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NOAA Hurricane Center Negative Reviews

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NOAA Hurricane Center App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

NOAA Hurricane Center app received 25 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using NOAA Hurricane Center? Can you share your negative thoughts about noaa hurricane center?

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NOAA Hurricane Center for Negative User Reviews

Does not work anymoreUsed to really like this and rely upon it. Maybe if enough people rate it at one star NOAA will update to work with current IOS. PLEASE UPDATE. people rely on this!.Version: 3.5

You fooled meI cannot believe I fell for your promise. I live in New Zealand and a cyclone is headed our way yet your app says nothing about it despite promising western pacific information. What a waste of money!.Version: 3.5

Useless AppJust downloaded and find the touchscreen for presentation selections doesn't work. Data is outdated and totally useless..Version: 3.5

Regret PurchasingMediocre graphics, front page ‘interactive’ map that isn’t, and no string models unlike the much more informative and elegant Max Tracker app. Simply re-displays NOAA feeds that are free there for the looking..Version: 4.1

Nothing SpecialDisappointed in that there’s nothing here that you wouldn’t get for free at In fact, the website works better with my iPad than this app. It should be priced at $0.99..Version: 4.5

DifficultI’m not trained in meteorology. All I want are: The forecast models and the cone predictions. To understand the junk on this app you’d better have a drgree in meteorology. It is a waste of my time..Version: 5.0

Disappointed.It’s not worth the money. It’s not very user friendly. How come there is no full active satellite view ranging from Africa to the gulf. A lot of storms start off the coast of Africa..Version: 4.1

Refund pleaseFirst, this app does not function properly. Only good for radar. The Florida/Bahamas radar cuts off Pensacola. Do you need help with maps? I live in Pensacola!.Version: 3.5

Update the appIt has not been updated since 2013 get on board. I just spent $1.99 on this. Update or I want a refund..Version: 3.5

Needs update for iOS11 ASAPWe are in the middle of a very active hurricane season this year. PLEASE update this app to be compatible with iOS11 ASAP. Sincerely, a survivor of Hurricane Harvey in Corpus Christi, TX..Version: 3.5

RickCould improve on the graphics and send notifications of severe weather.Version: 4.1

Absolutely uselessThe maps just don't work. Ever! Don't buy..Version: 3.5

Noaa hurricaneWant my money back! this was useless to me when the hurricane hit hawaii! it had less radar coverage/ information than the general weather app! waste of my money! I tried to post a more detailed complaint and it said my nickname was taken and erased the whole thing!.Version: 3.5

Horrible! I want my money back!!Supposed to be able to use the interactive map. Supposed to be able to tap any storm activity to get more information, it just leads to a dead page. NOAA hurricane works better on a laptop or desktop, not as an app. Very disappointed!!.Version: 3.5


UselessThis app is not worth the money. My radar tells more and it's free. When you live in an area of hurricane potential, and ya pay for the ap you expect a little more information!! Want my money back!.Version: 3.5

Horrible.Update: push notifications send text the make no sense. Very difficult to tell what it is referring to. Annoying push alert sound. I turned it off. This application uses the smallest pixelated graphics known to man. Clicking in the Atlantic area presents the user with graphics that are titled animated radar when in fact they are satellite images. Severely disappointed with this application. Much better tracking apps available in the app store, don't waste your money..Version: 2.5

West pacific trackingNone that I can see , and they claim it does, unless you include a satellite image that has partial coverage of the area..Version: 3.5

WorthlessThis app is worthless. You get more on the NOAA website, and free.Version: 4.1

Could be much betterThis app does not present the info in landscape, so the tablet must be turned Ed 90 degrees to view the map. The map is still much smaller than the same info on the NOAA website. Plus, the info provided is not as comprehensive or easily accessed. Not worth downloading..Version: 4.5

I Phone 7 PlusI have rated this app at one star only because I could not rate it at one/half star. The reason for this is that does not work on my I Phone 7 Plus. And during this hurricane season that is not a good thing..Version: 3.5

Where’s it at?I downloaded this app hoping it would be a quick and easy way to track hurricanes. It appears to be a portal to NOAA. While that’s fine, I can’t seem to access things on NOAA’s page, like the prediction cones. Where’s that at? I wish I could’ve just reached out to the app developer, instead of writing a poor review hoping they’ll get back in touch with me, but it just took me to their website where it looks like they don’t even show this app any longer. Can I get my money back? Dave.Version: 4.5

Not worth even freeNot live, no cone projection, little details- piece of junk!.Version: 5.0

Doesn’t work for ios 11Don’t waste your money. App doesn’t work with ios 11. Doesn’t even open..Version: 3.5

Just a link to the website you can access for free.There’s nothing to this app. It doesn’t work well on an iPad and all it does is take you to the free website accessible to anyone. Waste of money to the point it’s fraudulent..Version: 4.5

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NOAA Hurricane Center works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact NOAA Hurricane Center.

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