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Sephora US: Makeup & Skincare app received 42 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about sephora us: makeup & skincare?

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Great app but needs minor tweaksGreat app, but with a few tweaks could be even better. On the off-chance developers actually read these reviews, my suggestions are as follows: (1) when choosing samples, you have the ability to view the full size product to read all its attendant information, but in order to navigate back to your basket, you have to manually close out of the product you are viewing and click on your basket again—quick fix would be to create back arrows that automatically navigate back to the basket; (2) the full size product view is not available when looking at the trial sample promos so you have to close out of your basket and search for the product, then go back into your basket manually—adding the same navigation options described above to view the full product and navigate back to your basket from that view would make the app perfect..Version: 18.1.2

Great app with minor complaintsLove the app. One of the best shopping apps generally. Two complaints, which is the 4 stars, is when looking for foundation or lip colors etc. you have to click the colored square without an option of seeing also or in lieu of the name of the color. For example, if you’re looking for a specific colored lipstick, you click through the squares of color to find the name. Searching the name of a specific color doesn’t always work. The second is sometimes the “try on” live, the color looks totally insane And not at all what it really looks like in person (because it looks truly. Crazy). Or, on the other hand, if you use a model,it’s very difficult to even see the product preview. For example, highlighter, eyeshadow or liner, and blush are really difficult to see. the existence of swatches and the try on option is great, I just wish it was tweaked a little. That definitely sets it apart from the Ulta app, which 9/10 doesn’t have any swatches in their product description. But the do let you filter by name. That’s it. Otherwise. Great app. Love Sephora!.Version: 19.6

Better late then bad eyelinerAmazing app love using it because I can use the app and a lot look up stuff on web browser also super easy to use makes it easier to find the free offers that go with your purchase. And shows me new things before they drop and come to the app 1st before going online gives me a chance to score new products before other people or know they are coming soon I love using the app. It’s so user friendly. Only complaint is when I want to look at Sephora on the web browser it redirects me to the app sometimes that fine but not when I already have something open I wish I could just use it when opening app but still 5 stars. I love that it suggest products I have viewed or hearted at the bottom so I don’t forget about them. It keeps me logged in so my items stay in my cart. If you don’t use the app you definitely should one of the things I love the most is if you are going down a list of products and click one when you go back it takes you to the spot you were in unlike the browns we where it sends you back to the top.Version: 21.3

Convenient but glitchyI’ve used this app for years to shop online and overall it works very well. I love that I can save my products in a loves list and that it saves all my past purchases from both online and in store. The live chat feature is fun, I love answering questions and interacting with other girls who have similar interests. However it’s always been a bit glitchy for me. Every time I answer a question, it kicks me back to the top of the list so I have to scroll down every single time to see other questions. It’s always done this for me which is super annoying. It also has a tendency to suddenly zoom in while in the chat. I usually can double tap the screen and it will un-zoom but after the most recent update, that stopped working. Now I have to close the chat completely and re-enter for it to display normally. I wish they would fix these bugs to make it more enjoyable. I’ve also never been able to figure out the online community tab. It has never seemed very user friendly for someone who isn’t familiar with that part of the app..Version: 19.8

Nice App But Could Use ImprovementI’ve been a loyal customer of Sephora and the Sephora app but recently I noticed something different. Usually each order comes with two samples and that was a great way for me to learn about other brands and their products before I made new purchases. For the past three times, my orders had either come with only one sample or no samples at all and that’s really frustrating. I wish they had informed me earlier that those samples were not available or they could offer us some substitutes or even give us a 2 out of 4 options so that we would at least get some samples of our choosing. I enjoy the convenience of having the app and getting all of our products delivered to us but if this issue continues I might consider ordering directly from the brands themselves..Version: 21.1.1

Best app everWhoever designed this was a genius it’s literally like a game of serotonin.Version: 23.6.1

Erin in OmahaI rarely go in a store due to Covid, today I bit the bullet. I’ve been shopping on line and while it’s fun getting packages in the mail, sometimes going in for some professional advice is necessary. Although a young sixty something that doesn’t always wear makeup, I do occasionally choose to and when I do I like the classy but natural look. Enter Erin! She actually had the look I appreciate, lite and natural. She was on spot in helping me choose the right colors for my skin tone to choosing make up in sleek compact packaging. Yes, that was an actual request of mine because I don’t want to haul a bunch of stuff around. I was able to purchase all new makeup for the coming year feeling confident while going for the look I want with no fuss. Thanks Erin, you made my day! Mimi from Lincoln.Version: 21.20.4

Screen time says I use this app too muchThis may sound weird, but I spent hours on this app every day. I use it to research products because there are SO many ratings/comments/photos for every product. I love the filter and sort options, the “Loves” section and the ease of use of off the charts! My only complaint is when selecting a deluxe gift, using your points to select items or adding samples to your cart - if you EXIT the cart and continue shopping, they disappear and you have to start all over. Also the samples, deluxe items and samples are not the same from the main website, which can be AWESOME but if there are better items on the main website, I have to ditch the app..Version: 19.5

Love this app!I love being able to try shades of makeup before purchasing. Sometimes I'll just browse through lip shades when I'm bored. I haven't had any problems with the virtual booth. Not a single glitch. I do however wish they would allow foundations to be tried online..Version: 17.6

Feature requestsI do love most of the functionalities of this app, but there are a few features I’d love to see. My biggest peeve: can we add a swipe gesture to go back to search results when viewing an item detail? Reaching my thumb to perfectly target the back arrow, that is so tiny and 15px distance to the hamburger menu. I always seem to fat finger the back arrow because it’s way too close to another tap target. The back arrow and hamburger menu are simply way too close for it to be a pleasant experience. How about introducing a tab bar instead like Instagram or Facebook? Also, truncating the text instead of wrapping a long name to two lines in the list view is confusing when products are so similar, being able to view the full name creates more value because then I have to click through everything. I’d prefer to see the full name instead of “Yves Saint Laurent Powder F....” <- no idea what comes after that if the brand name is too long. Additionally, I like the star rating in the list view, but 4.5 stars for 2 users vs. 2,000 users is a huge difference. Putting the quantity of users to indicate volume is infinitely more valuable to me and saves me a tap. I do love the checkout flow. Very simplified and easy to understand and place order. But, I still think there can be some minor improvements that go a long way..Version: 18.7

The BombSo dangerous - I prefer it to shopping in store..Version: 17.6

Must haveI was a regular at my local Sephora until I downloaded this app a couple years ago. I have already left a review but I guess since I got a new phone and it’s my first iPhone a new review as needed... which is not a problem because I can brag on this app all day. Anytime I ever have a problem I just call customer service and they straighten it out for me and that has only happened once. The samples are great the rewards are great. If you don’t have this app and you love make up and skin care you need to download this right now and become a beauty insider. I should be a representative for Sephora! I love everything they stand for and all of the brands and products they carry. The Sephora brand it’s self, is awesome for the price point! You can’t get any better..Version: 19.3

Tom Ford Lost Cherry eau de parfumI am writing this review on a free product I received from Influenster/Tom Ford in exchange for my honest opinion! I LOVE THIS SCENT!! …. And it is very androgynous to boot!!! My neighbor said he would wear it as a man’s cologne as it reminded him of high end pipe tobacco! I, on the other hand, find the cherry, almond, vetiver and sandalwood both luscious and sensual! It comes on strong and immediately settles down to a more subtle, and long lasting fragrance that is personal and provocative . I could easily make this my signature scent!! A spritz daily, and two spritzes for an evening out is really all you need of this fragrance. It is not overpowering, nor is it too subtle, but right in the middle! Again, this is my honest opinion and I would love to have this fragrance as my signature scent as I feel the scent is suitable for any occasion - and you will be noticed, but in the nicest way 🥰.Version: 23.6

Poor Customer Service and warehouse organizationI ordered product on April 29,2930. They advice me that it will not be delivered till May 26. That pretty much a month. They say is due to low staffing due to the pandemic. Understandable. . My daughter and I live in the same house and she has gotten her deliveries by the 5th day she ordered it. All her other items she ordered after mine have come on time. How is that when they are suppose to be all late. Me and her ordered on Mother’s day. Is 4 days later and she got it today. I called to find out when mine from the same day is coming. They said also on the 26th of Nay. Figure that! I’m done with them. I even sent an email to customer service. Days later I get their typical email they sent to everyone regarding the delay due to pandemic..Version: 20.9

Free samples and bday gifts!!I thought getting a Sephora account would be too bouji for me but I’m glad I did. I mostly use it to shop clean skincare and they have amazing brands (obviously). Not all there products are super expensive however if ur unsure about one that is u can try buying a sample size first. They also give u 2 FREE samples with every order, and u can choose from a couple when u check out. There tiny but it’s fun to try out the different products. They also give u another free sample on ur bday with a purchase of something else, and this one unlike the mini samples is abt equivalent to a trial size u would have to pay for. Highly recommend there’s literally no harm in getting an account..Version: 20.13

Sephora BeautyI frequently shop between Sephora and Ulta. I must say Alta has a better rewards program hands down. I don’t like that being a Rouge remember you are offered to choose from samples and small products if you choose to use your rewards. I don’t want small products or samples I want a discount off of my transaction for being a member like Ulta. Anyways now that’s out of the way the Sephora app is way better than the Ulta app. I love that you can try on the make up and/or color live in the app. I love love love the fact that they do a true match from one foundation to another. I am constantly looking for the best and being a perfect match with UD 3.25 I’m able to use that color to find a true match for me with any foundation. I like the fact that you can search your frequently purchased items. I am very happy to see Apple Pay integrated in the app...Version: 18.8

Love itSo I retired years ago, so wearing make up is not the norm for me. It’s very nice and extremely convenient to be able to browse the website Sephora and get the regular products that I bought for years and see what else is out there and it’s amazing to get samples and try to see whether I need to upgrade my supplies and try something different so I really like it especially when it’s from the comfort of your own home.Version: 21.12

SephoraSephora is one of the better retail store applications. To start with the design while a bit compact and old fashioned is easy to navigate. Mostly any section in the app can be reached from the side menu. The app allows you to search for products in a number of ways whether it be by brand, what’s new, what’s on sale, luxury items, for men, which is helpful to me since most of the items cater to women, and other labels. Users can also use the app to see the latest promotions from the inbox section. The app also has an email me option for items that are out of stock so you will be notified when more comes in. The app allows users to search for store listings and manage their account whether it be to edit information or track store points. The app is even more beneficial to women allowing the booking of makeovers appointments and more tools that could help them come to decisions with the products being sold by the retailer..Version: 18.8

BEST SHOPPING APP EVER!!!!BEST SHOPPING APP EVER!!!! Everything I need and want is soooooo easy to order! This is is BEST online shopping experience I've ever had! Easy to mark FAVS and add and edit your cart...unlike the nightmare mazes some stores force you to crawl through when you want to get in and out. And if you have some time read, watch videos learn new techniques, styles and literally "wander and window shop!" It's that shopper friendly of a site! I can research and review innovative....or just plain products!! And keep my makeup tower well stocked with my all time ab-fab favorites!! And I LOVE ALL OF THE SAMPLES AND PROMOS/REWARDS for shopping!!! I feel like a kid in a candy store!! We all like to feel like we are getting a little fun something extra! And plz plz plz don't forget to watch the FREE tutorial/videos from professional makeup artists linked right from the sight. They are sooo much fun and valuable information considering they are professionals!!!! There is also a concierge number you can call for advice and or help. GREAT JOB SEPHORA!!!.Version: 17.8

I LOVE SEPHORABefore I purchase any skincare products, makeup, brushes, hair products this is my go to app. I use this app mainly because it allows me to search for a product which I’m interested.. then I will read the full description, clean is best for me. Then I will read a majority of the reviews because my skin is super sensitive. I have two young daughters so I don’t have time to walk into the store blind, so this app allows me to dedicate myself to exactly what I’m buying, I am able to save the products, make sure they are available in the store near me and then as soon as I get to the store I have what I want so I’m in and out without a cry of my baby! It also doesn’t tempt me to buy other products since I stick to my list. Love it!.Version: 19.6.1

Good service and productsSkincare is a million there fragrances are brilliant they give you whatever you want and when your not sure about the scents you can always ask someone online which is amazing and all there make up and hair products are all amazing and when you need to ask about the products you can always ask online and they have great services they show you all the top products and they’ll do whatever they can to get you where you want to be There is only one problem with services. When you ask to look at other products they can be a bit slow so it depends on who your talking to and if your talking to someone really slow I recommend to skip and try again. Other than that everything is good. (4.5).Version: 22.21.2

I ❤️Sephora!!App is amazing! I’ve learned everything I know about the company and the customer service, promotions and rewards etc, by using the app! I was able to get MUCH more info just navigating through it the last few months than I ever did in the store! I love the free samples and beauty offers!! Shopping w Sephora is my favorite thing! However it’s gotten me into some debt for sure! Lol but I DO love that o can use my JCPENNY credit card and make payments in the penny’s store which happens to be two blocks away-super convenient! The closest stores are at least 30 minutes away which stinks if I have returns. It’s hard for me to print returns labels without a computer or printer; that’s the only annoying thing. It hasn’t stopped me from making a zillion purchases!! Lol.Version: 19.3

Pretty buggyI love the idea of the app and definitely the content, however for 2 days now I have been trying to get to my cart to check out with miscellaneous errors. I’ve restarted the app and reset my WiFi which seemed to get me there, however, when I got to my cart several items were sold out. Defeated I moved on with my order only to get stuck at the screen where you enter a credit card. Every time I entered the expiration date on the card it would auto correct the month to an erroneous date and declined payment. After 6 attempts I finally set the date to a month later than what the actual date is and the auto correct made it to the correct month. If I was any less self conscious about running around without foundation I probably would have given up and walked away..Version: 18.3.2

Super simpleI’ve always been a dime store make up shopper and never cared much for luxury brands or spending much on skin care. That said, my needs were simpler for a long time. Discovering Sephora the last six months or so and particularly the app has been so helpful. Seeing what I’ve bought before to be sure I get the right shades, having the ability to return and replace shades that don’t work getting free trial and sample sizes to test all makes it worth it. I still don’t spend on luxury brands but I can comparison shop much more easily and with confidence. The app can be a little glitchy at times and though I have a color profile, I’m not confident that it is choosing make up shades for me on that basis. It would be great if it could show that it is a match, a near match or that the skin profile color couldn’t be matched. I’d be much more confident trying new shades in that case. Overall awesome app and awesome service model. Love Sephora..Version: 19.4.1

No PayPal optionLove the app. The only thing it’s missing is the option to pay with Pay Pal (need to use the website if using Pay Pal)..Version: 21.4

Love the Store but ADORE the app!!I’m a rouge member and love that I can pick up any items or item with free delivery! Sephora has everything I want need and even more, the app makes it so easy to find and purchase!.Version: 19.2.1

CANADIANS EXIST!!!Useless app. can’t ship anything to Canada..Version: 20.17

Good app but could be betterThe app is pretty good, easy to use, layout looks good. What I would suggest is when you go on an item from general searching, you should be able to see if you have purchased it before and if you rated it..Version: 23.6.1

I love Sephora but this version is not my favorite. SorryNormally I would give you guys and gals app a five as a Rouge member. You all are amazing but this version is slightly lacking for my needs. I have problems with my loves list and the try on products feature is very dismal now. I don’t always want to chat now with a beauty expert and find that annoying. I’m often trying to simply read the description of a product and that pops up and I get annoyed and just change my mind. I just need to know if a product will work for sensitive skin or something I don’t always want to chat. But I still love your products even though I lately have been getting samples that I did not want instead of the ones I did request. But I guess that’s life..Version: 18.2

Great except…Great app. Love the rewards. But as of Aug 16/22 in needs an update to fix the glitchy pages not loading properly..Version: 22.16

Sephora is a girls best friend!I love Sephora, and the app! Always fast shipping, always great customer service when you do need them. Package lost in transit? They’ll send you a new package out ASAP with all the items your originally ordered! Not to mention the endless brands they have - always quick to have the latest and greatest in makeup, skincare, perfumes…everything! My favorite part is the Sephora rewards. Coupons you can earn with points gained - or you can keep saving and saving for the ultimate reward! - 10$ off every 500 points (believe me it doesn’t take long to hit that 500 mark) but you can also save to the next bracket of 1,000 for 20$ off…every 500 points. Birthday freebies. Free Trial samples upon check out- it’s just like the store…from home…with the app! (You know for the days you don’t wanna put on all the makeup you bought at Sephora just to go out and public to buy more 😜)..Version: 21.13.1

BugsMany bugs w the new updates smh.Version: 23.10

Smart, Easy, & Necessary App!If you are a Sephora shopper than the Sephora app is 100% necessary, the Sephora app helps you keep track of your past purchases making it easy to reorder your favorite items, keeps track of your points so you can cash them in and receive free items in the bazaar, allows you to view products and reviews from other customers, and more. You can tailor your experience on the app to your wants, likes, and needs such as skin sensitivity, condition of your hair, eye color etc. the list goes on! Checking out is quick too you can save your methods of payment and PAY is available as well. It has made the shopping experience much more efficient!.Version: 19.8

Easy to use, not as easy to trustThe app is very user friendly and comprehensive. It’s full of lots of special features but I mainly use it to shop and read product reviews. Unfortunately these days new products may have plenty of reviews—more than you’d expect at that point—but they’re all or almost all from people that have been given the product for free in exchange for feedback. For one thing, I see a lot of the exact same words/phrasing on many different products making the opinions feel like canned responses. Also, without knowing who is providing the product and for what reason/program it’s being provided by and what the relationship/role of the reviewer is to them, I can’t help but be skeptical and wonder if their glowing reviews are actually provided so as to obtain or “earn” more free products. Also, like another reviewer mentioned, I really hate that they removed the Q&A feature on each product’s description. That was often very helpful when the descriptions were too short and uninformative..Version: 19.2

Best everI used to shop with Ulta, but using the Sephora app to buy my makeup has saved me time and money! They have so many fun deals and you can add 2 free samples to your cart to try more products. Customer service is right there if you have any questions (and they have been so kind to me) and the reviews are right there also. I can find people with my skin type and see if they like the products or not! I love it. It’s a fantastic app and store. I always feel appreciated and beautiful when I spend time in the store! Only reason I took a star off is because I never get the samples I order, it always ends up being something different which is disappointing when I’m really excited to try one thing... but I’ve loved all the products I’ve tried anyways!.Version: 19.5

GREAT APPThe best, easy and free. Prefer to coming instore..Version: 23.10

App worth usingSo - apps. There are good bad and ugly. I like the Sephora app - definitely good - my emails open in my app (squee) and not in a browser. I like that I randomly place items in the Basket and a month later when I have money - they are still there. No pesky session time-out notices. I love the filter and the more than 4 options for sort. This is a good app - dare I say “great”? The only reason I am not giving it five stars is the “Find a Foundation” and “Find a Mascara” functions. They need work. Especially the foundation - Hey Sephora - even my app has my color match family. How about you tell me what color that equates to in the foundations returned? Cause it is awesome on narrowing down formula and brand - but which of the 49 shades are my match?.Version: 18.6

Good app but missing a few important things...This is a great shopping app but to give some constructive criticism it’s missing a few important things and also I find it hard to navigate sometimes/a bit jumbled/too much crammed in. 1. Reviews are super important I think for most people when choosing a new beauty product and while the app does show reviews it’s missing a couple key things: -Photos: I know that people can upload photos to their reviews (I’m assuming on the website) but I guess those photos can also only be seen on aforementioned website because in the reviews people mention the photos they’ve uploaded to the review but I’m unable to access/see them. -Key Words: Some apps with reviews find key words mentioned often and put them at the top for people to click on and filter the reviews they are interested in seeing. The app doesn’t have that. 2. Easy Search-ability- there are too many categories and sub categories and what feels like hidden things. I would rather it be more easy and simple. For instance there was an error with an order I made and I had to search for quite awhile to find the “my orders” tab. 3. A chat customer service feature would be great. 4. Less redirecting to the regular website..Version: 19.4.1

MaquillerSuper j’adore cette boutique.Version: 21.4

Freakin LOVE IT!!This is hands down the best shopping app I’ve ever tried!! I’ve deleted idk how many apps because they made shopping more difficult and who needs that?? Or, they were just difficult to navigate in general.. I think it’s great how it keeps tabs of All your purchases, online and in-store, so that’s you never have to go back and try to remember what that one thing was that you loved so much, but just can’t remember which shade/brand/style/etc it was? Everything is right there, and it also keeps up with past orders, so, if you need to return something, or exchange something, all the info the clerk will need is right there. I have zero complaints about it! Well.. except for that it’ll remind me I have stuff in my basket, and that I should really go back and get it lol...Version: 19.8

Better than real life!Going into Sephora is often daunting to me. I love it, but it’s loud, crowded, and there are too many products that overwhelm the senses. (Yes, I have considered that I might fall somewhere on the spectrum but it has never been confirmed.) This app is a brilliant alternative to joining the highly decorated in-crowd and all their very painted faces. All the details, everything I need to search and make choices, right here in one easy-to-navigate location. They have also added product videos, which is amazing. A great addition to an already wonderful virtual shop. Shipping is also generally more prompt than promised, which is divine! Thank you, Sephora! Life as a girl is better with your app!.Version: 20.20.3

Quick peeks so easy!I love having this app so I can take a quick peek without being obvious, no need for my iPad or laptop so no one knows what I’m up to. I love that I can search makeup and can make purchases without (my husband) anyone knowing what I’m up to or that I’m not paying attention to them. It works effortlessly and unlike other beauty websites, it gives excellent descriptions of products! The only frustration is that sometimes when selecting my 3 free samples with purchase, I receive something different than what I was looking forward to trying. I’ve been told this is because they run would be nice if they could keep that updated. But bottom line, I LOVE this app! (And ease of purchase gets me in trouble sometimes! Buyer beware! LOL!).Version: 18.4.1

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