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Citizens Bank Mobile Banking Positive Reviews

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Citizens Bank Mobile Banking App User Positive Comments 2023

Citizens Bank Mobile Banking app received 9 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about citizens bank mobile banking?

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Citizens Bank Mobile Banking for Positive User Reviews

Once great app has become unstableWhen this app works correctly, it’s terrific. It offers many more functions and far more information than other banking apps I use. The mobile deposit function saves so much time — and they’ve improved it significantly since it first came out. However, over the past few months the entire app had become increasingly unstable, to the point that I can only access it on about 25 percent of my attempts. Usually I get “mobile banking unavailable.”. Sometimes I get “unknown error.” I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the same thing happened. Citizens Bank has been good to me and I remain a loyal customer. But I sincerely hope they take dramatic action to fix their formerly great app..Version: 7.1

Great UpdatesI have never had an issue with the app and I have been using it for 3 years now. It has always served its purpose but other than that there was nothing special about it. But with the new updates, the app is much better. First it has the running balance after every transaction which is great. I can also temp my card if I lose it straight from the app. Before when I used to pay my citizens bank credit card it wouldn’t tell me the due date or have different options for the payment. But now it shows the due date and if give me the statement balance, current balance and minimum due. Also making a payment to other institutions is super easy as well. I love the app!.Version: 10.9.0

App needs RevampThe app has some great features but I would like to see some changes. One is to the Widget. I wish they could update it to be more aesthetically pleasing and not the plain white background. Maybe doing a style similar to the Apple Screen Time Widget with notification icons on the side to show any problems like an overdraft for example. I don’t know if the Apple Watch app is similar but I would suggest the same layout. Another would be the app layout itself. Instead of the menu drop-down, I would like to see a bottom menu with Accounts, Transfers, Pay Bills, Zelle, and Mobile deposit with their own buttons and the rest be incorporated into a settings/features button to clean it up. Last but not least, please add a dark mode. I know white and green are your theme colors but I think the app would look sick with green buttons/icons against a black background. Also, it’d be easier on the eyes. Thank you!.Version: 9.0.0

Online App/MobileIt’s been over two weeks now and I am not able to login to the app. The message I get is that it is not available. I can understand updates but this is way to long. So much for convenience. I’ve had mortgages home equity lines of credit all of which have been paid in full and never missing 1 single payment and they would never waive any fees if my account became over drawn which on a few occasions has. Citizens is wrong in this regard in the amount it charges it’s customers fb or this. They have been proven to be wrong as they had to pay back customers. Also, My husband applied for a new mortgage to buy me out of my home and he was denied Citizens says he wasn’t going to live here. Figure that out. My husband !!! We went elsewhere and got a great VA mortgage. I’ve tried to set up a new app having issues again. May be time to move on..Version: 9.0.0

ReviewI like citizens bank because they do there best to help people out. They finally added Direct Deposit 2 days earlier for there customers which is a Huge help to help prevent over draft fees. I think they shouldn’t charge overdraft fee to there seniors 70 and over customers. We do overdraft because we don’t have a weekly paycheck and many times we need money for emergencies that come our way no fault of our own. Like we need medicine that’s not covered by our insurance or someone passes on and we need to send flowers out of respect for that family’s loss. So I would like to see NO OVERDRAFT FEES FOR Seniors 70 and over who have account with them. Thank you for what you do for your customers NOW please help out your senior customer s at stop OVERDRAFT FEES FOR US. Thank you Carl Sposato..Version: 12.6.0

I don’t understand the 1 starsI’ve been banking with Citizens for ten years now. I’ve been using the mobile app for probably half of that time. I’ve had no issues with the app. I love being able to transfer my money from one account to another, I absolutely love the mobile deposit, I’ve never had an issue with logging in, and when I had a credit card I could make payments to it through the app. I also really like the feature where you can choose which accounts you want displayed on the app (you have to do this on the computer). It’s helped with my savings so much. I’ve had a couple issues with my address and I believe that recently they made it so you can update that info on the app..Version: 6.8

Love the App..I love this app many times you try to get on to different apps when you’re using them they always fail you this one has not failed me and I also figured out when there’s a problem getting on you download the app again because it’s really your security that they care about so everything is at your fingertips you’re able to get your account information send girls pay bills they send checks by way of your account for free it’s just a nice a very nice app is compatible to other people at other banks with Zell it’s beautiful.I also appreciate That you’re able to retrieve your statements you can do it by the year by the month by the day and it’s constantly being updated so what you see is what you see they notify you based on your alerts just a nice app. Amen.Version: 12.1.0

Used to love the convenienceFor some reason now though the app refuses to recognize my TouchID even though I’ve turned TOuchID on and off, uninstalled and reinstalled this app, and searched all the faqs and help menus. The app is supposed to have an option to turn on Touch ID, it’s not there (yes I looked in the security settings tab within the app and through the app settings in the IOS settings menu), and that makes it highly inconvenient especially when the app itself likes to tell me my password isn’t correct when I know for a fact beyond a doubt that I have put it in correctly. Fix your crap Citizens, or are you going to treat your mobile app/mobile banking like you did the overdraft fee scandal a few years back and just ignore it and pretend there’s no problem?.Version: 6.4

Bring Back the Old AppAesthetically I find this ad to be very nice. What makes me crazy is the two layer authentication. I have that on my credit card which is fine because I might access it twice a month. However, I access my Citizens accounts three or four times a day. The two level authentication is way over the top. The widget that was on the old app is now gone. I used to find that to be very helpful. There were many times that I would make a charge on my debit card and it won’t show up for three or four days. That makes balancing my account so much more difficult. If you call customer service I have the phone errata hold for an incredibly long period of time. Why don’t they just hire Sabor people and give better customer service. When you do get through call about I generally always get support with a very thick accent. They were offense to them, they racks it is their accent, but if you can’t understand it what good is it. I’ve had to ask to be.Version: 10.7.0

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