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Audible: Audio Entertainment App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Audible: Audio Entertainment app received 73 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Audible: Audio Entertainment? Can you share your negative thoughts about audible: audio entertainment?

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Audible: Audio Entertainment for Negative User Reviews

Stupid AppThey make it way to complicated just to listen to books, which you have to buy, besides the 14$/a month you already pay!! I can’t believe people have rated this 5 stars, barely deserves 1..Version: 3.41.1

AudibleThey changed the app so you have to continuously be connected to the internet to listen to the books you have downloaded. This destroys much of my listening use..Version: 3.91

A buggy piece of softwareI use this app because I have to. It used to be great, but over the course of the past couple years, it’s become apparent that nobody at Audible actually uses or cares about this app. There are random crashes at least weekly, where the book will just stop playing and you have to restart the app. It refuses to honor the “don’t sync playback position” settings, so listening to the same book someone else in my family is listening to is a headache, since I have to constantly go back to my spot. They changed the “swipe to delete” feature to include an option to “add to favorites.” Like, honestly, how often does a user really add a book to their favorites, vs how often does a user want to remove a book from their device? Here’s a hint: literally every book will at some point need to be removed from the device. Unless literally every book is also added to your Favorites, then this is a bad feature and should be removed. Also, when opening the app fresh, why on earth is the first page ads for new books? 9/10 times I want to go to the book I’ve been listening to most recently, not shop for a new one. And while you’re at it, make the Extend Sleep Timer feature smart about the sleep timer you just set. A default of 30 minutes is useless to someone who sets 15 or 20 minute sleep timers..Version: 3.50

Censorship, Waste of Time, Just buy a book in Real LifeI have seen this app, push really hard in the country I live in. And I was intrigued. I downloaded the app and fiddled around with it till I figured out you cannot purchase in the app itself. Fair enough, it took some time to figure it out but not too much. Then I went on the website. Carefully browse through the selection of books I wanted because the “books” aren’t cheap, all of the ones of interest most likely are about $30-$48 mark. That means that I listen through the sample, read out reviews, compared narrators for a few different books. Finally, I decide to make a purchase. And I get a error message “Sorry, this book is not available to purchase in your Region/country!” Wow! Digital age is coming and it’s a lot easier to restrict and censorship people and knowledge, bit concerning. Buy a book in real life, support that book store. Really disappointed and really a waste of my time..Version: 3.3.2

Can’t play without data or being in serviceAbsolute garbage. Have had the app since 2018 and now being forced to use data to stream already downloaded books. Also stopped working when I am out of a service area. Fix this asap! I checked audible trouble shooting and it clearly says you don’t need data to stream already downloaded books nor is being in service necessary for the same..Version: 3.88

Hard to useTrying to figure out how to purchase and access content is challenging. Even free content. I still haven’t figured it out, I gave up on the app before I could successfully finish listening to a story. The library is enticing though..Version: 3.39

RidiculousOne of the worst experiences ever on an App. How do you buy books? You don’t, they sit in your wishlist forever because you can only listen to 5 minute samples..Version: 3.40

TerribleDownloaded then deleted this app right away. Extremely confusing to use. How do you buy books? And where is my wish list stored?.Version: 3.39

Can't downloadStupid to down load this app. Use a different one that will actually let you download a book in the app. I've already deleted this app. It's crap!!.Version: 3.1.2

Takes hours to download books on Apple WatchI have been really happy with the app on iPad and iPhone, but it’s been over four hours and a 5 hour book has not yet finished downloading on my Apple Watch (fully updated)..Version: 3.91.4

SlippingThis is a spoiler. I felt Mark Dawson phoned this in. A woman who is both the wife, daughter and niece of Japanese gangsters who has been physically and mentally abused who acts like a clingy little girl? I just couldn’t go along with that. A woman who is accustomed to forging paperwork for people she knows kill people for a living and who has connections with the local ‘Mafia’, who owns a gun and knows how to use it, who is in a privileged position in her community walks in, gun in hand, to find her beloved husband being tortured and she doesn’t shoot? I would have! And I have never even touched a gun, but in her shoes, I would have aimed for his back and fired. I would not have waited for him to turn round and hope that the two of us got out of there alive. And surely, the bad guy wouldn’t have wanted to leave witnesses? There was just too much that, like these examples, just didn’t hang together. I could go on. Three stars as if you aren’t picky, it is a good enough story. It is just that Dawson can do so much better..Version: 3.51

Very difficult to cancel subscriptionI subscribed to Audible but found listening to books wasn’t for me. When I went to cancel, I found it difficult throughout the process. You can’t cancel from the app or through the mobile site...only the desktop..Version: 3.4

Ever worsening audiobook appAs you a see from my previous review, this used to be a great app. Lately, it has lost it’s ability to track where it is. Not only across devices, but on a single device.[I listen to a lot of audiobooks. For straightforward listening, this app is perfect. It is when you get into details like the sleep timer, that more thought could have been given. The screen that comes up after you have been in sleep mode is dark — but if you want to extend the sleep timer it goes to a bright white screen. It would be nice to stealthily extend the time without waking others. There are a few other things I wouldn’t mind having like better syching between devices, especially on things that have been played previously. And maybe a counter so I could see how many times a book has been played. But those are just wishes. I took off a star for the extend sleep mode screen.] This app keeps getting worse. It no longer knows the next book in a series. For awhile there was a shake to reset timer feature that was great. But they evidently removed it. It still is bad at synching between devices. I can hardly believe that my first review a few years ago called it almost perfect..Version: 4.1.1

Room for improvementAs noted in other reviews Audible in general is great, books range from brilliant to terrible depending the writing/narration not audible but the app itself I think needs some improvement to be completely user friendly. I would find it a lot easer to use if there were chapter titles for books. I find not having these particularly irksome for non-fiction where I want to jump to a particular topic and spend forever trying to find it scrolling through the arbitrarily numbered chapters and listening to see if it’s the right thing. I would also personally prefer more options to organise titles, such as being able to create folders or even just alphabetise rather than base on time of purchase, but that’s not a major thing. Similarly it’s a little disappointing still not to be able to make purchases through the app, but a negligible annoyance compared to the chapter name issue. On the bright side it’s more stable now and hasn’t crashed on me for months, and I use it nearly every day :).Version: 3.10.2

Charged my account after cancellingI signed up for the free trial and the app would not download so I immediately cancelled. I looked at my credit card statement today to find a charge from audible. Went back to the site to make sure and I definitely do not have a membership. So just make sure you check your accounts after cancelling your membership..Version: 3.62

Making you feel bad for profitThis is not my review of my listening experience but rather of how it makes you feel when a credit expires. Audible has an arbitrary limit on the number of credits you can store as if the number six takes up all the available space for counting credits. Eventually, you will reach this enormous number and Audible will refuse to store another. You will feel that it’s your own fault. How could you be so stupid? It’s a lot like missing the deadline for your credit card payment and despite the relatively small loss, you will likely feel just as bad. And you will ask yourself, if they can’t “store” more than six credits, why didn’t they just allocate one of the numerous books from my wish list? But mostly you’ll just endure the sense of impotence at having something taken from you by a huge wealthy powerful corporation..Version: 3.91.4

Great but some tweaks required1) Need an option to stop seeing certain books. I will never buy a book from Michelle Obama, Will Smith, or Prince Harry so please give me an option to say not interested and for these to no longer be displayed. 2) Daily deals are great and I have bought a bunch however they are more often than not completely irrelevant. Given the large number of books on Audible there are bound to be more customised options available 3) I am often interested in series which are very old like Clive Cusslers Dirk Pitt, Wilbur Smith’s Courtney’s, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’s. All of these titles cost the same as a new book even though many are decades old and no longer on the best sellers list. I, and many others, would be tempted to buy whole series at a discount or buy one at full price and the rest 50% off, or 2 for a credit. 4) Last but not least. I am not one bit interested in LGBT or Australian Aboriginal literature. Many of my favourite books have characters or content which deals with these however it is not front and centre. How Audible pushes books with a pure focus on this content on their clients I find frustrating and reprehensible. Your role is to provide compelling content to all of your clients not force fringe content, relevant to a few, on everyone in an transparent effort to appear progressive and righteous..Version: 3.91.4

Horrible app for iwatchI love audible for my phone, but I have never been able to get the app to work properly on iwatch. It either never downloads fully, or does download but is unplayable. Takes over 30 minutes to download and is the most frustrating process I’ve dealt with on the apple platform..Version: 3.21

Good content, very marginal access to itI have recently just trialled audible, found a book series I enjoyed listening to. However after finishing the book, and deciding I will happily pay for the next in the series. I discovered that I have no ability at all to buy more credits or anything outside of the 1 book a month. From my perspective my first months use has dried up in a matter of days and the apps inability to allow me to purchase additional books, means that audible from my experience, is largely redundant for most of the monthly duration. I’m not talking about wanting more for my money, simply the ability to spend more of my money in order to continue with a series I enjoyed, seems counter productive to a business, to restrict and limit you ability to spend money in their products or services..Version: 4.6

Most used app I have aside from gpsLove this app so much. Had it for years and does not disappoint. Thank you for being here, existing and being in my life. Such a great idea and concept. Sorry it took me so long to rate this amazing app! Get it, you won’t regret it, so many wonderful title and books and not over priced! Update: This is still a great app but it needs to be said that the home tab is waaay too much noise visually speaking. Way too many suggestions and advertised books for an app. It’s not a clean look and honestly it’s ugly. The app needs a more sleek minimalist feel for ease of use. I literally get anxiety seeing the homepage with all the extra books recommendations, catalogues and so forth. When I use the app I just want to get to the point not be defaulted to a crazy looking page foot of book images. Please higher someone to update your app comestically. With the IOS update people are discovering less is more with widgets and less apps. Try to use that same concept, I want to see recommendations make it the last tab not the first. Have the first tab be the library and instead of a line chart of books maybe give the option of line display or chart display, just something more sleek please. Update 03 May 2021: The app skips the audio for some reason and when the screen goes dark it stops playing. Please fix this. This is pretty frustrating and my settings don’t have anything that causes this to happen..Version: 3.46

Great Service at a premium priceAudible works great, I can find great titles, get samples of the voices, and I even get a free credit with the higher tier subscription with a few more “premium” titles. The issue for audible is turning the everyday subscriber into a customer; like myself. I pay $10 and watch hundreds of movies and tv shows that last a few hours to hundreds of hours depending on the title. The budgets are bigger, the price for the customer is lower. I pay $10 and listen to thousands of songs, many just a few minutes, some can be hours. I also enjoy podcasts... for no additional fee. Now we get to Audible where I pay $12, more than the others, and get 1 pick and like at an old movie store I become limited and find it difficult to choose the only free title I’ll get because the rest you have to pay for. I loved the audio books, but I’ll never stay a subscriber when I have other content for cheaper and without a secondary pay wall. I listened to a single book in a week, so that’s 4 books a month on average. Since only 1 is free, I could be paying $30, $50, $100 more for the other titles. I signed up with a free trial, stayed for a month after, but will sadly cancel after as they haven’t nailed down a way to monetize in a way that I can have access to hundreds of premium free titles for a low monthly cost..Version: 3.39

SO GLITCHY AND SLOWThe selection included with subscription is excellent and varied, lots of classics, and so many well-curated narrators and cultivated contemporary offering. But it takes FOREVER to download books, and often I have to quit the app multiple times before I can finally get it going smoothly. And no, it’s not my phone, thanks, my other apps work fine. Anyway, can someone from your big ol corporate conglomerate figure it out? Much obliged..Version: 3.91.1

Dishonest and brokenAudible do everything they can to get more money out of you. When you want to cancel they hide the option to do so, then when by some miracle you find it, they make you jump through so many hoops to confirm that you think it’s done when it isn’t, and then the page breaks at the final screen and you have to start again! After going through all the steps again to cancel and are finally successful, they tell you you’re going to be charged again in 3 weeks! Why!? Then when you try to send an email about it, the forms broken! They’re worth 1 TRILLION DOLLARS! I think they can afford to fix these issues!.Version: 3.27.1

This app needs some serious workFirst of all- why can’t we buy books or even redeem the free credit through the app? Seriously??? I can order literally EVERYTHING else via an app, but apparently purchasing an audiobook from an audiobook app is too much to ask?!?!. Then once I’ve gone on a quest to buy a book, I can’t play it of podcasts from my iPad, only my iPhone because despite being logged on to the same account on both devices, on my iPad apparently I’m only allowed to access the pictures of things I’ve purchased, not actually listen to them. It’s in the too hard basket and I’ll be going back to apple bookstore.Version: 3.50

GarbageThe app crashes every minute, just can't handle this.Version: 3.51.1

A good app that they have given up onThis is a good app with good content available. The actual audible service is pretty great, but it seems that they have completely given up on improving or developing the app for some time now. Still, after years, there is no Chromecast support and still after years there is no Siri support for the app. The inbuilt “discover” page is not great, you can choose a category or search for a book title you know but there’s no searching by tag or language, and no proper filtering or sorting options as you would have on a storefront. I’ve written to them before about some of these problems and naturally I didn’t get anything of substance. Especially when requesting Chromecast support, which loads of people have been asking for for years, I was given a vague “we’re working on it”, which I doubt is the case. Overall I like using this service and app but it’s disheartening to see that its development seems to not be a priority to the very team running it..Version: 3.66

So-soThis was my least favourite of the series and although the reoccurring characters are still funny, endearing and entertaining, the new additions for each story seem to get more stale and boring with each book. The characters in this book were dull (what does a millionaire tech genius bring to a book about magic and ghosts!?) and I feel like the subject of this book could have been introduced in a much more interesting way. I’ve read this series from the beginning and have enjoyed it so much, and although I’ve felt that the books sometimes laboured too long on the architecture of London landmarks (you can tell BA loves London which is truly delightful) the magical/supernatural aspect has always kept me hooked and I can’t help feeling that the story is getting further and further away from the magic and supernatural qualities that kept the series interesting. The narration is as excellent as ever. Kobna Holdbrook-Smith is top tier. I’ll probably get the most recent book and take it from there, I just hope that BA gets back to the magic and supernatural..Version: 3.75.1

Don’t fix what worked!I don’t know why they decided to change the app, but they did. Before, the library section (which is the content I have via the app) was pretty well organized and could be perfectly navigated between what was actually on my device and what wasn’t. Now it’s a mess of a screen with huge empty margins taking most of the space (a recent addition to mobile development that I don’t understand because I though the point was to USE the space as effectively as possible) and the scrolling is WAY to floaty (I only have to barely have to have my finger on the screen and it’ll move) Now, honestly Audible is a little to expensive of a subscription service for my taste. They only give you 1 credit at a time and STILL treat their service more like a rental than actual ownership (so I don’t know why they don’t move to a “unlimited” model subscription and stop acting like their credits actually mean anything) I already had bad experiences with the service in the past with the service, but decided to try to give it another shot. I don’t think I’ll give them anymore past this. The quality of the app is quickly going downhill (besides what I already mentioned above I also keep getting warning messages about being on a slow connection when my internet is just fine) and there are now MUCH more better services around that handle audiobooks better than they do..Version: 3.20.1

Not ImpressedDownloaded and paid for membership back in February. Cancelled membership on over the summer but still found they were still charging me monthly after the fact. Called customer support to find out what the charge is for. Ended up finding out had been charging me - even though came out after I had bought the membership. Issue: says I am not enrolled in a membership, whereas says that I am. I understand that these are two different services but this is one company. I think it’s ridiculous and very misleading that one company related site would say I don’t have a membership, while another company related site says that I do. Customer service did not even offer a refund for the months I cancelled my subscription on Please work on having some sort of uniformity when it comes to membership information displayed across your websites..Version: 3.12.1

Buggy, expensive, bloated, wont sync with Apple Watch...but apart from that, great! Sent a detailed description of my issue to support. They sent me instructions for how to install the app, and a cheerful promise that I would then be able to listen to audiobooks. Deleting and reinstalling, this app now comes with half a dozen excerpts of books, in French for some reason, with no option to delete them. Maybe it’s mad at me because I wouldn’t share my iTunes library with it? When it is “working”, I can search for books but get a message that says “this app can not be used to purchase content” even though I am a subscriber. I have to go to a separate website if I actually want any of the books..Version: 3.4

Waste of moneyThey charge you for the subscription and give you credits, but if you cancel the subcription they remove the credits YOU PAID FOR and you just ended up paying for NOTHING. Freaking scam.Version: 3.90

Disagreeable design choicesThe content is wonderful and I use the app a lot, but it definitely has design choices I find annoyingly obstructive. A paid app - or a subscription based app, as in this case - can *maybe* ask once for a review, but Audible nags. Don't nag; it had me require all kinds of self control not to give it one star. More to the core functionality; I often use the app with headphones with a play button. Whether I can start it by pressing play, depends on the weather, it seems. Quite often, the app will, in the background, "forget" which book it was playing; when I go back into the app explicitly, it shows me my library and nothing in "currently playing." It also insists on blocking operation of the app while it's calling home. I'm guessing this is to validate my account is still active and that I did pay for the book I'm listening to, but it's yet another factor that makes me want to change to pirated stuff. With fewer built in obstructions, pirated stuff simply gives a better product experience. Edit: It also keeps asking me for reviews after having reviewed it, which is yet another obstruction in using it comfortably. That's another star off. Edit2: And taking another one off, cause it keeps asking me to review. Edit3: Of late, it started calling home after EVERY seek or scrub, leading to endlessly spinning orange rings in quiet. It also randomly stops playing and lose its place (goes back to chapter one) on pressing play..Version: 3.64

Why I’m cancellingThere is so much I love about Audible- the price, the selection, the ease of use. So why am I cancelling? Because they got greedy. I am getting more credits than I am using and need a month to catch up. They make it really easy to give them my money, but they make it much harder to stop giving them my money. You have to go onto a website through your laptop or desktop and sign in. There needs to be an in-app way of pausing an account that is as easy as activating it. The designers know that this extra step means a lot of people won’t do it. This is exploitive. If there was an in-app way of pausing the account, I would have done so until I used my credits. But since they make a bunch of unnecessary steps before they stop charging my credit card, I am cancelling. Audible gets nothing more from me..Version: 3.85.1

Can't even see your own wishlistGreat for listening to audiobooks, but it's pretty dumb that you can add stuff to your wishlist in the app, but can't see your wishlist or buy books from the app..Version: 3.1.1

Poor purchasing options for credits and bad customer serviceUpdate/Edit: I cancelled my Audible subscription before the deadline, but they’re still charging me an extra months fee (with 1 credit received). Audible isn’t a f$&@ing apartment rental that requires 30 days notice; it’s a digital brook app. This will make me unlikely to come back to Audible in the future as I feel ripped off and misled. Bad customer service!! :(( I recommend avoiding Audible until they change some features and rules that they have in place. Too limiting and a poorly designed app = bad experience so far. I go t Audible again for the first time in a few years to join a book club. Audio books and increasing read time help my finish books on time… but Audible he made poor business decisions that are unfriendly to customers: 1. No purchase of credits for the first 30 days: the embargo on purchasing new credits is a bad policy. Please adjust it so that I am not held prisoner by your arbitrary timelines. I pay for a subscription that gets a credit, but not being able to buy additional credits until month 2 is stupid. 2. Customer service is poor. Even the tab in the profile settings for “Help & Support” don’t work. As soon as an alternative to Audible comes my way I will provably cancel my subscription because of the limits on buying more credits..Version: 3.91.2

Newest Watch update good and badThe most recent update for Apple Watch was at first very exciting until I realized that to find the book I wanted to listen to I had to scroll through EVERY BOOK I OWN ALPHABETICALLY 🤨🤨🤨. I have over 1000 books and trying to scroll down all the way to the R or T titles takes forever. They only have three options to sort recent, title, downloaded. These can be useful but there should be a way to sort based on what is downloaded on the iPhone app. It would also be very useful to have the current listen on iPhone to be at the top of any list so you can easily download it to your watch. I am very very pleased to no longer have to rely of my phone to download books to watch. The app on my phone is great I saw some reviews that don’t like the home page with recommendations and such I personally think it’s great it points me to books I may not come across otherwise and the next in your series list it really useful. I wish I could give this a full five+ stars but there needs to have some refinement and additional options in browsing- but please don’t take away from what you have done for the way you downloaded books and the other items in the updates!!!.Version: 3.82.1

Great Content, Terrible AppAudible’s content is first rate, but their app is a travesty. Offline usage is spotty at best. Downloaded titles sometimes won’t load when offline. The watch app is completely unusable when offline. All I want is to start my book when I’m in the car! Maybe rewind it a little. Not possible, sorry. Need wifi for that. Their interface also has poor design choices. For example, the default action when tapping a book is to start it. No, I want to look at its details, like every other media app. Sigh. It’s a real shame, as their app severely reduces the listening experience..Version: 3.91.4

Lack of narrative variation lowered my enjoyment.Whilst the author has a very pleasant voice, it lacks the depth and variety that professional narrators are able to utilise in order to establish the vocal identity of individual characters. When reading a book we are able to develop this for ourselves but with an audio book we are heavily reliant on the narrator to deliver the various vocal tones, accents or vocal peculiarities of the various characters involved. Unfortunately there was very little evidence of this in respect of the characters, who all seemed to speak in a virtually identical manner. This ‘style’ of narration also resulted in the actual narrative often being in distinctive from characters speech. That said I really enjoyed the story and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the text was both strong and entertaining in its descriptions of the ‘Parish Problems’ that I’m sure many of the clergy would recognise. The revelation was also very neatly done with no strings left to annoyingly dangle. I will certainly be keeping a look out for any more in this series, though I will opt for the written rather than the audio book unless a professional narrator is engaged..Version: 3.83.1

Don’t deserve any starsNo service, no assistance, no care for costumers.Version: 3.71

A decent readI went into this not knowing much about the inner workings of the royal family (or more honestly not caring much about the inner workings of the royal family), but wanted to learn more about the reason for the media frenzy surrounding Harry and Meghan. I came in with a less than favorable opinion of them based on the little media I’ve consumed about them. At best my view of Harry didn’t change much, or maybe even got a little worse (especially during the first 2/3 of the book) but my heart breaks for Meghan and their children. I think he he had presented the first 2/3 with the same tone he presented the last 1/3 of the book I would have come away with a much more favorable view of him, but to me he presented as a whiny resentful ungrateful brat until he met Meghan. IMO based on how he presented himself and Meghan she could do WAY better than him and I don’t really see what he brings to the table, but who knows what really goes on behind closed doors. While I am interested in learning more of their story after hearing how rabid and dangerous the media is surrounding them I won’t be participating in consuming it any more out of respect for the privacy he claims to so desperately need and desire. I’m walking away with a sense of “this REALLY isn’t any of my business.”.Version: 3.93.2

Love Audible books but... the app could be better.🎉 It did improve when the sleep timer was restored to the main page. Thank you! The purchasing feature is clumsy and annoying to use. It is difficult to find books from any for sale list. On my phone, the wish list and lists of books offered in different special categories are in a series of brief “pages” and to get to the end one of a long list must go through each page to the bottom in order to turn to the next segment. If you stop mid-list it is necessary to start over. GRRR! Also, no chance to go to a given page directly. As a result, I have no idea what is on the last 80% of my wish list or special offer lists or book category lists: takes too much time to peruse them all at one sitting or skip back page by page. A minor change in the last update I find annoying: when a book is finished, a persistent popup page makes it not possible to go back or go to different book without rating the one just completed. Previously one could opt out of the popup rating page. I normally rate books but do not always wish to do so. I have found a way out of it but it’s also annoying to have to do this extra step. On my iPad I can close the app completely and when I return to it rating demand is gone..Version: 3.34.1

Too bad zero stars isn’t an option.I have 77 titles in my library that I’ve purchased throughout the years. It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to any of them and I thought it would be a good time to go through some again. Turns out I can’t listen to any of my (previously purchased) property without signing up and paying for them again..Version: 3.90

Access Issues With Voiceover, IOS Native Screen ReaderIn library view, the focus seems to jump about quite a bit when single finger swiping left and right to hear entries in the list with Voiceover. For example: When you are swiping from left to right down the list to hear information about individual. titles, the focus jumps back up to the buttons above the list to do with what. viewing options you have switched on or off. I think its happening once Voiceover gets to the bottom of the viewing page. A general comment: Deleting titles seems notoriously and unnecessarily difficult which is increasingly frustrating when there are now so many podcasts and titles available and included in our membership for which we might try and then find the content isn’t for us. Deleting really does need to be as easy as possible as it just gets frustrating using the app if its not. We know Audible has made huge efforts to ensure content is accessible for blind people across its various platforms historically so, really needs to ensure it maintains that grate reputation by ensuring consistency when new updates are pushed out..Version: 3.69.1

Still buggy after all these years.The app itself is ok. It sometimes misses syncs between devices, but performs well. The integration with the Apple Watch is still absolutely, absolutely terrible. Trying to sync books to the watch so it can be used untethered results in slow syncs, that usually fail, or worse stall at 99% of completion. Go online and you’ll find advice to delete and redownload the audiobook and start the sync again. Or, change to downloading books in separate parts and syncing those instead. Or, delete the app and your entire library from the phone, redownload everything you need and then try to sync again. This time the ‘middle’ part of the book might sync, but parts 1 and 3 both stall at 99%, leaving you hours worse off with nothing to show for it. By this time the battery on your phone will be down to about 20%. The whole experience is very 2006. If Jeff can get to space, why can’t the watch app simply resume a download from where it left off? I’m going back to Apple Books where you can stream books without all this ridiculous bother that’s as time intensive as it is battery intensive and very wearing..Version: 3.77

New update needs to be fixedCan you please take the genre sorting off? It is so hard to find my books in any logical order now. The books aren’t sorted into appropriate genres and some of my books are not even showing up. Please put it back to sort by author or sort alphabetically by title, or by most recent. Anything but by genres would be better. I love audible otherwise. I just don’t understand this update and sorting method..Version: 3.40

Great service, terrible appI absolutely love audio books and audible has a great selection but the app and web interface of Audible is miserable. The search and browse functionalities are a nightmare, the recommendations section is terrible and inaccurate. SO much could be done to greatly improve the user experience here and it’s disappointing such a large and successful tech company provides this low quality of customer experience..Version: 3.91.4

Hard to cancel‘Free trial’ but you need a desktop to even cancel. You cannot cancel through mobile or the app but you can use those to sign up. Don’t fall for it..Version: 3.37

FrustratingI wanted was to go somewhere to listen to books. I can’t even purchase the books I want to listen with no information on how to purchase a book. All I got is a wish list. Where do you go from there????.Version: 3.4

Great Content - Cancelling is hardUsed for a while now and the audiobooks and selection are great. An annoying and cheeky thing they do is make cancelling your membership very difficult to find. Firstly, on the app which most people use, there is no easy cancel button. You have to log into the website and go through the help section where they direct you to a pause option at every step. This is the only reason I’m writing this review as I can imagine, I’m young and fairly tech savvy, but some boomers would really struggle with it and I feel like they are taking advantage. Otherwise, great audiobooks and app. Just careful about this feature!.Version: 3.75.1

Was brilliant but...I absolutely adored this app and have used it every day since purchasing, however, I have been completely unable to use it the past 5 months. Every time I open it the app crashes within seconds. I’ve tried everything, I update it every time I can, I’ve deleted and re-downloaded and now I can’t even sign in before it crashes. I sent an email to audible and have had no response, that was over a month ago. I am really upset because this really was my favourite app, I’m a dog walker so this was great to use while working but I’ve had to resort to listen to audible books via echo for Alexa which is no way near as good (can’t rewind or fast forward properly for a start!) I hate to say this but I am switching to another audiobook provider. *edit * issue was sorted shortly after this review was posted (funny that) but don’t bother with the plus catalogue of books that are “included” with your subscription! They are there for a limited time, they do not tell you how long the books will be available and if they are removed (which they do without warning!) from the catalogue while you are listening to them then you cannot finish the book without buying it. Immensely frustrating and has happened to me twice. Good concept, incredibly poor execution. Other audiobook apps are better..Version: 3.57

User bewareThis app deletes all purchased book tokens, regardless of count, if you cancel the service. I had a purportedly odd situation of having my accrued tokens deducted when I opted to pay cash for an audio book. Some audio books will not be worth the monthly book time you get from the subscription. Instead of investigating my complaints I received formulaic responses about browser caches and otherwise. After deciding to cancel, only the did I learn that all the money I spent on book tokens was going to be deleted. Every other service I have ever dealt with at the very least offers some manner of refund for the unused portion of the service. So beware. Audible comes with a very unpleasant lock-in mechanism that will punish you for cancelling..Version: 3.10.2

BrutalVery user unfriendly! Can’t access my wish list on my phone, can’t use my credits from my phone. Why is there an app for your phone if none of the features function. Dumb. App should be called inaudible..Version: 3.37

Completely useless app on IOSGo ahead see for yourself. Download audible and try and buy yourself a book. Here’s a hint you can’t. You can’t do anything on the app other than browse titles. Ridiculously convoluted interface for something produced by a huge company in 2020. For the record, to purchase you must open your account in a browser and purchase in browser then you can listen through their app. Would be an easy 5 stars if I could simply download and use Apple Pay to purchase books and listen to them immediately after downloading. If you don’t know already there are massive archives of free ebooks and audiobooks all over the internet. No need to be bent over a barrel price wise and robbed of your time trying to figure out how to give Amazon your money..Version: 3.40

App on iOS is seriously lacking in functionalityThe selection on here is great, but other than that, the iOS version of the app leaves a lot to be desired. You can’t purchase an audiobook on the app, you can’t even access your wishlist from the app. You can’t cancel your subscription from the app. Whatever you purchase is forever stuck on the Audible app and can’t be transferred elsewhere. All you can do is review titles on the app and play the purchased content, and then everything else has to be done online. Come on, guys! What’s the point of even having an app then that has nearly zero functionality?.Version: 3.45.1

Phone app is good, Watch app is super annoyingThis is a tough review to write. The iPhone app is pretty awesome. It works very well most of the time with only the occasional crash. (It also sometimes does not play well with my car’s audio system, but I suspect that’s more about my Hyundai than it is a failing of the Audible app!) The Apple Watch app, however is a complete train-wreck. When you’re playing an audiobook on your phone, it completely takes over your watch and DEMANDS that you feed it a book. You can try to dismiss it, but it just pops back up and tells you again how you can sync a book to your watch. Again and again and again. It is evil. Once you’ve sacrificed a book to the watch app (which takes FOREVER!), you then get player controls that, again, can’t be dismissed. When you’re playing an audiobook, you no longer have a watch. You have an Audible remote control. That is all you can do. Funny thing is that without the Audible watch app installed, you still have control using the built in Now Playing function so the app literally adds nothing except the ability to listen to audiobooks when you’re not near your phone and endless, endless annoyance. Best thing you can do is uninstall it as soon as possible..Version: 3.0.1

HORRIBLE APPThis is bar far the worst app on iOS. I cannot understand how anyone would rate this five stars. It is the most un-user friendly app I’ve ever been on. Feels like it was made by 5th graders..Version: 3.42

Expensive and untrustworthyAudible does not value its customers. This morning I went onto the App to search a book I wanted to purchase, I then went onto the website (side note, why can’t you purchase books through app..?) After opening website and “signing in” it offers me 1 Month free trial.. I’m thinking “what the!? I’m already a member”. I was signed in under my email and name but it said I have 0 credits, 0 history etc.... so I can’t use my account/credits...I’ve been a member for 5 months, never missed a payment and all of a sudden for some reason their system has just let me go.....this service is a joke. Where is my account and why am I paying through the roof for a service I’m not receiving!?.Version: 3.27.1

Abysmal app - sync to watch issue still not fixed.Seriously? How long will it take to fix the issue of syncing audiobooks to the watch? It’s been years already! So much feedback has been provided on this, there are so many posts on online forums with users experiencing lengthy audiobook syncs that fail. Almost. All. The. Time. There’s no work around, no settings to change, the advice is the same copy paste response that has been handed out for years. “Ensure your app is the latest version” “remove and reinstall the app on both the phone and the watch” “ensure you are charging both devices at the time of transfer”… i follow these instructions and leave the transfer to take place over night to find that a book has taken the whole night to transfer 3%! This is a throwback to when you used to download a file using dial up speeds 30 years ago!!! Honestly, find a way to get this resolved ASAP, audible would have so many more customers if this wasn't an issue anymore..Version: 3.68

Stealing My MoneyThis is the worst app. I bought one book in april and finished it and i thought i could stop my subscription to stop paying for something so it did. But then 5 months go by and every month i pay $16 and I DELETED THE APP. I downloaded the app again to see if i could get rid of my card or stop a subscription somehow but i couldn’t find it anywhere. I thought there would be some place where i could remove my card in edit profile but NO, nothing. Not even customer support could help me, i searched up how to stop payment and how to stop subscription, but no results came up for one and only three on the one about stopping payment. There was only one stopping payment answer that was even related to my problem and it didn’t even help. I tried to email them and ask but they said to look at customer support. On the app it says there is something wrong with my credit card and to look it up on the internet but i’m never works. They are still charging me $16 dollars every month..Version: 3.32

AmazonHi so I’d like to listen to another book but it says they only give one token a month. I see no way to buy another. The support line is terrible!! Your actually calling Amazon which is a bit headache. They need to ad in the ability to buy another credit without have to CALL Amazon..Version: 3.91.4

Good service, Bad supportAudible was reasonably good while I was using it though some would argue a bit on the pricey side. It’s a good service if you can’t find time to read yourself or just need to relax and listen to a book. If you try and cancel the service, boy are you in for a rough ride. For a start you can’t do this via the mobile app and have to go through their website. When you do eventually find the section and go through with it, there are no guarantees that you won’t continue to be billed. I cancelled and despite my membership saying it’s not active now as well as a confirmation email I was still charged at the end of the following month. Cancelled 21st Feb, membership officially ended on the 3rd of March I believe and then charged again on the 31st. You go through their first call option which is some sort of online call (after fighting disheartened through more roundabouts of help options) and the call just cancels after a few minutes of waiting, repeatedly. Try the toll free number and well guess what, it says it is not currently active!!! Classic scam warning signs but Audible isn’t a scam. I cancelled cause I don’t have a job now but I’m waiting to see whether some of my food money will disappear at the end of this month if I get charged again. Not happy!!.Version: 3.70.1

Hard to useApp doesn’t explain how to use it. I had to look up how to buy a book. Then I couldn’t get into my account because of “suspicious activity on my account” so I got a message saying they sent me an email to unlock my account which I waited hours for and never got. Downloaded and deleted in the same day..Version: 3.42

Fantastic Service, Passable AppAudible is a brilliant service, and this app is a capable way to consume content acquired through the website. I’d love to see some improvements to the app, however, such as: - The Apple Watch app is a great idea, but it would be useful if you could control the playback of audiobooks from the phone with it. - The default download quality is low, and a default of ‘high’ would give a better quality to all customers (with the option to manually change back for the few who need to). - The app desperately needs folders or collections (syncing across devices) to organise larger libraries. The ability to hide content (and have this hidden toggle sync across devices) would also be an advantage. - Interaction with Siri Shortcuts could be tremendously powerful (e.g. “Hey Siri play my book in Audible”, “Play the next book in audible”, “Play my History collection [see above] in Audible”, “Set a 10 minute sleep timer in Audible”) - Integration with the Shortcuts app could allow for some incredible utility, not to mention a great advertising opportunity (Building a skill to dim the lights, turn on an electric fire, and play a specific audiobook, for instance). It could also open up some great power-user features, such as using a shortcut to clip the last 30 seconds, and then share a link to it on Twitter, all handsfree. - Cloud-based streaming. Why does each audiobook have to be downloaded in full? - True black option for ‘dark’ theme.Version: 3.2

App has problems when Using voiceoverReally enjoy using Audible. There is a good selection of titles to choose from and the plus catalogue is worth it. However since the mid March updates, parts of the app are not working properly with VoiceOver. The parts that are not working is the homepage and also the discover tab. When browsing all it says is display book details but does not give them to you until you double tap on a book. Have reached out to audible but no changes made in the latest update. If the developers read this review, this may be due to the labels, for all the titles been removed and only a picture of the book left. If Apple would make it easier to downgrade apps i would do so for audible at the moment Please fix this glitch in your next update.Version: 3.93.2

The very long Secret of Crickley HouseThis isn’t my usual read but I decided to try something different. I generally appreciate a longer book as it feels like value for money, but I felt like this book really dragged at points and I found my interest faltering. It’s not a book you can have on in the background. The points of tension in the book were almost amusing, you can hear the reader attempting to build the suspense and momentum but it felt a lot of the time more like he was shouting. All in all it was a good read, I don’t wish the hours back and what happened to the children and Nancy was truly awful. It was almost graphic in some cases to the point of distressing and disturbing. Though perhaps that’s the sign of a good writer. I struggled with the descriptions of why happened to the children so this book should probably come with a warning about distressing content. Those with trauma/lived experiences might really struggle with this section of the book..Version: 3.70.1

Maybe reading the books really is more cost-efficientSo after listening to the adverts for Audible in some of my favourite podcasts I thought I’d give it a try and finding that you cannot purchase books through the app is rather cumbersome and annoying. Also not overly impressed with the per month cost and the whole 1 free book a month, I personally read 5-6 books a month and listening to them I’ll go through 3-4 times as many for sure, so 1 credit doesn’t seem worth my time. However the app is easily to use and navigate, although the search function needs to be updated to show approximate results for when you misspell an author’s name..Version: 2.37.1

Play doesn’t workPlay button doesn’t play... you have to press it 2 or 3 times. This issue has been going on for over a year and they’ve yet to fix it. Many people have reported the bug but they just don’t seem to care..Version: 3.0.1

Not an appNon-functional. Used Try App and downloaded the samples but it completely refused to even try to play them..Version: 3.4

Ok but also ridiculous!!Right so... I play my iBook purchases through the audible app because I prefer the interface! But other than a bigger library of books to choose from that’s all I really like about it (although pretty much all the main big titles you’ll find anywhere). The two main things I dislike are that they don’t allow you to make purchases through the app. In a consumer driven world that’s focused on what’s convenient you can only make purchases on a PC or mobile desktop... at least as a non-member, which brings me to my next point and isn’t very good on the go! The second and the most frustrating to me is looking at a lot of the titles on my “to buy” list, without being forced to pay monthly for a membership and get these “discounts”, I searched some that I’m most interested in and every single one was more expensive than Apple are charging. Most of the time a lot more, even £10+ more. That’s ridiculous and very frustrating to feel as if you’re being bated to buy a membership that ultimately means you some how have to pay monthly to not get ripped off with the purchase prices. So disappointing but hey, enough good reviews on here shows most are happy with it. So just my recent realisation..Version: 2.35

Never Get ThisI’m warning you, never get this app or pay for the membership. What a waste of money, and they make it impossible to cancel the membership. $15 gone from my account after I thought I canceled my membership. Thanks, guess I’ll wait until my next paycheck to buy groceries, not like I need to eat, Audible..Version: 3.38.1

Glitchy and buggyWhy in the world do I have to wait for the home page to load before accessing my library or anything else in the app? And why does every page take an eon to load? The entire user experience on this app is glitchy and filled with frustration..Version: 3.91.4

Needs more workI really enjoy my audible subscription, but the app could use some work. No bugs that I have found. It does all it needs to do to play audio books on or offline. I don’t enjoy the shake/tilt interaction and want to turn off motion detect or have the option to do so just for this app. Also, I want to be able to get items on my Wishlist using credit from within the App. Further, sales from within the app via Apple store type purchasing validation would be very handy. It’s quite annoying having to go to safari/chrome to sign in to audible/amazon to buy a book..Version: 2.27

Stealing my moneyHas been taking money out of my card and not allowing me to cancel my membership!.Version: 3.91.4

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