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Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls Positive Reviews

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Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls App User Positive Comments 2022

Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls app received 135 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about viber messenger: chats & calls?

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Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls for Positive User Reviews

Nice to chatI have used viber for along time. When you need help the support is helpful. I reset phone and had issues getting activation code. I finally was able to activate again with help with code from support..Version: 16.7.3

Easy to useGreat chat tool with good group chat features, the recent group chat updated have helped during this tough period when we are isolated.Version: 13.5

Really good app!I have been using this app for over two years now and it is excellent for talking with my relatives on the other side of the world. It’s also really nice there is a translator so that my family that doesn’t know English can easily translate my messages. The stickers are so cute and fun to use as well. The only reason I didn’t give it a five star is the video quality. I understand that I’m talking to people on the other side of the world and it might be hard to deliver good quality, but I hate when I’m video chatting with somebody and it just goes all blurry and pixelated or just pitch black, even when their video is on. I would definitely give five stars if it had better quality though!.Version: 10.9.3

Good appGood app.Version: 14.4.2

VIBERÁltalában jó a kapcsolat , de néha megfagy a kép , vagy elmegy a hang.Tetszik ez a fajta kapcsolattartás a barátokkal , akik távol vannak tőlünk..Version: 17.4.0

Kudos to Viber Team from Rommel TanExcellent and reliable app for a good cause. Keep it up folks!.Version: 18.2.1

Thanks for all workers in Viber Program for their outstandingThanks for all workers in Viber program for their outstanding performance in this distinguished program that provides a great service to the World..Version: 17.3.1

Sticker market not workingLong-time viber user. For a few years now the sticker market hasn’t been able to load. I’ve tried all the suggested stuff i.e reinstalling etc. Please fix this so i can buy stickers..Version: 13.4

ShaunThe best chat site with secure settings and location options. It’s very refreshing to be able to get support from an actual person who listens and acts well done Viber. I have used Viber for years and would recommend it to anyone it’s a 5 star app..Version: 17.0.1

QuestionHey, Viber. Is there a way to save/find the original of a viber lens? Because I like some of them but I can’t find them! Thank you.Version: 17.2.0

Love it!We use Viber to keep Our family & friends together We can send pics, jokes and info.Version: 16.5.2

IncredibleI give this app a rating off 100 out of 5, because this app is a really good app, i think its a safe app, u can choose to have ur online on or off and can the read on or off as well, i have had this app for six years, and i use this app every single day. Its a very good app..Version: 16.4.1

Delete chat issueUnable to delete all messages separately from each chat group. The only option to delete chats is from settings to delete and leave group. Very inconvenient.Version: 17.4.0

An app is nothing without proper I.T. Support.I had an issue reinstalling after I got the new iPhone. I send an email thinking no one will ever reply. In less than an hour I had a message giving me instructions on how to address my issue. And it worked 2 days later they followed up with me to make sure it was resolved because they did not hear back from me. Wow finally a company that truly cares. Best support and customer care I have experienced..Version: 14.2

Why Viber is a must!!!Viber has been instrumental in bridging the gap between families homestead localities. It has kept the upbeat of camaraderie of friends, families & special someones shoring up the morale to a leel of content, casting depressive moments to a minimum due to its effective connectivity regardless of time & distance. Even with the current pandemic, viber eliminates the dreadful abusive requirement of social distancing... so thank you for awesomely for this app tech that has been a great life enhancing morale booster among the human race.... a greatful user 😊.Version: 14.7.1

Something wrong with my viberI’m not receiving notifications if someone messaging me. All their messages appear only when I’m using my viber.Version: 14.7.1

Great appOne of many chat apps I use depending on who I’m chatting too. It’s a nice app. I did have a problem being bombarded by spam and mentioned that in a previous review but the developer responded and told me how to stop others from adding me to groups. The default should be just contacts rather than everyone though as it’s a perfect candidate for abuse..Version: 18.1.0

AvailabilityActually I have problem with the availability. When the new IOS (16) is update is came to my phone , after on Viber partners availability is not available. I couldn’t see anything , I can’t go to the partner profile, I can’t do any block or anything else . I think need it update to the Viber as soon as possible ..Version: 18.4.2

It’s good but…This is very good but today I went on and it kicked me out I deleted it and it’s not letting me do it please help I really like it.Version: 15.9.0

Viber not working over data planI have been using Viber for several years now and did not have any problems with connectivity. Lately, I can still use the app over Wifi but not over mobile data. I have reset my phone and uninstalled/installed the app several times, still app is not working when used over mobile data. Any tips/ solution for this problem?.Version: 13.2.1

Compare to WhatsAppCame back to viber coz of WhatsApp politics, but. 1.please increase differentiation between the 2 tics for delivered and read. 2. WhatsApp has a great feature where one can annotate pics, to point out particular points on a pic , very useful. 3. Other than that viber is great and I enjoy using it 😊.Version: 14.7.1

Awesome free service!!Amazing for a free service!! Really good even compared to paid premium apps. We use it because once on WiFi, no matter your cell phone signal, including areas of no services/ no bars at all. I can always reach my daughters no matter what!! That’s incredibly important to me, and the ease of use is also a wonderful feature! Only ads come on n form of you infrequent messages, not when you open the app or while you’re trying to use it. If 6 stars was a thing, then ceould absolutely give it 6 stars!!.Version: 10.6.1

Don’t like new versionI have used Viber for many years. The latest upgrade is terrible. If the app is not open in the background I do not get messages or notifications until I open the chat. I followed all the tips I found online to fix this. Viber no longer has the sleep on wifi setting. What happens is when I open Viber it says waiting for network then updating. Then if I have a new message it will show up. Often time stamped hours earlier. This is unacceptable..Version: 16.2.2

Pretty happy with Viber now :)I had left a lower star review recently as Viber was not working well after the Apple IOS 16 update. Viber responded to my review and let me know there was an update available so all happy now it’s working as it should. The only negative feedback I have is there is no “search” function of the chat which would be very useful..Version: 18.5.2

Viber over SkypeI used Skype for a decade to keep in touch with my dad in Ireland. I loved it. It was really good for video calls but regular phone calls cost money and I was constantly uploading funds. Viber is a perfect alternative to Skype... it occasionally drops calls or has choppy reception (just like Skype) but for the most part the connections are very good, the video is excellent, the audio is free... I cannot say enough good about Viber… It certainly is in line with any other competitive video service, and it’s a lot more free! I understand they have a charge to call lan-lines, I’m just happy that gives them enough revenue to sustain the business because it’s a wonderful way to stay in touch with relatives overseas without any cost to the average end user..Version: 11.3.2

Keeping in touchWe have used viber fro several years and it’s an excellent way of keeping in touch wherever you are, especially overseas..Version: 17.9.0

Oldest and closest friends.Thanks Viber for enabling the private group chat with my four oldest and closest friends. Thanks for a none intrusive service. We have shared so much over the years and our Viber chat became more important than ever during Covid 2020 lockdown. Definitely brought 5 good friends who are busy and in different parts of the world closer than ever..Version: 18.2.1

Viber the KingBetter than any other.Version: 14.7.1

THERY GOOD!!!Viber is a great app. You can send messages and stickers that you have downloaded. Talk to anyone that has viber!!!!!! 🥰👍🏻 You just have to press on the person you want to talk, to Type a message press Type message at the bottom, to send a sticker press a teddy bear, to send a gif press a square at the bottom, to make a call press the call button on the top right corner and to make a video call press a square with a triangle next to it. You can even make groups with people and make calls with up to 20 people! 💖 👉🏻..Version: 13.4

Technical problemLately I’ve noticed that the app is having some technical issues like uploading a picture takes a very very long time and lately doesn’t work at all besides the translation option isn’t working anymore for more than 10 days now without any apparent reason, I’ve updated the app and my iOS 13.1.1 is the latest version and I don’t know what to do as the app support isn’t working too as I tried to report the problem but always referring to a page can’t be open due to an error.Version: 11.6

We love it!It’s great for international texting and calling. Audio and video are mostly excellent. For group calls it’s great except there is a limit on number of people (20) and for texting you are unable to make some words in BOLD unless you have a font App. Texting is also limited per send. You would Need to create another text if you’re sending something long. I love that you can EDIT what you texted! But you cannot insert pictures in between text messages you’ve already sent. I’m also happy that you clear all texts or clear individually. The one BIG issue I have is that one time I called someone and all of a sudden while we were talking 3 more individuals joined the call without us inviting them! It was AWKWARD! I would have given it a 5 stars if not for that issue!.Version: 13.4

Really my favourite App.Keeps me connected with family. It is very reliable and feels like my friend. Love you Viber. 👌🏽Ischtie.Version: 13.4

AwesomeI don’t know what some of these people are talking about, I’ve been using it for over a year and never had any problems. I love that it’s extremely clear and will even give a warning if encryption has been tampered with to either party. A solid app with fantastic features. Also way better than Whatsapp which is not user friendly to use especially if you’re a new user and just owned by facebook anyway so you can forget any level of actual privacy there even though they sell it as supposedly being that way..Version: 12.0

Apps CrashesI never had problem with this app before. Then I think software update was done? Supposedly to fix bugs, but not even reinstalled viber crashes! Fix this bug or try it before you update on our system! I uses iPhone XR. Updating my review, after sending my crash reports I was able to reinstall the apps hope it works now! Thanks for fast customer support and working on the problem. I know I can rely on this app! The best and been using this app for years!!.Version: 12.9

The oneViber's been the one I use to keep up with my Grandson in Canada. They have limited cell data so they use wi-fi most times. I use a mix of 4G LTE and home wi-fi. Works just fine when I'm out on my phone's data. My wife and her family group chat from all over the world no problems. Of course, if someone say has a poor internet connection then the video suffers at times, even occasionally voice as well. Overall, it has been our go to app for years to stay in touch. Thank you Viber! Peace everybody, Wm P.Version: 13.4

I like ViberPlease stop asking to rate call quality every time after I finished a video call. Very annoying. Other than that, a reliable platform for video call. Thank you..Version: 17.3.1

Fast & EasyIf you’re used to messenger you’ll find Viber much more useful. You can send links, photos and videos almost instantly. The whole app is fully customisable to your own taste including backgrounds, text colours and alert sounds. I don’t know why it took me so long to discover Viber but I’m glad I did!.Version: 15.4.0

GlitchSharing a contact takes a long time to load on ipad pro.Version: 16.9.0

ScamsThe app is great however there has been a Vodafone scammer coming around with the name v* saying you have won something..Version: 14.0.1

Ringing is activated in the setting still it has no ringing sound most of the timesSometimes for local calls it is poor. I mean without any reason it will be disconnected and you have to end up the call and give another ring as a solution. Also most of the times you just see the mobile flashes for a moment instead of hearing the call ring. It is only my problem with Viber, but it is common in our area. That is why we have to change into whats up if the other one has this application..Version: 14.0.1

Viber is usefulViber is a useful app for groups. We use chat and the phone to confer. Had some difficulty joining phone conversation so please simplify instructions. Please keep app free of charge and protect privacy of users..Version: 15.8.0

NEVER AGAIN!!I used Viber and rated it 5-Star all time. This was until recently when I found I could only use it with Wi-Fi and not with 4G. I sent a message to customer service (when I eventually found a link to them) and mentioned the problem. They said they would look into it but they don’t and nobody came back. I am now back to WhatsApp which is a shame, they don’t have mail edit like Viber has, but I can use them with both Wi-Fi and 4G..Version: 13.4

GreatI’ve been using viber for years. User friendly. My mum is 87and she uses it all the time and it is the main way our family keeps in touch..Version: 14.2

I love Viber!I’ve had Viber on my cell phone for several years now. I was told about it by a friend of mine in Australia and I live in the US. We wanted to talk so bad but, of course, doing that on a landline or even on a cell phone would’ve been far too expensive. But with Viber, we could talk as often and as long as we wanted. What a blessing that has been. My friend passed on earlier this year from a cancer she had fought for four years. But because of Viber, I was able to talk to her through those days and nights when sometimes she couldn’t sleep because of the pain and she knew she could call me at any time even though we were 15 hours apart in time zone and I would pick it up. So I am grateful for Viber calls and also chat because I still have friends overseas that I can chat with anytime! I will always keep Viber on my phone!.Version: 13.4

Keep UpdatingWith this new update, my Viber updating and optimizing every time i open and also i lost message preview. Please fix these bugs..Version: 15.9.0

Good app but notification badges don’t go awayGood app but notification badges don’t go away.Version: 11.1

Stops respondingI have used viber for years but no trouble but recently for the past few months viber states showing blank page where chats are suppose to be displayed. It gets really annoying i restart my phone then its okay for a little while. I just deleted the app and installed it again and its frozen now it wouldnt let me set it up without getting frozen. I am about to give up on this app. Hope this can be fixed..Version: 12.1

Much Better!It’s been a while since I’ve used your app. You made some serious improvements in the meantime! Well done! The one thing I’d like to see you do is make it so audio messages auto play sequentially in a message thread after hitting play on the first one. Voxer did it first, but was unreliable. Recently, WhatsApp started doing it. If you add that you are definitely better than WhatsApp! Your “secret thread” and notifications when someone takes a screen shot and the auto self destruct is excellent! Can people adjust the timer, like Signal? I haven’t finished playing with your app, but it looks like you’ve done a lot of work. Good job, thank you, and keep it up!.Version: 10.4

Message delayAlways been using viber for 9 years. Now recently updated and the app is slow. I dont receive msg until i open the app and it happens everytime. I dont really know what happen to the viber at the moment if it could be fixed would be awesome. When i am using a video if i need to type and send message to someone i have to go back and swich on video mode again and the other person also has to do the same thing which is very upsetting compare to other app out there have facility. Cheers!!.Version: 13.0

Family OverseasMy wife and I have family overseas and VIBER is so easy to just stay in touch and updated with our family group group. We mainly use for txt and phone calls. Love it.Version: 13.4

Totally hated the bright white UI ideaTotally love the dark mode option. Thank you for the sharp and abrupt update. I believe this is now the best quickest Communicative App ever 👍🏾🙊🏆🏅🎗.Version: 10.4

Good appI am using this app for a long time and find it sufficient for most of my needs. One suggestion I have is to let app follow device’s color along side allowing user to choose specific appearance so that I don’t have to switch between dark and light mode manually if I want app to follow device’s theme..Version: 12.8

Thank you ViberIt’s a wonderful mean of communication. You bring human beings closer . It never happened before . What else I expect or dream on , on this modern , technological era , except just oozing the words :” VIBER , I’m thanking you “ . VL.Version: 14.7.1

Viber's too good to be trueI have been using Viber for a good numer of years to reach my relatives across the tropical line & even in the Northern & Southern Continents ...isnt this Awesome!!! What is AMAZING is there are no hassles w extra payments on my phone bills!!! May you continue this v efficient service to people in the world over!!! Gratitude & love to all in viber from the Management team & all the staff!!! God bless you all !!!.Version: 18.2.1

Love 💞Love this app I think it is a great way to communicate with friends and family could you add an option to sign out and maybe some games that you could play with your friends and family overall I think this is a great app 😀.Version: 16.5.1

Very clear phone callI rarely write review app especially there is a charged :). However this app is so good. $10 per month to call oversea unlimited 60 countries with very high quality call is worth to write a review. It is worth $10 a month to contact your family and friend in 60 countries. And also thank you for the free call as well. :).Version: 17.0.0

Awesome appAwesome app, especially if you have out of credit on your phone. Good for emergencies when you need to stay in close contact with family and friends..Version: 14.7.1

Great but needs workI’ve been using this app for a while now but just now it is starting to crash and I don’t know why can u fix this please.Version: 13.2.1

Best and fast communication toolI love using viber, it provides the best method of communication to all friends over all the world and special to my family overseas..Version: 14.7.1

Good but...I’ve been using this app for a few years and not once something made me hate it, but when I downloaded it on iPad, I didn’t get notifications for some reason, I rechecked about 8 times in my settings but the notifications still won’t come up, whenever my dad/mom text me on Viber, they get mad I don’t reply on time, please fix this.Version: 11.4.1

Heaps better than WhatsApp!!! Converted.I like the interface, the reply to option, the option to show/hide online status, read etc. also the private chats, blurred photos, self destruct timer, clear chat... so many more options than other message apps. This is my top choice after shopping around. Notes: reply to specific msg doesn’t work in private chat? Why. Also, would be great to customise sounds within the app, especially text tone for specific recipients and to allow do not disturb override for favourites like in the iPhone messenger..Version: 11.3.2

Viber is 👍I’ve been using Viber for a long time to connect with my sister in Netherlands and I love it..Version: 17.2.0

5+ Years Happy Viber UserI’ve been using Viber for over 5 years. I have tried other apps during that time and some have come and gone, but I still like Viber. One HUGE thing that viber has over WhatsApp is that Viber allows you to make private when you are online using it. You can not hide when you are online in WhatsApp and that is very awkward. For instance when you tell someone you are tired and want to sleep but really want to end the chat to chat someone else. They will know you are still online and not sleeping. And many other scenarios..Version: 15.4.0

Almost perfectViber is the almost-perfect Facebook messenger alternative for me. It has e2ee on by default, audio/video chats which can transfer to your other devices seamlessly, stickers, and a simple user interface. Now for the complaints: My calls are draining my phone ridiculously fast. I would drop from 100% to 35% in under an hour on my XR. I also dislike ads and would like an opt-out option (whether paid or free). Finally, my notifications have not been reliable recently. I would not receive message notifications (especially during call) unless I opened the chat in the app. This seems to be a recent issue. I’ll be a happy camper once these issues are resolved..Version: 12.1

AWSOME!So many awesome updates and my number one app to text people. Highly recommended. 👍👍👍.Version: 18.2.1

Best apps for messaging, waiting for auto reply or away messagingBest apps for messaging and international calls, waiting for auto reply or away messaging. When will be away messaging will be Available on viber?.Version: 13.0

Dark mode but not DarkIt’s actually blue-ish rather than 100% black - dark mode background..Version: 10.4

Love Viber but recently low quality pictures and videosI’ve used Viber for years, but this past month I noticed the pictures and videos I send are no longer as clear and with high quality HD like before. Sending and receiving pictures and videos with full clarity to and from all kinds of cell phones, along with the extra privacy, were my biggest reasons for using Viber. Hopefully, this is just a temporary glitch and they can fix it ASAP..Version: 14.6.1

Excellent serviceI have been using viper for many years. My daughter was overseas and we were able to keep in touch daily. All that is required is a Wi-Fi connection. No limit on the amount of free phone calls. She sent us multiple photos which was received as if she was next door. My brother now lives in Columbia. We communicate using Viber. He has a weak Wi-Fi so sometimes the connection is broken up. You cannot beat the free price. Texting and talking work great just stay near your Wi-Fi. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who likes free phone services. No ads to disrupt your service. Easy to download and start using immediately. Again this is a free phone service..Version: 16.5.2

Viber keeps crashingFor the first time since I have been using Viber it has been crashing every time I open the app . Please help.Version: 13.2.1

Thanks Viber.I think Viber is just great. If you do have a minor problem they are most helpful and speedy to ensure things are sorted. 100% satisfied Viber, thanks again..Version: 14.0.1

Great app but recently stopped workingThis has been a great app for years but recently my app and a few friends/family have been having problems receiving messages and getting notifications until we open the app up..Version: 17.0.1

MessageViber is very easy and safe to use but we can’t delete messages by selecting and delete . Any option for that so i can select like 10 messages and delete.Version: 10.9.1

New update will not allow 4G connection.I updated this last week on my iPhone X. It now will not connect to the servers unless I turn off the 4G and use 3G instead. Which is a pain switching off 4G to check for messages, seeing as the notifications of new messages no longer works on the app. Oh and thank you and congratulations for adding advertising onto the screen every time I open the app to check for messages that I may or may not be receiving. Sort it out Rakuten!!!.Version: 13.1.1

Developers aren’t honestI recharged with $ to make international calls. After recharging I was meant to receive $.99 cents for calls. I was given $.97 insted. I then made a call to Australia for 17 min @ 2.3c minute. Again they pinched a few extra cents Not an honest app and won’t br using it anymore.Version: 12.4

Please?I like Viber very much as this is very reliable. But the backup option is very dangerous for Myanmar in current situation. We use Viber for many purposes and delete when things are done. All deleted data can be easily backed up and it is helpful to some people. After the military coup, the military abduct whomever they see and take their phone and look at everything in our phone without our consent. Yes, they are violating our rights. When they take our phone, they backup all data and some people are tortured for things they find. So, pls make backup option unavailable at least for Myanmar. This will save many lives..Version: 16.3.2

Viber is more appropriate communication app for.......I have been connected with Viber for long time and it’s helped me to keep in touch every day with all my friends and relatives. Viber is hassles free, easy to get connected and most appropriate communication weapon to my life. It’s saves me money and time. Thanks Viber..Version: 16.5.1

It’s really good only one thing to noteI got Viber so I can communicate with people from my home country. The weird thing is random people messaged me and I had no idea who they where. Viber kept adding me into communities which was so annoying because it was filled with strangers!! It’s good for chatting but be aware. Thanks!.Version: 15.4.0

Add lock screenSince Viber is a messaging app you should also add a lock screen to have more privacy. Other apps are doing so. It would be great and I will change my review to 5 stars. Thank u!!!.Version: 12.2.1

LocationThe most thing I like in using Viber is its location sharing. I could share location in every messages in the previous version. Please bring it back. Thank you!.Version: 10.6.1

Many Pros, a few Cons! .Excellent app with many good features. You can use the same access on multiple platforms, your phone, tablet, etc. You can edit your post even after posting it. Your telephone number is not easily shared with other group members. Your presence online is more easily "hidden" from others. You can delete your post for everyone even days later. There are few cons as well. Uploading larger files is difficult and laggy (comparing to Whatsapp) and sometimes not possible at all. Forwarding multiple posts to others is difficult. But overall the pros outweigh the cons..Version: 14.7.1

Excellent service alwaysAmazing program Very reliable and excellent way of communication.Version: 16.9.0

Great but...Great app but there is no way to save the little video messages onto my device outside the app. Would love to save some of the cute messages from my niece. Please make a way to save the video messages!.Version: 10.8

Viber was the bestViber was the best free app for having conversations and texting all over the world. I had it for many years and was recommending it to all my friends and relatives. About a week ago I received group message from, to me unknown sender, to which I did not respond in any way. I took some screenshots and deleted that conversation. Couple days later I received messages from my cousin in Europe, and when I answered it it showed that it wasn’t sent. I kept trying with no luck. I also tried calling but it didn’t go trough. After so many tries I noticed a note that my number was blocked from account for spamming. I made complaint, but never received any answers. Now I have to find different app to contact my relatives in Europe. Thanks Viber..Version: 17.4.0

Probably the best messaging appI’ve been using Viber for around 3 years and my mom was using it for like 8 years and it’s incredible!Its not complicated like some other apps, t’s easy to text, hide contacts, delete contacts, and add. I also love the fact that you can change the noise of the messages. And you can create your own sticker pack, like that’s amazing! From the first look you can see that whoever made this app has put lots of effort into this app 🤯. Also very easy to change you avatar. I’m obsessed with this app 😍. Keep up the good work 👍❤️.Version: 15.1.0

BetterAlthough Viber got much better and easier, but when send a bit longer video, it still lagging behind WhatsApp..Version: 15.4.0

👍✅😜.Version: 16.7.3

Viber good qualityVery impressed with performance and a good quality. Problem with Chinese all the time sending messages. Do not know how to get reid of them???.Version: 13.8

Sign inHi there I use viber a lot and it is a great way for me to contact my friends and family but I really wish there was some we could sign in with a user name and password (or some something along the lines) or just sign in with email because one of the reason I use viber is because my number dose not work so I can’t actually log back in to my viber account again.Version: 15.6.0

Excellent appOverall an excellent app. One thing which is extremely annoying is the message deleting options! Thanks.Version: 13.1

Viber resolves my issue of showing Viber contacts on my ios Share optionIOS - 13 has this feature of share sheet showing recent contacts from iMessage and Airdrop, but looks like Viber shows my most recent Viber chat contact as well in that option which was bothering my privacy. I reported this issue to Viber through their Feedback option in May 2020 and they fixed and resolved the issue for me in June. Thank you for being customer centric. I don’t see that option to share with my Viber chat contacts anymore..Version: 13.3

The best for connecting with families and friends.I’ve been using this from 2012 and for me it’s the best social messaging app. I had started using Viber for calling my friends as it allows high quality voice calls. At that time there was not so many options and I used to find most of my friends on it. However, time has changed. Lots of apps nowadays gives lots of offers along with high quality voice calls. As a result, most of my friends stopped using Viber and adopting other apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and imo. Still Viber is my first choice but sorry to say I find myself all alone on this media. So I reckon Viber’s developer community should do something about this. They should work to bring some new facilities that no-one offers and should change their advertising approaches. Thank you..Version: 11.5.1

ServiceI had a problem with the notifications in Viber. I was very impressed with the prompt personalised attention this was given..Version: 15.9.0

Very happyUse it constantly for 'free' calls and texts. It is cheaper to make a quick call to a non-Viber friend than using my pre-paid mobile..Version: 14.1.1

Photos don’t show or openSome photos dont open or show, as my brother send a photo of his iPhone ios upgrading, it shows blurry and some photos just shows only gray colour. Other than that it is one of the best apps i have ever used. Btw it happened after i delete viber and reinstall it. Because I rest my phone Thanks.Version: 12.9

SpeedMore of speed is needed to send docs and receive back.Version: 17.1.0

Sunil chandI sunil chand giving five stars…(1)I love talking on Viber very much.(2) every needs for me is free (3)save lots of my requirements like video,Bible scripture,notes all types of information can store. God bless keep on updating we love it you are number one in everything. Hallelujah amen 🙏.Version: 16.5.2

Video Problems with ViberViber used to be a great app, they'd notice and fix issues right away, but this time it's been couple months that videos i receive on Viber when i click on them to play i just see a green background and that's it i don't see anything on the video my friend sends me, i am sure i am not the only one who has this problem with viber. I don't want to rate u guys 1 star because i do like viber for many other reasons however i'll give u 4 stars and cut one star until u fix that issue then i'll add that star back. Thanks.Version: 15.6.0

Great appEasy to use and very reliable. I use it all the time..Version: 14.7.1

Display issues IOS16 ViberHi, the app works really well and I’ve used it a lot for years. Only problem I have now is after upgrading to IOS16…Contacts names in message threads are lower down, which now makes it impossible to click on their contact info..Version: 18.4.2

Viber ServiceExcellent service and never fail or disappoint..Version: 18.2.1

ViberI have had viber for years and love it. I think it has got much better lately though..Version: 15.8.0

Viber connects me with my familyI love viber connectivity and features like stickers and media share. I love being able to create my own stickers and find stickers in my own language.Version: 16.9.0

Great customer serviceVery fast great support!!.Version: 17.1.0

Thank you viberThank you so much viber this is better than everything 🤘🤘.Version: 17.9.0

App crashes on July 10th, 2020 and fixedThe app crashes every time and could not be opened and used today even after two times it was reinstalled. I have iPhone XS Max and it works fine otherwise. I also did restart the phone too but didn’t help. There is something wrong with Viber today. Hope it will be fixed soon. Problem with Viber was resolved same day later. Now everything is back to normal. Thank you Viber developer..Version: 13.2.1

I had a small problemMy viber worked perfectly fine until today I tried to tex my friend but every time I tried going on viber it kicked me out and would not let me use it I had deleted it and re download but it didn’t help so I powered my phone of then turned it on and tried again I also closed all my tabs I am not sure what to do any more I don’t know how to fix it.Version: 13.2.1

BigglesWorks very well for photos, conversation and text. Great app.Version: 17.1.0

Love Viber but lately started having problemsI love how Viber works!!! How you can scroll thru the audio and save videos and forward them. The only problem I started having (I don’t know if it’s just me or if anyone else is having those problems) where the video is playing but there’s no way to save that video :(. It’s the app we use between our family and where we share pictures and videos and usually I would save them right away and unfortunately lately I haven’t been able to do that :(. That is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Before when I was able to save them it was 5 stars.Version: 16.7.3

Not getting messages real timeI am not getting messages real time. I will only get them when I open the app 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 12.1

Great app, please look at my review.I love the app but it could use more features such as having more varieties of modes like dark mode but in different colors the colors shouldn’t be too bright but also not too dark. I also want to add that I think you should be able to zoom and cut out the pieces of a sticker pack that you are making, It would be a good feature. Overall this app is very good and I use it more than any other messaging apps. Five stars :).Version: 14.7.2

This is a very app messaging tool even on my iPhone 12 Pro Max.I am very impressed and the language translation in Viber is super brilliant. Way more cool than using primitive and rather dated WhatsApp. WhatsApp should not even be called a messaging application. Far too slow and not worth the overrated comments it is getting. It is super slow in 4G and in 5G is like using even slower 2G snd 3G. Well done Viber for cutting above it’s own weight in performance. I will recommend it to anymore in the world..Version: 14.6.1

Miss Yen PHAMI Am very happy with Viber as I can contact with my family,my friend around the world with nothings to pay Also I can use many greetings signs to send for them Thank you Viber.Version: 14.7.1

4 starsI have been using viber for a while now and over all it’s a great app but recently I tried to call someone but it said your viber is blocked so I tried everything to unblock it but I would not work so I deleted the app and re downloaded it and when I put in my number it says “activation failed” and I really need viber I just don’t know how to fix the problem.Version: 17.3.1

Very helpful customer serviceI had problem of sending my messages to my email, I opened a technical ticket for the Support Team, I received the reply email in the same day showing me how to fix the problem. I can do what I expected now, really amazing service. Thank you for all team’s effort..Version: 10.9.3

Where’s the location option????Why can’t we see the location option with this new latest update...not happy at all 🤨 bring the location option back please !!!!.Version: 10.6

Saving TikTok videosHello Viber! I wanted to ask if it’s possible when saving or adding tik tok videos to viber- is it possible to Save the name of video too? all the videos when saved say TikTok and when searching… gotta open each one to find the correct video I was looking for!! Would be great and save time if this can be done🙏😍.Version: 15.9.0

Stronger CommunicationIt’s a nice platform to communicate with our loved ones . It’s quick , secure , volatile and safer ..Version: 17.1.0

7 year user: Viber provides privacy, safety, and reliable service.In an age where internet privacy is akin to the Wild West, and citizens like you and me are subject to outlaws, bad actors, and crooked sheriffs, Viber protects us. Instead of the pony express though, we got lightning fast messaging, with functions of self-deleting messages on a timer, two factor authentication on multiple devices, as well as encryption of trusted contacts’ messages. In an age where TRUST is a large part of the consumer choice, you can trust that Viber does not leak your message content to any one but you and the recipient. In times of disaster, such as severe storms and flooding in the Philippines, Viber also provided free worldwide calling to ensure that families were able to communicate, even though oceans and floodwaters separated them. My only issue: i am using the magic keyboard with my iPad Pro on this app. There is a difficulty with typing out sentences more than 1 word, since the space bar resets the typing cursor to the beginning of the message. The magic keyboard works well on other document/note taking apps/ iMessage, but Viber may need to throw out a patch to ensure compatibility with the Magic Keyboard. Thank you for all your hard work in rolling out new fun features while keeping our privacy your top priority..Version: 13.8

FamilyGreat way to keep in touch with Famz.Version: 14.7.1

Not working on 4G cellular dataSince the most recent update the app stopped working on cellular data. We have viber on other devices in the family that devices are not updated to the latest software and viber is working fine on those devices. Please look into this asap. I’ve just seen other users still suffer from this problem. I also can confirm viber won’t work on 4G but 3G..Version: 13.2.1

Fantastic ViberI love Viber it’s and amazing app you can play games while on call with someone and you can send pictures and videos up to 5minutes you can go off the app and go on another app while on call but you can’t make a video or picture on call but I love Viber so much and I recommend you guys getting it it like WhatsApp but better.Version: 15.4.0

It used to be very good, now it freezes very badlyIt used to be very good, now it freezes very badly.Version: 16.5.1

Too slowI have a important call from my dad and it not showing up that time and I got a lot of screaming from my dad then after that it showing up😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 14.4.2

Please ad GIF support for sending Live PhotosGreat app! Love it! Viber Out rates are a bit high for my needs, but still cheaper than Skype!.Version: 12.0

Wonderful, outstanding servicesI have my viber for over 11 years. I've been using it all this years and haven't had any issue with this app, it's trusted and reliable. I left USA to middle east for a business, I had to change my old phone and couldn't activate my viber as it was different carrier, they went up and down to make it happend, it took less than 24hrs and my viber was activated. Much thanks for your time and help and great services..Version: 17.2.0

Viber on my celI have been using Viber on my telephone to speak to a loved one who lives 4000 miles away. I speak to her every day since 2015 and I have been so grateful for having this app that keeps me connected without destroying my bank account. It’s fast simple and works all the time as long as I have a computer or cel service connection. I constantly use the video features and we are constantly sending photos, gifs, and documents to each other. This service is excellent. I recommend this app to everybody..Version: 13.2.1

Fix ios16 Online status pleaseDefinitely the best and most used app for all of us! But Online status is cut off from view in chat when you upgrade to ios16. Name is well hidden and you cannot even click on it. Can you sort this out please ?.Version: 18.4.2

Lost notification alert of a message receivedDid an update and now I don’t get any notification when someone has sent me a message unless app is open. This happens mainly when not connected to wifi.Version: 14.1.1

PC Desktop App should have Chat Clear OptionFew Modifications are needed: 1. Windows PC client (app) should have chat clear option. Or else, PC app should have a sync option with Phone app. If we clear chat from phone, it will also clear from PC 2. Ads are very bothering. As-free version should be introduced..Version: 13.8

Viber keeps closingHi there Something is wrong with my viber app as soon as i open the app it shuts down i restart my phone but didn’t make any difference i even uninstalled it and reinstalled it again and its doing the same thing Can you please help ?.Version: 13.2.1

Can’t search texts within a chatI have been using viber since 2011. But everytime this thing irritate me the most which is i cannot search texts within a chat. There is a search option but it’s not inside a particular chathistory. If someone wants to find a text from X’s chat history, they need to go to list of Chats and search the text. this is wrong. why would i want to search the text i made to X from W, Y, Z etc chat history it doesn’t make any sense.Version: 16.7.3

Current bug in viberI have been using viber for more than 8 years . I am not sure what happened to it now?? I can not open on my iphone 11 pro max, it keeps on crashing and can not open it?? I have deleted the app and downloaded again , but still the same. Kindly please check what is the issue with interface for iphones?? Thankyou.Version: 13.2.1

Viber SupportI would like to give thanks Viber Support for a help in a reactivation of my account. They handled the issue fast and professionally. Thanks!.Version: 17.4.0

Good app with just one problemI’ve used Viber for years to contact family overseas. Works well. Only current problem is that it does not respect the ‘Do not disturb’ setting of the phone so it will ring when you are driving. Otherwise continues to be fine..Version: 17.7.1

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