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Sephora US: Makeup & Skincare App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Sephora US: Makeup & Skincare app received 57 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Sephora US: Makeup & Skincare? Can you share your negative thoughts about sephora us: makeup & skincare?

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Sephora US: Makeup & Skincare for Negative User Reviews

App won’t let me ship to CanadaWill only allow US addresses when checking out..Version: 22.21.1

Specific products not loadingThe Fenty Beauty Contour stick product on the app has been loading for days. I restarted my phone but it’s not working..Version: 21.12

Credit Card hassleI'm pretty sure I have brought this up with sephora before, but the app is seriously broken when it comes to entering your credit card info. If you put in the correct expiration, it will be changed to the previous month once you hit submit, causing an error saying invalid cc info or something. The solution is to pick the month ahead of your actual expiration, so that when it gets knocked back a month it will be correct and your payment cam go through. It's aggravating and needs to be fixed. I was also not able to delete the old address on my account through the the app. The error said it doesn't belong to me or something, which was weird but whatever. I generally like this app and will continue to use it. Would just like to see attention given to issues like this considering payment and shipping are an important function of the app..Version: 18.2

App doesnt workCannot log in.Version: 23.9.1

Submissions not going throughUPDATE (2/5/23) - went from a 3 star to a 2 star review. Pictures in reviews stopped loading a couple of weeks ago which is frustrating because it helps me with selections. At this point the app is feeling too saturated/crowded - interface needs a facelift so-to-speak and notifications need to be reduced by minimum 50%.************* OG REVIEW (sometime in 2022) - love the app overall. Great interface, seemingly user friendly even though it could be simplified a little, like how peoples photo attachments are above the reviews, BUT the submissions need to be fixed. There are times I try to ask questions for products and it gives me an error message that submission won’t work and try again later. It’s been weeks for the same product. I’ve force closed the app and restarted, logged out then back in and deleted/reinstalled the app. Developers need to fix the submission errors for both questions and reviews as this has clearly been an ongoing issue for years. Once the kinks get worked out I will definitely update to 5 stars..Version: 23.2

More useful than I thoughtI shop Sephora frequently so the app made since. I do not like the search feature because you have to be sure of the spelling of the product to get the search results you want. Other sites will at least take a guess at what you are trying to look for. I do like it’s suggested product listings for me. I looked up collagen and found out through suggested products they sell all types of vitamins and supplements. These were Items I needed but did not think to find on their app. I love the account pull up where I can see history of purchases with pictures of products I bought. This makes it easy for me to go back and do a product review, a re-purchase, or price comparison. There is a like feature that saves items that you do not want to purchase now but would like to purchase at a later date. Returns are super easy thru the app but the customer reviews help me decide if I should or shouldn’t purchase something which prevents returns by proper research. The reviews are complete with each persons skin tone and skin description to find a relatable reviewer..Version: 20.11

Great when it worksThis app is great when it works however there’s frequent login issues. It doesn’t keep you signed in even if you toggle over to keep signed in option, so you have to login every time you place an order or look up any account info. Password reset doesn’t often work and even if you reset your password a login error often pops up. This has happened a few times, I’ve contacted customer service and even they can’t resolve the issue. You have to delete and reinstall app and if that doesn’t resolve anything you have to wait up to 5 business days for someone to look into it and get back to you. Customer service has said this is a well known issue and yet it continues to be an issue. Why has it not been fixed yet…and even if you say screw the points, I’ll just sign out as a guest because I want to make a purchase, you can’t! You cannot sign out as a guest on the app or website on a mobile device..Version: 23.6

It’s okayThings are good when they work. Why do they show items that have been out of stock for over a year? Those items need to be taken off or marked as out of stock instead of having to click on them to just to see they are still out of stock. “Email when item is in stock” has never been sent but I get spammed for other things I’m not interested in. Maybe a notification for when something is back in stock not that things seem to ever go back in stock. It needs to be clearer if I can pick up locally or online only. If my cart is mixed with both, it should state what items I’m able to pick up. What is the point of the sample option when 90% of the time you don’t even get them? And if you do it’s rarely what you pick. Quizzes go blank when they don’t have a result so you can’t tell if there’s a glitch. Things for 30 yr old skin is the same for 40 yr old skin? I don’t think that is valid as many times as your results say. Update the foundation match choices. There’s tons missing. You’ve been selling Beauty Blender foundation “on sale” at 20 bucks for a while now but it’s not an option on the foundation match. Not that the foundation ever matches my skin outside the store to begin with..Version: 21.14

Great app would be awesome if your “Stay signed in” option would actually work. I have to sign in every time I open the app lately, even when it was closed only a moment before..Version: 18.8

App is crashingApp has started crashing starting today. No idea what went wrong. Clueless.Version: 23.9.1

Same problems and new one's!I hate the new all white layout! It hurts my eyes!! The Dark Mode feature rolled out for people to use so eye strain doesn't get worse and sephora thought that doing the opposite would help for this app! Sephora needs to rethink there color layout better because since it is morw of an eye strain, it gets used less now. Plus, the should have fixed the app instead of just thinking color layout which is least important. They have been having the same issue for over 3 years now!! The share icon on the app makes the app freeze. There has been sooo many updates you would think this bug would get fixed, yet it is still there. Therefore, sephora is not paying attention to these reviews or else this bug would not be there. Can you please fix the share button so it stops freezing the darn app!! Fix your app instead of giving people eyestrain!! Since the share icon has not been fixed for so long i had to give a low rating for lack of detail by Sephora app developers. And yes I have updated software for both phone & app all these years, still same issue and a new one- rethink your all white layout!.Version: 19.8

Too many updating vAnytime I wanna come on the app I need to update it first before I can continue. It's annoying af. way too much updating, it's actually ridiculous.Version: 21.18.1

BuggyEverytime I research something, it always gives me a blank screen with « 0 results », and 90% of the time when I click a category in shop, it gives me an error code. Please fix !.Version: 23.9.1

Increasing prices & app isn’t excitingly functionalLately, many Dior, Hermès & YSL items are raised by $1 & $2 after being brought back in stock... Not saying Sephora cannot increase the prices but it’s more convenient to shop directly through stores such as Dior etc. as they have vast variety of beauty items at lower prices (seriously). Recently there has been close to a hundred items on the grid to purchase but after going further into the product, the SKU doesn’t exist... Also, despite being opted to stay signed in, the app disconnects with error codes & messages & points being reset to 0 & coming back later in the day. Disappointing and over the chaos, used to spend $$$$ monthly on products & now I feel kind of dumb for bothering with Sephora. Kept getting a message if I “love the app” so I’m letting u know how I’m loving the overall experience. However, the customer service on the phone is lovely, very fast and easy to solve shipping mistakes. Thank u ✌️.Version: 21.2

BufferingLove this app but keeps bugging after browsing for 20 mins.Version: 23.6

ChatI’ve been waiting for an hour now to chat with someone about shampoo and conditioner but it still won’t let me I’ve tried everything but it still won’t let me.Version: 23.6

Makes shopping sephora addictiveI like most things about the app. It is easy to navigate and shop from. The thing that is frustrating me so much is samples subbed for things I have no interest in, samples just not being included, beauty offers not being shipped. Every time they do this it makes me shop other places more. The number of times they are messing up orders latley is hilarious. And the virtual artist doesn't work well to use it live on you. Putting colors up on their models works, but mostly everything looks nonexistent or the wrong color in the live one. I also wish that you could write notes to yourself in the app. I get so many samples and use some things so sparingly that it would make organization and picking products so much easier for me. Like alot of other people I usually have so much going on. But if I could put all those thoughts down by products like in my my loves or just somewhere else in on the app it would really make me love it..Version: 18.3.2

What’s wrong…Couldn’t use it anymore.Version: 22.3

Does not work after updateKeeps logging me out. Takes a while to open a page. Really annoying!.Version: 18.8

CrashingWont open after update.Version: 17.6

Impossible de mettre en françaisJe viens de télécharger l’appli habitant à Montréal maintenant, et impossible de mettre l’appli en français … dommage.Version: 23.6.1

Can’t add Canadian address!I filled up my cart and then tried to enter my postal code for shipping but it only gives the option of using numbers. Too bad. It was a big purchase..Version: 22.21.3

This App Update made my life so much harderI’ve used my Sephora app since 2014 and honestly it’s been NORMALLY an easy to use app with clear cut options and working links to where I need to go. I don’t know when my app updated since I have everything update automatically but wow.... I can’t even click on my profile and see my beauty insider information anymore. The profile page is utterly useless I’ve tried to figure out how much I’ve had on a gift card before through the app before I go in store and NORMALLY it’s an easy process now it won’t even open the screen in the app at all.... what is the point of updating the app and adding more complicated tools IF THEY DONT EVEN FREAKING WORK PROPERLYim thoroughly annoyed and disappointed. Guess I’ll just buy my high end makeup at Macy’s since at least if I need to see how much I have on a gift card it isn’t like trying to ace a trigonometry math test when I’ve only ever studied algebra 1.....Version: 19.7.1

Love this app but not 5🌟April 2, 2023 Still update after update but no app to use for iPad-come on Sephora UPDATE: seriously Sephora why has this app not been made available for proper use on iPad ………. It sure would make the shopping experience so much more satisfying 🫤 Make 2023 the year that you make this available 👋🏻 UPDATE : Sept 26 2022 Once again love shopping on line but this app needs to be made available for iPad use The experience would be so much better !!! Also Rouge members should be allowed to use up to 4 gift cards when making an on line order. As a Rough member that should be a upgraded perk Sephora love this app , I do most of my shopping on line however navigating it on my phone is very very small and crowded…….. would love to see you make this app compatible with iPad so that I can view and shop on a nice wide screen 😉👍🏻.Version: 23.6

Cant checkoutWould only give me the option of putting in zip code so i wasn’t able to fill out shipping information to purchase since i live in canada with a postal code :(.Version: 23.6

Okay, but not greatApp works decently well while in use. But it drives me nuts that if I switch apps even briefly, when I return to Sephora, my search/displayed item has been cleared and I’m back on the home page every time. That totally stinks for multitasking, which is all I’m ever doing on my phone. Also, I totally agree with another review which suggests better options for viewing the names of different product colors without having to click through each one. Similar issue in the review photos section: you are given the option to filter user photos based on the product color, but often only the color descriptions (I.e. “warm dusty rose”) are displayed here, not the actual color name. If the colors do not have descriptions, then no text is included and you’re forced to guess which color is which. There could be a lot more organization surrounding product colors in general; often I’m looking for something in a specific color family, so improved search/display features on that front would be helpful. Other than that, I haven’t had too many issues with crashes/glitches or functionality..Version: 19.8

Sephora.WSError error 1 - every operation in the app is failingThe app is great when it works, but this morning I was trying to do some shopping and every time I tried to look in a category or add something to my basket I got this error. I tried checking for updates (no updates), I uninstalled, cleared the cache, turned my phone on & off. Nothing fixed it, seems like an error with their server or something idk. Definitely bummed cus I hate using the website on my phone..Version: 23.9.1

Nothing but problems with this app!!First off let me start off by saying I absolutely love Sephora and it’s my favorite makeup store! The original app layout was easy to navigate and get the hang of it. I never had a single problem with it and I loved shopping with the app! Which is why after only a few months on the app I became a consecutive yearly rouge beauty insider. For those of you not familiar with their lingo a rouge beauty insider is when you spend at least $1,000 dollars within a year you get top offers, discounts and receive free shipping on all your orders. I also became heavily reliant on their try it on live feature to try on products. However the new updated layout of the app is confusing and pretty frustrating/difficult to navigate/get used to. It has been at least a year or 2 already since it’s been updated and I still cannot get used to it. The try it on live feature hasn’t worked in over a year already which is extremely frustrating and disappointing. When you’re scrolling through shopping clicking on one item which leads you to the next on the app once you click on your cart you completely lose your shopping/search progress. You can’t get back to it unless you remembered the name of the company/product of the item you were last viewing. Which is why this year I’ve only spent $273 dollars..Version: 20.11

GlitchyI can’t open categories without being auto taken back to the home page or getting an error message. Makes it really annoying to look for products as I have to now type them out in the search bar.Version: 23.9.1

Used to love until recentlyI love Sephora and I used to love their app until the last month or so when it would sign me out of my account. Normally it wouldn’t be an issue, and I would just sign in again. But whenever I try to sign in, I get an error message stating my email address or password is incorrect even though I know the information entered is accurate. I’ve reset my password just in case, and I still get this message. I’ve had to call in 3 times to get my account unlocked, which required additional password changes, and when asked no one was aware of any issues and I was told to keep trying. One person recommended I just use my browser instead, which negates the app’s purpose. My name and all my information shows up on the app in my profile but when I try to do anything it asks me to sign in and the cycle begins. Seriously fed up with this and the lack of assistance when calling in as they hang up if you so much as utter the word “ok”. Lacking the quality of service their known for..Version: 21.6.2

App doesn’t workEven after logging in, the app keeps saying I need to login… Crashes constantly too!.Version: 23.6

Very buggyThe most recent issues I’ve had is that every offered birthday gift does not exist nor does the sale that is being advertised. Every time I’ve used it there have been issues. It’s too bad since it could be very convenient..Version: 23.6.1

Keeps logging me outEver since the new app update, i constantly have to log in. Its really annoying and starting to deter me from opening the app..Version: 23.5.1

Suddenly Stopped Being Available for Canadians?I’ve been using this app for years and it’s suddenly stopped working for me. It always used to show me the prices in CAD and stock in Canada, as I live in Canada. However, today, my Sephora app says I am not able to ship to Canada or see prices in CAD and that I must use the website instead? I think this may be a bug..Version: 22.3

An ok appI love Sephora as much as the next person but this app seriously needs to improve. I especially dislike the point system as I’m used to the ulta app showing me all the points i accumulate whether in store or online which Sephora only shows online only. I have over 1000 points in store when i shop but on the app and online i only have 637? That bugs me a lot actually that i didn’t really notice it until i went shopping in store for the member appreciation event. The app is also very finicky as it take forever to load sometimes and when using the virtual try on the colors aren’t exactly accurate. Also which it has the option to use Touch ID to log in as well which would be a huge plus. Overall i like the app but it still needs major improvements so far Ulta is beating it app wise but still not as much as well..Version: 18.6

Great but the colors aren’t the same on screen as the are in personI love the app because it’s easy to find whatever you’re looking for. However I’ve noticed that the colors on screen vary wildly from what they look like in person. Many reds appear more purple or orange in person, and often it’s difficult to tell if the makeup is suitable for winter, summer, autumn, or spring skin tones. I’ve learned that it’s best to use the app to search for potential colors you might want to try and then go to a store to actually try it on. If I could suggest to the app creators: it would be helpful if the colors were more accurately displayed to save people the headache of thinking a lip color is deep red but having it turn out to be more of a plum. It would also help if part of the description included a list of the skin tones certain colors would best suit (not just warm vs cool either, I’m talking the full four seasons), because having one model with a chalk white arm, one with a deep tan arm, and one with a super dark chocolate arm doesn’t cover any of the medium skin tones that most people fall into..Version: 19.8

Make it work on older phonesMake it work on older phones App Store won’t even let me update.Version: 21.20.1

Keeps logging me outOld versions used to let me stay logged in for days. This one logs me out everytime I exit the app even when I have the keep logged on button on... very very annoying..Version: 18.8

Good.It’s pretty good. I think we should be able to change our Beauty Insider Community usernames by now though..Version: 23.9.1

Cannot access “loves” list on appI love Sephora. I mean, I am Rouge! So, I have shopped quite a bit. But I find the app frustrating because I looked and looked for the list of all of the items I have “loved” so that I could go back and buy them. Now, if you search “lists” on the app, it takes you back to the area of the app where your orders,buy it again, account, flash, reservations, Samples & Rewards,Beauty Advisor Recommendations, & Color IQ & Beauty Traits menus are listed. This same area can be found, when logged in, by clicking on your name at the bottom of any screen. But, when I’m in the mobile version of Sephora using Safari, I’m given the choice to see the Loves menu where my saved products are. However this menu is entirely missing from the Sephora app and I find this quite frustrating. It’s so much more convenient to be in the app but I constantly have to bounce back and forth just to access my saved loved items. Please correct this in the app! You are deterring sales! (And this is coming from someone who works in eCommerce/product Content for fast fashion. Retailer).Version: 20.20.3

GlitchesSo last week I went to add some things to my shopping cart so I wouldn’t forget to purchase them this week and I went to select the apple pay method just to make sure my shipping address was up to date and then I was going to click out of the payment when I made sure but the app glitched so when I clicked out my fingerprint matched and the payment went through earlier then I had anticipated, which wasn’t a problem I had the money but I still wanted to wait another week to make sure I had more money in my account after I made the purchase. Also my package was supposed to come by Friday at the end of the day (which was already five days after I made the purchase) but now when I went to track my shipment it says it won’t be here until Tuesday which is another four days after I had already waited the initial five days. In other words I’m not happy with my first purchase off the app I would rather do it in stores from now on..Version: 19.6

Only USA address.It won’t let me type in my Canadian address. Only USA..Version: 22.21.1

Unusable promo offerRidiculous that the Canadian Sephora app gives promo offers but once you enter the code it says only available in the US. The trio of mini Amika samples is the best offer I’ve seen on this app in years. Unreal that I can’t use it..Version: 23.10

Why Does the App Sign me Out?It keeps signing me out regardless of the fact that I have the "keep me signed in" option in the app "on". 🙄 Frustrating to sign in ever use when I have just signed in previously only a minute prior. Please fix this issue..Version: 18.8

Virtual artist problemHave updated but virtual artist is broken. Won't open and crashes app..Version: 17.6

SAMPLEYou’re excited to try different products and will going to choose a sample but they never put the sample to the package. It happened to me thrice already. On the first time, I did let it go because it’s just a sample and I thought they just forgot to put it in. But on 2nd and 3rd time? It’s not right. I contacted the customer service and they just only give 50pts without explanation but hopefully they did some action and investigate why it is happening..Version: 23.9

Be careful when purchasingI tried to Oder through the app and kept getting an error code when I hit complete order. I tired a couple more times and even tried to put in on my credit card too. I decided to just go online & complete purchase & had no issues. Later when I checked, there were 3 extra withdrawals on my bank account and 1 pending on my credit card! When I called Sephora they blew me off and said there was nothing they could do about it & I would have to wait to get my money back!!.Version: 22.5

Can’t place OrderApp update won’t let me place order with Canadian address. Basic You need to fix it b/c I need to order.Version: 22.21

Not impressed...just use their websiteFirst, I was not impressed with the look of this app. It looks like it was made for cell phones because it was not a full screen so it made it hard to see using my iPad. Not a big deal but still. I know you make a killing Sephora why not update your app? Secondly, I had issues using a Happy her gift card I received for Christmas. No matter what I did it would not take it or even my debit card. I had to enter the gc as credit(per gc instructions)but kept saying it was an invalid cc and did it with my debit card too. Kept saying it’s invalid. I tried it on my computer using Microsoft edge and it worked. Sephora’s website says to use google chrome or Microsoft edge to order when I tried Internet explorer. Plus this app doesn’t give you the option to delete your cc info, you have to go to the website to delete. And it also doesn’t give you the option to enter a gift card. Only credit card info can be entered. You have to go to the website to enter a Sephora gc. What? Why?...The website took the gc and my debit card with no issue. Looks like you all need to clean this app up. I deleted it..Version: 19.8

Why is this so terrible?? FIX IT SEPHORAThe app used to work great. Since the last update it is SLOW constantly spinning to load. Also, when you select an item then hit the back button after adding to cart, the app takes you back to the top of the page instead of where you left off. This would not be so bad if it wasn’t impossible to scroll down (past the stuff you already scrolled past multiple times) without being stopped at EVERY OTHER PRODUCT to wait for the spinning thingy to load! I thought it might be my wifi but the website worked fine. Except, when I tried to shop online — links on the website kept forcing the app to open!! Terrible design if you are trying to avoid the extremely slow app!! So frustrating I completely gave up on my order. FIX THIS Sephora there is no excuse for a company of your caliber. I made my Christmas purchases at your competitor!.Version: 19.8

Not worth itCan’t add the points card to Wallet and the info on the website is more up to date than the app, so this app is more of a burden to have..Version: 22.12

It’s nice to find exactly what you’re looking forIt’s easy to navigate and gives you all the info you need and reviews, but when you use the option to filter reviews to only show beauty matches or people with your skin type or whatever I still have to scroll through hundreds of reviews from people without the features I’m specifically looking for. And it seems like they always have some type of bug, one day it’s kicking me out when I click a product I wanna look at or it signs me out after I leave the app every single time but I always have it set to “stay signed in.” And lastly they never get my samples right.... EVER, it’s free so it’s whatever but I wish if they were gonna give you whatever they’d at least remove the option to choose so I don’t have to get excited about something that isn’t coming..Version: 18.8

Every time i leave the app it resets and returns to homepageI’ll be going back to the webpage, it will stay at right where I left off!! Instead of returning to homepage every time i leave the app!.Version: 23.6.1

FrustratingThis app is incredibly frustrating to use. First off, while scrolling through reviews you end up accidentally marking reviews helpful or not is that helpful?! Who knows what is legit and what is accidental? I mark reviews accidentally every single time! Secondly, there are glitches when it comes to browsing the products and categories. If you click on a product and then go back, it goes back to the beginning, even if you’re pages in, which is annoying and you have to scroll back down to where you were. The UI is just very difficult to navigate in this app. The website isn’t much better. It’s also impossible to view the item number of your Play box (the monthly sub)on the app, you have to go through a million screens on the desktop site to find it. The tracking updates are slow via the app as well. It’s just very muddled how all the bells and whistles work. They should hire my husband’s UI company to fix this mess lol..Version: 18.4.1

Can’t put in a Canadian address anymoreCan’t put in a Canadian address anymore.Version: 23.6.1

Force quitsVisual artist isn't working. The app just closes every time I try to do it.Version: 17.6

Stop Asking Me to Enable Location ServicesSince I upgraded the Sephora app, every time I open it, a prompt appears to remind me enable location services. Please RESPECT the privacy of your customers Sephora. I intentionally disabled the location and no matter how many times you ask me I am not going to give you my location..Version: 22.3

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