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Love this app but changes could be usedI love this app so much and it’s really cool to communicate with friends and family around the world. One change could be when u choose multiple photos you like and post them and one of the photos you find you don’t really like. A new future update for Instagram could be that you could edit the post and delete that one photo you don’t like rather than having to delete the whole post and then trying to find the pictures again which takes up a lot of time. This idea for the near future update of Instagram would be way better because your wouldn’t have to delete the whole post you would just have to delete the photo you didn’t like. Please consider this idea Instagram for the next update 😊 Thanks Dani.Version: 109.0

Stay in your lane pls insta.I’ve been on instagram since it’s creation and this update is the worst we’ve ever seen. as a content creator i’m so upset and disappointed with instagram’s new algorithm. the insertion of sponsored posts between every other photo in the feed is horrible and makes the experience feel so intrusive and impersonal. as a friend and relative to many who i’ve decided to stay connected with via instagram, i hate that i can’t see their posts because my feed isn’t chronological but based off of what instagram thinks i want to see. then instagram will have the audacity to show me “my least interacted with” accounts but i never see their posts on my feed? 🙃 moving the new post button to a corner so that reels can take centre stage is also stupid. we don’t need tik tok in ig. focus on being and doing what we all initially signed up for - SHARING PHOTOS WITH THE PEOPLE WE CHOSE TO. not shoving influencers and small businesses down our throat. honestly if this doesn’t change, as soon as i find an alternative i’m out..Version: 166.1

My Instagram AcctI very much appreciate & Love my IG Account. I have given a 4 Star, rather then a 5. Due to the unforeseen hassles, I experienced as a newbie. Strangers harrassing me for money. And, stalkers looking through my page, to take advantage of me. This is not acceptable. By the same token, I understand IG does respect it’s users. And, does all they can to rectify any grievances. If other IG users, would respect what others have written on there profile. Then maybe there wouldn’t be so much mistrust in the IG community. It is sad for me too have to keep my page private. Because, of all these other nuisances & issues. And, the world in which we live leaves you unprotected if you are not aware of the unsafe predators who are out for self gain. Neither the less, I am very grateful for my IG Page. Cause, basically it is my only safe social media space. Facebook does not have the privacy options available as IG has. I do not use Twitter. Thank-You,Instagram I Lové 😍You...🇦🇺🇺🇸😘.Version: 125.0

Viewing my storyI want to see who has viewed by story beyond 24 hours Please change back!!.Version: 79.0

I can’t seem to get onto my Instagram pageIt seems that I can not get onto my Instagram page unfortunately since this afternoon when I posted about the really bad weather here in England uk and the high winds and everything going on and then for some reason sometime later in the afternoon about 3:30 pm I think it was it just wasn’t letting me back on and still isn’t even tried turning my device on and off but it’s still not going through for some reason keeps going through to my page for two seconds and then flicking me off again which is really strange indeed had this problem before but it’s always fixed itself a few hours later unfortunately that’s not the case this time round but don’t know why it’s a shame as I really very much enjoy being on Instagram but cannot seem to access it since later on this afternoon Sunday the 20th of February 2022 shame really but I’ve than that I very much enjoy Instagram a whole lot my favourite feature on Instagram is creating pictures for my page very cool indeed 👍🏻💯💗💕😁☺️💯♥️♥️👍🏻🥰.Version: 248.1

EasyVery easy for a newbie to learn and use.Version: 14.0

MehThe lasted update in my opinion was pretty thoughtful with only the owner of the account being Able to see the number of likes on their posts and no one else, but I’ve had seen and heard so many people complain about it, maybe if there was an option for you in settings that you could change whether people can see your likes or whether you don’t want them too because then everyone stops complaining about it and they have the option to whether they want show people or not, because it’s been updated for what 4 days now and the amount of complaints I’ve seen and heard on insta is a nightmare 😩 so could that be considered please. Also could there be a setting brought out so you can Change your story colour outline and your insta page colour so it’s not plain old white maybe, because I think that’d be pretty cool imo 🤷🏻‍♀️🙃.Version: 102.0

NotificationsI still don’t get notifications after it was down for those few hours in February & considering it’s a well known social app it’s hard to keep up with friends or messages or recent posts that I favour from groups/friends. I’ve tried deleting the app to then reinstall it but it still continues to do the same thing. Ive reached out to my service provider to see if it’s my phone but considering I get notifs from every other social media app I have it had to be something to do with yours. Please fix it! I’m starting to enjoy Instagram & don’t wanna deactivate just because of this one issue..Version: 91.0

Ruined a great thingThe new layout makes it obvious that the company only cares about making money and not the creators or consumers who liked Instagram for what it uniquely was. This new update takes away what was special about Instagram and replaced it with an embarrassing, desperate attempt to compete with e-commerce stores and other apps. You don’t need to have what everyone else has when you are in your own lane. It’s also very clear that you know people will click the shop button from muscle memory. Really huge slap in the face for all IG users. This is my main app and now I’m working on figuring out what other avenues I can use instead. Really, really disappointed..Version: 167.0

:((( get it together pls||| Solve this problem for me and others plsInstagram is my most favourite social media platform ever! My most used app on my phone until 3 months ago I couldn’t use it anymore. It would make me keep re-trying. But never let me log in. I can log in perfectly on other devices but my phone. It’s very difficult for me to bring two devices around just to use Instagram. But also my other device is too big to be able to carry around everywhere and also that device is broken a little. So it’s very difficult to use it. I think this is happening to me because I broke some rules. I really didn’t. It’s says I was “violating” something. Even though I never did. But, I really just want to get back to using Instagram on my phone. It would make life so much easier. I honestly love Instagram so much! I can’t live without it! I go on it like 24/7 but not as much since i can’t use it properly! I hope you can fix this..Version: 89.0

Faulty AppMy IG has worked fine and I’ve never had any issues with it until I bought the iPhone 11 and now the app seems to have issues. My notifications don’t work and every time I try upload a story it always says it was unable to upload. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, checked all my notification settings on the phone and in the app. I even tried restarting my whole phone and still nothing. After that I thought it was something to do with my account but then I logged onto my account on another phone and everything worked fine. I called Apple and tried to fix the problem but then they tried everything and it still never worked, apple said that it was something to do with the app and that I have to contact Instagram itself. Done that 3 times and still haven’t received anything. Anyone else had issues like this before?.Version: 140.0

“There was an error with your request”About a year ago I was logged out of one of my accounts on Instagram and every time I tried to log back in, I was confronted by the message, “There was an error with your request”. I tried everything, including looking this message up online, but no one on any forums had had any similar issues. Thankfully, I had just changed phones and SIM cards so I was able to use the old phone, that didn’t have a SIM card, and log onto my second account on that device, whilst still using this phone for my main account. However, about 6 months ago, the same thing happened with my main account. I tried everything. I deleted and reinstalled the app, I reset my phone, I went to Optus and got my SIM card changed, nothing worked. So here I am, a year (in total) later, and Instagram STILL doesn’t work on this phone, for no apparent reason. I am desperate. Somebody PLEASE help!.Version: 94.0

Hi everyone someoneSomeone scammed me over Instagram turned out to be someone who is fake and who was attention seeking can I let everyone know this person has been reported to the FBI here in the U S as I’m outta the country this was a romance scam too I think there is a lot of people that are pretending to pose as women online and they are trying to basically ruin lives and it is not fair on people that are trying to make friends online to talk to someone and then turn out to be fake and they lose out on someone that they thought was a best friend in which they thought that they was actually listening to them but they wasn’t they was just literally messing around with their head this is exactly what has happened to me and it is not the first time but I am cracking down now and reporting things so this happened on Instagram but this person was from the IMVU application and they were posting photos of someone that makes you think that it is the same person but in which it is not I would like Instagram and also the IMVU app to do a big check on accounts if I think I know that an account is fake it is but the thing is Instagram and Facebook you guys don’t even know at all I think a lot of work has to be done and sorted out to be honest !!!!!!.Version: 250.0

InstagramI personally think that instagram is really good and inspirational because they sometimes but mostly all the time have inspiring posts and quotes to help us through our day and make sure that we are happy. Another reason why I think that Instagram is really good is because when your bored or have nothing to do and just sat around you can look about what your friends have been posting and seeing what they have been up to that week if you don’t see them allot and you can also get in touch with your friends or family or even anybody that you know when you have Instagram you can also go on the search page which shows you people doing make up or anything like that but if you are a lad and you don’t like to watch makeup tutorials they are loads of different things which you will know what they are by the subtitles they are described with. This is one of my favourite apps to spend some of my day on it relaxes me and nourishes me I think this should have always got positive reviews on because there is nothing bad to say about it. X Amazing nothing bad to say ! Lucie xoxo.Version: 54.0

Massive bug on new updateI recently updated my Instagram, as soon as I did. Something happened to my account/followers. I gained a follower and instead of it going up one it stayed the same. Then when I reported this glitch, I went from 125 followers to 28 in seconds. I had to have a look and count my followers and it’s the same number. 125! But when I refreshed it went down again! I have the same number of followers as I have counted to make sure I’m not going to complain if I’m wrong. Unfortunately its instagrams fault. I’ve reported it multiple times and it’s still not been fixed. I don’t want it to keep going down and stay at the wrong number. But I also want it to up or down if I’m gaining a follower or losing one. Not show the number that isn’t even right! No one is fixing it! I’ve reported it and I’m being ignored. If this is a bug please fix this. Please put the right number of followers on instead of decreasing them! I’ll put a better review once this situation as been sorted!.Version: 255.1

Errors since updateSince this app updated, it keeps saying no Internet connection please try again later. I’ve turned off my phone to re boot my phone to see if that was the issue, but I still had the issue. I then I logged out now I can’t log back in keeps saying error can not log in at this time please try again later, then I removed the app and re-Installed the app with still the same issue. Not sure if anyone else is have the same issue? But this really needs to be fixed ASAP.Version: 203.0

AN IDEA FOR IMPROVEMENTIt’s the most addictive app. There are billions of people on this app everyday. And when the network is flooded with that type of population, it becomes a demand from people to find excuses. “Gramers” will become inpatient and “Instagramers” have already made their life based around a ‘Public Figure’ status. For the “Gramers” it’s little things that you find inpatient. However, you must see this from a gramers perspective. You are constantly scrolling through photos and videos. Your job is to find all the possible ways of making it easier for us users. An idea should be clicking on a photo and as the user scrolls down, you are able to continue from that photo and view the next. For “Instagramers“, design a system for acquiring an advantage of having benefits within reaching a ‘Public Figure’ status. This will have an effect of positive recognition to the people who have successfully reached their intended goal..Version: 91.0

Missing “chat search” and “past liked posts”.Recently the chat search has gone missing, I really liked it and would really like to see it come back. If I scrolled up, it would take a long time to find the messages and eventually would glitch out after scrolling for too long, sending me back at the start. It saved me a lot of time from looking for specific messages. Also the past liked posts are gone from the settings. I know I can save posts but I really liked being able to causally post and look back on them and save posts I found useful. I hope these things can come back soon..Version: 222.0

Wrong use of instagramI continue to be harassed by ONLYFANS offers. One in particular who sends pictures of his penis to me. He has admitted that Instagram is his way to make money. I have tried to report but have never been the opportunity to write a review like this. One of the people is a serial offender and you have deleted his account a number of times. I find this to be very very concerning for young children and underage kids of today’s society. The photos I report are taken down on 50% of the time and the other 50% they are within your community guidelines. These people are using google multiple accounts to insure they make there money and can ask for bank card details or sums of money. This is also a concern for People with one abilities that don’t always have to be underage. I take this opportunity to thank you for reading this if you even do if not I save almost everything to report to TV organisations. save it.Version: 75.0

Seeing likes 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞Noooooo why did you remove the number of likes on other people’s posts??? What if people want to know how many likes someone has???? Ik it’s because we shouldn’t focus on the likes, but come on, what if others want to see if your recent picture got more likes than another one because you said ‘I feel like I did better on this post” or “this is my best post yet!” Likeee... other people want to see how many likes people have, because they support one another, and for that to be taken away.... isn’t that the whole point of Instagram?? To post and see how many people engage with your posts???? And Ik it’s not about all of the likes, but it’s fun to see if other people’s posts did better than they’re last because they might’ve idk they improved on something and it’s just engaging, I used to click on the likes and follow those people who liked on that persons post, to see who they are, what they do.. its just a bit sad now 😞 I love Instagram, but please, I don’t want this feature.Version: 102.0

Can’t use ReelsI love instagram! It’s a great way to connect and leave a digital journal of yourself. Since two days ago I haven’t been able to use reels though, I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it etc. it will allow me to add a video and audio but then I’m unable to edit, I can go to add the description but then can’t choose a cover photo from the video (if I click on the video portion that is Grey I get kicked out of ig all together) but can add a pic from camera roll. When I go to share it, it will just hang at the top of my feed as an error and will not load. I have a work and personal phone and it is affecting both and across all the accounts I work on. I don’t know how to get help on this either so could only leave this review and hope somebody fixes this soon!.Version: 212.1

MusicPlease make music available in a way that we can credit artists OR pay a very small fee to use it. There’s no money being made out of having music in the background of someone dancing. In fact, it gives them more exposure, especially if we have already paid for it. It doesn’t seem fair. But I would gladly pay a fee that went straight to the musician if I could use music in the background. Blocking a video of someone dancing only makes us resent using the app when it can be potentially a great way to connect wth other dancers. But music is what we dance to. Please consider this..Version: 71.0

Really poor appInstagram used to be a great platform to widen your friends across the world and enjoy a great range of pictures of all genres. In the past 2 to 3 years it’s become just the worst app I’ve ever used in relation to trying to grow friends. As soon as you get a certain amount it then tends to reduce it by a large chunk and I’ve seen this happen to countless other profiles. It can’t be a coincidence that Instagram reduces the numbers. It also slaps restrictions for the most ridiculous things such as “ going to fast” to “ unfriending or adding” to many friends in a short space of time. You should be able to use your profile how ever you see fit. It’s become to controlling and to quick to ban or restrict people for the stupidest issues. I know of another better and less strict platform came out, millions would ditch Instagram due to this as it has lost its appeal of a easy to use and fun platform..Version: 150.0

RepostingIt has come to my attention that when someone posts something, they can be 'reposted'. This has unfortunately led to anonymous users reposting other people's work and claiming it as their own (the most common of these being art thieves). These users put work and effort into their whatever-it-was and having someone claim it as their own without the work can sting. Most people (often fans of the artist) will repost with credit to the creator, but there are those who don't. Maybe if Instagram sent a notification every time one of your posts were reposted; art thieves wouldn't be much of a problem as the creator can check if they were credited and if they weren't, they can simply report the 'thief' for plagiarism. It might be useful. Oh and yes, I am aware to all those reading this that the Instagram creators probably don't read or take into consideration the reviews of their app. If so, then may this be a helpful warning to whoever is reading it about thieves..Version: 18.0

Death of Organic followers was the Death of Instagram.Title says it all. Not everyone wants to be a business and pay for followers and promotions. IG was already making enough with ad revenue. But killing the organic feed was about the most blatant sign of greed i’ve seen from a social media platform. We expected it from Facebook, and naturally everyone saw it coming with the merger. Its absurd to think that because you dont pay per post, even with a good follower to post activity ratio, your posts dont take priority among your own followers or area. Instagram took the fun out of discovering people and forces those who pay to play down your throats. The bigger accounts just saturate the market and everyone else gets forgotten. Personal pages should NOT be penalized for not paying to promote posts where as business profiles should. IG, like every Google product, is self imploding and destroying itself by its obsession with catering to ads. Not the creatives who even bring traffic to IG in the first place. Remember what happened to Tumblr? The first IG? Yea its going in that direction. The censorship and bias towards trending profiles alone is going to kill this platform just like Facebook is suffering from. And dont get me started on the spam and scam messages/ comments that plague this app..Version: 95.0

Help fast!Instagram is my favourite social media app and I gain lots of happiness by sharing pictures with music on my story and many of my followers love this too about my account. Lately I will search a song and only the main songs that are displayed before searching anything are shown instead of the music I searched for. This may be a bad explanation and you may not understand but I rely on Instagram music to express my feelings in songs and people recognise that. But because of this issue I’m unable to express and feel ok for some reason. I’m aware this is a problem because on my other account known for something els I can search the song I want and it will show up instantly. iv tried sending the song to my other account but it doesn’t let me use it. Again the issue is when I search for the song I know Instagram has only the ‘default’ or most popular songs that are at the search page come up. I really need this fixed so fast as it makes me sad and I’m loosing interest. It’s such a random bug but a huge one for me and Iv tired logging in and out and deleting Instagram. I’m lost..Version: 107.0

“Share” functionI think this feature shouldn’t change. - A lot of small businesses/creators rely on this feature so that their posts are being shared there businesses r exposed to others. - The new way of saving posts is so much longer and harder, it’s unnecessary to have so many steps that one button can already do. - Making things longer and adding step by step makes people want to use the function less. - The “share” button is the most effective way to share content with your friends and people. - Listen to the creators on Instagram because the creators are what make Instagram what it is🤷🏽‍♀️ - It’s unfair for the creators out there with little or no money to spare for an advertising budget. - It’s harder for us as it is with the challenges that creators face. - People engage with the app/creators pages more when they’re able to share things (in a simple way) with friends/followers. This is the most I’ve ever done writing a review lol.Version: 202.0

New DesignThe new design is very silly. Replacing the notifications button is forcing me to prioritise shopping over my actual interactions with others. Besides that, I never use the shopping option, therefore the large button is practically useless. Also... why is the post button hidden away as well?? Instagram is MADE for sharing posts, yet now the button has been minimised?? I understand if others prefer this layout, but everyone I know has complained about it. It’d be great if there was an option to choose how you would like your app layout, allowing users to customise the app according to their preferences and things they will actually use. This update was a huge letdown- it really showed that Instagram prioritises materialism and advertising over actually interacting with others (what the app was made for).Version: 166.1

Story filtersI love the story filters and the many options to choose from. However, some filters do not look as what they appear in the preview after being posted. An example would be the Vin🤍blur. When you apply the filter to a picture or video, the heart looks normal with its shape, but after posting it on a story, the heart appears to have decompressed or stretched. This is a very nice filter and I would use it all the time, but that’s the only down side to it. Please fix this🙏🙏🙏🙏.Version: 262.0

Some things need to be fixed.....First of I don’t like how if you have a really good quality picture instagram ruins the quality! THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED RIGHT AWAY! US POSTING A PICTURE SHOULDN'T RUIN THE QUALITY OF THE POST! Second I don’t like how some people’s instagrams have different stuff than others. Like how for some people their can choose to color their messages and some can’t. It’s really unfair to others that don’t even have the option. The same thing goes with the bouncing text letter thing. Some people are able to move the text and it like wiggles and stiff while others do not have that option. Also it took so long for everyone to get the option to be able to share a post to your story. I remember i went years without having the option to share posts to your story, even after i sent many reports to instagram about this. So of course I was super happy when I FINALLY had the option. I have no clue why it took them sooo long to fix that when so many people were reporting that. Anyway I hope this helps and I hope instagram gets faster at fixing their bugs and make sure everyone’s instagrams are fair. Like have the same options and stuff. That’s it for now! 0w0.Version: 156.0

Instagram: a priority of money over purposeInstagram is rabidly declining and a majority of users agree, with influencers through to casual users ALL being unhappy with the algorithm, the new shopping tab, and unholy amounts of advertising. Instagram was designed as a photo sharing, creative space and platform, no? Where’s the creativity? Where’s the ability to post whenever or whatever you want without being suppressed by the algorithm, or having posts removed because it violence “community guidelines” which are not representative of the users of its platform. The new shopping update clearly shows Instagrams focus of money, but as someone who works with vulnerable people, I think the consideration of the fact pushing easy shopping into people’s face is can not only be financially detrimental to some, but also detrimental to those who are already feeling the pressures of society and social media, needing to buy things to keep up with latest trends etc, and of all time during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC where people are losing their jobs and livelihoods left right and centre...read the room Instagram..Version: 166.1

Can’t log in. I know my username and password. Still can’tLove the app, but I can’t log in on the app. I know my username and password. I can log in on my computer, safari and everywhere else except this app. I don’t know why. PLEASE FIX THIS.Version: 87.0

Rules are ridiculousSo I’ve had this app since before it became extremely popular. I’ve always loved this app so much but lately the rules have been so ridiculous! I can hardly comment on people’s posts now without being blocked. It’s been happening pretty much every day. I’m constantly having to write to instagram letting them know that I’m blocked and to please unblock me. I feel like this is a social media app but we’re getting punished for being “too social”. It really takes away the fun of using it when I’m constantly being blocked. I get that there are spam accounts but there are a ton of people getting blocked that aren’t spam accounts. It’s getting a little bit ridiculous lately. A lot of us like to enter giveaways and comment on each other’s posts and we’re getting punished for using the app. I really hope something can change and this can get fixed because it’s really taking away the fun of using the app. I really truly love this app so much but all these rules and getting banned constantly is just so frustrating and really ruining my experience using this app. So please, please, please fix this so we can stop getting blocked constantly. I know a LOT of people would really, really appreciate it. Thank you! ☺️.Version: 123.0

ProblemsI really like this app. I’m a current user but it doesn’t work properly the most of the time and that’s really annoying and sometimes just doesn’t really give you me motivation to work on it. When I need to do double intro and leave a blank space it doesn’t work so I have to put a dot in that blank space but it doesn’t always works. It’s quite random in that aspect. I can’t see the notification until I leave the app. I have to close it to actually know what’s going on. When I’m posting a video I can’t see the likes, just the views and that’s not the same. Sometimes the post doesn’t work properly and it post a white picture, I can’t change it, I have to delete and publish again. When I do a draft of something that I’ll post later I loose the edit that I did over the images. If my post have an error I can’t see why is that for and I can’t copy the text so I can use it again and edit again the images. I have to do it all again. Guys this app is a great idea and it’s one of the most popular ones. Please, this are beginner mistakes. Your app is fantastic and I hope that this just help to make it user experience even better..Version: 167.0

Good but updates don’t fully work!Been a fan of Instagram since it first came out! It’s become the main source of social media I use and will constantly check. Since the bigger updates like boomerang become a thing and live videos Instagram lets you do everything was sweet as. BUT since the music thing Instagram now lets you do I have still NOT received this iv constantly updated it and still nothing my second Instagram has it but it’s my main Instagram that I need and would use it on I’m a BIG music lover and still not having this workable for me is getting fustraiting all my flowings have it and i would use this feature so much if it would be on my Instagram ! Please can this be fixed some how !! Been with y’all since the very start and I love instagram!!.Version: 75.0

Fix this stupid bug right nowI went to create a second account with my second email that I knew the password to, and I got as far as putting my name and password in, and it just freezes for like 10 minutes before telling me “We’re sorry. Please confirm you have an internet connection and try again” and everytime I do that the same thing happens. So I try with my phone number instead and it freezes for like 10 minutes before telling me “We’re sorry. Please try again when you are connected to the internet” but I AM connected to wifi! And it’s not like i have the limit of accounts or anything I only had 4 so I had room to fit in another one. Fix this now or I’m deleting this useless app..Version: 22.0

Love Insta!! Just one warning to usersI’ve had Instagram for a few months and I love it! You can post whatever you want add anything to your story and add filters, stickers and gifs to your photos and you can explore different accounts and bookmark, like and comment on everything you find and I also like the fact u can use cute filters as well the only thing I would say is if you’re under thirteen don’t enter your real birthday or year of birth if it ever asks you to because if you’re under thirteen it will lock you out of your account and you will pretty much lose EVERYTHING! This happened to me before I turned thirteen and even when it had been my birthday I couldn’t go back on so I had to create a new account and start again but I’m ok because I got 50 followers in about a week which is way better than my old account but it’s REALLY frustrating when you lose your account. I think whatever date you’ve put your birthday at, when you go past that date it should let you go back into your account seeing as you’ve turned thirteen but apart from that I LOVE Instagram!!❤️.Version: 43.0

Random update thoughtsI was wondering, if you could add a option to organise messages a similar way to how it is on the creator / business accounts, but instead for private accounts, because I have ocd and it really annoys me that I don’t have a sorting system for like my favourite/important chats, and they’re all just clumped together, also could you add a option to who sees your activity status, say there’s a certain person you don’t want to see it for certain reasons, you could add a sort of “block list” or add it onto the restrictions settings, where they cannot see if you’re active, but everyone else who isn’t selected can see your activity status, also maybe custome themes? Like 3D, or from our camera roll? These are just some random and cool ideas, if you read this then thank you very much, and I hope you have a pleasant day! Keep up the great work on making Instagram amazing and safe :) - sincerely Minx/Faye (they/them).Version: 190.0

It’s good but there’s a problem....I love it soo much, it’s a great way to share your posts and to chat with your friends! It’s also a great way to see what other people in the world are posting and you can do live’s and make cool Instagram stories! But the 1 downer for me is that I don’t have the emoji slider and it’s been almost 6-7 or even 8 months since it came out! I’ve tried everything...absolutely everything! Deleting Instagram then re-downloading it, which by the way is very scary! I’ve tried re boosting the phone even restarting it, like completely! I’ve even downloaded it on like 6 other phones and they all don’t have the emoji slider on it! It’s on my second acc but not my main which is the one I mostly use! It’s getting annoying cause I want to do some cool things with it but I can’t...since I don’t have it! Please help me fix this problem so I don’t have to worry about it anymore! Thank you! Overall amazing app and highly recommend it to everyone❤️.Version: 64.0

Photo qualities and too many adds pop upsI’ve never had a problem with instagram, personally it’s my favourite social media app as I can set out my feed the way I would like it to be presented. However I’ve noticed after a week when I post a full body picture the quality is amazing at first but a week later it goes blurry and the quality changes. This frustrates me as it’s been happening since last year around November/December and I’ve re uploaded images multiple times and have the same problem. I don’t understand why the app does it but there would be no point in posting an image if it turns out blurry a week later. Also the same with Instagram stories 75% of the time they come out blurry when using other techniques to the image. Another issue that’s very bothering is having multiple adds pop up a day. The adds have became annoying and usually when I’ve wanted to find other pages I would go in the search bar area. When you follow so many pages or less, seeing multiple adds come up Especially after a busy day are becoming annoying when search down your feed. If the first issue could be attended to and fixed it would be amazing and helpful to all users who have the same problem and if the adds could be less or just something changed that would be also be helpful..Version: 86.0

Want likesLiterally give the likes back no one at all like this.Version: 92.0

LOVEEI love this app!! I'm going to start off with the adds. I love how there aren't a crazy amount of adds on here. And even when I get inappropriate ones, i report it, gets viewed, and quickly gets taken down and even tells me the status of the report and I appreciate this and love it so much. I love how it's not like tiktok that lets inappropriate stuff slide on their platform, instagram is quick with it and knows what is wrong and right to keep up. Love it! Next thing is it is soo easy to get around on here and use😍! Here are some recommendations: Allow us to see our profile picture in full view because sometimes we end up deleting the original photo but want to get it back, so if we have the ability to do that we can just screenshot it from tapping on our profile picture to make it a bigger screen for us to screenshot OR add a 30 day limit to where stuff we don't post or when we take pictures and discard them, they are still held somewhere if that makes sense. And the ability to where we can edit our story highlights just like we are able to in our post but with the ability to change or add music to a post or story/highlight that has already been posted! I think these would be AMAZING additions!!.Version: 254.0

How Insta changed my life and taught me that to ‘love’ or to ‘hate’ is in my own hands.The ability to connect, to inspire and get inspired, to compete, to push my self, to excel, to get to know my fears, my insecurities but also my strengths, to learn and accept I’m no better or worse, to improve, to innovate, to fascinate, to observe, to distinguish ‘fake’ from ‘real’, to lose a little control, a little too much time spent... to then realise I’m in control. I can ‘hate’ and complain or I can ‘love’ and learn and take advantage of it all the way it works for me. I can select (it’s hard at a times!). It’s possible. You can use it for good. You can use it to get distracted. You can be misled if you’re not careful... but you can get your control back. You can make it work. You can use it as a challenge... or not. I’m still learning. Still making my mind up. It’s really a choice and I like choices..Version: 187.0

ReviewI just post photos of nature of my state. We are in lockdown now so I “ liked” more photos of similar posts (about nature) than limits which I did not know about. Instagram restricted my comments to my own posts of nature and I can not write even the name of a plant; I can not write the name of my place on the top, I can not write even 1 word under my follower’s post. The number of my followers (I did not have too many of them, I do not sell anything, I do not have ads or anything else) started to go down. Users of Instagram should have info what are limits per 1 day, I could not find them, I had to google them. Also these restrictions just slowly kill my account. I asked for review, not too much changed. What if I will have my business in Instagram? What would happen to my customers, money, my obligation in such situation? I could not locate any info in settings or anywhere how to end instagram’s restrictions I am one of little internet ants who create billions for the biggest corporations. People like me, who are creators of your wealth and who create your jobs, should not be punished for such little imaginary “ crimes”.Version: 199.0

Great but one major problemI think Instagram is a brilliant app; my favourite social media, but there’s a major problem with group chats. If someone isn’t active in a group chat, they should be able to be kicked from the chat, bc otherwise people can’t add new people to the chat. Bc in some of the group chats I’m in, we want to add more people but we can’t because there are celebrity accounts in there who never see the chat so they’re never going to leave. But the biggest issue here is that when an account gets deleted, it stays in all group chats, even though no one manages the account anymore. If you see this, please consider changing something here, it’s a serious downside in a great online platform..Version: 52.0

Movement of the Likes tab replaced with the new ‘Shop’ tabI really, extremely, dislike this new update.. v150.0 is the update that it happened for me. The movement of the likes tab is unbearably tedious and annoying the access. I do not think it’s necessary to have to click your profile at the bottom right corner and then the top right corner JUST to access your likes tab. The Shop tab is useful, but in the worst spot possible on the app. I would legitimately have absolutely no problem with this layout change if the like button hadn’t been moved from its original place, and if the Shop tab was where the updated likes button is now, or better yet, located at the top left corner when you click on your profile. I literally want to downgrade to an older version to get rid of this layout that I really dislike, but it requires a lot of other effort. So... please consider changing it back, please..Version: 150.0

Way too many adds please give it a rest!I used to love checking Instagram out and posting my own things. However, Instagram seems to think that it’s ok to infest it with adds! It has been way too much recently, 1 to 1, 1 post, 1 add!!! Seriously?! Please give it a rest! This poor people/companies paying for that and no one actually stop to seem it properly! And what about that algorithm conversation? Why am I seeing adds with cats, kids, bingo, dog food, fake nails, adult diaper and so on?????? When have I ever followed, commented or searched about that before so Instagram algorithm add would think that was ok to select this kind of random stuff and ruin Instagram experience for me! And for a lot of people I know too. I have been asking around and a lot of friends can’t be bothered checking Instagram that often anymore... I wish you guys would have an add free option, if rather get a paid version than this nightmare. I just don’t like checking Instagram out anymore, which is a pity as I do like the people/companies/bloggers I follow. I’d appreciate it a lot if Instagram could give it a pause on the volume of adds on my Instagram please. Thanks.Version: 122.1

Love IG but a few bugsTo start off, I love IG and use it daily! I have 2 accounts but have a couple issues with my main account: when you rolled out the new features of Insta stories, I had all the features (e.g. post pics older than 24 hours, pinch to adjust pic etc) but suddenly on my most used account they’re just gone and I no longer get those luxuries (but have more updated ones still like questions) - yet my other less used account has all these features including IG tv and latest update such as new icon for new msg which my older acc does not - I know it’s not the end of the world but would love this bug fixed! I’ve tried logging and reinstalling but no good. Thank you :-).Version: 58.0

Photo qualitys for many apps pop upsI’m glad to use it. I've never had a problem with instagram personally it's my favourite social media app as I can set out my feed the way I would like it to be presented. However I've noticed after a week when I post a full body picture the quality is amazing at first but a week later it goes blurry and the quality changes. This frustrates me as it's been happening since last year around November/December and I've re uploaded images multiple times and have the same problem. I don't understand why the app does it but there would be no point in posting an image if it turns out blurry a week later. Also the same with Instagram stories 75% of the time they come out blurry when using other techniques to the image. Another issue that's very bothering is having multiple adds pop up a day. The adds have became annoying and usually when I've wanted to find other pages I would go in the search bar area. When you follow so many pages or less, seeing multiple adds come up Especially after a busy day are becoming annoying when search down your feed. If the first issue could be attended to and fixed it would be amazing and helpful to all users who have the same problem and if the adds could be less or just something changed that would be also be helpful..Version: 245.0

Profile edit issueHi IG. It’s a great app to stay connected with friends and family around the world. I have loved it since I started five years ago. I am just having a problem I hope you can help me with. For weeks now, every time I try to edit my profile it will tell me sorry, something went wrong and not allow me to do it, I have tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling, deactivating, logging in from the computer, contacting IG via the reports but haven’t heard anything back yet. If someone has a solution would be great to know..Version: 160.1

Unfair treatment, poor response and follow upMy account was disabled for someone falsely reporting that I was pretending to be someone else. Instagram made no attempt to request anything of me to prove otherwise before disabling my account where I had 22K followers. For approximately a month now I have submitted everyday a web base form with a copy of my state issued ID to dispute it and no one has contacted me. I created another account so that I can fulfill my obligations as a sponsored athlete and even with my new account I have been limited to how many likes I can do, commenting on other’s post and even adding captions to my own post. It feels personal and I don’t understand why this has happened. I believe the way disabling my account was handled was unfair considering my content never ever violated any of IGs policies. I still do not violate any but yet my activity is limited which does not help me as an athlete. I’m thankful my reputation and character preceded me in that my sponsors are still working with me but I did almost lose one but thank God for good associates. Instagram before you disable anyone’s account please do your due diligence and at least provide the accuse an opportunity to present facts that may state otherwise. It’s the concept of “innocent until proven guilty!”.Version: 164.0

Great for photo sharingI love Instagram for photo sharing with friends both close and far away! I enjoy photographing the beauty of nature and my pets! Music is another love and I post reels with music from the available song list provided by Instagram! I only have one complaint and that is when my video or photo is removed because it states I’ve used content that may have contravened copyright! Usually after I appeal it is restored but I’m still getting notices from way back! Why? The music I use is from the list provided by Instagram! I’m sure some repeatedly come up after I have appealed and the video is restored! Thank you though for a great platform where like minded people get pleasure from music and visuals of our beautiful world! Friendships are formed from around the globe and in this troubled world that’s a wonderful thing!.Version: 267.0

Ability to delete a single picture for multi uploadI have been using Instagram for years now and it has been great. However I have one main concern. It’s unfair that we are not able to delete a single picture from a carousel upload but will have to delete the entire post containing all the pictures. Instagram should consider giving its audience the ability to delete a single picture from multi pictures we upload in one post. Sometimes we can have a change of mind about a particular picture or just a mere mistake, but the fact that we can’t take that particular picture down but the entire post is extremely appalling considering how big Instagram is. You have us the option to upload more than one picture, therefore we should be given the option to delete a picture we don’t want to show on profile anymore without having to take down the entire post. Instagram should do better! I look forward you this feature Or at least if we can’t delete, give us the option to archive that particular picture from the carousel of pictures we don’t want to show on profile rather than archiving the entire post as well 😏😏😏.Version: 123.0

ReviewIt is such a high reccomended app so many people use it. It is a way to communicate to people over the world and share what you are doing. My friends that live in a different country I can see what they are doing. My friend got a new puppy it is black and white so adorable. If it wasn’t for instagram I wouldn’t of known she had one only if she rang me. But I have one small problem I have so many different accounts and I want to delete some but the thing is it is so hard to do this you have to search it up on google. But overall it is a really good app. Thank you so much and go get the app. Happy exploring 👍😃.Version: 74.0

ChangesInstagram is a great way for me to contact my friends there’s just a few problems. When I want join a call it will say in the chat “Tap to join call” before the call even will come up on my phone to answer or decline which I think is absolutely ridiculous. Also even when I click “Tap to go call” it will take me to the home page and ask me once again weather I want to join the call. Also when the updates come it never came for me, I’ve checked every way possible and have clicked on “automatic update” I even have tried to search the app so I can do it myself but it doesn’t even come up. Over all that’s all, otherwise it all good😁.Version: 163.0

The likesIt’s a great app and used to have likes show up. But what is the point of having a likes button if nobody can see how many like you have. My friends and I used to have the funniest competitions on who could get the most likes and followers in a certain amount of time, but it’s not as fun if nobody can see how many likes you have. Just saying, I think it should be an option if someone can see your likes or not. Like something that you can switch on and off in settings or something like that..Version: 103.0

There’s some things that NEED to changeI don’t understand why there’s like no privacy on instagram like everyone knows what ur doing what you’ve viewed what you’ve liked etc and my only other issue is when I report an account becaus it’s using MY PICTURES AND CLAIMING to be ME and I’ve shown proof that they are impersonating me BAN THEM don’t just leave there acc up and yeah like I’ve seen nudes on instagram and they don’t even get taken down definitely not an app for young children wouldn’t let a 12yo on it I’ve seen someone’s head chopp3d off on instagram so if ur a parent make sure your kids stable enough to handle what instagram posts might have in store other than that instagram is my most used app.Version: 216.0

MaintenanceI have had a frustrating issue for several months now where certain features either make the app crash suddenly, or do not work entirely. One feature that does not work at all. Not a single time... is the ability to post multiple photos in a singular post. I’ve tried with just 2 photos. I’ve tried with the maximum amount of photos in a photoset(10). Not a single time has this worked. After adding a caption with some hashtags, tagging friends, and waiting for the post to load. It fails to post every single time. I’ve tried this on both my old phone iPhone 6S plus, as well as my most recent phone purchase the iPhone X. This feature has never worked for me, often times being so frustrated I’d neglect the app for a few days and then find myself back. After attempting to delete the app as well as the app cache and reinstalling on both phones the feature is still inoperative. I also agree with many other Instagram users that the feed is very annoying that I’ll see posts I’ve seen already, or posts from several days ago. Chronological order?? If Instagram was more oriented on creating a seamless working application they may have a lot more users, or more frequent users of the app. Every bug I’ve experienced, I’ve submitted through the in app report a bug..Version: 53.0

Last 2 updates = 👎These last two updates are NOT it. Maybe keep like one or two new fonts but the amount added was unnecessary and some look the same anyway. The new feature of scrolling the fonts at the bottom is weird and it’s so much harder to control colour and fonts and all that and the see through font colours are gone! And now all the recording features are on the side in a scrolling icon? Way harder to control and how do you go back to normal photos and recording once you’ve started scrolling? Reels are cool I guess but it’s just copying tiktok’s recording format. Nice job on creating cool features or whatever but the old Instagram was just so so much better. Please keep it that way. No one that I know of likes these last two updates..Version: 153.0

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 72.0

ExellentJ'adore instagram ! J'aimerai être plus vue.Version: 14.0

Use to be satisfiedI loved this app, I would use it every day to post pictures onto my makeup page. Until today. Before today I’ve never had problems, but I went on and nothing’s working. I’ve turned off my phone, deleted and then redownloaded and it’s STILL not working. Saying “sorry there’s a problem please try again soon” or “couldn’t refresh” it’s pretty sucky when you’re a single mum trying to run a business yet can’t do anything as the app wouldn’t let you do ANYTHING. Sorry for the bad review but after years on it and loving it, it’s really sucky to have this happen.Version: 97.0

Used to be my favourite...I love Instagram. I have an account that I’m trying to grow. I’ve been using Instagram for 5 years. But this new “hidden likes” feature is horrible. I understand that its meant to lessen the anxiety the app can cause, but it’s seriously taking away the core of Instagram - Liking posts. When I see a post with no likes, most people tend to not like it, whereas a post with lots of likes you are more inclined to like. Because likes are now hidden, it looks like you’re super unpopular and no one likes your stuff. Everyone I’ve spoken to hates it, because when we can’t see how many likes, whats even the point in liking things anymore. It makes no difference. Please, please bring back being able to see likes. Why should the very core principle of Instagram be removed? I don’t want to give up my account, but if I can’t see likes anymore, I’m not going to stay. It doesn’t feel like Instagram anymore - it feels like a baby-proofed platform..Version: 102.0

Hate the update so much!!I know this happened a while ago but for some reason I had the older version with my likes/notifications in the normal spot (second tab from right at the bottom) but it’s now changed and yes, I hate it. I don’t understand why you’re just trying to force us to use Instagram like tik tok. I hate tik tok, if I wanted to use tik tok I’d download tik tok. I also already waste too much time on explore which is basically the same as the shop/reels tabs anyway (which I also hate) - so many people have said it so I don’t know why it doesn’t get put back. Yes it’s annoying to tap three buttons every time you want to see a notification, especially if you’re on a different account etc. layout was much simpler before and worked better imo. Also same thing, you can’t even make a post from the bottom tabs? Cmon, isn’t that the main function of Instagram?.Version: 199.0

Perfect Day of Sight-Seeing On The Water!An absolutely perfect day! We found Four Leaf Charter through an internet search and took a chance! Captain Sean exceeded our expectations. During the initial call I told Sean my besties and I wanted to go out on a boat. Y’all, that’s all the direction I gave him! From that, he tailored our trip! Sean picked us up at the swanky South Seas Resort Marina, where he had to give my name at the gate to get us in (we were impressed!) We cruised to a private island where we walked along the shoreline looking for shells, not another person in sight! I could imagine a romantic picnic or sunset dinner on the island, but that is another trip! Next, we tooled around some fishing huts built in the 1920’s! So cool! Then we boated over to another island accessible only by boat where we enjoyed cocktails and a delicious lunch! Sean played with dolphins and got them to swim alongside us, which made our day! Sean is personable and thoughtful, eager to point out interesting spots on the islands to ensure we enjoyed our trip! He had all the equipment fishing charters have, and he impressed us with fishing stories, if you are looking for a fishing charter. But if what you want is a fun, adventurous sight-seeing charter, grab your shelling, snorkeling, and swimming gear and call Sean. You will not be disappointed!.Version: 242.0

Parents read this before making ur decisionInstagrm, let's just call it insta in this review. Insta is great 5 star and if u like slime there r hundreds of accounts to follow! What ever u like u will thing thousand account filled with pic and vid by just tipping it in! And it cost nothing u can have more that one account! And no "it's free" and then u have to pay for a like. NO! It's all free so u r free to follow as much friend as u please and like, comment and so much not. Also on insta u can also do things with pics no phone fetchers have. If u see a post u like u r always free to repost or send to friend. YES! That's right insta also has a fetcher where u can text ur friends. Don't worry perents if u don't like this idea u can put ur kids account on privet mod where if any steanger want to follow they can't until u say the can. ISNT THAT COOL! Just like ur very own super power. Well guys that all I can say about that it is safe for kids. Wait one more thing ur kids don't have to have a privet account if they don't want to! Bye for now I'll be rating what's safe for kids and what's not LOOK OUT FOR ME.Version: 36.0

UghI literally live on this app, it’s pretty much the only social media I used regularly. But a distinct issue with instagram is that some updates will just.. make everything wonky or sort of make the app lose its appeal. Even though reels are just straight up an accessible tiktok on the app, I don’t mind them. However, I’m extremely baffled with the recent update that changed the format of instagram videos. It’s like an IGTV/REEL format instead and it makes it very hard to save videos to folders- which in my opinion is one of instagrams BIGGEST appeals. Unlike other social media apps you can very easily sort posts into folders for later references. Making this feature that much more difficult to access is especially annoying when you are a part of the editing community in instagram where you’ll want to save certain edits to certain folders or save audios to an audio folder. If I’m scrolling through my feed it’s fine, but it’s very tedious to save a video if it’s something my friend sent me since I have to go into my account saves and manually move it. Granted, it only takes like 10 seconds, but I really don’t get the point of making it harder when it only took like 3 seconds before..Version: 210.0

The Covid life saverLike so many other businesses, running a gallery for the last couple of years has been difficult to say the least. Instagram has provided a visual forum for us to promote and expose our artists and exhibitions to an interested audience. We would like to reach further abroad. Most of our followers have visited the gallery or been referred to Pi-Pet-Pi Gallery282’s Instagram and Facebook via someone that has been to visit us or is a friend of the artist. That being said, without our followers, there were times in the last couple of years where we wondered why we remained open. The likes and comments keep our spirits up. We are very greatfull for these free platforms that enable us to keep in contact, follow and remained informed about the arts. Keep following, keep liking, keep posting and hopefully Instagram will move in the direction that supports us..Version: 230.0

Music Tag doesn’t work!I have had Instagram since 2011 and I have never since then had an issue until the Music Tag feature rolled out and I haven’t been able to use it since then. I have tried so many things from updating everything, logging out and logging back in, uninstalling and reinstalling the app several times, going to someone’s story to look for the “Try It” button but nothing, unlinking my Facebook account, changing my password and updating profile.. which btw didn’t let me change it to my personal email because it was taken already, I have never used it so I clicked on forgot password to see who has been using my email but it says that it doesn’t exist so I’m a little confused on how it has been taken but doesn’t exist. But anyway I reported the Music Tag issue awhile back but haven’t heard back since then, so I reported the issue several times back to back to see if that works (prob not). All the research I have done over this issue has been through Google through other users experiences because IG doesn’t even have support help over this issue. The only thing that has inconveniently worked was to make a second account, everything shows up on there but as soon as I switch over to my account that I use it’s not there! INSTAGRAM.. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE, IM NOT THE ONLY ONE! 🤨.Version: 96.1

FIX REEL AUDIO SYNCReels is a great way to gain reach, however, it’s performance is lacking. For example, if I wanted to put a timer on a reel, the audio seems to start AS it’s counting down. This means I have to start lip syncing during the countdown and NOT when the video is supposed to start. That can be really confusing. Secondly, if I want to replay the reel as I edit, it seems like my voice is completely off from the recording. But when I click “post” and rewatch, everything is fine. That in-between of trying to make sure the video is aligned is misleading and discouraging when it’s time to post, because there is a gamble of whether or not the reel is in sync with the audio. Lastly, some reels cut off too short. I’ve had to repost reels at least three times because in editing, when I add a video to a recording, the end part is there. But in post, the ending, or “punchline” rather, is gone completely. The only way I fixed this problem was by making sure the last scene is extended well beyond the end of the recording to ensure the whole video will be intact. This NEEDS to be addressed. It doesn’t make sense for anyone to add a video to the recording, or even partial for that matter, and have to repost because of a glitch. PLEASE FIX YOUR VIDEO AND AUDIO SYNC ISSUES..Version: 257.0

🆘 Please add this feature!!!🖐🚫📢I’m a fourteen year old girl who loves using instagram, instagram is by far one of the best suitable social media apps for me. This app covers numerous handy and easy to use features that make my use with social media so much better. I’m able to communicate with my family and friends that live far away either by messaging or video calling. As much as I love instagram I would also love and I’m sure others would too if when you go to edit your post that has multiple slides you have the choice of switching around the photos in any order that you prefer even after you have posted it. Many times I have regretted the order that I put my instagram photos and wished I could change them. If this feature was added to Instagram, I believe many others would love and appreciate this feature as much as I would and it most likely would make instagram more enjoyable. Thank you so much for reading 🙂💖.Version: 120.0

New updates issues!I have two accounts for a reason; one for personal use and the other one for my business. Before it was very easy to hop between accounts and use them for different reasons as they have a different purpose. The new updates stops all of this! I had two accounts because I didn’t want my business followers to see my personal ‘stories’. I also followed different people on the two different accounts for a reason. I followed friends on my personal pages and work related accounts on my business page. This kept the two this separate. Now my personal page ‘stories’ are also posted to my business account due to the update. I don’t not want my business followers to see what I’m up to at the weekend or what I’m cooking etc! You may as well only let people have one account if the new update is going to show everything on both accounts. Another bad thing is the people I follow on both accounts are now merged/crammed into one feed and are all mixed up. I followed different people on the different accounts for a reason. Please fix this update as it stops me being able to use instagram for both reasons!.Version: 21.0

Very good but one flawClearly functionally excellent. Only downside is it feels like it assumes everyone wants to grow their profile to be as big as possible. Not everyone wants to do this. Some prefer just to show their posts with a few of their friends. However not posting frequently or regularly seems to get punished by the algorithm to such a degree even your close friends can easily miss your posts. Not everyone wants to be the next big thing. Not everyone wants to be famous. Not everyone can be. If there was a way this app could adapt better to a user’s goals and be more generous to those who post if and when, it’d be 5/5..Version: 203.0

Really good app 👍👍So I think this app is really well made. 5 stars, however the story drafts disappear. If this could be changed that would be amazing. Also on someone’s profile it has a list of your mutual friends who follow them which is annoying because it takes away from their profiles image. For example you can’t see the posts and you have to scroll down. Another thing is that everyone is getting hacked and I’m worried that I’ll be next. Like they are having to make new accounts because the hackers are controlling their previous account and tricking people into buying things and clicking on these links. For example they are saying ‘I spent a long time on this for you’ or ‘ help me please, I’m in trouble’ with a link attached. I know this is not Instagrams fault but if this could be fixed that would be amazing. But anyway I really enjoy this app and haven’t had any dramas or anything wrong with it so far. Just these little things. Really good app 👍👍👍.Version: 218.0

I don't have a problem with the app but.......I don't have a problem with this app it's a good app to use but there are way to many hate accounts on here aimed at a person you should know who has a hate account and who doesn't and if you see that there is hate account then please report them so Instagram can ban that account. Over the last 2 days I have seen a lot of hate accounts aimed at a BTS member called jungkook for no reason at all with these types off comments it can cause him and other people who have hate account into depression and cause them to hurt themselves!!!!! Kpop has already been through enough as it is with loosing some famous singers and rappers because of all the hate they are receiving some and my little brother think that they can use fake accounts that are used to send these unfortunate comments where they say all this but Instagram could auto-ban there account and if they crest a new one ban there email /that device from using Instagram to stop all of this and if it's anything about people should get the disease the account should be deleted from Instagram.Version: 113.0

ProblemHey insta Ive been on this app for a long time and I absolutely love this app but for some reason for the pass couple of days It’s been clashing on me 🙄 and every time I go on to the app it will work for about 30 seconds or a minute then just turn of and go back to my home screen . I was just wondering if you know what I should do or who to go to for help and if there is any way to fix this problem I’ve literally tried everything you tube told me and nothing has been working and its not my phone cause this clashing has only been working on instagram so im not too sure whats going in but yeah thats all 🌸 please replie if u know whats wrong ❤️❤️.Version: 115.0

Please add an edit feature!!!I love Instagram and thank you so much for creating the app, it is amazing and a great way to express yourself, indulge in photography and creativity and advertising businesses whilst feeling good looking back at your feed at all the great memories and achievements accomplished. The one thing that annoys me and would be really handy is if Instagram could have an edit feature, where you can go back and edit/add pictures/videos (like FaceBook) once you’ve posted them. This would change everything in all the right ways, knowing that once you’ve posted something and realise you’ve made a mistake, you can go back and fix it. This would mean so much and I’m sure a lot of people/businesses would agree with me on this, please add this feature if you can! Thank you, it would be immensely appreciated. On a whole note, thank you so much for this app and keep up the great work! 💖 - Molly Roberts.Version: 145.0

Scammer accountsIt’s so easy to reverse image search on weekly “friend requests” I get to see that those people are scammers with multiple fake accounts on multiple platforms- you need to up your game on recognising duplicate photos, mass produced accounts etc. And you also need to make it easy for us to report scammers. I can report someone “pretending to be someone else” but only if it’s me, someone I know, or a business. How about someone pretending to be a real person when they a are a straight out fake scammer trying to get $$$ out of gullible people? It can’t be that hard to allow that option..Version: 267.0

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