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Audible audiobooks & podcasts app received 79 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about audible audiobooks & podcasts?

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Great app but liarsI've used this app for years, it's great, but every year they seem to take more control over what members can and cannot do. They go back on their initial word. Their customer service is very manipulative about this. They don't provide clear answers. Their answers are vague and unhelpful at best. Every year it seems I'm more restricted with my account and the options they initially promise when you first make an account. I guess they don't expect you to be a long-time customer because they certainly don't value their long-term customers. The more time I spend with this company, the less friendly they are. This is why I've decided to look into other audiobook companies, and they provide far more options and better long-term service than audible does all around. You know how they promise to return audiobooks no matter what? That no longer counts. In 5 months, I've returned about 4 books, and I've returned many more books in previous years in a single month, never had an issue. They are warning me they will take away my account privileges to return audiobooks if I don't stop returning audiobooks out of nowhere when I've returned less than ever before? Blackmail? Not a good move audible. This is big tech people; if they fool you into becoming a long-term customer, you'll find yourself being blackmailed..Version: 3.40

Strangely difficultThere isn’t a logical, easy way to get the books. I had to log in on my computer to “purchase” a book, and then spend a bunch of time and support questions to have my book appear in the app. I can’t see a way to “purchase” a book from the app. Furthermore, There are about 10 different market places. It doesn’t automatically select based on your login or where your login purchases books. So, you may buy a book and it will never show up unless you change marketplaces, which also isn’t very easy to do either. This is ridiculous, adding an extra layer of unnecessary complexity. Make it simple like Netflix or whatever. I’m also an IT professional. I can’t imagine how hard this would be for mothers and fathers or tech illiterate. I hate the experience thus far. Just make it simpler for crying out loud..Version: 2.29

Censorship, Waste of Time, Just buy a book in Real LifeI have seen this app, push really hard in the country I live in. And I was intrigued. I downloaded the app and fiddled around with it till I figured out you cannot purchase in the app itself. Fair enough, it took some time to figure it out but not too much. Then I went on the website. Carefully browse through the selection of books I wanted because the “books” aren’t cheap, all of the ones of interest most likely are about $30-$48 mark. That means that I listen through the sample, read out reviews, compared narrators for a few different books. Finally, I decide to make a purchase. And I get a error message “Sorry, this book is not available to purchase in your Region/country!” Wow! Digital age is coming and it’s a lot easier to restrict and censorship people and knowledge, bit concerning. Buy a book in real life, support that book store. Really disappointed and really a waste of my time..Version: 3.3.2

Room for improvementAs noted in other reviews Audible in general is great, books range from brilliant to terrible depending the writing/narration not audible but the app itself I think needs some improvement to be completely user friendly. I would find it a lot easer to use if there were chapter titles for books. I find not having these particularly irksome for non-fiction where I want to jump to a particular topic and spend forever trying to find it scrolling through the arbitrarily numbered chapters and listening to see if it’s the right thing. I would also personally prefer more options to organise titles, such as being able to create folders or even just alphabetise rather than base on time of purchase, but that’s not a major thing. Similarly it’s a little disappointing still not to be able to make purchases through the app, but a negligible annoyance compared to the chapter name issue. On the bright side it’s more stable now and hasn’t crashed on me for months, and I use it nearly every day :).Version: 3.10.2

Fantastic Service, Passable AppAudible is a brilliant service, and this app is a capable way to consume content acquired through the website. I’d love to see some improvements to the app, however, such as: - The Apple Watch app is a great idea, but it would be useful if you could control the playback of audiobooks from the phone with it. - The default download quality is low, and a default of ‘high’ would give a better quality to all customers (with the option to manually change back for the few who need to). - The app desperately needs folders or collections (syncing across devices) to organise larger libraries. The ability to hide content (and have this hidden toggle sync across devices) would also be an advantage. - Interaction with Siri Shortcuts could be tremendously powerful (e.g. “Hey Siri play my book in Audible”, “Play the next book in audible”, “Play my History collection [see above] in Audible”, “Set a 10 minute sleep timer in Audible”) - Integration with the Shortcuts app could allow for some incredible utility, not to mention a great advertising opportunity (Building a skill to dim the lights, turn on an electric fire, and play a specific audiobook, for instance). It could also open up some great power-user features, such as using a shortcut to clip the last 30 seconds, and then share a link to it on Twitter, all handsfree. - Cloud-based streaming. Why does each audiobook have to be downloaded in full? - True black option for ‘dark’ theme.Version: 3.2

Terrible experience, don’t waste your time!The worst app experience! Firstly, signed up & followed all the steps to purchase my first audio book via browser, not the app (which is ridiculous that you have to go & do it via browser & can’t do it in the app in first place) Purchased book that never appeared in my library once i accessed the app...Absolutely unacceptable after trying so many things, including logging out & reinstalling the app. Like seriously? You follow all these complicated steps to get the audio book & cannot listen to it, since it simply doesn’t appear in your Library?! As the last point of frustration, decided to cancel my membership & guess what...i wasn’t able to, i can only pause it! Absolutely devastated with this terrible experience, there is no way this should be an app that people pay for....Version: 3.38.2

Recent updates buggyI have used this app for years and have found it very good in general, but recent updates have created more problems than they’ve solved. From only downloading books while open on a live screen to the sleep timer not working- these are basics. Fix the user-testing please. Disappointed to know that while I have sent a full report through there is unlikely to be a fix until the next scheduled update..Version: 2.31.2

Great service, terrible appCuts off the starts of every chapter, and doesn’t save my spot on any device. You can’t purchase books from the app, you can’t even look at your wishlist from it. They claim that this is because of Apple, yet I have plenty of apps which allow me to at least look at a wishlist!.Version: 3.31

Not giving credits after chargeContacted Amazon and told to search for Audible Canada. They cannot help. Got my Audible subscription through Amazon. Acting like con artists Disgusted.Version: 3.36

Completely useless app on IOSGo ahead see for yourself. Download audible and try and buy yourself a book. Here’s a hint you can’t. You can’t do anything on the app other than browse titles. Ridiculously convoluted interface for something produced by a huge company in 2020. For the record, to purchase you must open your account in a browser and purchase in browser then you can listen through their app. Would be an easy 5 stars if I could simply download and use Apple Pay to purchase books and listen to them immediately after downloading. If you don’t know already there are massive archives of free ebooks and audiobooks all over the internet. No need to be bent over a barrel price wise and robbed of your time trying to figure out how to give Amazon your money..Version: 3.40

ErrorAudible will not work for me. I signed in using my amazon prime account and it says error check back later when I go to my profile. I can still sample a book but can’t make any purchases. Hope they fix this profile error!.Version: 3.30

Audible AppI enjoy having almost any book I’d like at the touch of my fingertips. Especially when a really great book is coming to a close and I’m mid drive or in the middle of the night and I’m unable to jump in the car and run off and grab another book. However, it’s is unfortunate you cannot buy books from the comfort of your app. It’s also uneasy to navigate the app. Functionality needs simplified and the search capability in the app needs attention. I was given a subscription to The Wall Street Journal when I became a member, which I love! However, it often does not update to the current dates read and is impossible to search in the app. I also like to save some of the free “podcast” type offerings Audible provides with your membership, but again, you cannot always access from your app as they randomly disappear. I’m forced to login to the full site, but even then locating “podcasts” (not purchased books) saved is a challenge. None of this would deter me from using audible as I love to read but spend a lot of time commuting in my car and audible allows me the opportunity to enjoy more books than I could otherwise. Though i do hope they progress the usability of their app sooner rather than later..Version: 3.0.1

Do not buy. Almost impossible to cancelBought this membership ages ago, then cancelled it to my knowledge. Then I got a good look at my line of credit I put all my bills on and saw they had literally been charging me for months. I know for sure that I cancelled, because I sunk over half an hour into trying to figure out how the hell to do so. So when I saw all the charges months later, I was livid. I cancelled again, wasting another half hour trying navigate their app and site. So I sent a follow up email saying I’d cancelled and that it’s extremely shady that they make it so difficult to end payments. After speaking to support they informed me that my membership STILL hadn’t been cancelled!! I even had a picture of my confirmation saying I’d cancelled it myself. SHAME on you for tricking people into giving you their money. I demanded a refund of everything I paid for. DONT BOTHER. GREEDY COMPANY..Version: 3.35.2

Great ButGreat app but some draw backs in its execution. 1) Book ratings cannot be trusted. Only customers who purchase a book can rate it which is fair enough BUT you can’t review a book once it has been returned AND if you review a title and then return it your rating is not weighted as highly as others. This explains why most books are rated 4 or 5 stars. 2) Book samples are only 5min which is not long enough to get a accurate picture of a book. Maybe 10% or 10min would be better. 3) Given the above two flaws it is harder to pick good books initially. This makes the ability to return books all the more necessary. HOWEVER The ability to return books are blocked too soon. I have bought numerous credits and titles and only returned those that I have not finished..Version: 3.45.1

Worst experience everI was incredibly excited to get my Audible subscription! I signed up for the most expensive plan because I love to read and I love audiobooks! To say I regret it now is an understatement. My card was charged and that my subscription never appeared in the app or online. I contacted Audible customer support and though they were friendly they told me my problem was with Apple because I had signed up to the app. I said there’s nothing they could do on their end. So I contacted Apple they told me that billing had gone through with no problems and that the subscription should be reflected in my membership. They said that if it did not it was a problem with Audible. I went back-and-forth like this three times with neither of them excepting responsibility or being able to help me. I finally gave up and demanded a refund for my subscription which I will happily processed they recommended that if I wanted to try again I call audible and make sure there wasn’t a problem with my membership first. I did this in the entire time the support specialist just tried to get my credit card information so they could sign me up again. I was beyond mad and it was not the time. I believe it could be a good app but when the app has such a problem that you pay and it won’t even show up that’s an issue. 😡.Version: 3.39

HORRIBLE APPThis is bar far the worst app on iOS. I cannot understand how anyone would rate this five stars. It is the most un-user friendly app I’ve ever been on. Feels like it was made by 5th graders..Version: 3.42

Hard to useApp doesn’t explain how to use it. I had to look up how to buy a book. Then I couldn’t get into my account because of “suspicious activity on my account” so I got a message saying they sent me an email to unlock my account which I waited hours for and never got. Downloaded and deleted in the same day..Version: 3.42

Keeps crashingIts my first time using Audible, and the app has crashed about 4 or 5 times in as many minutes. I’m not very impressed..Version: 3.29

User bewareThis app deletes all purchased book tokens, regardless of count, if you cancel the service. I had a purportedly odd situation of having my accrued tokens deducted when I opted to pay cash for an audio book. Some audio books will not be worth the monthly book time you get from the subscription. Instead of investigating my complaints I received formulaic responses about browser caches and otherwise. After deciding to cancel, only the did I learn that all the money I spent on book tokens was going to be deleted. Every other service I have ever dealt with at the very least offers some manner of refund for the unused portion of the service. So beware. Audible comes with a very unpleasant lock-in mechanism that will punish you for cancelling..Version: 3.10.2

New upgrade horridThe new upgrade made me have to adjust my text size so I could read which chronological numbers I have as part of multiple series. For some reason now when I click into a ‘book’ with multiple separate chapters/episodes (already annoying as they stop playing after each episode and won’t play the next one) it comes up with double the chapters. One each of each chapter, one as downloaded the other not, like an inaccurate shadow. Please go back to the clearer format and please add the facility to queue books to play one after the other automatically. Most of the books are fantastic..Version: 3.18

I love audible but the app is annoyingA number of things on the app are redundant - the entire home tab for instance serves no purpose. The discover tab also isn’t great when you can’t buy through the app, why not just link to the website? The ‘included with membership’ section on the profile tab is unnecessary and takes up a huge amount of space. And what’s with the badges? A further irritation is that the library will no longer allow you to filter by unread books - filtering by ‘started’ is not the same thing, especially when there is no option to mark books unstarted. It’s also difficult to tell which books are finished when scrolling through the library which is further irritating when you have built up a collection. It’s a shame because I love audible and get through a lot of books. The playback function is good but please do something about these irritating features!.Version: 3.28.1

Dishonest and brokenAudible do everything they can to get more money out of you. When you want to cancel they hide the option to do so, then when by some miracle you find it, they make you jump through so many hoops to confirm that you think it’s done when it isn’t, and then the page breaks at the final screen and you have to start again! After going through all the steps again to cancel and are finally successful, they tell you you’re going to be charged again in 3 weeks! Why!? Then when you try to send an email about it, the forms broken! They’re worth 1 TRILLION DOLLARS! I think they can afford to fix these issues!.Version: 3.27.1

Buggy app - robotic non responsive supportAudible have a near monopoly in audio books so if you have low vision it’s hard to find the same content anywhere else. But their app is so cantankerous. If you contact support they are very nice and polite but are clearly not empowered to raise bugs with the development team. Bug 1: for about half a year starting the app says “Welcome to Audible. Somethings not quite right. There’s a problem with the credit card on file...”. Only thing is - they are billing it successfully and have done so for months. The support team claim that this issue was raised with the dev team but evidence suggests otherwise. Bug 2: Rewind 30s has been broken for ages. If you repeatedly hit it you just hear the same thing over and over again. You have to be very slow in using the feature so that the app can play the correct sound. Bug 2: About 3/4 of book transfers to the Apple Watch fail. There is no real reason why. On the plus side after years of ignoring the problem a couple of years ago they fixed the slow download issue that a small number of Aussie users suffered. I know that dev teams and marketing teams like focusing on new shiny shiny features but - given your monopoly position - you have a responsibility to reduce bugs..Version: 3.34.1

Most used app I have aside from gpsLove this app so much. Had it for years and does not disappoint. Thank you for being here, existing and being in my life. Such a great idea and concept. Sorry it took me so long to rate this amazing app! Get it, you won’t regret it, so many wonderful title and books and not over priced! Update: This is still a great app but it needs to be said that the home tab is waaay too much noise visually speaking. Way too many suggestions and advertised books for an app. It’s not a clean look and honestly it’s ugly. The app needs a more sleek minimalist feel for ease of use. I literally get anxiety seeing the homepage with all the extra books recommendations, catalogues and so forth. When I use the app I just want to get to the point not be defaulted to a crazy looking page foot of book images. Please higher someone to update your app comestically. With the IOS update people are discovering less is more with widgets and less apps. Try to use that same concept, I want to see recommendations make it the last tab not the first. Have the first tab be the library and instead of a line chart of books maybe give the option of line display or chart display, just something more sleek please..Version: 3.33

Ok but also ridiculous!!Right so... I play my iBook purchases through the audible app because I prefer the interface! But other than a bigger library of books to choose from that’s all I really like about it (although pretty much all the main big titles you’ll find anywhere). The two main things I dislike are that they don’t allow you to make purchases through the app. In a consumer driven world that’s focused on what’s convenient you can only make purchases on a PC or mobile desktop... at least as a non-member, which brings me to my next point and isn’t very good on the go! The second and the most frustrating to me is looking at a lot of the titles on my “to buy” list, without being forced to pay monthly for a membership and get these “discounts”, I searched some that I’m most interested in and every single one was more expensive than Apple are charging. Most of the time a lot more, even £10+ more. That’s ridiculous and very frustrating to feel as if you’re being bated to buy a membership that ultimately means you some how have to pay monthly to not get ripped off with the purchase prices. So disappointing but hey, enough good reviews on here shows most are happy with it. So just my recent realisation..Version: 2.35

A Promised What?Today is April 12, 2021 and after finishing this 30 hour long book, I understand more clearly than ever why our country is so divided politically, racially, and economically and it is because of the presidency of Barack Obama. He was an expert at hiring groups of experts in all areas of United States politics and making rules, regulations passing taxes and policies which he thought totally would be responsible for the success of the future United States of America. I never heard him talk about pride in the United States Constitution or the great history of our country!! He only discusses the accolades of government today and all the great that they do! He takes credit for all of the successes, he blames the Republican Party for all the challenges he faces and to hear him talk about minorities, immigrants, African Americans and any person other than the white race you would think that they did nothing to help shape this great country. Yes they made mistakes when it came to race and slavery but many inroads were made in racial equality which seem to have gone in the wrong direction under his administration. The United States is now liberal, pro-government and NOT rooted in hard work, sacrifice, discipline, God, prayer or the Constitution of the United States of America. I will read more books like this, yes I have much to learn and understand..Version: 3.45.1

(Another) Terrible, awful, horrible update!Well, after all the complaints the last time the numbskulls responsible for this App made major revisions, one would have thought they would learn from their mistakes… But NO, they’ve gone and made the App harder to SEE due to a kind of washed-out interface, and harder to use by hiding common features (sleep timer, for example) behind additional clicks/taps! Also, having to tap the center of the screen to switch between (x number of seconds) rewind/FF and chapter rewind/FF is completely non-intuitive and cumbersome. Just put ALL the important controls on the freaking screen and leave them there! If you insist on hiding these features by default at least make an option to turn them back on for those who want them. As a general rule of thumb, upgrades and updates should: a) Make software EASIER to use and/or b) ADD features or make existing features easier to access. This is a step backwards in both areas and thus deserves no more than one star. Please fire the app designers and hire people who know what they are doing. And now the current version won’t stop nagging me to rate it. So only 2 stars just for that..Version: 3.11.2

DisappointedMy husband and I have using the audible application for years and at first it was amazing but suddenly the app stopped working on all my device. Only way to access to my library is by going on the website witch is annoying for so many reasons. Make sure the app is working before subscribing that my advice..Version: 3.24.2

What the actual F&@$...Used audio books before and it’s great. HOWEVER, for some messed up reason the first topics that are suggested are the following: Economic History of Racism, Raising an Antiracist and Poetry of black healing. Mind you these are topics with multiple literatures within each topic. Stop shoving this down people’s throats. Go express your guilt somewhere else in private. It’s clear you have guilt pent up and should probably seek help. For the rest of us, we wanted to use this app to simply read our favorite book to us (which I highly doubt has anything to do with racism). I mean, why don’t you have a bunch of topics on the front page about healthy eating. Far more people are negatively impacted by poor eating habits than racism. How about books on “not becoming child molester”? Clearly sex trafficking minors/children is a larger problem than racism and deserves a topic above the rest. Instead of going on and on, I believe I have made my case. Leave your personal opinions at home and make the app more like a business or library. Customer “walks in” - for lack of a better term - and goes to a genre or topic of their choosing. I don’t need multiple banners and flyers to guide me to a topic that you feel guilty about in your personal life..Version: 3.31

RidiculousOne of the worst experiences ever on an App. How do you buy books? You don’t, they sit in your wishlist forever because you can only listen to 5 minute samples..Version: 3.40

New bugs cropping up recentlyThis app used to be great. Recently though, whenever I try to use it, there are annoying lags in responsiveness. I press play and it won’t play for 10 seconds. Or I try to view my cloud library and have to wait a few seconds before the app will switch from device view to cloud. The Bluetooth connection has also become glitchy, especially when connected to my car system - I press pause on my car’s screen and it takes a few seconds to pause, then starts again, then finally pauses, over the course of another 5 seconds. The app also no longer responds if I try to control play with my phone while it’s connected to my cars bluetooth (at least, it didn’t today). Lastly, if I’m in the library tab and want to look up info on a downloaded book, I can’t just tap the three dots at the right hand side of the book without the book starting to play. This is annoying if I’m currently listening to something (or talking to someone on the phone - the book still starts playing!) and want to look up info on a book. I’ve been using this app for a few years, and this is the first time I’ve really been frustrated with it. Until now, it’s mostly operated smoothly..Version: 2.35

New FormatI love audible, but the new format for the app is pretty terrible. There are four menus, and three of them are specifically for advertising other titles you may or may not want, yet nowhere is there a menu for the wish list of titles you know for sure you want to spend money on. It makes no sense. And to try to listen to books already in your library has been made unnecessarily complicated. If you have a really long list of titles and want to re-listen to a book, finding it is almost impossible because the search feature is super buggy. On the off chance the developers are looking for improvement suggestions, how about making the Home menu an actual workable dashboard instead of the mess it is now and replacing the Originals menu with the wish list from the desktop version? Put it under Discover if it needs to be anywhere. And please go back to the way the library used to work. You only need to focus on two things for the Library menu: finding what I’ve bought and playing what I’ve downloaded. That’s it. Leave all the annoying “discoverables” for its own menu. The way it is now is so frustrating..Version: 3.30

Continues to get worseThis app is suffering from iTunes-itis as it tries to incorporate features that detract from its central purpose, which is storing and playing back audiobooks. It is getting bloated and slow, and harder and harder to navigate. The app always tries to phone home even before playing a fully downloaded boom, ostensibly to check whether you've listened to the book elsewhere and to synchronize. On the handful of occasions I've actually used that misbegotten feature, no syncing actually occurred--so the effect is that I'm now continually waiting for the app to let me start playing my audiobook all to enable a broken feature that I don't even want. Solid design work, gang. The useless "Home" tab has been joined by an equally useless "Discover" page. There's no way to adjust recommendations, so if you listen to a lot of audiobooks in one genre your recommendations will rapidly become clogged with third- and fourth-tier efforts from within that genre--and nothing else. The developers, having saddled the app with a bunch of gameified achievements, have thoughtfully buried them in the settings menu, where at least they're out of the way, though presumably they're still contributing to the app's slowness. Too bad there's not a way to get an app that just does the basics this one is supposed to cover..Version: 3.19

Where is the wish listNo one in the world can find wish list on this app. There are reddit pages, popular google searches about not been able to find wish list in the app and these guys don’t fix it..Version: 3.30

Why alter the appearance and remove the features that are most useful?I use audible every day, recently the changes have been irritating in the extreme. It started when the back 30 secs/or to beginning of chapter was altered to the slider! Now the whole appearance has changed, I can no longer change from cloud to device in the library, instead there's a list of all/not started/started/downloaded/finished, this list doesn't work for me, I can see if I've downloaded by the arrow to offer me the option TO download! The font has changed, OK this actually looks nicer, but the word 'finished' is now in the same colour as the other text so it's not so easily distinguishable when I am trying to find something in a poor light!(I listen while in bed, and if I wake I struggle to find what I am looking for) I am really not enjoying these changes!.Version: 3.25.1

Stupid AppThey make it way to complicated just to listen to books, which you have to buy, besides the 14$/a month you already pay!! I can’t believe people have rated this 5 stars, barely deserves 1..Version: 3.41.1

Expensive and a little faultyYou only get one audiobook per month, and then on top of the membership you have to pay for them. I don’t really see the point - I’d suggest going to your local library apps for the exact same range for free! Also when I try to buy the books it charges me but the books don’t show up on my app, sadly this is still to be fixed, haven’t heard back from them about it. Seems like a good idea but is the exact same as other free apps. :).Version: 3.25

TerribleI’ve tried to cancel the subscription multiple times but they keep taking money from me. There’s no way to download books from the apple app. Do not recommend.Version: 3.36

Hard to cancel‘Free trial’ but you need a desktop to even cancel. You cannot cancel through mobile or the app but you can use those to sign up. Don’t fall for it..Version: 3.37

Can’t cancel subscriptionYou can not cancel subscription from app. You have to login using desktop to cancel..Version: 3.36

Never Get ThisI’m warning you, never get this app or pay for the membership. What a waste of money, and they make it impossible to cancel the membership. $15 gone from my account after I thought I canceled my membership. Thanks, guess I’ll wait until my next paycheck to buy groceries, not like I need to eat, Audible..Version: 3.38.1

Love Audible books but... the app could be better.🎉 It did improve when the sleep timer was restored to the main page. Thank you! The purchasing feature is clumsy and annoying to use. It is difficult to find books from any for sale list. On my phone, the wish list and lists of books offered in different special categories are in a series of brief “pages” and to get to the end one of a long list must go through each page to the bottom in order to turn to the next segment. If you stop mid-list it is necessary to start over. GRRR! Also, no chance to go to a given page directly. As a result, I have no idea what is on the last 80% of my wish list or special offer lists or book category lists: takes too much time to peruse them all at one sitting or skip back page by page. A minor change in the last update I find annoying: when a book is finished, a persistent popup page makes it not possible to go back or go to different book without rating the one just completed. Previously one could opt out of the popup rating page. I normally rate books but do not always wish to do so. I have found a way out of it but it’s also annoying to have to do this extra step. On my iPad I can close the app completely and when I return to it rating demand is gone..Version: 3.34.1

Frustrating!This is the most frustrating app! There is no where to buy a membership, or buy individual books. You have to go to the main website, but there isn’t even a link anywhere in the app to the website. Why? Once I finally figured it out I was so frustrated that accidentally got the wrong book, and now there is no where to return it! Even thought I haven’t downloaded it. There needs to be a way to return media easily, especially when you haven’t even downloaded it!.Version: 3.30

Confusing and complicated to useFirstly, you can’t buy books on the app? At first I thought it was a bug but then I read other reviews that confirmed it. Secondly, I paused my membership and when I came back to start it up again I was offered a free trial even though I had a membership. I signed up again thinking this is what I was suppose to do to unpause and couldn’t download any books. Forgetting about it I then looked at my bank account and saw I was charged twice (two different amounts). Not happy with this service. It’s difficult to use and has the potential to be much simpler..Version: 3.37

BuggyThe apps sometimes “forgets” where you were in a book and you have to figure out you’re listening to the same stuff again, a bit frustrating..Version: 3.30

Not worth your moneyUnable to utilize credits to download books. At times, difficult to navigate. You are better off buying a book, or two, or three..Version: 3.30

Needs more workI really enjoy my audible subscription, but the app could use some work. No bugs that I have found. It does all it needs to do to play audio books on or offline. I don’t enjoy the shake/tilt interaction and want to turn off motion detect or have the option to do so just for this app. Also, I want to be able to get items on my Wishlist using credit from within the App. Further, sales from within the app via Apple store type purchasing validation would be very handy. It’s quite annoying having to go to safari/chrome to sign in to audible/amazon to buy a book..Version: 2.27

Hard to useTrying to figure out how to purchase and access content is challenging. Even free content. I still haven’t figured it out, I gave up on the app before I could successfully finish listening to a story. The library is enticing though..Version: 3.39

So. Many. Updates.Ok, so literally every update has an MASSIVE update to the UX. And that’s fine, but when you’re shifting the UX for an app in such a fundamental way, you really should be *improving* it. I’ve been an audible member since at least 2009 and while I know I’m a bit old school, I do think I shouldn’t have to search my entire library for the book I’m downloading- I think it should autosort like it used to do that it’s automatically on to. I know I probably have an issue as I’m rounding on 1000 books in my library but we all have our hoarding things 😉 Genres are great but it would be awesome if they’d collapse them down into parent categories (children’s audiobooks vs kid’s?). Also, PLEASE bring back the pop-up that asks whether or not you want to skip to the synced point or not. The banner isn’t reliable and it’s so annoying to have to waste time to go to the beginning every time I want to relisten to a book, whereas before I just used to be able to click once. I’m not a huge fan of the new Home Screen, and I’d love the option to be able to just be able to show your library every time, but at least I understand the marketing reasons behind those decisions..Version: 3.37

App on iOS is seriously lacking in functionalityThe selection on here is great, but other than that, the iOS version of the app leaves a lot to be desired. You can’t purchase an audiobook on the app, you can’t even access your wishlist from the app. You can’t cancel your subscription from the app. Whatever you purchase is forever stuck on the Audible app and can’t be transferred elsewhere. All you can do is review titles on the app and play the purchased content, and then everything else has to be done online. Come on, guys! What’s the point of even having an app then that has nearly zero functionality?.Version: 3.45.1

Not ImpressedDownloaded and paid for membership back in February. Cancelled membership on over the summer but still found they were still charging me monthly after the fact. Called customer support to find out what the charge is for. Ended up finding out had been charging me - even though came out after I had bought the membership. Issue: says I am not enrolled in a membership, whereas says that I am. I understand that these are two different services but this is one company. I think it’s ridiculous and very misleading that one company related site would say I don’t have a membership, while another company related site says that I do. Customer service did not even offer a refund for the months I cancelled my subscription on Please work on having some sort of uniformity when it comes to membership information displayed across your websites..Version: 3.12.1

Very difficult to cancel subscriptionI subscribed to Audible but found listening to books wasn’t for me. When I went to cancel, I found it difficult throughout the process. You can’t cancel from the app or through the mobile site...only the desktop..Version: 3.4

BrutalVery user unfriendly! Can’t access my wish list on my phone, can’t use my credits from my phone. Why is there an app for your phone if none of the features function. Dumb. App should be called inaudible..Version: 3.37

Great Service at a premium priceAudible works great, I can find great titles, get samples of the voices, and I even get a free credit with the higher tier subscription with a few more “premium” titles. The issue for audible is turning the everyday subscriber into a customer; like myself. I pay $10 and watch hundreds of movies and tv shows that last a few hours to hundreds of hours depending on the title. The budgets are bigger, the price for the customer is lower. I pay $10 and listen to thousands of songs, many just a few minutes, some can be hours. I also enjoy podcasts... for no additional fee. Now we get to Audible where I pay $12, more than the others, and get 1 pick and like at an old movie store I become limited and find it difficult to choose the only free title I’ll get because the rest you have to pay for. I loved the audio books, but I’ll never stay a subscriber when I have other content for cheaper and without a secondary pay wall. I listened to a single book in a week, so that’s 4 books a month on average. Since only 1 is free, I could be paying $30, $50, $100 more for the other titles. I signed up with a free trial, stayed for a month after, but will sadly cancel after as they haven’t nailed down a way to monetize in a way that I can have access to hundreds of premium free titles for a low monthly cost..Version: 3.39

I am lostI am not able to listen to a full book or buy one on the app. I can’t even see my wish list. I am confused and there is no steps for getting audible..Version: 3.37

Don’t fix what worked!I don’t know why they decided to change the app, but they did. Before, the library section (which is the content I have via the app) was pretty well organized and could be perfectly navigated between what was actually on my device and what wasn’t. Now it’s a mess of a screen with huge empty margins taking most of the space (a recent addition to mobile development that I don’t understand because I though the point was to USE the space as effectively as possible) and the scrolling is WAY to floaty (I only have to barely have to have my finger on the screen and it’ll move) Now, honestly Audible is a little to expensive of a subscription service for my taste. They only give you 1 credit at a time and STILL treat their service more like a rental than actual ownership (so I don’t know why they don’t move to a “unlimited” model subscription and stop acting like their credits actually mean anything) I already had bad experiences with the service in the past with the service, but decided to try to give it another shot. I don’t think I’ll give them anymore past this. The quality of the app is quickly going downhill (besides what I already mentioned above I also keep getting warning messages about being on a slow connection when my internet is just fine) and there are now MUCH more better services around that handle audiobooks better than they do..Version: 3.20.1

PhygePlease stop putting my books in catagories!! This used to be a fine app till it rearranged all my books!! I paid for these books, and I prefer to arrange them my way..Version: 3.29

Stealing My MoneyThis is the worst app. I bought one book in april and finished it and i thought i could stop my subscription to stop paying for something so it did. But then 5 months go by and every month i pay $16 and I DELETED THE APP. I downloaded the app again to see if i could get rid of my card or stop a subscription somehow but i couldn’t find it anywhere. I thought there would be some place where i could remove my card in edit profile but NO, nothing. Not even customer support could help me, i searched up how to stop payment and how to stop subscription, but no results came up for one and only three on the one about stopping payment. There was only one stopping payment answer that was even related to my problem and it didn’t even help. I tried to email them and ask but they said to look at customer support. On the app it says there is something wrong with my credit card and to look it up on the internet but i’m never works. They are still charging me $16 dollars every month..Version: 3.32

Clunky & buggy. Borrow from your library instead!UPDATE: Since I last reviewed this app, they’ve made it even worse by dropping the navigate 30-second forward/back control from the primary playback screen. Instead, you can only jump forward/back by one whole chapter at a time. If you missed something and want to go back by 30-seconds, you have to minimize the primary playback screen and try to locate the tiny icon at the bottom of your library menu. So aggravating! Come on, can do better! Previous review: This App is not nearly as good as the Overdrive App which I use to listen to books I’ve borrowed from the library. Do yourself a favor: save money & aggravation and borrow your audiobooks online from your local library. Audible’s App cannot skip forward/back 30 sec. from your phone’s lock screen. You have to unlock your phone to do this. After you’ve used the App for a while, the 30-sec skip function totally disappears and you can only skip one chapter forward/back. Then you have to reboot. Another bug which appears after you’ve used the app for an hour or two is that it kicks you forward a chapter if you stop the play for a moment or two & try to resume. Reboot again..Version: 3.22

Maybe reading the books really is more cost-efficientSo after listening to the adverts for Audible in some of my favourite podcasts I thought I’d give it a try and finding that you cannot purchase books through the app is rather cumbersome and annoying. Also not overly impressed with the per month cost and the whole 1 free book a month, I personally read 5-6 books a month and listening to them I’ll go through 3-4 times as many for sure, so 1 credit doesn’t seem worth my time. However the app is easily to use and navigate, although the search function needs to be updated to show approximate results for when you misspell an author’s name..Version: 2.37.1

Not happyI can never find where I take my book from, I have some sitting on my wish list,!.Version: 3.29.1

Bad appCan’t even download anything isn’t giving me any options not even simple to use don’t recommend.Version: 3.24.2

Painful to joinI’ve encountered so many errors trying to get setup with audible, it’s taken multiple attempts and hours and I’m still not there. First it was because the title I wanted to join for wasn’t available in my country, then a title that it turns out hadn’t been released to market. No error messages, you just have to battle thru and eventually work out what’s happening. Now the app profile won’t reflect the online account purchase. I go to get support but it tells me that is broken too. Surely a company this size would have ironed out major customer experience issues by now?.Version: 3.29.1

TerribleTerrible app with terrible supports.Version: 3.31

Taking money but not giving me creditsThis app worked for the first month or so, I had three books with the premium subscription (not premium plus) and then for some reason it just stopped. I waited until the day where I was SUPPOSED to get a credit but low and behold none actually came in. I was very upset because I got audible specifically for series books but now I was stuck and it wasn’t giving me credits. I eventually calmed down thinking that it just didn’t have my card details (I went to the help website and I figured I wasn’t getting credits because of that) and thought that it was just stalled, and unable to make any purchases which is why I wasn’t getting credits. Well I didn’t save my card details in my phone and I didn’t want it to so I just let it sit there for another month. Until around 2 in the morning I found out that the app WAS still making purchases, the monthly purchases. Without giving me credits???? What’s happened to my credit every month guaranteed???? I tried to refund but this app doesn’t have receipts so enjoy that +8.00 you took from me at 2 in the morning. I hope you spend it well because I know for sure that didn’t get used on my credits.Version: 3.45.1

I love Audible - just a couple things missing.I love this app. I have a Kindle which I adore and carry everywhere and I use Audible as well. Walking in to work and doing house chores become a lot more exciting when I can put my audible book on, so it fits perfectly into my life. I also use another app called Goodreads which allows me to keep track of my reading, what I have read and any books I would like to read. Considering I usually have a book as well as an audible book on the go simultaneously at any one time, it helps me keep track. My Kindle and Goodreads work together seamlessly and allow me to update my progress from within the books I am reading however... the same isn’t on Audible. I would really like there to be a button to allow me to mark a book as started, finished and update my progress from within the Audible App itself. It would be the cherry on the cake. ✌🏻.Version: 3.16.3

Expensive and untrustworthyAudible does not value its customers. This morning I went onto the App to search a book I wanted to purchase, I then went onto the website (side note, why can’t you purchase books through app..?) After opening website and “signing in” it offers me 1 Month free trial.. I’m thinking “what the!? I’m already a member”. I was signed in under my email and name but it said I have 0 credits, 0 history etc.... so I can’t use my account/credits...I’ve been a member for 5 months, never missed a payment and all of a sudden for some reason their system has just let me go.....this service is a joke. Where is my account and why am I paying through the roof for a service I’m not receiving!?.Version: 3.27.1

Watch sync problemsThe app itself is fine and I love listening to all the audiobooks, but syncing to the watch is tricky as. It keeps coming up with an error. I’m just reinstalling this iPhone app to see if that makes it work. Edit. Even though it says it has problems it did sync overnight.... but it doesn’t have any whispersync going on. It’s a stand-alone “start at the beginning and only listen to it on this device, not relevant to any of your other places you’ve listened up to on any other devices” kind of thing. One star for the watch app. With a big “meh”.Version: 3.5

Bad service, worse customer serviceSpent 30+ minutes on the phone with super annoying and rude first customer service rep to cancel a subscription that I hated but couldn't find a way to cancel on my own. ( csr said to send pix cuz I should've been able to but it may be a website issue ) She had to transfer me because she was incapable of helping me. I ended up with a refund from the next gentleman which is nice but, was not my goal, the acct is still active for some reason and they are not capable of deleting my acct because I cannot remember my old address zip, since I gave them like four tries and googled the old address, it must be mistyped in the system when I entered it. I verified every other part of my account including my card information and they still could not assist me to delete the acct. I have many recurring service fees from other companies and have had dealings with their customer services and I can honestly and truly say please do not waste your money on this garbage company, keep it and go buy a real book, order one that doesn't sound like a wet blanket is reading it, and that you can cancel and have control over your membership and charges as well as not waste your time dealing with incompetent customer service that will not help you..Version: 3.1.1

Can not buy audiobooks directly for iOSPlease change this! This app is fantastic but it’s ridiculous you can’t buy audiobooks directly through the app for iPhones..Version: 3.30

Error on profile pageMediocre app. Can’t see my profile for last two weeks now. Time to unsubscribe.Version: 3.29.1

TERRIBLEIf you have an IPhone don’t even consider downloading absolute waist of time and will never use anything related to this company again..Version: 3.36

Needing iOS 13 or better is crapI just lost years & years of audiobooks. Can’t access the old ones. Can’t buy new ones..Version: 3.30

Bad appThis app is confusing to use, I started a trial with my amazon prime account and I was unable to download any books. This app is poorly designed and confusing to use.Version: 3.29.1

TerribleDownloaded then deleted this app right away. Extremely confusing to use. How do you buy books? And where is my wish list stored?.Version: 3.39

Wtf is that set up???Jesus effing christ the set up and email confirmation and app fixing and having the 30 day free thing not working. I felt stupid doing this the whole time, wasted 2 hours on this and still have not found a solution. I have 2 audiobooks waiting to be read but the audible app is simply not letting me without paying immediately..Version: 3.24.2

When the app does work it's wonderfulApp likes to delete books I've downloaded and listening to a lot, or error when I try play them. I had to download one book several times and it takes about ten hours to download. BUT I finally got to listen thought a whole book and the app actually worked it was wonderful. Great to have a book each month and such a great selection. I really like that you get badges for doing certain things and listening at certain times :) cute idea.Version: 2.31.1

I’m all ears. I hope someone’s listening as well.Everyone should give audiobooks a try. Audible has helped me enjoy and explore so many more titles and topics (over 200) than those dusty, neglected titles stacked on my beside table. Along with a constantly updated and wide array of captivating and entertaining titles, it’s great to share the experience of so many of the great masterpieces of mankind. I appreciate that they are preserved in spoken word form for our future generations. Whilst the above is true I still feel compelled to hold a Star (or two) of hope that someone, who is proud to work at Audible, will take the lead in preserving and presenting some of the many, many fine works of the late great Mr James A Michener. It’s been great to listen to and savour other masterworks like War and Peace or Crime and Punishment. It’s a long long list. Humanity should hold on to this timeless wisdom. Lest we forget. How about titles like Centennial or The Source or Alaska? Like earning the Audible trophy’s within the app, Audible will earn another two stars (from me) when they publish some of the Mighty Mr Michener. I’m all ears. I hope someone’s listening as well :).Version: 3.35.1

Not impressedThis has got to be the worst app I’ve ever used. It’s confusing, not easy to use and my amazon account on desktop and app do not align/meaning I can’t access my audiobooks, despite being the same account. Total fail amazon. You can do better.Version: 3.30

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Audible audiobooks & podcasts to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Audible audiobooks & podcasts customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Audible audiobooks & podcasts.

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