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Instagram App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Instagram app received 171 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Instagram? Can you share your negative thoughts about instagram?

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AwfulLiterally the worst app. i used to enjoy using instagram a lot, however in these past years it’s gotten more glitchy and has more issues. Not to mention the fact that they also removed their customer support email, so now there is virtually no way to solve your issues with instagram(the phone call doesn’t go through). Recently I was reposting a flyer for a high school club event that I wanted people to attend and instagram took the story down, claiming that it was against community guidelines,but offered no reason why. Why would a flyer for a high school club fit into any of the categories mentioned in their community guidelines? I tried different variations of the story, but all of them were deleted by instagram. I decided that I would request a review of the action taken against my story, but discovered that instagram says “Review Request Failed, please try again!” every time I pressed it. So not only can I not contact customer support, I also can’t request a review of an unfair decision that they made. I then decided to try posting the exact same story on a different account of mine and to my surprise it posted on that one. So essentially, instagram is only blocking my account from posting any stories through some weird glitch that I am unable to report to them or request review for. Until they are able to open a way for people to easily contact customer service and stop having useless glitches like the one mentioned above, instagram will be a one star app..Version: 215.1

App never works, dead links that go no where, no app supportAs a business owner who uses Instagram to promote my business - I find the app unreliable with tons of glitches and dead links that don’t work, the app is cluttered with options / links that make the user interface look unprofessional and Instagram is slowly making the same mistakes that Facebook made with their Ui design, advertising on Instagram has great results whenever the app works but I constantly have ads rejected for no reason or the app is so glitchy that I can’t login or post ads, I find that Instagram doesn’t know what they want the app to be (reels, stories, igtv, posts… Instagram just needs to make an app that works and quit trying to complicate the user design), app support is non-existent and glitches often keep me from advertising on Instagram for weeks at a time - you would think that Instagram / Facebook/ meta would take ad revenue serious enough to make the app work consistently but this is sadly not what is happening, I don’t understand this whole meta / facebook takeover of the app (facebook has a horrible user interface that is cluttered and scattered between various meta and Facebook links that are confusing to navigate - Instagram is slowly introducing new features in this same manner and is slowly making a simple app complicated for no reason (this is why Tik Tok is having so much success and Facebook / Meta / Instagram is struggling)..Version: 238.0

What happened to the app I loved?Im in the same boat as many others here. I liked Instagram as it was different from other platforms. It’s essentially become a place to reshare tiktok videos and there’s no longer even a button on the toolbar to make a post. There is NO customer service. My app has been glitched for SEVERAL updates and won’t allow me to share a post (even my own) to my stories. I report and hear nothing. I’ve removed the app from my phone and re download and same issue. The issue even stayed with me when I purchased a new phone! I get that there’s a huge user base, but seriously they can’t dedicate ANY energy to customer service for escalated issues?!? I’m a contractor and can no longer share the posts of my clients and partners - during a pandemic it looks even more to my clients that I’m not involved bc I can’t promote their content without taking a screenshot and creating my own post- it’s hurting my working relationships. It’s gotten so bad that I barely use the app anymore. I don’t like Facebook SnapChat or TikTok and it’s clear that Instagram is just becoming like the others so there’s no point. I’m served adds and content I didn’t follow and am constantly missing out on important updates from people I actually care about - the whole point of the app allowing me to specifically target my experience is gone, and Instagram frankly doesn’t care about its users as they are all the product themselves..Version: 206.0

Notification problemWhy isn’t my notifications working on my iPhone 10? It only works when I am on the app, I don’t get notifications when I exit the app or when my phone is off..Version: 137.0

YOU SHADOW BANNED MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT FOR TWO MONTHS NOW! INSTAGRAM IS A FAKE COMMUNITY!I’m having the worst experience ever because of the lack of communication you have within your team. I’ve been SHADOW BANNED for almost two months now!! You are doing this ILLEGALLY and none of my previous feedback is been heard and I never received a reply from you even all my reviews. I found your sense of community lacking from the original meaning that it has because you don’t really care about your community. You are banning my profile without having the chance for my works and content, all of this illegally and not specified in Terms and Conditions. I don’t like financing a ghost utopic community that doesn’t consider myself as part of his own community too. Is just a shame and I’m concerned. I want to close both my accounts I have with you, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. I found both TikTok and Twitter a better and more inclusive place where I could’ve speak with a customer service and where I received a resolution too. You don’t listen, you don’t involve people of being part of your community, because you trick them! You trick your own users penalising them and without providing any kind of assistance in any issue they may find. I didn’t receive this treatment from any other social media, but if you don’t care about your community it will not be important deleting all my accounts from your platforms! NO COMMENT..Version: 241.0

It’s a mess nowI’ve had Instagram since 2013. For a while the updates were improving the experience especially as instagram grew in popularity. Probably in the last year I’ve grown to really hate instagram. It’s following the trend of all other social media sites, It’s 75% ads, and if you respond to ads saying they aren’t relevant or you don’t like them or whatever it doesn’t make a difference. For example I get a lot of alcohol adds, probably because I'm in my 20s, I’ve asked to stop seeing them a million times and I still see them daily. The algorithm is awful. My following feed is always in a weird order, I don’t see so many of my friends posts, and after every 2 posts it’s an add or a suggested account or suggested content. Doesn’t make sense. The popular page or for you page, idk what it’s called, is terrible. I was pregnant almost 2 years ago and my entire recommended feed is pregnancy related. But the worst feature by far is the reels. I despise the reels. It’s trying to be TikTok but it’s not. And it’s really just reposted TikTok’s or content that’s pretty unpleasant in my opinion. If I wanted to watch TikToks I wouldn’t have deleted TikTok. The app is a mess. It’s not fun, and I can’t stand scrolling for more than a few minutes. Also the amount of spam accounts in my Dms is ridiculous. I get tagged in spam posts daily. I report every time but it makes no difference..Version: 241.0

Number of likesCanadian users can’t see number of likes anymore while everyone else in the world can. This is unfair to Canadians. I’m deleting this app and recommend all Canadians do so until this app decides to respect Canadians.Version: 112.0

Horrible updateI honestly love instagram, but the newest update is so awful that i want to rip out my eyeballs and dip them in some cold ice water to ease the pain. i understand that the app ‘tiktok’ has created a huge competition, but that doesn’t justify all the social media apps copying them and turning their apps into the same thing. i was fine with reels even though i didnt use them, but when i saw that Instagram wanted to become more video based i knew it was going to go downhill. whats the point of having 5 different social media apps if now they’re all just video applications that fill up your screen? instagram was my favorite app to use since it was the most simple, with not many changes and looked refined with the format posting and the dimensions. now with the full screen dimension the colors are just way to contrasting and chaotic. not to mention it doesnt make me want to keep scrolling. the white inbetween the posts on the home page was much better, and i honestly think the new version is atrocious 😄 not to mention, the feed just looks out of place and doesn’t look good. for a multi billion dollar company i was expecting a much more refined and professional media design than what we got. although i understand that this might be a temporary design, i still think that it was muuuuch better before, and many can agree with me..Version: 235.1

Absolutely horribleI have been bored during these school holidays and decided to make a fan page on a social media site. I was looking for colourings and found one. As i was putting it together, I realized that I needed Instagram for it. I have never once in my life used instagram and I don’t think i’ll use it again. I began creating my account and ended up at typing in my birthday and it didn’t let me. It kept reseting everytime i typed it in. I eventually gave up and clicked skip ( or next i cant remember ). I was now at the user part when it glitched and wouldn’t let me type, then kicked me out. 4 times i had to do this. 4! I tried one more time and got in. Clicked plus, and ha no idea what to do. It stopped letting me tap and type fir a little bit. I looked up how to add the effects and i was about to click effects when it said my account was being deactivated? It said i was banned unless I gave a good reason why. And for me in Australia, its the 19th of January and it said my account was deactivated yesterday?? ( 18th ). Another 4 times it said that. I tried one last time, but it was glitching so I uninstalled the app. It gave me no introduction at all! Never using it again..Version: 266.0

W h yBring back the likes. literally NOBODY asked for this..Version: 94.0

Stop trying to turn it into fb.I havent had facebook since 2011. Started using instagram because it was just pictures, likes and comments making it a more creative outlet. However, facebook has just ruined this app the last few years. Im so sick of reels. The Ads are ridiculous and half of them are spam. Guess I will be deactivating this account too..Version: 166.1

Hi I’m Lisa BoyleI’ve been a loyal person on this instagram. I’m asking for help and messaging instagram every day I haven’t had a chine to do it today though you’ve restricted me of doing comments and activities on there which I haven’t I’m a mother I’m 49 years old and I recently had my old Instagram account which is LisaBoyle37 hacked into by a scam you say your protecting the community from me how so I mind my own business I put emojis post on posts I love that’s all I do. Pls sort this out straight away I can’t post a comment it says we have restricted certain comments and activities and protecting the community omg if your restricting me from ♥️♥️😍😍to posts on Instagram that I love then there is something absolutely wrong here it states report the problem I do so. Then instagram says thank you for reporting try again later . Your restricting me everyday plz I need help and to stop this from happening to me and I’m letting you know there’s a guy on instagram I called him out he asked me to buy him a gift card we haven’t Evan met his name is IvanJadeLi and that’s how his name was spelled on instagram. Pls I restrict LisaBoyle8815 which is me this is crazy thank you Kind Regards Lisa Boyle And I also live in Brisbane Australia.Version: 235.1

Not so Simple!I have used this app for over 10 years and here are a few things that has always been wrong with Instagram: When they started to “shadow ban” accounts randomly, unfairly and without a warning before they do so. Not being able to use hashtags the way you would like to, but someone controlling it for you, is ridiculous. Banning “normal” tags is ridiculous. Communicate your terms & rules of the app better if hashtags are such a concern of misuse or at least get better at personally advice people so they can understand what and where they did wrong! Posts with 10 pictures often get uploaded wrong; the last 4 photos in the post being the same. An annoying glitch! You can not go back to a post when it’s been an error uploading it - the best option would be to let it end up in drafts!! Video can’t be adjusted to fit the post - something new and ridiculous since reels were introduced… Help centre is not helping, hard to contact. No support for hacked accounts (don’t think it will never happen to you, because it happens to so so many!). Too much spam and fake accounts able to tag you in photos - no thanks! Can’t edit an uploaded post with for example: rearranging photos - when in many other apps you can. Oh and if you delete your post to start over, you will be “punished” = no reach. And the worst thing Instagram did was change from a perfectly fine timeline to a feed that is a mess!!! I loved the order back then! And photos. I miss looking at photos!!!.Version: 264.0

👎🏻Unfair censorship to minorities across the platform and too many offensive ads (example: weight loss and cosmetic procedures).Version: 169.0

Love Instagram but…I’ve been blessed with a black and white information bar that says couldn’t refresh feed for almost a week now and it is really frustrating and annoying and more stress I don’t need added onto my life right now. I’ve tried to uninstall the app and reinstalled it, logged back in, and it does the exact same thing pops the couldn’t refresh feed bar and keeps popping up until the current video has been completely loaded than it will go away. I’ve checked to see if the app is up to date and it is 100% up to date, I’ve checked my iPhone’s iOS system thinking that could be the culprit because it has been before in the past with other apps that acted up when it wasn’t up to date, but my iOS system is up to date. I’ve read it could be a poor internet or WiFi connection and that’s not true because my connection signal is pretty strong as I’m in the next room over from where the WiFi box is located and I receive a strong signal so it isn’t our WiFi connection. This is really frustrating and irritating and annoyance to me that it makes me so stressed out every time I go on Instagram and see that information bar there when it wasn’t there last month only recently. Please Instagram for the love of god fix this issue!! I’ve done everything I could on my end to fix it and nothing has changed. This is a bug on your end and it needs to be fixed pronto!.Version: 242.0

DisappointedI’ve never been so frustrated and disappointed with this app in the many years I’ve had it. Since December 1st this app has been awful. Stories don’t load; and there’s still no button to either cancel/stop the story or just an option to delete if the app finds an error all while loading. When the loading screen is all dark I know that I have lost that story. And no, it’s nothing to do with my internet as following photo stories load perfectly. It’s been frustrating to maintain a good flow for my December vlogmas via stories. Also, no captions for me for some reason; and yes everything is ticked for it to have the caption appearing while I speak. It can be read as xenophobic if certain regions are left out. Lives don’t have the forward or rewind ability anymore, nor the pause. Why? I should have the power over how I want to (re)watch a Live that has been saved. Another thing is the ability to play music in a photo post. If you tag a shop for a specific product on the photo, tapping on the photo will turn on/off the sound but no tag placement will show up. The tag button only shows the people you tagged but no correlation to the pertaining product. It needs more work..Version: 262.0

Help pleaseIt was working fine yesterday but today nothing was loading... so after an hour of trying everything to fix it I deleted the app and re-downloaded it but now it won’t even let me log in! I know it is not the wifi because the wifi is working for everything else and I tried the wifi at a friends house and it still won’t work.Version: 84.0

Instagram and is updatesRecently my old Instagram was deleted. Because of an issue that was Instagrams fault. I couldn’t confirm my email and it recognised me as a bot and deleted my account. I set up a new account since my old account was fully deleted and there was nothing left. I did follow for follow to gain more followers. And now I’m blocked from following anyone. Instagram continues to surprise me with god awful updates and fixes that no one wants. This new algorithm that thinks you are a robot is horrible. Ever since instagram was bought by Facebook it has been turned to dog ****. Something needs to change, fix your app, stop these stupid updates that don’t fix anything but cause more problems. Listen to your customers, us, and fix my account..Version: 167.0

CHANGE IT BACK, THIS IS NOT TIKTOKAbsolutely DEVASTATED. I have had an average daily screen time of 2-3 hours each day on instagram. It has always been my favourite app and at this point I would probably say it’s my favourite hobby. Now if I wanted to use TikTok, I WOULD. Today my instagram has changed to an algorithm it’s never seen before. Unrelated ads every three posts, suggested accounts, “dark” newsfeed setting-which cannot even be changed? If I wanted my phone set to “dark” mode it would be. I follow a lot of people on Instagram and I am having suggested accounts to my FEED over people I genuinely know and care about what they’re posting? Please change it back. If I could PAY MONEY to remove the ads and suggested accounts from my main feed I would. (I will pay money to change it back please.) Please change the feed background colour to white or give us an option and please cut down on the ads and suggested accounts. I no longer will be using instagram on my mobile device and instead will use it on my iPad until that automatically updates to the disgrace of an “update”..Version: 241.0

Get rid of gifsInstagram is turning into an up to date facebook, its cool that the app gets updated but at the same time the app is dying by the minute. I see more recommended posts and ads than i do people i actually follow and when i do i dont even get posts that are up to date, i see post from 1-3 days ago, even with profiles that post daily. instagram was better before the stories but that was probably all it needed, and reels are basically a knock off tiktok, the messenger icon couldve been left on facebook and i cant even see my messenger chats on instagram anyways; so whats the point? On top of that accounts with large fan bases have tons of sexual bots that spam inappropriate comments and promote inappropriate content and it’s been that way for almost a year now. Then the community guidelines violates the freedom of speech in plenty of ways to where you cant even say the word “Lame” without violating the terms of service but some chick can spread her cheeks n clap her milk jugg together and talk about how the whole internet seen them get railed no problem like ??? this app needs to be fixed before adding more unnecessary features that we never needed, we was fine after the reels update, all we wanted was the bots gone, thats it, gif jus made the comment community die and annoying to those who actually spoke to one another. basically before the gif update it was a black ops 2 search & destroy lobby, now its like an old lady making sweaters on her front porch 🙄🤌.Version: 270.0

Change the highlight story updateYou guys removed the feature which allowed us to view people who looked at our featured stories and that was a bad idea. Deleting the app. Please change back..Version: 79.0

TerribleThis new update is abhorrent. Instagram doesn’t have to do anything to their UI because it functions exactly the way it’s supposed to and yet they replaced notifications with a SHOPPING tab. What an utter joke Instagram. Focus on things that matter.Version: 166.1

ALGORITHM!😞Would just like to say one of the very few things I can fault about IG is the algorithm, at the very least please have it as an option where you can choose to have it in the actual order the posts are or in the current algorithm. It's very very annoying and I believe the whole idea is ridiculous considering the vast majority of instagram users follow individual accounts because they want to see what they post and not always what you would consider the most popular account's posts. It's frustrating seeing posts from friends pop up on my newsfeed that are only being shown to me now despite being posted 4 days ago! No sense to it! It makes it hard to keep up with people, especially if they post frequently and all their posts come up in a random order on my timeline - if at all! Also often instagram shows me many posts in my timeline which i have already seen and even liked and commented on already so it makes it hard to know when I've finished looking through my feed because I don't know whether to stop on posts I've already seen because i know that posts after i may not have seen because if this stupid algorithm. Please fix, I know you would make so so many users happy if you did Thank You.Version: 24.0

You messed up InstaEverything was fine in the beginning. But now the app is FILLED with bugs. I go to open insta and all of a sudden I have the old layout. No more reels button, that’s where the post button is now. And I’ll go and open and close the app to see if it helps but it stays the same, but when I go to another account it still has all of the new features. Also, there is an audio bug to where if my phone closes for a sec and I reopen it, the sound of the post it closed on will play over everything. Even if I scroll and play a new video, it plays over it. If I go to close the app, it’ll STILL play even tho it’s not suppose to (and I have background interactions blocked on my phone) Also, the “you’ve reached the end of all recent posts, so here’s some from yo suggested feed!” Has got to stop. I follow those people for a reason. You don’t even SHOW every post the people I follow make. You only post the most recent ones, as in within about 7 hours, then take away all that and put your own stuff. I have a suggested feed and a following feed for a reason, there was no need to combine the two and I literally missed the fact that I’m an UNCLE because the post was made more than a day ago since I was last on, and didn’t find out until two weeks later when they made a post on their story about my nephew. You keep digging yourself in a hole insta, stop putting new things in and just fix what’s already here. There’s enough that’s broken, don’t put more.Version: 200.1

My InstagramI placed this review because I have tried everything I can to possibly recover my Instagram account “Jimmykampf22” 14 years ago I made the account and it was a personal account! 2020 in the 2021 I decided I was going to put money into my account and start building my business page. I am a videographer and I post my contact to help promote myself as a videographer. My brand JK productions (Jk22) my artist names. Over the past 14 of them years I have never had a problem. Until I hit, roughly around 60 K followers and was getting 10 thousand views on each reel I posted. I have my legal business paperwork my legal name my ID. Yeah still I have not been let into my account and my numbers are dwindling to just under 34 thousand. I have reached out to a Instagram in every way I know how and I have still yet to get help I went to meta Facebook and went as far as emailing Apple to see what was wrong. I liked it, and commented that I thought someone was in my. have I gotten zero response or help from anyone. This has damaged my following, credibility, business that was on the rise. My accounts is also getting paid to my Social Security number. Which means whoever has access, probably is hacking my social security as well. I’m very hurt and disappointing that Instagram or do you as I put all my trust and faith in them to guard my security,page, in my safety on Instagram. I I am praying. I at least get the money I put into it paid back to me or my page. Every state is..Version: 255.1

Deleted my account for no f** reasonI don't know who reviews the accounts and posts but they're definitely not doing their job right They deleted many posts based on the amoung of reports it got with out actually reviewing the posts ( the posts you deleted i was defending people's rights in , the opposite of what it got reported for , and the people who reported those posts were the criminals i was defending the victims from , they just had the numbers and the posts " you should've actually reviewed before you deleted" were absolutely clean and didn't violate any rule ) and I reported this problem many times but got no reply, eventually they DELETED my account that had 70k followers "again based on the amount of reports only" without actually reviewing the account, i've been emailing you for months and still no reply I provided all the evidence you asked for and still no reply , who the f** is working there , are they blind? And my new account is being reported too , some posts got deleted for nudity, and it's just pictures of tha dam* nature at night , are you f** serious?! This is absurd, how on earth is night time nudity?! That's a clear proof that you act based on the amount of reports not actually reviewing and doing your job , I'm deleting this stupid app and Facebook and messenger, i might use it when they hire people who actually do their jobs , Twitter is so much better Sooooo much Non of this nonsense happens with their app.Version: 194.0

Annoying bug in the inboxI just put 3 stars for now to get your attention but I’ll fix it later. There has been an annoying bug! I have the creator account which is great. For some messages, I write a reply but it doesn’t get sent when I press the send button and the message disappears from my editor (the part that you write the message in before hitting the send button) and then the message is lost forever! No matter how many more times I try I won’t be able to send a message so I have to exit that specific chat go somewhere else and refresh the app or something or reopen the app and then find that specific message and rewrite everything again. It’s quite frustrating because I receive so many messages so it makes my task harder, because I’ll have to remember that specific IG name (I’ll have to screenshot, my memory isn’t that good lol), if the message is slightly old I have to go to that specific time through my inbox to find the message or I have to find that specific account on IG separately and try to reply to their message and then I have to rewrite the entire message and sometimes the reply can be slightly long. Will be wonderful to see this getting fixed, let me know please if you need screenshots or videos or anything. Thank you so much! You guys are amazing! 🙏🙏🙏🙏.Version: 97.0

Pro-zionist, pro-genocideThis app is hindering the freedom of speech it claims to work hard to protect by hindering and restricting all pro-Palestine content. FREE PALESTINE UNTIL PALESTINE IS FREE 🇵🇸❤️.Version: 187.0

Nothing but troubleWhen it works it’s great but when it doesn’t it’s useless. I’ve been really disappointed with Instagram lately. I run all the promotions for my business through Instagram but the promotion payments don’t come out straight away. It doesn’t specify when they come out, only at some random date that you can’t promote anymore because you owe payments. When you try to pay for them, a blank screen with “try again later” comes up. When it finally works, you owe about 10 promotions all at once and it doesn’t allow you to make the full payment. Only success I’ve had is processing a couple of dollars at a time which takes a painstaking amount of time that I could be using to do more constructive things for my business. If it was any other app I’d be yelling “it’s a scam it’s a scam!!”. I’m running a business. I have items I need to promote and sell and you’re effecting my sales. Do you want my money or not Instagram?! Or should I take it elsewhere and advertise through conventional methods? Support are useless too. None of my requests have been answered. Really starting to think the whole app is a sinking ship and I should advertise elsewhere..Version: 185.0

Not sure what happenedI didn’t really use instagram in the past until recently, but I don’t post so I’m not having the same issues as other people, but one thing that I found quite annoying was that before I completely reset my iPhone, my instagram accounts weren’t working. And by that I mean when I went on some of my accounts on instagram, the Wi-Fi would just completely go and I couldn’t view or post anything. There were a few of my accounts that didn’t do this which I thought was strange, because it wasn’t in the order I created them. And I’m someone who creates a lot of accounts so if that a an issue they should be able to at least fix that with all the money they make from this trash experimental app. I can’t be bothered to post anything, and I certainly don’t view strangers posts unlike Pinterest which is a lot more useful and has quick feed. I now only use instagram to follow my friends and look at a few peoples posts who I searched up and followed myself. Another thing I don’t like is that you can’t fully delete an account. Since I create lots of accounts I like to get rid of them to free up space but they are very easy to get back and they don’t erase the account from your email meaning you can’t use the same email twice. At least that’s what the case with me is..Version: 244.0

Censorship has become Totalitarian!I used to really enjoy using this app but in the past few weeks I’ve noticed an overwhelming amount of posts being blocked, deleted and ‘fact checked’ even when the information being posted has come from perfectly credible sources like government websites or scientific research. I’ve also noticed whole accounts now have restrictions on them so can’t be mentioned in your posts, won’t generate notifications etc. It seems that you are only allowed to use this app if you subscribe to a certain pattern of beliefs and ideologies (you might have noticed these being rammed down your throat in other areas of life lately too). Free speech and critical thinking are fortunately still a rightful part of society, although you won’t see it on Instagram anymore. Best to switch to telegram etc if you prefer not to have your every thought dictated..Version: 194.0

Layout updatesI love Instagram, in fact, it’s the social media platform that i use the most and enjoy using. However, during updates, Instagram are constantly switching the layout to different layouts that are confusing and extremely annoying to use. The layout bar that is sectioned at the bottom of the screen, used to have all of the main things that you usually use on Instagram, however, recent updates have made it switch around so that you have a section to buy things and another section where you can watch extremely un-amusing videos. I never use these features and it annoys me that Instagram has moved them because they’re both features that aren’t being used and Instagram wants them to be used. I’m writing this review so that you guys can please make an option where you can change the layouts, into previous layouts. I don’t want to sound rude, however the constant layout changes, making the app worse, is so infuriating. So, please can you make the switching layouts an option? Adding this feature would honestly be so useful because i really can’t stand the new one. Please consider it. Thank you :).Version: 165.0

Updated to iOS 16.1 which shrinks both sides of appEver since I recently updated my 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 inch model to iOS 16.1 this week I noticed that when I started using Instagram again on my iPad the screen had shrunk to a smaller screen! So now when I’m watching stories half of the photos are chopped off on both sides of the screen including the top and bottom of the screen so I can’t view the rest of the screen! Then when I’m on someone’s account it’s the same on there too! Can’t see their profile photos either because half of it is cut off and then when I’m trying to post a story myself there’s no button to click on to post my story as it just comes up with a text box where you can add text to your story so there’s no post to story button anymore! Plus when I’m trying to type text into my post I don’t have access to the full text box as it keeps dropping down the screen so it’s like out of view and I got to keep scrolling down with my finger to see what I’m typing! Plus I noticed that it’s doing this big cropping thing on another app I use as well so it’s not just Instagram but one other app that I use frequently as well but it’s been mainly on Instagram though and it’s been really annoying lately as it never did it before I updated my software to iOS 16.1 and all my other apps are working fine! Because I can’t really post anything properly at the moment either on stories and on posts because of this problem! Please fix this problem please!.Version: 258.0

Instagram’s recent blundersRecently, Instagram has decided to copy half of tik tok’s features - this includes their ‘reels’, which are just incredibly annoying and out of sync with the rest of the app. I preferred instagram’s old saving method where you could hold down the save option icon and add a video to multiple save section folders, OVER the new way of saving, which is to press the three dots at the top of the video and select save and THEN add to a collection, meaning you can only add the video to one collection, unless you want to spend the time going all the way to the other collections you wanted the post in and going into its settings and adding the post manually. Tik tok actually has (imo) a worse saving system anyways, so Instagram copying it is a very strange and annoying move. Also, Instagram is forcing every video posted to be a reel, unless of-course it’s a multiple media post - which in turn people often feel forced to post, instead of a one picture/video post, as to avoid the post being a reel. This can be annoying in itself as Instagram doesn’t show the amount of views on a multi image/video post, only the amount of likes. Instagram, please stop trying to copy tik tok and listen to what your users actually want. It’s not reels..Version: 233.1

Hacker Friendly!!!Instagram has let a hacker take my account, steal my identity, photos, and friends. A friend started posting a couple of pictures about Fortex trading, when I private messages them to say it was cool they told me that I should get with their mentor, and that it was really safe. After a couple of days they private messaged me saying “my mentor wants to give $500 to all of my followers” and asked me to change my email address in my personal settings. Not realizing that they were trying to hack me I did as they asked. After a couple of minutes I was logged out of my account and could not get back in. They were very pushy and what they were asking. Both my friend and I had private accounts. This happened December 7, 2021 and I’ve been trying to get my account back ever since. After they took my account they then extended the exact same hack to my followers, and I can not even warn them. I made a report to Instagram and they are not doing anything about it, and I can’t contact Instagram to get help. Update: I finally got my account back. Instagram did recognize me as the original user of the account. I do not think that it should’ve gotten this far though. I should’ve been able to get my account back almost immediately and been able to report it to Instagram..Version: 216.0

Reporting postsI absolutely love instagram. I love scrolling through feed and stories a lot. But, anymore, when I do that there’s so many graphic posts that made its way into my feed somehow. It’s disgusting. It’s thinks from completely naked women (or women in only fishnets) trying to sell themselves all the way to the most recent post, a guy shooting another guy with a rifle in the head (with NO graphic post warning). I understand that instagram doesn’t have a lot of control of what people post when they do, but I’ve reported more posts like these than I can count in the last few months with absolutely no response from instagram. I’m extremely disappointed. I don’t need to see posts like this and neither do 13 year olds who use this app. Most of the time, it’s meme/funny pages that are associated with these posts, but it’s not actually them because they’re tagged in it somehow so I can see it. So no matter how many pages I block, another one will pop up just because I want to see quotes! I can’t go through 5 posts on my page without seeing these things. Instagram, PLEASE take this feature away. PLEASE save everyone from seeing these awful posts. At the least, PLEASE give me a response to my reports. I know for a fact other people are reporting them, and I want to know that at least 1 of the 150 posts I’ve reported so far has been taken down. MAKE INSTAGRAM KID FRIENDLY AGAIN!! At least to where I don’t lose my appetite..Version: 266.0

Used to love it...I was an instagram addict, absolutely loved it and couldn’t ever imagine having to survive without it. until it became the source for all my troubles. i wouldn’t blame the app itself but more so the users (and the people are what make the app). i had a massive falling out with my friends and Instagram was their little hub for bullying me. i fell into severe depression and permanently deleted my account on October of 2019. since then, (and especially with the pandemic happening later on) i had to survive without any communication and my mental health deteriorated due to the bullying i faced on this app. i contemplated on making a new account and redownloading the app, and did so due to the severe loneliness I was feeling due to the pandemic but without friends the app, in my eyes, was pretty much useless and i ended up deleting it again. essentially, Instagram gives people more leverage in hurting others because they are behind a screen, as with many social media apps and sites, and that is a big problem in today’s society. i, and I’m sure many would agree with me, hope that people can become kinder and more considerate to each other because I’ve also seen obnoxious behaviour being normalised and encouraged, especially with the rise of social media. you never know if your actions could completely harm and crush another person for life, so please, think before you do anything..Version: 178.0

Had my account was shut down for no reasonI finally decided to get on instagram after my friends would not stop asking me to get on. And it was not a good experience, why because my account was shut down before even seeing the home page or whatever the first thing you see when the app is open. Now I’ll will tell you exactly what I did. I went to my App Store downloaded instagram next I clicked create new account, I entered my email address and chose my password then click next, the next window Gave me the option to leave my email address as my instagram account name I didn’t so I changed it and then clicked next then the page glitched out and said that something went wrong and there was a button that said go back so I did that and I took me to the beginning to create an account so I entered my email clicked next and it said that this email already exists so I go to instagram app clicked on log in enter my email and password clicked log in and I get a message that my account was closed because I violated the terms and condition. I’ve actually tried again to create an account 2 days later using my work email and it did the same thing again. Idk what I’m doing wrong but I’m annoyed and done with instagram, that I’m just going to stick with Snapchat. Also don’t bother sending instagram a message because they are probably not going to reply back it’s been about 5 business days since I’ve sent them a message and still no reply..Version: 110.0

Personal use vs Business useThe personal use side of Instagram works fine and I’m happy with how I can interact with my friends and family however, when I started my business I needed to use Instagram to promote my service and this is where I came across account suspension and I have not been able to access the account since. The business was purely legitimate and we had a large amount of customers interested. The next morning we opened the app and we no longer have access to the account. I have been contacting Instagram and there is no single way of asking for support. It’s endless loops and false trails, drove me to leave a negative review. According to the Instagram “guidelines” we have been caught doing something wrong. I genuinely don’t know what was wrong about sharing videos and pictures of my business. However we have ‘ Instagram Model’ who are able to post images leaving little to the imagination. Baring in mind I have a younger sibling who is able to access my phone and my Instagram if he stumbles upon these ‘Instagram Models’ according to the guidelines this is perfectly normal but posting 2 or 3 stories of my business is completely wrong and is suspension worthy.... outraged by this shambolic service. 1/10.Version: 177.0

:(Hate that I can’t see what people liked or commented on with this new update. It was how I found some of the best content/people to follow! Please bring back..Version: 114.0

Explore is terribleMy explore is not showing me posts I want to see. Instead of the pole fitness and exotic dance that is my passion and 90% of what I interact with, I’m seeing posts of hair, makeup and other boring stuff (that I barely interact with). I’m sick to death of the wrongful censorship of pole dancers, and sick of not seeing the posts I want to see because Instagram’s rules are so vague and not equally applied, don’t get me started on the shadowbanning! Whats needed are CLEAR rules, equally applied, and possibly a phone assistance line for clarification so that these poor women (many of whom using this platform to assist their career) don’t feel like they’re treading on eggshells with every post, never sure if their account is about to be deleted. Some people work HARD on their accounts, on beautiful photography, dance and art that is deemed ‘against community guidelines’ and deleted. You are wrongly silencing art, freedom and self-love. I’m especially disgusted by the sexism - seems fine for men to post sexually suggestive photos of women but god forbid she take it in her own hands to love and appreciate herself! It’s atrocious and manipulative and you’re not fooling anyone. People are going to wake up and stop using this platform if this doesn’t improve soon..Version: 121.1

Terrible test/updateSo quick to change something that was not broken but never want to fix the actual problems. If people are so insecure that seeing other people’s likes hurt them or puts a lot of pressure on them to post better contents, then add an option for them to turn it off..Version: 91.0

CrashingOkay so Instagram keeps crashing within about three seconds of me being on it. Sometimes I can get on to it but then I go off and can't get back on. I've tried turning my iPod off and stuff but it doesn't work. I updated it and it still crashes. Please fix this!! Would give it five stars if it weren't for this..Version: 16.0

Its very hard to communicate with themInstagram is alright but, they always have bug issues here and there. Like now, my account is not allowing me to utilize filters on Instagram in stories any longer. I’m not sure why but, when I looked up how to reach the team to ask them for directive on the situation I was met with and redirected to various automated articles.. getting frustrated I gave up. Then last week, several friends and I lost access to our ability to DM for over a day on the apps platform; thankfully the DMs started properly working again the following day because I had to log onto the website platform instead of using the app just to communicate with people via DM.. so I was frustrated about that as well and then the issue of security breaches on this app is just becoming insane and they make it ridiculously hard for you to retrieve you account because everything is automated. So if you’re for say sleeping and someone breaches your account they can go in amar it’s change your email address and since you can’t you know answer security questions you’ve set in place to verify it’s you or speak to any representatives I’ve seen a lot of people permanently lose their accounts. I’m hoping they can make it a bit easier for people utilizing the app to retrieve their accounts safely in the future. Thank you, Instagram.Version: 243.1

Ripping off advertisersI moved from Sydney, Australia to London, UK 10 months ago and yet all the location specific ads I get are still from Australia. Despite following every instruction which includes updating my lives in location on my profile, providing full precise location access to Instagram, checking in on multiple updates to places in London, and having all my IP addressing coming out of the UK, Instagram STILL keeps showing me Australian ads. This is a blatant rip off to all the advertisers that have specifically used the targeted advertising to reach people in Australia when in reality, people overseas who have no ability to take up the offers in Australia are shown and charged money for these ads. This multi billion dollar business where staff are all paid 6 figures are ripping off advertisers. They have every bit of my location data and even the settings say I logged into a device from London, UK and yet my primary location doesn’t get updated. If these rich engineers can’t get something as simple as location right, let users set their primary ad location so advertising dollars are properly utlitised..Version: 257.0

#makeinstagramgreatagainThe worst update of all time 2022. For an app that started out as a place to share and view PICTURES, they sure have strayed. I understand the creators want to evolve and focus on videos/reels - but give some attention to the original idea of picture sharing. For all the people that joined the app for that very reason. I don’t understand why companies can’t evolve but stay in their OG lane and be original in their own ways. Just because tiktok is super successful, doesn’t mean you have to change your whole core app to be an exact copy of it. Take the new layout “test” for instance. Focusing on videos - 9:16 frame, when captions are added at the bottom of your post, as you scroll down the feed you lose the bottom quarter of image/video unless you tap into it or zoom. You also notice because of the caption there is a slight grey wash over the entire image ( again unless you zoom or tap into it) which is ridiculous for an app that is based upon “seeing an image you love and connecting with it straight away” … I think it’s a pathetic tiktok dupe update and needs major tweaking to be original.Version: 237.0

Following problem and algorithm is AWFULHonestly I’m thinking of deleting it. I could spend the whole review complaining about how bad the algorithm is like everyone else. Or that Ads are completely taking over my feed to the point that I haven’t seen posts/stories my friends have posted until about a week later however my main issue is a follow problem. Whether it’s a new update or what, Instagram won’t let any of my accounts follow people without removing the follow the next day. The support team have been atrocious at getting back to me as well. I have emailed in twice about this problem, logged out and then back in and also deleted the app and reinstalled it however there still hasn’t been an improvement. The app’s issue is that it’s being saturated with ads and is mostly now an app to try and influence you to buy things whether it’s clothes or phone accessories or whatever else. It’s no longer for you to post photos and the personal touch it used to have is now gone. I also feel as though this review is not going to help because of the immense size of this app. But anyway just don’t get it. It’s pointless and dying. Better off finding some other better social media platform which will actually let you see who you follow. And also actually LET you follow people..Version: 169.0

Issue syncing Instagram to FBI have a business account on Instagram which is linked to a page on Facebook, however, everytime I write a post on Instagram that I also want to post to FB, it takes me hours to troubleshoot why it isn’t doing so. I can see both accounts are linked to one another on both platforms, so I unlink and link on both platforms. Then try logging in and out of both platforms, then try switching my phone off and on, then I delete and reinstall the Instagram app, and I repeat all of this in a different order over and over again until I am enabled to push that ‘Share to Facebook’ button on my post. But what works once, doesn’t work the next time so I have to go through the whole process everytime I do a post! Also, everytime I log out of Insta and log back in, all draft posts are deleted so I have to redo my post again just to see if that button works. It’s so incredibly frustrating, it takes me hours sometimes days to fix it and it just seems random what works. I’ve also tries just posting on Insta first then using the ‘share’ function afterwards but that again randomly works sometimes and doesn’t. Please fix this, it’s making it so frustrating running a small business on Instagram (but not as frustrating as running a page on FB I’ll give it that)..Version: 212.1

Censorship towards InjusticeInstagram has always been a platform where people can come together and stay informed on the latest trends, share their art and talents but also vocalize world affairs. Recently, many users have reported their stories being removed or unavailable to view (including my own) regarding the unfortunate and degrading situation of Palestinian people at the moment, and the human rights violations under the Zionist apartheid regime in Israel. This is absolutely disgusting, disappointing and a divisive act on Instagram’s part. Instagram, take some accountability and do better. Stop being selective in what content matters and is allowed to be up. These are not make believe stories that people are sharing, nor is it propaganda to push forward a narrative. There are real lives on the line, and people are LITERALLY being violently removed out of their homes. Shame on you Instagram. Shame on you..Version: 186.0

Love-hate relationshipI love this for sharing my photos and the stories are so fun and easy. The idea of having IGTV and reels is great and entertaining to watch. The app includes all the social media’s in one. However, reels (there version of tik toks) are soooo hard to make. The audio is out of sync and when I use filters, it totally lags and doesn’t work. I’m not sure whether this is because I have a Samsung but it should work tbh. When you save a reel to your draft, you can’t edit the video or add more clips. The only options are to delete or post. Sometimes if you just leave the reel and go back to it, it will ask you if you want to continue adding clips. Although this would be fine, it is inconsistent and doesn’t always save. Sometimes I come across inappropriate things on the app or things that would trigger people and I would hope that this would be monitored correctly. Although I have a lot of complaints, the main thing people use Instagram for is posting photos and this function is immaculate (as is the stories). I thoroughly enjoy this app and would recommend it for posting photos and socialising :).Version: 207.0

New UpdateI love Instagram, it’s like a more modern version of Facebook thats basic enough for my grandma to understand but still fun for me to use. However I don’t know if this is a fluke or apart of the update. A message came up saying Instagram limits how much likes we can do on comments at a time to stop bullying... I just want to know who thought this was a good idea. This is a social media app that’s like the whole point, liking is literally the foundation of every media. If you have a limit whether your intentions are bad or not your going to end up being wiped for existence. And also I don’t know who thought a limit on liking comments would prevent bullying but that person has obviously never really been bullied in their entire life because that does nothing. The only thing limiting likes is going to do is leave Instagram with bad rating and have your audience delete the app and go to another platform that allows them to do what social media is suppose to be able to do. Speaking of such I won’t delete the app yet because I’m hoping this is a fluke but I will be switching to another platform, for the rest of the month, that is able to do its job. I appreciate the concern for bullying but find a way to help prevent it that doesn’t effect everyone and take away from the purpose of social media..Version: 156.0

LOG OUT BUTTON PLEASE!!Can you make an extra tab where we can see things in chronological order as well as whatever the current order is? Also, I heard a rumour that you might be changing it to 4 squares instead of 3 on our feeds... if that is the case, I will be deleting the app as I pride myself on my feed and I love the way my profile looks with all my posts together. However, they will only look good in a 3x3 style, not 4x4. So I'm really really hoping that this is not going to be happening. However, no matter how much bad feedback you get, and how many people hate on you for it, I doubt you'll listen, because you didn't when everyone said not to change our timeline order. So I guess I'll be deleting. Awesome..Version: 15.0

Banned minority protester hashtagsSided with Sri Lankan government in their mistreatment of Tamils by banning hashtags related to Tamils.Version: 174.0

I hate to love this appIt’s such a great app but the creators clearly do not understand nor listen to the users AT ALL. They never stop coming up with the most non sensical updates paired with the worst algorithm I have ever encountered!! That being said I don’t leave this platform simply because I love the concept otherwise. Photos posted overtime tell a story and I love looking through my posts and others. Stories are very fun too and dms are great as they are based off of facebooks who have the best dm system in my opinion. All I ask is for someone with a single brain cell to come up with the next update who isn’t so obsessed with making money lol. Otherwise I fear this app will have the same ending myspace did :/.Version: 166.1

I'm not happy with the bugs and new bans...I've had Instagram for over 2 years now and not once have I had a problem until recently. I love Instagram and I have many friends thanks to this app who share the same interests as me but there's this huge bug going around that needs fixing, actually there's many. A lot of users such as myself can't change their bio, pfp and they don't receive any notifications of who follows them and who likes their posts. This has been going on recently for me personally and over a week! I've even asked help for Instagram to fix this issue but I didn't get a response yet. Please and I'm begging you, PLEASE fix these bugs for the next update I'm honestly very frustrated with this. May I also add that you take away the "Action Ban" and "Shadowban" as lots of users are getting these bans even when they didn't do anything wrong to go against the community guidelines. Other than that, those are all my concerns and frustrations and the main social media platform I use..Version: 123.1

Unhappy with your changes.Instagram WAS my favourite app, and today I DELETED it because of it’s changes. My main feed turned into tiktok. I have to scroll through every single thread of people I dont even know before I see any pictures of my loved ones back home. We used to consider it a memory album of each person’s life and experiences now it’s just the same as everything else. Pinterest and Reddit are the only ones who are still engaging their true purposes. I’m disappointed and I used to defend Instagram regardless. Who took over? And can I please get a discriptive reason from this person on why they want all social apps that do the same stupid thing? You’re not winning by taking away the uniqueness...Version: 245.0

Good social media app, bad user interface designThe app works for what it needs to work as. But for whatever reason, the user interface constantly changes and there is absolutely no indication that it is meant to change in their version history updates. It becomes slightly irritating that the app will work one way one day and the next some random change will be made to either the explore page or the home page that just doesn't make sense based off of its history. My example right now would be the new reels that were introduced. Now when I go on the explore page there is a huge portion of it being taken up by reels that I don’t want there. Sure, reels is cool but I went to the explore page, not the reels page. Another example that also happened recently was where I opened the app one day and my home page didn’t show any of the pages I followed and instead showed random pages. It took me a minute until I realized I had to click on “see older posts” before I could see the old posts. Not that I care for this too much, but it was just irritating for no reason to suddenly have pages I don’t follow showing up in the section of the app meant for only pages that I follow. That’s about all I can remember but there has been a history other similar changes in the past as well that I vaguely remember..Version: 155.0

Still good, not great (iPhone X)I have pretty much the same comments as everyone else, regarding bringing back chronological order of the feed, stories being a ripoff of Snapchat (but I believe Facebook, instagram, and Snapchat are all owned by the same company if I’m not mistaken), etc. BUT ALSO, I just bought an iPhone X and the app needs some serious revamping be compatible with the new phone. They did a good job of having the layout fill the full screen view of the X; HOWEVER, when you go to upload a new profile photo, if you click on any photo besides the very most recent one in your photo album, the layout glitches, and the “Cancel” and “Done” buttons move up on top of the iPhone’s time and battery displays. I wish I could attach a photo to this review, but I hope my explanation makes sense. This glitch makes it impossible to click either of the buttons, and you have to physically kill the app and reopen it in order to get out of the screen and back to using the app. This happens every time you try to change the profile photo. If you use the most recent photo in your album, it works mostly fine, with just a little awkward cropping on top. This is just frustrating because obviously people might want to be able to upload ANY of their pictures as a profile photo! This glitch really needs to be worked out ASAP.Version: 22.0

Two factor authenticationDO NOT USE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION. I have lost access to my account because Instagram support is useless and keep sending the same automated reply asking for more information when I literally sent them an entire paragraph of personal information about the account like the phone numbers used to make the account, the device I used, when it was made, the email. Etc. I’ve told them I don’t have access to the email I used to create the account because it’s seven years old and not one I’ve ever used. The email I am messaging them on has literally been on the account for about 6 years. They refuse to help me and because this account doesn’t have personal photos of me I can’t prove my identity this way. The only reason I’ve lost access is because my phone broke really suddenly so I can’t get onto the authentication app. This account is seven years old and they expect me to know every single tiny bit of information. I will no longer use 2FA authentication which obviously makes my account vulnerable but I’m not prepared to lose any more accounts because Instagram cannot sort this issue out. If you look online you will see I’m not the only person to lose accounts because of 2 factor authentication and Instagram refusing to help them. I will now probably have to lose an account I’ve had for seven years..Version: 214.0

Reels are the worstI have never written a review for an app until now. Reels is the WORST addition to an app of all time. You watch 30s of a video, for it to tell you to watch it on reels. You click the button and it RESTARTS without having anyway to speed it up or skip..Version: 166.1

Worse after every update.Every change Instagram makes to the feed, the interface, the algorithm, the layout, aesthetic, everything — it is worse as a result. Instagram used to (even within the last 5 years) be a simple, uncluttered feed of images and the occasional video. Now it has morphed into some amalgam of every other app it competes with, and is has lost its identity completely. I’ve been on Instagram since 2010 and loved it since then, but now I find myself hating every minute I spend on the app as I am barraged with ads, never see any content from 80% of the people I actually follow, get less and less engagement on my own posts (because they are just photos), and am force fed Reels which are almost always just reposts of tiktok videos. If I wanted to watch tiktok videos, I would be on tiktok. Instagram would benefit most from sticking to (or returning to) more of the format and style that made it the best social media app to begin with. I can’t see myself using it much longer if it keeps trying to morph into 5 other apps at once. Such a mess..Version: 241.0

Stop it!Its our right to speak up dont silence us #free_palestine.Version: 187.0

Terrible service.Let’s say that I have loved Instagram for a number of years. I have over 30k followers on my account. I have seen the app get worse and worse over the last few years. The constant Instagram downs leading to a change in the algorithm which basically leads to a reduction in the reach of your post. Facebook got charged with conducting social experiments on its users a while back so the people that manage this app, are not adverse to messing with the psychological states of its users. In order to pressure them to pay, or ‘promote’ their posts in order to reach the same amounts of people as they did before. Shame on you. Whilst, allowing all sorts of shameful posts: promotion of guns, smoking, weapons, drinking… They will do their best to take down posts that they deem to be ‘against community guidelines’ usually under the line of ‘adult solicitation’ if you show a model in a boudoir shoot, or sometimes I am not even sure why. There is someone that sits there and decides what is acceptable in society and I think it is extremely worrying to have people in this position. Especially considering what they do allow. Is this site being run by religious fundamentalists? I’d seriously consider going to another platform if you haven’t already downloaded this app. That would do you a huge favour and save you being exposed to this awful app..Version: 210.0

Hacked, stolen account !!!Hacked, Stolen Account… Furthermore explaining my current situation, I was hacked by a user called _coach_eric_chalmers_ He claims to be a bitcoin mining coach and spreads his malware through stories. I have signed up on my account through this email address, and my name is eva_tomic He has changed the email, phone number and password of my account, therefore I can not log in. Any help would be appreciated. I only got ONE email from Instagram about my account being dislogged which just showed me the location where the person logged in! NOTHING ELSE. No other links or emails. And the this person is posting on my account lurking other users in. I can provide screenshots if there was a way to get of hold of someone….He’s done this to so people!!!! And there is no way to contact Instagram other than this!!!!! I am so upset, how do you guys allow such activities??!!! Along with the hassle of not being able to contact you!!!!! You’re a world wide app and I can’t even get help with this!! Please would appreciate a bit help blocking this person from Instagram so he can’t do it to other people as well as getting my own account back!!!!!!.Version: 214.0

They censor free speech! And silence the oppressedThis app is terrible. They are bias, and side with the oppressors. They have silenced my people who are in the middle of a complete genocide in our home country. And have removed any hashtags to do with our people. #Eelam #TamilEelam #YouWillNotSilenceUs.Version: 174.0

There’s a slight issueUp until yesterday my Instagram was doing fine but today it’s really been acting up, I don’t know if it’s just me but my friend also says that she has experienced this problem. Basically, to summarise the issue, it won’t let me check my friends profiles or meme pages as apparently I have “no internet.” Now this would be fine if I seriously didn’t have any internet, but I did and nothing was wrong with it since I could use all the other apps that required WiFi. Due to this little problem I’m unable to see certain stories, certain profiles and I’m unable to use stickers or GIF’s during conversation. Please fix this issue because it’s quite irritating as everything is perfectly fine but Instagram says otherwise, either saying I have no connection (which I do) or says that something went wrong even though nothing wrong could’ve happened. Other then this issue however, it is a great app, you can socialise to any of your friends who has it, it’s great, you can keep up to date with anyone you want and it’s an overall great experience. My only issue was the problem that I mentioned at the start. But overall I recommend getting it.Version: 141.0

Is it time to say goodbye?I have always been the hugest Instagram fan, a photo sharing app turned viral and became an essential for our generation! For years Instagram was updated but the core values and aspects of the app remained the same. Now we are forced to look at an interface that is confusing and unpleasant for the eye. The addition of stories was nice, the addition of reels was unnecessary but we lived with it. Now it is changing how our own feeds are presented and the addition of a shopping focused update. Myself along with other millions of users downloaded this app to socialise and share moments in our lives. Not shopping. The notifications and posting tabs have now been moved to an insignificant location, in their place is the video and shopping tabs. The core focus of Instagram has been lost, we are all more than happy to view ads to maintain a free application and cover costs but this is taking it too far. Instagram for many young people is the first early glimpse of social media, now they are instantly attacked with shopping items instead of the same simple and enjoyable experience shared by many in recent years. Sadly this is goodbye to our beloved Instagram..Version: 167.0

NO RECENTLY LIKED POSTS ANYMORE, WHAT’S THE NEXT UX-LESS UPDATE?!Where did the liked content disappear?! That update is just ridiculous and outrageous. I literally use likes function only because it’s a familiar pattern from back in the days, rarely I use Save. So most of the important content that I liked in order to go back to later as a reference for something is now gone. Coming from the UX industry, I wonder what was the reason behind that update around the most important feature on the Instagram??? Save is a nice to have feature, I personally can’t be bothered going and sorting things into folders. I’d rather not waste my time, and prefer to like with one tap for the sales of liking the photo and also saving it for later, than having two separate buttons for those two functions. Forget about the buttons, why would you remove the link with all my recently liked content??? How am I suppose to access it now? This is just ridiculous!.Version: 222.0

Free PalestineInstagram puts restrictions on post that shows oppression of Palestine..Version: 187.0

Racist appDeleting and blocking Palestinian posts.Version: 187.0

Removing sound control was a mistakeYes, like others I don’t like the new layout, and agree forcing to make a reel to post a video is a ridiculous decision. But we’ll get used to it I guess. However, removing the ability to mute videos across the app and forcing users to use the volume control - which controls volume for OUR ENTIRE PHONE - is ridiculous. Why should I have to stop listening to my music while scrolling (because, dear IG developers, turning down the sound on our phones means we can’t view IG while listening to our music because we’ve had to turn the main volume down….how could this not be realised?!?), or have to remember to turn my volume back up once I leave the app? Or have to quickly turn down the volume lest annoy those around me because a reel (generally one that is a misguided advertisement I’m not interested in anyway) starts playing and I don’t have my headphones on. Please, return the app specific ability to mute sound instead of taking the pretty aggressive and somewhat egotistical approach where users have to adjust their entire phone for this one app. Also remember this was a photography forward app. If you want an app to rival TikTok then for Pete’s sake just make one, don’t repurpose this one. But as that will fall on deaf ears at least listen to the masses of people about the sound control. That was really a poor decision..Version: 242.0

The algorithm should be illegalI hate the algorithm. What used to be an app for looking at cute pics of your friends and family has turned into a political dog pile. The algorithm digs for an emotional response from users because that’s what keeps people engaged and keeps them scrolling, and the only one who benefits from this is Instagram since the longer you stay on the app, the more advertisements they can show you and the more money they make. I’ve deleted the app now because I was so sick of logging on only to be bombarded with political posts and outrage from people I know. It’s genuinely depressing to see how divided people have become since this type of social media algorithm has been put in place, and to see people I love fall victim to conspiracy theories and extremism. It’s sad and dystopian that Instagram is allowed to promote this kind of material to people solely for their own benefit..Version: 271.1

I’ve waited months now...So is Instagram music ever going to be an option for my story or will it forever not be in my region? .... 😒.Version: 65.0

BlockedLast year I downloaded Instagram for the first time, and made an account, and for the most part of the last year it was fine. However, at the beginning of this month (July 2020), I was told that I had given my password away to get likes and followers. This is not true, the amount of likes and followers on my account has stayed the same. I was then told to change my password to continue using the app, which I did. A few days later, when I tried to like a post, I was told that I had been temporarily blocked from taking this action, and that this block would expire in 10 days. There was an option to report this but nothing ever came out of it. Eventually, on the date the block was supposed to expire, it hadn’t been lifted, so I made a new account. Now the exact same thing has happened and I am blocked from liking posts, leaving comments and following/unfollowing people, only this time there is no message telling me when this block will be lifted. I don’t understand why this has happened to me twice, but if it happens to me a third time I will be leaving Instagram..Version: 150.0

Good app with too many flawsInstagram is perhaps the application I use the most, and I really enjoy it when it’s at its best. However, the flaws are simply overwhelming at times. I’m writing this review because my account has been wrongfully shadow-banned and action blocked over 6 times now without an actual just cause for it. Every time, it says I was allegedly “sharing my account with a service that helps me get more likes and followers” even though that’s blatantly untrue. I have 0 posts, 0 likes and well under 1000 followers. I have written 4 detailed reports explaining my situation but it has been to no avail. Every time this happens, I’m forced to change my password, I’m logged out of my account and then I’m action blocked for an entire week. Every time I try to like or comment, it gives me the option to report it if I believe they have made a mistake but nothing works. My account is never checked, my week long action blocks are never reduced or lifted, my reports are never acknowledged and I’m always getting wronged. I also really dislike the fact that I cannot easily contact anyone from Instagram to help me with issues like these, I can only leave long, written reports for you to ignore and do nothing about. Please revise your algorithms and consider having a Tech Support line with human responders for unique and recurring problems like this one..Version: 159.0

New updateThis update didn't do anything. My Instagram stopped working after the sept.5 update and still not working. Like what do bug fixes and improvement do. They should do something not be pointless. You really need to fix this and get Instagram back to normal.Version: 14.0

Terrible support.So, I noticed that instagram’s community is terribly toxic and problematic all the time. People are always rude to each other and are always starting arguments in comments over the most stupidest things. The service is absolutely terrible! When you try to report someone who has been cyber bullying you or your friend, Instagram comes up with this lame excuse to not take that account down because of ‘too many reports’ of that account which just sounds lazy to me. Another thing, Instagram doesn’t take posts down that goes to Community guidelines but when it comes to my posts they do take it down even though it doesn’t even go towards the community guidelines? And the algorithm is absolutely terrible! Please fix this app, I’ve used it for 3 years now and saying this with experience, the app is extremely toxic whatsoever. It doesn’t even let you comment the word ‘gay’ as a joke because that word goes to the community guidelines which is homophobic and unbelievable. Not only that, you literally banned me from using the ‘add yours’ stickers and the option to react to messages and reply to them. Please fix this! My Instagram is up to date and it still does not work! It also does not let me use the most recent updates features either. This app is not fair. I do not recommend downloading if you don’t want your mental health messed up. My mental health has been so messed up because of INSTAGRAM! This app is a complete joke and it’s fake as anything..Version: 265.0

I have questionsIt would be 100x better without visible likes. And another 100x better if my post showed up in my followers feeds in the order it was posted. It’s not right that I put in so much effort and time, and people who intentionally followed me don’t see my post right away unless they are actively searching for my posts on a regular basis. Choosing to follow an account should be enough, why should I have to go out of my way to like and comment on their posts in order to keep seeing their posts higher up in my feed? Just because I don’t like posts by old high school friends who don’t know how to use a camera doesn’t mean I don’t want to see their photos, doesn’t that make sense? And if I have 3000 followers, I would expect at least 2000 of them to see my post. Why is it that only 500 or less of them see my post? Over time, I have posted better content, and I’ve posted more consistently, I try to post to my story regularly, I try interacting with followers, why is it that my engagement has steadily declined? Update: I’ve spent 10+ years on this app, posting high quality content, using the new features, and Instagram still treats my account like it’s worthless. I see garbage accounts get blasted with attention and gain thousands of followers, meanwhile, I’ve barely scraped by. And now people are getting paid by Instagram to create reels, and I’ve been posting reels, and Instagram won’t even roll out that feature to me? Unreal..Version: 224.1

Regarding the recent updateInstagram is a wonderful place for me to browse memes and upload classy images, of my good self. It has become a staple within the social media world. With all that being said, this app would’ve received four to five stars. However, my phone decided to update the app and, much to my surprise, it’s an absolute travesty. I know I’m not going to be the only one saying this, because there are people with more than four brain cells, out there, but do tell me what was wrong with the good old fashioned vertical scroll? It is the unsung hero of modern day phones and you decide to discard it? Fair enough, you kept it on the explore page, but why ruin the home page too? It’s now going to take me an age to see tippitytopkek’s sweet cheeks, or the memeoverview’s explanation on meme origins, because I’m now tapping like a tosser, trying to find the bloody things. Whoever it was who proposed this idea, to the Instagram board room, needs a good long look at themselves before they can even think about re-entering today’s society. Because of this, I am only able to give the current version of this app two stars. I hope this was enough to maybe give instagram it’s original style back and maybe, just maybe, sack the delusional fool who created this new layout Thank you Lots of love, ggeobbates x.Version: 75.0

Extremely frustrating to useInstagram seem to keep making it so that you can’t actually use the app for any length of time. While I’ve been in lockdown I’ve been on there frequently liking things and commenting on posts that interest me. Only to be told that I can’t do that anymore because it is “protecting their community”. Well isn’t liking and commenting the whole point of Instagram? It appears they are trying to stop people from getting around their algorithms (in effect making businesses etc pay to get seen). That isn’t fair to regular users like myself who are on there supporting friends and local businesses who have done it tough throughout covid. Do better Instagram. You’re making enough money to fix this. I’m sick of being timed out because you’ve deemed I’ve done enough. Couldn’t even get to the end of my feed!!!!!.Version: 205.0

Poor Customer serviceI love the app, it’s really good for using and contacting and connecting with people but I am reporting about notifications issues in my phone from couple of weeks ago, but there is no response from your side. I am not getting any notifications if someone messages me of likes my posts or send me requests or anything, I am not getting any kind of notifications, I have checked all my phone settings and even Instagram notifications settings all settings is perfect but still not getting any notifications. I have tried all the kind of techniques like; delete and reinstall again from App Store many times and also tried to reset my settings and even I have tried resetting my whole phone content and installed again, but still I have same problems. Please fix this ASAP..Version: 177.0

Could be betterWhen a company is so big and powerful as instagram, they can do what they want. Even if users are disappointed with things they keep using the app as it’s important for them not to lose their followers or social media status. One thing of many things which upsets me as a user of this app is what many other users are not aware of, instagram have forbidden hashtags, yes they do have forbidden hashtags and they keep changing so there is no way that you would know until they actually shadow ban you. They do let you post the forbidden hashtag without informing you that it’s forbidden and then they put your account in “shadows”. They don’t even inform you that they have put your account on shadow banned mode, you can only tell that your account acts less powerful and the worst thing is that you don’t know for how long it will be shadow banned plus there is no support from instagram at all. Instagram will be old news at some point and it’s only because they are to money driven and care less about individual user experience, same reason that you can’t see if someone has unfollowed you without using a third part app (an app which instagram can recognise as a bot and put your account in a shadow banned mode). Good luck to the future of social media until the next new things comes....Version: 96.0

Is it just meTruly I despise this app. I know for a fact I used to have an addiction to it. Wasted hours of my life. And for what, just to hate my reflection. Truly the moderators don’t care about what is shown. Much less of who is watching. First of all I know so many children with this app. 6,7,8,12 years of age. And what complains to I hear from them. “Oh my bf isn’t replying I hate him” this is the source of toxic people. And it gets worse because there are even more dangerous complaints I hear, “I’m so fat”, “oh my gosh I hate my genes why can’t I be pretty”. Ok you may not be everyone’s cup of tea but who is. This is main sources of Ed’s, mental toxicity, sadness, low self esteem, etc. and I know some may say it depends on how the user user this app. But it’s very hard to make the decision to delete it. But once I did it I felt like so much stress and self hatred and unproductivness was lifted of me. Truly deleting it was for the best, at least for me. And I now download it during the day maybe twice. And delete it. Gave my real friends my phone number and I try to stop caring about people life because they won’t save me. Most aren’t my real friends or most are celebrities who don’t give a crap about me. Although I can’t seem to fully let go of it. If u are thinking of starting with this app I recommend u control how you want to use it. Don’t let it become dangerous. And I hope parents aren’t letting their children use this either..Version: 216.0

Technical DifficultiesI personally use Instagram a lot and it’s the app I use the most. I think it’s a great app because it’s perfect for many thinks like - socialising, catching up on your friend’s life, using it to promote your business and many more. It gets very annoying sometimes with its multiple technical difficulties though. Once I was trying to post something and every time I posted it the caption would disappear. Instagram gets stressful sometimes because of it’s many issues. Although, I still use it and would recommend it. Just be prepared to get annoyed with the multiple technical issues. Also, I have multiple accounts on my Instagram, which is also possible, and the updates are always different. Sometimes one of my accounts is more up to date than the other and it actually gets quite frustrating. My main account I use is behind even though I’ve updated it so it’s up to date. Everyone except me has gifs on their account. Why is this?.Version: 67.0

So many bugs and what are you guys doing?!!Instagram used to be my favourite social network, but lately it has been so difficult to use the app I’m almost giving up. Here’s a list of the most annoying bugs: 1) You want to leave a comment on someone who’s “famous” and has a lot of comments on their pics, and as soon as you leave it your comments scroll all the way up, making you unable to see the latest comments other users left few seconds ago. 2)you go to direct messages and after a few seconds typing to your friend the message disappears, so you have to swipe down to make it visible again, but as soon as you start typing... it happens all over again! 3) you browse your followers/following lists and it completely freezes the app, and it’s not your internet connection that is bad, is the Instagram being unable to refresh the list. Anyways, I could spend a long time trying to explain all the things that are wrong with this app. You guys should be very careful, and fix these terrible bugs ASAP!! Don’t keep going thinking you’re “the best” and end up like other networks such as Orkut, MySpace, MSN... I’m sure a better app/ social network will come soon and you guys are just sitting there waiting for it to destroy years of your work..Version: 36.0

Still keeps CrashingInstagram is my favourite social media, which is why this annoys me so much. I rarely update apps because stuff like this happens but I had gotten an update a while ago that had made Direct Messages go in a weird order. I got an update to fix that and ever since then, instagram is always crashing a few seconds after I open it. Its very upsetting and I really thought it was fixed. I have had to reinstall it, restart my phone, keep it open etc many times to get it to work. I don't really like the non-chronological order because I miss out on lots of posts I like and just see the same ones again and again, but my other big issue is videos. I usually only have a small amount of data and videos automatically playing when I dont even necessarily want to watch them makes my data go down quickly. Please create a feature where you can turn off auto play for videos, thankyou, but other than these things it is a great app.Version: 15.0

No help or supportI have had troubles with the music feature on instagram for MONTHS now. I am not able to use any music other than the few automatically shown ones that are there when I click the option, and all the songs are in some foreign language or they're instrumentals of some sort. I am not able to search for any song whatsoever as it will just tell me there are no results every time. A couple months ago, i was still at least able to save a song if someone sent it to me, then go to saved music, and use it through that. But now the problem has worsened and I am not even able to save any music nor see/use any of the music i had saved before this was an issue. I have reported this problem to instagram multiple times over the course of about 5 or 6 months and they have yet to respond in any sort of way, let alone fix the problem. I know i'm not the only one dealing with this as i've seen in reviews, as well as on other social medias such as twitter, that there have been a good amount of other people dealing with the same issues. This problem has been aggravating and upsetting, and the fact that i and many others have tried to reach instagram to fix this issue, yet have not even been addressed, only adds to those emotions. The music was one of, if not THE most used feature for me on instagram. I have tried multiple methods on my own to resolve this issue but nothing has worked. Hoping instagram can get to the bottom of this sooner rather than later..Version: 224.1

DisappointedInstagram use to be better I’m disappointed the “following” tab disappeared and no longer there and you cannot see anyone’s recent activity.Version: 114.0

Blocking palestiniens contentThat’s not up to instagram to delete those contents! Every people in the the world have the right to publish what the hell he want! So you suppose to stand with human right and help to stop this war by publishing all what happening! Hypocrite!!.Version: 187.0

The worst customer service. Have lost faith in trusting InstagramInstagram has made changes that have mistakenly deactivated thousands of users from accessing their accounts - including mine. They have deactivated for “breaching terms of conditions” without any warning sent to the users or reason. You just get a generic message and are left wondering what you did. Now, the issue is if you ever need help from Instagram, there is NO way to contact their help centre. It is the actual worst. All of their help just loop you to their FAQs but don’t actually provide any help in recovering accounts that were deactivated by Instagram unfairly and without reason. If you check their Twitter posts, read all the comments. Hundreds of users desperate to try to reach Instagram taking to Twitter, or spamming fb to try and get help. And the worst ? NOW REAL hackers and scammers are taking advantage of these desperate people and offering “hacker accounts” to get their accounts back. Charging real money and then gaining access to banking info. Why are these con artists not deactivated for breaching policy?? There is a HUGE error going on, with zero communication from Instagram. No acknowledgement. No timeline on when these users can get their accounts back. So be warned. Delete all third party apps that log in to your account because that is what can trip up their automated system to just disable your account with no warning. It thinks you are using bots automatically and will keep you in the dark for weeks to months. Instagram, I’ve really lost my trust in this platform. Unacceptable lack of customer service and acknowledgement. I hope more people speak up about this..Version: 163.0

Photo Quality and Time.I’m not a huge fan of social media, however, Instagram is the one app I prefer using for my artwork aside from Tumblr. The photo upload quality both on the Instagram stories and posts could definitely use some work, though. It’s horrible and ruins the look of my art, which is particularly irritating regarding detail shots and the like. Pictures turn out quite grainy and just very unpleasant to look at; almost as though I didn’t detail it at all, which is really quite upsetting honestly. Especially when you spend so many hours on something and you’re very proud of it, wanting to show off all the details you put into it. Another pet peeve is how Instagram is extremely demanding of your time. Not everyone likes to or can be active online so much, and it seems purposely designed (obviously) to make sure you log in and post everyday; otherwise your views and page visits go down. I don’t often finish a lot of my art in one day, it can take days or weeks and I struggle to get it seen when I post it as well; probably because of whatever algorithm you guys are using. Please take into consideration the people who can’t be online all day everyday and make some compromises. But, most of all, please fix the photo quality. I’m not the only one complaining about it..Version: 82.0

Newest owners of the application have messed it up!Though Instagram is one of the simplest social media platforms you could have the support is complete trash. I spent the last two weeks trying to recover my account that was registered as compromised for unfollowing people. A little back story I have had this account for over 7+ years and I hadn’t really done much with it and in a failed effort to make the account more recent I encountered several inappropriate post of nudity and etc. I spent many many many hours reporting post that were inappropriate for the app that is 13+ and I decided to clean out the people I was following bc I was sick of the disturbing things I seen on there. I found that my account followed 100’s of people I didn’t know and of course I change my password frequently to keep from scam so I knew that wasn’t the problem. While unfollowing said accounts and many others I got a page saying. “Account compromised.” That I some how purchased followers against the guidelines I was sitting at a total of like 100 followers or so, plus the whole idea of buying followers is lost on me. I have spent two weeks trying to get this resolved. Instagram has little to no support with simple Q & A forms for assistance that just DO NOT WORK! It has become completely ridiculous and I’m not the only person I know who has had this issue. Regardless. The app has gone down hill and hopefully will get it’s crap together in the near future..Version: 267.0

RacismInstagram are blocking some hashtags that are showing Israel killing innocent Palestinians.Version: 187.0

Removing the Activity Feature - Bring it back!Recently Instagram has removed one of it’s features that allows you to browse through what people like/comment/who they follow etc. I’d recommend, that if Instagram has chosen to remove the feature of browsing through what people have liked etc. Why can it be created into a option to have within the app? So, for people who wish to still have it, they can turn it on within the app. For people who don’t want/need it, they can turn it off within the app. That way it is equal for the people who still enjoy using this feature within the app. But at the same time, you acknowledge the people who don’t need that feature and therefore gives them the option to turn it on or off. However, like myself, there are a lot of other Instagram users who are very unhappy about the removal of this feature. I can strongly agree with them, that it made the app a lot more interesting and exciting to use. Ever since the removal of this feature, every time I go to use Instagram it feels pretty pointless. The feature connected everyone together by seeing what posts each other likes and comments on. What new accounts other users have found, and potentially could have interest to you as well. I believe Instagram will lose users, if they don’t reverse this removal of browsing through activity..Version: 114.0

Worst account recovery ever- got phished - IG literally doesn’t have good ways to recover your account when email has been taken but phone number is still attached? How can a good app have such terrible instructions that lead nowhere to get my account back? Now I have to email with my face-pic attached to my full name & IG account when I can’t know if this email itself is even real? AND MY EMAILS ARE SENT TO THE HACKER!!!!! why can’t I just use my phone number??? There is NO UNDO BUTTON for reverting my email back as per instagrams “how do I recover my instagram account” on their website-doesn’t send to my original email when I click after saying I didn’t change my email??? USELESS Agh y’all need a better experience designer AND-best part-instagram account recovery & password change DOESNT work..Version: 236.1

Algorithms is horrendousSo instagram has been my favourite app now for a long time. I use it for both personal and business at first when the algorithm changed it was super annoying as the whole point is I’m following people who I want to see posts from not a million ads and suggestions. Anyway eventually I got used to it but lately I’ve been noticed more changed and it’s just getting worse and worse. Majority of the posts I’m seeing are from days ago and most the time from accounts I don’t care to see as much. Showing me posts from days ago also puts me off from liking and commenting as it makes me feel like I’ve been stalking through their account when in reality I’ve only just seen the post. This has also affected my business page too. The reach is so much lower than previously despite using hashtags and occasionally sponsoring posts to try and get acknowledged but even then it’s only bringing in a few hundred views if I’m lucky when I used to get up in the thousands. How you are expected to run a business through Instagram is beyond me as each day I’m losing followers thanks to the algorithm as nobody can see me post which means a loss of customers too. Slowly starting to consider deleting the app all together and finding a new platform with a CHRONOLOGICAL algorithm 🙃.Version: 34.0

SadIve had multiple accounts since 2015 … I used to be addicted to social media … Now that I’m not I can see all the many things wrong with social media and especially this app … The shopping feature is dumb … The moving buttons around is dumb … Having only one account get an update when the other doesn’t, even though it’s the same app on the same phone, is dumb … I also really miss the layout where the profile pic was on the right and the followers number wasn’t big in everyone’s faces and the name and bio were bigger as well … That being said I do like that the views and likes can be hidden etc … The reels try too hard to be tiktok … The messages although I like different themes there aren’t enough interesting ones … The porn bot accounts are annoying .. Real people get their accounts taken down while all the bots just keep popping up … I just wish this app was about sharing pictures and 1 minute videos again … Stories are really extra .. privacy is just unheard of these days … It’s so annoying .. Also the comparing your life to others is very easy to do with this app … Anyway I already deleted it but you guys should too it’s not only annoying but it’s unhealthy. Get your real life back and stop worrying about what others are doing. Find yourself. Get a career. Be happy. Read a book or write one. Go outside. Get a job. Pick up some productive hobbies. Just detach from socials. It’s not real life..Version: 203.0

Sensitive contentI follow several artists / content creators whose content is deemed “sensitive” by instagram. I know for a fact that most of these accounts never show up in my feed despite the fact that I’M FOLLOWING THEM. I’ve even gone thru certain pages and liked several posts at a time in an attempt to show the ig algorithm that I want to see the content that I follow. To make matters worse, now everyone is talking about this new sensitive content filter but I don’t have it available in my settings. I have updated, reinstalled and combed thru the app’s settings to no avail. So basically, IG refuses to show me the content that I follow. Instead, I am constantly having tiktoks and ads shoved down my throat. To make matters worse the only content they seem to deem “sensitive” is nudity, specifically any nudity that may be portrayed from a female perspective. Political propaganda and misinformation are NOT considered sensitive content apparently, so my explore page has no shortage of casual racism for me to pick through, not to mention all the fast fashion and ponzi schemes. It’s honestly pathetic how transparent instagram is. They only care about content that they will get paid to show you. They don’t care about “filtering sensitive content” and they definitely don’t care about preventing the spread of misinformation. I wish more than anything that an alternative to IG would become mainstream, this platform is seriously dead. You killed it. Congratulations..Version: 204.0

Annoying issueInstagram is a great app to use on your free time and to connect with other people. This is why I was really interested in using Instagram to try and help out my barber career. The one annoying issue I’m having is when it comes to trying to add an action button for booking. I have tried this with three different booking apps so far and with no luck. For example I am trying to add my square appointments app as a book option on my business account. The videos I have seen about how to do this, show that once you click on the app you use to schedule your clients, you need to enter in the URL that will link them to your booking page. I believe this is where the problem is. Instagram doesn’t give me an option to enter a URL. The order that Instagram sends me is ( connect website > please select business to connect > connect to Instagram > connection successful). Then when I refresh my page there is no action button. I have used three different booking apps in hopes that one of them would work and none of them do. I have the online booking option turned on within the app as well and it still doesn’t work. It’s extremely frustrating and to add onto it, I can’t find anywhere online to help me. There’s no way to contact Instagram, at least from what I have seen and it feels like it’s never going to work for me. This app could easily be a 5 star, but this one problem is really making it hard..Version: 148.0

Completely broken messWhy is nobody talking about the depressing and suicidal content being force fed to me in reels which won’t go away no matter how many times I tell the algorithm that I’m “not interested” in this type of video! Notifications are a complete mess.. In the app I have live videos notifications turned off but I still constantly receive them daily. I also still get notifications about random people I haven’t spoken to in years who have added to their story and I don’t care and can’t stop the notifications, despite everything turned off on my settings. I can’t wait until the Instagram phase is over... Reels are a complete disaster, everything is screen recorded directly from TikToc and slapped on here as Reels, the same idiots do the same on Facebook reels too so you just end up seeing the same videos all the time on repeat. Sometimes your account gets ‘limited’ and restricted for absolutely no reason at all even though you clearly aren’t a spam account and post selfies of your own copyright owned images to prove it. There are spam bots out there and then they block genuine users? The algorithm on this app is totally messed up. Been using Instagram for 11 years now and it’s just gotten worse to the point where it’s total trash..Version: 259.0

Still can’t view liked images/reelsFor months now I’ve had the same issue of not being able to view my liked picture and reels. Between me and the people I know who also use Instagram for iPhone, im the only one who doesn’t have the “settings>account>posts you’ve liked” setting anymore. And I was willing to let go viewing liked pictures because I found out that reels had an option to view liked reels, even if it was buggy. But now, neither option exists so liking pictures or reels is pointless. I basically have no reason to come back to this app because I can’t even go back and look at the art or tutorials I’ve liked/might want to use as a reference. I’ve also tried to contact whatever nonexistent customer service there is with no answer back whatsoever. Seriously, if you Google their customer service contact list, the only option is to report an issue through Instagram. There is no email, phone number, nothing actually useful that lets you know that your complaints or questions will be seen by a human being. Heaven forbid something good ever comes back to this app, such as the fixing of the broken algorithm that makes you view the same posts for weeks at a time. I’ve had to unfollow so many people because it was the only method to fixing the issue. Lazy, lousy excuse for “customer care.” Might as well go back to DeviantArt if you care about being an online artist in the modern day..Version: 221.0

Hate the new update!!Bring back the activity/following log!!! What the heck !!!.Version: 114.0

BRING BACK THE LIKES IN CANADAThis new experimental update bs in canada is trashhhhh. nobody likes it, wants nor wanted or asked for it!! it’s useless and we can’t even how many likes celebrities got or our friends like what is really the mf point?! AT LEASTTT have it as an option for whoever wants their likes hidden can hide it but the majority DO NOT! FIX IT. don’t be like snapchat were they add useless updates no one asked for 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽..Version: 94.0

Unfortunate reviewInstagram is literally my one & only app I use faithfully but it’s starting to come crashing down. Reasons being: 1) instagram always crashes unexpectedly although my phone is up to date with everything, 2) Ive given permission to access my gallery so I can save memories i’ve made using the instagrams story tool yet I cannot seem to save ANYTHING... i’ve tried many hacks and the only way i’m able to do so is if I delete the whole app and re-download it again ( i shouldn’t even have to do this if i’ve given permission in the first place, totally time consuming) this has happened more than once 3) The updates are becoming ridiculous I hope instagram fixes it’s bugs and goes back to the more simple way of instagram.Version: 170.0

No iPad Support, Activity Tab moved, and other issues...Edit: PLEASE keep drafts saved indefinitely! Why do the drafts just disappear whenever they feel like it? I understand that you want to have this shopping tab, and that while I personally will never ever use it, some people might(I guess???), I still need that activity tab at the bottom too! Having to go to the home page then tap the heart at the top of the screen is just really rubbish. Facebook has 6 tabs at the bottom, so clearly there is enough space for a 6th tab in Instagram too. I also really need an option to turn off the double tap to change account. It’s making going back to my profile slower, which makes me instinctively tap again, which now makes me switch accounts! I did not want to do that! Not to mention, I have three accounts, and the double tap feature only switches between the two most recent ones, so it’s completely useless for me anyway! Also, we’re about to go in to 2021 and iPad is STILL not supported?! You’re such a big company, surely there’s no reason you can’t support it! Really not loving the app as much as I usually do, ngl Oh, one more thing - please just move reels into the explore tab and move the create post button back to the bottom, pleeeeeaaaaase! Thanks.Version: 190.0

This app has the quality of my faecesNumerous friends for months now have had their accounts easily hacked and have had to create new accounts, permanently losing all the data from their old accounts. Instagrams security needs to be better. Furthermore, almost every day I will also get a fake account contacting me, sending rather explicit content and trying to get me to click on their dodgy links. A user should be limited to a number of accounts they may create, and Instagram should have a sensor to detect these common virus/scam links and stop them being shared on the platform. When I report a photo with a woman clearly in the nude, Instagram gets back saying they saw no fault in the photo🥴 this has happened all too often. I have also recently had problems getting messages from Instagram alone, while my message notifications are on and I have the latest update installed. It seems others are having this issue too. Instagram, get your act together and my rating will go back to 5 stars. Sincerely, everyone.Version: 260.0

New update is no bueno.Can not watch videos since update.. Anybody else having issues? Lags/won’t load tried on wifi and LTE both won’t work. Terrible update..Version: 100.0

FIX THISWhenever I log into my account it says “sorry, there was a problem with your request.” Please fix this. I tried with both of my accounts, and I used several devices to make sure if it wasn’t just my phone which it has a problem with. It said the same exact thing on all the devices I used. Please fix this..Version: 84.0

Lack of report systemInstagram has more potential than it has now. But a few issues are what keeping them from pulling out of from the others. First is the amount of bots, fake, and duplicate accounts that are on IG. Myself and some others (possibly) use IG as a place for photography, businesses, reaching a broader community to share the similar likes, or just for fun. With those few listed accounts, it limits who can see your posts and your account. I can see/understand if someone has a business and personal account. But to have 3+ accounts that are the exactly the same and are troll pages then why keep them up? Also there are times especially now (not sure if it’s happening to some people or not) is accounts and people who are clearly going against the TOS and guidelines with their posts and accounts. No matter if it’s drugs, tobacco, alcohol, nudity or sexual images. Some are showing up in popular feed (whatever it’s called) and some though scrolling through posts. Like earlier yesterday/today I tried reporting dozens of posts and accounts of completely naked women and a few of drugs and tobacco in use that showed up and all IG said was that “it doesn’t go against their guidelines”. How does all of this not go against the guidelines?? Also reported a account that supposedly had gotten “removed” on a couple different occasions but still on their as of yesterday with basically no consequences other than a couple pictures that were reported and removed. So I don’t know..Version: 169.0

Is instagram deleting people for doing nothing?Overall I love the app instagram, you can see funny videos and even gain followers on there, but here is the biggest problem on instagram, THEY ARE DELETING ACCOUNTS THAT DID NOTHING WRONG. Instagram needs to get out of their brain dead state and start checking accounts before deleting them because they are getting reported and accounts are being banned and disabled. This is especially unfair to the fan editors out there. There are hundreds of thousands of people who make edits of their favorite people on apps such as TikTok, Instagram, etc. These fans work hard on their edits, tag the people they edited, try to make their day by showing how much they love them just so instagram can delete the photos and videos because they assume that they are trying to be them??? Clearly if you read the caption you can clearly see that they are just simply showing how much they love that user. They are not trying to be like them they are just trying to support them. If they think people who show love to who they support then why don’t hate pages get banned, reported, or disabled? This isn’t the only people instagram has done this to because a nice dancer who did absolutely nothing wrong got disabled at 300k, the followers she worked hard on getting!!! Instagram needs to step up their game and stop doing all this bad stuff to these people who show their support or I’ll just have to be one of the many people who delete this app..Version: 79.0

Too many frauds on InstagramI have had to block many followers on Instagram who have all proved to be frauds on here. Even when reporting them it usually comes back to say that they are doing nothing to violate the rules on here and yet clearly they are by impersonating other people and using their pics as their own. There should be some way of screening people who join Instagram so that no one can join with fraudulent information about themselves !!! It makes it very heartbreaking and frustrating, for women especially, when a friendship ends in dire circumstances ... An improvement here would make IG safer for many people .... and not allow scammers, fakes, and frauds on here to deceive other people who are wanting a positive experience..Version: 46.0

IMMEDIATE ATTENTION NEEDEDI have been using Instagram for many years now and haven’t had a problem. 3 days ago I noticed my Direct messages were playing up but I thought that was just my phone having trouble with the wifi. Then that same day at night my direct messages have disappeared. I receive all the notifications but I can not see them in the app it’s self. Today is the 4th day this has been going on and I have reported a problem several times and it seems like they haven’t been taken to notice. This is very frustrating because I use Instagram as an escape and basically therapy for myself. I contact family from overseas and now I can’t due to the bug ONLY MY ACCOUNT HAS. I’ve got 2 accounts one is my private account where the direct messages work perfectly fine. I NEED THIS FIXED as tomorrow is an important day and I need to contact people from overseas. This needs to be fixed literally now as it is so ignorant of the Instagram team not taking my reports to notice :( I will be fixing the star ratings up after my problems a fixed..Version: 117.0

Can’t see number of likesApparently the new update has made it so only you can see how many likes your photo has, and you can’t see how many likes others pictures have. WORST UPDATE EVER. What’s the point? it’s making things much more confusing. there’s reasons why the number of likes is important. CHANGE THIS BACK AND STOP MAKING INCONVENIENT UPDATES.Version: 91.0

An Insta-hot-mess of an appOne day, some genius at Instagram thought, "well it ain't broke so let's completely mess up a great app that was working perfectly for everyone." And since I have changed phones and have had to re-login to Instagram, I have been subject to the doom of the non-chronological feed. Why on earth would I want to see things posted from 3 days ago at the top of my feed?? This update is horrendous, non-sensical and goes completely against the logical way to use the app. People want to see things happening in the now, not the before. If the people at Instagram HQ have any sense, they will listen to their customers, small businesses and the like who use the app, not only for their personal stuff, but for their livelihood and give us back our chronological feeds! UPDATE: Original point about having a non-chronological feed still stand. However I’m experiencing a REALLY annoying bug. When I want to follow back someone who started following me, as soon as I press the button I’m met with an “action blocked” message every time! I constantly report the problem but I never see that anything gets done about it. It’s incredibly frustrating because I have to try multiple times for my follow to not get the error message and actually follow someone successfully! PLEASE FIX!.Version: 58.0

Social Influencers abusing powerThere are too many social influencers abusing their power; people like Molly-Mae Hague annoy me because they flash their luxurious wealthy lifestyle on here, regardless of whether or not their posts affect poorer people in everyday life: posts showing the world what exotic tropical holidays they've been on when peoples loved ones have been dying in the pandemic are hurtful. Another thing that annoys me is the ignorance of the fact that showing off designer items, such as clothes, watches, jewellery and even your accessory dog will warrant someone in the world actually stealing your stuff. Wealthy ‘social media influencers’ flash their luxurious lifestyle online; showing off glossy magazine photos, high-end cars, mansions, designer items, but get the police involved when their stuff gets stolen? If they didn't continue to show off materialistic videos and photos containing contents of their home after their stuffs been stolen and after they get new stuff and show it off on Instagram again, they might be more fortunate to keep their stuff! Lastly, anyone could become famous now; you only have to appear on reality tv shows like Love Island, and your future will be all set up for you just like that, without needing to work the controversial 24 hours in a day thing!.Version: 248.1

Worst updateEver since ig got bought out by Facebook every update has been worse and worse. Nobody cares anoures reels or shopping. WORST UPDATE..Version: 166.1

Free Palestine🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸Instagram has been deleting my stories and many others stories about Palestine.Version: 188.0

Constantly CrashesApp works after fresh download,then crashes and will not load until you redownload it.sent a couple reports in,nothing but crickets..Version: 14.0

Faulty and hadn’t been fixed in over a monthThis will be the 5th complaint in the past 2months I’ve made about my saved songs not working and completely not being there when it says they ARE. But when I actually tap on the saved songs folder it says no saved songs and that they will show up when i save one, but I’ve been doing so and still no luck ☹️🤔. This is very frustrating as it’s the only way I can use sounds bc for nearly 2years I haven’t been able to search songs from the 20th century😑. so as u could imagine I’d be very annoyed I’ve lost the only way to use songs, as well as 2years worth of saved sounds 🙄🙄. I would really appreciate if you could fix this problem ASAP as it’s been occurring for to long now and really is getting to me, I’ve tried to redownload the app & reported app problem many times nothing seems to work. YOUR APP IS FAULTY & HAS BEEN FOR AWHILE‼️ IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS THIS PROBLEM, PLEASE FIX IT‼️.Version: 228.0

A huge bugThere’s this bug in the app that won’t let me open any account asides from one. I’m sure I put in all the information right because I tried to open multiple accounts and it’s the same case it keeps saying “Sorry there was a problem with your request”. I tried uninstalling the app and installing it again multiple times but nothing changed. But when I open the account on another phone it works. Can you please do something to help I’d appreciate it. Thanks.Version: 75.0

Stop removing features and changing everythingOh my god I really love Instagram but if you guys are gonna remove the ability to post to your stories as well as this horrible layout update, I’m definitely gonna uninstall this app and leave a bad review. It was perfect until you guys started removing features that people genuinely need to spread awareness about important issues and show their support to their friends. No one wanted this stop saying the “community” wanted to test this out when they didn’t. By removing this feature, people will have less interaction with friends, people they follow etc and won’t be able to spread awareness to others for important issues going on in the world like BLM. Or perhaps that was your goal? To censor important things and issues going on in the world? To silence people’s voices so they can be heard to others? To stop people showing support to their mutuals or accounts they love which will lead to less people using the app that they’ve loved all this time? It’s basically self sabotage at this point if you take away this feature.Version: 168.0

Instagram is alrightIt’s a great place to connect with Friends and family and meet new people or connect with old friends. I also really love how you can share photos of what your doing or post things on your story to keep your friends updated, it’s an amazing app. But my one problem with it is that there are fake, inappropriate and false accounts on there that send naked photos to you or even lead you to websites that are highly inappropriate. This is just my personal opinion but I tried to report an account but instead of instagram blocking and deleting the account they said that they couldn’t find anything wrong with the account so I continue to get naked, inappropriate and sick photos and websites until Instagram finally saw what was wrong. Anyway that’s just my opinion on it..Version: 75.0

Hard To Navigate with the New LayoutFirst off i’d like to say that i’ve been using instagram since 2015. i’ve seen some changes over the course of these past few years that were very good for the overall use of the app, and some that just made navigating the app more difficult. the main reason why instagram has become so popular over the years was it’s simple layout that made it easy to access and interact with followers and discover people. but now, in 2020, likes and view counts are hidden, the feed isn’t in chronological order, the algorithm only allows you to see posts of only a handful of people you follow, and now the notifications have moved. if instagram wants to keep its users satisfied, then they need to go back to the classic look. keeping the classic layout with home, explore page, upload, notifications, and profile at the bottom makes the app easier to navigate. there is no reason why the shopping bag needs to be on the bottom bar because not everyone shops from instagram. there are a lot of scammers on the app! instead of changing the layout, instagram needs to fix the algorithm, put posts on the timeline back in chronological order, get rid of bot and spam accounts, and remove accounts/posts that don’t follow the community guidelines. now more than ever, there are many accounts that spread hate and misinformation! why was changing the layout a priority? fix it and bring likes and view counts back!.Version: 150.0

Awful New UpdateI really, really dislike the new update and it’s honestly making me consider deleting Instagram. This not something I’d say lightly as I have 3 separate Instagram accounts and have had the app since 2012. The main issue is that the features that everyone tends to use the most have been crammed into a hard to find corner. The likes/comments/follow requests section and the add new post button need to go back on the easy to access bar at the bottom of the screen. It is ridiculous that an app made for sharing photos should replace an add photo button with an endless stream of random videos (reels) just because developers feel like they need to compete with apps like Tiktok. The shopping section is just as unnecessary to have on the bar at the bottom as this feature is going to be used far, far less than the add new post button, the likes/comments/follow requests section or even the direct messages section because as I’ve said Instagram is an app used for sharing photos. Instagram is at serious risk of being just as complicated, difficult to navigate and overcrowded as Facebook; Instagram’s simplicity and singular purpose (photo sharing) was what attracted people to the app in the first place. Please, please, please fix this asap- I want to enjoy using Instagram again..Version: 167.0

Getting hackedOn my Instagram account I got hacked and I did the video to confirm I am the owner of the account. I did the video twice because the first one said, “we weren’t able to confirm your identity”. Then i did it a second time and still got the same response from team Instagram. How are you going to tell me you can’t confirm my identity when that account has pictures of my face. The hacker texted everyone I followed and they were asking for money and their phone numbers so they can reset their old account or their phone isn’t working and they need help. They are also telling people that I payed for my account back, but I didn’t. No one should ever have to pay for their account and if you did pay them they wouldn’t give it back either way. So please change the process of recovering your account. Since clearly the video you have to do doesn’t work. Update September 17, 2022 they fully took over my Instagram changing my profile name and deleting all of my pictures. This could of all been prevented if team Instagram gave me my account back instead still chose to say we can’t identify your identity. They had three days and with in those three days they have responded to me by email that my identity can’t be confirmed by them even thought there were still pictures of me on that account. The hackers account is iisahashiii_ no longer my account since they deleted everything of mine. There’s no point of me trying to get it anymore..Version: 252.1

Recent IssuesI have always enjoy using Instagram for both my personal and business account. It is one of my most visited social media platforms and something I have always recommend to people. However, the option to share other people’s posts when they are on public to my story has been taken away which is very frustrating. I am not sure why and it is very strange as I did not change any of my setting, the ability to do this just stopped randomly. I have asked many people about if they were experiencing the same and some people have been. They are experiencing the same frustration I am with this app and no longer having this option available. I have deleted the app and re-downloaded it to try fix the problem and it has not worked. I am thinking about just deleting it all together as without the sharing option being available when an account it on public I just don’t see the point in having it. Hopefully this issue can be resolved quickly for everyone that is feeling this way..Version: 205.0

Increasingly authoritarian censoring kills all the funI pretty much use this app cause I don’t have many other choices to stay connected to my community/friends in the same way. But it seems more & more IG is becoming this gross controlled space that promotes consumerism and brands instead of users. Lots of my mates have been censored or had their accounts taken down for stuff like having an onlyfans link, posting picture of a themselves as a fat woman wearing a bikini, writing in support of BLM and stuff like that - Meanwhile, celebrities can post them self in a thong and pornhub can have an account to promote their content without consequence. Shadowbanning and no longer arranging posts by chronology (always filtering out my real friends posts!) kills the ‘social’ element of the app and emphasises an uncomfortable fakeness. I feel begrudged every time I get sucked into logging on a platform that increasingly lacks freedom..Version: 169.0

Can’t use Instagram anymoreI used to love Instagram on my phone and I ran 2 accounts. One personal and one meme page, that was until one day I got logged out of my meme and later found out it got disabled and I have no idea why. I still had access to my personal account though. To try and fix my disabled account i followed all instructions on the Instagram support and none work. I ended up deleting the Instagram app and re downloading it again. Big mistake. I couldn’t sign log into my meme page still and then I discover I cannot even log into my personal account anymore I get the same error message every time “sorry there was a problem with your request” if I try to make a new account on my phone I cannot and get the message “signup blocked, sorry you can’t create a new account right now”. I can log into my Personal account on my computer however so it’s not my account that is the problem it’s Instagram on my phone. I have tried so many ‘solutions’ to try fix my problem and none have worked. So to this day I still cannot go into ANY account on my phone. Extremely mad..Version: 76.0

Issue after issueI’ve had Instagram for about 6 years now and I never had issues until about 2-3 years ago. My account would randomly get banned, when I never do anything against Instagrams guidelines. And it’s never just a simple date to date ban, it goes on for about 2 months straight, if for example, I like something after my first original ban, it will automatically trigger something to start a new ban and it will be longer. This never used to happen but I get banned about 3 times a year now since this started. Another thing, the Instagram stories. Me and many other users have been having to rewatch stories we’ve already seen constantly again and again. And if it’s not rewatching the stories, it’s as if the stories have crashed. They never pop up at the top of my page anymore, it always says I’ve seen them all which I don’t have the time to watch them because I follow so many people, but it’s just saying I’ve seen every story which I haven’t and I sometimes actually want to see some of the people I follow stories. I don’t know if this is because you could be sorting out the stories, with the rewatching issue but it’s now triggered a new issue for me. My Instagram is all up to date, I have refreshed it all and also logged out a couple times to see if any improvement but nothing..Version: 242.0

New Updates Are BadI wish Instagram would focus on actually improving their app rather than just taking a concept/function from a different app and changing the name before adding it to their app. The most recent updates are awful. Instagram is so glitchy half the time now that it’s almost unusable. The new layout is terrible to navigate. The explore feed just doesn’t flow nicely. Not to mention it’s ugly. Nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as it was just a few months ago. Instagram we don’t want you to just copy old ideas from other apps (eg, reels). We have the other apps to use these functions. We want new and exciting ideas that draw us back in. Not even more buttons and windows added to the already overcrowded explore page..Version: 155.0

When I try to post, it usually fails and it’s time consumingWhen I try to post on Instagram, it will most likely fail. It has been an issue for quite some time now and friends of mine can never relate to my issue. It’s as if Instagram does not want me to post regularly. It is very time consuming to edit my photo, add quotes that I enjoy, put them in the order I would like them, create a caption and use hashtags; only for the post to fail and so lost absolutely everything I’ve just worked so hard on. I’ve noticed that I don’t have this issue with both of my Instagram accounts. The one I’ve had the longest, has the most issues when posting. I’m not sure how an update hasn’t fixed this issue but it’s been at least a year! This is why I shaved off two stars and it was almost three. — Also, the inappropriate flags to comments that Instagram automatically blocks, or deems offensive, is alarming. The atmosphere doesn’t feel diverse and it’s limiting to the Instagram experience as a whole. The requested reviews that I have submitted, don’t seem to be happening on comments that are not actually offensive. Instagram is deeming certain comments as a risk with a computer based system based on certain words that are used however, the computer doesn’t comprehend when a comment is sarcasm. It feels culturally exclusive on the app at times and it’s a concern for many reasons..Version: 234.0

Bring back chronological formatBeing shown what Instagram thinks I want to see takes a huge exploratory aspect away from this app. Go back to your roots Instagram, it worked for a reason..Version: 36.0

New updatePlease bring likes back.Version: 91.0

Show me the likes!You took away the ability for me to see how many likes certain posts receive. My daughter has a business account and I log her likes, and her competitors likes in order to help her improve her posts and therefore, her business. I know this is a test right now.....but I’m feeling like it’s just not going to come back. The amount of time I spend on Instagram has declined tenfold. I am no longer excited to go on, and I no longer find it interesting or fun. I know the reasoning behind hiding the likes is to help against children being bullied by their peers...... but you should find a different way to govern that. Block THEIR ability to see number of likes. Or don’t let them be able to have an account until they are 19. Anything else. But don’t punish the rest of us. BRING BACK THE LIKES COUNT!!!.Version: 92.0

New layout badI’ve used Instagram for YEARS. and this new layout is the worst! I have to go out of my way to access any of my notifications and the shopping tab is on the bottom row? What’s the point? Why did you move the create button to the profile page? I have to take the extra steps and it’s horrible..Version: 164.0

Making a second account.I have had instagram for almost a year and i’ve never had issues until now, i decided to make myself a second account. when i attempted to make it the first time everything was alright until it ssked me if i was 100% sure i wanted to make the account. i said yes and she said there was an error and i should try again later. please keep in mind this happened to me 2 months ago, i tried it again the next week after that. same problem. eventually i got sick and tired of it and reported the issue. i got response. at that time i thought it was my phone that was the issue and soon after i upgraded my phone and unfortunately i got the exact same issue. then i decided to log outside of my current account and then try make a new one. and i still had the same issue. it wasn’t allowing me to make my second account. i don’t know why but i’m sick or tired of this. i have reported the issue tried switching on and off the internet but there’s no solution. please can you help me resolve this issue. i needed this account for 2 months now and i can’t wait any longer or have the patience to deal with this anymore. thank you for reading and please respond..Version: 153.0

This new update is terribleInstagram has made it even harder for you to see posts from the people that you actually follow with this most recent update. I now only see about 10 - 12 photos from people I actually follow, before I get to the "you've been caught up" message & suggested posts start popping up. I follow 200+ people, 80% of whom update regularly, yet instagram is making it impossible to see them. I miss so much time sensitive information, including sales, events or donations, all because instagram has moved explore page posts to your home feed as well. And posts are being BURIED with this new update. Half the time the "new" posts on my timeline are 1-2 weeks old & the posts in my "older" tab are from the same day. As a creator myself, my engagement has dropped exponentially, as Instagram is making it increasingly difficult for my work, & the work of others, to be seen. And that's not to mention the horrific placement of the new reels tab, dead in the center of the app, with the new shop page directly right, kicking both the post button & the notifications tab to the top of the screen on the home page. As a small business, this is FRUSTRATING to say the least. It seems like instagram is hell bent on punishing the very people that keep their app alive. At the very least, give people the autonomy to organize their app tabs the way they want to & choose to have a chronological home feed or an algorithmic based one. Come on Instagram, lets do better..Version: 166.1

Great for sharing content but terrible for conversationInstagram is a great platform to share photos and short videos and view content from other users that have different passions and interests. The explore functions work well and the tailored algorithm will ensure that posts you see have some relevance to your personal interests. However, the comment function on Instagram is one of the worst I’ve experienced. There are very view options for formatting a comment and you cannot link anything. I’d you come across a comment chain that is quite long, you can only view 3 comments at a time, so accessing the earliest comments in the chain can be difficult. If you want to see replies to a comment you have made, all of the previous comments will be made inaccessible, and if you want to see previous comments when you have replied, all later responses will be inaccessible. There is also a chance when touching the screen while commenting for it to suddenly close the typing window, losing all progress. The comment system could really use some changes to reduce the frustration, but everything else has been pleasant..Version: 186.0

📦What was good or useful about Instagram is gradually whittled away until all social media platforms are the same, partitioning each individual into a separate box with a tailored stream of content designed to retain engagement and simulate an idea of community connection. Updates are pushed asynchronously, which means that none of your friends have that new bad feature you just got, so they don’t understand what you’re complaining about, until one day you all do and it’s just how it works now. I’ve noticed the app withholds the dopamine hit from seeing the red dot that indicates ppl have liked your posts until you’ve checked the app a couple times that day already; if you check it earlier, the likes are there, but really, that validation is just another tool in the quest to retain as much of your attention as possible. Even beyond theses criticisms, for an image-centric platform, Instagram stores very low quality jpeg images, with some kind of automatic sharpen/contrast filter that makes non-photographic images look particularly bad. Think critically about how you engage with this app, and pay attention to how the incremental changes make you feel. When you add them together, do you like where this platform is going?.Version: 185.0

New UpdateWhy would Instagram, a photo sharing app, replace the notification section with a shopping tab????.Version: 166.1

Decent but issuesInstagram is a social media app and I enjoy using it to stay in touch with my friends and use group chats to send posts but every time they add features, it makes the app even more frustrating to use. It genuinely feels like they’re just trolling us at this point. I wish they’d think about their users more and how design choices can negatively affect the app. I understand that people don’t like change - even if the change is positive - but I genuinely think the new Instagram features tend to be quite useless and frustrating for the majority. In addition to this, I wish the app was better for posting - I mean it’s a photo/video focused app… Everytime I try to post multiple videos or pictures, they automatically crop and zoom in REALLY close! I have tried everything to prevent this such as using external apps to change the sizes of my pictures to fit Instagram and keeping all my pictures the same size. But no matter what I do, it still does the weird crop/zoom thing. I think it might be a bug. And it’s a bit annoying that I have to constantly use other apps just to post more than one picture..Version: 233.1

Not sure why the developers want to sabotage their own appOf all the social media platforms, I use this the most and really enjoy checking it throughout the day. Sadly, the latest update has made some really counter intuitive changes. The three main buttons (add content, likes and messages) are now bunched up in the top right corner in order to make lots of room at the bottom for ‘Reels’ and a ‘shopping’ button. I assume these two buttons have been given all this extra space as a way of promo. It feels like they are trying to make the app have too many functions and buttons.. a cluttered interface a bit like... Facebook. Oh dear. There is no longer any satisfaction in seeing the likes you receive for your posts as they either don’t show up in an icon to notify you when you check the app. When you do check, you can no longer see individual user’s ‘likes’ in chronological order. They are now grouped up. I don’t know why. Surely this works against the entire point of the app. I discover other people this way and use it to see who regular interacts with my posts. I’m completely stumped as to why that would be changed. A total own goal that gives the impression that the app is losing popularity and was in need of drastic change. I hope they undo these changes or at least modify them more in line with what made the app popular..Version: 165.0

Bring back following activity !I love using instagram, but in the new update we can no longer view what people we follow like. i use this feature just as much as i use the app, it’s a good way for me to check in on my friends and see what they’ve been enjoying online. please bring this feature back! i know i will not be using the app anywhere near as much now that this feature has been removed..Version: 114.0

Needs a total overhaul!!!Whilst Instagram is one of the social media platforms I prefer it does have some annoying features that are absent. The easiest that should be added is an indication next to a persons name as to whether they are one of your followers are not. Such a simple fix and could save a lot of time going through feeds. Another huge change that’s long overdue is the resolution and full screen viewing of photos. Come on already. The app is about sharing photos and we are still stuck with crappy cropped, low resolution photos that you can’t see in full screen. Stop trying to make Instagram what it isn’t with paying more attention to reels and get with what people want it for. Or sit back and watch other apps take over your space. I add on to my review the number of restrictions Instagram automatically applies to peoples accounts. If you like and follow to many peoples pages (the entire point of Instagram) you get restrictions. If you try to manage your own account and unfollow or block to many people you get restricted. So whilst they make money from your creative content they restrict how you even manage it..Version: 264.0

Good and badI like Instagram as I can look back through a pictorial history of some of the fun things I have done over the last 5 years. I can connect with my adult kids, friends and people I follow. Where can it improve? Firstly not by more adverts, it may need revenue but it’s starting to get a bit ad heavy. Since these don’t have to be genuine companies I urge people are on guard for scams. Secondly in all my time I have never searched for animals, it’s not my thing… so why do they keep putting animals such as snakes, spiders, sharks, cute kittens, etc in my suggested posts. I always mark as not interested and it would be great if these didn’t keep popping up. Lastly this is something for the pros… there are some great professional influencers, but can there be a limit on how many pictures you put up of yourself? You are beautiful, but apparently you don’t have a life only different outfits and various stages of undress. This is damaging the mental wellbeing of your followers, people are becoming image obsessed and see a life of doing nothing as a career. Help them, show some aspect of a positive lifestyle, I am sure you do more than play dress up all day..Version: 259.0

Blocking arab sadness🇵🇸 #أنقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح 🇲🇦#Save_SheikhJarrah_neighborhood 🇺🇸 #save_sheikh_jarrah 🇷🇺 #Спасти_район_ШейхДжарра 🇹🇷 #ŞeyhJarrah_mahallesini_kurtar 🇩🇪 #Siehe_SheikhJarrah_Nachbarschaft #Sauver_le_quartier_de_SheikhJarrah 🇪🇦 #Salva_el_barrio_de_SheikhJarrah 🇮🇹 #Salva_il_quartiere_di_SheikhJarrah #الشيخ_جراح #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح #savesheikhjarrah #حي_الشيخ_جراح #لا_لتهويد_القدس #أنقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح #لن_نرحل.Version: 187.0

Can’t remove a picture from a collage of two pictures in a post, but can with 3 or more?It is ridiculous that we can now remove a photo from a series of photos within the one post, however cannot remove a photo if there’s is only two photos attached to the post. I personally have a lot of collages with only two images and for many I would like to remove one, but the trash sign in the left corner of the screen only comes up when there are three+ pictures in the collage. I know I’m not the only one having this issue and a lot of people would benefit from being able to remove one of two of the pictures in a single post. I really do hope you read these enquiries because I believe this will benefit not only Instagram users, but Instagram itself from receiving complaints and angry customers in regards to this matter. Otherwise, Instagram hasn’t caused me any other issues and I enjoy using it..Version: 227.0

You’re killing me, hereI like Instagram. I do. It’s a good app for keeping in contact with friends and for being able to share the things I create as an artist. But I swear the app gets worse with every update. The changes to the layout of the home page that make it so it’s basically a second explore page and so you don’t see posts from those you follow in chronological order are frustrating. The change to messages that make it so swiping prompts a reply to someone rather than exiting is confusing and non-intuitive, not to mention outright useless. The changes to the placement of the notification and posting tabs are infuriating. This is an app for sharing, not for shopping. Keep the shopping tab out of the main tab bar and put reels back with explore. Instagram would be much more user friendly if there was an option to toggle certain features (although calling them features instead of “hinderances” might, in some cases, be generous), such as the swipe-to-reply in messages, the suggested posts after the most recent posts in the home section, or whether posts were ordered algorithmically or chronologically. Additionally, allowing users to set up the layout of their tab bar would also make it more user friendly. I’m sure someone out there prefers the easy access to the reels tab, and would want to keep it where it currently is. But most don’t. Thus, allowing users to choose which features show up on the bar would make the app far better..Version: 166.1

Having issues constantly with professional account, & I don’t know whyI am unable to follow any accounts. I have tried logging out and back in. Doesn’t work. I’ve tried logging in on the browser instead of app on my iPhone and my MacBook. Does the same thing. Won’t let me follow any accounts. If I tap follow initially says following, but once I refresh it says to tap follow again. I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Does the same thing. I need a response from the developer ASAP for a resolution. Do I need to go back to personal account again? And go back to pro? That’s what fixed my issue last time when Instagram wasn’t sending me my two factor authentication codes to my cell phone. And I couldn’t login anywhere except my iPad that was already logged in. Also my follower count is completely wrong I get dozens of you have a new follower notification but the number on my Instagram doesn’t change for a long time. The number isn’t correct either… I’ve been having weird issues like this constantly. I love Instagram but I hate these software issues & bugs that are cancerous!!! I will not change my one star review until I get someone to help me and actually fix my issue. Your Instagram help website isn’t helpful either! I’ve already done all of those tricks of the trade, and they don’t work either. I’m a level 3 tech-support for a huge company, & I definitely know what I’m doing!!!.Version: 240.1

Saying this app’s gone downhill is an understatementThis app used to be so good but it started with the non-chronological order of posts so now u will seen 5 posts in a row from some stupid company you forgot to unfollow and miss all your friend’s posts. Reels are just the dumbest thing since that IG tv which failed terribly. Now they changed the whole layout to make ppl use reels cause no one likes them. Its just like watching the trashy side of tik tok. the implementation of the shopping tab is clearly just a shoddy cash grab by insta. Like the only good thing they have done this entire year is let us change the colour of the app on our homescreens and that was for like 2 weeks then they removed it. Instead of actually fixing problems like the fake bots sending illicit messages to kids and deleting bipoc and lgbt+ creators accounts. they are instead trying to screw this app up as much as they can and its working. Cause no one likes these updates and its sad to see how much this whole app has been ruined since being bought by zuccers but what can you say, the creepy lizard man was bound to ruin everything we know its cause he’s salty about how we mad fun of him..Version: 166.1

Important requestHi, I have non epileptic seizures (seizures that mimic epileptic seizures without sending electrical currents through the brain and instead is caused by something functional in the brain). Triggers for these seizures can include ✨strobe lights✨. Lately I have been coming across more and more videos that include strobe lights without the use of flash warnings and I usually comment to politely ask to add a warning however in some cases comments will be disabled or the creator with refuse to put a warning. I know that this isn’t Instagrams fault but I have some ideas to help reduce the risk of seizures from videos containing strobe. I feel as if Instagram should add a feature to report videos containing flash to hide the video from photosensitive viewers much like the warnings used for graphic material. This can help protect ourselves from future seizures and flair ups. I know that some people think this might be a dumb request “there aren’t warnings in the real world” “toughen up and get over it” but the thing is that this IS the real world, we can’t get over it because that’s just our life. For some people no flash warnings can be a matter between life or death. You’re playing with peoples lives here. People with seizures have gone through so much trauma, experiencing seizures are terrifying no matter how many you may get. Please consider this feature, I’ve had enough of this, and I am so tired. This is so important to us.Version: 241.1

Weird report system, stop trying to be TikTokAs an app it's alright, I use it more than other apps and enjoy its features to an extent. However it's new updates and changes just make the app frustrating to use. For example, my feed is just full of SUGGESTED posts, from accounts I don't even follow, rather than the people I follow and want to see posts from. I'm not fully sure what happened but it just feels like I'm not seeing new posts..when they're posted - instead I'm seeing them way after the fact, after I've scrolled past irrelevant content. If I want to find new accounts that are suggested for me, I would use the explore section. Also the report system seems VERY flawed from my experience. I saw an image posted, of an animal out in a very harmful/stressful situation and reported it - I got a response saying it would not be taken down as it did not appear to break guidelines. However, when I share an innocent meme referencing a tv show to my story, it is taken down in seconds for "showing violence" etc and upon review, had not been put back up. There was nothing wrong with it, the joke was as innocent as you could get. Something is seriously flawed there..Version: 248.1

From a fave to barely useableI’m a long time IG user, and so many new features are so awful. Lots of ads and thousands of suggested posts (annoying that you have to re-snooze them every month or it takes up the vast bulk of your feed). The obsession with pushing reels is irritating. Seriously, if I wanted TikTok, I’d use TikTok. And recently, if your phone is on silent mode, all stories and reels will still play with volume. There are many reasons why people may put their phones on silent and to have an app override this constantly is really frustrating. The algorithm also doesn’t seem too smart, as I frequently miss posts that I would really like to see. And this is just the basic functionality. When there are issues such as spam accounts impersonating others (myself and many friends have had problems with this over the last 6 months) or posts with sexist/racist etc content, reports generally do NOTHING. There often isn’t even the ability to appeal a decision if something is deemed not to violate ‘community standards’. A pretty poor effort from Meta..Version: 251.0

Take your algorithm and...I’ve used this app for years and most developments are improvements but I really want to see posts in my stream in the order they were posted. Also when searching via tags I’m happy to toggle between RECENT and TOP but lately tags at the top of the RECENT list are in no discernible order. Not a game changer for some but it prevents you seeing posts in real time. How about being able to see images with a combination of tags like Flickr does? How about allowing higher res images like Flickr? Yeah it might be evil, they might steal all your content and make money from it but hey, it's a fun app. A great way to learn about so many people and so much that is happening right now. The filters are ok but the tools could be improved by allowing the user more control over how to edit pics. But tbh I don't mind using Snapseed, Square Ready and other apps to perfect my shots to upload after. About that evil intellectual property thing- if you are worried about IG using your stuff (It’ll happen if your shots are good enough) don't upload it and read the disclaimers! Worry more about FB and Google learning about you and your connections. For those who only want to save their pictures, use Dropbox or some other online storage..Version: 117.0

Not as good as used to be, becoming biasI always enjoyed using Instagram, for me it was a good platform to express my creativity until Instagram became bias and stopped giving everyone the same user experience. On my account, both personal and business I’m not able to edit my reels anymore, rearrange clips. I had this option for maybe a month and then it miraculously disappeared. I got excited thinking that’s a new feature I was always missing until I found out that some users / accounts were able to do that all along. It’s not giving every user equal opportunities so to speak. I don’t mind it becoming more of a video platform but the problem is that I can’t even edit my clips. I feel very limited and I think it’s just discrimination. Perhaps based on how many followers you have and etc. Why some users are able to have additional options and others don’t? It’s not a bug, or a phone and etc. I’ve updated my app, installed and uninstalled it, nothing’s changed. It all started with this whole ‘likes’ experiment. Some accounts were able to see likes some not and etc. Now they’re experimenting on people with reels. It’s beyond disappointing. If you want people to keep using it, more engagement then give everyone same tools. Otherwise everyone will move on to different apps and Instagram will be left with a limited amount of users and demographics..Version: 225.0

The new update :/Hello fellow Instagram users and the creators. I am aware that you have decided to make me not know when I’m getting left on seen. I’ve completely lost it. I am part of a group chat and we are so puzzled and aren’t sure what to do as this update has put an affect and impact on our lives. I miss it with all my huge chunky heart and I would love it to be back as it gave me a reason to get mad because someone would leave me on seen. I will then extend my star rating to very high as Instagram is like the daily newspaper on my phone and I get to see what Jo jo Siwa is up to. So this major thing needs to let me seen people otherwise I don’t know who I am. Sincerely lil George.Version: 61.0

Free PalestineInstagram puts restrictions on post regarding the oppression in Palestine. Instagram now is a propaganda tool. #FreePalestine #SaveSheikhJarah.Version: 187.0

Not for photosI don’t know why I even bother writing this review but this app has become incredibly frustrating as a photographer. There’s no other app that can connect me as a photographer to clients such as artists and models in my area better than Instagram and I am therefore forced to use it as my primary social media to upload photos. The issue is that Instagram does not support photos in any way shape or form anymore. Their algorithm has not been supporting photographers for a while and I can get over that but with the most recent update they’re starting to ruin the quality of my photos by overly compressing them. Having my photos be of viewable quality is basically my only concern when posting them and Instagram has robbed me of that entirely with no way to fix it. It’s incredibly disappointing because my following and networking is all built upon my photography account on Instagram and I don’t really have the opportunity to switch at this point. I doubt Instagram is going to care because countless people have been complaining about this but seriously if anyone from Instagram is reading this just let us post photos at a normal quality, I mean for real my photos have started to look horrible recently and I’ve been doing nothing different. I’m not even asking for much because LITERALLY A FEW DAYS AGO I WAS POSTING PHOTOS WITH NO ISSUES JUST GO BACK TO THEN THIS IS RIDICULOUS INSTAGRAM. As a photo app, start caring about photos just slightly more!.Version: 236.0

Fix your support team(Ignore my punctuation mistakes) I recently forgot the password to my phone. I had to restore it, because of that I lost access to my accounts because on my phone I had a two factor authentication app and screenshot of my backup codes. Unfortunately, now I am unable to access both. I tried everything I can to try log in, but I couldn’t. So because of that I had to request support. The first time I did they replied asking me to verify my identity so I did, then they replied saying my two factor authentication should be off. When I tried to log in, it does not work because the two factor authentication is still on! So I had to reply saying that it’s not off, and all that they ended up not replying. I gave it some time then I requested again, the same thing happened they asked me to verify my identity in a different way, and I did they replied saying my two factor authentication should be off, but when I log in it’s NOT off. I requested support again same thing happened they replied saying it’s off, when in fact it’s not and then I requested support using a different contact email & they did not even reply. Ps I know the passwords to my accounts. *So Facebook/Instagram if you are seeing this fix my problem, please.*.Version: 204.0

Attn: Termed META employees do not forget to delete fake 5 star reviews from app store!11,000 termed employees no longer having to keep the evil META user data collection and sales a secret, but really would FB allow these reviews to be updated/deleted? Please delete those fake reviews! Please everyone find another app! Also this app can track your data and control your phone in the background. Using latest updated iOS on a brand new iPhone 13! Even if in your settings cellular data is turned off for instagram AND background app refresh is also turned off!! Instagram will turn on cellular data for other apps in your settings while phone is locked and screen is black, it will use huge amounts of CPU data even when the app is closed and cellular data is turned off...what could it be using 50-60% of your battery for when cellular data is turned off? It is literally adjusting your settings without your knowledge and combing through your personal information. It is also tracking what other apps you are using on your phone. If you want to upload pictures or videos to instagram, then you have to give it access to camera and microphone, which IG uses to listen/watch your voice conversations, text and voice messages, and all camera/photos. No data on your phone is confidential and hidden from instagram while the app is installed. you may not have anything to hide, that seems like a convenient way to just give up and allow them to steal your information..Version: 260.0

The new reshare feature makes the app unusable.Insta has always been about sharing. Sharing your own pictures, and sharing friends or mutual’s work too. The newest update makes the latter impossible and tedious. Instead of being able to simply tap the airplane icon next to a post, and then posting it to your story, you have to back out of it, go to your story, set up a new “create” post, and add a reshare sticker. This makes resharing on the fly incredibly annoying. It slows the spread of posts, and is basically discouraging people from sharing others work in the first place. This is detrimental to communities like activists, artists (who you don’t seem to care much about anyways), content creators, and more. You are effective killing the main source communication and collaboration within your app. Whether you think videos are the hit new thing or not, you ARE NOT TIKTOK. Stay in your lane, or you’ll lose every loyal user. If you’re trying to be something completely new, then make a new app, and leave Insta alone! Nobody comes to Instagram expecting TikTok like content, and that will never change no matter how hard you push that type of content. If you actually care about the stability of your user base, and the Insta community as a whole, please return the old resharing. You can keep your Reels, sure, I don’t care, but removing the biggest part of your app in hopes that it will make everyone want to only look at Reels content is a terrible idea..Version: 196.0

“how to make an update everyone will hate” guide by instagramWhat’s going on????? instagram was perfectly fine until you (i’m guessing Facebook) tried to start making the app more like other apps. why tf would you move the activity page and replace it with a shopping page. it’s so tedious and annoying. to get to, and this is a photo sharing app. no one’s main purpose on instagram is to shop. also, news flash, i haven’t met anyone who loves reels so much that they need there own page. please put it back to the way it was. and while you’re at it, posts in chronological order. instagram was a great app and the one i used the most but with every bad update i’ve been switching more onto other social media sites..Version: 166.1

/Becoming way too controlled. The algorithms have ruined a lot of stuff and mean you miss out on some stuff. Getting rid of seeing what other people like should be an optional setting as that page put you on to some good pages etc. If people have an issue with seeing their partner like other people’s things that is their problem as an individual. Getting rid of certain filters is absolutely ridiculous. Again, it is the responsibility of individuals to altar and control how they do or don’t use certain aspects of social media. For a lot of people the filters were just a bit of fun and harmless. If someone is insecure because of a filter they have massive insecurities and issues and that is for them to monitor their use of a filter instead of ruining it for everyone else. You’re happy to ban a fun filter but don’t ban people with real extreme plastic surgery. Getting rid of seeing how many likes something has, once again is extremely controlling and restricting. This should be a personal preference and a setting that you can either have on or have off. Again, people need to be accountable and responsible for themselves and their own insecurities/issues and should have an optional setting rather than taking it off people who have no problems with it..Version: 118.0

Most recent update???What were you thinking putting the notification & new post bars up the top? And adding a shop button down the bottom??? How does that make any sense, please tell me? A photo sharing app... puts a shopping option in the most CONVENIENT place for users to easily tap on.... and moving the options that app is literally meant to be & most used for in the most annoying and INCONVENIENT place on our screens. Make it make sense Instagram! No doubt most users will agree. Side note: I would’ve rated the app a 1 but Instagram is my most used app & I’ve been using it since it was first introduced. Pity all these unnecessary updates ruin the fun of it. Also, not being able to see likes has done wonders for people’s mental health (as sad and shallow as it is) and I cannot doubt that at all..Version: 166.1

Following activity page needs brought back.Seeing what my friends like is 80% of what I use this for. This has been my main social media, and was my favorite up until this new year. Probably moving to something else. How can people be so out of touch. You’ve slowly destroyed this app over the past few months. I’m not sure if Facebook bought you out but it sure seems like it. This was a place you could really laugh with your friends and meet new people. But why not be snapchat? Why not be Facebook? There popular right? This isn’t just about this recent update, you’ve been deactivating “meme” pages for months and there’s a reason they get so many likes and followers. Because we enjoy them. I don’t plan to be with you much longer. Maybe give us a useful function that’s not something snap already has, or just keep taking key features of your app out that’s a good course of action. Maybe if people want to hide all the “ig models” they like you can add a setting to hide just YOUR stuff from your followers “following activity”. The only logical reasoning is people want to hide what they like, give them the option to do that on there own. This seems to be in favor of the ig models, now all these new people can like because there wives/whoever won’t see. And we all lose a way of seeing things people with similar interests like. Nobody wants to watch explore tiktoks, models, nba videos. I’m interested in more than what you feel like is “trending”.Version: 114.0

Used to be about connecting- now it’s just advertisingI used to love Instagram as a way to keep in touch with my family and friends. Especially during this time of being apart. However, now with the unbelievable amount of ads it is nearly impossible to see what I want to see (my family and friends) and due to the new - “you’re all done” feature I constantly miss posts and here is why: If I open my feed and look at some posts from friends, I can see there are several I haven’t scrolled to look at yet, I then click over to open a message, when I look back at Instagram those posts are gone and I cannot see them again unless I can possibly remember who posted something and to individually look at each of their pages. I HATE that feature that is now in Instagram. To me the benefit of the posts is I can always just scroll down to review them. Now each post is pretty much a story, see it once and it’s gone forever and now I have ENDLESS ads. Once you have viewed your new posts you can’t see them again all you see are ads. Don’t get me wrong, I do like SOME ads, they are personalized and helpful. But I’d rather they show up only in my stories than on my feed. I’m probably going to delete Instagram as soon as I can find a different way to see friends and family’s posts and not miss any because of the inundation of ads that is here. Intagram used to be about connecting, now it is just advertising..Version: 182.0

Instagram App is a joke!I was using the app on my iPhone but some day I got heaps of emails that apparently people were trying to log onto my account (which is all good) however after changing the password of my account my Instagram app would not let me log on! No account would be able to log on. So I tried to reach out to the Instagram support via email however I would get an email back that there is no account under the email that Instagram provided which is why I started googling this issue and apparently tons of people have this issue! No one can log on to their account and they cannot reach Instagram support people which is a joke. Also I also updated my phone to the newest IOS and also deleted and downloaded the Instagram app again but nothing worked..Version: 79.0

AlbumsYou should be able to delete a single photo out of an album of multiple photos, while still keeping the others posted.Version: 72.0

Stories progression brokenI have submitted a support request an monitored the reviews here. It seems some people have the same issue I have, with stories looping indefinitely and showing a full bar at the top instead of giving the loaded timer of auto-playing through a story. I have to tap to progress to next for each individual story, breaking videos into parts and ruining the experience. My partner has the same model phone and his Instagram does not do this. Every time a new update comes out I have hopes this may be fixed, but nothing. All online resources deal with other problems of Instagram and this new iOS update. My problem started just before I upgraded from 14 to new iOS 15. I actually only updated in hopes it would fix the problem. I know it’s not the end of the world having to click through stories but it seems so random and gets really frustrating when there has been no communication or admission of this bug anywhere else than the few user reviews I find on here. Submitting my own to contribute to the flow of fault reports so others may feel heard….Version: 209.1

It’s gone majorly downhillAs someone who suffers with horrible anxiety and severe depression, I cannot abide by an exact rule system in order to get my content seen. I will gladly use all of instagrams tools when I want to and how I want to, but not when I’m already overwhelmed with real life and now Instagram, the place I escaped to, is becoming a chore of which I need to tick boxes in order for my hard work to even be seen. This platform used to be an amazing environment of which I could express myself creatively how I want and when I want. Now? it feels almost like a sick unattainable game, now I need to be uploading a specific amount each day/week despite being totally overwhelmed with how much I need to create or else I’m “punished” as your employees have put it. In this day and age does Instagram really think they are paving the way by totally ignoring the impact Instagram can have on mental health, the depleting followers of your users isn’t inspiring us to follow your rules it’s making us feel horrible, useless, ignored, and insignificant. I feel that if this app continues to dictate what users should upload when and where, that there will be a major PR disaster in terms of ignoring mental health, and everyone will move to eventually an app that can allow creatives to explore their own creativity how and when they want on their own terms..Version: 95.0

New UpdateThe new update is absolutely annoying. I can’t see recent posts without having to click on older posts from people I follow. And if I don’t click on that it just displays ONE new picture from someone I follow. Every time I get on this app all I see is that. Which at this point has gotten on my nerves. Just that one recent picture which is 7 hours old now. Even if I refresh the page I don’t get an update of recent posts with other people I follow. Before the new update it changes constantly and I know some people that I do follow post on a daily basic. Change the format back. I rather scroll on my feed to see post of people I FOLLOW. Not the stupid suggest posts on my feeds. Change it back to how it was. This is incredibly stupid. It’s more stupid having another button to see older posts on my personal page. Stop putting explore page videos/posts of people I do not follow on the personal page. I get on Instagram multiple times a day and I do use the explore page a lot. Keep the personal page separate from the explore page. That is beyond ridiculous. Why are you changing the format? I don’t want to see suggested posts on my personal page. Change it back to where when I scroll on my personal page, it just displays posts from people I follow. Stop including the explore page on the personal page. KEEP THEM SEPARATE. Literally have a personal page button and an explore page button for a reason. Keep it that way..Version: 165.0

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