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NFL app received 178 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using NFL? Can you share your negative thoughts about nfl?

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What did y’all do???So I had NFL+ last year and had no problems. Could watch all the games anytime and was able to log in on my phone or tv. No problems and absolutely loved it. Went to subscribe for this year and was able to watch the hall of fame game during the free trial but then nothing… keeps telling me to subscribe which I already have because you took my money. I log back in and nothing changes. I still have to subscribe??? I’M ALREADY SUBSCRIBED!!! Contacted consumer support and did everything the bot told me to do - got an email with the same suggestions - did it again - no change. Emailed them back and I’ve gotten nothing in return. Still doesn’t work - phone, tv, tablet, computer - nothing. And no more response. I know with the start of the season, there was probably a lot of traffic for the app, but if it’s not fixed by the time renewal happens, I’ll cancel. I’m not paying for something I can’t use. Which is a shame because my family loves this app and as a nurse I can’t always who works nights, I can’t always watch the games - so please fix this..Version: 57.0.42

Why can’t the NFL make apps that are usable?NFL have a real problem with making apps that work. The last version I had didn’t display any new news items. The latest version crashes whenever I try to open a news item. For a corporation as large as this you would expect something approaching usable. And don’t even get me started on the game pass video player.....Version: 53.1.3

Spoiler alertThanks for ruining Championship weekend. Since when was the default for the scores page upcoming games and not that weekends games. You give the show scores or not tab and on championship weekend it defaults straight to SuperBowl game. This app has been on downward spiral for a while and now it’s reached rock bottom, it’s all adverts and videos of talking heads..Version: 57.0.23

Videos are annoying on pop up!!When you click on a game videos come up and it’s annoying as hell! Get rid of the videos !!.Version: 54.0.7

New versionCrashes as soon as I open it..Version: 12.3.2

Too many ads. No love for the fans.I’m really surprised this app has a high rating. They have overdone it with the ads. If you checkout the best plays from a game there are normally 10 quick video clips and before every clip there is an ad. This just turns me off the NFL a bit. A greedy corporation that clearly cares more about there pockets more then the fans. I will watch NBA clips on the NBA app instead and grow my love for that sport..Version: 53.2.4

Video playback needs to be fixedSince update, videos don't play. Just a black panel. Using an iPhone 6 plus..Version: 12.0.5

Slowed down and more crashes & bugs recentlyI’ve used the app for a few years, fairly reliably but recently it has become quite slow and every time I open a story to read; the page crashes. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon, but it’s not usable in its current build! Shame really!.Version: 53.1.4

Runied a perfect app.This used to be my go-to app for finding all the up to date new on what's going on in the NFL. Being in the uk means there is not loads of coverage and this was my way of keeping in the know. But now I can't use it!!! I have an old iPhone and now this app won't work Sometimes it may load, only for it to freeze and close down. Sometimes it doesn't even load. Thanks to whoever redesigned this app into on that was used everyday to one that is now a waste of phone memory. Hopefully you can sort this out before the start of the regular season!!.Version: 53.0.7

Nice design, not good workabilityLooks really nice, but I feel like it's a step down from the older app in terms of trying to follow a game. The page doesn't refresh, unless I quit the app and reopen it every couple of minutes..Version: 12.3.2

Misses the PointThe re-designed interface looks pretty nice, but is fails in some of its most basic functions. Most importantly, clicking the “Games” tab indeed shows a listing of the day’s games, but no scores! Even when the game is finished! You click on the specific game and still no score! You have to WORK to figure out the scores—I just don’t understand it. My other main complaint is that for the $99 I spent on Game Pass, one should not have to watch commercials in order to view video highlights elsewhere in the app. Podcasters and other content providers give privileged access to their content for basically any level of support. Here, you pay $99 (for the home town radio broadcasts) and get some other features that I happen to not care about, but you don’t get to watch highlights without sitting through commercials every other one. I paid the $99 essentially to hear Merril Reese call Eagles games, but for that kind of money I expect a much better product from the NFL. Surely this enormously well-resources organization can put out a top-quality app if they wanted to..Version: 53.1.3

Huge Let Down!The NFL + Premium that I bought would only work for some time on Sundays only until the app would freeze. Then I had to delete and remove the app from my phone so that I could watch again. It would work for 45 minutes or so until it freezes again and to watch again we had to delete and donwload again. Then after 7 weeks of the nfl schedule we just stop being able to use it. I would dowload the app and it would ask me to subscribe. When I tried to subscribe it would tell me that I was already subscribed but still would not let me watch the games. We tried messaging the nfl and all I got was automated answers that did not help me at all. It was a waste of time. I live in Puerto Rico USA and the nfl sells this app as the way to watch the games from any place in the world. Well from my experience that is a lie, a fraud. The worst part is that the nfl does not have a customer service to solve this issue and to help me through this process. The nfl wants to be international with games in London, Mexico, Frankfurt, but they cannot make their app to work in their own country. I do not recommend this app to anyone anywhere in the world. As an nfl fan is has been a huge let down and i feel like I have been robbed..Version: 57.0.55

The update makes this app unusableHave always loved this app, but it’s seriously unworkable now. I’ve been trying to downgrade to the previous version of the app, to get back to its former glory but no luck so far. Best bet is to delete the app and check back in when the season proper starts, hopefully they’ve fixed it by then..Version: 53.0.5

DO NOT BUYDoes not work. Awful “customer service” that is basically a chatbot that eventually tells you it will submit a ticket. Weeks later, no one has contacted me. App experience itself is an endlessly frustrating loop of opening the app, seeing you’re signed in, hitting “Watch game” and being taken to a “Purchase a plan” page. “Sign in with your NFL account” achieves nothing — when you get back to the games and hit “watch” again, you get sent back to the “purchase” page. Hitting “Restore in-app purchase” just brings up a pop-up that says “No purchase to restore,” even though I paid $80 for it and can see that because I am signed in. Deleting and downloading the app again, which is the chatbot’s go-to advice, DOES NOT WORK, no matter how many times you go through the process. It seems in trying to lock out hackers and others who would steal the service, the developers have created security that locks out paying subscribers. No matter how desperate you are to watch NFL games, THIS IS NOT THE SOLUTION. It’s a waste of $80. Don’t buy it..Version: 57.0.7

Ruined the appThe app was good until they took nfl Redzone off it and now make you pay..Version: 12.3.0

Garbage appComplete Garbage. Poorly optimized for the iPad you get 3Q’s of the screen hidden during game time by some awful graphic. This is the worst the app has ever been. It’s poorly developed and the makeres should be fired. Toile to hire competent app makers… You have the money to do it so why don’t you? The list of problems with this Garbage app are numerous but I won’t list them here. I int got 30 years of my life to waste.Version: 57.0.46

Slow and LaggyThe app seems to slow down to non-functioning near the close of every game. Ravens at Bengals tonight was stuck with 29seconds left on the clock for about 5 minutes after the game had been called. Too much advertising to the detriment of having a decent app that would be useful- instead it’s a pain to follow games..Version: 57.0.46

Scores not shownI’ve had this app for years and it always showed the scores of the game but for the past 4 to 5 weeks it hasn’t been, all it’s showing is a dash - The fact that it has yet to be fixed is frustrating..Version: 57.0.19

Does not work!Bought a subscription just to see the Super Bowl and the stream crashed a few minutes in. Absolutely useless streaming service and I’m very disappointed I wasted my money..Version: 57.0.37

GamePassAt this point in the streaming video market, I cannot give a worse review for this app and the GamePass service. I want to watch my team out of market and every week it is a new frustration. Last week, my teams game would not play on AppleTV, but every other game did, so I figured out a workaround to AirPlay from my phone (would play on my phone but not the AppleTV). This week, AirPlay doesn’t work from the app, will play on phone but refuses to play in AirPlay mode. I can confirm that AirPlay works from every other video app on my phone, but with NFL, I am left to only watching on my phone. Every week, the video scrubber is difficult to use, making it hard to skip through breaks without scrubbing way ahead in the game. Why can’t they just make it work like literally any other video player? The hide scores feature also does very little to hide scores throughout the app, so good luck not spoiling your games. All in all, this would be OK if it were 5 years ago, but at this point, this app and service are garbage in the market and not worth the subscription price. NFL, c’mon man!.Version: 55.1.9

DeterioratingWith every update this app gets slower and clunkier. It was much better a year ago, it’s crap now. I can’t look at simple things, like the playoff schedule doesn’t load. All the items take forever ever to load and there’s no offline capability. In summary, used to be good now it’s useless. Get rid of anyone who suggested/ implemented these changes.Version: 53.2.5

Completely trash app!This application is a complete joke. I live where I can’t get good antenna reception and all I want to do is watch the local games. I had to pay for NFL+ which is a complete rip off. It doesn’t work more than half the time. The scores have a “Stats” section which you think would give you players’ stat, but no, it only gives team stats which no one cares about and there are no in game players stats like a box score. From a multi-billion dollar organization this application is a complete joke and a complete rip off! I can’t believe that I paid money for it after having years worth of issues with the app before this. I do like the condensed game replays, but I have to watch them because so often I can’t get the game on my roku with the horse crap NFL app. Had to uninstall and reinstall to get a game that I know for sure should be on the app and says it can’t connect to this game. It pulls up on another device though. So frustrating! What a joke. Update: I have now signed into NFL+ which is a complete rip off about 5 times and it still shows a padlock as if it had not signed in. Restarted the tablet and still does not work. I am trying to uninstall and reinstall. So frustrated with this piece of junk!.Version: 57.0.12

Mostly good, but video doesn’t workThe app used to work ok, but the latest release has major issues in video playback. Most of the time trying to play a video results in a white screen that can’t be exited. The test of the content is great, lots of news etc. Good sectioning down by teams favourites etc. Just needs to sort the video content..Version: 53.0.5

NFL Needs Better ProgrammersThe latest update brings all new horrors. Once again proving that the programmers don’t have any idea what they’re doing. On the iPad…most games now show “Available 10 minutes after the game” for the full game replay. Even though “show scores” is active, it doesn’t show any scores. The years/weeks get mixed up such that it shows the wrong game and you have exit the app and open it back up to get it working again, but that doesn’t even work half the time. AirPlay from the iPad to the AppleTV doesn’t work at all anymore. For the AppleTV app…it doesn’t allow scrubbing. You can only advance in 30 second increments, which is a royal pain when you only want to watch the second half or go back a few minutes. A truly pathetic attempt. It’s as though no one at the NFL actually tests the app before sending it out. How is it that my 13 year old daughter knows more about building streaming apps than, presumably, college graduates hired by the NFL?.Version: 56.1.23

Does not workAwful waste of time.Version: 54.1.1

Game pass is garbageGame Pass on your television is awful. Awful. I have had nearly every game ruined this past season. Why? The app is such garbage it will constantly fast forward to the end of the game. If you try to fast forward 30 seconds it jumps to the end of the game. It crashes all the time and you go back to the beginning - or to the end. I have paid for Game Pass since it came out - why is a great question for my therapist - and it has been garbage since day one. This year however has been so beyond infuriating it is impossible to find the right words- find whatever word you can that describes what makes you want to smash your expensive tv with a hammer and give up football for the rest of your life. If you’re unsure whether you should pay, for the love of the lord, don’t. Please do not give these greedy incompetents another dime. Watch the highlights for free. It’s all you are going to wind up with anyway. May the makers of NFL game pass be forced to watch the same game played by the Cleveland browns and Jacksonville in a bottom level of Dante’s inferno. This game will begin with 3 minutes of commercials, freeze, then jump to the end of the game as Blake Bortles shakes hands with Case Keenum - and repeat for eternity..Version: 56.1.16

Why get rid of the player statsWhy would you get rid of the stats on your app? You would have to be the only sport globally who don’t allow fans of there own sport the option to have a look at stats on the leagues own app. The team stats are also always wrong and sometimes post game it says that both teams have a combined 90 total yards?? Do not download - the NFL have made this a money grab..Version: 57.0.7

NFL - The F is for FrustrationThis app is good and informative when it works, sadly that’s not always the case. I have been using the app for years and unfortunately it routinely fails. I know… I’m a fool. When you open a story to read it sometimes doesn’t load leaving a blank screen. That’s not the worst thing though; the majority of the time it happens it loads and you get to read the start of the article, just when you get interested and want to more, you scroll down and, you guessed it, BLANK SCREEN! NFL Enterprises LLC I assume will claim limited liability..Version: 56.0.1

Wifi Streaming through TV Provider doesn't work anymore!!!This app used to be awesome but they did something during an update that completely ruined the Wifi Streaming capabilities on any of my iPhones or other mobile devices. Also, I could only use the Streaming service through my Roku TV up until about 2 weeks ago when they updated that app and ruined it too! I love all the other features of this app but most importantly I want to be able to STREAM! Please fix this. Another thing that bugs me is they used to have Xfinity as a provider (although it didn't work properly when they did) but then it disappeared. I've had to change cable companies just to get NFL Network. Thank God it's on Sling TV & FuboTV now. Either way, please, whatever you did to the app that makes it impossible to watch NFL Network through the app live, fix it!!! No matter if I'm using Dish, FuboTV or Sling, after I sign in it just goes right back to the login page telling me that I need to sign in to my provider to watch live. This is beyond annoying. On my Roku TV it stays on a loading screen forever even though I've deleted the app 5 times and reinstalled. Nothing makes a difference. I really want to be able to watch NFL Network on my iPhone again but I don't understand why that's not a priority to fix for your developers. This is a serious issue that's been going on for over a year and I read other reviews that say the same thing I'm saying. Fix the Streaming service please and you'll get 5 stars!.Version: 54.0.2

Verizon mobile customers don’t get nfl network?I second some of the comments below. In addition to being a Verizon mobile customer I’m also a Gamepass subscriber and NFL REDZONE add on in app subscriber. Up until this last Thursday September 20th I was able to watch NFL Network via my WiFi Network. I just selected the NFL Network option and the broadcast came on. Then after Thursday’s update I continually get the “select TV Provider” option. First of all if I had NFL network on cable why would I watch it on my phone?!? Secondly as a Verizon customer I was under the impression I could watch the NFL Network without a tv provider. Furthermore why would this be an option up until sept 20th but now NOT an option. If written and received the trope Nfl App help advice: clear browser, sign in sign out, reinstall app etc. please feel free to reach out to me and/or update the app so this can be remedied...just to watch a little NFL news guys...not that big of a deal. Happy to write a review of Gamepass functionality on this app also. Subpar not fitting of what I paid for. No player search. No game search. Not close to the full online functionality (which is ok). Watching Redzone on the app is mediocre, usually takes 5-10 restarts to get the Redzone functionality to kick in. Other than that great job! Keep up the good work!.Version: 53.1.3

A terrible appThe only positive thing I can say about this app is that watching games is reliable - the quality is decent and doesn’t drop out and holds up even for big games where I’m sure lots of people are streaming. Lots of negative things though. The app can become unresponsive after a while and refuse to acknowledge button presses. The controls in-video are too small and hard to hit. The app burns through battery life more than any other app on my phone. The app refuses to run in portrait mode on my iPad, even when just looking at stats and no video is playing. There is no back button when viewing stats and this can get you into a spot where you can’t go back even with gestures - only killing the app lets you get back to the app home screen. What’s also frustrating is that the NFL is one of the most profitable businesses and they haven’t been able to get this right since NFL+ was launched. Please make fixing bugs a priority..Version: 57.0.52

Get rid of video auto playWhy are you forcing us to watch a video when reading an article with no ability to pause or mute the video? If we wanted to watch a video, we can click on it ourselves….Version: 55.2.6

Stop forcing videosImpossible to use the app and play music at the same time as videos can’t be disabled just checking box score. If I want videos I’ll click on the video link….Version: 56.0.8

Videos often don’t playI am really tired of watching two commercials then getting a white screen and no video. It is happening more often lately. Time consuming and frustrating..Version: 53.1.3

Every new update makes the app worseI’ll start by saying that in principle I really like this app, its a convenient way to check scores and I really enjoy a lot of the articles published. That being said though I can’t help but feel like every new update, which unfortunately are forced upon you because the app won’t open unless you use the most recent version, makes the app more annoying to use and that has become especially apparent recently. The insistence on shoving NFL+ down your throat, the video player automatically starting up whenever you open any article which is extremely annoying to mute or close because of how unresponsive and laggy it is and making loads of useful tools like in game player stats or league wide stats either completely unavailable or simplified to the point of absurdity makes the user experience extremely frustrating especially when compared to the website. I hope this trend can be reversed in the future because as of now I really don’t see the point in even using the app anymore..Version: 57.0.7

CrapI keep hearing about being able to watch the games free on this app.... complete BS! No you can’t... you need a subscription which costs money. Garbage app... with garbage lies...Version: 53.2.6

Hate itI just want to see the stats but there’s no way to stop the video. It seems like you have to watch a commercial between every single clip. Just another NFL cash grab. Officially deleted..Version: 54.0.4

Click and nadaMost of the time when clicking on a story, not a video, it never opens....it’s gotten to the point that when I want to read anything about the NFL I have to go to, gasp, espn. This started happening a couple of months ago and has only gotten worse. The story simply will not load. Videos play fine so it’s not a connection issue..Version: 55.0.1

Remains a terrible app after all the updatesThe NFL app is truly an amazing work of failure. The NFL has all this money yet cannot put up a quality app. It does work, eventually, maybe, 100% of the time I load up this app there’s a significant lockdown and it cannot be used for anything for 1-2 minutes. Eventually the app catches up and I can check scores. I downloaded and use the Yahoo Sports app for score checking for NFL because I open that app and it works! This NFL app has been a heaping pile of crap for nearly a decade now. If anyone actually worked for their living this app would have been stripped down and redone to work like every other digital content offering app. I can pull up 4K steaming TV content and set things to record in under 10 seconds on my phone with every other similar type of app. Developers need to start over - they’re beating a dead horse and I just can’t use this app to do anything in a reasonable amount of time..Version: 56.1.8

Bad, just bad streamingGamepass now DAZN in Australia is the absolute worst streaming service. The NFL needs to get this fixed immediately. The vision is HD if it is showing a player on the side line. But the moment it is movement and game play it buffers horribly and becomes not viewable blurred footage. FIX IT NOW NFL.Version: 57.0.40

Terrible updateWhen you click on a game score, there is no way to exit back out without closing the whole app..Version: 57.0.9

Inconvenient and confusingI have had NFL Mobile for a few years now and have always enjoyed the layout and format of the app; however, the newest version/change is very inconvenient and confusing. Although all of the information is there about your “favorite team”, it requires lots of scrolling and searching to simply find the news stories. The older version was more colorful and organized which made it more enjoyable. Before, if I had read a news story, there would be a check saying I had read it which was very useful. I also can no longer select multiple favorite teams to get updates. I used to have three teams favorited, but thats not possible any more. Lastly, I found a glitch. Two days ago, (Monday) I finally received the final scoring and game score updates on the Ravens preseason game which was Thursday night. It took 4 days for my phone to receive the game notifications. The current version is functional and works, but the old version was much better in my opinion, I don’t find the app as enjoyable anymore..Version: 53.0.6

DESTROYED BY ADS!!!They claim every update is to improve the Fan Experience but all I ever experience is being assaulted by more and more ADs!! I prefer to see football scores or highlights. I can’t even read a box score without a stupid ad loading at the top of the screen.Version: 54.0.5

Worse since updateSince the last round of updates which made significant changes to the UI the app is very buggy. The worst being the video performance - the videos have lost their in-screen controls for pausing, rewinding etc. and crucially can’t be closed - this means once you open a video chain the only way to exit to the main page is to close and reopen the app, which is annoying. Content is all still fine, and the app will look and work nicely once the bugs are sorted, but for now it’s a major step backwards..Version: 53.0.6

What a Scam!Honestly, it is not about the $6.99 a month that I paid for this ‘membership / access’, but it is deceiving to fans and should be considered a scam. With all honesty i thought that because this is the official NFL app, by joining, I would be able to watch any game I want in real time. Guess what? NO, only a couple (and I mean 1-2) of bad games are possible to watch live, because all the other many are restricted due to broadcasting rights with the TV stations that are licensed!! How is that possible? Oh, but be happy, because you can at least ‘listen’ to them!! What a treat. Any person that gets this app would expect to have unrestricted access to the games of the league regardless! Only the NFL marketing people think otherwise and that we are supposed to understand that this is limited view. Not honest. Not forward. Not professional. Coming from a company like this, this is VERY disappointing & irritating. - of course I canceled the membership after the 1st month paid at registration..Version: 57.0.56

Half-finishedI want to like it. It looks clean and has the potential to be a great hub for football fans. But watching the games on NFL+, it falls way short. The plays section underneath the video doesn’t have the right information (it all says “…for no gain” even if it’s a 40 yard pass or a 3 yard run. Sometimes the titles are entirely inaccurate (pass title on a run play, a penalty and an incomplete pass under a penalty title, etc.). In the stats section, the quarter by quarter score box is empty. They have data for passing and rushing yards, but total yards is blank, as are a number of other data points. In the teams section, it’s outdated as well. I know it’s preseason, but the schedule is blank. a And the roster and player data is all outdated as well. Russell Wilson is very famously not on the Seahawks anymore so why do they have him listed as an offensive leader with 3,113 yards? It just looks unfinished. Not to mention the bugs - it doesn’t let you switch between games reliably in the NFL+ section of the app, it keeps telling me to subscribe to NFL+ even though I’m already subscribed, it switches between light and dark mode, and the login screen freezes frequently. If they want me to spend money on a subscription service through this app, then they need to present a more polished product. Until then, dig any deeper than surface level, and it just looks lazy..Version: 57.0.1

No player stats when checking scores and too many adsSo annoying that Yahoo and the web provides better stats and feedback during a game.Version: 57.0.4

Stats are garbageWhat happened to the player by player stats for games? It’s absolute trash without being able to see how many yards or sacks each individual player got.Version: 57.0.7

Each year, the app gets worse.I have had the NFL app for years now, and I loved checking the app for scores and highlights, as well as streaming games whenever I have time to watch. Each year, the app as a whole has gotten worse and more confusing. This season is the worst update yet. I can’t even check scores here anymore because it was never as accurate as it was before. Sometimes, the time on the scoreboard will freeze too, even after restarting and refreshing it. As far as the highlights section goes, I can’t even load a video half the time I try to click on it, and when I do, sometimes the app will give me the boot and I have to load the app again. Also, checking the standings is a joke. The standings aren’t even organized by record, but rather by alphabetical order. It has never happened on the previous updates until this season. I hardly use the app now because I can’t enjoy it without an issue occurring. The older layouts and updates were much better and easier to use..Version: 53.1.2

Fair ReviewI was so excited to see that Redzone was available by itself on NFL+. After years of watching it via Sling or Fubo, I was tired of paying $50 for one program every Sunday (I don’t watch much television outside this). We’re in week 3 of the NFL season and I’m still experiencing issues via tablet, phone and tv. The tablet and tv version of the app are stating that I don’t have an nfl+ subscription even though I paid for it before the season began. Last week it was the phone stating that I wasn’t subscribed and this week the same on the tv and tablet. How can I be watching it on my phone signed it but it isn’t recognized anywhere else when I’m logged in. Halp I will say customer service got back quickly about clearing cache and logging out. But now I’ve done that on the other two and it’s still not working. So, it’s a larger issue. And email customer service only is disappointing for a company of the NFLs caliber. A chat agent should be able to answer simple questions and move it to tier two teams..Version: 57.0.46

Great idea. Lousy execution.Live streaming works quite well in general. The problems occur when playing back games after they are done, whether it be video or radio broadcasts. If you just play the content, it usually does well enough. However, if you want to skip around in the game, it is very inconsistent, oftentimes resulting in the stream starting over again from the beginning. Let’s say I want to skip back 30 seconds to watch a play again. There is simply no good way to do this and it’s just problematic for the app. Oftentimes you cannot even see where you are in the video because it does not display all the numbers (the game I am listening to reads “02...”, so I know only that I am sometime in the 2nd hour). This makes accurately moving earlier or later in the stream extremely awkward, ineffective, and pretty much impossible. How about adding the now-standard option buttons to skip 15 seconds forward or backward in the stream? This is NOT hard to do. Also, if you have the stream displaying in full screen mode, you pretty much can’t skip the stream forward or backward. You have to decrease the display size, then you can do it, albeit chunkily. It’s remarkable how far ahead MLB is compared to NFL when it comes to streaming content. MLB makes the experience nearly seamless. With the NFL, it’s an unpleasant experience..Version: 14.4.3

CANCEL THE VIDEO TAKE OVERSGreat info on the app but shocking navigation features. The highlight videos need to be separate in game menus and not automatically play. Even when I open another app or make a phone call the sound from the highlights plays because the app is open in the background. Terrible design!.Version: 56.1.1

App sucksI live in Canada. Love watching my NFL teams on the go. Even though I’ve subscribed and paid the price, this app still wants me to log in with my cable provider. In the US. I live in Canada. Looking for any live feed to watch the game on this app SUCKS!!!! Not worth it. If I could give it a 0-star rating, I would..Version: 57.0.22

Coach’s filmFor the most part the app is awesome. I really like to re-watch certain games and it’s great to be able to watch the condensed game. But I really like to watch the all-22 film of my favorite teams on Tuesday’s. I have a football background, and i am sure most that use this feature were either a player or a coach at one time. So in comparison to hudl, or the various film softwares i have used over the years this one is by far the worst. You can only rewind or fast forward in increments of 10 seconds, whereas most platforms let you rewind second by second. So when i want to rewatch each receivers route (or see where the guard misstepped, or see why the safety got out of position, etc) i can only do that in 10 second increments (where most plays are not 10 full seconds) so it turns into a lot wasted time. It seems like an easy fix. Realistically, most fans do not watch the coach’s film, because there is no sound and it is not the view we are used to on TV. I would assume the vast majority of people using this feature are players and coach’s, so i think catering to that audience for this one area of the app could really improve things..Version: 54.1.0

Often glitchySeems to be frequent glitches. Uses much more data than it needs too which makes it load slowly. Game tracker often lags and seems to malfunction regularly.Version: 57.0.17

GlitchEvery time I open the app it stays on the nfl 100 screen... tried reinstalling it multiple times and still does it.Version: 54.2.5

Update failContent is brilliant, best available. However I haven’t been able to open a news article since this latest update. Videos still work fine but I’m more of a reader..Version: 55.0.0

Worst sporting app I’ve usedIncredibly non-user friendly interface, slow and clunky, the live ‘current drive’ animations don’t match the plays and Therese just far too much information on each screen. Who ever developed this has tried to do way too much and need to simply things.Version: 57.0.49

Pay for it but can’t watch it?I have been subscribed to the NFL plus minimum plan since they started. I’ll also throw in that I don’t like having to pay just for local games, but I do understand times are changing. However, if you are going to promote something, the least you can do is back your word. Around a week ago, I noticed that despite still being charged for the subscription, I can’t watch any of the local games. Now whenever I get ready to watch the games i have, there is a lock sign and when tapped, it tells me to pay for another plan. Why would I double down and pay for 2 plans? And it’s not just on my phone, it happens on my tablet too. Even though I’m subscribed, for whatever reason, it is pushing me to make another payment. Please fix this. Sundays roll around and the only thing I want to do is watch some games. It gets very frustrating when I try to adapt to the changes made, and things don’t work out..Version: 57.0.54

Stopped workingThe app has stopped working, it has ceased to function, gone to the sports app graveyard! No matter how many times I delete and re-install, the same issues occur on all my devices — iPhone and iPad. On launching the app after the splash screen it just says ‘Tap to Retry’ and nothing happens. Please fix! Thank you..Version: 57.0.52

Nice to have but overall brokenDon’t get me wrong, I love to have the NFL app to watch the games on the go but overall it’s a broken app and they obviously just plain out refuse to fix it. My biggest issue which has been a somehow unfixed issue all season long is multiple players missing from the stat lines such as trey lance and Zach Wilson. As well as issues such as the games in the scores tab not loading and having to reload the app several times in order to view the games. As far as the problem with the players missing go, it’s not like they aren’t on the app all together, In the plays section of a game it will show the name and picture of the player, but they do not show up in the stats column. Considering this has been a problem since week 1 of the pre season and it is week 18 upon writing this review, it is just plain laziness on the NFL’s part. Just another example of how incompetent the NFL has proven to be lately..Version: 56.1.14

The app does not work on phone anymoreI tried to get app support as to why nothing works to view scores on my phone, still works on ipad. No troubleshooting works, for app to work on iphone, tried to get support and got zero help. If think your help is crap and if could get scores with different app would not use on any device. I rate you zero cause no help at all and just frustrating to have a device for app to no longer work..Version: 57.0.10

Too much white spaceThe app has far too much wasted white space now? Team icons are smaller, as are the scores, so it’s actually harder for me to see how the days games have gone. Also when I enter the games section my teams score isn’t right at the top ready for me to see? I have to search and scroll through to find it? It’s just a more frustrating app now 😞.Version: 53.0.7

Auto play!Come on NFL - sort out a simple option to stop auto-play of videos! It gets in the way of the whole user experience - especially with the videos at the start of text articles..Version: 57.0.7

Too many adsPlease allow me to watch the video I selected first. The app brings up a video I didn’t want to watch so I skip it, watch an ad, skip the next video which again isn’t the video I selected, watch another ad, then finally the video I initially selected to begin with. Way way way too many ads. I understand that that’s how you make money, but at least provide the option to pay not to see any ads because the ads are EXCESSIVE!!.Version: 54.1.7

Bring back the game pass appAfter removing the brilliant game pass app from the App Store this year, its almost like they went out of their way to make an unenjoyable experience. The app is so bloated it was impossible to use, and you had to wade through so many spoilers it wasn’t fun. Now, with the latest update, you can’t watch game pass games through the app at all. Seems like the NFL is inaccessible from ios..Version: 14.4.5

App won’t work on iPhone XAnytime I open a news article, the app crashes, booting me back to the home screen. Deleting and reinstalling the app didn’t work, and support tells you to use the website instead. That is no solution! This has been happening since the last update almost a month ago. Congrats on breaking the app and not bothering to fix it for so long..Version: 53.0.8

Was greatI’ve used this app since I got back into the NFL at the start of last season. Generally it has worked excellently, provides all the up to date news, notifications for big stories. Plenty of stats for those number minded people out there like myself as well as all the standings. It updates as it moves through the season and focussed on what is happening now...draft, OTA’s, preseason etc. It was a 5* app until the new update. They’ve brought it in line with the website with how it looks and instead of making it clearer with news and analysis divided into sections it just brought the app to a screeching halt. The videos have to be opened twice now as the first time just shows a white screen, any time you step out of the app for a short moment (such as to make a note of something on another app) it resets back to the home screen and you have to go back through to find the news article. This has led me to have to use the nfl website on my browser rather than the app which defeats the object. In review, it now looks snazzier but works worse, an analogy for most of modern society..Version: 53.0.0

AnnoyingThe most annoying feature is trying to read a print article then have a video pop up obliterating any sense of pleasure reading the article while dodging this video. Why the video?.Version: 57.0.51

Videos don’t play, only the ads doAds will always play, actual videos never do. Always stuck at a white screen after ad plays..Version: 53.1.6

How could you let this happen?I can’t understand how something went from so good to do bad!! The new update will not play video even after a reinstall. You have ZERO customer service either with this or game pass.... The 2018season is about to start and it’s as if you just don’t care about paying fans?!?.Version: 53.0.4

From 5 stars to 1The latest upgrade just doesn't work. Half written headlines and a poor layout leaves the user frustrated to the point of giving up. Shame as I used like keeping up with all that's going on in the NFL...not anymore. Had to delete the app. Not fit for purpose.Version: 57.0.3

Ads ruined app, so ESPN it is!I’m sick to death of ads. And now I can’t even READ an article without an annoying video popping up between paragraphs, forcing you to hear it even if you scroll beyond. The app has become unusable, so I now use ESPN. The makers of this app and the NFL can only blame themselves. Bye..Version: 57.0.7

Bugs persistNice app for getting details but it's been buggy for a while. Have had issues with video playing, audio on videos, unable to adjust switched setting. Currently I can't enable team alerts. Previously I was unable to disable final score notifications (which seemed to have been turned on automatically during an update). After deleting the app, now I can't turn on other alerts. I'd have raised this issue elsewhere but it seems there's no features to do that..Version: 57.0.53

Deceptive service and buggy performanceThis app and service is trash. When I downloaded the app and selected a streaming service to watch football, I anticipated paying some fees. But only AFTER I paid $65+ in subscription costs did the app then tell me it requires a cable subscription to connect to in order to watch NFL+! I tried everything but anytime I tried accessing my newly bought subscription, it wouldn’t let me go any further until I selected my cable provider. News flash; I bought the app and streaming because I don’t have a cable TV subscription or account. But even the basic usage is not satisfying. Every Sunday (no exaggeration), there were at least 3-4 games that simply wouldn’t play at all on video. It would just say “there’s something wrong with the video”. And of course it was usually the prime time or most important games of the day. Even now during playoffs I’m getting the same error message. And no it’s not a problem on my end, my service is full bars and my wifi is working just fine. You’re better off watching the text updates on live games on yahoo or google or something..Version: 57.0.22

Pathetic, rather use googleThis app is a joke, never upto date stats hardly ever load, better off using google for the game then the nfl official app,, you think being “ONE OF THE BIGGEST SPORTS LEAGUES ON THE PLANET” they could have a decent app.Version: 57.0.9

Battery destroyerNot only does this app burn through battery faster than any other, it’s slow to update AND auto-plays highlights which makes the app glacial..Version: 55.0.9

AdsThe ads need to be resized on the app The app does not display on all phones correctly.Version: 57.0.9

Terrible experienceIf I could give this app a 0 rating , I would. Tried installing/deleting/restarting/installing several times over the past few days on my iPhone and Apple TV. The app is dysfunctional on the TV and absolutely not working on my phone. NFL is happy to take my 20 bucks a month for NFL+ premium, but doesn’t have the capacity to make a functional app or offer basic customer service. Very disappointed..Version: 57.0.49

Deceptive Marketing NFL +I expected not being able to watch out of market games or watch on my laptop/tv when I subscribed to NFL+, but I expected to get what was being advertised, which was out of market preseason games, and at least the opening game for this 2022 season. Since I subscribed to this service, I’ve only been able to watch two actual games using this service. They advertise that you can watch whatever game using NFL+ but you actually can’t. This is the first where I’ve experience such poor service from an app/company that I felt the need to write a poor review. NFL is litterally just trying to get your money. If they start to give what they advertise in the future, then sure, I’ll return as a cusumer, but until then I’m done with them. In addition to the app itself, connection is wonky and when a news notificaiton pops up and you click it, it doesn’t take you to the article you want to read. The app also feels very buggy and not clear..Version: 57.0.4

Too GlitchyWhen I went in to write a review for this app I was shocked to see it has a near 5 star approval rating. I just knew so many were experiencing the same issues which would cause the rating of this app to be no higher than 3 stars. I should state I’ve had this app for years and use it DAILY. But the glitches that come with this app have only grown over time. I give this app 2 stars because of the quality of the information provided. But daily I have articles that won’t load. The app completely crashes and I need to re-open. I prefer my iPhone to have a dark reading background with white text. But articles will still have black lettering making it unreadable with this format. And just to throw it in, a 30 second ad for a 1 minute long video clip I want to watch. I’ll continue to use this app. But I find a much more pleasurable experience using the ESPN app. It’s just I ONLY care about the NFL. I only caution future users to be prepared to be frustrated on a daily basis..Version: 56.1.4

Hard to use the app when you can’t push a bottom and have it do what it’s supposed toI go to game pass click on last season to watch the games only to find out it’s not loading and still on the same screen while your video takes forever to load so I can have people I don’t care about talk about their opinions I didn’t ask for or click on to begin watching in the first place. Focus more on stream lining the functional capabilities of the app before you fill it with things we didn’t ask for. Also read what the app used to feature compared to what it does now and it just seems like you don’t know what the people that pay for the service really want you get rid of individual player performances captured on tape and being able to look up video reals on individual players to give us more over produced football takes from people that flip flop on their positions or talk about things that probably don’t matter to people that know the game of football..Version: 56.1.31

Absolutely infuriatingEnough of the auto play videos already. If I want to watch a video/highlight I am more than capable of making that decision on my own and executing the necessary human functions required to complete that specific desire. What I don’t need are videos playing when I’m just trying to do a quick score/stats check or read an article. What makes it worse is when you scroll past the video and it is then jammed into the corner cover part of the article text. Sort yourselves out! Check out the MLB app for a lesson in functionality combined with simplicity that works..Version: 56.1.11

No sound on most highlights.More bugs than a family picnic. Most of the time the sound cuts out or doesn’t work on replays. It’s like they are blacking out the signal. I would expect better from a league that makes billions of dollars app is designed like it was done in Russia..Version: 57.0.14

Remove Automatic VideosRemove the automatic playing highlights i am always trying to check the scores or stats and it automatically plays highlights , they are so annoying that i would rather look at the stats etc on google..Version: 56.1.13

Favorite app. But it wont workApp is great for football fans, but everytime I open it says check your connection and try again. Never opens, genuinely disappointed that I can’t use it.Version: 57.0.10

Ads and broken videoWatch ad after ad and then the video won’t play. Try other apps for better viewing experience..Version: 57.0.42

Auto play AdsAuto play ads even when just checking box scores. Worst major sports app out there..Version: 54.0.6

Worst app in sportsYou would think the NFL itself would want to make it easy to watch their games. Instead, they have put forth the worst, most frustrating and pathetically incompetent app in sports. I wanted to watch the Vikings game in London. My tv provider (DIRECTV Stream) doesn’t carry NFL network. I have the app but you can’t watch this game (not broadcast anywhere else but on this app) without an NFL+ subscription. I begrudgingly sign up for the monthly. But, I can’t access on the app on my smart TV because it says “connect to your account to watch”. I am connected to the account and try signing out and back in, reloading the app, etc. Same problem. So, I try the website on my computer. You can’t watch on the website, only the app. I try the app on my tablet, but it tells me “my tv provider doesn’t support” (which is infuriating because that is why I paid for the NFL+!). I end up watching through the Vikings app on my iPhone. Absolutely livid. The NFL should ban itself from broadcasting television until it gets a clue how to broadcast television through multiple media. Right now it has none. Monopolies almost always correlate to crappy service. Case in point..Version: 57.0.7

Not bad.Useful. Nice implementation of game pass..Version: 12.2.2

Endless NotificationsThis app does not respect its own, internal notification settings. I have it set to notify when my favourite team starts a game and to notify me of the final score. No other options are selected yet I am bombarded by team news stories; sometimes up to 10 a day. The app did not have this problem last year. Will be disabling all notifications for this app in the iOS settings from now on..Version: 53.1.7

From great to boringFormerly an excellent informative app, now plagued with pre-clip adverts prior to both highlights and even very short clips. Skip one add and there’s another, then another, and often another to follow, usually a repeat of an add already presented. Like C5’s live NFL programme, what was once excellent is now simply disappointing and annoying. Shame..Version: 56.1.14

No schedule or scores??The schedule has disappeared and doesn't show the games and scores (iOS)..used to love this app but now totally useless..fix it!.Version: 12.3.2

Wayyyy too many adsIts a great app to keep up to date but just has so much ads popping everywhere. And if you want to watch a video even a 10sec one you have to watch a 30sec long app and you can’t even skip it. It just puts you off watching videos. NFL sort this out!.Version: 14.7.0

Dreadful for keeping up to date with in game player statsYou used to be able to keep up to date with individual player stats from in-game action. Something I know a lot of NFL fans love .Now it’s just some team bar charts. Where are the proper detailed stats? Rubbish. Which ‘genius’ made that decision? It needs sorting out..Version: 57.0.5

Not a good appFirst off, games on the NFL app are a hit & miss. A lot of them you aren’t able to see and the ones you can are usually blurry. Supposedly there was an update to fix these issues but haven’t seen any progress. Since I subscribed to it I expected to see all/any game I wanted but that’s not the case. There is only a small number games you are eligible to watch. My second complaint: I bought a phone and all my apps were transferred to my new phone. With the new phone I was never able to log in because it stated there was “no account under my email” which is absurd because I was using it just fine on my old phone. I tried multiple times and wasn’t getting anywhere with it but let it be known I was getting charged every month. How is that possible?? Supposedly there is no email associated with the NFL app but they were withdrawing every month and sending me a charge to my email address??! Makes no sense. Truly dissatisfied with this app and if you want to save yourself the headache please use a live stream or an entire different app. Very dissatisfied..Version: 57.0.17

Forced Ads & Forced VideosThey need to remove the automatic playing videos ASAP. Cannot use the app due to the ads and videos always constantly loading and over the top of anything you try to do on the page. Terrible design.Version: 56.1.2

There is not a less user friendly app on the marketI signed up for NFL+ premium because it was the cheapest way to watch red zone this season. I’m sitting here missing the games because, although it was easy to sign up for the account, everything else about the app is horrendous. It took 45 minutes of troubleshooting on my computer to actually log in to my account and then I couldn’t stream on my computer. I gave up and tried my phone, couldn’t log in at all. I gave up and tried an Xbox. I could log in and stream but without sound. I tried to troubleshoot the sound and the stream stopped working. What an absolute joke. The NFL is a greed fueled organization that doesn’t care about the consumer experience at all. Please go pirate the games like everyone else and don’t waste your time with this, or stop watching the NFL altogether. Whatever you choose, just let this stand as a warning this was a super frustrating way to spend my Sunday morning at the start of the season..Version: 57.0.46

What is with auto play videoWhy on earth would I want a video to auto play when I am trying to read an article? What is worse when you try and close the video it plays an ad. So the NFL has gone from a news app to an app that is delivering ad content before you can even consume the content. Job well done guys, if I want an app to play videos I will make decision myself, I don’t need you to assume that is what I want. Good bye NFL app..Version: 57.0.23

TERRIBLEABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE APP AND EXPERIENCE. Please do not waste your time with NFL+. I signed up for premiere account to access NFL Red Zone and the technology was horrendous. It was incredibly difficult to try and get the app/website to load to the correct screens and ultimately I was never even able to stream it for even one minute. I tried to troubleshoot and go to the website chat to speak with an agent but the system only allows to “submit a request” via the chat box so no one even got back to me in a timely matter. NFL+ absolutely STINKS. Laughable how easy it is to sign-up and give payment information but then impossible to actually use the product. Also hilarious how difficult it was to cancel (you need to cancel by going to the website aka you cannot do it through the app & it needs to be done PRIOR/SEPARATELY from deleting your account). This means you better cancel the payment before deleting your account otherwise you will continue to be charged. Incredibly disappointed but shouldn’t expect anything less from a business that runs such a monopoly. Please don’t waste your time..Version: 57.0.46

App fails to stream live gamesI purchased NFL+ to stream live out of market games on my iPhone or iPad. After two weeks I have yet to see a single game outside of those already available via my xfinity subscription. The app fails to recognize that I am on a mobile device and reports that the device is unsupported. It offers options to listen to the games and t watch replays following the games but no live service. I have gone through the online tech support options and reached out via chat to be connected to an agent. The agent did nothing other than send me links to those same resources and close the ticket. I have reported my dissatisfaction and that the issue is unresolved multiple times. I have requested a refund (which they submit through the same limited “chat” experience). I have no desire to waste another Sunday afternoon trying to watch these football games. I will just watch my team when they are in a prime time game. I got absolutely nothing for paying $85 for the NFL+ subscription..Version: 57.0.5

New Update - terrible againIt’s as if they don’t perform any quality checks before rolling out an update More difficult to navigate than before too Hardly going to put me off following the NFL, but not sure why they go through this every year.Version: 53.0.0

Doesn’t work anymoreUsed to be a great app to read the stats and watch the play by play tracker. Stats are wrong for games, doesn’t show individual stats, shows wrong injury information and every play on the graphic goes to the end zone every time. Been like it since pre season and still not fixed.Version: 57.0.4

Inconsistent performance...When it works its great..although would be nice to hide the scores so you can watch highlights without knowing the result...unfortunately you have to have optimal conditions to use it any slight drop (4 bars to 3 or 2 even) and forget about it..videos that either dont load or just buffer and you cant even load the news stories..would love to see the ability to cache some data help solve this..or maybe compress things to use less data/bandwidth.Version: 54.1.1

I try every year, but it always failsI’m only able to watch games via streaming and don’t need to watch regular-season games live, so the NFL app should be perfect for me. When I started using it around 2018, it was. Watching every game without commercials a couple hours after it was aired, or even the next day, was fantastic. I’ve attempted to get the same quality product from this app in subsequent years, but it does not function properly. Some years, they’ll show you get commercial-free replays, but run their own ads instead of commercials. There is always an issue such as that which doesn’t fulfill the terms if the subscription. But still, I try. In this year, 2023, I tried and found the service worked well in preseason week 1. When week came, I could watch a live game, but loading an older game has a lock symbol and shows I have to have a premium + subscription to watch. But just above that, it says my current subscription is premium plus. My subscription settings page also confirms I have the highest tier of subscription. When the service worked, it was well worth $80 a year. I personally found it worth $150, when I was able to watch the games. But it is worth nothing when the service does not work, and every year sees one issue or another that prevents me from watching any games. I’ll still try again in 2024, with fingers crossed that the bugs get fixed..Version: 57.0.42

Main feature I use is not workingThe games/playoffs function has stopped working since week 16! Wrong time of the year to have it go down. Please fix for tomorrow. New Zealand App Store..Version: 12.3.2

If you’re thinking about GamePass, save your money.This app is glitchy, slow, and inconsistent. I (try to) use it on my phone, iPad and TV. It works poorly on all of them. My biggest complaint is with GamePass. I want to watch my team and I live “out of market” so I wait for the game to end to watch the replay. First, I have to log in every time. Why does every other app on my TV have the ability to remember who I am except this one? Then, I am shown a graphic with the final score, which I have intentionally avoided for the last three hours while the game was in progress. When I can finally get the replay to load, it is glitchy, and often requires two or three restarts. Today, for the first time, I see I can’t get the full game replay until 2-4 hours after the game. This is new, and not an improvement. I take some comfort knowing I’m not the only one. This week I heard 3 separate journalists ripping the app as they have difficulty watching the all-22 footage. This is the last year the NFL gets my money. This thing is worthless to me and I wish I could get the rest of the season refunded..Version: 56.1.6

Needs better executionThe most recent version for both iOS and iPadOS just shows a banner that says “Tap to Retry.” Apparently a known issue and they are working on it, but overall the execution is quite poor. Most critically, GamePass functionality is broken. If you start a game and then go do something else, it forgets your location in the playback except under some circumstances which seem to be when the app doesn’t get swapped out. Maybe, who knows, but it’s almost random and doesn’t meet with the expectations from other streaming apps and services. Your position in the stream should be recorded in the cloud DB such that you can return to the same game playback and position from any device or browser. THIS IS BASIC EXPECTED FUNCTIONALITY. Layout of functions in then iOS, iPadOS, and Apple TV apps is poor as well. I shouldn’t need to find GamePass and scroll through weeks and finals. There is plenty of screen real estate so just have an easier selection mechanism..Version: 55.2.3

Good, but huge problem!So I am in Australia (just to be clear) and I have a problem where only 1/5 articles actually loads. I have tried waiting, restarting the app, reinstalling the app - nothing has fixed it. Not sure if it’s because I am in another country. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, as I read articles from this app every day! Thanks.Version: 55.0.1

Too many adsI love the NFL but watching 3+ ads for a ten second clip is ridiculous. So annoying I deleted the app. Only thing worse is DAZN, that the NFL gave the rights to for Canada..Version: 57.0.46

AdsTo watch a 38 second clip. I need to watch a one minute ad every time. What a joke..Version: 54.2.0

No Stats!!This app used to at least usable…but now with the latest update getting rid of the player stats, why would I use it?! Easier just to look at other sporting apps or websites that give more player stats and game info..Version: 57.0.7

Good app, but we can’t no longer watch…The app is still good, but we can no longer watch highlights in landscape mode. Needless to say this is something unpleasant if you try to watch it with a smartphone..Version: 57.0.22

No no noIf you love commercials… this is the apt for you. otherwise……………..Version: 57.0.17

The worst app and customer service experience I’ve ever hadLast year, week 8, suddenly the app stopped working. Every single game had an error message that the video wouldn’t load. I tried on a web browser and it just wouldn’t load videos. I tried multiple interfaces and computers and all nothing. Email customer service and they send a generic reply about clearing cache, which obviously isn’t the answer. I sent a constant barrage of emails and video showing the problem over the course of 3 weeks with no meaningful solutions, or even acknowledgement that they had screwed up. I gave up for two weeks, came back and suddenly all games worked fine again. Then, when the package i purchased was for all regular season games, my subscription was canceled by them on December 31. I missed half the season while paying for all of it. They sent silly emails in response to serious questions and generally acted like they didn’t care I was getting screwed. This was by far the worst experience I have ever had with any company..Version: 56.0.7

Don’t Waste Your TimeIn 2022 I paid for the basic NFL+ which didn’t help me at all since I couldn’t watch any of the games on a desktop computer? so this year I decided to upgrade. I cancelled my monthly basic subscription and paid for the premium and wasn’t able to use it because it kept saying I only had the basic subscription. I tried reaching out to their “support” and have gotten nowhere; no refunds, no change in my service, nothing. They don’t even have a number to call and try to deal with someone over the phone. They won’t help you they’ll just take your money. Worst sports app and absolute worst customer care. You’d think with how many BILLIONS the NFL makes that they’d be able to assist their customers but oh well don’t waste your time with buying their garbage subscriptions the whole app should be flagged for false advertising anyway since it says you can watch live in and out of market games but you totally can’t..Version: 57.0.46

New update not goodCan we have the old version back? Can’t access player stats within games, and when you do select a game, you can’t back out to the main screen. Am I missing something here?.Version: 57.0.1

Doesn’t work in Canada! The free trial is a scamHi, this app doesn’t let you watch any live games in Canada. Also, there is no free trial. We signed up, realized it doesn’t work in Canada and cancelled an hour after we signed up. We were still charged the 38 dollars and it was charged in USD so we basically paid 60 bucks for nothing. We’re trying to get a refund but so far nobody is helping us. Still haven’t received a refund. How are you allowed to charge me for a service you don’t even offer in Canada?.Version: 57.0.12

UpdatesEach update has made this app worse. There was a time you’d tap on your team and along with a link to news articles and game results you would have the option to see the rest of the season. Now I can’t even find where that is. Just countless articles and ads. If I’ve selected I don’t want nfl+ then I don’t want it. I don’t want the as every time I load the app up..Version: 57.0.1

Shame On YOU NFLWhy would anyone pay $75 a month and can’t live stream games? I don’t live in the local market of my team anymore. I want to watch my team play more often but every legal way gets closed off because it’s all streaming of local market. I live in an area that doesn’t even have an NFL team. The closest teams are Dallas, New Orleans and Kansas City. If I could get my teams games on my tv I wouldn’t have the need to stream them. But I can’t stream them because the league are complete arses and will only allow you to stream whatever game they decide is in your local viewing area. I’m stuck with the Texans and Ravens this week. I can’t stand either team. Seriously thinking it’s time for another boycott of the NFL. Maybe permanent this time. What a horrible league the NFL has become. Teaches kids that it’s expected to cheat, and let’s not give fans the games they want. But it’s us the fans who pay their salaries by buying tickets paying to watch games buying merchandise and paying for the stadiums..Version: 54.1.5

How about we play loud ads in the middle of your meeting while you try to check scores on the quiet!Takes too long to load, and is slow to update. Google has a faster response time and is just as accurate for checking scores. With invasive ads that now pop up and screw up the user experience, you can’t even check scores on the quiet. Thanks for being a heat score nfl..Version: 54.1.4

This app is horribleAnd every year it gets worse. I finally canceled my subscription this year, I’m simply tired of the frustration. Today I launched the app and it crashes when I switch to games. It fails in a different and more spectacular way all of the time. It’s also horrible at the one thing it’s supposed to do - play video. Update: Finally gave it another shot in ‘23 and the service and app is far superior to anything it’s been in the past but unfortunately still a one-star rating. I’m in the fourth quarter of a game and the controls have become virtually unresponsive - literally almost a minute to respond to a button press. Also, playback controls in general are horrible - no fast forward and can only jump back or forwards 30 seconds at a time, and usually very unresponsive. ALSO, it doesn’t remember where you were in a game, so enjoy pressing the barely-responsive 30 second jump button literally 120 times to jump forward each hour if you have to restart your game. It’s inconceivable any business has a video app this awful at video playback..Version: 57.0.49

App will not openApp won’t open I tried reinstalling multiple times….Version: 57.0.37

Game pass still a no goIt’s late October, and I still can’t log in to Game Pass to watch the content I paid for in either the iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV versions of this app. But the same credentials will let me log in and view it (with a poorer experience) in Safari. What gives? My messages to NFL support give only canned responses, and the website help says that there is a known issue and please be patient. We are entering week 7 and it’s still not working! It worked last year... what broke? I don’t want a refund, I want what I paid for. I want to see NFL games on my big screen, and on my iPad Pro without all the wonkiness of using the web browser (which can’t cast the video to my big screen because, well, reasons). Developer incompetence? An argument with Apple about not getting a cut of the revenue from me buying Game Pass directly from the NFL and not throught the app (I would vigorously side with the NFL if that’s the case)? I don’t care. I’ve spent thousands on expensive hardware, networking, and licensed content to have a great NFL experience and I’m not getting it. Fix now..Version: 55.1.2

Update has ruined this appI have used this app for a few years and always found it good and when checking the scores I could keep up to date but since the current update it performs slow, the score section is poor and designed horribly. I hope this gets fixed as I thought the update had teething problems but it has updated again since. 😠.Version: 53.0.6

Buggy video!I’m sick of watching the same advertisement 3 or 4 times for bud light and never being able to watch the selected video because it won’t play! Fix the video play, please! #adhostage.Version: 53.1.6

Stop playing videosStop playing videos whenever I click on a game score. If I want to watch a video, I’ll click to watch a video. Annoying and frustrating and there isn’t even a setting to change this.Version: 55.1.4

Unreliable & Poor QualityI’m often unable to access the watch/listen livestream functionality of my NFL+ account. For example, today when I tried to access it I received an error message stating, “Fumble! Looks like there was a problem with the video.” This happens frequently on game days. I tried updating the app, restarting my phone, checking my subscription status on the website, etc. No matter what I tried it just doesn’t work. When I have been able to watch/listen to games in the recent past, the quality was very poor, becoming intermittently blurry during what seems like the best or most crucial parts of the game such that I couldn’t make out the players or what is happening on the field. It almost seems as though the organization is hoping you’ll subscribe to one of their expensive tv packages out of sheer frustration. I’m canceling my subscription and deleting the app. Don’t waste your time or energy with it!.Version: 57.0.20

TerribleThe app keeps telling me I have no connection and to try again, over and over. I have 200 GB. What a bad experience. Also thanks for giving DANZ the rights to gamepass. Their app is worse that yours. Incredible !.Version: 57.0.43

Doesn’t workWorked great the past few years, totally recommended it. This year, week 1 didnt work well, minor bug the didnt allow me to watch what i wanted. No big deal, they did an update, worked great week 2-5. Went on in week 6, all of a sudden said that i hadn’t paid for it and wanted money again. I verified my subscription is still active (it is, it’s annual, so it wouldn't have worked the previous weeks if i hadnt paid), and tried to get customer support. It turns out after 2 weeks trying multiple hours each week, problem not fixed. The worst part is i can’t even talk to a person. Their phone number literally only gives you a website and the website is only bots that can’t figure out what I’m trying to tell them. Disappointing, wouldn’t recommend anymore. Paid over $70 and can’t get a problem resolved or my money back. I would just find a stream that’s free online. Not as good quality, but at least you’re not getting screwed..Version: 57.0.8

Would be great it if worked.This app somehow forgot I was subscribed after only a month into the subscription. It continued to take my money though. You can’t restore purchases. You can’t resubscribe. You can’t access tech support. Don’t bother unless you enjoy disappointment..Version: 57.0.21

BruhFix ur app plz.Version: 53.1.9

RuinedUsed to use this app as casual NFL fan but recent updates/changes mean it no longer works for me. Too many intrusive prompts to subscribe and videos that automatically launch when I am trying to read an article. Will delete..Version: 57.0.8

Ads destroy this appThe content on this app is second to none. However, I cannot continue to use it as the video ad system is atrocious. Once you click on a highlight video it takes you straight into a 30sec ad that is unskippable. This in itself, while annoying, is not the main cause of my frustration. It is the fact that you cannot even exit out of the highlight section until the ad has played so essentially every second highlight you get held hostage for 30 seconds while you wait for ads. It should be noted also, that most of the ads are longer than the highlights that follow..Version: 54.1.2

Remove automatic highlightsRemove automatic highlights. I just want to check the stats. It should be easier to see the status and to jump from a game to another..Version: 56.1.13

FrustratingHave used the app for several years. Used to be called NFL Mobile now just NFL. But it has taken a step backwards big time. Used to have a good balance of articles and videos. Now too heavily biased to video clips. I like actually being able to read reports, pundits views etc etc. But the worst thing is that if they have issued an update to the app they make you update it before using again. Why? Why can’t you just use the old version and update at a time to suit you. I can’t think of another app that I have that has the same restriction..Version: 53.1.3

Terrible appI deleted it after a frustrating half hour. Doesn’t function in landscape on an IPhone. You can’t read the scores because of this and there is no support. The bot only helps if you are buying a subscription..Version: 57.0.21

Good but lots of room for improvementCoverage overseas while in the same country is good but there is a lot of room for improvement. Below is a list of improvements needed: 1. Every year there is weeks where the app does not work during training camp for overseas users despite paying for the subscription. The app MUST cover the full season for paying customers. 2. Allow paying users to watch from any region of the world not just the country that the registration started from. When I travel overseas during the season I cannot continue to watch. 3. Make all the shows available for watching at any time not just some. Make Good Morning Football selectable outside of US times so we don’t have to watch in the middle of the night. 4. Allow shows to be downloaded in the app for watching not just the games..Version: 53.3.1

Update requiredNot sure what has happened? The video feed just keeps cycling, won’t load or preview video’s and will just play advertisements over and over again. Fix it up in your next update please. Disappointed..Version: 56.1.13

Terrible updateI agree with some of the other reviewers - living in the UK this app is (sorry was) a brilliant way to keep up with the nfl - but the recent update has ruined the experience - impossible to know if you are clicking on a story or video half the time; now very slow and glitchy (after yet another update) Finally the stats page is also much worse...what happened to the passer rating??? Please put it back to what it was - a very clean and efficient app Edit - now the stats don’t even exist….Version: 57.0.5

Really bad experience in UK [edit removed another star]Video playback does not work most times these last couple of weeks…if something plays, then it’s an advert in a constant loop - otherwise a “Fumble” error message. Edit: This is an ongoing constant issue rendering any video playback absolute junk. This has been the case for about 6 months now and is not changing at all. Actually adding ad consent to every time you launch the app is really annoying though what’s even more outrageous, is if you are attempting to block consent for some of the hundreds of companies to your data, it results in the toggle sneakily re-enabling itself and give consent nevertheless once you scroll down, which I believe is a breach of privacy legislation. This is either intentional (and not disclosed in any way) or it is a serious bug that the developer should pay real attention to..Version: 56.1.19

Truly One of the Worst Football AppsSlow to announce news. Absolutely void of anything valid in part of May, all of June, and part of July. Now they want you to spend more money on NFL+ to pay for the same lame garbage. There are far better apps for your football news..Version: 57.0.39

BrokenWhy would you release a new version of the app that clearly doesn’t work? The videos don’t load 80% of the time and when they do you can’t simply exit the video and keep scrolling because no exit icon comes up so you have to close the entire app and try again... Frustrating..Version: 53.0.6

“Upgrade” is a disappointmentWe’ve had Gamepass since it came out and I have had the NFL app for years and years. The execution of Gamepass within the App has gotten worst from last year (which I did not think was possible). In fact, the NFL app has gotten progressively worse since it came out. How is that possible? If I could give this no stars, I would. Here are my complaints for iPhone app: - Navigation to older games is not intuitive and not easy to do. - Favorite team does not appear at the top when navigating to older games - Audio does not play in the background and cuts out when phone display goes off but not all the time - when audio cuts out a black screen appears at the bottom of the app where the audio should be and nothing to do about it. You have to exit the app and get back (then have to do the rigamarole of finding the game again) - once you get back to the game it definitely does not go to where you left off and it is almost impossible to get back to where you were and scrubbing function is awful for the audio. Impossible to know where you were and impossible to get back even if you do know. - the app crashes with Gamepass audio. - if you navigate to read articles within NFL while listening to the audio which you should be able to do and you accidentally click on a video it’ll either crash or start the video. And because of the above navigation and scrubbing problems this is incredibly frustrating. At least ask me if that’s what I want to do!.Version: 53.0.2

Use to be betterHonestly just bookmark the proper NFL site to your homepage. This app is broken like every one else is saying. The last update said "Fixed bugs to improve in game experience" .......NOPE....Stuffed it The Games tab (currently on Playoffs) shows nothing!!!!! Just sits there with the circle loading icon. Other tabs do work at least. You can't send feedback either. Like other companies these days they release rubbish and don't want to know.Version: 12.3.2

Please fixHave been using this app for years, being abroad helps me stay in the game. But the recent update doesn't show any games scheduled. Can you please look into this and fix for the playoffs?!.Version: 12.3.2

An app that gets worse with every changeI didn’t think it possible but the app gets worse and worse. Why not just call it NFL+ and everyone outside of the US can delete it? Wanted to watch some of the previews but you can’t if you’re not an NFL+ subscriber. I’m an international follower so can’t get NFL+ but I am a Gamepass subscriber, which means you are denying me content I pay to watch! Instead of getting rid of media talent sort out your ridiculous US only content or set up an international App we can actually enjoy..Version: 57.0.36

Great content but the autoplay !!!It is not that autoplay exists … it is simply that a way to disable it does not seem to exist! Why can I not disable autoplay? To save the single press it takes to play a video … if the user wants to … we get intusive loud commentators shouting out of the speakers … no chance to read … so click on the video … and it goes full screen!!! Really !!! It does not stop but becomes more intrusive. Now the pumped up world of TV self-interest might think that good … I think it is arrogant. Two different opinions … but without the option of choice … the user comes last. At least this is not as bad as their apple tv app … nothing could be. Update. App is unusable for following NFL news. Back button does not go back. Articles out of date. Amazed at the slickness of the NFL organisation … their commitment to develop outside of the US … and the ability to approve software like this with years of bad reviews. Embarrasing. Why do people give this appalling app high ratings? Are they rating the NFL organisation/sport? Or are they rating this app? Or are the ratings fake? App store has no integrity and does not seem to reflect apple products any more than this broken app reflects the NFL organisation..Version: 57.0.2

Broken appPlay by play is slow and glitchy. Turnover plays don’t show up. Always says extra point no good. Ad times are horrendous. Easier to follow games on ESPN app..Version: 57.0.6

Shame on the NFLInternational NFL GamePass switched over to DAZN this year and it’s a total disaster. Only writing a review for the NFL app because there’s nobody at DAZN or NFL GamePass to get ahold of. Some issues with DAZN: Video quality was garbage. Couldn’t even make out the plays. Restarted and checked all internet in the house and it’s definitely DAZN When you click on a game it automatically defaults to showing highlights. I’m glad it’s just preseason but I don’t want to be spoiled! You have to be on silence and quick scroll down to change to full game replay or game in 40. You used to be asked these questions up front. Speaking of full game replay, they didn’t remove the commercials and breaks, which is annoying I clicked on game in 40 and got highlights and game in 40 when I clicked on highlights Tried watching a game after it started (from the beginning) but it wasn’t an option and had to scroll back from the live feed which spoiled the score. This feature is on the website so until the app offers this I won’t be using. There is no download game feature to watch off line anymore. So disappointed in the NFL. They took something in NFL GamePass that wasn’t broken and broke it. Hopefully this is just preseason for the switch to DAZN too. Will happily and joyously update my rating if things improve (and honestly just back to previous standard). Please fix your mistake NFL!!!.Version: 57.0.49

Terrible UIThe UI in the last release is a dumpster fire of rushed-out-the-door app design. Single-word titles are broken across multiple lines, scrolling is choppy, pull-to-refresh obliterates the UI. Clearly a non-native app (probably React) which bring the inherent poor-quality user experience you’ve come to expect from 3rd party development. Terrible experience overall on the iPhone from a billion dollar company who should know better..Version: 55.0.8

Terrible InterfaceGreat app when you can actually get to the news you’re interested in. Every time the app is opened it asks for privacy consent.. then auto-play of videos and adverts which scroll down a page of text, obscuring the article at the end making it impossible to read. If you only get news from video sources this is for you, otherwise it’s a struggle.Version: 57.0.3

What has happened?Why has the app changed? On scores if you go into a game it’s 75% wasted space. Well team logos! and the rest all the stats all squished that you can’t read it! Then to exit that game you need to go on to watch a video then watch a advertisement then it will display a cross to go back to match choices. So disappointed. I used to enjoy watching the plays but can only see half the pitch..Version: 57.0.46

Remove the highlight feed from game viewOr at least an option to hide the feed... I don’t have a live watch feed so the highlights is distracting from the update feed... it takes up a third of the screen... it was a great app until this ‘improvement’... now just good.Version: 54.0.4

No game scheduleGreat app but recent updates have broken the upcoming game schedule page. Now it is just a blank white page :( (iPhone 5S).Version: 12.3.2

Not Happy!I am confused as to why the latest update to the NFL mobile app has take away my ability to watch NFL network without login has been taken away. I have Verizon as my mobile provider and I believe that should give me access to local and prime time NFL games as well as Playoffs games and NFL network. There is no option in the other account to select verizon as my mobile provider. The options listed are only for TV providers. Please notify me if their is a way to connect to my verizon mobile account. I remember doing this two years ago and having it be fairly simple and I don’t believe I had to do that again before the start of the 2017 season. Please help me with this because I don’t understand why this has happened. Also why has the ability to view games from past seasons been removed this seems to be highly unnecessary. Please go back to the format the app was in for the last few seasons it was much better. Also recently noticed after other people pointed it out that favorited team games don’t show up at the top please change this back to the way it was. I also think the the presentation on the app looked better last year.Version: 53.0.5

Autoplay => unusableVideos (with audio!) play automatically when reading articles. Horrible user experience. Videos frequently take over too eg reading an article, then without touching anything it takes me out of the article and into another page. Please go back to the old way where you had to click the videos in order to play them. And articles without videos embedded..Version: 57.0.24

Almost perfectGreat app, filled with content. Just needs a ‘live’ button, that refresh’s stats/play by plY etc. to the newest details. And MORE IMPORTANTLY turn off the automatic highlight videos. There is a button for highlights..Version: 55.1.5

FrustratingAll I want is to be able to check scores and keep track of play-by-play for the teams I am interested in. Often I find myself ditching the app and just going to ESPN’s website because I get better results. I’ll stare at this app for 5 minutes trying to figure out what’s going on but have no movement. Then I back out, close the app and when I open it back up I’ve missed 10 plays and the ball has changed hands twice. A few years ago this app was great but it gradually has gotten worse. It’s almost as if someone studied it and took note of the things that were good so they could remove those features to make people mad. It doesn’t seem too much to ask to have some sort of indicator on the “scores” tab showing which team has possession of the ball. Or even a small graphic that says where the ball is on the field. Instead, you have to click on each game to find out this information, if it is even available at that time. Perhaps if I buy a membership these features will become available to me once again. Alas, I am a cheapskate so I will just have to live with this inferior product..Version: 57.0.19

Zero star app and poor customer serviceI purchased NFL plus premium. I have an Apple IPhone 14 and cannot sign into the app. I have tried to reinstall. I just get a grayed out bar and can’t even attempt to sign in. On my tv the the app takes forever to load and then pauses frequently once you actually get it on. It’s a frustrating waste of time. Do the developers ever use this? Or do they ever read these recent reviews? I have tried to go through the customer service and got a chat bot. I explained my situation in detail. What I got as a reply was a survey that asked how they did. That wasn’t helpful because they hadn’t done anything to help me resolve the problems. I answered the survey with how poorly they did hoping that a representative would contact me, but received nothing again. I just want this fixed and can’t get any real help. Zero stars. The most ridiculous app that I have ever had. I think it’s time to get some money back me and the customers who are having the same issues that I’m having. Not what we signed up for. Help!.Version: 57.0.57

Standings?How about making the standings easy to find. It’s like a maze to work through to actually see the standings here. It’s a key component of the whole season. Should have its own tab on the main screen..Version: 53.2.2

UnfortunateI downloaded this app thinking I’d be able to watch my local games(saints because I’m stationed in Mississippi with the Air-force) and hopefully my favorite team (patriots because New England is where I’m from) play live. I was wrong. You can pretty much only watch your local game live, cannot cast device to my tv(black screens when app sees it being casted), the rest of the games are listen only or reply. The replay feature At least is nice. NFL this is my advice to you. Cable is dying. Slowly and surely. Us young people don’t watch that commercial littered garbage. You should create your own Netflix style app, where you can pay a subscription for the football season to WATCH any and all games live(oh wait you have one, this one!!!!!) please for the love of god move everything under one roof. I guarantee people would pay $40 plus for the season. I WOULD. Or even like $15 a month for the months football is on! Football is the spirit of America, we shouldn’t have to subscribe to CBS, ESPN, Fox, MSNBC and wherever else to watch football. Cut the middle men out, make your fans happy..Version: 57.0.8

Terrible game coverageI am an Eagles fan and the only game every week that I care about is the Eagles game. I paid for the regular subscription and then upgraded to the premium version. Aside from only being able to watch the games that they let me watch on my phone, the last two weeks in a row I have been blocked from being able to watch the Eagles game live. What am I paying for then? Seriously, a streaming app that has the NFL’s permission to rebroadcast their games live, and I have to wait until the game is over to watch it. What kind of bunk setup is that?! I don’t care if the ads during the game are local to where I live or not, I want to watch my team play live! And while I’m on the subject of watching my team play live, why does it matter if I have a cable tv provider or not to watch the game on my tv? I use a roku stick. Why? Because three or four streaming services is waaaaaay cheaper than paying for cable. Get your act together NFL+. This is unacceptable the way you currently have it. And don’t tell me you can’t afford to stream every team to every subscriber live regardless of where they live either. You’re streaming. It cannot possibly be that difficult to give fans the ability to watch their team every week without blackouts..Version: 57.0.19

StatsSo you removed the ability to look at individual player stats. Not only that but the stats feature as a whole is just terrible, barely anything listed and not up to date. You would think that having a injury list option would like the injuries of each team but no - just again nothing available..Version: 57.0.4

Links will not openHad the app for years and have always rated it highly. Recently (last 2 months) I haven’t been able to open any links to articles. Just get spinning wheel and nothing else. I raised a ticket for the app but for the most generic answer back that did not even answer my questions or look like anyone had even read it. Until this is fixed cannot rate this app any higher.Version: 55.0.1

The app is absolute crap.I cannot believe that I paid more than one hundred dollars to be able to listen to my Broncos play live. Since I now live in Ohio, I was very excited to be able to at least catch the game while working in the yard, or even while watching my second-favorite team, the Bengals. The app won’t load at least 75% of the time I open it. Or, it will open, think with the swirling circle of death, and freeze there. When I am able to get the game pass to load, after multiple times trying, the simulcast is choppy, with varying volume and bad mixing with crowd noise, and then, 100% of the time, it cuts out and won’t come back- unless I close the app, then open it multiple times, to try to get it to load. How a multi-billion company can make such a piece of crap that only frustrates fans is beyond me. My advice- don’t get it. Find a radio app that lets you listen to the game on an affiliated station in your home state. Using this BTW on an IPhone 12 Pro Max with 5G. Streaming is a joke but only with this app- everything else on my phone for streaming works well. Junk..Version: 56.1.4

Could be betterNavigation is poor. Click on a video and you can’t back out to the previous menu until you are forced to watch the ad and video. No way to skip ads after a few seconds even though it’s the same ad again and again on every video clip.Version: 14.4.4

Poorly made appYou would think with the amount of money the NFL makes they could afford to make an app which works properly and efficiently. The plays viewer is particularly poor, slow and always says extra point no good even though in the score increases by one. Sort it out NFL.Version: 57.0.10

Can never read articlesFor about 2-3 months now when you click on an article it never loads. I can open possible 10% of the articles which is very frustrating as an NFL supporter.Version: 55.0.1

Good app, until the ads load up.The ads ruin this for me, every article now has a banner ad down the right hand side which plays music over the top of everything else, the only way I can stop it is to tap the ad. If I had to just do this once I could live with it, but it happens on every single page I read on the app. Very poor..Version: 14.3.3

Fine, except for the terrible advertisingThe app is mostly fine, except for the fact I have to navigate away from an ad for game pass international every time I open it. I get it you want me to buy game pass international, and encourage me to open to app to go and watch full games (once I’ve subscribed). The thing is I’m already a game pass international subscriber, so if I want to watch games I’m never going to open the NFL app - I’d go straight to DAZN, so it just makes the whole experience of getting to the app homepage needlessly painful..Version: 57.0.56

NFL mobileDoes not display any games after update, put it right QUICK, as cannot go back to previous version!!! Also, plays have disappeared on mobile version, why, essential for an overseas fan.Version: 14.4.0

No live contentCan’t watch live match really very disappointing!.Version: 57.0.24

How can the NFL get their app so wrong?The news on the app is never breaking, because somehow the news is broken elsewhere before it is by the NFL itself. And please NFL fix video playback. The ads are killing me. This morning the same ad played three times without the video I selected playing. I went out and back in and the ad played twice more. It’s like the link to the video just can’t be found/made after the ad so it just plays again. I am over this app!.Version: 56.1.13

Don’t get this appNot friendly to use, I install this up pay 135$ for subscription and it doesn’t work, try all I could for an hour. Than cancel my subscription and delete the app. There is no customer help also if app don’t work there is no where to get help.Version: 55.0.9

Fail....The app would not load beyond the blue screen, delete ,reinstalled .The same..Version: 54.1.3

Why do I have the appI’ve had the nfl app for years and it was always good and had the stats and injuries always updated on when on the teams section. It’s doesn’t make sense to me that I have to google leaders of the league in there position because it’s not available on your app. Every other national sports page like nhl or nba have a stats page of the top leaders… figure it out!.Version: 57.0.54

Great app but not on phoneGreat app for all the info, scores, updates and highlights. Essential for any NFL fan. Annoyingly on the I-phone you cannot see the full scores on the scores screen as a picture blocks it. Wish this could be fixed..Version: 55.1.5

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