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Avenza Maps: Offline Mapping App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Avenza Maps: Offline Mapping app received 49 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Avenza Maps: Offline Mapping? Can you share your negative thoughts about avenza maps: offline mapping?

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Avenza Maps: Offline Mapping for Negative User Reviews

Hardly worth itI got this app for the free VA State Park maps. I guess you get what you pay for- the information on hiking trails is incomplete and rudimentary and the maps are low information content. However the app itself gets downgraded for the braindead download interface. If anything happens during a download ( which can take a while especially when you are away from fast wifi) the download simply stops and/or starts all over again. Even if the iPhone screen turns off! I spent the better part of an hour with repeated attempts and finally succeeded by keeping the iphone screen on without doing anything else that would have immediately cancelled the download again.Version: 3.13

Useful in some waysGot this because NSW DPI require it for hunting permissions. It is ok, particularly for those who are not into or trained in navigation. A proper gps navigation unit such as garmin will beat any app any time out in the field particularly on foot, phones cannot be trusted if your navigation is crucial. Having said that this app is very functional, perhaps more so than the hema, but the hema app maps are superior for Australian users. I think this app would suit allot of users..Version: 3.13

Limited mappingI have yet to test App in the field. However I am disappointed at the scarcity of high quality maps available for South America. I was hoping for 1:25000 maps of mountains, including Santa Isabél in Colombia, and Salkantay Machu Picchu.Version: 3.8

Broken :(Used to work kind of okay but over the last few upgrades it's become utterly useless. Tried it again just a few days ago and it just sits there saying "locating" but never locates anything. Doesn't track either. Now I need to find an offline mapping app that actually works. Disappointing..Version: 3.2

Operational issuesI have tried and tried to get this to work. I can’t get past the first thing. I have no idea how to get it going. There is nothing intuitive here. I once deleted it and then was told it’s a good app. So I would like to use it. I can see a world map and a blue dot where I am. I can move the target over me. But what is next?.Version: 3.13

ZoomWould be better if it zooms more in on maps when playing with markings etc..Version: 3.10

Useless - need annual subscription to use own mapsThis app worked well in the earlier versions when you could import your own maps, but now requires an annual subscription to get this functionality. I've spent a lot of money on buying Geospatial PDF maps and now I they're effectively useless to me.Version: 3.2

Could not retrieve my maps previously purchasedApp works good. My issue was after deleting the app and re-downloading it later, I signed back into my account and was unable to retrieve the backroads mapbooks I had previously purchased/downloaded in the app. At almost $40 each, losing the two mapbooks put me back $80 which was very disappointing. Good for using free maps but would not recommend purchasing maps within the app..Version: 3.12

Too expensive and too limiting in free versionThree maps but even importing the second map brings up a warning that the map is inactive. First I had to register before I could even try the app. A demo map counts as one of the three. Importing a second map brought up the warning that it is inactive. While PDF maps seem to hold some promise for easy adoption, Avenza’s approach makes it a poor choice for even recreational use. It would be better to offer a month trial first..Version: 3.9.1

Smart tracking, clunky interfaceOften overlooked are the app’s intelligent tracking capabilities that are very customizable and can yield more accurate tracks with less noise than many leading GPS apps. However, you will be hard pressed to reliably export features like tracks to other apps because Avenza’s approach to layers is just all wrong. So bad. Record a track and you should be able to name it right away and have it be findable at top level directory rather than buried in a sea of Avenza’s generic, self-named Layers. Tracks and waypoints should simply transfer to other apps via iPhone’s Open In sharing option, but because your actual track is a so-called Feature within a Layer and never expressly named, you can’t reliably locate it during export. It’s a shame because Avenza isn’t realizing the full potential of what is good about it, and I feel it’s due to misunderstanding its user base and believing all they want are digitized PDFs they can draw on. This is the niche around which the whole ecosystem revolves..Version: 3.11.1

GoodThxthx.Version: 3.11.1

Complicated interfaceI honestly could not figure out the interface of this app..Version: 4.0.4

It’s Ok’ishNo other choice really out there, but for the cost of a yearly licence I would expect some regular development and upgrades. Performance is abysmal, edit tools are lacking and clunky, and nothing has changed for years. You do not get what you pay for..Version: 3.11.1

DecentWhen I am able to get the maps they work well but that is a BIG if. The button to “download” a map have writing that is illegible so you can’t read the price. There are two buttons below that, which I have no idea what they say because again the words are shown illegibly. It doesn’t tell you when a map is downloaded when click the box that I think says download. When I search for a specific free map it won’t show up unless I specifically use the link from another site. And at least half the time the maps don’t download. So many bugs make this an app o would not recommend but it is the only app where I Can get NYS park maps for free so I am stuck with it.Version: 3.11.1

Do Not UnderstandLoaded map for Cambodia imported KMZ file and there is no way I could use this map to navigate its like try see something from space the scale is useless as is almost zero detail.Version: 3.13

Nice features, but horrible search engineDon’t bother with this app unless you plan to upload your own maps. If you do, the PDF tracking features are great, and transferring a GeoPDF from e-mail just works — no trouble, no fuss. Unfortunately, the built-in map store is all but unusable. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it has *the* worst search engine I’ve ever seen. It’s extremely inaccurate. It has no apparent way to refine search terms (except a few built-in options, which aren’t much use given the rest). It doesn’t recognize quotation marks. There’s no way to exclude terms. I literally cannot find specific US national forest maps by searching the name of the forest — most of the time, they simply aren’t in the results. It’s incredibly frustrating to have such a potentially awesome app made unusable by search alone. Please, devs, *fix* it!.Version: 3.5.1

Unusable topographic mapsI bought the app for topographical maps. I downloaded a set of maps around Placerville, CA. At least one failed to download due to errors. I tried multiple times without success. My query for assistance, which included all the info they requested went unanswered. The maps I downloaded were all the smallest scale, a few miles on a side. There were no large scale maps as a reference, nor any way to link them to any other map to know the area any of these maps referenced. Just a big empty grid like a piece of graph paper. They were almost totally useless. The only good feature was I could hit a link that popped up the map of the immediate area I was in. Very nice feature but not of any real value in how I wanted to use them. I would take my money back in a heartbeat!.Version: 3.10

Map store search is awfulThis app is good to use IF YOU CAN FIND the maps you want in their map store. Searched for Tonto National Forest Map and what came up a disorganized list of maps that were impossible to view in any real detail using preview. Finally just used a map developers name, MONTANAGPS, and the map I was looking for came up. Nowhere in the search instructions is this option spelled out. You need to really do a lot of improving of the map store search function and come up with a way to preview the maps in greater detail so we can see what we are buying. Going to try GAIA. Read that it was way better..Version: 3.5

Horrible Search & Terrible SyncingYou CANNOT search for Tom Harrison maps, even if you put in the exact name of the map it does not show up in the results. National Geographic must pay to suppress those results. Nat Geo maps for adjacent national parks even show up in the results. I already have the Nat Geo maps. So I go online and buy the Tom Harrison map for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National parks (Tom Harrison redirects you to Avenza to buy the map). Now I cannot download the map to my iPhone or iPad. FRUSTRATING! Purchase History in your map store does not work....(yes, I am logged into my account)..Version: 3.7.3

Support team is cordially non-responsiveI have been experiencing a reported problem for nearly a year, and the software has received numerous updates. While corresponding with the software developers, they cordially give you lip-service, but fail to fix the problem. The problem that I reported is when importing files from iTunes file sharing, the dialog window that is presented does not alpha-numerically sort the files available for selection. Note that when I first reported the problem, their developers were adamant that the dialog Windows sorts by default, which must have been determined by having two test flies loaded on the system. I have upward of 2000 geo-tagged pdf files that I have modified for hunting in the state of Colorado. When these files are presented for import in an I sorted manner, selecting the needed map becomes an aggravating exercise in futility. If you have a lot of files from which to select, you should consider this as a warning because the support team is not competent to provide timely fixes to apparently simple problems..Version: 3.9

Uploads limitedThere was no need for the developers of this app to limit the uploads of the base version. Access to their maps from the map store is convenient and pricing is attractive - the barrier to importing a map not available from the store is silly..Version: 3.3.3

Renewed but no access.I have a receipt for the 2020 renewal but I cannot access the paid version on either my tablet or phone..Version: 3.12

Fees to add your own maps!Why make someone pay to add something that they already paid for? This is ridiculous that you have moved to making people pay for imports. I'm a firefighter and our agency previously used this app till they started charging fees to import your own maps. We are on the move all the time switching from fire to fire, we need to give other people the maps when necessary but can't because they have to pay now. It's a bad business call if you're trying to make more money or have a following that use your app. Because from what I see all you're doing is making more people mad and losing more customers. You lost a whole firefighting community where I live that used to use this app. Google maps is what we use now if anyone cares to know..Version: 3.2

What happened to searching for maps?I used to love Avenza. I still use it with the maps i have in my collection, but to search for a new map, forget about it. I liked that you can put searching maps for recreation but now that option is gone so you get ALL the types of maps they have on file. I need hiking trails not topographical maps or other kinds of maps. Don’t even bother searching a specific area because it will send you somewhere else not even in your own State. The buttons cut off so you just see the top of the word (Download, next, previous...) so I have to guess what it says without pressing the buy button. So frustrating. I want to love this app again since I’m always out on the trails. Fix the problem please so I can get new maps without going to a different app..Version: 3.9.1

Need to do moreNote sure about you map selection..Version: 3.10

Missing mapHello I have been telling friends to download the map for vsa Silverstar and now it doesn’t work. What’s up?.Version: 3.13

Maps no longer availableGood app for navigation offline. However I purchased multiple maps last year in Tasmania. When transferring them to a new phone, I was no longer able to download because the maps were no longer available. If this is fixed I would rate the app 5 stars..Version: 3.7.3

WAY too ExpensiveHave used and loved this app for years. I am not surprised nor upset that they have started charging for side-loading maps, as they earn no money when people do so. What I do find outrageous however, is that it cost $30 per year for me to load any more than 3 maps!! I think there should be a smaller tier, maybe $5.00 for loading a dozen maps. Given that we travel a lot of forest service roads, this app has been very helpful, but now I’m looking for an alternative. You priced us out of your app Avenza..Version: 3.5

Maps not truly accessible on multiple devicesMy husband purchased a map of the Sierra National Forest on our iPad. It supposedly could be accessed on multiple devices. He logs in to his Avenza account on his iPhone and there’s no map in his download history. He says to restore previous purchases and nothing happens. I try the same route. No previous downloads. Then the kicker: restore previous purchases requires me to be in his iTunes account. So even if there was a previous purchase to restore (which there wasn’t in his iTunes account on his iPhone), I wouldn’t be able to access it. The app doesn’t work as advertised..Version: 3.5

Much room for improvementThe user experience leaves much to be desired on iOS on an iPad. What about features to manage map alignment, orientation and scale easily (not just relying on gestures)? Could use the built-in compass as well..Version: 3.14.1

Not obviousCrosscut Mountain Center (x-c ski) near Bozeman MT says their map is on your site, so I installed the app on an iPad Mini 2 and also from Crosscut’s site it seemed to install Crosscut’s map too. Unfortunately, a search on your app puts me roughly 75-90 miles away, to the SE. I’ve since found it listed to the side, under My Maps, but it seems to open more as a preview with a bunch of squiggly colored lines (trails) than a useful map. Fortunately, I’m familiar with the trails, but someone new wouldn’t be able to make heads or tails of it..Version: 3.6.1

OrdiComment fait on pour installer Avenza sur un ordi merci.Version: 3.10

Great but one item would make perfectThis is great but if it had the ability to sort maps by showing which are closest to your gps location it would get 5 stars..Version: 3.5.1

Avenza with RKH MoroccoHow did the app and purchased the Reise know-how Morocco map. Paid for App You have To spend A lot more money to be able to import your own tracks and routes. Purchased Map Has a lot missing from it. The area near the most important tourist site called Erg Chebbi is chopped off with the cover photo. Southwest corner a section leading to western Sahara has been chopped off Southern area of Morocco called Western Sahara which is a part of Morocco which Is missing from it. I would expect To see whatever the paper map version has in this electronic version On This Electronic version of the map there is also some kind of crayon mark that was Probably done by whoever was scanning it in scanning it in.Version: 3.14

ExpensiveJust buy the OS map app and enjoy full mapping free.Version: 4.0.4

WarningBought a collection of maps covering most of the state. 700 maps. From the shop. Only to find it was a donation and the maps were freely available at another website. Downloading all 30 gb of maps required continuous internet connection. Help said we don’t understand what is wrong. Had to delete app and start again. Hours of time wasted. Not happy. Map was about fifty meters out consistently. How do you align them up perfectly? Can’t find help on that either..Version: 3.10

Was better before.There used to be USGS 7.5x7.5 maps available for free, almost all of them and easy to find on the map and download, it made sense. Now they are all gone and replaced with very few free USGS topos and a whole lot of maps for sale. Can not find any of the maps I previously had. This update has basically rendered this app useless to me and my coworkers who are wilderness guides. I hope this is fixed, or something it changed because I am not going to be using this app for aiding in my wilderness navigation any more..Version: 3.9.1

Not very usefulThis ap was recommended to me from a colleague. I have had nothing but trouble trying to get it to function. The ap does not provide functionality by enable you to specify where your base map is located (in my case in icloud). There is no means by which you can open up an existing base map and use the ap from there. In short I could not get any useful product from this ap.Version: 3.6.1

Won’t open mapsDownloaded the maps to use on iPad but try to open and shuts down every time.Version: 3.15

Poor tech supportI purchased and downloaded the plus so I could used a friends hunting map he created and when I reached out to support to help with an issue they wanted me to pay for the pro version. Other people can easily download the map and for some reason it won’t upload into Avenza. Probably an easy fix in my settings that I’m missing but the tech support won’t help me..Version: 3.7.3

More recreational walking and hiking Maps in VictoriaMore recreational walking and hiking Maps in Victoria suggested please..Version: 3.12

Very poor quality topo mapsUnlike many negative reviews mine has nothing to do with being upset about Avenza moving to a pay per map model. That's fine to me. I'm happy to pay a few dollars for a useful tool. What upsets me is that I have paid money for a worthless map. What is described as "the finest available" map is actually a low resolution image that is quite useless. Zooming into the map reveals the low quality image. The topo elevations are 100% illegible, as are most road names. Google maps provides more detail and features than this map did, and that's a free. And since google has added a feature to download portions of a map for offline use, I used G maps more than the Avenza maps. Again, happy to pay money when it is worth it. This was not worth it..Version: 3.2

Frustrating AppI’ve been using the app for approximately six months during a handful of off-road trips. It’s adequate when you acquire a map which is originally done in PDF (such as from Tom Harrison, National Geographic, and some others). Many of the maps, however, are in fact sourced from compressed scans of printed maps (or low quality renderings) that are virtually unusable when zoomed in to ascertain area details. The store does not indicate which are native PDF and which are scans. Many of the better available maps are available in hard copy for essentially the same price, though missing only the nice ability to use your device’s GPS to indicate and track your location. An issue of all mapping apps is that it’s sometimes nice to spread out a paper map to get the big picture as something is lost when you use an app such as this to zoom out making features so small that they’re unrecognizable and text unreadable. Overall, if you needs maps, you’re much better off getting the much more capable Gaia app and suffering the subscription fee which you’ll quickly rack up in a handful of maps with this app versus unlimited maps in Gaia. I think there’s a place for this app if you restrict yourself to Tom Harrison maps or are able to get lucky and find native PDF maps which are not available on Gaia, but all of the Nat Geo Trails illustrated and topographic maps are in Gaia ... and much easier to find and download..Version: 3.3.3

Frustratingly close to usefulI can deal with the mix of free and paid maps. Charging to import your own maps is majorly lame but whatever. Where they REALLY dropped the ball is making it impossible to preview before purchasing and making it hard to see/select exact areas to purchase. So here I am, the perfect customer on a road trip trying to buy maps for backpacking trips, and my choice is to randomly buy maps that might be in the right area or declare the app a piece-o-price-gouging lameness. You can tell from the single star my opinion. They need to re-think their user interface for purchases and seriously re-think how preview works..Version: 3.2

You own the mapsA great app for hikers in which you permanently own the maps once you buy them but do not buy them through the apple store. Instead Buy them on the Avenza website just in case you do not find they were not what you expected or hoped for. The Apple Store will not refund your purchase but Avenza will. The only drawback to the Avenza app is that it does not automatically save your routes or waypoints. You must save/ export them as layers to your files then import them. Hopefully they will streamline that process in the future.Version: 3.6.2

Horrible maps, not useful for hikingI downloaded this app and purchased the Saskatchewan map bundle, hoping to take more advantage of having to stay in province because of COVID-19 travel restrictions... but I was very disappointed. The maps were low quality pixelated versions and not real digital maps at all. Despite the low quality they were “high resolution” and occupied nearly 1G of space on my phone. Moreover, they did not look anything like the examples shown in the App Store. I have requested a refund. Maybe maps of other places are more useful, but when considering this app I would suggest you think twice before trying to use this app for hiking in Saskatchewan..Version: 3.10

No use for basic surveysThis is no professional tool. Problem 1. recording survey points have no associated altitude. Your competitors have this and it is a most basic attribute. Problem 2. On UK coordinate system OS grid, the maximum resolution is 1 metre – many devices can do better than that now especially with external GPS so recording to nearest metre is throwning away precision. 3. Showing only a single map on screen at once, even with the Collections feature is very clunky – have the screen is black until you cross the join until the other half suddenly goes black. Impossible to understand features when you are close to the edge. Near a corner of a map where you have all 4 adjacent maps on your device, three quarters of the screen is black! Have I missed something here? The free tiles viewable for OS Maps VectorMap District are wonderful maps but have no contours and cannot be described as topographic. If Avenza is to be a useful pro tool in UK, you need to partner with OS or another to provide decent seamless topographic mapping..Version: 3.13

Money grabbing scumDon’t bother with this app, it is cheaper to just get a dedicated GPS if you want true ‘pro’ or ‘expert’ features that this company is trying to sell you. I paid for this app a couple of years ago. Had all the features they are now labelling as pro or expert etc. Recently updated the app and now I have to pay an exorbitant price to use it again. Be aware your phone doesn’t compare to a real gps and previously when this app was a reasonable price you could live with the short comings. However I wouldn’t waste your money with what this app has devolved into. What’s the reason I used this app in the first place? I was required by law to have gps capability when in certain areas and the governing body issued geo referenced PDFs for people who couldn’t afford a dedicated GPS device. It worked great for what is was but when you are required to have 50 odd government issued PDF maps it’s just not value for money anymore. Thanks Avenza, I finally have justification to delete your app and get a GPS/radio combo, I’ll know where I am with better accuracy, I can talk to others when out of phone cover and the battery will last a whole lot longer!.Version: 3.9

Purchased maps disappearedMaps I purchased last summer have disappeared and are no longer available on the map store. Buyer beware. I’ll be pursuing a refund..Version: 3.9

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