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A great app for learning or teaching musicality!I have been dancing for about 15 years, and definitely wish I had this when I was starting off! Salsa music can be very intimidating and confusing for beginners, and this app is a nice, graphical way for both beginners and more advanced dancers to learn about the instruments of salsa and the different beats involved in the music. My one gripe is that the interface could be a little more intuitive - case in point I turned off the visual counting for the beat and cannot figure out how to turn it back on!.Version: 3.2.2

Great AppWould like to see an iPad version.Version: 2.1.2

Great but needs an updateGreat app! Two suggestions: 1. The bass isn't synchronized with the other instruments. Please fix! 2. The app should have the función of controlling the volume of each instrument like the website allows you to do. Thanks!.Version: 2.1.2

Very very goodAn excellent way to understand the salsa.Version: 1.7

My App PracticeExcellent option is my favorite app for my bongos.Version: 3.2.2

AppJust an awesome app to play alone.Version: 3.2.2

Love this app for teaching and practicing!The absolute best app I’ve found for teaching and practicing Latin Percussion!.Version: 2020.3

Great little appI will be using this to teach people musicality, its great.Version: 1.7

Best salsa appAs a salsa teacher I use it in my classes and encourage people to use. Extremely helpful!!.Version: 2.1.2

Great for timing!Excellente!.Version: 1.5

Fantastic app for picking the rhythmVery useful in working to different beat counts as you become experienced. Most of good customer service, replied very quickly to one my question. Pleased with the app overall..Version: 1.7

Great tool to practice dance drillsEasy to use and very helpful for accurate timing. I use the counts over the claves to help me listen for the claves when I’m out dancing..Version: 2021.2

LoveThis app is so much fun! It could NOT be easier to use. It has rejuvenated my love of latin music and my lust for life..Version: 3.0

One of the best learning toolsI’ve been playing for years this takes me back to the basics love this app.Version: 3.0

Salsa RhythmGreat app use it all the time.Version: 3.0

Fantastic appMy constant.Version: 3.2.2

Really great AppIf you want to understand the different components of salsa, I strongly recommend this app..Version: 3.1

Best Latin drum machine everBest way to develop a solid sense of time. Musician and dancer..Version: 3.2.2

Great app.I found a bug guys. Somehow I got a track playing constantly, even when it was paused. When I pressed play again, it was now playing two tracks at the same time, out of sync. I got it in this state by going to the information page while it was playing and then exiting and returning to the app. ------------ One feature that would be really nice is to have piano tracks with a larger structure--verse/chorus, AABA, etc. or the ability to string together the short phrases already provided. ------------ I really like it. I'm using it to explain to new dancers how to find the beat and for on1 dancers to learn on2. One feature that would be nice is if the user could save several preset combinations of instruments, including their volume settings. That way, it's quick to switch between full band, percussion only, individual instruments, etc. Switching back and forth is important for teaching purposes. It would also help to have an option with all the instrument controls on a single page. The balance in volume of the instruments is not great. When each is set to equal volume, the balance seems much different than a real band. I know they can be tweaked individually, but it would be better to have a more realistic starting point. In the 2-6 voice counting mode, the 2 is slightly behind the beat. The 6 is ok..Version: 1.5

Improving our salsaThis was recommended at our salsa class so the app is quite new to me, I’ve been dancing salsa for about three and a half years and I can already see that this will help me to improve my salsa.Version: 3.2.2

Awesome ApBrilliant Ap for anyone looking for a practice aid to improve their Afro Cuban percussion skills. I really recommend this Ap! It would be nice to have the same again in 6 / 8 time. A really great ap that makes keeping your marcha on top form loads more fun. Gave me loads of ideas for fills. I dont want to stop practicing!.Version: 1.7

ThomasI am an 82 year old conga beginner this app allows me set the clava rhythm while I’m learning the Rumba while I’ll Try.Version: 3.2.2

Great learning toolBrilliant app to help develop rhythmic skills in "Latin" styles. So many combinations possible- particularly vital in practicing tumbao..Version: 2.0.1

ExcellentIsis good app to isolate instruments & try to this complex music.. Just when I thought I had it. It is hard for a newbie to salsa to understand 3/2 or if you are in 2/3. Love the animations & ability to pick what you want to hear. Well done.Version: 2021.3

Great appGreat for salsa learner.Version: 3.1

Great practice tool!!!This app has been so valuable for years now. Practice clave, Guaguanco, palito patterns etc. Excellent!!!! One suggestion would be to add some specific 6/8 practice stuff..Version: 2020.3

ImpressiveI have been using this app since it first appeared in the app store. Thank you for including a minor tone, let's have some more. The update is great and I love the changes you made to the user interface. This app has tremendous potential for even greater features. Keep up the hard work. I would love to be able to record what the app is playing along with my guitar riffs..Version: 3.2.1

Like it!One extra useful feature would be to be able to change the bass and the piano to the same progression in one action.Version: 3.2.2

Fun and educationalHave enjoyed this app since it first appeared. Really liked the first incarnation. Then came a version or two I couldn’t get on with. But now it’s become a very useful learning tool allowing lots of flexibility with the chord changes bass tumbaos and percussion parts. Great fun. The editable vocal count is a welcome feature, maybe not unique but I have dozens of metronome apps and haven’t found that before. Intuitive controls and simple display makes it a favourite again for me..Version: 3.2.1

Great!Great songs selection!.Version: 1.7

Salsa reviewVery, very well done. This app allows you to add/subtract instruments in the salsa ensemble, change keys, montunos, and tempos. The continuous loop in my case is a great help in practicing percussion patterns on the congas and congas. Good job!!.Version: 1.7

Great appEnjoying this great introduction to Salsa.Version: 2.1.1

Learning the salsa rhythmJust stared dance classes (almost 50). I have been missing out. So much to learn currently learning the clave rhythm and this app enables me to listen to that instrument in isolation. Ultimately trying to lean hear and follow difference between beats 1234 and 5678 when dancing salsa.Version: 2021.3

Fabulous app..This app is so help for my personal dance training and my students.. I recommend it to everyone and you should get it!! Enjoy.Version: 3.0

FANTASTIC!Simple, elegant. Great job app author! The new upgrade makes complete sense. You boiled it down to its vital essence... My wife and I use this all the time to practice our casino de rueda. Thank you, we are very grateful for this wonderful tool. 🤙🤙🤙.Version: 3.0

Salsa salsa rhythm is very good health stream my music thank youSaludo.Version: 3.1

Well done!No instructions needed to operate, but they are there is needed. Decent enough samples for learning purposes - very flexible. Cool app to learn the basics of salsa. Time to practice some montuno.......Version: 2.1.2

Love this app!I have no rhythm so this app helps me with the beat when I’m learning each instrument is salsa. I definitely recommend it!.Version: 2020.3

Please allow more volume.I wish I could turn up the volume bc I like to practice outdoors and even with my ear piece in and volume all the way up the outdoors sounds drowned out the bongo beats. So please allow an amplified sound for outdoor jam sessions..Version: 2020.3

Great AppIt’s great for every skill level but early on it’s AMAZING!!!!.Version: 2020.3

ExcellentCan't wait until they make another one or an.Version: 3.2.2

Very cool tool!Perfect for our horn section rehearsals. Fun to use! My kids really enjoy creating sounds and rhythms and are learning a lot about latin sounds. New additions are great.Version: 2.1

Awesome app!Awesome app!! You can control tempo (most important tome). And the volume and presence of each intrument including th clave. This allows me to get familiar with all the rhythms . Awesome! To developers : i wish the clave volume could go a bit louder.Version: 3.2.2

Work PlanGreat tool for beginners..Version: 3.2.1

Great practice toolMy timing has improved with coming back on 1..Version: 3.2.1

Excellent!Lots of instruments and patterns. Very well done..Version: 1.5

FantasticThis app is great! Great sounds, awesome customisation, and fun to use. Adds a bit a spice to practicing scales as well instead of having a dreary old metronome do the ticking! Bargain price as well for 99cents..Version: 1.7

Essential !If you want to learn how to play/listen to/ dance salsa or related music..Version: 2021.2

Excellent,This app is fantastic.Version: 3.2.2

Intern in Beginning SalsaThis app is perfect for listening for the different instruments associated with Salsa music. It also gives the “Beats per Minute” which helps in keeping step. Also counts to help the beginner keep in step. This app will help the Beginner identify the instruments in Salsa. Valuable in the sense that Salsa music doesn’t count your steps for you....thus teaching you the timing counts. Well worth the price..Version: 3.2.2

SuggestionI would like to learn other rhythms beside the martillo.Version: 3.1

Great Learning AppGreat learning and teaching application for dance timing and rythm. The instrument variations are great. A must have for any Salsa student. Well Done - Thank you..Version: 1.7

Awesome app! Beautiful and easyHey guys! This app is awesome! but what about a bachata rhythm app? it would be great!!! Thanks and let me know when you have one for bachata..Version: 2020.3

AwesomeGreat for salsa dancers and learning about the music and great for practice. Highly recommend. Reuben.Version: 1.7

Great for practicingThis awesome - take out the parts you need and rehearse! No need to mess around cutting out and looping sections from recordings, yay!.Version: 3.0

Great app for practicingGreat app to learn the instruments in salsa and to catch the beat.Version: 1.5

More piano rythemsWe need more rythems like El Preso or even better if we could download a song and remove vocals and instruments at need. If not, a larger library of piano loops is needed..Version: 3.1

ImprovedThis app has been greatly improved over the years. It now offers many variations of salsa rhythms.Version: 3.1

BrilliantBrilliant app 😀 I'm a hearing aid / cochlear implant wearer so find it hard to know where the "one" is but this app is helping me big time 😀 thank u.Version: 1.7

Does what it says on the tinIt plays a looping salsa beat and lets you turn the instruments on and off and adjust the tempo. Some of the instruments have a choice of loops and keys. Not sure exactly what you would use it for, since it doesn't have much instructional material. Might be useful when teaching a salsa class..Version: 0

MusicalityGreat way to learn more about the musicality if salsa..Version: 3.1

Excellent app for salsa dancersThe app is simple to download and use and plays a looping salsa rhythm with eight or so different instruments and variations available for each instrument. You can bring the individual instruments in and out of the mix by double tapping them and change the beats per minute and key of the music as well. You can overlay an instructor counting the beats which is a great way to get a feel for the rhythm and help the salsa steps fit with it. For a fairly new salsa dancer struggling to find the beat for the one step this has already helped me after playing with it for about 10 mins. It is addictive and you could easily use it to generate practice rhythms to dance with as you learn the beat..Version: 1.5

Amazing App - must buy!Such an engaging and fun tool for matching tempo and style - learned so much Salsa so fast, like I never could before. A must buy!.Version: 3.2

Still goodThe app has been updated (changed) a couple of time. I prefer the old format (2015). Made more sense to me. Having said that, I still recommend it..Version: 2020.3

My Own Band!¡Love this Ap! With Covid, I now play alone. Now I have a “band” with which to practice several instruments along with great sounds from this AP!.Version: 2020.3

El PresoWhere has EL PRESO for the piano gone on the latest release?.Version: 2020.3

Aspiring Salsa musician loves this appI’m a good musician well into the senior years . I’m new to Salsa. I increase the clave volume when jamming out. When my salsa clave groove is strong I decrease the clave stick volume and play to the congas only, or bongos because there may not be a clave player at a jam, So I need to be confident with whatever the percussion instruments are. A fabulous practice tool!.Version: 2020.3

Wow!What a tool!! Words get in the way. What do you have to lose? $2.99?.Version: 3.2.2

Love it!Great to jam with when practicing my congas. Sophisticated, simple interface. I am surprised at the lack of ability to save and name specific combinations of instruments and tempos and recall them later. Thank you!.Version: 3.0

Easy and robustI’m so sad I did not find this app sooner when I was a beginner. But now that I’ve been dancing for a couple months I think it’s actually even more helpful. It’s really help me find tune my dancing. The timing and instruments are really easy to use right on the front page of the app. I’m Much better in tune with each of the instruments when I dance now..Version: 3.2

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