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This app has a killer flaw.Please please please stop the auto play of embedded videos on every new page. Or please at least present an option in settings to turn it off… I love getting my news from this app but I’m trying to read quietly..Version: 57.0.24

EaglesWow vraiment beau site pour regarder le football en direct.Version: 57.0.18

ContentDoes what it means to, would be cool to have more freely available content..Version: 12.2.4

App reviewGreat for people begging on to show an interest in the competition like myself. Makes the sport easier to understand with the standings etc and it is very useful for people who already know about the sport and the competition. The only negative things I can think of is that the tables don't update right after the results are final like the Sky sports Football app does. Also you can only get notifications for your favourite teams‘ games. You should be able to star the games of the week you want to be notified about so you don’t have to favourite a team you don’t like. Again, much like the Sky Sports app..Version: 14.4.2

Video not rotating!!Been using the app for years, love watching the highlight videos. Except that for the last many weeks the videos will NOT rotate to full screen!! (Using an iPhone 14 pro max) My screen rotation is not locked; NFL GamePass videos work just fine on full screen but not in the NFL app. 😞.Version: 57.0.18

Personalised Home Screen IconsGreat app packed with loads of info and helpful game-day tools, but would really appreciate the function/ability to display your team’s logo as the Home Screen icon for the app in the same way the MLB At Bat and NHL apps do..Version: 55.1.6

AppGood app ......Version: 12.6.1

NFL appHas all the results, plus you can keep updated on anything new about your favourite team. Love this app..Version: 14.5.3

Great AppGreat app, use it daily to keep up to date, however, I am sick of the NFL+ prompt that comes up every time you open the app. This is frustrating because from what I can see it’s only available in the USA, not ROW, where we have GamePass. Please sort this out..Version: 57.0.3

BrilliantThe App always brings you the latest news and essential video clips. I use it mainly to keep up with scores and gossip but it does a lot more..Version: 14.4.3

Brilliant app! Especially for fans here in New Zealand!Great!.Version: 12.7.1

Good for the scores ...... navigation could be made a bit easier but overall a good solid app to keep you in the know..Version: 12.6.7

Always something happeningGreat app, always something going on. Plenty of great content..Version: 14.5.3

AmazingNothing else to want.Version: 57.0.44

NFL from the UKI live in the UK and the app is essential for keeping me up to date with the NFL. It works well, fast and is everything you’d need for a fan.Version: 14.4.0

Remove automatic Highlights videoGood app all round. I would like to make a suggestion to remove the Highlights video content or the auto playing of these videos when opening a game. I’m usually just trying to check stats/score/plays. The video content is good to have but shouldn’t be a focus point..Version: 54.1.4

Handy but still glitchyLike the option to select favourite teams, especially as all things NFL seem to be obsessed with Patriots, Cowboys and Packers. There are other teams!.Version: 14.3.3

Pretty goodAll features should be free!.Version: 57.0.46

Great appWorks well. Gives me updates that I want. Links through with my NFL GamePass account..Version: 14.1.1

Great app!This app has everything that I would want as a fan of the NFL. It’s great to be able to follow your favorite trams and get expert analysis of how things are going in the league..Version: 14.4.0

Great App But Slow Loading TimesAs an avid follower of the NFL, I love how this app allows me to easily follow my favourite team and gives me interesting insights into what is happening around the league. I also find that the content of the articles is great. However, I find that articles take a very long time to load once selected from the Home Screen. I’m not sure if this problem arises from the fact that I live outside of the US, but the delay is long enough such that it significantly reduces my enjoyment of using the app. So much so, I’ve had to download an alternative sports app to get faster news regarding the NFL. If this problem is resolved, I would immediately switch back to this app due to its superior UI and article content..Version: 55.2.2

Cool design but more confusing...Step down from old version. More confusing to operate..Version: 12.2.1

Love this podcast!I’m from UK and am barely on the development squad when it comes to my knowledge of NFL. However, I’ve listened to this Pod for the past 4 years and haven’t missed an episode - I’m learning stuff all the time (sometimes even about football!) and the rest of the time am mainly laughing out loud thanks to heroes Dan, Mark, Gregg, Wes and of course Ricky Hollywood. Don’t listen if you want 100% serious football analysis and no fun, but if you want to keep up to speed with the season and be entertained at the same time then this is the place for you - you won’t regret it!.Version: 55.0.9

What about the Broncos RosterGo to Denver Broncos, then players, then scroll down. It dated from like 2018 or something.Version: 56.1.1

Love the appNot really a review just Not sure how to fix this issue, I can’t go full screen on the app anymore. Deleted and reinstalled the app same problem. Stuck watching videos on the tiny screen. It isn’t my phone YouTube works fine. Is it a bug?.Version: 57.0.18

Feedback from Australia.Fantastic, easy to use especially over the last few days during the draft. Easy to follow even for an Aussie way done under.. 😆😆 Go Niners!!.Version: 14.6.1

Bring back player statsGreat app !! But they got rid of player stats and it is one of the main reasons I use the app.Version: 57.0.1

Love the updatesGreat app always has something interesting to read or view. Makes feel closer to the game..Version: 14.5.3

Aussie fanGreat to get an update on all the N.F.L. news this is a good coverage as we hear nothing in the papers. I'm a 49ers fan and look forward to next season keep it up 👍👍👍🇦🇺🇦🇺.Version: 14.4.5

Why nfl developers??? Just why?Do y’all do this on purpose???? Like seriously, do you guys walk into the office and think “hmmm what way can we screw up the nfl app more? What way can we disrupt the experience of our users...” The entire layout is god awful and so un-user friendly but hey people will get used to it I guess, eventually. Your entire video section doesn’t work. There used to be dedicated tabs and categories where everything was compartmentalised which made the app a joy to go through... now it’s completely all over the place.. you’ve made it look so dull! This app is the only way I can keep up to date with the nfl as I’m from the UK... please fix this!.Version: 53.0.4

Aussie fanGreat app with news that keeps a 35 year JETS fan up to date with information.Version: 14.4.5

CrashEvery time I chromecast a live game too my television it’ll be all fine and perfect for 5-10 minutes then it’ll just cut out but continue on my phone, I will connect it again and same thing happens, Is not any problem with my wifi or phone.Version: 57.0.2

Good BUTReally like this app, but would love it if you could watch games through this app. Instead of having to go through international game pass. Surely the NFL could use one app..Version: 56.1.6

Glenn from Melbourne AustraliaHi guys I love your app site and get all my nfl news daily! I follow 49ers and love all about nfl football. I get up early on Monday morning to watch ESPN live! Cheers Glenn.Version: 14.6.1

Really good, butReally good, but needs to have 'schedule' option available for all future games, rather than just 'matchup' which has the current weeks games displayed & scores, which I may want to avoid watching delayed..Version: 12.2.3

AmazingAny Football fan should get this app!.Version: 14.3.2

Go Packers!!Love Red Zone & NFL Network!! Bring on 2017.Version: 14.2.0

Mad appThe only downfall it has is it’s slow but I can live with that.Version: 14.4.0

👌🏽👌🏽On point at all time...Version: 12.2.3

Fantastic appI usually use the app to access the schedule and the standings.Version: 14.4.3

Perfect appLove it, can keep up to date from New Zealand.Version: 12.6.0

I like the game...I have followed the NFL in Australia since Don Lane’s NFL show on the ABC. While I cannot watch the games this app provides good content. Admittedly I go for the Buccaneers primarily because of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I did like Dallas in the 1990s. Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson, what a combination. I hate New England!....Version: 55.1.1

VideosAlthough it is a 5 star app the videos never play and just leave a white screen. Annoying!!.Version: 53.0.4

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