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Life360: Find Family & Friends app received 63 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about life360: find family & friends?

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For Lazy ParentsI will admit that there are a small amount of times this app has helped people out. But the majority of the time, this app is built for lazy parents who have failed to build trust with their children, who are willing to sacrifice the remainder of their bond to keep the child under control. This app puts a tracker on human beings. If a parent keeps their child trapped under constant control and surveillance like this, then it just sends a message to the child that their parents don’t trust them. PS - Notice how the only positive reviews are from parents?.Version: 20.1.2

Bad appYa no..Version: 20.7.2

DisgustingThis app and you are absolutely disgusting. Your guilt tripping comments about hurricane Katrina being once by due to start this app is purely gaslighting and nothing more. You have ruined peoples lives, destroyed peoples privacy and now you are whining and trying to make people think you’re a hero because your app is finally being exposed for the toxic, controlling mess it is. You have caused suicide and self harm because of this. If you really cared about people’s safety you would take the app down. It doesn’t matter what your intention was when you made this app. You have ruined lives..Version: 20.8.0

The gateway to a broken parent-child relationship!All this app does is demonstrate to a child the lack of trust their parents have within them! It’s a major invasion of privacy and doesn’t allow for kids to live without the constant constraints of critical parents. You’re not “caring for your child’s welfare” when you download this app, all you’re doing is trying to micromanage and keep control over a person, just creating pressure to constantly be a perfect child which is unobtainable..Version: 20.0

Removal of previous reviewsI received an email from you requesting me to reevaluate your company due to past negative reviews given by your users. This is why I give you one star. I don’t agree with you asking your service provider to remove previous reviews because they were not acceptable to you. I don’t get the option to contact the credit bureau and ask them to remove all of my negative history because I failed at something. I work to make things better and pay the price until I can prove myself. I feel you should not ask us, your users, to reevaluate you because you removed previous reviews because they were low. There was a reason they were low, either misunderstanding or actual failure to provide to your users. Both considered a failure. Either way, it should make you reflect on what caused the low reviews and should try other means to prove your company as opposed to deleting pertinent feedback given by your users. You now have enlightened me now on how it is possible to manipulate reviews if they are not giving you a positive outcome. And I’m sure this feedback will surely end up the same as your other negative feedback, deleted. But I did want you to know how I felt. Notice nothing in this feedback is in regards to your actual product. Only in the manor you wish to control the way users who give you feedback. I wish you luck and strength in the future of your business..Version: 21.1.0

AwfulJust don’t this causes a toxic household and rips apart families. If you want to build trust with a teen this is not the app, it will do the opposite. Just don’t buy it and get a life that isn’t living through your child..Version: 21.2.0

Good interface, bad ideaMy parents still force me to have it and I’m 18, it’s a great way to loose trust in your kids and too constantly stalk them but if you want to keep a good relationship I wouldn’t recommend. I absolutely hate this app more than anything, I wish it was banned so children of struct parents weren’t subjected too it..Version: 21.2.1

Read this if you are a parent looking at reviewsIf you are a parent looking for an app to keep communication with your children, DO NOT install Life360. Instead, have an open discussion with your children and set boundaries and expectations, text or call them if you want to communicate. Tracking your child’s location is a destructive way to parent and will not help your relationship. To raise a mature and capable child, who will eventually become a mature and capable adult, it first requires placing a degree of faith and trust in them..Version: 20.3.3

TouchstoneJust downloaded the app on my Samsung with frustration but got it working. Then more trouble adding my husband on his phone. I stupidly skipped my ID photo and that’s where it all fell in a heap. Finally got that done but now I want to add the app to my iPad which I take with me. I have given up, won’t be loading it. Didn’t like my password etc etc. This app needs a lot of work I feel. In fact I have deleted it. Shame!.Version: 20.7.4

Please noAll these adds for this app are with people all happy and smiling because they are “safe” and their parents know where they are but I’ve seen firsthand how this affects teenagers like me. Most of my friends actually opt to leave their phones at home just so they aren’t being tracked 24/7 so it really isn’t keeping them safe when they can’t even call home if anything bad happens. Honestly it’s apps now but microchiping our children will be next. Please take this off the App Store by writing a review and giving it 1 star. Help my fellow teenage prisoners out :).Version: 20.1

Great app, when it works!We have been using this app for several months now and found when it works it’s a great benefit. But there are times it just does not update. Even though people are using the same routes at the same time most days sometimes it will just not display movement or notify when someone has left or entered a predefined location..Version: 20.6.1

DisgustingI would rather leave my phone at home then have my parents tracking me. If they don’t trust me then that’s an issue that we’d have to work through, this just isn’t right. Trained child psychologist have spoken out against apps like these, and for good reason. My parents tried to use an app like this on me a while back and it was destroying our relationship until they finally deleted it. I would just leave my phone at home anyway. I would rather be able to have my phone on me when I go out so that I can call my parents if I’m in trouble. Helicopter parenting is dangerous and it’s not right. I behave myself and respect my parents rules, but it’s unfair when they infringe my personal right to privacy. It’s just creepy and controlling to put your kids under surveillance. Want to make sure your kids are safe? Make sure they take their phones when they go out, tell them to be careful, set rules even if you like. But if you want to destroy your relationship with your kids? Download life360..Version: 20.1

Used to work but doesn’t anymoreI’ve updated the app several times in hope that it will start working again like it used to. I don’t get notifications anymore of people leaving or arriving at places until hours later. If I try and locate them on the map, their location is completely inaccurate (I know this because we will be at home together and it’ll say they’re out in the middle of nowhere). Currently, it says my fiancé has his phone off or no network but I am currently on the phone with him. Please fix the app because it used to be so good and it’s just not anymore.Version: 21.2.0

Hate itHaute it hate it.Version: 21.1.0

Should be IllegalThis breaks your relationship with your family members, having an app that tracks even your phone battery and updates your members on every step you take should be illegal.. you guys should update it so there is some type of survey you do before downloading. It’s also unethical for someone from an abusive home. You can’t even turn off any settings because your “circle” gets notified immediately - obstruction of privacy..Version: 21.2.1

EwwSo creepy.Version: 20.6.2

Invade of privacyIt sucks it’s absolute dogwater plus it an invade of privacy.Version: 21.3.2

Needs serious updateI really like how this app is laid out on the screen, however what I’m not currently happy with is it’s not keeping up to date as to where my family members are. It shows 2days behind and doesn’t keep up with time, this day and people have it so they can keep track of their kids because if something was ever to happen to them you could trace where they are, this is why me and my partner got it. This needs sorting ASAP for security reasons please.Version: 20.7.2

Helicopter ParentingThis is helicopter parenting at its worst (if you don’t know what helicopter parenting is look it up). If you don’t trust your kids going out and have to track where they’re going, why are you letting them go out in the first place. 1. Owning a phone and 2. Knowing how to use it is safe enough in it itself. Do you need to go out of your way and take away your kids right to privacy and not teach them in away how to trust your loved ones? You put trackers on animals, not your kids. If you’ve done a good job of parenting you won’t need this. If you’ve stuffed and resort to this you’ve failed..Version: 20.7.2

Good But Needs ImprovementsThis app is great in many ways but at the same time it also lacks a lot. I have had the app tell me that my son left school in the middle of the day and was showing him in the middle of a farm field. He in fact was at school and never left. It isn’t always accurate in showing where someone is and will show them 2-3 buildings down or across the street (but eventually does reload to reflect the correct location). When you go to review someone’s drive that has been completed it doesn’t show the actual drive but has just jagged lines that shows you drove through the middle of buildings, fields and across neighborhoods. I have had the app state that my drive had “hard breaking” when in fact I didn’t (not even close). My daughter has also been in two accidents where one actually totaled her car and I was not notified by the app of the accident. The idea of it is great but they have a lot to work on. Talking with their customer service is pointless as it is obvious that they are just reading from a prompt and don’t actually listen to your concerns or have knowledge of the app. Yes, it does help but if you are wanting to know exact routes you child took to get to their destination this is not the app for you. If you child has hard breaking reports don’t be too hard on them because there is a large chance that it didn’t actually happen..Version: 21.1.0

NO MORE CONTROLLING PARENTS!Parents changed the use of this app to become controlling. If you're a parent don't use this app; you’ll only teach your children to be secretive and lie. Would you rather your children take their phones to be able to be in contact with you or leave their phones at home when they want to go out because they want privacy yet you won’t give them that? Dont make your children hate you. My friends have this app and have a great resentment towards their parents, some are set on putting their parent in retirement homes. Do you want that to be you? Don’t download this app..Version: 20.5.0

Does not accurately calculate trip summariesAs a tracker this app is okay. However, it is incapable of totting up the daily journeys to provide an accurate summary. Shouldn’t be difficult to do given it is simple addition. Support is robotic, ignores what is reported and goes in an auto mode, which fails to follow the route cause. I thought it was a poor attempt at AI. Support insist that the issue is related to 2 or more devices logged in at the same time. This was a daft suggestion given the individual journeys were correctly calculated. But I changed the password to ensure any other devices were disconnected. Obviously that didn’t work. I can’t understand why this app cannot perform the simple task of adding up the daily journeys and provide an accurate daily summary. Worst still that support are incapable of understanding the issue and, therefore, providing a fix. I will not be renewing my paid subscription and I would recommend giving this app a wide berth if mileage summaries are important to you or you need competent support..Version: 21.2.1

Some major glitchesThis app is great now for general whereabouts. But I’ve had had some moments where this app said that I went somewhere and stopped in the middle of a bridge and turned around and went back to my location where originally was. It said I took that trip and six minutes there and back and that’s not even possibly true even if I went to 60 miles an hour on a residential street. And I couldn’t have turned around in the middle of the bridge because that’s not possible ever. And it said I did this at 2:30 in the morning and my phone had died prior. So why it said I went somewhere when I was actually asleep at that original location and I didn’t get up or move until eight in the morning. It is a real issue and caused great strain in my personal relationship. And it says that I move around at my work go places that I dont go more than twice a day. I work in a small facility and it says that I move around a lot and I am more of stay in one place for a long significant amount of time yet it says that I move around. These are major issues that needs to get fixed to be more accurate. It follows my boyfriend just fine in a general sense but for whatever reason my particular app says that I do things and go places that I don’t go so yes this app has a lot of issues and glitches please fix..Version: 21.4.0

Great app with a big flawI love this app. I can check on my daughters whereabouts (if needed) and equally I share my location with her. She likes the peace of mind of knowing where I’m working as I hop around. However, she has already worked out that if she turns off roaming then the app won’t work. She does this to save using credit rather than trying to hide but i get worried when it’s not working as it should. I’d also like the option of text notifications as these would link to my Fitbit. I can’t always have my phone next to me..Version: 20.6.1

Real reviewI’ve had this for over 2 years now. It’s great overall but sometimes it doesn’t update the location and says “.... can’t be located” which is very annoying and also it may update the location of my family member after 2 hours and not straight away when they leave home. Those two things need updating apart from that 👌🏼.Version: 21.3.1

Was good but now it isn’tWorked really well when I first downloaded this app, really handy at being able to see if my daughter was safe walking to and from school. Now however I am constantly refreshing the page and it doesn’t show accurate location. The app has been shouldering my daughter has been at home all day but she hasn’t been as I am here! Wont show where she is accurately and this constantly happens. I think I may delete this and find a more reliable app..Version: 21.3.2

Re-reviewI have 2 ‘Circles’ 1 is Premium and 1 is not. They both work for the reasons I use them. What recently found out. The Crash Detection had previously said ON but after a few updates it no longer did and I had no way to turn it on. After 3 days of back and forth, I have been told the Crash Detection is ONLY available in the USA. Obviously, as a Canadian, that sucks. So I have lowered my Review due to that and that the Premium Help Center took some time to get an answer to why it wasn’t working. Also leads me to believe that is glitched and said it was working, while it was not. If there was a Canadian App that was similar, I would use it..Version: 21.2.1

What’s changed?I’ve had Life360 for my family and early teenagers for a couple of years and it’s been brilliant for peace of mind and knowing when they leave home, arrive at school etc. However, it seems since this latest update introducing the bubbles, suddenly our family notifications don’t work properly. I get notifications all night and day telling me the kids have left home and arrived home when they are sitting right next to me. I’ve tried increasing the tolerance on ‘places’ and makes no difference. I’ve messaged support and never received a reply but my ticket has been closed. Disappointed. My kids will be driving in the next year or so but at the moment I would be reluctant to pay for the extended driving version of this app until it’s working properly again. [email protected] can you help!!?.Version: 20.7.2

IdkIdk about you guys but i think it’s a good app to track your kids for safety purposes but don’t betray their trusts.Version: 21.3.2

Useful APP but need to improvedThis APP is very useful for me to track where my kid is located between school and home. However, most of the time I have to keep refreshing for ages , because most of the time it just show that he is still at the same spot and notifications pops up as “he can’t not be located”. I have to remove this APP and get it agin from APP store to get it actually start working again. Very stressful when I need to see where my kid is but the APP doesn’t work. We suppose to receive a text showing that family members are left home but sometimes the text arrives 20 minutes later after we left. Not accurate at all. I don’t think it’s a problem of our signal as it happens all the time even both of us having strong signals. Please improve this problem, also make the locations are showing more accurate..Version: 21.3.1

Ruins relationshipsThis app is perfect if you your children to lose all trust in you as a parent. It’s an invasion of privacy and should not be used to monitor everyone at all times..Version: 20.6.2

STILL FRUSTRATINGUPDATE II: I still seem to have issues now with my moms tracking. I’ve checked the settings and all is correct. But, it still shows her at home since November 25, 2020. My daughters seemed to have resolved itself of previous problems. But, in good conscience, I just cannot give this app more than two stars at this time due to continued issues. Get your app together L360. It’s long over due. 🤨 UPDATE: Developers were very quick to reach out and try to help with a resolution. I give them kudos for that. However, I opted to not pursue their suggestions again because they were taking me down the exact same road as my previous THREE times I’ve had concerns to report. It doesn’t fix the problems. It never does. So, for the sake of my sanity, it’s no longer worth my time nor the frustration. I will let my subscription expire and will purchase the HUM tracking device. My dad has had it well over a year without a single issue whatsoever. This app is USELESS!! It will not update locations. It consistently shows my daughter at home when I know she’s at school. It randomly decides when the heck it’s going to work. I’ve contacted systems help. I’ve done EVERYTHING to make sure our settings are correct. THEY ARE!! It STILL won’t work. We paid the $$ to have the premium service too and it’s a complete waste of money. It gives me ZERO piece of mind. I’ll very soon be looking for a new tracking app. Can’t wait to get RID of this one. 😡.Version: 21.1.0

Dear whoever made this appBy making this app you destroy hundreds of teenagers and kids life by allowing their parents to Stalk their life and everything they do. Teenagers can’t even live their life anymore making the best years of their life so horrible. Whoever made this app you are the worst person and I hope you realise that you ruined so many peoples lives . So sarcastically I say thank you,thank you so much for ruin or lives :).Version: 20.2.0

Horrible glitchesI’ve been using this app for months and at first I really liked it but after using it for awhile I noticed my friends and my location would always glitch and say I was at certain place while I was at home overalll very inaccurate information , can’t always trust it ..Version: 21.4.0

Terrible!Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to make such an invasive app for their children. If you are downloading this to keep tabs on your kids this is not the way to go. You are building no sense of trust and rather then getting an app that invades all their personal space you should learn how to be a better parent and build on that friendship and trust. It will create a way better bond between you and your kids for the future. Thanks for coming to my ted talk :).Version: 20.2.1

HorrendousIf you want to have a terrible relationship with your children and give them trust issues for the rest of their life, I’d highly recommend you start with this garbage app. :).Version: 20.7.2

CamSeems to have got very slow and won’t update as it did.Version: 21.3.1

Worst decisionAbsolutely ruined my relationship with my kids they hate me now and call me toxic and I know it is. I do not recommend this if you want to have a good relationship with your kids😢.Version: 21.4.0

IFTTTWhat happened to ifttt. You tight wads. Pay the money and let us get on with home automation..Version: 20.6.1

Worst app everIf you wanna ruin your trust and relationship with your kid this app is perfect. My parents forced me to get it and since then there has been no trust ever.Version: 21.1.1

My parents made me get this appI hate this app, it’s absolutely annoying AND for some stupid reason it’s saying that my phone is off when it’s not.Version: 21.1.0

Helicopter Parenting Weapon and Privacy ViolationA violation of your privacy. Want to monitor your son/daughter's life like a dog with a tracking collar? This app is morally incorrect on so many levels it sickens me. You have no right to market this and pretend you don't know what kind of people download apps like these. The kids trapped with this app will leave their phones at home anyhow to avoid being tracked. Making them incredibly unsafe and unable to contact emergency services. That's the polar opposite effect and that is not safe. This app is cold and calculated in terms of how it gives a parent an immense power to treat their child like a slave with commands not allowing them live freely. Disgusting, delete this of the store..Version: 20.4.0

Inconsistent connectionMy wife’s status on my phone says she’s paused the connection but on hers all the location parameters are set to always be connected (I’m looking at them side by side right now). A month or two ago, the situation was reversed where mine was constantly “off” while my location parameters were set to always on. It’s a decent enough app but this glitch should be addressed in the next update..Version: 21.3.2

Ok but could be betterThis doesn’t do much more than the find my phone you get for free with Apple. It’s not the most reliable app I have ever used either. One key function I did like was the desktop access so when my kids finished school I could keep an eye on them while working. But we are going to lose this function soon so time to look for another app that gives the desktop option 🤷🏼‍♂️.Version: 21.4.0

This App isn’t what you need in your life.I come from a very progressive family, and this application has ruined my life. My parents have meddled me for a lot of things in my life. I’m 21 y/o and ‘cause of this application, there’s no privacy. I can’t even delete this app or turn the permissions off, since this app literally affirms it out to all. Why. Why would you?.Version: 21.2.1

Life360 SucksThe purpose of life360 is to ensure the safety and security of your family/friends etc. It’s supposed to help build trust between parents and teens yet does the opposite !!! It only leads to more controlling parents and a more toxic health environment. The owner of this app should be ashamed as it only created greater issues for families leading to unstable homes and as bad as mental health issues..Version: 20.7.1

Bad updateYour latest update deleted my entire circle and all of my pinned locations. I’m starting from scratch again. Not impressed..Version: 21.2.1

LIFE 360My family downloaded this app for me because I have started high school this year and a few of my friends have recommended it... I was happy that I got notifications when mum and dad were coming home, home, at work or wherever their location was. We used it heaps until it disappointed us by glitching and saying I was somewhere else when I was at home or not even opening the app... my friend has it and she has no issues. Can someone please help?? But aside from all of this it is a good app and is helpful to know where mum and dad are when you need them.Version: 21.1.1

TrackerTerrible app its a sham.Version: 21.1.1

This app is pretty bad but it also doesn’t have a ghost modeThis app drains battery so fast my phone is practically now a pocket heater. It also doesn’t give you the option to go invisible if you’re meeting some privately etc etc, please consider the kids who are having the best period of their lives leeched away by constant surveillance. The creators of this app seem to be taking the Micky a bit too with how they describe it, I hope this app gets removed from the app store, for all the people who are tracked unwantingly and there being no way out..Version: 20.6.2

Invasion of privacyIt makes me and my siblings lives completely in control of my parents. We can’t do anything anymore, I can’t even get a snack after school because our parents don’t want us eating outside of our daily 2 meals. I got grounded a week ago because I had to leave school early to go to a doctors appointment. I have no freedom anymore thanks to this horrible app, it’s ruined my life and has let my helicopter parents control every aspect. Thanks life360 for contributing to mental abuse and restrictive parenting..Version: 20.1

What about those with older IOS ? Gone !!!IOS 13. Not everything can afford it!!!!!.Version: 21.2.1

To all the parentsI understand the concept of this app. To know where each other are located when you need to know. Parents calling us rebellious teens for having to “hide” where we’re going...No we aren’t. If I tell you I’m going somewhere....that’s where I’m going ...if you need to know where I’m me. With the inaccuracies on the tracking it’s great to come home and get asked 500 questions. Let me ask you, parents. Were you ever tracked when you were a kid? As long as parents do not abuse the app and check it ever 15 seconds (which I know happens) it’s fine. It’s a great app for emergencies, but most overuse it. You weren’t tracked as a teen and you probably turned out just fine. Talk about destroying freedoms and relationships. These straight A students you can find it the comments (before the company removed the badly rated comments) deserve parents trust. If you can’t trust them they sure aren’t going to trust you. Don’t be surprised after years of this they move out and don’t come back or talk to you for a while. Here’s a tip if you MUST have some sort of tracking. Use find my iPhone which tells of the last place a specific iPhone was and it’s already installed on iPhones. It’s actually accurate. I hear the argument often, “what if you were in a crash and no one could find you”....Really? I doubt that’s the real reason, but again...find my iPhone works just fine for that..Version: 21.2.0

Doesn’t work & poor customer serviceDuring my free 7 day trial I had several issues with this app not performing as advertised. I contacted support with a very detailed enquiry explaining my issue, only to have to wait days for a response that contained pre-scripted FAQs and did not address the issues I was experiencing. I am glad this happened during the free trial period so I could cancel and not waste my money on a subscription..Version: 21.3.2

Absolute invasion of privacyInvasion of privacy.Version: 20.7.2

Prison lifeThx can’t live my life now 🙄.Version: 21.1.1

Bad appBad app.Version: 20.8.0

If you hate your kidsThis is how you lose your child's trust and friendliness. please never download this app if you plan on tracking your children or your partner without their consent. this is so blatantly disrespectful and creepy..Version: 20.7.0

Over protectiveThis is a great way to make your kids more sneaky, don’t get it. A complete and utter invasion to your kids privacy, stricter parenting leads to sneaky teens.Version: 20.7.4

Bit rubbishThe driver tracking is all over the place. It doesn’t track your exact route just waypoints then draws straight lines between the points which is rubbish, so the total mileage is way off what you’ve actually done. And obviously can’t accurately view your route. I’ve reset my vans trip meter at the beginning of the week my van says 164 miles the app seems to say I’ve done 243miles so it’s majorly inaccurate. (No I’ve not driven another vehicle or been driven anywhere taken public transport etc) So pretty useless for my use. Probably ok if all you want is an idea of where you’ve been but I want it for driver analytics to see where routes can be improved. But nope. So just a warning to others that’s this is hugely inaccurate but does give you a vague idea of your route even if you never drove through houses or buildings. As it shows I have. 🤦🏻‍♂️.Version: 20.7.2

Shut it downOver protective parents are using this app to track their kids, in my opinion that’s not really ok. If you’ve raised your kid right you shouldn’t have to worry about them running off. And if they do it’s because you never let them do anything. Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager going to party’s having fun? So why is that ability only reserved for you? Why can your child not have a fun time exiting childhood?.Version: 20.0

I hate my lifeI hate my mom.Version: 21.2.1

Au début je le trouvais super bien et maintenant il bogue et n est plus précis merciJe.Version: 21.4.0

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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