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Waste of time100 MB and only wifi download. This is ridiculous. Took for ever to download it using my on my data plan. On board you can not getting through the WiFi (wow!).Version: 5.16.1

Close, but ughCan you please make the confirmation number for a flight easy to see?!? Even staff at the ticket counter could not find it to try to help me with check-in and got frustrated...all to just so you can verify if my bag is small enough to fit under a seat before I even get a boarding pass because of the new cheaper fare option restrictions of online check-in. One more reason added to the list of why this airline is ranked behind the competitors and why other professional travelers often agree with me in that “ugh, American” sentiment that goes beyond the app. On the upside, good in-flight entertainment experience that doesn’t require a secondary GoGo app as Delta’s does and notifications have been well done..Version: 5.14.2

DisappointedTicket was purchased via points. Your agent scheduled my flight back with a 12 hour layover, ridiculous! I was under the impression that loyalty mattered, you don’t give the worst case scenario flight plan to people using points. I don’t expect AA to respond or even care, I will continue to use the airline because I have to not because I want to. I will however at every corner not recommend you and avoid using you, I knew I should have gone United, at least I get to walk away and know that I have learned something. As I sit here at customer assistance desk in DFW waiting for all call, because the agent was of no service, I see people switching flights for $75, yet that courtesy is not extended to me, as if I am not a customer, makes no sense! Just got offline with you 800 number and they worse than the live person at your “customer assistance” desk.Version: 2020.03

Scale 1-10 American is still a 1I have been late on over 85% of my flights , the American website propaganda shows not late a all so I am guessing the window used is if flight leaves within 24 hours maybe AA doesn’t consider it late? I have hundreds of flights per year every year and since the USAir purchased the failed bankrupt American- I thought American would get better , it appears it has adopted the failed practices that left AA bankrupt and no one cares, the last flight was another incompetent flight waited 3 hours and 45 minutes at the gate on board the plane because the caterer took all 4 trash cans - REALLY! If my job did this continuously we would be out of business , the issue is deeper than just late flights, please call or email me anytime if you want the 300 excuses I have been giving just this past year.Version: 5.16.4

The worstWorst experience ever. Forms don't works. For instance, they ask to enter the passport number, but doesn't not allow letters. Bravo! You really now how it works..Version: 4.1.0

Amazing how bad this app still isI use the app every week as i travel that much. Its amazing to me that after being at this for so many years, AA STILL doesn't understand what travelers need. there are many annoying things that i wish they would solve already. 1). I live in PR, the area to store my CC information does not accept PR as a state or territory for my address. PR has been part of the US for 100 years. I’ve reported it several times but they either ignore it or cant figure it out 2- the app used to have multi-city functionality, it was taken away, so, we are going backwards? 3- i often get an “error 504” when paying for tickets, its annoying as it forces one to have to start again 4- if one is traveling outside the US, it defaults to the local language, the Language chOice option is not permanent, it should allow language preference regardless if where you are. 5- luggage tags should be added to the electronic boarding pass. 6- there should be a “order of presence for CCs, meaning which ones to use first, second, etc. The list of suggestions can go on and go, but first, fix the problems..Version: 5.16.3

I wouldn't bother downloadingThis app is just horrible. It freezes up so much you can't even fill out forms. Get a paper boarding pass..Version: 5.6.0

Can’t link to TripCaseAA won’t let TripCase see booking details so have to rely on this slow app..Version: 5.13.5

PatheticFor the worlds largest airline I expect better. Even United’s app is better. No one can ever answer why I can book online in UK Pounds but not in the app. Seriously?!.Version: 5.12.3

CheftcI keep getting an error message when trying to download the mobile boarding pass. It just says to print one at the airport without any explanation why. It’s 2019, I want a mobile boarding pass.Version: 5.12.0

Good app needs updateDoesn't support Canadian credit cards..Version: 4.9.0

Missing "Province" as option in check in.The check in process within the app allows me to specify that I am a Canadian resident with a Canadian passport and citizenship. However, upon entering my address, it requires a state to be entered and does not have a text entry option or any Canadian provinces..Version: 5.2.2

Looks good but not functioningI can't add or search my confirmation number I hope I don't have to print everything 😡.Version: 4.3.0

Can't paste into the password fieldA conscious decision. It discourages the use of password managers and encourages bad passwords. It's a silly decision in 2016..Version: 4.4.0

App doesn't let me log inThe last update doesn't support 4th generation iPod and doesn't work at all !!!!!!! Terrible not everybody changes to the latest equipment so why limited to iOS 7?????.Version: 3.4.0

Not happy complaintI would like to complain about the staff member ( blond about mid 50’s) that checked us in at Eagle Vail 8th Feb flight 2704) and would not check our baggage through from Eagle Vail to Brisbane Australia and blamed Qantas. Many people on that flight had to exactly the same problem. We all had to collect our bags in LAX and then rush over to Tom Bradley Terminal to recheck bags and go through security again with limited time. What is the point of the OneWorld alliance? 40 years ago with limited computers we were able to Interline baggage when we travelled. We have always recommended American Airlines but now we are not happy to do this. For something so simple for the staff member to do she made many traveller’s trip stressful. As we visit this area every year we have never previously encounter this problem. Regards Kerrie Brown.Version: 2020.01

Useless developerI typed in my first and last name and it kept giving me error messages: “Only letters, hyphens... (etc) are allowed.” Tried it several times. Letters only. Then scanned my passport, it got all the data in, then gave me the same error message when I tried to proceed. Couldn’t check in online, which is not good if you’re in a rush to catch a flight..Version: 5.6.5

Form over FunctionSure it looks modern, but the usability is nearly non existent. I consistently find myself lost, on broken pages and unable to even obtain a boarding pass. If you want an application which looks great, you're nearly there. But if you are looking for any functionality at all, try another carrier. Somewhat of an embarrassment. Where was the QA team on this one?.Version: 4.5.1

Flight Attendant ExperienceTo be honest, I prefer flying American most of the time and usually have a pretty great experience. I find the AA team to be pretty hospitable but on my flight tonight, I was disappointed by one flight attendant. I was on AA 2236, service between LAX and DFW. Now, I am aware of the COVID situation and how this is new for all of us. This particular flight attendant was walking to collect trash and she passed our row and was taking trash from the row behind us. There was noise and shuffling around while they attempted to get their trash to her, so my husband tapped her shoulder to get her attention. He had said excuse me several times and she did not show any acknowledgment of hearing him. She turned around rudely and barked, “ I got it!”. It honestly floored me. I had never seen an attendant react so rudely. It left a bad taste in my mouth and perhaps that flight attendant should be mindful of her tone for future instances..Version: 2020.07

HorrendousLike their service: incomplete, full of errors, unreliable.Version: 3.3.0

What about one world membersAs part of the alliance, surely you can allow one world members access with their membership number. I am one world emerald and us AA quite a lot..Version: 5.9.0

FRUSTATING!!AA IOS app no longer support iOS 7 (i have an iPhone 4). I travel every 5 weeks with AA! :-(.Version: 4.0.1

Hopeless and awfulBloody nightmare. Let’s hope the service in flight is better..Version: 5.7.0

Utter rubbishKept crashing on opening, uninstalled - now it won’t download at all. Hope the planes are better than the app! It should get zero stars, but I have give it at least 1..Version: 5.3.4

App has serious limitations much like American AirlinesThe app did not allow me to download multiple boarding passes. I was able to download mine but not my 9 and 6 year old daughters’ passes. I went to my laptop just to see if I could get them. I had to enter unique emails for each traveler in order to receive the boarding passes electronically. Thank goodness my daughters have email accounts I thought sarcastically. The point here is why go through the hassle?! Just get the passes printed at check-in. The other issue is the constant searching for my trip with the record locator. If I have a profile in the app and online, why doesn’t the app or the full website version keep a record of my trips associated to my profile? Why do I constantly have to input my record locator to view my upcoming trip? Much like American Airlines, this process was inefficient. The airline lost my consistent business years ago. I took this trip as the low cost option against my better judgement. I guess one gets what one pays for..Version: 5.5.4

UselessOne of the worst apps I’ve ever had to use. UX / UI designed by someone who clearly has no clue. Basic input doesn’t work e.g. input passport info and number keys work bar zero’s which for some reason are auto replaced by ‘O’s’ so you can’t even check in! Can’t believe this is a live app, whoever heads up thief digital should be shot!.Version: 5.4.1

How do you check in?Can't figure out how to check into my flight and load my boarding passes into passbook with this app..Version: 3.10

Crashes after 5 secYup.Version: 5.2.2

Becoming less useful esp on the WatchI usually give an app 3 stars if it at least does the minimum across all platforms. This app does not execute it’s features at an acceptable level. Forgetting about the missing features (well documented in other reviews), the watch app is horrendous. It no longer has complications for Apple Watch (not Series 5 paired to to XS Max, anyway). The complication functioning correctly is incredibly important on travel days to keep current with changing gates and departure times. For as a long as I’ve been using the app (across multiple phones and watches now), the watch would usually display incorrect times after connecting in a different time zone. For example, when I go from Florida to someplace else and connect in DFW, the change in time zone wreaked havoc on the app. I would frequently be onboard my 2nd segment and the watch was telling me how long until my 1st segment had to land. That is just nuts... but that is if it would give me flight info at all. Approximately 25% of the time, nothing would update and / or I couldn’t even get my flight to come across from the phone to the watch. Seriously, AA?!.Version: 5.15.2

Utter RubbishWasted my time registering as it just freezes! Not looking forward to flying with this airline. Hope the flight is better than the app!.Version: 5.6.1

AVOID THEM!I promise I will NEVER book with American Airlines again and I would very much advise everyone to stay clear from this company. I had a flight to Miami from Boston and that flight was extremely overbooked to the point that they had people sitting next to eachother in 3 seats . I had to sit IN BETWEEN two people in the middle of a pandemic. I couldn’t even move my arms without touching the other person’s . It was terrible. There’s absolutely no social distancing protocols on this airline . If you know you overbooked why not get a second plane ? Also have to mention the fact that I missed my flight going back because the lady said I can only have two carry ons(I had a small suitcase, the mini bag that comes with my suitcase and a backpack) I always carry those on on all flights I take( I usually always book with JetBlue and never had this problem) so I ended up having to pay $30 for a checked bag which was very upsetting . Bottom line this is one of the worst airlines companies and I wouldn’t waste my time booking with them again..Version: 2021.01

Can’t check into U.S. to Canada flightThere appears to be a bug present which is troublesome as I’m a frequent flyer between the U.S. and Canada. When flying a U.S. to Canada flight, e.g. Chicago to Kitchener, I’m unable to check in using the app. The app forces me to enter a U.S. temporary address even though I’m departing the U.S. and I’m a Canadian resident, before the confirmation button appears at the bottom. When I enter some address in, the button appears, but when I click on it, I get an error saying that I have to provide the address, which I just did. I can’t proceed. I have to go to the American web site to check in..Version: 4.2.0

Crashes after updatesCrashes after updates And wont launch.Version: 4.3.0

You are a disgrace AA!It’s been some ten years since smooth, fast and convenient airline apps have been out and you AA still can’t do the basics?! Which of the following is it I wonder: A you don’t care about customer experience? (flights with you would confirm this) B you don’t have the money or the inclination to hire decent digital resource for development C you still manage your projects using waterfall so can never get anything finished D your digital teams are also union-protected so just can’t be bothered with working E you having appalling leadership incapable of prioritising what’s important and getting anything over the line F all of the above.Version: 5.13.0

Poor scanner and no option to add luggagePoor scanner - had to correct my first, middle and surname. After checking in, no option to log back on and add luggage..Version: 5.16.1

Total rubbishCannot use in UK as its in dollars so can’t pay for anything.Version: 5.11.0

Stay awayWorst service ever.Version: 2021.18

Self centred !Please realize that we are NOT all US citizens!!!.Version: 5.4.1

DOES NOT ACCEPT NON-US CREDIT CARDSWasted my time using this app when I got the payment screens and in this global day and age, this app would not accept a non-US credit card. How incredibly stupid and annoying. Your customers are global AA!!! Sort it out and join the 21st century..Version: 5.12.3

Pleasant Flight butThe flight was pleasant ; however, the service was not great. After the pilot made announcement that flight attendants prepare for take off. Male flight attendant who assigned to serve in the main cabin walked by and a female passenger who sat in front of us in 18C had her back seat laid back and he ignored us regardless of my husband and I waiving at him to correct the matter. His hand touched the back of her seat and not noticed it was in incorrect position for landing as a professionally trained flight attendant. We landed with her back seat pushed against us and I pumped my head twice trying to retrieve personal belongings under the seat. I am not asking for compensation but flight attendants should pay more attention to avoid unnecessary incidents. Please let me know if you need a copy of the photo during landing..Version: 5.16.4

App stuck downloadingApp stuck downloading, no way to restart, resume or stop it..Version: 5.13.4

Lacks important featuresFrequent flyers need specific features which are just lacking in this app. It needs the ability to see ALL open seats on the flight you are on. It only shows the ones in your class. You can not tell how many seats are available for an upgrade which is something you really want to know. You have to act like you are booking a new trip on the flight you are booked on to see available first class seats. The upgrade list is not available to view until inside the 24-hour mark. Why? Other airline apps show this all along. The app will only show Admirals Club locations at airports OTHER than the one you are at if you have location tracking turned on. It will never show locations at the airport you are in. That is the only airport you care about at that moment. The only way to see the current airline locations is to turn off GPS in the app. Just bad programming. The ability to see alternate flights should be an easy thing. If your flight is delayed or cancelled I’d like to quickly and easily see options without acting like I’m booking a whole new flight which shows all flights for the day including ones that are already gone earlier in the day. There needs to be some thought and consideration for the basic needs of their frequent flyers on this app..Version: 5.14.4

This app is terribleThat says it. It order dates day,month,year - but I can’t set the proper day and month until I reset year! Why? Asks to double enter passport info! Why? I can’t enter my Nexus card! Why? Just another way American is a horrible airline. If my customer hadn’t booked this trip, there is no way I would be on this airline..Version: 5.4.1

Rubbish app everWhat’s the point of having an app that doesn’t work. I am trying to do the online boarding pass for my mum and It’s just gives you a blank screen! It’s so annoying, waste of time a really poor developed app. If I could give no stars I would, really pathetic AA sort it out!!! It’s 2018 and your telling me with all the money you earn, you can’t get a good working app developed and absolute joke..Version: 5.10.4

BadWow, this is terrible! It just doesn’t let me in, there’s a bug with the password, it doesn’t matter how many times I change it, when I try to enter by the app it never works..Version: 5.10.2

Next to useslessIt’s ok when it works but you can’t do a lot of stuff on it besides getting your boarding pass and tracking baggage. It sends you to the “full” site on a browser, which ends up being just the “mobile” site that also doesn’t let you do everything. Yesterday my flight was delayed multiple times and the app had no updates except the first time the flight was delayed. We received a card with info for changing flights but the app, the website, and the phone number in the card were not much help. I did get a new flight that I was assigned but the info and seats were wrong and there was nothing I could do to change it. I had to stand in line for two hours while the app still said the boarding and take off where an hour prior to the current time. So much for new technology. You still need a live person to fix problems..Version: 5.16.4

Can’t submit + purchase not optimal for CanadianTried to join AAvantage. Got to the end of the process but could not submit with my iPhone X. Did my purchase as a guess, got to the end but could not buy my tickets. Had to redo everything in an another form..Version: 5.8.0

Tf?Download is taking hours.Version: 5.14.0

Failed checkinVery bad experience trying to use this app to check in for a flight. After scanning my passport, I had to modify some fields that it did not appear to pickup properly. My checkin failed and it said I had to check in at the airport. Contacted phone support and they informed me that because of the bug causing the passport scan to not function properly, I am ‘blocked’ from checking in online or from the app and can only checkin at the airport..Version: 5.9.0

Frustrating!!This app won't find my flight reservation! It just lingers saying "loading" after putting in name and record locator. No point in this app if you can't even look at flight details.Version: 4.0.1

Rubbish AppSave yourself time, don’t bother downloading this App, it’s rubbish. Had to use web site to check in. Would not give this App any stars if I had a choice..Version: 5.8.0

Flight 488We flew 1st class from Honolulu to LAX and had an additional economy leg to Indianapolis that when we purchased our tickets was going to depart at 8 am. The LAX to Indianapolis flight has been changed/delayed 3 times. When checking our bags at HNL, they told us that they couldn’t check our bags straight through to Indianapolis, that we would have to retrieve them from baggage claim and then recheck them. We don’t understand why since we immediately rechecked them as soon as we retrieved them from baggage claim. By making us recheck our bags, This caused us to have to go through TSA checkpoint again. In addition, flight 488 has been delayed several times the time of this writing, it is over a 4 hour delay...which is too long. We choose the flight that we did so that we wouldn’t have a long layover after the long flight from Hawaii..Version: 2020.03

Where in the world is Canada on the appI seem to find every country here but Canada Makes no sense to use this app til it’s fixed.Version: 5.12.2

Constantly freezesCompletely unusable. I’m deleting it..Version: 5.4.1

This is a terrible app 👎This is a terrible app 👎.Version: 2020.02.1

One World membersThis app would be better if it allowed One World alliance members use their membership numbers, not everyone who flys AA wants to join the AA program....Version: 2.3.2

DREADFUL don’t botherSeriously horrific. It’s 2018! Why is this so awful? You literally can’t do anything on here not even check /change seats. You want to do anything & it keeps opening internet explorer & then opening BAs website & asking you to log in there. Then it says you cannot check in etc... I know you’ll want to try it for your self like I did, but seriously don’t waste your time! ESP if your used to the very cool & useful Virgin & BA apps!.Version: 5.9.1

Least Useful Airline App. And Airline.Not living in a city that is a major hub for one airline, I frequently switch between American, United, and Delta. After booking with my company’s travel department my flights on United and Delta automatically show up in their respective Apps, along with boarding passes showing my Pre-Check status. To get a boarding pass in the American App, you will have to enter your confirmation number in the app to view your reservation, and it won’t show Pre-Check status. My Pre-Check number is in my profile and shows in the app, but according to American, because we don’t book directly with American they are unable give me boarding pass in app showing that I’m Pre-Check. This requires a trip to the Kiosk where I have to check in and manually enter my Pre-Check number and get a printed boarding pass. Push notifications are so far behind you won’t get a notice your flight is boarding until you’ve already (hopefully) landed at your destination. The one bright side is easy access to terminal maps in the app. But this app and this airline are in desperate need of an update in user friendliness..Version: 5.11.0

Worst in the worldNever in my travels have I experienced such a bad service, total waste of time and utter crap.Version: 5.14.4

Can't check-inDoesn't validate the password??.Version: 5.1.0

Most annoying app ever!My latest complaint I will add to a long list of why this app is terrible: now every time I open the app whatever flights I have in there cause a notification to display saying FLIGHT: AA NNNN ORD to XXX Location changed to ... but the location hasn’t changed and it states this every time the app opens. EVERYTIME! I’ve long had a major problem with the way AA hides the frequent flyer info until the very end of the purchase process - then that info goes away and can never be found again. They also have a problem in the app when you are flying from East to west and cross the international date line and try to purchase a ticket for that day. Example leave ICN at night to DFW and just before landing try and purchase a ticket for DFW to anywhere. Your phone is a day ahead and they populate the date field with a calendar that won’t let you select the prior day. So you’re forced to wait until you land and your phone clock resets..Version: 5.16.2

AA app broke on my IPad 6th iOS 13.3.1After update, I launched the app ok but then tried click on “book flights”, it opened up safari browser instead. Does not allow me to book flights in the app..Version: 2020.04

NoooooooopeAbsolutely awful It says you can watch loads of films and tv programmes but you can only do that when connected to the WiFi which by the way is like 12 pounds for two hours Do not waste your time downloading Really disappointing 😤.Version: 5.15.0

BasicVery basic app needs serious revamp seems very outdated compared to others.Version: 5.7.3

Could be betterWould prefer not to have to log in to retain trips details entered into the app. One world members shouldn't have to log in with AA number..Version: 4.1.0

Clunky logicApp has issues we have 4 of the same phones all have the same iOS version and the movies wont play unless you played the trailer first (or at least started the trailer then selected the movie ) was not an issue on older phones..Version: 5.12.3

Totally crapApp does not work I have flights with American Airlines in a few weeks so thought I would use the app to book my seats etc won’t even allow me to put my name in let alone do anything else complete waste of a download.Version: 5.12.2

Thanks for the updateFollowing the latest app update, I can now no longer refresh my trip details. Please fix this quickly. 😡.Version: 5.4.0

Mobile BP issuesRandomly tells you you can’t use mobile BP at this airport even though you definitely can....Version: 5.14.3

Awful. Developed by monkeys.Probably the worst airline app out there. Don’t waste your time - AVOID..Version: 5.16.4

No ticketThe most pointless app ever. No way of getting your ticket on your phone. What is the purpose of this app? I seriously have no clue..Version: 5.8.0

FrustratedThe anxiety caused by airport travel has only gotten worse over time. I was excited to not have to print out paperwork and constantly be concerned about loosing it. The app is unintuitive for casual fliers. The check-in kiosk would never read our QR codes so I was glad we always printed out the paperwork. Very frustrating and disappointing that app didn’t seem to work. Eventually an airline rep told us with the electronic boarding pass we could bypass the kiosk and go straight to TSA Pre-Check. We wish we had known that on previous flights. It will be timesaver on future trips. I’m very happy not to have paper documents to keep track of! I can’t speak about how it handles flight delays or gate changes. The iMessage portion of the app is unnecessary but adds a little fun back into travel..Version: 5.4.3

Last name field should be less than 21 charactersI guess I need to shorten my name to be able to fly with AA. Or just choose another airline that actually acknowledges that some people may have long names..Version: 2022.07

AA app keeps crashing!I use this app a lot for booking tickets and holding tickets, but the latest update completely crashes every time I choose "book tickets" from the menu..Version: 3.0.3

Crap!I travel a lot for work and have apps for several airlines. I have never experienced one so poorly developed. There is no auto fill and the app wouldn’t move forward because I forgot to enter a field, which it does not highlight what you missed. Then when I finally hit submit I get an error message. What a waste of time..Version: 5.15.2

Horrible experience with VeriFLYFlight 805 from Cancun to phl... April 5 238pm VeriFLY downloaded before the trip. Our trip went as planned and we had a wonderful time. We were not able to check into our flight or make any changes using the app the night before. Our transportation got us to the airport as scheduled around 12:15. This would leave plenty of time to get settled and arrive to our gate. When we arrived at the airport we still could not check in at the kiosk there were 2 lines one for VeriFLY and one If you did not. I explained that I had VeriFLY but it was loading and my husband also had it and I was his companion. We were sent into the main assistance line and we did not reach the counter until 1:45 boarding started at 1:53. The rest of our party was at the gate and relaxed. We were so tired that we even asked if there was a voucher or option to stay and change our flight to the next day. After all of that standing in line They didn’t even ask for the paper of the negative covid test. We were extremely frustrated and disappointed in this process. Other airlines had the option to quickly scan the covid results and keep things moving. We arrived at our gate just before boarding was closing and thankfully friends were able to grab us something to eat. Our luggage did arrive however the wheel was broken off of my suitcase. This was truly a horrible experience..Version: 2021.04

Very poor appOk to view flights already booked but anything else you need to use the website. Tried to reserve seats but couldn’t app crashed scanning credit card. Can’t put an address in outside of USA. Needs to have more features and stability like the British Airways app..Version: 5.15.3

Use onceI try this app out in 2015 ,it’s done good that time not sure about it now, but I miss booking a flight will download it again and see what when. They say it’s improved so let’s see. One other thing you can not even do multiple cities booking why why.Version: 5.10.2

Not uptodate flight & gate notifications!This is a useful app. However, you can’t depend on it to give you the latest up to date flight info. You can get Email notices from your ticketing, but this app doesn’t reflect the latest flight time or gate information. It always seems to be at least one update behind, even after forcing a manual refresh by swiping down. And the latest update is the only one that matters, especially when there is a gate change, or worse, an earlier departure time after a previous delay notice! This app needs to reflect the latest and most accurate flight information or it is useless. Update: now I’m waiting to boa d another flight. There has been a gate change. All the departure displays still show the old gate, the old gate still shows it’s incorrect status, and the new gate shows a different flight altogether. How is a traveler supposed to know what is the correct gate. Of course, this app is silent....Version: 5.4.1

Not user friendly at allThis app is the most complicated, non intuitive design I've ever come across. Whoever developed this app did it from a technical capability standpoint, not a user standpoint. A very common error in software development. Their business analyst or product owner should have let marketing drive the development of this app, with tons more focus group feedback from customers on what they like and don't like. If you guys want to develop a much better app, contact me ;) Trust me, you are suffering from a bad app experience, and I'd love to help. I develop software and am a certified scrum (agile methodology) master. Also, your web app encounters errors causing it to not sync with your mobile app, thus users are not getting their total miles. Your web app is not linked well to the Citi page for credit card registration. These tech issues are common in situations with a lot of technical debt. Too many corners were cut. Invest in redoing this, please. The user experience is horrible..Version: 5.4.0

Entertainment on huge downloadWhen boarded you find out that you need an App that is over 100MB to watch entertainment. So only option is to download over mobile internet which is expensive for roaming travelers. This should be made available via the WiFi. Not well thought through..Version: 5.15.1

RozI got tis so I could track my flight and be updated while at airport, it stinks i sure hope they can fly better than this app works, cant get my flight number in or the flight date or anything!.Version: 2.3.2

Klunky, slow ........ so I listened to music instead.Meh, I gave up half way through and listened to music and read instead. And slept. Really AA? How much did you spend developing this? 🙄.Version: 5.14.4

Poopy appDis app poopy.Version: 5.11.0

Woeful AA AppCan't say anything more - this is a truly woeful app..Version: 5.10.6

£/$ conversionThe only problem with this app is of your paying in the UK or anywhere else it’s set in dollars, you should be able to switch between currency of place of origin to book your flights, other than that it’s a good app.!.Version: 2021.13

Lack of usability for One World non-AA programme membersI am a long term One World customer and member of the QFF programme. This App seems to only allow AA programme members the ability to store AA flights into the app ... and prevents members of other One World programmes from doing so. Can this facility be added?.Version: 2.4.0

American AirlinesTell us we need to download the app to access inflight entertainment before we board - there was ample time to tell us during the inept 45 mins it took to complete boarding.Version: 5.13.1

So badI’m flying woth Delta or Westjet in future because you can actually check in on their apps. Also, the American Airlines deaktop website is even worse!.Version: 5.16.4

What's the point?Just downloaded this app and it won't even locate my flight in 3 days time! Keeps coming up as error. In fact it won't let me do anything, so what's the point?? Don't bother wasting time with it, previous reviewers all correct!.Version: 5.2.2

Crashes on boarding passApp is currently broken. It crashes and closes when pressing the boarding pass button..Version: 5.7.0

Garbage appAfter all information is entered.. 3 times after repeated glitches.... finally it accepted data.. A credit card was entered.. But the app won’t allow POSTAL CODES.. only Zip code... it can not reliably scan the credit card. Hence no ability to make a purchase of upgraded seats..! Fields all exceed the screen margins... Overall I would rate it a -10.. UNITED Airlines app... KILLS this amateur app.Version: 5.12.3

Terrible user experienceI wonder if anyone from AA has actually tried using the app? It never seems to be able to find my flights, so I have to search manually every time, and I need to do this on every device. Functionality is poor and clunky. Serious investment in UX needed here!.Version: 5.13.2

Unwanted seat changeI booked this flight eight months ago, at that time it was wide open, paid extra for an exit row seat towards the front of the plane as I always do because I’m 6’3” tall and don’t like squeezing into the other rows. When I checked in the day before boarding, I realized that they moved my seat out of the exit row, and to the back of the plane, right next to the toilet. When I complained at the gate, I was told there’s nothing we can do about it when there’s an equipment change. The only change I think happened is that they combined two flights and threw us anywhere they could. If I wanted to fly in a cattle car, I’d fly southwest or spirit. I don’t usually complain, but this is the second time this has happened to me on American Airlines. I may only fly a couple times a year, but I don’t think this is good customer service when I purchase my ticket 8 months in advance and then you do that. That surely isn’t selling the difference to me..Version: 2020.01

BrokenUnable to log in every time, used exact credentials on website without issue. Kindly sort your app out..Version: 5.4.1

IPhone 6I am now unable to use your travel app as the new app won’t upgrade on my iPhone 6..Version: 2021.11.1

Unreliable and full of glitchesDespite being on an AA ticket booking this app thinks I have a ticket with someone else!! The UI is clunky and performance is worse can loaded to the previous version of the app which seemed to work ok. Disappointed +++.Version: 5.6.1

Ne fonctionne pasSans compter qu'une charge estapparue à mon compte PayPal et je n'ai pas réussi à réserver de vol..Version: 4.1.0

Do not use to rebook for delayed flights!!!!I encountered bad weather and my flight was delayed. The app indicated that I was rebooked and confirmed on another flight. So far, so good. It showed other options which I selected and was confirmed on a faster way home. Nice. However, the app now showed that I was confirmed on multiple flights home but no seat assignments. That was confusing! I went to the gate and waited over an well an hour to get a seat assignment only to find that out that I would not get one. The service desks were closed so I walked around until I found an approachable gate agent to help. My luggage arrived home 4 hours before I did. Could I have traveled on the same flight as my luggage? Not sure. What needs fixed: 1. Allow users to see seat maps when rebooking. 2. Do not allow multiple confirmations. 3. Assign seats. 4. Give the user warnings if they are may be selecting a bad choice, such as a next day flight or an over booked flight. 5. Help users get to a agent when needed..Version: 2021.04

What are you doing?!?!Soooo...... visiting the US in May and thought, American Airlines will be useful.... I was wrong. Cannot register online. App doesn’t work. What are you doing? If you cannot Sort out your online presence, what will the flight be like?!?!.Version: 5.6.1

First Class Amenities = 0Don’t waste your money on First Class tickets through American Airlines. You get no amenities for your money. The person who took our bags did not put First Class stickers on our luggage. Then the Flight Attendant refused to provide us with any service on our flight back from Key West today citing that the reason is because people stormed the Capital yesterday. We asked what that had to do with our flight, and she answered that the union decided no to provide services due to the unrest. Then she walked to the back of the plane and stayed there the entire flight!! RIDICULOUS! We had nothing to do with what happed in DC! We were in Key West on vacation. What those people did had nothing to do with us. This is infuriating. We are Advantage members and have never flown with another airline. EVER! But we will be booking with another airline for our future flights, international and domestic. Thanks for giving us nothing for our money..Version: 2020.20.1

You cannot be serious! (McEnroe Style)Hard to give an accurate review when there is not an option to choose a ZERO star rating!! Really, who developed this App? You need to get it sorted American Airlines, as it’s a truly shocking experience :-(.Version: 5.12.1

Rubbish so farThinks I’m offline when every other app is happily online..Version: 5.5.2

Reliable app, bad video integrationSeems like most people don't know how to review an app and instead review customer service issues 😄. Here's an actual app review. Been using consistently for over a year now. Used for 70+ check-ins, TSA points, and boarding. App is reliable, updates changes in flight information quickly, sometimes even before the pilot has informed passengers. A recent update broke the "clear expired passes" feature which was useful as I am a frequent flyer that uses iOS's wallet feature a lot. Using the app for in-flight entertainment is quite atrocious. UI loops that bring you back to square one and very infrequent experiences without glitches. Most of the time it just plain doesn't work. Maybe it's the plane's servers, but c'mon...WestJet got it right, why can't American!? The most recent update killed compatibility with iOS 9. Yeah, I should update, I get it. But really, how hard is legacy support?.Version: 5.2.2

Horrible costumer service !!Out of all the airports all over the world the worst service by far from American Airlines is in la Guardia Airport and Miami International, the All Seem to be in a terrible cranky mood 24/7, never are never willing to help all they do is read the rules by the book. If you are looking to get your status Gold or Platinum back... GOOD LUCK with that. Always over charging for seats even if you have status, if you don’t they charge you 90$ for an emergency exit flight from Miami to NY, almost the cost of the ticket ( doesn’t make any sense), all the flying attendants are in a bad mood ALWAYS barking orders during the flight, the have ZERO clue how to make the costumers happy. We had to do an emergency landing in Baltimore going to NY for ABSOLUTELY no reason they couldn’t they you why then made us wait almost 2 hours in Baltimore inside the plane and didn’t even bother giving us water or a cookie, when I asked for coffee they said : WE DONT HAVE COFFEE RIGHT NOW ! The only thing they have is a lot of flights everyday but no matter what you always have a terrible experience with AMERICAN AIRLINES. If you are traveling to Europe the breakfast is a muffin and fake orange juice. They are sooooooo cheap in everything they do, all the planes are old inside. IF I KEEP GOING I WILL BE HERE ALL NIGHT WRITING BAD REVIEWS. AMERICAN AIRLINES : PLEASE STEP IT UP.Version: 5.14.4

TerribleI can't buy tickets from here!.Version: 5.14.3

Not too goodThe app makes it easy to view your reservations, but when you try to make changes like add seats or bags, it rarely works correctly. I tried to add checked bags to our first flight and was charged the $60 though it did not work. I later tried to reserve 2 seats for a flight through the app and I was charged the $38 on 2 different debit cards that I tried without it working. I had to call American Airlines both times and was told I need to wait for the charges to “drop off,” but I had to pay again in both instances to have the checked bags and reserved seats. Would have been nice to use the money that had already been taken out of my account to make the reservations but when you call AA, they claim that they do not even see charges made. All in all, very frustrating when you cannot use the money you are supposed to still have in your account until the charge “drops off.” Will not be using the app to make changes like these ever again..Version: 2020.12

Can’t select a seatIt’s bad enough that with AA, you need $$$$ to select any sort of seat..... but you can’t pay for this seat in the app because it only accepts a credit card with a US billing address! Why is this app even in the Canadian App Store?.Version: 5.15.0

Site freezesI just downloaded the app but can’t use it. It keeps freezing. Argh!.Version: 5.12.0

UnimaginativeThis app is very basic, unimaginative and boring. Can’t check-in with it so no e-boarding pass. Rather than the flight number, would like to see my reservation numbers instead. Too much drilling down to obtain information. For example; I should be given an option to “track or get updates" on this flight am looking at in my itinerary. I’m only given three basic options (not connected to me and my itinerary) to select from on the dash board (flight status, find trip and book flights) how ‘bout a "More" option; where I can inquire about bags info., check out admiral club, etc, etc. The app also needs to offer an option to upgrade to different class seat. I can only select a different seat and pay the new price for current class only. The app developers need to take a page from United, JetBLUe and or Delta airline app(s) layout and easy of use..Version: 5.9.0

It’s okay I guessThe app isn’t abysmal, but the airline is, while I have avoided using most of the app’s functions because I enjoy my sanity, I suppose it is kinda helpful to know a few minutes early when my flight is going to be delayed for 4 hours, the terminals get switched thrice, the flight gets delayed for another 6 hours, and then the flight gets cancelled. Although considering it’s American Airlines that’s basically a guarantee to begin with. This is why I fly Air Canada.Version: 5.7.3

I give up!!!!!I can’t even register the app and login but I’m getting emails as if I have. Spent £7k on flights with AA, I’m now going to stick with BA. Sorry guys, if you can’t get an app right god only knows what state your planes are in!!.Version: 5.15.3

WorstForms loose fields, submit does not work After asking for country of residence still gives US states for another country.Version: 4.3.0

FailApp is able to search for and find available flights and show price, seating, cost, etc. unfortunately, it no longer seems to support actually booking and paying for flights. After the confirmation screen, select continue to pay, only to be rerouted back to the original search. Tried half a dozen times... same result each time. Too bad I can’t give 0 stars. :(.Version: 5.13.4

Awful, just awful!The whole process of trying to use the app, even the website, is soul destroying. The lack of features, having to jump back and forth between the app and the website, rekeying information in both, it’s awful. I don’t have time to wander through this maze and expect I’ll be back on United next time around. Take a look at their app, it will clearly blow your minds how useable and simple it is..Version: 5.6.1

Won't recognize record locatorUseless!.Version: 2.4.0

Why should I report an issue with American Airlines?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of American Airlines to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a American Airlines customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using American Airlines.

Is American Airlines not working?

American Airlines works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact American Airlines.

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