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Life360: Find Family & Friends App User Positive Comments 2023

Life360: Find Family & Friends app received 165 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about life360: find family & friends?

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Life360: Find Family & Friends for Positive User Reviews

So grateful for this appIt may sound counterintuitive, but because I know that I can quickly locate my teens using Life 360 if there to be an emergency or they found themselves in an unsafe situation, my husband and I have been comfortable granting them greater freedom. I understand that some kids have been resistant to downloading Life 360 to their phones, but mine have come to appreciate that we trust them and really don’t need to spy on them or track them; the app is genuinely a tool that provides them safety and relieved our anxiety. I guess we feel that if we didn’t trust them in the first place, Life 360 wouldn’t change that. But, this app has been amazing and grants such peace of mind! My son began attending a school quite a distance from us in just 7th grade, and the only feasible way to get there and back is via subway/commuter rail. My chest tightened at the thought, until other parents told us about Life 360. I can’t tell you how many times this app has saved us - when he’s gotten off at the wrong train stop, or forgotten to text us when he got on the train, or when the train has been delayed, etc. It’s been hugely helpful as far as timing when to meet him. Later, this transferred to expanding his social privileges, knowing that if something didn’t work out quite right, we’d know how get to him. I highly recommend this app - and also explaining to your kids that using it as a safety tool is good for everyone..Version: 20.8.0

Pausing locationsLove the app But don’t make it obvious that people have turned off their location. Make an option to pause location. sharing your location with some one is personnel and it takes a lot of trust and some kids don’t have that trust with their parents yet. Even making a disclaimer to anyone pauses their location, telling them to make sure that people who care about can’t still know where they are. Making sure that parents and children know that they need to trust each other for location sharing to work is very important.Version: 21.8.0

Fantastic AppThis app is perfect for peace of mind. We have our family all linked into it and it’s so accurate and fast, it gives you that peace of mind knowing where your loved ones are at all times. To be able to create zones for places they visit frequently is also a great benefit as you get a notification through to your phone when they get there and when they leave. It really is the perfect app for tracking the whereabouts of loved ones with the added bonus of being able to ping messages to them too. Definitely worth the small amount per month to have on your device 👍.Version: 22.6.0

Keeps my family and friends safeAs a university student, I’ve made circles with my course mates as well as my family. I’ve set up alerts so I know when a friend is leaving campus and when they arrive home. If a friend doesn’t arrive home and I get an alert, I can check they are in a recognised place/ call them to ensure they are safe. My family can also check I am safe and my Mum no longer worries when I leave work late. I can also remove my exact location on some circles but keep them on for others. Only 4 stars though as it doesn’t work on one of my friends phone despite troubleshooting :(.Version: 21.9.0

Great app!Love knowing where all my family is! And knowing everyone is safe.Version: 20.6.1

AwesomeVery good app.5/5.Version: 20.6.1

Love it! Psst also download maps aka Apple Maps it’s good too!So I love Life360 you can track friends and family and has stuff like crash detection, emergency contacts ( this is all in the safety button), and crime reports and like incidents near you. Ok next, there are places you can pin point to look at the address, and on the people list of you tap on somebody you can see how many minutes or hours they are away. You can also see wheee they have been to! If you need map and tracking apps this is the one you really should get!!!! Also I recommend Apple Maps too! Like I said in the title! If your new in town or where ever you are you can get directions on how to get there and is very easy to do! Also I’m 11 yrs old and I helped my grandma to get to my sisters tae kwon do class by using Apple Maps well I think it’s also called just maps idk, anyway it was easy I just looked at the trail and told her where to go and easy peasy! Yes I know the story might be confusing also, but my point is I recommend both apps! Anyways thanks for reading this review and have a great day and if your in summer right now (depends when your read this) then have a good summer! (Or winter,spring, and fall!) God bless you!.Version: 21.6.0

5+ stars!!!A couple of years ago My mom suffered from “Transient Global Amnesia”. I’ve never heard of it.... but let me tell you it’s a very scary thing to happen to someone you love. It’s when there’s a Temporary loss but almost total disruption of short term memory, it can last between 2-8 hours. The first time this happened to her, we didn’t have the Life360. She was leaving the gym and had no clue where she was at and why she was there. I thank God that some sweet people were there to help her back in and were able to call us. My brother had heard about the Life360 app and we quickly put on her phone. A year later it happened again (there is no cure from this, once it happens once it can happen again, we’ve been able to kinda figure what tributes to it) but again She had no idea why she was sitting in a car at a grocery store parking lot. I was waiting for her at a friends house and she was late. When I called her she didn’t know who I was or even who she was. I was able to track her down with the Life360 app..... which was the best invention ever for me and my family. I was able to get to her and rush her to the hospital. Without this app.... I don’t even want to think of what could of happened. We have it on all our phones, our kids are not big fans but they’ve had some close calls when dealing with bad weather and getting stuck somewhere and we’ve been able to get to them. So they’ve come to appreciate it. Thank you Life360!!!!.Version: 21.1.0

So goodUsing your phone is a no no while driving so I don’t like calling my husband or kids if I think they may be in the car, this app lets me see if they are driving and if so how long before they get home. It was also useful when the kids were younger and I could see they made it to their destination. If they needed a lift, I knew what address to go to..Version: 22.3.0

Life360I love this app I use it all the time. My only worry is when the kids run out of credit and it goes off so u have to have data. Other than that it’s awesome!.Version: 21.2.0

More optionsWould be nice to have the options listen the environment like I have seen on another app, do you guys think about doing this too ? Im a regular user of life 360 and I thought this would be a nice update, thank you.Version: 22.13.0

Great product and peace of mind!Easy to use.Version: 20.6.1

Peace of mind and convenienceLife360 is a fantastic way for our family to keep track of each other. The app makes it so much easier for my wife and I to coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs for the kids as our live locations are visible. Also provides peace of mind when one of the kids starts walking or riding to school independently, and the geo-alerts let you know when they’ve arrived safely. Even my 16 year old has seen the benefit of the app as he can see when we’re leaving work and will often request a pick-up if we’re in his vicinity. Definitely recommend..Version: 20.6.1

A life saverLove this app. So much easier than ringing your partner to check his eta. Saves a lot of time.Version: 21.8.1

360 Family trackerWhat a wonderful app, and free! I use this everyday it tells me where my loved ones are, flashes up when they arrive at recognised locations such as “home”, “work” “family/friends” houses, it is so useful, even when I’m at home and my wife returns, a flash will ping up when she is within around a quarter of a mile, it just gives me that fantastic heads up to put the kettle on or be ready when she arrives. You can see live travelling locations, roads, motorways and vehicle speeds. Totally recommend this, it’s been so helpful. You can turn on/off notifications, have a ping noise…. Or not and it’s very flexible, and did I mention it is free? A big thank you to the developers..Version: 22.1.0

Incredible phishing serviceHonestly, I’m amazed with the concept of this tracker users interface with enhanced usability, and it’s pretty amazing how I used the location feature for what i was looking for. The issue of missing my husband’s location for days, i needed to try and locate him in real time He was in a conversation with his College ex-girlfriend and he was acting sneaky, I was recommended this tracker i gave Couple’s bang the Rootkits and he was able to perform the perfect heist and I was being able to phish out everything he was up to. So it’s happening that I’m ending the relationship with him and i’m pretty sure he has absolutely no idea that I know of everything he is up to…try on C O U P L E S P H O N E T R A C K E R 1 @ G M A I L COM. for reliable spoofing experience with accurate unprotected encryption of your Husband’s phone. Thank you to each and every one of my family who sent me messages and offered advice and support. It is recommended that you should be inquisitive enough to care about what your spouse is up to and monitor your kids safely C O U P L E S P H O N E T R A C K E R 1 @ G M A I L COM, I’m sure how their services are highly rated. i was referred to this professional cyber expert and I contact them with full confidentiality..Version: 22.7.2

Great!Great fun.Version: 20.6.1

Great appFor a free app it is amazing and I bought the premium just support you guys because you know what your doing and too al the parents anoyed at them for ghost mode do better.Version: 20.6.1

Family SafetyI had used this app for myself and hubby as we ride motor bikes so often ride alone- this gave us peace of mind to track each other. Then introduced the whole family with teenagers who love the fact they can see were each other is if they need to contact them for safety as our granddaughter is a first time driver and we know where she is. Would highly recommend. Mick & Cheryl.Version: 20.6.1

Love Life 360!I purchased this app when my 16 year old began driving almost 2 years ago. I found it very reassuring to know where he was, of course, but the (safety) circle and drive detection are truly my favorite features. The circle alerts you, and other selected people of your choice, if the car has been in an accident. It can be used to call for emergency services, tow trucks, etc. It’s a fantastic feature to have. I hope we never have to use it, but you just never know. The drive detection feature is also terrific. This feature gives me a weekly and daily snapshot of my child’s average driving speed, her braking, rapid acceleration and other good information. Not only does it let me see his driving habits, it also helps with our insurance costs. The longer he drives safely and follows the law, the more of a discount we get. I’m sure this depends upon your insurance provider, but insuring a teenage driver is expensive so every little bit helps! Now, back to the location services. I have a daughter in middle school now and I really appreciate being able to locate her at all times. She and her friends like to walk and bike and we live in a frightening world. I like the comfort and security of knowing I will always be able to locate both of my children. I highly recommend this app. It is a great tool for families..Version: 20.6.2

Best availableThis app is truly the greatest on the market, I’ve been using this on my children for about a year. The largest complaint from my children were the minimal space of privacy but this ghost mode addition is the absolute best thing for this app. I can know where my kids are but giving them much more privacy, best update ever!.Version: 20.6.1

Best app if you care to know that your kids are safe.I’ve had this app since it launched and it gives me peace of mind. I’m far more comfortable allowing my kids to go out with their friends because I know that if anything happens I’ll be alerted and can find them quickly. Without this app I don’t think I would be so open to hand my keys over. It’s not about trusting my children it’s about knowing the many things that could go wrong and having experienced the horror of delays in getting to your loved one. In addition, as a single mom,I like your kids would know because somebody needs to. My youngest son will sometimes check where I’m at and ask if I can stop by and pick something up or instead of texting me five times wondering how long till I’m home he just checks the app instead. One last gift of this app is whenever my grown son travels on long road trips he’ll add himself to my circle just as a back up in case something were to happen during his travels. It gives us both peace of mind. If teens don’t like this app it’s because they are teenagers and they’re not going to like much of anything that you do as a parent. But having conversations about boundaries and expectations are always helpful in a family and this can be a tool for that..Version: 21.1.0

So usefulThis app is so useful. I can check how far away my husband is coming home from work. Or where he is if out. I can check on family to make sure they are safe when traveling. This can give so much peace of mind. And help for planning busy days and evenings..Version: 20.7.4

Family FriendlyOur family begin using Life360 almost 10 years ago when both of our boys were driving and one of them was getting involved with drugs. One son would disappear for days on end and we didn’t know if he was dead or alive. We found Life360 and presented it to our boys asking them to please trust us enough to be able to see where they were just in case the unthinkable might happen so we could at least find them if their phone was still with them. It turned out to be a huge blessing for all of us! Not only in the critical times, but to be able to find each other quickly, give them directions if they are lost, oh and fun things like knowing how far away family is from arriving at our home for the holidays. We highly recommend this app for family and friends who want to stay in touch. We have loved ones who live in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Maine, etc. It truly makes you feel closer when you can see each other through Life360. And what’s nice is if you don’t want people to see where you are, you just turn off the Wi-Fi on the app and then turn it back on again when you’re ready..Version: 21.1.0

Family safety and trustI started life 361 after my daughter started driving and going out with her friends in the evening. It was a way for me to know where she was in case of an emergency, and not to track her every movement. I knew there would come a time when I would have to trust in her but life 360 gave me a little more confidence. I did the same for my son when he started driving. I also added my husband who is a contractor and drives all over town and has a heart condition so if something ever happened to him I would never known where he was. life360 also gave me confidence knowing I could find him if necessary. I had to make it clear to my family that this was not being used as a tracking device but a safety device and we have never had a problem. One other feature is that it tracks how fast you drive. I have actually been called out by my two teams that when coming to pick them up from a Friends house I was driving over the speed limit. I would highly recommend this app and hope you can stay in business because it really is a good safety tool so long as you use it that way, and trust in each other knowing that it’s for everyone’s safety. FYI many colleges nowadays also have a similar app..Version: 21.1.0

Awesome to keep connectedOur whole family are on the lite version of this. Great for keeping peace of mind on where everyone is (but hopeless for me fibbing about whether I’ve left work for the day!).Version: 20.6.1

The best app to keep a safe watch on kidsMy family is absolutely loving Life360! My son has just started driving and it’s just so reassuring to know when he has completed a drive safely and the app even tells me his top speed! Very happy to recommend to kids, parents, partners & friends..Version: 21.7.1

Great Family Location AppWe as a family if 5 have been using Life360 for the last couple of years. It is a valuable tool for keeping track of loved ones without having to text or call them to see where they are (Find my iPhone works but only does basic location) Geo fencing around areas is great and let’s us know when people leave the area via notifications, which can be silenced but I set them as persistent as the tone cannot be changed at the moment. You get a basic driver report for the last few days per user. You get all of this, unbelievably, for free! I will definitely upgrade to the monthly paid version when our children start driving, this gives you 30 days of journey history and more geo locations or places and accident/impact warning as well.Version: 20.6.1

Great appI have been using this for over 2 years, initially for my husband to track me when taking part in a big biking event at night in and around London. I did intend to delete it afterwards but as we have nothing to hide from each other, we both agreed to keep it and it’s really handy! My husbands job uses loud machinery and I can look at the app and see when he’s on his way home. Our kids both have it too and we feel it helps to keep them safe. Thanks Life360!.Version: 20.6.1

Great for parentsI have 2 teenage boys, one who has just started driving and this app has helped me be less nagging and stressed. The boys enjoy it too as they don’t have to check in every 5 minutes. Also helps with pick ups knowing exactly where they are. Well worth the money..Version: 21.8.1

App so goodThis app is so help full to see were my family is.Version: 20.6.1

Good app and here’s whyI get so many people (mostly teens) feel like it’s an invasion of privacy and such, but it’s better than some other apps out there. With things going on today, I can see why a parent/parents/guardians would want to see where their child/children are going. Im 21, so I grew up with technology changing from flip phones to staying out until the street lights went on and change to people sending texts and FaceTiming on their phones. I also know sometimes kids (not all) can be dishonest and not tell their parents their true intention or location, in other words, you shouldn’t hate this app unless you have something to hide. There are apps that monitor what you do on your phone, so having your family just knowing your location truly shouldn’t be a problem. Im going to University in a different country from where my family is, they use it to make sure I am safe because they are 10+ hours away from me. This app also lets me send out an SOS in case something were to happen. Along with this my family uses it with older family members as well. My grandmother is almost 90 and it keeps us in a good state of mind to know where she is at all times. Overall, this app isn’t something to hate, it gives families security that you’re safe. And like I said, you shouldn’t have an issue with it UNLESS you’re trying to hide something.Version: 20.6.1

SafetyUse this app as I can’t be disturbed when out and about in work. My wife knows when she vac and can’t ring me. Main use for us is brother in law, very bad diabetic. Few months back he rang his partner slurred speech, was walking the dogs but took them in the car. All family and police searching for him, on the local mountains, parks…. eventually found two hours later in the car on the side of the road going into a coma. With this app if it happens again he can be found immediately..Version: 21.7.1

Enhancement to aid personal safetyA friend has mentioned Hollie Guard App which tracks similarly to Life360 but also has a personal alarm ‘siren’ where any user who feels threatens can ‘shake’ their phone and a audible noise comes from their device to help alert others but also could scare off some attackers. Before I consider switching to that App, does Life360 have a similar support feature and/or could you consider designing one? Thank you.Version: 20.8.0

Whole family love it! Even teenagers!Our family love it even kids! A d they are all teenagers ! Oldest is 22. Very useful app!! Kids can check how far away we are when we are collecting them from friends or school etc. My husband used it once when I was taken into hospital to find me !! Useful to know when husband on way home too to time when dinner should be ready,! I also have grandparents on. Which helped grandpa was taken ill and rushed into hospital. No one abuses it or stalks each other. We respect each others privacy. But very useful when needed!.Version: 20.6.1

Crash detector is A+++++One of my family members was in a car crash recently. Nothing fatal, thank God! The person involved in a crash will get a notification on their phone saying: “We detected motion on your phone that felt like a car crash. We’ve informed your circle and emergency contacts so they can check if you’re ok.” From here, they can either choose “False Alarm” or “There’s been a crash”. If you choose there’s been a crash, it would say: “We hope you’re ok. If you need immediate assistance, please cal 911 now. It gives you two options again “I’m ok” or “Cal 911”. Regardless of whether the person involved in the crash responds to the Life 360 alerts or not, it will notify the members of the circle and emergency contacts. It took Life360 a bit longer than we’d like, maybe 8 minutes, to alert them via text message, but we are so thankful regardless! The message sent said: “ Life360 detected sudden motion on ___'s phone. This could be the result of a collision, hard braking, or a dropped phone. We suggest that you call ___ to check on them: (phone number). When we hear from them, we'll let you know. View ___'s current location:___“. This app was once my enemy, being the teenager that I was. But now I am super thankful that this app exists!! Thank you so, so much Life360!.Version: 21.6.0

A must have for every family!My family loves this app. A few of the reasons we love this app : we can check on my elderly in-laws who make a long commute and go through an hour of no service several times a week. Before we go to bed at night we get to see if they are not home. They also have a house out of state so when one of them goes by themselves out of state we can track their move if they were to be stopped on the side of the road and perhaps had vehicle trouble. My husband is a police officer and when I see he’s running late in the evening I always check this app and I can see where he’s at my local town and then I assume he’s on a call, verse at the store picking something up about to be home, and I can plan dinner accordingly. I have got another side of the family using it and we love it for the same reasons & more. No more asking where sew and sew is that they don’t answer their phone we can see oh they might be at the doctor or picking up the kids from school, they are stuck in traffic and that’s why they are not home yet. The teenagers in the family of course are not a big fan because this tracks speed, phone usage and location... but in times they wanted help on a long trip it has been a God send even to them. It’s a great gauge for even adults to pay attention to how many times you grab your phone or how many times you are speeding and then risk of a ticket which could make your insurance go up or cause a wreck. This is a fantastic app!.Version: 20.8.0

Saved my GrandmotherLife 360 is wonderful, with all the precise functions we have achieved so much. My grandmother recently got her phone and car stolen- life 360 had tracked the drive and specifics about speed etc. we successfully found her phone along with finding security footage of the bandits at a near service station. Thank you- wonderful app..Version: 21.6.0

JoinXcellent app join with family.Version: 21.5.0

Life 360Assurance that’s what life 360 gives our family and our kids and there circle of friends. As a family we can see where each other are An feel more comfortable with our kids going out with the safety alert feature that life 360 has. For our kids they use it with friends when meeting up. It’s faster than txt and phoning though it does have a txt feature too. Big thumbs up from us it’s one app I don’t mind paying for. 👍.Version: 22.5.1

Awsome appVery cool and easy to use.Version: 20.6.1

Very useful toolIt is a fantastic tool to keep tabs on the location of family members. Very responsive, accurate and easy to use. I’ve added family members in my house and we are aware of each other’s location all the time. We don’t use it as a stalking tool :) it comes handy when we are expecting a family member back home and this app tells us how far away they are. I’ve recommended this app to all of my friends..Version: 20.6.1

Connects our whole familyThis App allows me to keep tabs on my aging mother and my children. My mom still drives, which makes me pretty nervous when she drives from Florida to New York by herself. My children are not quite driving age yet but they crave more independence and this App gives me a lot of peace of mind when they’re out riding their bikes around the neighborhood or going to creek stomp with neighbor friends. I always know exactly where they are. I also like the location check-in feature. I get notified when they arrive at school, or leave a friends house. I can see when the bus is about to drop them off. And I can see all the places my very active retired mother travels to… “mom, what are you doing in New Orleans?! And how many times do I have to ask you, PLEASE don’t text and drive!” Baby boomers are so head strong! LOL I am so much more optimistic for the future and my kids driving, knowing I’ll be able to keep an eye on their speed, and mobile device usage while they’re driving. Highly recommend to anyone with children, or an aging parent you need to keep tabs on. If my mom ever fell asleep during one of her “road trips”, or had a medical event and crashed with no one around, I would be notified and could call 911 and give them her exact location. I can see how this App could be a literal life saver. Thank you Life 360!.Version: 21.12.20

No more sleepless nightsBeing a single parent with teenage kids you often wonder if they’re at the mums house or have the got back to their mates house safely. This app cancels all those fears without trying to get hold of them thru WhatsApp or phoning going to answer phone. With the device that never leaves their hands becoming ‘oh I didn’t have its volume on’, ‘ it was in my pocket’, ‘didn’t realise you called/texted’. Also handy to see if they’re on their way home to start getting food ready..Version: 20.6.1

It’s been a fabulous family tool!I was introduced to this by a fellow employee who works at the public school I teach at. At first I subscribed to have another tool to help calm my mama heart with a new teenage boy driver. I just wanted to make sure he got from point A to point B safely. But it’s turned into the whole family using it for many reasons. My younger daughters see if moms on her way home from work or staying longer (cuz I don’t always respond to texts as soon as they would like but they can see on the app I am still at work). My son now will see where I am at (location alerts at grocery stores and gas stations have been set up) and he will message and ask if I can grab something. Or when he is on his way home he runs errands and I can see about time wise how he is doing on being home for dinner. It’s the little things that have helped everyone out and helps things run just a little smoother. I am not one to watch him like a hawk on his privacy which I know teens can oppose to being watched. He knows I can peek anytime I want to know where he is at but we both know trust is earned both ways and as long we respect each other there has been no trouble whatsoever. He is almost 18 now and Life360 will continue to be a tool for my family as my other children grow up and spread their wings and aren’t as home as much..Version: 21.1.0

Very nice and useful app that we all should have 👏👏👏👏Very nice and useful app. Such a good one to stay connected with our family 24/7 especially with kids and our loved ones. Very handy while travelling. Awesome app. Well done 👏👏👏👏.Version: 22.12.2

Great app for families trying to manage a busy scheduleI have read the comments about “death of parenting trust” and completely disagree. This is just a other tool to use while you are responsibly parenting. They are kids for goodness sake. No matter how much you trust them, it is necessary to find them sometimes when your child has her ringer off on her phone and forget to tell you where to pick them up after the football game. This is an incredible app for determining when the sports bus will be returning back to the school after a late game and if they have returned home safely from school when you are at work and your teen forgets to touch base. Most times, my teen just tells me to “360” her when I am picking her up from a sports dinner when she can’t remember the address of the teammate’s house. With the app, I feel safer when my tween wants to ride bikes with friends or go to the candy store since I know exactly where to pick her up when she calls. Also, it goes both ways. My children know where my husband and I are and how quickly we will be to their location to pick them up. I have recommended this app to countless friends and sportsparents and will continue to do so..Version: 20.8.0

Very Useful tool with great functionalityVery Useful tool with great functionality Keep up the good work. Please continue being accessible to people that find this app useful..Version: 20.6.1

The death of trust and good parentingEdit: The newly added bubble method is a great way to keep safe while still giving your kids some degree of privacy. This new feature actually makes me want to update my review from a 1 star to 4 stars. I still believe that incorrect usage of the app creates a bad relationship of trust between your kid and you but these new features help kids be independent and helps their parents know they are safe. Honestly what this app does is show parents lack of trust in their kids. If your kid is sneaking out all the time who’s fault do you think it is? It’s YOUR fault. It’s a reflection of you bad parenting ability. A good parent builds trust with their kid where they wouldn’t go against their parents. This app destroys trust. If you are tracking your kid you think they won’t do stuff or sneak out anyway? Kids are smart obviously much smarter then you. After testing this app there are various easy loopholes to make you seem like your somewhere else or to break the app from working in general. Maybe instead of pushing your kid farther from you and putting them in chains you should take the opportunity to address the issue and build your relationship with your kid. This app is greatest at pushing your kid away from you and allowing parents to take the easy way in addressing the issue while ruining their relations with your kid..Version: 20.7.4

Jessica whitmore goodThis app is good because it is quick and easy way to track where any of your friends or family members are and you don’t have to keep messaging them. I would recommend you downloading this app because it saves you and the other person time and it’s quite accurate. Also, it lets you have a profile picture that you can decide from your camera roll that the person trying to track you could find you without having to look for your name a picture recognition could be quicker. You can also have your own name. download this app today for a unforgettable and easier future.Version: 22.5.1

Where is everyone?This is a great app. I keep track of miss 13 and know when she is at school and home. Hubby has enjoyed keeping an eye on me and often messaging me to leave work and come home. haha..Version: 22.9.0

Love thisI love this app it’s brilliant! My only thing that I don’t like is that when the circle on a person is “near” to a destination then it pings that they are there. Well that annoys me cos I wanna know when my son actually gets to somewhere not “near by” but it says he’s there. Like school as an example if we are nearby like 3 mins away it pings I need to know only when he gets to the exact location. I don’t see why we can make the circle smaller or no circle if we want exact location. But other then that brilliant app! I love it! So glad I have it, it gives me such piece of mind. Defo recommend it!.Version: 22.8.0

One of the best apps I have purchasedThere are so many ways to use this app. As a busy mom, I like to put in alerts when my husband reaches a certain point on his commute home so I know when to start dinner. Also, finding my lacrosse player kiddos on a huge lacrosse tournament field has been stressful in the past, now it is easy to locate and keep track of the three of them on a busy tournament weekend. I understand that there is controversy about spying on my kids whereabouts, but as a parent it is nice to know that they are where they say they are going to be, or to know where to pick them up if they don’t know the address. And with teen drivers, having the crash detection and the high speed alerts gives me a lot more comfort when they are in the roads. My kids all know that we have this app and that we occasionally look in on them, but we also balance that up with having adult conversations about responsibility and in reality having the app allows them more freedom with us. I would highly recommend this app for parents as one of the many tools we use to parent and protect our kids. We have added my mother to our circle and she gets such a huge kick out of seeing where we are on any given day. I think it gives her a sense of closeness even though we live states apart. Also for me, as she is aging. Having a general idea of her daily activities can help alert me if something is off. Highly recommend!.Version: 20.6.1

Love this app for whole fam tracking and movementsThe app provides knowledge and security to know where everyone is. I feel I can have kids safe to know they have bit more independence to go about activities and day. We have had few incidents and life 360 got them out of trouble as could see us or brother and sister. Through Covid this has been life saver for travel and more..Version: 20.6.1

Thankful Mom and DadThank you Life360 for offering a tool to offer a peace of mind when our son is behind the wheel. You see, on January 8, 2019, I logged into Life360 to see the location of our son. I knew he was on his way home from basketball practice and as time passed knew he had plenty of time to arrive home. I logged back into Life360 and noticed he had stalled a mile from home. Still no movement, I decided to go check on him. Lots of thoughts crossed my mind. Did he get pulled over by the police, was he in an accident, or maybe out of gas. After calling his phone several times and no answer, I decided to go look for him. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about our precious kiddo! As I pulled up to the scene, I kept hollering “please Jesus let him be ok”. Mason was nowhere to be found. Rescue and police were everywhere. His Jeep was destroyed. Not knowing the condition Mason was in, I ran back to my car and drove to the hospital. He was immediately life flighted to another state. Mason spent time in ICU with the most amazing doctors and nurses. We know why and how he survived the wreck. JESUS! Thank you Life360! With the help of your app, I was able to get to our son. Life360 is an awesome tool and provides a peace of mind!.Version: 20.8.0

Great for our familyHave found this App great for the last 3 years. Use it to know where each other is out on farm, and to save having to phone family when they are driving - can easily see where they are and what time they’ll be back..Version: 20.6.2

Piece of mind, Great app!!As a parent, it is our responsibility to know where our kids are and keep them safe until they go out on their own. This app is a GREAT way to help keep them safe and see where they are. It’s nice to be able to see they arrived safely at their destination and they forgot to let you know. If your kids aren’t doing anything wrong or trying to hide something, then what is there to be mad about. If they think this app is causing the relationship issues with parents, their wrong. They need to look a lot deeper than this app and build a real trusting, loving, and respecting relationship with their parents. Maybe one day when they become parents they will understand. I use this for our mom’s too, who are in their late 70’s. It’s just a piece of mind to be able to look at the app and see where they are when they don’t answer your phone call or text. I am so glad this app was developed. Some kids these days don’t understand all the dangers that are out there and think they are invincible. Tell that to some of the parents whose kids are missing or dead because of the evil in this world. This app could literally save a persons life. Thanks Chris and the Life360 family!!.Version: 20.8.0

Fantastic-Easy-Detailed-ReliableI love this ap. It not only makes it easy for my husband and I to stay in touch with where we are, but it even shows as we move and speeds we’re travelling. I can see this being an asset when my kids begin driving themselves. It’s easy to use, accurate and reliable..Version: 21.3.2

A must have app for anyoneThis app has been a game changer for our family. We love the peace of mind it gives. Just one example is that I am a cyclist and ride 100 mile rides often. Several times I have been out and had a break down with my bike that I couldn’t fix roadside. My wife has been able to use the app to give her exact directions to my location. I could go on and on about many of the features but I want to say something about all the teens that gave negative reviews. You don’t have to use the app if you don’t want. That’s your choice but don’t degrade a company that’s only agenda is to help people stay connected. I get you are young and want to be independent and not have some parent knowing everywhere you are but mark my words, one day you will have children and you too will worry about them. Besides, if you are doing nothing wrong then what does it hurt? You may regret it if you find yourself trapped in your upside down vehicle off the road somewhere that you can’t be seen by passing motorist. A friend on mine sat trapped in his upside down truck for two and a half days in a creek with his dead girlfriend beside him. He wishes they had something like this back the. Grow up..Version: 21.1.0

Stellar tracking and geofencing appUpdate: Previous five star review below downgraded to four stars because Life360 no longer integrates with IFTTT. Because Life360 coordinated the location of all my family members I could use it to turn off the alarm and unlock the door when the first family member arrived home and then lock the doors and turn on the alarm when the last family member left. I could also use it to adjust the Ecobee thermostat depending on whether or not anyone was home. The default location service of IFTTT isn’t able to distinguish whether anyone else is home so the family location coordination suffers when trying to manage smart family apps. I’m not sure if the integration issue is a Life360 problem or an IFTTT problem but I give both services only four stars now instead of previous five stars. My understanding is that Life360 is working on this and if it ever reintegrates I will gladly repost a 5 star rating. —————- Continues to be a premier tracking and geofencing app. I use it along with SmartThings and IFTTT to turn off my alarm and unlock the door when family members arrive home (and vice versa when the last person leaves.) Not sure if life 360 is still getting slammed by negative reviews from the TikTok TeenyTots but you can bet that the more negative the review they might leave the more assured you can be as a parent that this is a must have app..Version: 21.1.0

Used this app for over 5 yearsOkay, let’s start by saying that no one is perfect and neither is this app. That being said, as a family, we have used this for many years. Occasionally, the GPS locator is off or there is a delay but overall, it’s given us serious peace of mind when making sure people we love are safe and their location. I should also note that we do not used the paid version so I’m not sure if the paid version upgrade has fewer glitches but overall I’d still say it’s absolutely great. On a funny note, we are a very conservative family and have different standards for “dating”. Our oldest daughter had a boyfriend and we had not allowed them to be off by themselves. She was working at a local restaurant and her boyfriend asked if he could drive her to work. We said yes but it was a cautious yes. About 15 minutes after they left, I opened Life360 and noticed that it showed they were not at her work but on a country road not far from there. I immediately called her work to catch her in a lie only to have her answer the phone! 😂 That episode was nearly 5 years ago and that type of glitch with the GPS seems to happen less frequently. But that said, a little parenting advice is to confirm before you react if it shows the person you are following isn’t EXACTLY where they’re supposed to be..Version: 21.1.0

An excellent appLife 360 has been an excellent addition to our stable of apps. It is very useful as one family member is not an apple user and it allows our daughter to see where we are so she doesn’t get anxious if we are running late. Very useful indeed..Version: 20.6.1

Easy PeaseyWe’ve been using life360 for years now. No more calls to ask “have you left work yet?” And kids know how far away we are for pick ups. Easy peasey..Version: 22.6.0

Fab!!Downloaded this when my daughter started going to school by herself. She checks in when she gets there and if she forgets I can track her to the school. Handy for when she visits friends and making sure she arrived safely home if I'm not there. Also use for my 18 year old who now drives. She has turned her location off because she doesn't want me to keep tracking her but she can check in and I can locate her immediately if she's lost or don't know where she is. I can then direct her or get to her. Really great when you have kids and are worried. Also good if you need to locate their phone! Defo worth downloading.Version: 20.6.1

This is hands down the best and most important app on our phones! Thank you!!As a user of Life360 for many years, I can’t say enough wonderful things about this app. With our family spread across the county, Life 360 gives us all extreme peace of mind. Even our 23 year old son (at the Naval Academy), and our 20 year old daughter in college, appreciate knowing where we, their parents, are. It was incredibly easy to locate them if I had to pick them up at a high school party. If they needed to contact us because they wanted to come home, yet didn’t want their friends to see notifications of texts going back and forth, we’d communicate through the app. Most importantly, because we are their parents and we’ve paid for their phone, that is just part of the deal. We’ve paid for your phone and your plan, then you must have this on your phone at all times, and they’ve never had a problem with that. We’ve never used it as a way to spy on them, but in this day and age in this crazy world, it’s a tool for increased safety. Actually, our 20 year old daughter appreciates us being able to “check-in” on her whereabouts and safety without having to call or text all the time. This was especially useful when she was in high school. There are so many great aspects of this app, and it’s incredibly user friendly. I will continue using Life360 for many, many years to come. Thank you Life360 for peace of mind and the ability to have a good night’s sleep for these past 6 years..Version: 20.6.2

Great App!I love this app because I can keep up with my family while they are away or on the go. It tells me the speed of the car to make sure the teenagers are driving safe. It also has a “driving safe mode” and a “wreck detector mode” on the app when you upgrade which is also another good thing about the app it’s really cheap to upgrade and all the upgrades come with better features and more things you can see. This app alerts me when my husband arrives and leaves any place I mark on the map but without the upgrade it will only allow you to get alerts with 2 locations you have marked on the map with the upgrade you get the option to get alerts with more then one location which is a lot better. I don’t use the app to spy on my husband or kids I use it for their safety and to know they are okay when they leave our home. I highly recommend this app! I do have one downer about this app the locations of your peers do not work while their “save battery mode” is on or if they don’t have service or WiFi and if their phone needs to be charged once the battery gets to low then it want work as well but it will alert you to remind them to charge their phone. You can also message them on the app and react like “love” or “thumbs down” on their location. One more thing that I love is it also tells you their route and the locations they have been the whole week. I hope everyone enjoys the app like my family does!.Version: 21.5.1

Fabulous for familySo useful for teenage kids. Can ensure you know where they are without constantly ’pestering’ them. Love it!.Version: 20.6.1

Gives my kids more freedomThis app allows me to feel safer knowing my kids are where they’re supposed to be. They like it as well to know where I am..Version: 21.1.0

Life360 family group or friends or whateverThis is the best app compare to my other apps! Where is dad? Check Life360. Where’s your girlfriend/boyfriend. Check LIFE360! It even says their battery and gives you a notification saying the name and that their percentage is low and warns us to tell them to charge their phone and when you get/leave home that also says ‘Lydia left Home’ for example or ‘Peter arrived home’ try it it’s the best app that you’ve ever installed. You’ll never know. You’ll thank Life360 later 🤫😊.Version: 22.6.0

A very well designed and developed app that does what it says it does.It’s pretty shocking how many people want to leave negative reviews about an app that does exactly what it says it does. If you don’t like what it does, why did you use it to begin with? If you’re like me and you have a very young daughter and the family that drives a lot, it’s nice to know where everyone is at all times without having to make a phone call or send a text message while you’re driving, for example. For those who say that you’re a bad parent if your kid sneaks out of the house at 2a, that sounds like something a sneaky child might write 😉. I had good parents, and I did some sneaky things as a teen. People aren’t perfect. But if something goes wrong (like an auto accident or a kidnapping), this app might help, and it certainly helps if you’re trying to find them at a location when they are in a loud room or not near their phone. I use it to know when my parents (senior citizens) are arriving at my home or meeting me somewhere, since they are challenged with directions. I can see when family members are going to be home based on their location, without having to interrupt them while they’re driving. I use this app every day and love it..Version: 20.8.0

It’s GoodGreat App to see where and what the family are up to and when you expect them to arrive, Only if they are prepared to share their location though of which they can turn off when they want.. The account administrator gets notifications when they arrive within nominated bubble zones too..Version: 22.6.0

Great for families.Great for families..Version: 20.6.1

ReviewI love this app! My flat m8’s and I use it so that we can know where each other are if it’s getting late or if someone needs to be picked up or in need of help. It’s a wonderful app that does as it says well.Version: 22.13.0

Thoughts About This AppI was wondering Why can’t you do a Update for this app for like when your Family Member has paused there Location I was Wondering for the Person who created the Family group that is me I want to be Able to Be In control if when they want to paused or Stop Sharing Location I want to be able to decide if I want to let them paused it or stop sharing location because my Brother has Mental issuers I need to keep Tabs on him he put a location on paused and he does not answer his phone and I need to worry about him because he does not listen he does not go to class he waits outside and does not do work at all so he gets locked out but he does not come home to tell us that he got locked out instead he just wait there and last time he couldn’t make it Because he was having Double breathing and something so he just waited in the ally then he came home when school finish and then he told us so I want to be able to know he is Safe and we’ll without him knowing I can control his location in private so he won’t know I Unpaused his Location and i want to choose if I will let him paused his location or stop sharing so please Can you do that if you can because I don’t want my grandma having to worry so much she is old so she does not need to be stress and he is like 17 so if you can make an update like that it will be very helpful (Thanks for reading my Comment).Version: 21.3.2

Life 360It won’t let me download it or anything.Version: 22.3.0

Good intention, but ruins relationshipsI understand this app was made with the intention of being a safety tool. I 100% agree with that, and I think it can be a wonderful tool if used correctly. However, my mother is one of those helicopter parents that spends her entire life on that app stalking her kids. As an 18 year old, I am so tired of my mom constantly stalking my location and texting me if I forget to tell her that my friends and I are stopping for food first. For God’s sake, I’m an adult! I’m my own person. For the parents out there that constantly stalk there kids and use this as a punishment tool, YOU are the problem, not this app. You created a simple safety app into an app that completely ruins your relationship with your kids because your intentions may be good, but your implications are that you have no trust in your kids. That hurts when you’re a good kid that’s done nothing wrong, gets great grades, gets into a great college, and literally stays inside all day. To the developers, you’ve done nothing wrong creating this app for safety purposes. Parents who feel like they have to have control on every aspect of their child’s life, do better. They are people too. I’m tired of hearing teenagers suffering like me and feeling like they don’t have control of their own life because their parents constantly stalk their every move. How about you set boundaries and create trust instead?.Version: 21.6.0

Not working properlyI must say this app is probably one of the best on the market. I have been using it for years since my boys received their phones from an early age. There are four people within the family circle however, since the latest iOS update 16.0.2. The app has not been working properly. It seems to be giving a false account of where people are and in some cases it is reporting people at home when they are clearly not in the house. I have deleted one person from the circle and then added them back, but this has not resolved the issue..Version: 22.9.0

BrilliantI know a lot of people who have this app, mainly to track family members and friends, which I use it for as well. However, I lost my phone when I was younger and my friends decided to find an app to help track our phones in case we lose our phones again. This app has been perfect for that as we’ve been able to constantly track each other’s phones and keep track on each other’s whereabouts when meeting up. I feel a lot safer knowing that my family and friends have my location all the time to make sure I’m safe and where i need to be. You can turn of locations though if need be which is good as everyone needs privacy sometimes. Completely recommend this app and have never had an overheated phone due to the app or a slower phone. If you’re looking for a phone to feel safer when going out or if you lose your phone a lot then I really recommend this app..Version: 22.4.2

Kids and Parents Love this appAs a family we discussed whether this app would work for us before we installed it. We all agreed that knowing where each other is , kids not needing to check in, knowing how far off mums or dads pick up is are all great features. In practice it’s worked even better not to mention helped the children and me located our iPhones on occasions when we have left them in shops or taxis! The driving reporting feature has been excellent for our children as they have become new drivers. Thanks Life360!!.Version: 21.1.0

HelpfulMy family and I just love this app!.Version: 20.6.1

High scoreLove to see the homies high scores on speed.Version: 21.8.0

Life360: Complete Tracker !If you want to confidently spy on someone and maybe track their location or get into their cellphones and see its contents, just reach out to expert Sammy via his mail ( sammynetaccess at gmail ) He is an established Elite spy expert, makes no mistakes and always gets results despite challenges. I don’t know how, but he discreetly got into my cheating partner’s gadgets which luckily were all linked to the same cloud where his pictures, videos are stored, as heartbreaking as the things I discovered were; I was very happy with results, and that I was able to have proof I wasn’t crazy. I have not been myself for the past year, it was very challenging having to balance my career with my relationship because I was constantly disturbed by my worries and suspicion but i just could not get any evidence.. sammy hacked his phone of it’s texts, vidoes, pictures, especially deleted ones, oh so many ugly and disgusting images he always hides from me. I got special access to his calls to that particular number i suspected that was his mistress at the time and I recorded his conversations as evidence that i used against him. Everything was so easy to uncover, it was simply amazing. Take control of the information that are important to you and reach sammy on his gmail to will help you monitor. It is sammynetaccess at gmail com ) He will provide anything you ask him to and he’s efficient with his services. Please contact Sammy and feel safe and feel peace..Version: 23.1.0

Happy ConsumersAs for me I’m a mama and me and my daughters use Life360 and we do very much appreciate the service bcuz it helps me keep an eye out for and know exactly where my daughters are as well as my daughters know exactly where their mama is. Me and a friend of mine were robbed at gunpoint last year and without Life360 my kids wouldn’t have known where I was or where I had been yet the robber took our phones and our purses and my friends car yet my girls had been watching everywhere I had been and it did help. It even helped the cops even though they never found our phones nor her car it did help them find the people who robbed us and so that was awesome! I don’t know what we’d do without Life360 and I’d always be on ends bcuz I wouldn’t know exactly where my kids are even though they’re grown I still worry about them as they do me too bcuz we’ve been through some crazy situations in our lives even though we do not hang with a bad crowd it’s just America has become that dangerous. I wish it were a little more affordable as far a some of the special features bcuz we live on a fixed income and my kids are outta jobs due only to COVID-19. People we all need more prayers as we’re definitely praying for all of u. Thank u. We appreciate u in all u do for people Life360! Keep saving lives and finding people! The app does Need to be a bit more exact and faster though it is great and we enjoy having the ability to use it. Thank you so much!.Version: 21.1.0

Peace of mind, life saverMy family has had Life360 for 5 years, since my son started driving. He is now in college. I always explained to him that by having access to his whereabouts, I didn’t need to call him or have him call me all the time. I held to that promise. Even in college, when I need peace of mind, I check to see he made it back to his apartment. I never comment to him or ask him to call me all the time. He understood that as a Mom, I would worry about him. I also gave him access to my location when he went to college as a sign of mutual respect. Life360 came in handy when he was 16 and was in car accident. He didn’t know where he was and within seconds I had directions directly to him. He’s had multiple accidents and this tool has helped out each and every time. I turned off the capability to monitor his speed and driving halfway into his senior year of high school because I knew it was time to trust. Plus, the conflicts over the information began to wear on me. Early on, it’s was very helpful and productive. After a year or two it just became a source of conflict. He’s 20 now. I can see his location. anytime I want, though I rarely check. It has helped me be a better, less nagging parent..Version: 20.6.2

Great appVery helpful, so many great features..Version: 20.6.1

Sai BhimarajuHi it is a great app particularly if you have a family we need to use this app so that we can know where is everyone. And gives lot of peice oh mind when any family member running late we can trace them where they are and making life easy Thanks to Life360 I recommending this app to all families around the globe Thanks again to Life360 👍.Version: 21.6.0

Teen ManagementThis App works perfectly for parents to know where their children are at all times. The purpose of parents knowing where our children are is not to ‘catch them in the act’ perse. It works for parents to know their kids are ok and god forbid anything should happen, we as parents will know where their located. In my opinion, if teenagers and the like don’t like the app because of its accuracy as to their location, then I expect those children are somewhere they are not supposed to be or doing something they are not supposed to be doing, or both. If children tell their parents where they are going and later decide to go somewhere else then they should either text their parents of the change in plans or have a good explanation why they were located somewhere else. Sorry for the rant! But kids, we parents care most about your safety and it’s for that reason parents have this app. On a side note, I have 2 teenage boys, that think they are grown. And occasionally turn off location services. Since the phones are on my account and I pay for them, I should be able to control the location function for this app on their phones. Wish we had that capability!.Version: 21.1.0

An IPhone widget needed!This app is amazing for friends and family, always knowing they are safe and if at any time they need help you know where to find them. I love the crash detection feature making you feel even more confident and reassure. However Life360 would be absolutely amazing if they added a widget available for your Home Screen so you don’t have to open the app and can see where your chosen person is at a glance. This would really be the cherry on top for me, please consider!!! 😋.Version: 22.15.0

LOVE LOVE LOVEOur family has been using this app for over 10 years! We needed a way to stay connected when we weren’t all together. You can text and check in with your family right from the app! About two years ago we got married in Vegas. All of our kids who are now grown tracked each other. If they got confused they would pop open the app and start walking toward one another. Now our niece is in the family circle. She regularly checks our locations to see what we are up too. In recent times, the world has gotten more dangerous, people have replaced house phones with cellphones making it difficult to talk to your kids when they are out with friends. I love that EVERYONE in a family circle of trust. The kids don’t feel violated and it gives the parents an opportunity to let the kids have the same level of trust bc adults are being tracked. My girls have both told us that they secretly always loved the app bc if anything were to happen, Life360 would report their trips and their last known locations. It lets you know if your child is walking or in a car. If the car is speeding it will let you know. This app does it all! Not to mention lost phones are quickly located!.Version: 21.1.0

Brilliant appThis app gives me peace of mind. Last year I was very nervous about my year 7 travelling on her own and a few times she left school in the middle of the day. This app has given me reassurance that she is at school and sends me an alert as she leaves and arrives at school. The fact it sends alerts gives me peace of mind. I would 100% recommend this app it even tells you what speed the transport they are travelling goes and can send a notification if they have a crash. Best app for peace of mind.Version: 22.8.0

Super Amazing & Helpful AppI rarely write reviews, but I had to for this! Because I tried several apps with no luck. Back then I was very confused, mad and always felt awful with my partner’s cheating attitude. I really wanted to track and catch him red-handed. I downloaded this app hoping it will help with it but I wasn’t satisfied with its features as I needed to monitor my partner closely. I then spoke with a trusted colleague of mine at work and she gave me a genuine recommendation about an ethical private investigator named Jack, I wrote to his email at ‘ hackerdon1001 @ gmailcom ‘ explaining how I wanted to have a complete access to my partner’s call log, iMessages/SMS, social media activities, gallery, texts deleted or not, his precise location day in day out. I paid for his services and in about 3-4hrs I had a complete access to his phone, I was really amazed I got a concrete evidence. It was unbelievable seen the evidence of cheating on me 😭. Who like to live with a cheater, I used the evidence I got to file for a divorce. I’m thankful to Jack for helping me out of my dilemma and suspicions. His services are highly rated and affordable. If you are having trust issues and need valid evidence, how about you contact Jack on his Gmail. Thanks Jack for the incredible services you rendered. I recommend your service, you’re simply the best in the game..Version: 22.2.0

Great- a few minor glitchesThis app has brought a great deal of peace of mind whilst dealing with a teenager just starting to spread her wings. It allows me to give her more of the freedoms she craves- and while it doesn’t assure her safety it offers me reassurance about where she is and who’s house she is at. Though I have noticed a few glitches- it will tell me she is home when she is known to be elsewhere. Then it jumps around and puts her at several places all within the space of about 3 seconds. Apart from this it’s wonderful, and worth the modest monthly subscription (optional- the free service is just as comprehensive) for peace of mind..Version: 21.6.0

Love this appLove this app.Version: 21.4.0

ReviewI love Life360 it helps track my family and know where they are however sometimes it asks to many notifications and that is why my sister had turned it off and now we can’t track her so that is really the only problem I have but otherwise it is an amazing app and you can even have separate groups for different people for example you can have one with your family and one with your friends..Version: 22.15.0

Great App!!It’s great for tracking my kids, knowing when they arrive and knowing when they leave their destination. Love seeing how many miles an hour a driver is going with my babies in car. Thank god for the app, t really it’s me at ease knowing I can spot my kids anywhere, anytime. The only thing I would say on the slight downside is if you have a few destinations really close together like a friend, work, school etc.. it’s not always clear where the child is, the May he in the circle where your friend lives but as it’s the same circle it will say the child is at home or school (if very close). So I do wish it was more specific in terms of location not just a particular area as such..Version: 21.7.1

Now not workingThis was a great app!! Now not so much only works when driving. Stays stuck on location where I have dropped off my daughter for hours, won’t refresh and her location could not be found. No point having it!!.Version: 21.7.1

I found my daughter after a terrible accidentI got the life 360 app after my divorce. It made me feel better knowing where the kids were. They were young when I first got the app. But as they got older and even started driving they liked "marking" locations so I wouldn't wonder where they are- but what's the bigger deal is how Life360 helped me find my daughter when she was in a horrible horse accident and was knocked out. She was helicoptered in a flight for life from a remote location. When some random person called me ( yes- every parents nightmare) and asked "Is Ella your daughter?". My daughter was riding horses with a group of young women in a remote location. A horse reared up and and fell on her crushing her. The people she was with panicked and dragged her (literally). By the time I got a call my daughter was in shock. The people didn't know where they were going- I was able to follow where she was using the app ( I was 3.5 hours away) and follow her movement. I was able to figure out the possibilities of which hospital she might end up in and while driving myself call them all to find her. I did. And as soon as I got there they loaded me and my daughter in a helicopter. I love Life360. I tell all my fiends. It's priceless..Version: 21.1.0

APen island.Version: 21.9.0

Good but was betterI would have given 5 stars, but one of the functionalities I really liked was life360 was able to interact with other things like Alexa and Philips hue and wiser heat via IFTTT. Last year life360 stopped working with IFTTT which I understand as IFTTT started charging ridiculous fees, but the email from Life360 implied they were replacing this lost functionality with their own. This has not materialised which has reduced life360s benefits drastically in my opinion. Fix this and I’ll gladly up my rating to 5.Version: 21.2.1

Love it just perfectAwesome thank you.Version: 22.8.0

StalkerThanks for letting me be able to stalk my family haha no it’s brilliant when you need to see where your loved ones are especially the teenagers.Version: 20.7.2

Life360 outstanding appIt’s important to know that 360 is a great remote spy apps that can be used to monitor and track suspected cheating wives, kids and your staff activities at work. However this great app couldn’t grant all access I needed to detect and catch my wife red handed in her deceptive ways. It all started when I had a suspicion on her with some recently inherited behavior like staying out late nights after work, being clingy to her phones and so on. I came to the internet to find a lasting solution to solve my marital problems. Thank God, Reece faz came my way after checking through positive reviews on Mspy app, how he helped a woman catch her cheating husband red handed. I reached him via his mail at targetspytech (@) gmailcom and he requested for certain info such as my spouses phone number and phone model. Within 3-5 hrs I got a notification popped up on my phone it was from Reece. he gave me a spy link which I accessed with my phone web browser there I was able to see all of his texts, call logs, shared pictures and videos etc as if I got his phone in my palms. It’s really a great opportunity to use the services of targetspytech (@) gmailcom, if you got similar issues right now I’ll strongly advice you write him for an excellent spying and tracking services. This is the most highly recommended and genuine services that works efficiently than the spy apps..Version: 21.8.0

App is amazingThis app has let me know where my family is at all times making sure that they are safe, this app gives you a notification if your family leaves home or any other place it also gives you a notification if you leave somewhere and even lets you know who’s on low percent and you get to set it up so you can add places ANYWHERE you would like overall this app is amazing and I love it.Version: 21.12.21

Actually helped me get my phone back!So my family have used Life 360 for around 2 years and has always been helpful, but as of an hour ago this app has truly helped me! I was at a plant nursery where someone tried to steal my phone, and with my daughters help from her phone connected to our account helped us track down the person who took it. I am truly thankful for this app helping me get my iPhone 11 Pro back. Thanks Life 360!!!.Version: 20.7.4

Family come home to a hot dinner!I can easily track family and start dinner as soon as they leave work saving time and frustration. It's also handy for knowing when you'll get picked up if you're getting a lift as you can see the car coming towards you! Only downside is if you or the person you're tracking is in a bad reception area - there may be delays or you'll need to wait til one of you makes a move!.Version: 22.4.2

Great AppAs a busy family it is an easy way to know where each other is located..Version: 22.4.1

Amazing app for piece of mind with kidsCouldn’t have given our children the freedom they need to go out with their friends without this app. Gives you reassurance of their location with great precision, notifications when they arrive/ leave school or other chosen places. We can even watch them on a day out at Alton towers & you can see what rides they are on! They can find you on a crowded car park when you pick them up or if you’re running late they can see how far away you are. The mode of transport taken, speed of vehicle & sudden breaking info is Fantastic!.Version: 22.5.1

Help fullHelps when Hot air Ballooning for pick up.Version: 20.6.1

This app is amazing!This apo is SO useful it helps a lot! I love how you can see where your loved ones/ friends or family are at any time! I just have a few suggestions when your at a certain place and someone comes close to you it should tell you that they have arrived at your location. For example if you have Life360 and your mom dose and you are waiting for her to pick you up and someone’s car comes up and you do not know if it is her or not it would not tell you she would be there but if her car comes instead of having to check the app to see if she is near it should give you a notification like “ Mom has arrived in your location” also I like how there is so much tools and stuff like that but I hate how most of them cost money and don’t get me wrong this app saved SO MANY lives but it would be just so amazing if the emergency dispatch thing would be free and all of the other stuff like that because what if someone can’t spend money and there loved one got in a situation and all you have is Life360!? And again I LOVE this app just that please make some of the things free it would really help others! other than that this app is really great and helpful!.Version: 21.9.0

#ghostmodeThis app use to be absolute garbage and allowed narcissistic parents to stalk and harass their own children but now ghost mode is allowing a bit of privacy and altogether has made it a lot more fair and is still and effective way of staying safe so overall this app is fantastic and cheers to the creator for listening out and risking their everything to improve the app because for people who are unaware they actually almost lost their job for this because others didn’t agree but he stood his ground and made this app reasonable so I overall recommend this app for parents and teens.Version: 20.6.1

Good but the sound notifications are not helpfulI like the app but I think that there are issues like when we change phones and numbers and if there is no internet it doesn’t work say if the carrier you’re using has bad reception everywhere the. This app is not useful. Also would be good to have more free functions like adding work, school, uni, etc.Version: 20.6.1

Nice appSafe and reliable.Version: 22.12.1

Useful appI have continued using this app as it allows family members to immediately see where each of us are located. My grand daughter loves watching her mum drive home to us. I can check to see when family members are on the way to family gatherings and I can make sure our grey nomad members are moving and are safe at night..Version: 20.6.1

Love it!Great way for families to feel connected, safe and worry free. Also handy if someone you set a pin on the grocery store and get alerted that someone is nearby to grab milk etc. cool for the kids in that they can ask you to pick them up from somewhere and you can see exactly where they are..Version: 21.5.1

GreatEasy to use, has helped my anxiety by reassuring me that my husband is nearly home/stopped at the shop/still at work etc, instead of worrying that he’s had an accident. Anxiety makes no sense, but it’s nice to be able to alleviate it on a day to day basis using the app. Can add other people to your circle (with their permission, of course), so great for the whole family..Version: 20.6.1

Fantastic. Very accurateAs a female who likes to go running, during darker evenings I have always sent my partner my location via Facebook messenger or WhatsApp. Neither of these methods have been accurate, and normally take a while to update location, sometimes not updating at all. I absolutely love how accurate this app is to the point where you can see people moving in real time, no need to update..Version: 21.10.2

Knowing where loved ones are!I really find this app useful! Especially with making sure my step son is safe when he is out and knowing where he is and where he has been. It also allows him to know where his parents are if he needs to locate us in an emergency..Version: 20.8.0

:((No offence, but this app made my parents so much worse and i have no privacy :(.Version: 21.1.1

Tracking like a bossYo, I'm mot a tracking freak, but it helps out a lot when my family get notified when I'm at the shopping centre so they send me what they meed without me having to call them one by one. It is so helpful with my job as well since I get paid hourly, so the application has all the hours, to the minute, that I've been at my workplace and I can use it to show my boss. Really good app..Version: 20.6.1

Very handyWe use this app in many ways all of which is handy. We have a motorcycle group and we use it to track if anyone gets lost or have any problems. I also have it so my elderly mum can see where I am and what places we visit. Also when I’m visiting her, she can see when I’m near to put t kettle on. We also use it like a phone tracker, which we have used and been successful l. Finally we use it to keep track of our kids also..Version: 22.7.2

I feel safer that my daughter has this on her phone when she goes out.Being able to get a pinpoint accurate location of my daughter whenever she’s out the house is invaluable. It gives us both peace of mind plus I don’t need to bother her to check where she is. Every parent should install this app on their kids mobile device. It’s also great for making sure she’s at school when she’s meant to me. I’ve even been able to track her as she moves from classroom to classroom during the school day..Version: 20.6.1

Great for a familyAs a family of 5 it is useful to be able to see when family members arrive at their destination or how close to home they are (so we can order the takeaway at the right time). Some reviews knock the journey info, which to be fair is OK but a bit basic. However, if you want peace of mind about where your kids / family members are then this is the app for you..Version: 21.3.0

Thank you for listening to teensI’m 18, I live on my own, my parents never used life360. They respected me enough to understand that I am my own person, not an extension of them. If my mom ever feared for my safety, she would call and text. I always told her where I was going, because we had a great deal of mutual trust between us. I got into my fair share of trouble as a minor, but not nearly as much as I would have if I knew I was being watched. The lack of privacy that teens are given when they’re forced to use this app just makes them sneakier, and they’re more likely to get themselves into dangerous situations, just to avoid being punished. Ghost mode is a fantastic addition to this app. All of the safety features are still enabled, just with the location turned off. I respect the company so much more knowing that they listened to the young people that this app is often weaponized against. If this company, who literally designed an app that you use to spy on your children, can understand that they deserve privacy, why can’t you? Please be respectful of your kids, understand that they are human, just like you, and they deserve privacy. Open and honest communication is the first building block of a trusting relationship between you and your kid(s)..Version: 21.2.0

It ain’t the app that’s bad it’s the reviewersThis app is incredible. This app has really benefited the whole family, it’s helped my mother keep track of where we all are so she knows we are safe, she’ll get notified when I’m a lot college and when I’m home, the exact same with my sister and dad, and she even can add locations that are useful to help me know where they are if they are out, it’s helped us so much, and to hear that people are dragging the app and the CEO through the dirt is appalling, it’s not the apps fault for all the glitches and stuff cus mine has worked perfectly every time. The CEO has done a great job and has given us an app that supports and benefits us a lot so that you #ghostmode.Version: 20.6.1

BIG helpLucky that my husband and I both downloaded this app. There was a time when I am talking with my husband over the phone while his driving late at night from his workplace and about to go home when he suddenly feel a terrible pain from his stomach going up to his chest and he can no longer talk to me on the phone and locate the hospital (because we are new in town), so I try to locate him using this app and guided him going there. Thank you for creating this app really saved my husband earlier tonight. 🙏❤️.Version: 21.9.0

Does the TrickThis app is just what I needed to keep track of my teenager who was testing the boundaries. Especially love the ability to send simply prompt-type message. The notification after a car ride is brilliant and overall the free app is amazing and suits my needs. We will be upgrading..Version: 22.7.1

Comfort at my fingertipsI love this app! I feel so much better being able to see where my family are at the touch of a button and check where they’ve been, especially my teenager! You can even see the average km/h they were driving and how much battery % is left on their phones and zoom in to see google earth rooftops and exactly where the ph is if you lose it. They have really covered all bases on this app it’s the best. Absolutely 5 stars!.Version: 20.6.1

Don’t use it to track ur kidsIt’s a great app for friends to keep each other safe. just don’t force kids to have it as a way to track them..Version: 20.6.1

Not for parentsI use this app with my bestfriends, not parents! i explained to my parents that i will be honest with them where i am, but needing my exact location at all times and not trusting me is a very toxic environment to be in. they tried manipulating me saying “well if there’s no problem, then what’s the problem.” absolutely not. stand up for yourself. HOWEVER, i love having this app to have fun with my friends😭.Version: 22.3.0

The benefits of life 360 App.My family started using life 360 as a safety measure for active kids growing up, as well as our aging mother. I joined the family circle a state away, as did most of our family, so we were all in touch. Little did i know i would find out first hand, just how beneficial the app would be! I was in a bad accident, and rear ended at a high rate of speed. By the time the vehicle i was in, completely stopped from the impact, my phone began ringing almost continuously. Life 360 contacted my family within seconds of the impact, dispatched emergency personnel to my location and continued to call my phone until i answered. The dispatcher asked about the color and type of vehicle i was in and how i was doing, as well as if i could tell her anything about the others involved. She was incredibly kind, and let me know that everything was being taken care of and that help would be there quickly. We had “on star” and i also have a medical app but the paramedics were there before either of them got through to us for assistance. I can’t say enough about the benefits of having this app, or just how awsome the people who work there are. Thank you Life 360* for all you do! Kimberly Smith.Version: 21.10.2

Great one idea thoughAmazing app!!!! One idea though is to put widgets on iOS14 see you can see live movement of a specific person?.Version: 21.9.0

SuggestionsHi Life360! So my family has been using your app and they think it’s great, but I think you could add these things to make Life360 better. -Make it so that you don’t have to use a phone number, make a wider variation like so you can use an email, because I have an iPad and I want to see where my family is but I can’t use the app because I don’t have a phone number. Thank you for reading my suggestion and I hope you can add this feature in!.Version: 22.3.0

.My life360 is amazing apart from one thing. I have this for me and my friends and you can send messages to people in your circle, but when I try to send messages it says “Failed to send. Tap to retry” I literally looked everywhere to find how to fix this but nothing is found. None of my friends have this problem though..Version: 21.5.0

So helpful!I’m a middle child, I work two jobs, go to school part time and volunteer on the side. I come from a family of busybodies where no one seems to know where anyone is or when they are coming home. This gets frustrating when dinner planning comes around and things need to be done in the house. We also have a few family members with serious health issues so having Life360 has been a literal lifesaver. We are a very open family so compromising privacy was never a concern for us. I’m so impressed with this app. You can add in locations like work and school so my mom knows when I’m leaving work and how fast I’m driving or I can see how long my dad was at his doctors appointment. There’s an SOS option for emergencies, directions to family members location and arrival notifications. It’s very easy to use and WAY better than just using the location service on the iPhone. It doesn’t seem to use a ton of data and if my 70 year old father can figure it out I’m sure anyone can. I’m hearing there’s teens out there trying to ruin this apps reviews on TikTok?? I would have loved this app as a teenager. Build a more honest and open relationship with your parents before trying to take down a company that is actually working to keep others safe. This app obviously wasn’t designed to expose rebellious teens. I would highly recommend this app..Version: 21.1.0

Thank goodnessI had a hard time letting my daughter go places because I just didn’t trust people. After getting this app I started letting her go to playdates and sleep overs all I asked from the parents was to inform me of any plan changes. Well sadly this family thought it was okay to drop off my daughter and theirs to another house to babysit so they all could go to the bar. The app reported she was in another location and I called her only to hear her say she was uncomfortable and the kids they wanted her to babysit were under 5 years old, she didn’t know what to do or how to keep them from screaming. I was furious my daughter has never took care of kids or trained to. I called the parents and they acted as that was not a big deal. It was 11pm about to be 12am, I told them you ether get my daughter and her friend from that house or I will drive down there and I will call the police for endangerment of all the kids. My daughter normally is 5-10 minutes away from our home but this family relocated and now were a hour away. I was upset but not wanting my anger to get the best of me. It has been three years now she has gone once or twice for sleep overs but now they respect my wishes and always let me know if they plan to go to a playground or something else. This app gives me a peace of mind and lets me know where she is at all times today she’s 11 years old and understands the importance to report herself and voice her questions and concerns..Version: 20.6.1

Saved my dads lifeIf you’re even thinking about getting this app, DO IT. My parents, my husband & I are all on one circle, so we can see each other’s locations. Originally it was bought because my husband is in law enforcement and couldn’t have his phone on him at work so I had no way of knowing if he made it safely when he was in a hurry to get to work on time (over an hour drive on interstates etc) Well now, 3years later.. my dad was in a bad motorcycle accident on a back country road headed home from his friends house in the middle of the night. I got the text message saying he may have been in a collision, and to check on him. I immediately called him with no answer, called my mom and within 10 mins of the accident she was on her way to him. This app gave us his exact location within 30 feet of him. This app allowed us to get him to the hospital with a depressed skull fracture, severely dislocated shoulder & several scrapes, etc requiring medical attention. Without Life360 my dad may have died on the side of the road before anyone even knew he was there. This app literally saved my dads life. Every single person we know is downloading it and sharing it with their loved ones as I type this. Thank God for Life360. Thank you to the developers for creating this app that allowed me to get my dad the help he needed, before it was too late..Version: 21.5.1

Great appI love this app. It is great for families and especially for parents. To all the “people” leaving negative reviews, I can tell that most of you are teenagers and have NO clue what it is like to be a parent, and until you have raised your own children through their teenage years you have no idea what you are talking about; you just sound like spoiled, bratty children, which is all the more reason parents needs apps like this! I have a great relationship with my teenagers and I do trust them but this app is used for so much more than tracking our kids’ whereabouts. No teenager should hide their whereabouts from their parents, who undoubtedly pay their kid’s phone bills (all bills for that matter). So until you are grown enough to work, pay your own way in life, and get out on your own, stop complaining and giving this app bad reviews just because you’re angry with your parents. Enough of my rant, just tired of apps getting bad reviews for the wrong reasons. This app works great. It has little glitches from time to time but overall it works correctly and gives some peace of mind so that you don’t have to worry about your family as much, plus you don’t have to call or text them to ask where they are and possibly distract them while driving. Love it!!.Version: 20.8.0

No RegretsThis is so useful to know where our family members are at all times. We don’t have to wonder if the kids made it to where they were going, if someone is a little late we can check how far away they are and if God forbid anything should ever happen, we would have a much better idea of where they have been in order to find them. Our family love this app..Version: 20.6.1

Minor issuesI’m loving the app to keep track of my youngest daughter, my grandchildren and for my children to also see where I am if/when they need me and to check I’m not in work if they call. My only 2 issues are the geofence is huge, living in a built up area I can often show as sitting in my daughters home when I’m sat in my own, and that’s on the smallest setting. More precise location would be great. My other issue is having it permanently on location eats my battery 😱 Apart from that, it’s a solid 4/5.Version: 22.9.0

Accurate Gps tracker💧It took me so long to understand the real use of this gps tracker I actually downloaded it due to an online ad about few months ago I decided to make use of it and ever since I started making use of this gps tracker I feel at ease because I feel my family closer even while we are miles away from one another at least I can know there whereabouts and all that but using this tracker to track my husband gps location lead me to finding out that he constantly visit his ex girlfriend this was a bit of shock to me and I tried asking him but he denies every single time I asked so all this made this very suspicious for me and I discussed this with a military friend of mine and she referred me to this professionals private investigator hacker whom I reach on this email [email protected] reaching them and with their professional interventions I was able to get every bit of my mans phone activities including his chats calls log pictures and other apps remotely from my phone without any suspicion getting into his phone gives me a lot of information about what he’s been keeping from me and where I really stand in the relationship and wonderful thank you for your active gps service.Version: 21.10.2

Great appBrilliant app, only downside is the cost. I would think if it was half the price there would be 10 times more registrations, which would be more income for you guys. Something to think about, maybe?.Version: 20.6.1

How to trick life 360Settings Cellular Scroll down Turn off data for life 360 It will say that you’ve just been at the last known location.Version: 21.6.0

My daughter suggested this appI got this app because my teenage daughter was going to college and “she decided” it would be the best way for us to make sure we both were safe. When we first got it we both loved it. And still pretty much do love it but it has had some glitches like delays in telling me or her where we are at the time and sometimes reporting that her battery is dead on her phone when it’s not. I had one moment when I was in the hospital and her life 360 was saying that her last whereabouts was in a parking lot at 2o’clock in the morning and that her phone was dead I was so worried that I called the local police near her college luckily she was safe and asleep in her dorm it scared me half to death I never wanna be afraid like that again. But at the same time I’m glad it gave me that warning. What really happened was she was in a parking lot at 2 AM with a friend who was upset about something and she did go home because her phone was dead and she thought that she had plugged it in the charger but apparently it wasn’t working. I want to thank 360 for helping me and my daughter stay connected and feel safe! My biggest concern are the delays which is why I only have 4 stars. We love this app because we know that the world around us is not always a safe place and this app helps us in case of emergency. Just image if my daughter had been kidnapped that night. Life 360 might of gave us to help we needed to get her back home to me!.Version: 21.1.0

Best app everLove everything about this app!.Version: 20.6.1

Ok ishSo seen this app on Facebook and decided to give it a go… These app provides good tracking of you pay but Me being the group holder doesn’t tell people when I leave or arrive..I want to be safe too..or does that not count unless a pay a subscription cost to get full access? When you know lots of people want to know there kids are safe I rekon if u made subscriptions cheaper for a year then millions more would subscribe and you’d be in the money anyway,it’s an ok app but I will be looking for something more.Version: 21.9.0

Great app for all the family.We love the features, accuracy and even the sounds..Version: 22.11.0

Peace of MindI’ve had this had for about 4 years now. My teens, age 19 & 16, are in my circle. At times some of their friends have asked me to add them as well. My daughter is away at college and has circles with her sorority sisters and friends. It gives me such peace of mind to look and see where my kids are. If they are driving, as long as they are moving, it lets me know they are okay. And to know I could locate them in an emergency if needed is very helpful. I do not stalk them. In fact they use it to track my location more than I do theirs!! But if I don’t recognize a location, and I can’t get them to answer a text, I will call. But that happens very rarely. I understand that some have a problem with location tracking apps and feeling like it’s a violation of privacy. That’s just something you will have to work out with your family. As for me & my family, this works great for us. I did have to turn off the sound notifications though because every time it would alert, the dogs ran to the back door barking & waiting for the kids to come in. They had been trained that the sound meant the kids were home. The problem was sometimes they were just driving by the house, since the school is just a mile down the road!!.Version: 20.8.0

Great appThis app makes me feel a lot safer, if anything ever happens to myself or those I care and love I can track there exact address or where they are located incase of worry’s. Makes me feel alot better to know this as a young girl. Sometimes the app has a few difficulties where it won’t work for a bit but I believe it’s just updating or a common issue with apps but over all its great..Version: 22.2.0

UpdateFor some reason I can’t delete or edit my past comment. This is a great app my wife and son use too and great to know where they are and how long before they arrive. Or just to know when their working so not to disturb them. Update my wife’s phone kept telling me every few minutes she was home when she hadn’t even left home this has now stopped so maybe was her phone not the app. It’s not for spying as some other silly person said above it’s for helping you know people are safe and information.Version: 22.11.0

Great app!Great app! We have used this with a big group of friends while on holiday... if your meant to meet up but your friends are in the pool or can’t answer their phone, you can look at your app and know where they are & meet up with them that way. Great for if you have young teenagers, you know where they are and that they are safe and or doing what they said they were. If you lose your phone ( gives you an area - not an exact pin point ) but if you leave it at a restaurant you were at you’d be able to work it out... I use it to see when my husband leaves work to start dinner so it’s ready when he walks in. It’s not creepy or sneaky as you both have to download the app and agree to be in a “tracking circle”. I think it’s super handy! ☺️.Version: 21.2.1

This app gives me piece of mind when I let my teens go out.There are many aspects of this app I love, but my favorite feature of this app is the safety component. One day my son was out riding his bike and he was lost. It was getting dark and he was 10 miles away from home. Through the app I was able to map him, find him, and bring him home safely. In another incidence, my son fell off his bike and the bike was damaged and he was not able to ride home. Once again I was able to easily find him. This app allows my teens to have some freedom at the same time gives me piece of mind. If they are running late, I quickly look to see where they are and I either remind them its time to come home, or I can see they are on their way without the barrage of texts. It also allows me to see what my family’s phone charge is-so if I dont get a call I can see if my boys (or husband) phones are dead. I don’t have drivers yet but I intend to use that service too. I really love this app. As for the boys (15 and 13)- they were thankful those few times I was able to find them so quickly. My boys use the app as well to see where I am when I am picking them from school. It is truly and wonderful app!.Version: 21.1.0

Overall good AppI have life 360 with about 12 friends and it is amazing, although you do have to pay. This app is good free until you want to expand your bubble/circle then you have to pay to label more locations on the map and turn on notifications which is fair enough…. Although the chats are EXTREMELY bad . You send a message it takes 10 minutes to send and sends multiple times… it’s not wifi either because you can ask others if they have the same problem and they do. It’s quite annoying. Although overall it is a 7/10 if your willing to spend money on it..Version: 21.5.1

Love itLife360 is a great app that allows you to know where your loved ones are. I also use it to know when to start cooking as I can see how far each family member is from me and the app gives me an estimated time to that person. So the meals are always on time when they arrive. Great for making sure your elderly parents or grandparents ok and always know where they are..Version: 21.11.0

AmazingAs a vulnerable person with many illness and allergies, but also with full capacity I often felt nervous being alone when horse riding or running or at work. I would almost always be texting my family or partner to let them know I was ok... it took that freedom away from Me and it also meant that my family were in a perpetual state of worry till I text them back. Now they can check my location and last-movement without being under eachother skin all the time. We have set loads of regular zones that I go to and the app effectively recognises that I’ve entered and left those zones and notifies my family members. Even the most loving and caring families need time away from eachother and this app gives us all the freedom to not be in eachothers pockets in constant communication. It’s also great when you go shopping as a family and you have no idea what stops everyone is in and they can’t hear their phone ringing! 😂.Version: 21.2.1

Great appI love this app. It works for me and my family and even with my bf. My mom has my location and I don’t care because I have nothing to hide. The people that hate this app are either cheaters or they know they’re doing things they shouldn’t be doing. If you have nothing to hide, there’s nothing wrong with this app. And for people saying they sell your data, big news buddy every app does! So who cares? I completely trust my bf/family, we use it for safety. The only reason I don’t give 5 stars is because it bugs sometimes but other than that, it’s perfect ❤️.Version: 21.11.0

Great app but buggyIt’s a great app but I’m currently having issues with locations. Someone in my family group has all of their location permissions on and has done everything the app is telling her to do however my app is still saying that her locations permissions are off and will not update with her location. I’ve gone through every setting and it’s all the same as mine (which is working). Is this just a bug? We cannot fix this :(.Version: 21.11.0

Mostly a great appI have my whole family set up on Life360 and mostly it works really well. It tracks my Daughters walking to school and back and tracks Grandad on his bike rides in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes there is a glitch in the matrix and it loses track of a person but not often. Worst thing is changing phones. Still trying to rectify my family circle after my Daughter moved from Samsung to Motorola. Tried all the tips from Life360 but can’t get it to track her. Really like this app and it’s services..Version: 20.6.1

AmazingThis app is amazing because it allows me to know where my family and friends are at the same time using the bubbles in the app. It is also amazing because it allows you to message your friends, family etc all using the same app. This amazing app can also tell you what everyone else’s phone percentage is, therefore if they need to charge their phone you can simply message them on the app but that’s not all as this app tells you when other people have low battery so you can tell them to charge their phones. You can also use some small buttons on your phone once you get into the app to ask them different questions about where they are at and where they are going next and you can also use these to tell them to charge their phones when you tap on their icon all these options come up. You can also check in to different places so everyone knows when you have arrived somewhere..Version: 22.11.0

Safety firstAbsolutely fantastic app and the fact it is free is amazing! It tells you what percentage their phone is on and you can send them a message to charge it if it’s low. It shows you where they are, how they are travelling to and where they have been. If they are in a car it monitors the speed of the car and it also has a crash detection feature. Absolutely brilliant to know that I know where my daughter is all of the time. I would highly recommend the app!.Version: 22.15.0

Life360As a father if my kids need help I know where to look for them. I don’t criticize them wherever they may go and never question them they don’t mind me knowing wherever they may be. I’m sure they feel more secure knowing where I can find them if they need help,.Version: 21.1.0

Fantastic!This app is amazing. My phone recently was stolen and I was able to use my Mum’s phone (and her Life360) to pinpoint exactly where my phone was. The accuracy of the location was phenomenal. We found it at the exact address Life360 has pinpointed it to and needless to say I got my phone back. I will definitely download this on all my future phones!.Version: 20.8.0

Don’t waste your money or depend on anyones safety using this app.My partner was in a car accident and the app didn’t send me a notification when we had premium. It has now been cancelled as I have reached out to their customer support team THREE times and my chats kept getting closed without a response. I am still yet to receive a response with another customer support conversation that I have opened. This has been ongoing since 9th August. when paying for premium you’re meant to get support within 24hrs..Version: 22.8.0

Love itMy friend and i use this app to stalk each other. its great.Version: 22.8.0

Accurate and easy.This app is probably one of the best on the market. It is accurate, and informative. It’s very helpful for family members who travel long distances away from home, for that added peace of mind of knowing where family members are when travelling at night or during busy periods. It’s also good to keep watch of speeds, especially if a certain family member has a lead foot whilst driving. Highly recommend this app..Version: 20.6.1

Love itLife 360 is an invaluable tool for my business.Version: 20.6.1

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