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Perfect AppThank you very much for the beautiful app! Works like a charm. Extremely recommended!.Version: 2019.8

5gJust wondering will these maps incorporate 5g coverage I’m on Verizon just want to know will this update as carriers roll out coverage..Version: 2019.8

This app is greatI love this app. It allows me to see where I get 4/LTE coverage. That is so handy to know. Four star rating because there is no tab to see where 5G coverage is. I hope that tap comes soon because all the major carriers are starting to roll out their 5G coverage..Version: 2019.2

Coverage is great!This app is really helpful. We conduct business as we travel the country on our motorhome. The app is accurate and easy to use..Version: 2019.8

Still The Best & Most Accurate!We use this app all the time while traveling. It's well done and always seems to get the latest updates (unlike the other apps!). Best app and worth the download..Version: 2014.4

Great app. Needs 5G supportWould like the App to start supporting 5G as all the carriers are rolling it out..Version: 2020.6.6

Great for travel planningThis app is perfect for making sure you are going with the right carrier when planning a journey or a short hop. We used it to make sure we would have uninterrupted coverage for our cross country adventure to California and beyond in January. Worth every cent. Update 2012: even better! We are travelling from TO to California then back - this app is a must have. The 4G option is great, knowing when to expect a better connection is valuable, esp. when a big meeting is coming up..Version: 2012.10

“Coverage” is fantastic!This app is great at showing you a fairly detailed look at where you can expect cellphone coverage. It’s also easy to use and the support is great. One last thing is that I first purchased this app 8+ years ago and it’s been regularly updated ever since with no additional payment required. It’s just been such a useful app with fantastic value. The developers really should be commended for the way they’ve supported their customers throughout the years..Version: 2021.5

Awesome app. When's the next update?WHENS THE NEXT UPDATE?????!!!!! 😠.Version: 2018.2

10/10Perfect app for USA cellular 2G 3G 4G LTE coverage. Just get it!.Version: 2012.3

Absolutely indispensableWe spend half the year traveling around the country in our RV. It is imperative that we have connectivity for our consulting work. We regularly use this app in determining our camping location. The app makes it so easy to see if we will have the coverage we need. Bravo to the developers!.Version: 2019.2

IndispensableI’m a fulltime nomad and still have to work. This requires reliable Internet access, so when I’m considering a new campsite, the first thing I do is consult Coverage? To see if my intended destination is viable for me. It’s important to remember that this app is based on coverage maps provided by cell carriers, and we all know those can stretch the truth a bit. But despite that limitation, I find this app indispensable in making sound travel decisions. - Wildheart Wanders blog.Version: 2020.6.6

Essential Vanlife AppQuite literally one of the most essential vanlife apps to plot a route when service is needed for work, video calls, etc. Out of my entire folder, I probably use this and IOverlander the most. Cheers..Version: 2021.5

Five star worthy - BUT 5G Maps - When?Great app - used it for years. But WHEN will 5G specific coverage be shown? Even with HD purchased upgrade, now renewed for another year - no 5G yet. Developer’s web site says: “5G coming soon!”. When it arrives, I’ll upgrade my review to 5-stars..Version: 2020.6.6

Surprisingly usefulThis is a great app I’ve used for years. I work for the cellular industry and am constantly surprised how accurate these maps are (knowing how the original source maps are created by the carrier). The developer is regularly updating the app (thanks for X support!) and has not implemented ads or other user unfriendly things. The upgrade subscription is the only additional thing some people like me would want. I’m slowly starting to accept subscription models as developers need a consistent revenue to fund their operations. Totally recommend for the curious and almost required for anyone in the cellular industry!.Version: 2017.11

Don't select a cell provider without this!It is impossible to obtain accurate cell phone/data coverage maps from the big 4 cell phone carriers making selecting a cell carrier that works for the areas a person lives/works difficult at best. This app and more importantly the team that supports it provides in the most logical and easy to use map overlay the tool you need to make a good choice for you. For me, having dual residency and a professional pilot I needed to be able to compare the data coverage maps, specifically LTE coverage before I purchased my new LTE enabled IPhone 5. There is so much confusion over 4G and LTE for the data side. The consumer is being bamboozled by AT&T. Their 4G is slightly faster than 3G. LTE service changes that and your cell phone rivals WiFi connections for function. AT&T and the other carriers don't want you to see their LTE maps. This app changes that. Now you have the tool you need to beat the cell carriers at their game! Don't buy a new phone esp a smart phone without buying this AP! You'll thank me!.Version: 2013.11

A most excellent appUPDATE: The latest version continues the escalation of accuracy previous generations have aspired to. Keep it up! ------- An elegant app that sets out to do what it aspires to, and does it extremely well. What's more, the authors desperately attempt to keep its data up-to-date much as possible, a nearly futile task given the nature of the cellular industry these days. What makes it more unwieldy is that the updates are made available via version upgrades to the app. A humble suggestion would be for the app to download and incorporate new data as it's made available, rather than leapfrogging entire app versions as maps come out from the carriers. (Then again, maybe this has been explored already.) As it stands, the authors rely on new purchases to fund their tireless support, as they probably feel charging for updates would be frowned upon; however, incremental real-time downloads of new data could open up infrequently charging for major actual updates to the app itself. Anyway, just a thought..Version: 2013.5

Helped us decide.The app is extremely easy to use and allows you turn off and on different carriers and services. Allows you a quick visual of overlapping or nonexistent service for our great country. This app helped me sort through the complicated balance of what mobile phone carrier, considering coverage and price would be best for my family for our particular needs. It most definitely saved and will continue to save us money by not overbuying a carrier service for our needs. When we begin our adventure later this year. Will be adding a second carrier service based on the research from this coverage map. That information should help provide us with not only convenience, Internet comfort but also another amount of personal safety. Thank you. Mel & Linda.Version: 2019.2

Quite useful !!I like this app. I don't know how accurate it is but it certainly seems to do the job..Version: 2016.1

Essential app for working from the road!This app will now save me hours of trip planning. I am an RV'er who often works my tech job from remote places around the U.S. Previously, I had to search each carrier's website to determine if they'd have appropriate coverage and plan my route and camping spots accordingly (I use ATT for my iPhone and Verizon for my Mifi data). But I can now easily just look up both carriers right from this app on my iPhone. I also like that the map data is accessible offline, so if I'm stuck without coverage somewhere, I can easily figure out which way to go to find it. I'm just about to leave for a month-long trip to the Southwest, and this app will really be critical out there. So, thanks for the perfect timing! I look forward to the map image refinements and user coverage feedback enhancements in the future releases. My 2 enhancement requests would be: 1. To make the state boundary lines much thinner (they are really thick and make viewing of closeup areas near state boundaries difficult), and 2. provide a toggle or gesture to show/hide the filtering options so that you can view the full map without the clutter. But these are pretty minor nits--- the app is perfectly usable right now. Great job!.Version: 2.3

Great appThis app is great - the only thing I would add/change is that it should say what type of roaming there is (LTE/ HSPA+/3G/2G, and voice and text only), because for example, T-Mobile has only voice/data roaming in some areas, HPAA+ in some areas and LTE in some areas. That is the only area where there could be improvement..Version: 2017.11

Amazingly Useful!If you travel around the country. This map if for you!.Version: 2017.9

Great for finding cell coverageUse the app all the time to check for cell coverage before going camping.Version: 2019.2

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