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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls app received 115 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls? Can you share your negative thoughts about talkatone: wifi text & calls?

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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t ringThe app is useless if my phone doesn’t ring! You have to be in the app and your screen has to be on for it to ring. This is not helpful..Version: 5.8.0

OkThis app was great at first then suddenly without warning cut off my phone call. then my calls were all going straight to voicemail. i looked it up (because the app didn't warn me this happens) and was told there's a "fair use" policy where if you use it enough it will block you so you can't make/receive any calls. It doesn't tell you how many you can have before it will start blocking them nor does it say when you'll be able to receive calls again. Can you please put some more information on your website about this because it's really unclear for people trying to use the app? i’m really annoyed because i’ve got no way for my partner to contact me. very disappointing.Version: 6.4.19

Worst customer service! "Message failed" error messageI've been using this app for a while and was working fine before. But for the last couple of weeks I keep getting a "message failed" msg when trying to send msgs. Not sure why I have done anything that may cause them to block me from sending message. I emailed them about it a few days ago, they said I could not send messages for 24 hours,,,why? I have no clue! Anyhow they responded to my first inquiry listing reason I may have gotten blocked. To make a long story short, I have not violated any of there rules which leaves me in the same confused position. I responded to there email three days ago and have been ignored ever since. I have been recommending this app to others but now I regret doing so. They respond to reviews, but for some reason not to emails. I'm assuming because these are public. Not sure what happened to the "talkatone" I knew before... <thumbs down>.Version: 6.4.5

BadDoes nothin as described.Version: 1.3.3

ReviewHello Talkatone. I have a few problems with this app, which is why I couldn’t rate it five stars. First of all, it should be completely free to burn your number, for an infinite amount of times. Like, why do we need to pay to burn our number a second time? We should be able to burn our number as many times as we want. It’s that simple. Second of all, this is a bit of a question instead of a problem. Can you contact anyone outside of Talkatone? Like, can you contact people that don’t use Talkatone and don’t even have the app. And can people contact you that don’t use Talkatone or don’t have the app. Is this in any way possible? If it’s not, than that’s a problem. So, can you fix these problems in the next update, and if you do, I’ll rate five stars :)..Version: 6.3.11

Reliability Not To Be Expected! 🫤Forget using Talkatone If you intend to keep the same phone number for the long term. Even after using this for way over 3 years with the same number & email address they suddenly blocked me. No warning or reason! When I emailed their customer service I finally received a typical auto response explanation along with the suggestion to just create a new account with a different email address to start using their app again. However, I would NOT be able to have access to my original phone number again! I would be given a new one. So, if you are wanting to use this app to have a separate number for business purposes I wouldn’t recommend depending on it at all! FYI: It is an early red flag to customers when certain types of businesses keep changing their contact info without a heads up. If you want a clear path to success in regards to a fruitful business then I don’t recommend using Talkatone due to the way they do business..Version: 6.4.20

App not 🚫 working anymore NO SUPPORT!As a Talkatone Plus Subscriber I have sent HIVE Support request over the past three weeks,Reporting that all incoming calls go immediately to voicemail, and all outgoing calls are terminated on the first ring! I have credit on my account and paid subscription.I rarely use the app, so fair use policy has nothing to do with it! but when I do need it it’s very important, for receiving calls on this USA no, while abroad. I reported this to Apple App Store Support twice and they are now investigating it to see if they can get a response from Talkatone. it’s very frustrating and disappointing to be paying for a non-functioning app to a developer who can’t be bothered to support it! 👎🏻.Version: 6.4.5

Worst calling app everThey will trick you into agreeing with their rules and then they will own you.Version: 6.4.2

If I could put 0 I wouldEverything was perfect the number worked and I was able to get my job going with this app since I still don’t have a working phone. Right when I needed it the most, I suddenly could not text out or make calls. I would receive calls and texts but I could not respond or call back. I messaged support and they said it would be fixed in 24 hours and my account had violated some guideline and that I had been sent an email about it. I NEVER GOT A EMAIL ABOUT BREAKING ANY GUIDELINES OR RULES. I sent another email requesting that they look into it. Never got a response. I still cannot make calls or texts. I signed out, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still nothing. Now no one will email me back or fix the problem. This made me almost lose out on a job. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone if they will not help and it’s unreliable.Version: 6.4.5

Fair share should have help to fix problemsNow what I will never recommend this app no service. It they know how to take your money.Version: 6.4.21

There has been an issueI tried to sign up and i pressed get number but it didnt let me! Sometime it will have to get fixed because i really want to call my friends but because of this issue, I cant! It wont let me even get past the get number bit. I had to rate it ⭐️ out of ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ because of this bug but hopefully it will get fixed soon and i will be able to call my friend 😊 i will keep my hopes up for that. Made on 30th December 2022.Version: 6.4.14

GarbageCalls don’t connect most of the time.Version: 6.3.18

TerribleI used to use this app but it's impossible. There are a lot of ads which make the call drop..Version: 3.0.1

Message poor!Calls are good I regularly make and receive calls from the USA to me in the UK but messaging I can only text exactly two sentences anything more than that then the person doesn’t receive the text message at all! Please fix!.Version: 5.7.8

Verification code is inaccessibleWhen you sign into the app, you're sent a verification code by e-mail. This code is (for some reason) contained in an image, which makes it totally inaccessible to screen reader users. So basically, I'd love to give this app a fair review, but at the moment I can't even complete the sign in process accessibly. There are millions of blind and low-vision people out there, and I'm a little sad that someone designed this verification system without considering us, especially because this app used to be very accessible once upon a time..Version: 6.4.13

May not be what you need from an extra numberI use this to dial in to a community conference call almost every morning. (My regular phone company started charging extra fees for dialing in to conference call numbers which wasn’t in my original contract, so this was my workaround.) -Sometimes (okay, often) the connection is terrible, has static, echoes, disconnects, etc. I would not use this for a work or any type of call where a bad connection would look unprofessional or cause a serious problem. Since the group I’m dialing is a casual one, not at all related to work or anything time sensitive, it’s not the end of the world if I lose my connection. -Recently, in addition to the ads at the bottom of the screen, there is a nag screen that blocks the keypad and prevents me from dialing unless I allow tracking. I’d rather not, so I may have to find something else. -Last, there is always a little ad saying that you can dispose of the phone number and burn a new one. Seems like it would help if you wanted privacy, right? But it also seems that when I dialed out my full real name is displayed to the call recipient, so there goes the privacy aspect. If you want a private second number I don’t think this would be good for that..Version: 6.4.3

Login bug and unhelpful supportApp was great when was working. Due to a bug it has log me out and doesn’t let me login. I have tried everything suggested by support team and still not working. Support customer service is extremely bad. Every time an email is sent they respond with a pre-written message asking to follow a number of steps. They kept sending the same email every single time regardless what you send. In essence if you need help don’t bother contacting them, as you will only waste your time....Version: 6.2.8

Have issues sending picsUnable to send pics. My pics aren’t going through.Version: 6.4.21

Took my number backWhat a stupid, I had this number over one year, and today I came to know this number of mine is taken away from me, and asking me to choose a different number. Why should I.....Version: 5.7.9

Not workingTried many numbers but not working. Always server error..Version: 6.4.19

1.5 stars updated reviewI planned to write here in a week but its been something like a month. After a period of time suddenly the app stops notifying when messages come in. Also the app progressively got less consistent with message delivery as time has passed. Day 1 review: "I deleted this before because it was to glitchy I decided to give the app another try today, so far so good. There have been two crashes already today but Nice layout everything has been sent and received quickly, no other glitches or obtrusive adds, service is actually free :)) all good so far. Lost half a star cuz two crashes in less than a day and you lost one full star because the "do not disturb" setting on my iphone does not impact your app. Not sure if that last one is within the devs power but i feel like it aught to be, perhaps i just didnt see a do not disturb within the app or have some other setting arri, i will update review in a week or two after i have used it more.".Version: 5.7.9

Great potential, awfully executedNot only do the calls rarely go through, but when they do its very hard to understand the other side. The UI is very hard to use and it is slow and unresponsive. The self advertising is extremely detracting from the overall app experience and is one reason why I refuse to recommended anyone to Talkatone. Furthermore the inclusion of SMS texting in the app as well as calls I feel also detracts from the overall experience. Usually I love when apps consolidate tasks, but Talkatone does it so poorly I wish it was just completely removed, especially the addition of 'sent via [link]' automatically included at the end of every text. I am so happy that there is an app for this, it makes communicating with people in the states from other countries amazingly easy and cheap, but this app is so bad that I end up just using Gmail to phone people 95% of the time. I wish that it worked better and was more reliable..Version: 1.0.4

Not suitable for use outside the USAs I live outside the US, this app is not fit for purpose. This app should be taken off this regional version of the App Store..Version: 6.3.7

Group messages blocks you and restrict your messagesGot a new number and sent a group message to friends and family of my new number and was instantly cut off from sending messages because Talkatone flagged my group text as going over the daily usage limit. Just for context there were less than 10 friends and family members In the group text so they would know how to contact me. Also, this was the only text I sent. Talkatone instantly blocked me and didn’t allow me to respond back to family and friends who I just sent my new number to. This makes no sense to be blocked for sending one group chat. If group chat isn’t allowed or not supported then it should be known from the start, or not possible to even do rather than blocking people for simply sending your new number to your friends and family members. If group chats are supported and this is just an error or bug than it really needs to be fix..Version: 6.4.15

Why are my photos not sending anymore?Help..Version: 6.1.1

App crashing frequently after updateThis app is crashing on google voice call soon after the update :( sad testing team.Version: 1.4

Don't get itI don't get this thing it would be good if they showed u properly( I've looked at the instructions) I'm still saving it tho just in case I know how to use it.Version:

HiHow are you?.Version: 6.0.1

Message FailureThis app is beginning to annoy me, this was my best app but now you guys are really frustrating me seriously, my messages keeps saying sending failed, then it works again and says sending failed when I haven’t even reached a daily limit.Version: 6.4.7

It’s all rightNote: I am using this app on an iPod. There are pros and cons. Pros: it’s free. You can text or call anyone on any phone without the other person having to use the same app or sign up for something. And regardless of what type of phone the person has. The call feature works well. I have made and received phone calls with no issues. Advertisements are unobtrusive and do not interrupt use. Cons: The texting feature is riddled with bugs. It does not connect well with contacts list on my device. So I often can’t see who I’ve been texting with. Despite my volume being on and setting for notifications being on, it does not audibly notify me when I get texts. It does send a visual notification, but I only see it, obviously, if I’m already looking at my device. It may or may not save text history. That’s very spotty. Sometimes it saves only one half the conversation. Sometimes none. Sometimes only the last text sent or received. Those are the issues I can think of off the top of my head. Can’t comment upon video chat or group chat. Haven’t used that. Also, not sure if it’s available with this app..Version: 5.7.9

Phone calls keep disconnecting.Phone calls keeps disconnecting. Very annoying.Version: 6.1.2

Greedy for moneyI did give this app 4 stars but I’m changing it to 1. I paid for Talkatone plus to use features, and there are still ads! To remove ads you have to pay $1.99/month on top of the monthly subscription of $3.99 to be able to use call forwarding. Honestly, if you pay a subscription you shouldn’t have to see ads, period. I am just so grateful that I can use this app while my phone service is temporarily shut off. It works with only WiFi, which I didn’t believe until it actually worked. I’m only giving 4 stars because, while it is a lifesaver (jobsaver too!), the call quality is really bad - and sometimes when people call me it’ll ring 7-8 times on their end & they’ll hang up but it won’t actually ring on my phone until 3-4 minutes later. The moral of the story is... it will keep you in communication with the rest of the world 👍 -but don’t count on it for emergencies..Version: 5.8.8

Not workingThis app was great at first but suddenly the phone does not ring when someone calls mad it so frustrating Barr in mind notifications are on both on the phone and on the app but just receive an email with voicemail notification. This is really bad.Version: 6.3.18

SketchyI was on hold for over an hour waiting to speak to someone important but at the 1 hour 14 minute mark the elevator music stopped and all of a sudden a ladies voice in another language said something😱 I said Hello and the voice said whatever she said a second time, It was not who I was waiting for! Someone is listening to our conversations!!! DONOT use this app! Sketchy.Version: 6.4.4

Sluggish and too many “Message Failure”I’ve been using this app for almost 3 years, and everything has been great. There was a lag and it is a little slow, but that wasn’t an issue. However, these past two weeks, I haven’t been getting any notifications, and my notification settings is always on. Sometimes I would get one notification out of every 10 or so messages I receive. Plus, when I double tap to erase a word in text, and select the whole message. It makes it really hard to edit the message after I’ve typed it. There also is a lot of message failure when I try to send images, it just shows up as a link and then it says message failure! It’s very frustrating! Every time I want to check that I got a message I have to open up onto the app. I would really like it if it was fixed, thank you!.Version: 6.3.17

DO NOT USE. Terrible app, terrible serviceUPDATE: Months after reaching out to Talkatone Support, nothing has been done to address my problems. And there are more problems now! The app still doesn’t ring when calls come in. But now it also confuses text messages in group chats, sends texts only on occasion, and sends some calls to the wrong numbers! And you can bet Support doesn’t care, not even for a paying customer. Give this app a hard pass! There are plenty of other ones to try, where they’re more likely to treat you like a (paying) human being! OLD REVIEW: This app does not ring when it receives phone calls! It just makes a loud beep when the caller is leaving a voicemail. This costs me valuable work! I pay $1.99 a month for this app. The least it could do is tell me when I’m getting a phone call! Instead of beeping after the call as if to say, “oh, a job was trying to reach you, but they’ve hung up now”!!!.Version: 5.9.6

Failing VoicemailThe voicemail fails to load in this version of Talkatone. The other version has working voicemail. Can you fix it?.Version: 6.3.11

RubbishThis is the most rubbish app in this whole entire world If you are reading do not get this app all the other5 star reviews Are bots so do not get this app also I got hacked and 1567$ is gone so don’t the app I’m just here to warn you if you want to get scammed and hacked get this app So this is the last time I’m going to tell you DONT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!.Version: 6.3.7

I paid the $3.99 & Talkatone emails me back this reply ?Hello, Please note that Talkatone does not offer unlimited out-of-network sms service or calls. You should have received an email from us warning about FAIR USE LIMITS. These refer to an effort to curb abuse of our system, which could potentially become overloaded. It also limits spamming. By sending too many messages in a too short a time period, it strikes quicker if a user sends a lot but doesn't receive any messages or doesn't make/receive calls. If the service is abused by a user, we reserve the right to limit future usage. Unfortunately, you will be unable to SEND SMS/MMS from this account for up to 24 hours. For more information on our Fair Use policies, please refer to the Talkatone Terms of Use. If you don't want to wait till your account resets then you can bypass daily texting limits by subscribing to Talkatone Plus. Talkatone Plus subscription is $3.99 per month. This service includes non-expiring phone number, call forwarding, bypassing daily texting limitations, & advanced voicemail, nothing else is included. Please note that the Talkatone Plus subscription is still subject to monthly text constraints. Bear in mind that transferring subscriptions is not allowed and only one subscription is allowed per account..Version: 6.4.22

Needs an updateI really do like this app, there are a few problems though 1. Sometimes my messages don't deliver and I'm unaware of this causing confusion in the conversation 2. It lags ALOT unless I delete my messages. The lag causes my typing to be very delayed then I have to delete the message and retype while still lagging. 3. The app itself just needs to have a better look. It's a very basic outdated looking design. Aside from that the app is great.Version: 5.6.6

App not working!!Hi the app stopped working as soon as I try to phone someone it logs out and gives me an error message! Please help!.Version: 6.3.9

Why do the calls cut after 15/16 min ?My calls keep cutting off just before 16min does anyone know how to prevent this? x.Version: 6.4.16

Used to be great now it’s unreliableHave no idea what has changed but lately it terminates all outgoing calls; incoming get cut off; text bubbles are empty and outside of wifi it just plain doesn’t work. What happened? I’ve used this app for 10 years and suddenly it’s garbage..Version: 6.4.4

ShabbyDoes not connect with Bluetooth devices..Version: 6.4.22

Not unlimited talk or textSo in the beginning of starting this app it seems like I was able to have the unlimited talk and text. Within a week I started getting censorship on my text messages saying my messages are failing they’re not going through and then I started receiving text messages from within the app saying that I used up all of the data and I’m trying to find out how much dada views and I don’t see anyLimit. But it’s still sending me text messages saying oh within 24 hours we’re gonna cut your text messages off or within 24 hours we can every story meanwhile none of my messages are going through. After that I get some kind of message to says I need to delete all of my messages and delete the entire app and now I have no access to the fail messages that I wanted to resend and for some reason I cannot get the app to restore so I cannot call I cannot text the app will not restore. Hopefully I can get it back up soon and I can resend those filed messages. I am perceiving this is a reliable app even if you wanted to make purchases with an app in the future I do not recommend..Version: 6.4.12

It’s a lieThough the app works fine, but there is no unlimited texts as promised after about 4 to 6 texts you will receive a message that you are reaching you texting limit and then you wil be cut off the service for twenty four hours. Being someone who like likes to support my apps I hate the lies and false advertising I have started saving their posts warning me about over using and I will have all the conversations available for all to view. Lastly who do you know that only makes 5 texts a day, I paid for the extras on the app…don’t give them any money they won’t honour any thing they problem …worse support ever. The only reason I am still on here is because I have clients who have the phone number and it is their only way to reach me. Sorry this seems so bleak but they refuse to respond when questions are asked …the only message I have gotten from support is ……oh well too bad ..nice support Talkatone.Version: 6.4.19

Meh fix itSometimes doesn’t ring And then sends you the voicemail so I know it has access to sound on my phone pain in the ass.Version: 6.3.9

Not allowing incoming callsWon’t let me receive incoming calls.Version: 6.4.16

Not worth the timeUsed this app a lot back in the day but and it was awesome now it's a pice of crap and won't even let you sign up or log in not worth the time is there was a zero star option I would've chosen that.Version: 5.7.6

It never rings.It was great but it no longer notifies me of calls coming through it’s completely silent and drives me insane. The only way I can answer a call now is if I’m in the app when the person makes the call to me which is unreliable as hell because how am I meant to know when people are gonna call?.Version: 6.3.18

False advertisement appThis app censors messages saying they are “premium messages” and we have to apparently “make a purchase” to read the messages useless app.Version: 6.4.3

GarbageTotally useless garbage.Version: 6.4.10

Free so can’t complain too much but terribly full of bugsMessages always disappear, it’s super buggy and hard to type messages without having bugs, last message I sent the receiver said it came out mostly in Japanese. Please fix all your bugs!!.Version: 6.2.4

It was goodNow it’s just crap! Don’t even try to buy because I won’t work..Version: 5.7.7

Big fat zeroThis is an absolute worst app I ever had to deal with. First of all it’s only good for text messaging really because when’re someone tries to call you your phone simply does not ring. I tried everything. It just doesn’t ring. And yes I even picked out a ring melody out of offered ones. Second of all, it takes forever for the app to warm up once u open it. Third, if you are a fast texted/typed, this app is not got you as your fingers will moving 10 times faster then this app will respond , it won’t even comprehend the words you are typing. I It freezes. Half the times it is very selective with what msg it will send and which ones it would not. Sometimes it shows it send, but all it looks like on ur screen is just s small cloud with three dots, there’s no text. As I come to find out that means that text didn’t go through. I can keep going. Don’t use this app. It’s the worst of the worst. Real shame on its creator or developer, such shame..Version: 5.9.6

ScamI used to use this app for discord verification. I tried using it once again and it said I needed Talkatone premium to see the message. So I paid for it and tried again only for it not to receive anything. The Talkatone customer support said that it’s VoIP so they don’t do discord verification which is a blatant lie because I’ve been doing it for a year and also had the message to back it up. They stopped responding. Stay away from this app..Version: 6.4.21

The worst app everIt gives you a specific amount of time to text stupid person. I just found this new app called text now and you can call and you can play games it’s way better..Version: 6.4.18

Started at a 5 and now we’re here.At first this app worked wonderfully. I talked to one person, and it worked perfectly fine. But, after about a month and a half of using the app, it started to glitch. Where i could only see the other person’s side of the conversation when i opened the app. But, closing the app and then opening it fixed the problem. Now, whenever I try and do that, the app either crashes, or shows that I have 800 different threads with the person i’m talking to. And that just means more lag and more crashing. It takes me 10-15 minutes of repetitively closing and opening my app (at some points completely soft resetting my phone multiple times) to finally get it to work properly. And that properly working takes a good hour before it crashes again. Mini complaints is that sometimes the app doesn’t give me the notification that i got a text. it also heats my phone to the point of where it scares me to touch it. An edit to this post: When the update happened, the app began to work just as fine as it did when i first got it. But, again, slowly over time it started to lag or crash. Then finally, it’s gone back to the 10-15 minute opening closing. It’s even to gotten where I can’t text and it slowly follows my movement to where the text takes 5 minutes to register what I typed..Version: 6.1.3

Why I like this appThis app is good for calling my friends from abroad I’m in the UK it’s a good connection sometimes it cuts off but it’s good one thing they need to add is a Apple Watch version there is parts where it cuts off or even stops working all in all I give it 3 stars!.Version: 6.3.13

Find outI need to find out how you use this app.Version: 5.7.7

Text messaging doesn’t workTerrible for texting.Version: 6.4.14

Static and voiceThere is often a faint static on the line. Worst is when I’m a phone call and suddenly everything goes silent. Just tried to set up appointment and after 4 episodes of call turning silent in middle of conversation I gave up..Version: 6.4.21

Used to be goodUsed to be good with banner ads Now u can’t even send a text without 5 pop ups.Version: 5.7.6

ShockingShocking Would not work or send. I don’t recommend this app because it is terrible.Version: 5.9.5

Can’t log inCan’t log in to use the app, can see my info for a few seconds then says error please sign in again..Version: 6.3.9

Good app, however serious security flaw𝕿𝖆𝖑𝖐𝖆𝖙𝖔𝖓𝖊 𝕯𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖑𝖔𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖘;🅿︎🅻🅴🅰︎🆂🅴 🆁🅴🅰︎🅳 🆃🅷🅸🆂👾I’ve gone through all the settings and press literally every button on your app besides change my phone number and close my account and I cannot find how to see if there are other phones logged into my account there needs to be update that gives us a feature to be able to remove other logins on other phones, also I have my account password protected on MY app but it doesn’t give me any information on whether the passcode is on any other phones also logged into my account. I have an exbf who is a stalker and dangerous and has used this app to find me before bc I didn’t know he was logged into it.Version: 6.4.20

ScamPaid for international credits then it just me terminates everyone of the calls I tried to make. App is a scam. DO NOT download..Version: 6.2.8

Crap!!!!It won’t work. Won’t let me get a number. Nothing to say it you can’t use it in the U.K..Version: 6.4.10

Many ProblemsThis app is amazing i would say but i have a lot of problems and it is bothering me. So when I first got it, the app was amazing and it was fun I would say but when i kept using it, a lot of strangers would always text me and say “hey I’m a horny sexy girl looking for sex and I’m single” or “stop calling me man your soo Gay” But I don’t know how people get my number and it’s angry and kept on bothering me and told them to stop and it never ended it. I am very angry but so far, it was a OK app but I have a lot of glitches and every time my mom calls me, it would say “unlock pin” then I’m done but I call them but it then it shows me that I accept the call or decline and when I am done it shows me calling them with was angry and annoying but I would say that I would love that if you update it so people won’t automatically text or call you and I have been getting robot calls but I was aloud to block them so I was happy about that. Thank you for reading this..Version: 6.2.6

The app censors your wordsIt took forever for me to figure this out, but I was getting “message failure” when sending some messages. I finally realized that the app will not send a message if it contains certain words. Weird, but I guess I can understand some words, but it wouldn’t let me send a message with the word “stupid” in it. I was telling someone I was on a flight that got in “stupid early.” I tried sending the message 8 times, and then sent sections of the message, some of which worked and some didn’t. I finally narrowed it down to that one word. I sent the exact same message one last time with every word identical except I changed the message to “very early” instead of “stupid early,” and it worked. I can’t imagine why the developer would restrict a word like that, especially completely out of context. I don’t want to run into a situation where I might be in a hurry and have to figure out which word they find offensive in order to get my text through. If they don’t like “stupid,” then any word could be on their ban list. And it’s got nothing to do with my provider. I use that word and others that are worse all the time and they go through just fine on my phone. Very strange!.Version: 6.4.4

No PrivateU can’tSetting no show ur name ,when u calling People will show up your name.Version: 6.4.12

DisappointedI had Talkatone for a couple years now. I know apps can have bugs and need a tweak every once in a while, but I haven’t been able to use my Talkatone for a week now. I have reached out to customer support three times. I get the auto messages but nothing is ever done to help me fix my issue. I have deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times. I pay for a permanent number. I even gave it some time thinking it’s a system glitch , it will clear up in a few hours. Nothing… nothing….and not even a call to help me… I’m truely disappointed. This app helped me so much when I was in the hospital with no cellphone service but only wifi… I could always call my elderly mom ( who has the app) and we could keep contact during the hospital stay. Especially useful during the pandemic as you can’t go in with your loved one. This is why I am so upset ! How can the app not work all of a sudden?? I can’t place calls or get them either. When people call I just get a notice of a missed call ! Or a message! I can’t text out anymore, can’t send a pic. Nothing!! I’m so upset! I want to be refunded for the charges to maintain a non working number!! What’s the point of keeping it if I can get my calls right??.Version: 6.4.5

I couldn’t even make an accountI tried to make an account but an error popped up.Version: 6.4.15

FakeThis app says you can call from anywhere but it doesn't work. It is only for U.S and Canada. Does not do what is been described..Version: 1.3.5

Great at first but fair use is so annoyingThis app was great at first then suddenly without warning my calls were all going straight to voicemail. I looked it up (because the app didn’t warn me this happens) and was told there’s a “fair use” policy where if you use it enough it will block you so you can’t make/receive any calls. It doesn’t tell you how many you can have before it will start blocking them nor does it say when you’ll be able to receive calls again. Can you please put some more information on your website about this because it’s really unclear for people trying to use the app? I’m going to use Skype from now on..Version: 6.4.6

It doesn’t workI’ve been trying to make an account and it doesn’t let me.Version: 6.2.8

Garbage (and that's being kind)If you enjoy endless frustration, go ahead and get this awful app... if you need to get a text reliably through, don't bank on this at all... EVERYthing i ask it to do results in a huge delay of 40 seconds to a minute... not kidding at all... EVERY...thing! waiting for conversations to load takes forever! calling up the text box takes forever! seeing actual contact names instead of their numbers takes forever! even just trying to complete a text to someone TAKES FOREVER because of hiccups and long delays!! i have to pretty much count on a five minute ordeal just to send a simple text to someone, EVERY time! my god, even the ads don't fit the spaces provided for them, ads from local business here... i bet they don't even know what they're getting for their advertising dollars... even aesthetically this app is awful... COULD THIS APP GET ANY WORSE!? (sadly, probably)... oh! a new update! hopefully they've addressed the delay issue! .....oh, no, no they haven't.... i just sent a text that took a minute and 15 seconds to go through... everything still takes a millennium... the app won't even rotate from portrait to landscape in less than 45 seconds! IT CAN'T EVEN DO THAT REASONABLY QUICKLY!! what in the living hell is the problem!? PLEASE sell this app to a developer who cares.... PLEASE!!.Version: 5.8.7

Save your $$$ for soda and not this app!Well sad to say in Theory it’s a 5 stars app! Works great to test it Until you pay the $3.99 for better VM and $1.99 to remove ads. It worked perfect for a day and once I decided I would keep the app and pay up it went down hill from there. Looking back I should have paid someone $5.00 to just kick me in the nuts and call it a day! It would have been less painful. The phone rings one time and that’s it. You have no idea people are calling you. Unless your phone screen is on 24/7 a call will not show up. Text messages are 50/50 that you receive. I’m a tech guy and tried every single notification option on my IPhone and on the app and ALL calls are missed. Nothing worked! Tried to email tech support on the app! MIA for days no response at all. I have cancelled the subscription and gone back to Google that is 100% free and reliable for a work line. I’m out $6.49 and 2 days of aggravation! Trust me Keep your $$$.Version: 6.1.3

Scam + Info breachThis is my first review on apple store ever and it’s as serious as it is disturbing I’m shocked at this company’s malicious intent to use my personal info to harm me and take advantage I received a call on my actual phone number today twice stating my name and that a complaint has been filed against me for a serious crime *which i would never do* The suspicious call is of course from an Indian male telling me to call them back or else… Now the most funny thing is that after threatening me on my personal number, he calls me on Talkatone from the same number LOL. I’m glad i only signed up for the app as a joke and prank to one of my siblings They probably go through hundreds and thousands of personal stuff with bad intentions I will definitely be making a complaint against this app for threatening me with scams from third party fraud organizations and calling me with rubbish on my PERSONAL CELL NUMBER which i used for verification purposes on the app THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NOBODY ELSE WHO WOULD GIVE MY NUMBER TO SCAMMERS OTHER THAN TALKATONE they are the devil themselves looking for extra cash through bad deeds.Version: 6.4.9

No notifications!As of the last 3 weeks no notification of call coming in! So many missed calls! Please fix this glitch!.Version: 6.4.5

UselessCan’t even make an account as it says server busy. Either fix the issues with this APP or remove it from the store. Waste of time for me so far. Support just said it must be my wifi which it is not does not work on 4G either..Version: 6.4.9

Not CanadianUsed this app. Was great for calling but did not realize when my husband called me it was 40 cents a minute until his balance went from $11.50 to $1.50 after a 25 min call to me while I was in the hospital..Version: 6.4.16

Not working in AustraliaI tried to call an Australian mobile. Talkatone rang once or twice and then stopped. There was no input on that mobile. I was in Australia..Version: 5.9.6

Used to be good. Doesn’t work anymoreI loved this app and recommended it to many. For the last year plus it’s not worked. It keeps saying I’m not connected to the internet when it’s clear I am. It then kicks me out. Support has been non-existent. Time to move on to an app that actually works..Version: 6.3.14

The description is a lie.The description says that it have UNLIMITED text and calling in US and Canada, but then when I use it, it limits me to 4 texts in a 24 hr period. Absolutely ridiculous! Do not use this app..Version: 6.4.12

SlowSlow to load but good feature :).Version: 1.0.4

Nz userTo me this app is useless.. to get no advertising will cost you $15 .00 and I can't call to nz phone for free.Version: 5.5.6

Not unlimitedToo glitchy. After 2 texts you get a warning message about reaching your “fair share limit”. I’m not a paying subscriber so shouldn’t really be surprised. I prefer using Textnow app for free and it’s unlimited!!.Version: 6.5.1

Garbage I would vote 0 stars if there was 😡At first I loved this app it was fine but like 4-5 months later it went down hill. One day I’m doing what ever and I want to text my friend witch this app is good because you can text people without a apple device and people around the world but here is when it went down hill ok so I was doing what ever and I go to pick up my phone. To remind you I never logged out of this app so I pick up my phone and i start texting my friend then all the sudden it won’t send.. my phone turns black then goes where you sign in and I never did anything so I swiped my apps out and let it go but every time I texted someone for about 2-6 minutes it would say ( you have been logged out please sign back in) I never pressed any thing to sign out all I wanted was to text my Friend and others so now here’s the part we’re this app is disappointing so it happen for the rest of the day then I’m like ok I’m done so I tried to logg in with my number or email and it says Please check your internet and clearly I’m on the internet! So now please fix it or I’m done because this app is a disappointment to the App Store. Now there is no way to text my friend and other people I know that doesn’t have a apple phone SO THANK YOU FOR RUINING THIS..Version: 6.3.9

Calls not coming throughEverything was working great at first and now I’m not getting any calls coming through unless the app is open. Still using iPhone but it only rings if I’m sitting with the app open. Extremely frustrating since I subscribed to keep the number which doesn’t ring, call forwarding which doesn’t work when I forwarded it. Went from a 5 star to 1 I’m afraid. I’m going back to using skype. No help from customer service.Version: 6.3.7

Free candy!Free candy, yeah, nothing comes for free. I was impressed at first. My own private phone number, texting, yada yada. And just when people I’m close to get used to my private number an add pops up from the developer saying I must agree to their policies of information sharing before I can use the app again. So I go and read the policy. Are you F@$#ing kidding me? This policy is worse than those I see on windows apps disclaimers. It boils down to, we demand the right to assume your identity. And if you say, “yeah, whatever” then they get total access to your texts, photos, phone calls, messages, videos, and everything else on your device. And they will sell that to whoever’s walking by with a buck. Or hand it over to the authorities should there be something on your device they find suspicious. “Dude, that party last night was bomb”. Clearly a terrorist, arrest him. Nice try Mr. Trumphole. I bet he was like, you must call it “trumpatone”! Anyway. I can’t use it anymore because I don’t like my info being out there like that. You decide but please read that policy first..Version: 6.2.7

GarbageTrash app. Says email is invalid although the email is perfectly fine. No Canadian area codes although it says so in the app description..Version: 6.4.21

Pretty useless!Well setup went well, but then none of my contacts I tried could be called or smsed. Maybe it works if u don't live in Australia...but I had plenty of Internet available on my ipad when it didn't work. And frankly I wouldn't bother with this app at all..Version: 2.0.1

Unlimited?It’s not unlimited texting as advertised. Got a warning and suspension for 24 hours for sending too many texts during a fight with my girlfriend. Not as advertised!.Version: 6.4.21

Doesn’t workI tried calling but on the first or second ring the call would be terminated 😟.Version: 5.9.2

Work well at firstI really hate leaving bad reviews on things because not everyone has the same experience and sometimes people are just too over dramatic but this app is really really bad. It worked well for me for a while so if you just need it for short term, like traveling out of country or something, this app is fine. But the app really started getting glitchy and slow as time went on. Sometimes my texts won’t send and most times I don’t receive an notification for a text unless I have the app open. Also, let me call any one from the actual dial pad until the app has been open for an hour or so. Plus, when I get a get the notification for an incoming call on the app while I’m in another app or my phone is off it either comes through a few seconds before the call ends or when I answer the call it doesn’t work. This is my experience with this app. I just wanted to share..Version: 6.2.6

Very Misleading NOT Unlimited FreeI’ve had this app for several years. Tonight after sending out maybe 6 texts, I get a notification from them saying that I am sending out too many texts and am now forbidden from sending, presumably for good. It says to refer to the “Fair Use” rules but I don’t see any such thing in the terms of use. Regardless; they have no right advertising this as UNLIMITED TEXTS AND TALK when they pull this kind of crap! I see here other people complaining about this same problem and you reply that unlimited only applies to texts or calling to other Talkatone users. I found this in your terms and that’s not how it reads to me. Seems like you just want to force people to upgrade. Not me, I’ve a dozen other free text/calling apps and several google voice numbers as well as my cell carrier Straight from your Terms of Service: “The Talkatone unlimited free texting app will let you message with most U.S. phone numbers. You won’t have to convince your friends and family to download a new app or buy the same phone as you, like with WhatsApp or iMessage. Text who you want for free. Unlimited free texting app. The free texting app will let you message with most U.S. phone numbers. You won’t have to convince your friends and family to download a new app or buy the same phone as you, like with WhatsApp or iMessage . Text who you want for free.”.Version: 6.4.7

Not working!I tried many times to register with severals emails, but everytime that l try, says too many attempts try later, it’s only me experiencing this?.Version: 6.4.7

Never lets you answer callsCalling out can be spotty - often it will seem to connect but there’s no sound so you have to disconnect and call right back. Other times you could be mid-call and all of a sudden it gets very staticky. Doesn’t matter if it’s WiFi or 3g or where you are located. Signal doesn’t improve. If you hang up and call back suddenly it’s clear again. MASSIVE battery hog. A few programs can be battery hogs but this one will drain you after only a few mins on a call. It’s best to be plugged in or near a plug especially if you plan to talk more than 15 mins. The BIGGEST issue is I cannot get it to let me accept any calls. Most of the time I get a quick chirp letting me know I just missed a call even though it wasn’t ringing. Other times it sends the caller straight to voicemail and I only know about it because there’s a missed call/voicemail notification. On the rarest of occasions where it actually rings it still doesn’t actually connect you. When you click to connect it’s just dead silence even though the phone counter is ticking as if the call is connected. Most of the time I just disconnect and try calling the person back. Anytime I give out the number i tell people to just email me or leave a message so I can call them back since this app never works. It worked not horribly initially so I’ve started to establish it as a steady number but it’s gone so down the drain it’s barely functioning anymore..Version: 6.1.2

Normally it’s goodNormally it’s a very good app, calls are a bit iffy and voicemails don’t work but for some reason today I can’t even send a message or use my other phone to log into the app. I’ve tried to contact support but it isn’t working.Version: 6.1.3

Not free calls for us and canadaCant make free calls its usless software.Version: 1.0.4

Paid 4.99 for the monthly fee yet can only send a certain amount of texts per dayDon’t waste your money.Version: 6.4.14

TalkatoneIt’s not letting me call it let me call for a day and now it’s not calling or texting my brothers.Version: 5.9.2

Not worth the downloadNo free calls To landlines or mobiles , pay and you can make a call , app if i could give it minus 5 stars i would . Not worth the time or effort to download . Try it guys , bet it takes less than 5 mins to delete ..Version: 1.4

Nothing but lagging and glitchesLet's start with the notifications, once you get them it disturbs EVERYTHING you're doing on your phone (apps slow, music stops etc) then when you open it you have to wait 1-3 minutes before ALL of your messages show up then IF they do it's not even the one that you were notified for! Half the time the messages split into two different conversations only displaying one side of it LITERALLY it's either yours or the person you're talking to! If you open the message sometimes you only see the current message sent and if you dare start replying the app will freeze and you will have to go back and start all over again when they allow you to see the full conversation! Ok let's say it's a good day you're on WIfi and it's a nice sent and received day why is it that when you type of message IT HAS A 10 SECOND DELAY on your words! FIX IT.Version: 6.3.2

PERSONAL DATA HARVESTING• You cannot use a VPN (like you can with Skype, for example). Needs to pinpoint your exact location • When you manage to log in, it asks you to force waive your rights to privacy by allowing all monitoring of calls and traffic - no option to select or deselect monitoring, just “I consent” People. Do not be swayed by the lure of a free number. To keep being free, Talkatone needs to sell something. And that something is *your* data after you have bared all to them! 😑.Version: 6.5.1

Pure TrashVery annoying! This apps sucks, freezes all the time! I have to literally wait for to reply and recieve messages more than 5 mins. Sorry but this app gotta go garbage.Version: 5.7.7

WorstUseless,worst service,can't make call ,but take my credit,return my money back.Version: 6.4.17

Re-Fix your appIt’s been working well all this while until this recent update when sending messages will need users to type and send then relaunch the app before the message will be delivered 😩.Version: 6.4.9

Good app but…It needs a subscription for everything even receiving verification codes. You also have under 10 outbound texts each day.Version: 6.4.16

DysfonctionnementÇa ne marche pas sur mon portable. Un message est affiché Not connected ... please reinstall the app ... merci de m’éclairer.Version: 5.7.9

Can’t even sign upMy first attempt at even registering an account and it said I had an “excessive amount of login attempts”. On the first try? Seriously? It said to try again later. I did. It said the same thing. So I’m out. Too buggy to bother wasting my time..Version: 6.4.20

Not Valid for Google Voice verificationWeb page says it will work for google verification. Google Voice will send a code but will not allow this number to be used to get a GV number. No refund available on this app..Version: 6.4.13

HORRIBLEIf I could give this app a negative star I would happily do it with no regret. Why the hell can we not retrieve an account after we close it????. I accidentally used this stupid apps number that I picked for my bank number and now when I closed the account I can’t get back in the app nor can I get in my bank account all because of y’all. MAKE AN OPTION TO RE OPEN AN ACCOUNT!!!!!..Version: 6.4.15

Do not useI used this app to make one call over wifi. Now I keep getting calls from random people..Version: 6.4.12

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