected information (why for instance is Neil Armstrong next to a saltwater crocodile?) Long unbroken paragraphs of text would not make this an easy learning experience. The "news" is months out of date. There are typos in the user interface ("swith" to Safari, "National Geographics"). News resets to 21 "unread" items on every relaunch. I downloaded this for free and would have been very disappointed if I'd paid for it. Edit: Shame to see so many "five-star" reviews. Mine is down to one, would give 0 if I could..Version: 2.3

Needs workNice idea, some nice photos, but the writing... Someone needs to proof this material. Typos, grammar and even spaces all need attention. Given the strong astronomy apps they make one has to wonder what happened..Version: 0

My reviewNot for my 6-year old... Please refund.Version: 2.6.2

Not what I thought...I thought this was going to have more information rather than short little factoids. Also the resolution is poor and You can tell it was written by a non native English speaker because some of the questions and statements are so awkwardly written you have no idea what they are trying to say. Nice idea, but I wish I wouldn't have bought it. 😒.Version: 2.4.1

OK But No where near as good as other appsI have just downloaded this app after buying another app made by same people. The other app was excellent so decided to try this one but was very disappointed. Although there are many interesting facts, the graphics are not brilliant and it's basically just a facts book. You can't zoom in on the globe or do much apart from read the facts. My son found this quite boring quite quickly. If it was free I would say try it, but I'm not sure it is worth the money, so would not recommend buying it..Version: 2.4.1

Not great for younger kidsMy 6 year old daughter got bored pretty quickly, because the app doesn’t have many layers and is too text heavy, even though it doesn’t feature too much content. It featured a photograph of a mummy, that freaked her out, so I guess a 4 year old would be spooked even more. Personally I think that there are maybe a little bit too many white men featured in the history/ science section..Version: 2.6.4

Poor contentThis app looks nice and works well but the content is very poor. The facts listed are often inaccurate, making the educational value suspect. Even the image credits contained obvious errors. The text is obviously written by someone who speaks English as a second language. It was rare to find an entry that had no grammatical errors. Painful to read..Version: 2.3

Great pictures; decent factsThe app is entertaining and the pictures are good. However, the grammar and sentence structure are very poor. An app that sells itself as a type of encyclopedic reference should be vetted and/or reviewed fully before it is released to the public. However, that being said, it's still a fun little program to learn some random trivia or share with your kids..Version: 2.4.1

Geo Walk HDTerrible App - don't buy it! It is full of mistakes and horrendous biases and omissions! Erik the Red is shown on the Globe to come from Russia, rather than Norway. "Francesco Pizarro ...leaded an excursion..." All but two of the people listed are men, and almost all are white. I would never inflict this kind of thing on my, or any other kids!.Version: 2.2

This is an atlas?You call yourselves an Atlas? This app is riddled with incorrect information, starting with a photo of the Manhatten Bridge with info about the Brooklyn Bridge. Here's a hint - one of them is metal, the other is stone. Also, a lot of your information is written poorly. Consider hiring a native English speaker to clean it up - some of the science is way too dense for kids, and some of it is a total disaster, grammatically (see platypus)..Version: 2.2

Suitable for a 6 year oldAfter buying star walk and solar walk from the same developer (the former being the best app I own) I would have to say that this app is a big let down. Utterly useless in my opinion and far from user friendly. It lacks substance and provides absolutely no educational value to an adult with even half a clue. In fairness, it is perhaps better suited to a six or seven year old..Version: 2.4.1

Please fixEven with the update it crashes everytime i try to touch a picture!!!.Version: 2.1

Are you kidding?Ok - I got this for free - but that's no reason for a sloppy product. I find it hard to believe this is related to star walk. On every item, and I've looked at over fifty entries now, there are spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and terribly written inserts. This is an educational app - so sort it out! One sentence (about the penguin in Australia) had four separate typos. What a joke..Version: 2.3

Price not aligned with the value you getIt has very little info cards, it's like browsing through a souvenir card gondola. The price misleads you into thinking that your getting more value, it is not a $2.99 app. I also found a card labeled Eucalyptus that is clearly not an Eucalyptus tree, How many wrong cards are out there? (Hover over to Australia).Version: 2.4.1

Geo walk appEducational and easy to navigate but typo and spelling errors need correcting..Version: 2.1

A Little DisappointedI like the concept and even the interface isn't bad, HOWEVER, I am disappointed that there are only 568 short fact cards to read and then you have to buy more card packs. For the price I was expecting more. You should do updates and add free packs for those who purchased this app and then I would raise my rating..Version: 2.4.1

App should be freeVery dissapointing.Only shows pictures with a robots voice. Lots of relevant information missing.Version: 2.6.4

JohnVery cheap looking interface and little content aside from what you randomly come across by spinning a virtual globe. This is a very poor app and I don't recommend if your intention is to use it for more than just an idle time waster..Version: 2.3

Geo walk HDLots of spelling and grammatical errors. Disappointing..Version: 2.4.1

GeowalkI have only looked at this once but am not minded to look again as it seems to have very little info, what it does have seems to be very random and unorganised. A few nice pics but not worth bothering with really..Version: 2.0

Grammar IssuesGreat picts and interesting facts...too many typographical and other tense/usage errors. Needs some clean-up!.Version: 2.4

Please fixEvery picture icon that I click on kicks me out of the app!.Version: 2.0

Bland app not worth the moneyGlitzy graphics with no substance. Descriptions of animals are superficial with just one static photo. It has less information than an encyclopedia, even Wikipedia offers more interesting information. Plus the locations are limited. I was expecting information that was local to the pacific northwest of theU.S..Version: 2.4.1

Good price for what you getStudents love looking at the pictures and reading the info on this app. Visually, it's quite nice. However, it doesn't allow you to search for a specific animal or geographic item/location. You have to search for what you're looking for by spinning the globe. Overall, a nice app for $3 but could be sooooo much more!.Version: 2.2

Needs more meat on those bonesI like the other apps by this developer, so figured i would try this one, too. Well made and pretty to look at, but my kid is spending way more time flipping the globe around and glancing at pictures than she will ever spend reading the little articles about them. So it is nice as a picture show but I doubt she will learn much..Version: 0

Well laid out, but....Very few pictures on the globe. Information is minimal at best. Smooth interface and what it has is good. Will give it more stars once improved..Version: 2.0

Geo walkThis app is ok nothing too good or too bad.Version: 2.6.4

Good app with some flawsI find it easier to find information on the web, and the 80MB file size really turns me off..Version: 2.3

Great app, wont work on older devices iOS 3.1.35 stars when this issues fixed. Otherwise great app for kids edu. Would be better if app links to wikipedia..Version: 2.3

Great idea and interface but...The interface is very good so is the concept. Nevertheless, the content is too few and you have to buy it if you want to see more..Version: 2.4.1

GeowalkLovely app but wish it had audio so it could be accessible for children with dyslexia..Version: 2.2

Geo WalkJust purchased this to share with my grandson who has special needs and introduce him to the wonders of the world. Not user friendly. I was unable to get specific animals that he wanted to see, such as the zebras , sharks or giraffes ,when I typed it in the search bar. It appears to have a limited number of animals available to see and explore. There should be a way to adjust the volume as well as other features such as the ability to zoom in for those who have special needs such as poor vision. Would like a refund. Very disappointed! Also it would be nice to have a contact number to customer service and speak to a live human to express concerns . Please consider making educational apps that are appropriate for people with special needs..Version: 2.6.4

DisappointingAdmittedly this is free, but not great even at that price. Lots of grammatical errors, not very much info about each topic, and news that is out-of-date..Version: 2.3

NO AudioAt $2.99, one would expect audio, with the option for voice over with the fact cards, animal sounds, etc. This is a silent app, with vocabulary well beyond the average 10 year old. Would have been impressive in 2007. Dissatisfied..Version: 2.6.2

Waste of moneyMaybe useful as a car game? Icons hide the map, no exact locations given for the 500 different people, places, things. Minimal -and i do mean minimal - info given for each object. Who exactly gave this app all those 5-star ratings? Total waste of money..Version: 2.2

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