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Great AppHas everything you need to learn basic strategy and/or to count cards. Even contains basic strategy charts and deviation charts. Lots of control over number of decks, S17 or H17 games, etc. A few opportunities for improvement (would be nice, not necessarily should haves): 1. Speed counting only deals up to 4 decks even if the number of decks is set to 6. Not a big deal. You’re still practicing counting into a significantly large shoe. 2. Wish you could play more spots or have an NPC play additional spot to get used to counting more than just two spots. Still not a big deal. 3. Wish you can control the deck penetration. I’m told it’s 1/2 deck which is pretty player friendly. Most games I played in Vegas have 4-4.5 deck penetration, 1.5P in double deck. Just would be nice to simulate real world conditions. Again. It’s practice, so not a big deal..Version: 3.4.0

Good practiceVery helpful for getting started with the game. Very addictive..Version: 1.9.5

Excellent ToolWell worth the $5! Gives you the ability to practice individual skills and then all of the tools at once! Only downside is that you can only play your hand (1 or 2) so need other tools to practice skills at a full table of hands..Version: 3.4.0

The app pays for itself 100xPractice practice practice. Get better. Go to the casino and win money. This app helps you learn the mathematical best plays in any given scenario. It will tell you if you’re going against the book and let you “fix” your action before finalizing it. Easy to use interface with several game options. GREAT for passing time on the flight to Vegas... “Look at all the money I could be winning!”.Version: 3.3.4

Found a peculiar bugWas doing the counting drill and got completely stuck in a hard 16 vs. 10 situation. The running count happened to be exactly 0, but the drill showed a strategy error explanation that said you should “unknown when the running count = 0”. Clicking Fix just loops back to this error message, while clicking Continue softlocks the drill completely. Just thought I’d point that out. Thanks for making this app tho!.Version: 3.3.7

New PlayerJust started with the trainer, and I'm realizing I need more time with the app..Version: 1.6

SpeculatorExcellent trainer for beginners.Version: 1.7

Great app WOWFirst let me say for 5 bucks... this is a steal.. great counting training... great betting spread training cause you can opt on to have count visible so you can focus on just betting and playing perfectly.. there’s a couple minor problems that should be fixed.. for example.. when the true count is +3 and dealers face up card is “A” the correct deviation is to buy insurance... but I was playing 2 hands... one hand was a hard 16 and other was hard 20.. I bought insurance.. then I was qued that i made a mistake cause you never insure a hard 16.. but it doesn’t give me the option which hand to insure... and to be honest I don’t even know if you could insure only 1 of your multiple hands in an actual casino... but I would have surrendered the 16 and insured the 20 if was possible.. other then that... this app will definitely improve all the important skills you need to be an advantage player... and you can practice different risk betting spreads.. and visually watch the results go positive!! This is the best way to go when u can’t afford the $200-$500 membership for BJA let alone the $1,000+ for boot camp.. with some self discipline and will power... I feel like this app may just be all you need.Version: 3.3.12

Great appDefinitely the best blackjack app going around but would have preferred if the shoe was up to 8 decks, like my local casino, instead of 6..Version: 1.9.4

Good trainingI'm new to this, however this app helps you start to think about optimal strategy and offers a good foothold to improvement. I Haven't checked if the charts are wrong or not..Version: 1.9.4

ExcellentThis app is just the tip of the iceberg of knowledge that the program offers. Some may say it’s all a scam or you just can’t remember everything but all you need is practice over and over. Become committed to the idea of investing. No different than your investments in stock options. There is a trend to the cards just like a trend to stocks. Invest at the right time and you increase your money. Not adding in how much fun this is in comparison to stocks. I personally can’t afford the full course as I’m on a disabled Vet monthly pay but if I ever get the funds I’m in. My church also agreed that this would be good to raise money for our needs so maybe I’ll get there. So for anyone looking to commit and have fun then jump in and take the course. Have fun..Version: 3.3.4

ReviewI wish when playing with tap options of hit, stand , ect that the count would not obscure those options. Also I would like to see an option, that could be turned on or off, that shows the cards being delt, their count value. Thats it. But it is great the way it is..Version: 3.3.2

ExceptionalPerfect app for blackjack fanatics and beginner card counters. Everything you need to gradually improve your game and see those improvements. Any chance we would be able to get a “positive count bias” setting, similar to the training suite on the website?.Version: 3.4.0

Great AppThis is an awesome training app, prolly the best I’ve used. However, there is 1 bug that is slightly annoying. If the dealer has a 6, the true count is 4 or greater, and you get dealt a King and a Ten and stay it will tell you your supposed to split and actually let’s you split the king and ten. Also, you sometimes get prompted to take insurance and then surrender, this also seems like a bug to me..Version: 3.3.2

Bug with splitting acesEvery time i split aces the app automatically deals the 2nd card, stands (automatically), then repeats for the 2nd ace. Its quite frustrating please fix this bug. I will also occasionally get “error” prompts that contradict the basic strategy chart. I don't think it results from the hard count because it does this even when the counts at zero. Otherwise the app is great. Please look into these bugs PS: it would be nice if you could adjust the starting bankroll.Version: 3.3.10

Best card counting app out there!BJA never fails to provide excellent, top-notch training/products/advice.Version: 2.1.101

Great AppTook me from a casual player that typically lost money to a card shark that routinely walks out with swollen pockets.Version: 2.1.01

Amazing app and devsThis review is long overdue but I just have to say that this app is incredible. It has a beautiful, intuitive ui and is just plain fun to use. I wrote a review a couple months back containing a few suggestions and the devs implemented every single one of them. They’ve continuously updated the app, and it just keeps getting better. I recommend the app to anyone who wants to improve their blackjack skills or simply wants to play for fun. Great work guys!!.Version: 3.3.1

Great app trainerI have recently started blackjack and I use this app all the time for card counting training, it has many settings to challenge you including the speed that the cards are dealt and different rules. This app also allows you to play in basic strategy mode to test how well you've learned basic strategy. The app tells you about each section of blackjack also carrying the basic strategy tables for you to see in game play. This app is probably the best on the market ATM so please keep the updates coming, Thanks.Version: 1.6

Generally great, details need workGot this app to practice card counting and basic strategy. I like the warnings you get when you make the wrong move. I wish there was a way to quickly check the card count—like a button on the main game screen that would show the current count so I could see if I was wrong. Currently, you can either show the count all the time or none of the time..Version: 1.9

AwesomeI am getting really good at playing blackjack. I am winning most of the time which is great sign that I am understanding the game and how to play the game according to the basic strategy you have shown me. I can’t wait to put in the required practice time and fell comfortable enough to finally get on the table at the casino and play to win. Thanks for the training app! I really appreciate it! It’s totally worth the few bucks it cost and then some!!.Version: 3.3.12

App Needs A Running Total DisplayApp could benefit from an option to check the count at any time..Version: 3.3.12

Charts out of dateSo I’ve noticed in a few different instances the charts don’t actually reflect basic strategy. For example the basic strategy chart says to never split 5’s. But the correct basic strategy is to split 2-9 I’d doubling down is available- and this is info straight from the blackjack apprenticeship website. So idk I like the gameplay but the charts don’t match up so idk if that also effects the actual gameplay..Version: 3.3.15

BJABlackjack Apprenticeship is the best card counting resource out there, and this app is nothing shy of their quality and commitment.Version: 1.6

Worth it.Best app for learning blackjack.Version: 3.4.0

Enjoying this gameAwesome game loving it.Version: 3.3.2

This app is amazing but has one very notable problem.Everything about the app is really great except for the gestures. I understand you want to make it feel real but too many times have I meant to double down and I lose my no fail streak because it thought I only hit..Version: 3.3.8

Great Little AppUseful for learning to count cards and practice blackjack strategy, this well-designed little app might not keep you from losing at blackjack, but should increase your odds of winning if you practice at it. It's easy to use interface makes card counting accessible to the most casual blackjack player. I recommend it..Version: 1.9

App is great, missing 1 thingIt’s technically covered through means of playing, but it’s inefficient. You should add a feature that will let you run through a blank basic strategy sheet at random, and it won’t tell you what you get wrong. Keeping track of one’s you failed, it tells you at the end and generates a specialized deck for your practice in the training drill section..Version: 3.3.15

Negative Betting?!? Why?Not sure why this is a thing, once your bankroll hits $0 or you don’t have money to bet. Either it should allow you to bet the rest in your bankroll down to $0 or it should offer to reset the bankroll to 10k. I know at anytime you can reset the bankroll to 10k which is nice. It’s not right to bet negative! You could offer different sizes bankrolls to start with but I honestly think 10k it perfect to not over bet and even if you wanted to bet small it would lower your risk even more. If you want to start larger just build it up. Unfortunately, I have a few friends trying out the app as well and they want to show off their “bankrolls” but no way to prove they are actual gains. I’m up 50k in mine just from practice and months of work. So I want to actually see who is able to preform and grow a bankroll not just bet a negative amount and show a two hundred thousand dollar bankroll. The app is to simulate real life practice in my opinion. All that being said this is a fantastic app and I highly recommend it. I still think it’s a 5 star app and this can be an easy fix. Just please fix this one this to help everyone, even the ones who think they can borrow the money. Just reset the bankroll and try again..Version: 3.3.13

Hard to faultBest $5 I ever spent. Can’t fault it, but I have a couple of suggestions: Option to choose how many hands are dealt in the counting drill, and to make it even better, have an option to randomise how many hands are dealt from round to round. Option to turn off resplit for all cards, this would be in line with some Australian casino tables..Version: 3.4.0

Highly recommend and suggestionsGreat app and I have learned quicker than I anticipate. Highly recommend. Suggestions: It would be great to have all time overall stats. For instance I would like to see how many consecutive hands I have done correctly from all time in addition consecutive correct hands from the last mistake. Also the game settings and counters randomly clear out which makes it impossible to get the higher achievements..Version: 3.3.2

Almost perfectDealer wins far more than he ought to! Sometimes the bank doesn't reset when you hit New Game, so if you're on a losing streak, it keeps getting worse! Haha Decent game though.Version: 1.9.5

Good PurchaseWorks as expected! Is pretty much the complete Blackjack Card Counting package. Includes Basic Strategy training with indicies (which is very helpful). One thing I would like to see added is some sort of bet spread training added as well. Other than that, very good app. One minor issue, the game seems to not stay on "Hit 17" when changing that in the options. The table graphic does not update with "Dealer hits soft 17", nor do the basic strategy rules update. All of the other options are working as intended..Version: 1.9

Excellent!Wonderful app and very helpful while training! Only issue I would say is gestures and you know to double down, for example, and it catches one finger and your whole count resets - unfortunately and makes it seem like 1000 hands in a row isn’t possible unless you move off of gestures. Maybe a “honest mistake” option. I go slow and make sure I don’t make gesture mistakes but I’ll probably have to switch to the buttons. Thanks again for the app, it’s great! Already have had 4 others buy it..Version: 3.3.15

Amazing game one problemThis is the best black jack trainer ever and I absolutely love this app and I saw how interactive the developers were with reviews so I though I would mention one problem I had with the “use button instead of gesture” option, every time you back out of the drill to either check the chart or anything the buttons switch to the left side. This is a minor problem and I love this app..Version: 3.3.6

Fantastic app..great work Colin and team!!I read full book of professional blackjack and started back counting in online casinos for practice and was doing it pretty efficiently, but i realized that that wasn’t enough as the totals were shown there and my decisions were quick there. So i took this app and realized its very hard to keep running count and add ur hand and make decision at the same time. This app is making me practice that which is an essential thing . Great work they say keep it simple:) One feedback : it would be great if we can access the data of our previous hands with win and loss amount so that we can see in summary where all mistakes happened and what it costed us..thanks.Version: 3.3.10

Great appI love the speed counting mode, and that it let’s you know when you make a basic strategy or deviation mistake. My blackjack skills have definitely improved. I turned a fake bankroll of 10,000 into 50,000 using small average bets over the course of several weeks, experimenting only with betting spreads up to 1:6, so I think by now it’s more than just a lucky streak. I only wish that they would include an option to set the deck penetration, so that I don’t have such an unrealistic advantage at the end of each shoe (such as 90% deck penetration...) which is why I usually end each game at about 75% no matter what the count is. All in all though, great app..Version: 3.3.1

Great AppI love this app! I have put 2000 rounds in so far and my bank roll speaks for itself, I have learned the basic strategy very quickly thanks to the errors you get when you make a mistake. There are a few things that I’ve noticed through playing that could been tweaked/adjusted. Sometimes it will tell you strategy error when you shouldn’t do something however when you correct it, you end up losing the hand when what you would’ve done in the first place would’ve made you win the hand. Sure the odds are probably not in my favor by going the route I anticipated, however knowing I would’ve won by not listening and just doing what I wanted to do, gets annoying. Sometimes it will ask me to take say “no” to insurance just for them to flip BJ when I select insurance due to the running count. I might just be confused on that genre though. I also wish they had a free play mode to where it wouldn’t pop up the errors so that you can actually see how you are doing. Maybe a win/loss status as well so you can actually see your progress through learning. It’s a basic app that could use an upgrade on some aspects of the game. I feel a lot more confident in my game play though and will be continuing my training. 10/10 recommended!.Version: 3.4.0

Possible bug that needs to be addressed.The app is a great study aid in so many areas. When working on my splitting hand BS, you can split up to three times, giving you four hands. If on one of those hands, you get another card of the same value, the system still says you should split. Of coarse you cannot and have to play the hand base on a hard total. My issue with this is that it resets my “Achievement” hands after it says I didn’t make the correct call. If I cannot split 4 times, the system should adjust and just let me play the remained of the hands..Version: 3.3.2

Love the App, can we get a CSM option?I know it’s a counting app, but I don’t have any options of casinos at the low end (Aus) but I like to use the app for the basic strategy component. If I could turn an option on to have a continuous shuffle going, the results would be more reflective of reality in Tasmania. Cheers..Version: 3.4.0

Hole cardAustralian casinos don’t deal a hole card - would be good to see this as a setting in the app..Version: 3.4.0

Great app!Now I can finally make some money from my gambling addiction!.Version: 1.6

Help your odds against the house!This is great! It has everything you need to know to get started in black Jack. From learning how to play basic strategy and to learning how to count. Definitely recommend to new beginners and even to players to keep there mind sharp for good practice!.Version: 3.4.0

Best way to train for a card counterI’ve been following the BJA video course online and have been using the app to practice my basic strategy, running counts, and putting it all together while I’m at work and can’t have my computer. This app is without a doubt the best way to practice if you don’t have any other way to do so. Absolutely worth the money and it will not let you down!.Version: 3.3.2

Different app to the free oneI thought once I upgraded the free app it became the pro one, but no, this is an improved version, much better quality, in this version you can practice soft hands, double down hands, a few rule variations (would still like a European no hole card please).Version: 3.3.8

NEW UPDATE IS GENIUS!I trained myself to count cards 6 years ago, now I am an active AP and instructor of new card counters. Back when I was in training, this app was the most efficient use of my time, hands down. It is, and has always been the most comprehensive mobile card counting training tool that there is... but the new update takes it to a whole new level. The “button” options are much preferred to the “gestures” according to my trainees (who are required to use this app every day, btw) and 2 hands really increases the volume of practice you can put in quickly. Finally, the kicker is that the new update can actually deal specific types of hands that you’d like to emphasize in a given session. Having this app available makes it very easy to train new aspiring APs!.Version: 3.3.1

AcesThis app is totally aces! It's well worth the 💰 money. It's obvious they put alot of thought into this app. And it's a great addition to the Blackjack Apprentice website and loads of free content on YouTube. I'll see you in Vegas, baby..Version: 3.3.6

Amazing app I am extremely impressedI have been trying to master blackjack for a few years now and have found all counting apps a waste of time. But I would highly recommend this one, for beginners looking to learn the game or professionals wanting to brush up on their skills there is no better app out there. I also found the website extremely helpful. Thank you for producing something that works!!.Version: 3.3.2

Very helpful: needs option to not remove cards till promptedVery good and educational. Would be super helpful if there was an option to stop the cards from being removed from the table after a round until prompting it to so that you have a better chance to count the running before it clears as a beginner.Version: 3.4.0

Blackjack trainerIt's the best blackjack trainer iv seen.Version: 1.1

3 issues. Other than that, fantastic!Perfect trainer for basic strategy blackjack. App will tell you on the fly when you make an error. The card counting is a nice added bonus if you’re going that route. I tried sites and apps for months until I found this gem. Worth every penny. Issue 1 - no sound on any videos through the app. Issue 2 - the mini-course link never sends the verification link to your email so you’re stuck with nothing but the introduction. Issue 3 - (reasoning behind 4/5 stars) My main complaint and only flaw I’ve found in gameplay is when splitting Aces. Once Aces are split the app stands on all hands with no chance to hit or anything. All other splits work correctly but Aces has an issue every time. Once the splitting A’s bug is fixed I would give this app more stars than 5 if I could..Version: 3.3.10

10/10With this app and the BJA membership within 2 months I’ve got ready to hit the casinos, recommend 100% this app for whenever you’re not in front of the computers and want to practice your abilities or check something in the basic strategy chart..Version: 3.3.15

AmazingHands down BEST blackjack app out there.. This app guides you as you play, helps you keep count, and makes sure you understand perfect strategy.. If you're serious about learning how to count cards this app is in a field of it own.. I had been using a bunch of other blackjack apps whilst I've been learning to count and none of them were accurate because the count is irrelevant. This app is pretty much a simulator..Version: 1.9.4

It’s ok, but fails to allow for small wager increasesIt’s a good app, and I use it mobile to keep my counting skills sharp. What it doesn’t do, that I wish it would, would be to have 1 dollar chips as an option to allow for smaller bet spreads than 5 dollar denoms for small betting increases when the count is favorable. An increase of 5 on a bet of 5 is 100%, when somewhat more realistically, an increase of 1 (20%) would be more appropriate at slightly favorable counts. Also wish the default bankroll could be changed for other tests (10 Gs may be ideal, but is unrealistic for many players). The other limitation is two hands and no other players. Live action is rarely you against the house; you need to count the other players’ cards too. All that said, don’t overlook this app. It’s worth the money..Version: 3.3.10

Great appWell worth money, precisely teaches basic stratergy deviations and how to count cards add this to following the video course on the website and you've got a winning formula..Version: 1.6

Great!Great, but I think I might have found another bug. Tried to take insurance with a TC above 3, and it told me I was wrong. Otherwise keep up the good work. EDIT: looks like I missed the “deviations” toggle, so maybe this wasn’t a big after all. Back to 5 stars..Version: 3.4.0

BetsAmazing practice. Would love if we could chose our bankroll, instead of having $10mil.Version: 3.3.4

Amazing appApart from the dealer seemingly getting 21 the majority of the time, this app isn’t about winning it’s about learning how to win and it does that fantastically. Great for tuning up your knowledge.Version: 3.3.15

Great trainingThe app comes with videos and written articles that teach you what you need to know like High-Low counting method and betting basics. The base purchase is an amazing blackjack simulator with a running/true count display that can be toggled. The customizations you can make like the speed cards are dealt, making surrender optional, setting the number of decks in a boot, and setting rules on splitting allow you to simulate conditions at your local casino. The speed training is a worthwhile purchase if you’re serious about becoming a better card counter. The game plays itself by basic strategy. You set the speed the cards are dealt and the game will intermittently ask you to input the card count and correct you if you’re wrong..Version: 3.3.10

You will not find another app as good as this one.I’ve had this app for about 2 years and it’s made me a solid blackjack player. Even other players have complimented my playing and notice that I’m not just a regular player . It’s the best couple of bucks I’ve ever spent . I would pay triple If I had to. You won’t regret it!.Version: 3.3.10

Great appEasily the best counting app.Version: 1.9.5

Hearts and SpadesEven the most basic of blackjack players can enjoy this app. Not only does it teach how to count cards, but it breaks down basic strategy and gives you a chance to correct your play each hand. You’re also able to set what deviations of play you’d like(DAS,DH17,RSA) as well as speed counting drills. Would recommend for any and everyone! Thanks BJA, good luck out there!.Version: 3.3.15

Would recommend to anyone serious about becoming an API’ve struggled for years to maintain the running count, while playing perfect basic strategy! I don’t know why it wasn’t clicking for me, but after purchasing the $4.99 USD “BJA Trainer Pro” I can NOW successfully keep the running count (easy) while playing perfect basic strategy! Thanks to the hours spent practicing in the app, I’m able to play for extended periods of time, keep the running count, and now finally alter my bets based off the true count and start making money doing this everywhere I go! It’s all slowly coming together for me thanks to Colin and the team at BJA! Thanks guys, couldn’t have done it without you, literally lol! 🙌🏽 💰 💵 🃏♦️- Sergio Paramo.Version: 3.3.15

Great appUseful. Tells you when you get away from basic strategy. Teaches over 20 deviations for 2 separate sets of rules and allows you to bet with the count. Definite confidence booster. Thanks BJA.Version: 3.3.4

Excellent practice tool for the card counter.This is an excellent app to train at becoming an effective card counter. This a has been developed by skilled counters with the aim of taking a novice player and bringing his or her skills to proficiency. I particularly appreciate how the rules and settings can be changed to suit your needs as you learn basic concepts of counting. These can be adapted to whatever level you need until you have a firm grasp of the skill sets needed. With feedback when you make mistakes you quickly learn the correct course of action for any scenario. When you’re no longer a novice this app also doubles as a drill routine to keep your game sharp. An excellent little app..Version: 3.4.0

I play high limit blackjack and looking for a table simulatorThe simulator runs slow, mainly from the betting window. The gestures like surrendering is not natural, they use it for the stand option, so I use the buttons. Is there a way to turn the basic strategy pop up off? I deviate a lot due to betting strategy and the pop up is annoying. I am very surprised it is 2018 and no one has come up with the perfect casino simulator with adjustable rules and deck amounts. There is no penetration option. If there was a way to combine the old dev abandoned 21+Blackjack with this one, without the surrendering bugs, bet, and table limits, it would be awesome...probably be the best...and I would pay $20 for it..Version: 3.3.2

Nice appGreat app for learning to count cards. My only wish is that you could turn off “counting” and just practice strategy. The rolling count alters the strategy. But I’m still trying to learn it correctly first, then move on to counting. Often my move is correct based on pure strategy, but wrong when taking the count into account. Granted this is a “card counting app” and not a “perfect strategy app” so it gets 5 stars because it does just what it says it does. But it would be nice if it could do both..Version: 3.3.15

Amazing app but it’s kinda a glitchYou can bet as much as you want and if you lose reset your balance so you can get like a 6-10 mil balance if you want to. If I have 0 or even 10k I can bet however much I want and it just goes negative.Version: 3.4.0

Learning Basic Strategy and negative bank rollGreat value definitely worth the money, however i would like to see a feature to practice specific parts of basic strategy such as hard totals only or splits only or soft totals only. second no idea why the bank roll goes into the negatives you should have to reset your bankroll if you hit 0.Version: 3.3.15

You should be able to choose wich hands you want to be played specificallyOtherwise a little costly.Version: 3.4.0

Amazing app 🔥👍Please add sound in da app.Version: 3.4.0

MrGood tutorial for someone who is learning.Version: 1.9

Trainer proBrilliant app basic strategy for dummies mad look easy seriously worth money.Version: 1.6

Pros and Cons; all changes are not for the better, imoI think it’s a great tool. I spend hours on it! I really liked the tutorial and seeing my stats at the end of each shoe, in the old version. In this new version, I like that you can shuffle and reset your bank. I’m not at all a fan of the new interface or the way the hands clear 1 card at a time. It seems really slow.Version: 3.3.2

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