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Highly recommend!!I play Stack The States for school, and couldn’t imagine a better game for learning about the states! This games includes: border info, abbreviations, national monuments, and more. It has no adds, so it takes much less time than normal phone games. I highly recommend this game for all ages😀! Many people I know play this game and think the same thing. So, what are you waiting for? Downloaded Stack The States now!!!🇺🇸.Version: 2.7

Absolutely amazingI’ve been playing this app since I was really little,and to be honest, it has taught me more than my actual school. The faces make the states easier to recognize. Not to mention that the game is fun! I play it all the time.Version: 2.7

Aced the states quiz in schoolMy 7th grader's social studies teacher thinks she's a geography genius. She finished the blank state map faster than anyone he's ever given it to. In reality she's just been playing this for the last few years on and off. Both of my kids loved this one and I'm about to download stack the countries. Worth the few bucks..Version: 2.7

Great test for Canadians!Lots of fun; educational too..Version: 2.0

Insanely addictiveThis game is great fun if you're bored one rainy day, even if it is just to see how many different ways there are of stacking strange shaped objects :-).Version: 1.6

Can't Stop Stacking!Okay, this is hands down the most charming geography game I've come across on the App Store. The stacking element adds an entirely new and exciting dimension to the standard "name/tap/drag that state" formula for this genre. Although older kids and adults will probably master the questions after a little while, younger kids will definitely be challenged and entertained for a long time. Regardless of your age or expertise though, there is something satisfying about going back over and over again to try to add one more state to your collection. One of the best parts of the state collecting quest is the three bonus games that are unlocked along the way (after accumulating 10, 25, and 40 states). All three games are unique and compelling enough to stand on their own, although most geo-buffs will pine for an even more difficult expert setting. The presentation is bright, cheerful, and practically dares you not to smile while honing your knowledge of U. S. geography. One glimpse of a nervous looking Rhode Island or Delaware while lost in the fray with Texas, California, or Alaska will soften even the most jaded player! From an execution standpoint, the physics engine really shines. Taking advantage of a state's irregularities in their border when trying to stack them onto other states is very realistic and provides a great challenge. Although there is a some lag on my 2g Touch (and only when there is a lot going on the screen at once), it does not detract from the overall enjoyment. As good as this game is, I would love to see achievements or other collectibles implemented in the future (state quarters, trees, birds, landmarks, etc...). Also, bring on more categories and questions! A sure fire way to a 6 star rating. Who knew geography could be so compelling? As it stands, I highly recommend this game. A terrific value at 3x the price. Kudos! Now if you'll excuse me, Idaho and Vermont are beckoning me for one more go....Version: 0

Great app!A new favouite.Version: 2.3

Good statesThis is a very educational app. My 6 year old boy loves it a lot. Highly recommended.Version: 1.6

One question could be 2 statesI loved playing this game when I was younger. It was my childhood I just download it again and one of the questions was what state has the landmark Hoover dam. I chose Nevada because it is in Nevada but there was also a Arizona. And I know that borders both but it could’ve been Nevada and I should’ve gotten a question right because that is a landmark in Nevada. You have to be in Nevada to even get to the Hoover dam..Version: 3.0

Awesomeness !!!Fun way to learn !! Love it !!.Version: 2.3

Helping me a lot with schoolworkI think the app is a very good learning tool to help learn your states I memorized all of mine when I was in 2nd grade and now I’m in 5th and we’re taking tests about the states and now I’m ahead of so many people and really good so I totally recommend this if your struggling with states and want to learning and supersizing very very fun.Version: 2.7

Great fun!!Great game and u learn something as u play!!!.Version: 1.6

AddictiveHighly addictive, but I've learnt a few things about the American states..Version: 2.2

Best App DevelopmentThis developer is fantastic!!! I hadn’t realized that several of the apps I had downloaded, some many years ago, were all developed by same! These are my never remove/delete apps! They are the staple in my digital pantry!!! Great stuff!! Love even more the fact my faves are developed by same- wow that’s great!!! Keep up the fine work. Appreciate this team!.Version: 2.7

Try itThis game is fun and educational for children that have a test for their school. My son had a test for the states so we learned them with this game. My sons favorite part of the game is all of the mini games..Version: 2.7

Amazing appThis app is very fun and addicting, helped me learn my states very quickly. Love this's app!!!!.Version: 1.9

Great way to learn your geographyLots of fun for adults too..Version: 2.7

Fun and addictiveA great ap that is fun to play and helps you learn about the states too. The kids love playing this and I enjoy the challenge too. The extra games that you can unlock within the game are well thought out and most enjoyable. Well done!!.Version: 2.2

Terrific!Fun, addictive games to learn where states are, and facts about them. Includes two bonus games that are slightly more addictive..Version: 1.7

The states are smiling, I'm smiling and the states are still smilingWithin about 40 minutes of playing this game I could say roughly where each state is. Great price, great fun, and is still educational!.Version: 2.3

GreatEducational. Fun. Addictive..Version: 2.2

Such a cool appUpdate 6/6/23 Just realized today that my kids were leaving reviews for apps 🤦🏼‍♀️ so I wanted to provide an updated, accurate review of this app. I love this app for myself and my kids. I use it to reinforce information I teach them in our homeschool studies. I also use it myself for fun as well. The games are fun and being able to adjust the settings to someone’s skills level is very helpful. I recommend this app as well as Stack the States 2 and Stack the Countries all the time..Version: 2.9.1

So good!!Completely addictive and educational but fun!! :-).Version: 2.2

Stack the StatesThis educational game has been part of my school for many, many years. And I still play it to this day. When I first got it, I couldn’t answer any of the questions except for a few that were obvious for me. I regretted getting it and thought I would never be good as it. I became better and better at it and learned everything about the states. That’s the point, right? This game is fun to play and doesn’t really feel like school. The interactive map and flash cards can teach as well, but I pick up information faster by playing the game. There should be a hard mode for stacking mode where questions are harder and there’s a time limit for questions for more experienced players. But that’s about all I want from this. Without this game, I would have known NOTHING about geography..Version: 2.9.1

Absolutely Love it 😍🙂😊🇺🇸This is the best state game for me. It teaches me so well! Can you make more games like this please because I really love this. It’s so much fun🙂❤️💎🇺🇸.If anyone wants to learn about the states it’s right here.❤️⭐️ Thank you so much 😀😊🤗 I really enjoyed it!.Version: 2.9.1

Educational and funMy five-year old son learned all the American States by playing this game and most of the countries in the world by playing its sibling, Stack the Countries. Give him a few more days and he'll know them all. Worth every penny..Version: 1.5

My children love this game!They are learning while having fun, and they is the most important thing to me as a mom. I look over and they are smiling and learning the right way. There are absolutely no ads, which lets them focus on what they are currently doing. I have actually tried playing it and it has a variety of questions, levels, and different learning games! They can learn where the states are on the map, their names, flags, abbreviations, capitals, and many more. There are no glitches whatsoever so they are always having fun! All in all I totally recommend this game!.Version: 2.9.1

Stack The ProvincesJaden Beltran.Version: 2.7

Great Learning Game!So this app was introduced to me by a friend, and in abut a week I was so, so addicted! They have really nice games like capital drop and so the only thing is you have to earn states first but it’s very easy, just play a simple game and earn them..Version: 2.7

Stack the StatesI'm totally hooked!.Version: 2.3

I have been playing this game since about first grade and I still love it! Of course I understand it more now but I've always loved playing it. Every time I play I feel a bit more comfortable with my states and capitols for an upcoming test! This app is awesome!👍🏼.Version: 2.7

Yeeeeeeeeessssssssss!!!!!This game is the best!!! ( Even though I am Canadian ) I lOVE GEOGRAPHY!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.7

Great appI can use this at school, because it helps me learn.. I can use it at home for fun. It's a great app and I love to use it. I had it on my school iPad but deleted it and now I have to pay for it on my iPad, but I do have it on my phone. I've had it for a while. Totally worth the purchase..Version: 2.9.1

Amazing!I remember when I was in 3rd grade I played this game with the other kids in my class cause we had nothing else to do, now I downloaded the app again cause my sister needs help with naming her states, I played it again and before I knew it I was mastering map it! I with there was more mini games though cause I mastered them all and I want a bit more, the sky is the limit!.Version: 2.7

Been playing since age 6I love this game so much, such an educational app that is still fun. This game came with my fire tablet and I learned how to play it at age 7. I believe that this game is worth $3.00. Thank you to whoever made this game!.Version: 2.9.1

FunSoo much fun and educational and I'm not even from the states and my geography is terrible :).Version: 2.3

Fantastic GameGreat for learning.Version: 1.6

Educational winnerMy 6 year old and 7 year old are obsessed with this game. They read books so they can receive screen time to play this game!! Winning. Not gonna lie... I couldn’t place every state before playing this game. What a wonderful way to learn!!.Version: 2.7

STACK THE STATES IS AMAZINGI love this states game, because the states have interactive questions and they come to life while stacking them. Stack the States also has cool mini-games and flashcards to help you memorize information about the states. You can also collect states in-game as tokens. I really love Stack the States!.Version: 2.9.1

Stack the statesThe most addictive learning game ever love it.Version: 2.3

Great gameBrilliant way to learn about the geography of the United States. My girlfriend and I (in our late 20s) love it!.Version: 1.8

Highly recommendedLove this app, for grade schoolers and above, I love playing it. It's fun, educational and terrific value..Version: 1.6

My kids have been playing this for daysMy 13 and 10 year old sons love this app. They play it together and on their own and I can't get my iPad back. Great job!!.Version: 1.5

AweAwesome.Version: 2.0

Fun game but read this review please otherwiseI enjoy this game! You can interact with the states, make it a Tv show, or act like you’re doing some espionage mission! When I grow up, I might make my own game based on this but make it about something else. I wanna give it 5 stars, but I can’t. Here”s why: Nowadays, when I open the app, it shows a gray screen, can you stop that? Also, Michigan actually shares a land border with Canada. Check your map again. Change NY’s flag to what it is now. Check Wikipedia and notice the difference. Hint: it’s in the Latin text part of the flag. Lastly, but most importantly, here’s the worst problem. Say I have a lot of states in the stack. Like, 23 states. Or if I’m just hanging out on the game. And I don’t realize that I have like 12% battery remaining. When battery is low, it then returns to the main home screen. Which is frustrating. Rumor has it that when an app does that, it JUST MAKES ME WANNA DELETE IT. (and possibly never reinstall it again.) Plz fix the bug. NO ADS.Version: 2.9.1

Super fun and educationalI used to be among the many kids who would play this game in my elementary school. It was super fun, but it still taught me about the different states. Overall, it’s a very great game and I have decided to now get it on my phone so I can look back on all the times I used to play it..Version: 2.7

Amazing app! Loved it!I am 10 years old. I have my states capitals test tomorrow, and I was so nervous about it until I bought this game! I used to ask my friend Erica to give me a pop quiz and the only state I'd get right would be Vermont and California. Now, she gives me little pop quizzes, and I ASK for them. This game is fun, and great for learning at the same time! This is the CHILD'S side of the story. 👍🏻👌😍.Version: 2.7

Astronomy version of stack the statesYou know how there's also such thing as stack the countries? Well, maybe you guys should also make a "Stack The Celestial Objects" version where you stack planets (both planets in the solar system lie, Earth and exoplanets like "Kepler-22 b"), stars, white dwarves, black dwarves, nebulae, supernovae, hypernovae, ultranovas, planetary nebulas, black holes neutron stars (both regular neutron stars and pulsars), black holes, galaxies, clusters (of stars and galaxies), quasars, magnetars, superclusters, space probes, and many more..Version: 2.7

Just great fun n educational....N highly addictive for all age groups..Version: 2.2

God sent this to usThis game is my childhood. I love this game so much that I got all three of the bunch! Sure, the later eterations of the game didn’t have as many mini games other than stacking, but I love just making it sound like the states are interacting! There are almost endless possibilities for this game! If there was something I would like to add, it would be a story mode with 50 levels trying to rescue states and every 10 levels a boss was blocking a minigame, and you had to answer questions and get to the finish line before the boss to win! Then the final boss would be blocking your avatar, and you had to do every single minigame, along with the speed stack, to save him! The developers don’t have to add this, but a future game of yours could be based around this. But hey, it’s already really fun how it is. That’s all from me!.Version: 2.9.1

Worth the Money but...I downloaded stack the states when I was only 9. In just 2 or so weeks of obsessively playing it, I knew so much more about the states than I did before and had collected over 120 states! I do wish that the updates were placed on the same app, because I wouldn’t pay anything for the second version now that I know quite a bit about the states, but still like the new elevation maps and mini games the second version provides. Also, I wish that you could transfer the app between two devices. I got stack the countries on my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone and want to transfer it to my iPad without having to buy it again. I also got pretty far in the app (received over 120 countries) and don’t want to start over. Thank you for reading this review, I really love the app!.Version: 2.7

Great way to learnA fun way to learn general knowledge about USA..Version: 1.5

Stack my statesHighly addictive and fun if your 6 or 46. And a good way to learn about US geography..Version: 2.2

Educationally fun!This game is great for everyone as it's educational and fun with the stacking mini games are good too great fun game!.Version: 1.9

Great educational fun!I'm getting to know each state pretty quickly with this and it is a bit addictive! Well worth the price of the full version..Version: 2.3

Good way to learnThis isn't the most thrilling of games but it's certainly an effective learning approach! I'm now halfway to knowing where the 50 states are on the map!.Version: 2.3

Great fun and educational tooReally enjoyable.Version: 1.4

GoodIt is a good way to learn and it's really fun.Version: 1.6

Education games shouldn’t be moneyOkay so I love stack the states I have been playing it since kindergarten (am in 6th grade) so I was playing and I saw a ad for your 2nd version along with some fun looking games so I check the games out stack the states two and tower math look so cool only problem they cost money. The first thing that came to my brain was so a game is making us pay to learn. I don’t even know why education game developer would even do such a thing..Version: 2.7

GreatSurprisingly good.Version: 2.3

Stack the StatesMy grandson started playing this when he was 4 years old! He was captivated by it and quickly learned all state capitals and positions and shapes! His older sister was a bit jealous.. he loved the stacking challenge too( as does grandma!). He moved on to stack the countries. He knows way more than I do about where everything is. I asked him one time "what country is between Russia and China?" He immediately answered "Mongolia"--- and I was amazed! He thought everyone knew that.Version: 2.7

Love it.Super fun and you will learn a lot. It's worth paying for the full version - the extra games are really fun and challenging. It's also a bit addictive!.Version: 2.3

This is addictive, fun, and educational!This is one of if not the best app on the store. I finally know all the states and most of the capitals and flag. Even though I am not a small kid anymore, I still love this game. The one problem is that once you get all the states and challenges, there is not much to do. I love the Map It and Puzzle mini games. This is the best..Version: 2.9.1

Amazing app, but...I love this app so much that I actually posted about it on Facebook and encouraged friends to get it too. I got it for my kids but I play too. I do have one complaint... when playing the hard level of puzzler, Rhode Island is placed on the far left edge of my screen and I find it impossible to grab and drag. This is on an iPhone 11. If it were on the right side, I could at least put the rest together and then hover them over it to pick it up, but it’s too far on the left. It often takes me 20+ seconds to keep stabbing my finger at it to get enough contact to move it. I would hope it could be corrected, but with the last update being four years ago, I’m not holding my breath....Version: 2.7

Canadians are stacking!Love this game and so does my 4 year old son. He is going to be a well versed American geography kindergartener!.Version: 1.8

Very fun and great!As a mapper myself, I loved to play this game. It was very in- depth and can teach you a lot of things. There are also mini games which are great as well. It’s also free! Which is sometimes hard to find. Overall, this game is a blast!.Version: 2.7

Stack em upAmazing game,educational and fun!!.Version: 1.4

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🌈Yay! I love this app.Version: 2.3

Childhood memoryI remember in 4th grade my teacher would plug her ipad into the smart board and we would play this as a class. I loved it so much that i downloaded it on my ipod at home and would play for hours, this game is the reason i can look at a blank map with no state borders and tell you exactly where any state is. If you have kids definitely try this game out on your kids, great game!.Version: 2.7

Brilliant!!!Loveit.co.uk.Version: 2.2

Like Geography Angry BirdsWe are Canadian, but our daughter found the provinces too easy to learn. For a challenge we decided to have her learn the states. We had soooo much fun with this app, and have learned so much about the states, including facts about many that we have visited on our travels. Lil brother loves the stacking challenge!.Version: 2.2

Great appAwesome app you learn loads about the us states and is very addictive !!! I would really recommend downloading and is one of my favourite apps :-D.Version: 2.3

Cool appI love this app because I love the USA.Version: 2.3

Lots of education!🤩This really helps me and others learn there states! And I like that it doesn’t have pop up ads in the middle of the game. I love this game so much that I even bought Stack the States 2!.Version: 2.9.1

Addictive and infectiousBored one day, tried this app and before I knew it three hours had disappeared. I told friends about it and had earache for days for telling them. Try it if you've got hours to spare :-).Version: 1.6

Great gameWe love this game! My sons have learned so much from this game. Is there a way to view the states you have collected after reaching 50+? My son was disappointed that they "disappeared" after he worked so hard to get them all. Maybe this could be included in an update?.Version: 2.7

#LearnAndFunThis app is encouraging kids to learn middle school geography but in a fun and amazing game. I hope to who ever is reading this that you download this app for your kids and maybe learn yourself too. There are even add on mini games to this app. They are just different ways to learn the states. Hope you like it!.Version: 2.7

Amazing game!This is an amazing and educational game. The way you can play mini games as well adds more to it! 🇺🇸 when I first played I was like, ack! These are really hard! But I played it more and it gradually got easier. Eventually I got a tad bit bored and I downloaded stack the countries and THOSE were really hard. But if you get one wrong it tells you the right answer. I definitely recommend both games 😄😄👏🇺🇸🇮🇪🇬🇷🇧🇷🇧🇭🇨🇦!!!.Version: 2.9.1

Great geography appThis app is fun, has NO adds and is very educational. My son enjoys playing this game. It has really helped him improve his geography knowledge. It’s great for teaching names of states and capitals, shape of state, postal abbreviation, famous landmarks and more. I use it as a supplement to our homeschool geography course. It’s fast and the kids really enjoy it. I downloaded it at least two years ago and my son still plays it and my daughter is getting old enough to start. Everyone is happy when it is on the schedule for the day. It starts off simple and progressively gets harder so they continue to learn. Hope you appreciate this app as much as we do!.Version: 2.9.1

Stack the statesEven though, we are Canucks, this game is a great educational tool. Also love the countries version, lots to learn there for children and adults of all ages Recommend to anyone, love it!,,,,.Version: 2.3

Great game!So fun and a great way to learn about the States.Version: 2.4

Great way to learn the US StatesI first had the privilege to review the Stack the Countries app a while back. That app was based on Stack the States which was one of the first apps that Dan-Russell Pinson has done. Let me clarify something. I am not an American. In fact, I was born and raised in Canada. Still live there as a matter of fact (even though I changed province). Still I believe it is important for my kids to know the geography of our closest neighbour – the United States of America. As a homeschooling family, we have the liberty of travel whenever we want and the US is so close by that we visit at least every year. I want my kids to know the states of that country. I also strongly believe in knowing your geography. Even though you might not use it much when you are older, at least you can visualize where something happens when you watch the news. My son Dominic played with this app. He is seven years old. He was laughing a lot when he would won a state to stack as the characters have big googly eyes and would open their mouth while falling down. Dominic is learning while playing this app. When you win a state, you have the possibility of twisting it to stack it on the platform. Mind you this game is asking more than the name of the states. It always challenges you on capitals, shapes, abbreviations, bordering states, location on the map and nicknames. So want or or not, your child (and even yourself) will learn quite a bit on the US states. The game is quite easy. You answer questions about the states and you win a state to stack. You objective is to reach the special live in the screen. If you do this by answering correctly to a number of questions, you win a state for your personal map. When looking at your states, you can see where they are positioned on the map. Learning while having fun is the key I find. Once you have won a certain number of states, new games will be available to you. Stack the States is a fun game that will challenge you in learning at the same time as having fun. Don’t be discourage if at first you have trouble. I know I was challenge quite a bit with this app. I would recommend this app for anyone who want to learn more about the US states, American or not..Version: 1.5

Great GameI got this for my grandkids but got addicted to this myself! I love it! And all the kids loved playing it while learning so much about the states. I especially love the map it game. I can easily name and place all the states now. This is a fun way to learn the states. Highly recommend..Version: 2.7

OBSESSEDI didn’t just start playing this it’s been on my school iPad for about two years now and I can tell my classmates love it to because when my teacher says we can play on our iPad we all ask can we play stack the states so yeah it’s definitely worth three dollars 😁.Version: 2.7

Best Buy Yet!One of my favourite apps - very addictive, but educational, so I can justify the time wasted - lol! Would definitely recommend it - for all ages 8+.Version: 1.6

Stack the StatesIncredibly conducive to learning. Great fun and well engineered.Version: 2.3

Different partsI LOVE this game so so much! But I think they should have you learn different parts of the U.SA and what we are already learning. It would be great! For example At the main menu they could have a button that says “Parts of the U.S.A” it could have pictures of the parts of the U.S with the name of that part under it. I would be the same when you play but with that certain part..Version: 2.7

Fun, cute, and educationalI’ve been playing this game for over 7 years now and I just love coming back to it every once in a awhile to enhance my knowledge on the states, thank you for not having ads and keeping this game original.Version: 2.7

Taught my daughter all the statesShe learned so much from spending time together playing this game! I even rebought it when I switched my OS. She loves stacking more than the questions but she got to know most of the answers and she knows the shapes of states better than I do. Winning new games in the system was very motivating. She also liked winning all 50 states. We got this first when she was 5 and at 7 she mastered it but still really enjoys it..Version: 2.7

It’s so addictive!!!I got this game about four days ago, I have gotten all 50 states and have played all the mini games that you can unlock. I play this all the time too, before bed, on the bus, and when I’m bored at my house!.Version: 2.7

Man this is fun.So this game.. this game it’s really fun you know like it’s helping me in like earth studies and that. And seriously you should try it. And like I said download it. You know have fun. And by the way it kills time like a lot I’m not going to lie. Like I have been playing since 9:00 and it’s been a hour almost since I started. And by the way this is not my first time playing you know!!!.Version: 2.9.1

Love!My boys are 2.5 and 4.5 and they love this game, as well as STS2, and stack the countries! My only issue is they can't read the questions so I have to read them for them. Maybe in the next update you can add a read the question feature where you can tap the question and it reads it for you? 😁.Version: 2.7

Good game for learning but Map itGreat game but map it takes away the last star. It’s okay but when you click somewhere close to the location of the state like the border it says you got it wrong. I don’t think it should cost $2.99 though. But other than that I think it is a very good app..Version: 2.9.1

Stack the StatesThis is a brilliant learning and fun app. My 8 year old and I are addicted to it. I wish they did one for counties in the UK too..Version: 2.2

Map itGlitch - Washington can't be mapped properly!.Version: 2.3

Just missing one tiny featureI bought this game for my daughter who has special needs. Her reading ability is not where it should be for her age, however, that doesn’t mean she is incapable of understanding. The only reason why I’m not giving it all the stars is solely out of the inability to have the questions read out loud to the player. We love the size of the font, the graphics, the sounds, and the customization of the type of questions! We would love it even more if my daughter could keep her independence while playing it instead of having to endure our interruptions..Version: 2.7

Great gameExcellent, simple and educational game..Version: 2.3

Great appBriliant.Version: 1.5

Outstanding!This is a brilliant app is where you get to know the 50 states of america! The cities and landmarks too! Good for kids who like geography.Version: 1.6

Stack the StatesWow ! It's great fun, educational - I've loads ! Plus it's addictive too - well worth paying for the full version and you get extra bonus games too !.Version: 2.3

KNOWLEDGE + SKILL + LUCK = A FUN, ADDICTIVE GAMEThis is the only game I play on my iPad and my husband enjoys the challenge of answering the questions before positioning a state to drop into the piled up stack to tower over the finish line. I get a kick out of the “facial” expressions on the states as they land or bounce off! We have learned a lot of trivia facts from this over the years. Thank you, Stack the States..Version: 2.9.1

Wonderful App!!Fun, challenging and addictive! Some extra content after you unlock all states would be great! Overall, a really solid app! Well done!.Version: 2.2

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