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ReviewWayyy better then fox.Version: 7.13

I must be the only Canadian who gets thisThe app works great. To be fair though I have a US provider at my recreational property and use that to sign in..Version: 6.18.2

Very informativeMy favourite news app.Version: 7.13

FrustratedI love MSNBC, and I have my favorite shows. However, I don’t have time to sit in front of the TV, which has made this app perfect for me. I can start my show on my app, grab my earphones, and listen as I go about my chores. While there have been times when the app would quit (as stated in at least one user’s review), it still worked well enough that I didn’t feel the need to complain. However, yesterday it quit working at all with live programs. I finally deleted the app and reloaded it—twice—hoping that would fix it. It didn’t. While it still works great with day-after viewing, I really would love to listen to real-time programing. I don’t think it’s my device that’s broken because all my other apps still work fine. Please check on the app and fix it. I would greatly appreciate that. 😊.Version: 7.18.2

Amazing news!Like everyone on this show. great news coverage.Version: 7.12

Love the App for keeping me updated politicallyThis is one of the few apps that I watch consistently for current political updates on the. Coronavirus, the insanity and incompetence of Donald Trump trying to act presidential, and news breaks as they happen. What I like best is it provides the facts in a truthful manner and gives insight into the misinformation and rumors circulated by the White House, internet groups, etc. It provides one with enough information to make a rational and informed decision and perspective on what is going on in the US and the as World. I can also access it on my SiriusXM on channel 118 in my car at any time. Love Rachael, Morning Joe Arbrie all of them except Josh. Keep the truth flowing about the threats to our democracy. I can only speak for me..Version: 7.12

BLMGood app, very informative BLM.Version: 7.13

Kudos to Rachel, thumbs down to podcast editorsRachel gives some of the best newscasting available, and I’m grateful her show is available via podcast. Lately, however, the people who put together the podcasts insert commercials mid-sentence of the newscaster. This is ridiculous. And it is outrageous. It is disruptive to the listener and also to the message - actual news - that is being conveyed. Are these partisan players who want to debunk the news? Or are they just incompetent? This is also happening on other msnbc show like Lawrence O’Donnell and Brian Williams. Knock it off! It’s sleazy and demeaning to the newscasters, and disrespectful to listeners..Version: 7.17

I'm so glad this app exists!We spend much time in areas we can't get satellite, so we rely on streaming when we are in the RV. App support was very helpful when I couldn't watch live on my iPad, and they made it possible. My only complaint is how long it takes to get episodes up on the app. Since we are on the west coast, Morning Joe is over by the time we get up, so we can't watch live. We can stream on you tube, each hour is available almost as soon as it has finished playing. I'd love if MSNBC would break the program up into hour-long blocks and make all available on the app sooner. I don't know why the whole show isn't available, instead of just a fraction. I always (mostly) enjoy the variety of speakers in the program and you are short changing the viewers by not having the whole show availability. I'd much rather watch the whole thing on MSNBC than some random Chinese channel on you tube..Version: 6.18.2

In times like this when we have such a horrific ‘president’This is the one place i can find news that the most horrific, lying, traitorous whitehose does not control. I do have to limit how much i watch as my dr is afraid i will have a heart attack. I already had heart surgery last june and my brother the following month had a quadruple bypass and we are neither old nor out of shape. I am so repulsed by the way the republicans have rolled over and paved the way for trump to destroy our democracy. I do not trust our elections anymore and obviously the checks and balances i was brought up to believe were in place, are not. This is a horror show but you give me hope. I.Version: 6.18.2

A. Canadian viewer !I’m a long time viewer of msnbc.. & Arie Bieber, Rachel Maddow , &Lawrence O’Donnell are watch every day ! Superb reporting !!!.Version: 7.33

FactsMSNBC the anchors and news stories are fact and if a mistake they issue an apology. F—- news is all propaganda no facts just opinions, and CNN has made a mistake by not wanting toPresent the facts as I truly are. Ive watched MSNBC news for 20 years I think so anyway .I don’t know how long I’m assuming msnbc been in existence 20 years my late wife and I had a good time and learning time and look forward and had good time together Watching Rachel Lawrence Ed Schultz Chris Matthews and watched all the anchors that are on now grow through the program thanks so much I never write reviews John Moody lover of all democratic party since 1984.Version: 7.39

Best app ever.My go to news app for reliable information ❤️.Version: 7.13

Perfect News SourceI appreciate news stories that seem logical, and details are important. The facts backed by proof are essential. The more facts I am given, the easier it is to find a flaw in what is being reported. I find no flaws in Rachel Maddow’s reporting. Rachel Maddow’s ability to present what came first leading up to an important news story makes her easy to follow even when the news story gets complicated. I am able to comprehend because she is a gifted and succinct communicator. Once I have the big picture, I am able to follow the news by going to many other different sources in search of more information. She is a role model for me in her ability as a communicator and she has integrity when it comes to reporting news that matters..Version: 7.27

The GreatestI love the network factual, insightful and highly professional. I have no favourite, reporter. You are all really good at reporting the facts. I find it wonderful to know the truth in a world full of lies. Selling false information for political gains is not your game and I appreciate that. I would like to thank you for keeping it real. You save me so much time in my day. Just because I watch MSNBC!.Version: 9.6.0

The good and the badMy rating would be higher if I was considering only content as I avidly watch almost all of the MSNBC shows. I’d be willing to pay to avoid some of the ads that are repetitious, even sometimes in the same ad block, and never targeted to my demographic or interests. Freezing is a greater problem with this app than any other I use. Also the app does not remember where I left off watching when I return to a show when resuming the app. I know this is a free app but this feature, present in other apps, would really help the older user. Kudos to your show hosts who are very skilled and interesting to watch. I would appreciate a little bit more national and yes international news to temper my strong interest in all things Washington DC. Thank you making this content available and please keep addressing the freezing problem..Version: 6.18.2

Do BetterMSNBC’s evening line-up is excellent reporting. I refuse, however, to watch the daytime shows because they constantly focus on the Biden administration’s and Democrats’ “failures”. Rather than boosting the overwhelmingly good to great accomplishments they have done for the country. I realize that progressive Democrats expect more but MSNBC should be pointing out the huge number of challenges thrust upon the POTUS administration as a result of the prior administration, the pandemic & world events. MSNBC should be explaining to its viewers the operations of government and how the Democrats hands are tied and the need to elect more in order to accomplish wha5 progressives want. Focus on what’s happening good nut the bad. Democracy is hanging on by a thread and MSNBC should be helping Americans understand that especially since under an authoritarian rule, the media will be first to go. Do better!.Version: 7.35.0

My favorite channelI am a teacher that works up to 12 hours a day so I often miss my favorite MS NBC shows but now I don’t have to worry about taking them I can just put the app on and enjoy them while I’m grading papers at home or at school. It’s a tossup between Nicole Wallace deadline White House Chris Matthews hardball or Rachel Maddow but now I get to watch them all the time. Makes me happy but nothing Can ever make me happier than to see Donald Trump being removed from the White House. Perhaps will be able to restore sanity, civility and the marker say to this country that I love so dearly. Anyway thanks for making this available 24 seven.Version: 6.18.2

Good customer serviceI keep getting requests to rate this app and usually don’t because I am either annoyed at it when it’s not working or just want to watch my show when it is. The things that regularly annoy me are the sign in when it tells me “this show is not included with your subscription (it is!) check with your provider” or they don’t get shows uploaded in a timely manner. I generally watch the previous evening shows while I’m getting ready in the morning. It’s annoying when they aren’t uploaded. Also, I find it annoying that the app doesn’t always remember where I am in the show. I shouldn’t have to make a mental note that I’m 29 minutes in and then fast forward and watch MORE commercials to get there. Having said all that, I’m writing because I got so frustrated with the sign in problem that I emailed the help folks never expecting a response. I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from them really quickly and they were incredibly polite and fixed the problem. Since then, I still have to sign in more often than I’d like, but at least it accepts my sign in attempt each time. Also, when I was searching for help I found the live stream that I hadn’t known was there. That’s also a nice feature. So, your customer service earns an extra star. Make sure they know..Version: 6.18.0

AppI love the app..Version: 6.18.2

Great Programming, but what’s up with Spanish commercials?I watch MSNBC on app practically all day, from Way Too Early to the 11th Hour. But lately most of the commercials are in Spanish. Is bilingual TV programming hip these days?? There are some people who might be highly offended by this, however I am not one of them. To be honest, when I’m ready to buy something I’m going to do all of my homework not just believe what is loaded into my brain in between Morning Joe and Dealine White House. So the fact that I can’t understand them helps me to ignore them even more. I’m sure Verizon and Honda don’t want to hear that. The only English commercials I hear anymore are about cancer, sleep apnea and bowel problems. It would be better if you could just choose what language you want to hear programming in, to be fair all around. Otherwise please make all the commercials in Spanish, Cantonese, or any other language so I don’t have to pay any attention to any of them..Version: 7.19

Working OK for me... Why??All the excoriating negative reviews here left me confused, as I'm not experiencing any of the problems described. After giving this a bit of thought, I've come up with a couple ideas that might explain it. 1) Maybe my ISP is faster or more consistent than most. I'm going through Xfinity with a measured downstream in excess of 100Mbps. Don't remember what it's advertised as, but that's what I'm getting. 2) Maybe my TV provider (Dish) is better than most. Maybe their interface with MSNBC is better than most? I never even have to sign in at MSNBC anymore because the app remembers my Dish account and apparently verifies it in background. (Using the iPhone app.) 3) Speaking of which... Maybe the iPhone app was separately developed from the apps directed at other devices and is just better. In short, I don't get crashes, freezes, logging in over and over... Just doesn't happen. So, if so many others are experiencing these things, but NOT with other networks' apps... that does kinda go to the idea that this app is maybe coded inefficiently or in some way poorly. You shouldn't have to have an A-list TV/internet setup to watch a news feed. I hate to see MSNBC take these hits on their website; they're one of the few entities holding this country together against the rising tide of lies and deceit. They need to be worthy of our support..Version: 6.18.0

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