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CNBC: Stock Market & Business app received 161 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about cnbc: stock market & business?

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Very usefulThe app looks great and is easy to read at a glance, would love to be able to customize some fields or have a paid version with some more advanced features, overall highly rated!.Version: 1.3

Great app!Would have given it 5 stars if it weren’t for the fact that the monthly Subscription is way over priced. Other than that, this is a great app that definitely helps you keep an overview of your whole portfolio with the added ease of not needing a password or facial recognition just to take a quick peek at how your stocks are doing for the day or longer time frame. Also a great source of up to date news articles and the ability to adjust what type of announcements you’d like from the app. Can’t go wrong with this app especially since it’s FREE!.Version: 5.13.0

Love watching tv, but has bugsI love to use this app to watch live tv while I’m at work or doing chores around the house. But there are bugs. Even though my direct tv password is stored in my iPhone XS and I have used the app daily, it starts in preview mode and a stops my viewing after 15 minutes. Usually when I click sign in, it works again. Other changes that would be nice: i want to be able to keep listening to the app while I got look something up on my phone, text someone, etc. I often do chores outside and set the phone down while listening to the tv on the app; when it goes to commercial, frequently it just stops the video and my phone locks. I have to clean up enough to touch my phone and unlock the screen and restart it playing..Version: 5.10.0

DataI love the CNBC app - for me - who trades currency - I like the snapshot approach - my mind responds to the simple charts so you can see the wood and the trends not just the trees. I can work anywhere and cover all countries and it is rare I can’t find what I want . Think it is the Turkish lira that is not covered, and as a £ investor sometimes I would like to see the crosses the way Bloomberg does them where you state the single line and crosses you want - it is quite easy as most people are country-centric . That would be an improvement . However , Bloomberg charts are not as easy to read as CNBC - for my mind anyway . I like the bold blue and white . So yes, I love this app..Version: 5.0.3

Please create a widgetLove the app, easily my favourite for staying up to date with stocks and indices. Would greatly appreciate it if you guys could also create a stock widget for iOS 14, kinda like other apps such as yahoo finance have done..Version: 5.11.0

Latest upgrade has downgraded this appLatest update has ruined the graphs which I used to find extremely helpful. Now half the time the graphs don’t work and even when they do, the usability is absolutely terrible. Please go back to the old version..Version: 5.19.0

Best finance app aroundAs an active US stock trader this is the only app I use for quick news and stock quotes.Version: 3.6.2

WowCnbc app has helped me get rich beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks CNBC!.Version: 5.15.0

Ed LeongFantastic app. Keep up the good work and please don’t change anything !.Version: 4.6.2

Watch listI would like to be able to see the S & P 500 futures on my watch list..Version: 5.2.0

Love CNBC, butI thoroughly enjoy and respect CNBC - the Network and the app - for my business news. I think the app is terrific and would have given it 5 Stars if it weren't for the Pro version. I understand the reasons why it exists, but I refuse to pay for news and interviews. Now if Pro had special context - shows, personalities and the like - I might purchase it, but from the headline feeds - it's nothing more than much of the same at a price. If the plan is to migrate shows and more content that are currently on CNBC to pro, I will go elsewhere. We leaned in physics that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction..Version: 5.12.0

As A New Reader.I haven’t, as yet, fully discovered the depths of the financial reporting on your site but my first impression is one of satisfaction. I would, perhaps, like a more in-depth view of most financial issues but I appreciate the ability of being able to scan the headlines and get a general overview of the issues in which I am interested. Overall, in the few days that I have been using your site, I am impressed and look forward to delving deeper to ascertain the ability of your reporting to give an unbiased overview of the World..Version: 4.6.2

A Great Source of Financial InformationI have been using this app to help monitor my investments which are global. Some great information which I found very useful especially in March 2020. Cramer videos are great along with other talking heads. I also use it for general news and the important stuff as it filers out the noise. I can highly recommend it..Version: 5.13.0

Need more balanceMany of your CNBC staff, reports, and contributors to the shows seem to be left wingers. Where’s the balance! I thought this was a financial show not a dump on Trump show. I loved seeing your reporters who were all against Trump have to admit he had won. Then support all the crap the Dems did to Trump over the last few yrs. Maybe get some contributors who have other opinions that your New Yorker staff. I feel the coverage on the virus has been over blown do to the New Yorkers on your staff who think the world is coming to an end. Get some balance CNBC!! Otherwise rename your show the CNN financial show of the East coast. Sincerely Steve Meyer Cal.Version: 5.4.0

Very good.Easy to use. Looks great. I like the ticker streamer.Version: 1.4

Up to the minute market effecting newsAs a currency, equities and options trader, I like the CNBC app because it keeps me updated asap, 24/7, with the kind of news that moves markets. All major trading exchange real time numbers are available as well as the tracking of just about any particular currency pair, commodity, stock or derivative..Version: 4.6.2

NewsNews that is impartial.Version: 5.8.0

Great App for Market News and EducationLove this app for all the good alerts, powerful insights, and customizations. The only issues I have with this app, is that I can’t get for CNBC shows on demand, I still need a TV subscription. For the cost of this subscription, I should be getting all the CNBC network shows on demand. The last issue I have is a technical one; this app has a lot of trouble managing its audio stream as you flip between different apps. The audio frequently drops out, and the only way to fix it is restarting the app or raising your volume to 100%. This bug has been persistent for quite some time now. It doesn’t seem to be an issue if you’re streaming through Bluetooth..Version: 5.12.0

The best!CNBC news app provides well written and current newsworthy articles covering finance and broader geopolitical issues..Version: 4.6.0

Missing US futuresGreat app however the US futures is no longer showing. Please bring it back..Version: 5.3.0

Very informative websiteWell rounded and informative..Version: 5.0.5

Just a wonderful terribly useful app!Excellent news coverage with balanced reporting I.e. not right or left leaning despite reporting on business interests within an free market economic environment..Version: 5.18.0

IPhone X Support please.Love the App.Version: 4.5.6

Why I like this appThe best part of this app is the saving of stocks you are following, you can create folders , name them and have as many as you like , I think , I have about ten , And everything else is real easy to access, Good lay out ,simply follows , I like the date stamp on every article, so you know how old the information is , from minutes upwards, very useful, you can do all the normal things ,like save articles send them to social media’s, friends etc It’s my morning read, my lunch buddy and my current affair/financial dinning conversation I found this app a good few years ago and to be fair I have not used any of its competitors, which I would guess there are many, but for news and insight into the business world I like it , it does me Away way , cheers for reading and I hope my dreadful grammar was not to painful.Version: 5.0.6

ExcellentTop one stop shop., but what happened to Dow futures.Version: 5.0.3

Pretty GoodI like it for what I need. I wish I can get he news before everyone does....but that would be inside trading LOL. Nice to be updatedWith the latest news, I always enjoyed business news, this does the ob.Version: 5.15.0

GoodGood app.Version: 1.4.1

A pleasant experienceLove the app.Version: 5.0.6

Newest update to the interface: TERRIBLE!The new changes to the interface now make you scroll and scroll to see all the stories. Why did you have to devote so much space to images????? One wants to scan the headlines quickly to find stories to read - now it is a long, drawn out process of having to look at images that take up so much of the viewable page. Less is more - this is a total failure for people who want to read business news and data..... How about offering the option to NOT view images? Hate it now!!!!!.Version: 5.0.1

Great news to keep up with.Just downloaded this great apps and very happy to get the latest information about stocks and world news promptly..Version: 5.3.0

Fantastic AppFantastic App.Version: 4.3.3

Wrong Data Being Reported and Remains UncorrectedI noticed about a month ago and reported that the stock ticker LUNG, which is Pulmonx , Inc. is incorrectly linked to another company’s profile and contact information, an unrelated company called Prolung. When I scroll down to the company profile section, I see this error, though I believe the stock data above belongs to Pulmonx. I wonder how many other stocks have a similar problem, making me not trust the information displayed and double check everything now..Version: 5.12.0

Works well. Stock information excellentI’m able to see prices and charts reliably and quickly. Articles are up to date. Really useful for keeping touch on the move!.Version: 5.0.7

Fantastic For A NoviceNot being a finance Wizz Kid I find the news and Market Advice invaluable for my retirement savings and general planning, financial insights etc.Version: 5.0.6

Amazing ServiceA great app with many features. Highly accurate & so far never failed. Thanks to all at CNBC for the hard work that has gone into this!!.Version: 4.6.2

Opinion/NewsMany stories on news feed are not business factual, rather more agenda driven opinion. John Harwood for example has zero credibility with serious people inside or outside of DC. He has always jumped the Clinton/Obama agenda (which is odd since gov tax and spend is def anti business? ). For example—he says nothing about 8Trillion Obama/Dem deficits created from wasteful spending while he rails on smaller Trump deficits? It seems he thinks deficits that come from wasteful spending are better than deficits that come from tax cuts (giving citizens their money back). Anyway—after the podesta emails -he has zero credibility and you should find someone else to do the DC beat. And he’s an arrogant ignoramus on top of his bias. Good luck.Version: 5.0.3

I use it dailyPretty good app and useful content.Version: 4.6.0

Fantastic App!Very good app for all things news.Version: 5.3.1

News seem to be outdated by few daysSue Tan.Version: 5.7.0

Plenty of functionsEverything I expected and some extras - no issues so far, everything works well.Version: 5.14.0

CNBC appIf I don’t need to help me I will pay for the money to pay you back at this email transmission and any information that I will do to you get a credit Wise this transmission is going on with the price you pay me your company pay me back and that I would pay you for it if I can purchase the information I can get it back at the price I will get you a credit Wise I have a good credit credit for it I would pay you back at least you can purchase the information you want and I don’t have to pay for the credit.Version: 5.2.1

Update ruined the appEverything is in bold and looks strange....was this update constructed by a 5 year old being paid in chocolate coins?.Version: 5.0.0

MikeGreat App. Use it a lot..Version: 4.3.10

Old app was simpler and more direct to find informationYour news flash have become a nuisance in the app display. Can’t get rid of them once they come in and over lay the upper portion of screen. Didn’t have that problem before. With this version you have to drill down too much to get things. By the way when viewing an extended hours trading stock, there’s no volume information. Old app would show extended and normal trade volumes when u click in. Too many little quirks that make it more complicated. Navigation is not as smooth as the other..Version: 5.0.1

Stock marketHelps me to make trading decisions.Version: 5.17.0

Facts not FearIt is great that breaking news should be brought to our attention as soon as it is known. However care must be taken to ensure that headlines and content are not spiked with suggestions of impending doom in the quest to get us interested. Such articles are quickly sussed and as a consequence seldom read in their entirety. Such faugh (false) fear will in the end be self defeating. Keep it sharp factual and honest..Version: 5.0.2

Great showReally like the show in the morning Karen Steve & Geoff. I am not in the financial industry, but I try to learn from them chatting to very knowledgable guests. Stay safe guys, doing a great job 👍 Thanks.Version: 5.6.0

Financial news on the tip of your tongueThis app provides a simple way of keeping up to date with the markets and the latest news on finance - highly recommended.Version: 5.4.0

Need dark themesGood app for stock price checking but need this app in dark themes the way yahoo and other apps do..Version: 5.19.0

Great AppNice pop up for markets price. Relevant news.Version: 4.5.1

CNBCA great interactive app so easy to use And informative Meng. Gisborne NZ.Version: 4.6.0

Great appA great app that gives up to date and accurate data. Great news section..Version: 1.3

FeedbackI’d like more news stories plus access to stories from a few days back.Version: 5.0.10

Well done easy to navigateUpdates regularly and easy to use..Version: 4.5.1

ReviewI enjoy the app and use it daily. I enjoy the live feed and all the stock information, news and financial shows. When I’m home, I have CNBC on (my TV) all day and I record my favorite shows when I’m unable to view them. I love the individual clips highlighting the subject matter. When out of town, I watch my favorite missed shows on my iPad. I love having the up-to-the-minute CNBC financial news at all times. Please add Fast Money Halftime Report on your recorded shows! It’s one of my favorite shows. I record at home but I’m a retired snow bird and miss watching this shows when I travel..Version: 5.2.0

CNBC APPMostly it works well but there is a really important line not available. It needs a line to access the euro/uk pound rate in that order, so today it is 1.08 (we do not need the other way i.e. .92). Thank you.Version: 5.10.0

The fastest Updates on share prices as they happen.I use different stock apps. I found this to be the fastest updates. Well done!.Version: 5.13.0

UnequalledNo question the leader of the information pack.Version: 1.3

CNBC APPIs Absolutely Phenomenal.Version: 5.18.0

Good app, but slower since last updateLike the app, but the app seems to be slower since the last update especially to update my watch list..Version: 5.11.0

Great ap - timely newsUse it daily.Version: 1.3

Financial marketNews about a minute behind when it happens can’t ask for better than that..Version: 5.4.0

Type size changeWatchlist no longer in a nice easy to read format since they changed how text size is determined. Tried change in settings where they said to fix it but that then made a big mess out of my other apps & now trying to get settings back to my original ones. Very unhappy here. Guess I need to find a new stock tracking app. Update-they now have a way to opt out of this feature...did that and all is now good again with this app. One other feature that would be nice....have market close & extended show in columns next to each other instead of 2 separate screens..Version: 5.0.5

CNBCMy most watched sky channel and most used app! Keep up the great work..Version: 4.6.2

Brilliant appI use this app many times in the day, not only for live quotes on the Dow, but later in the day to read the news. Breaking news is sent thru in précis form as push alerts and they are fantastic! I love the site. It has everything I need and really smart graphics..Version: 1.3

Good facilityLike it very much. Convenient n useful.Version: 1.2

More markets please!It’s a great app but I really wish they would add stocks from the Swiss, Australian and Spanish markets..Version: 5.0.3

Extraordinarily Nice!I just subscribed annually to the CNBC app. I love it. The app works extremely well and brings all relevant real time business news and financial information to my fingertips. The app itself is easy to use and configures intuitively to my particular interests. The graphics are outstanding. I especially appreciate the real time stock-market futures information, as well US Treasury rates, and oil-price data. This app is well worth the price for those who need real time financial market information. Strongly recommended..Version: 5.5.0

CnbcExcellent facility.Version: 1.3

Best Financial News App By FarI had the Bloomberg app for a while but they charge expensive fees for similar quality articles that you get on CNBC. Both the tv channel and app are really good and free!.Version: 5.0.7

First quality for information on business and stocksI always rely on CNBC to keep up with everything that is happening on the market..Version: 5.4.0

ExcellentReally good app for keeping up with stocks and finance news.Version: 1.1

No iwatch complicationsGreat for real time share price but really need to be able to add it to iwatch complications to make it useful, the stock apple app is useless, so please include it to get that extra star!!.Version: 4.6.2

Simple layout displaying key informationThe new mobile app provides an overview of global markets and direction to make broader decisions and further supported by relevant stock videos e.g "call of the day" etc. Thank you for the service..Version: 5.0.10

CNBCStock portion is right up to date. Info and news on stocks in my listed portfolio should be updated also but are not. If a position has a good ER no news is afforded the user unless it's a FANG. A position dropping 20% after a good, bad or so so ER should be updated by clicking on the position in my stock list and the news click for that position should show the why for drop or advance. Otherwise it becomes a fishing expedition for up to the minute information affecting decisions. Other than above the app. Is responsive and easy to navigate..Version: 4.5.1

Finance Coverage Great, Political Slant AnnoyingFinancial news coverage is great however, your usual left leaning, anti Trump slant to everything is annoying..Version: 4.6.2

Finally :)Well done on finally creating a user friendly app - I don’t normally leave reviews unless it’s worth saying thanks - so thanks :).Version: 5.0.1

Top classI have tried my best to look for any flaws. But this app is brilliant. But the main thing is the top quality content. Jim Cranmer is a star for me..Version: 5.4.0

Excellent news appMuch better than the Bloomberg app.Version: 5.0.2

AwesomeVery good app. Use everyday.Version: 1.3

CNBC App reviewThis review might not be received well by management but your App is so good in allowing me to follow financial markets and stocks in relatively real time I do not have to watch your TV show ( the exception is Cramer's first ten minutes on MM ). I can read the important articles and not get involved in the "food fight" with guest commentators sharing opposing views. Normally when a web page that I use a lot is changed it takes me awhile to re-navigate it. That was not the case with your reconstructed app as I found it much more user friendly..Version: 5.0.0

Great app with top contentGreat work on this app I use this all the time and it has worked very well.Version: 4.3.10

Sams viewI find this App very informative full of up to date news most enjoyable when you are travelling abroad in different countries.Version: 5.0.6

2 bad 2 goodWhile some anchors and commentators are giving very good insightful news and views, others are atrocious and remind me of ‘market momentum’ commentary of yesteryears. For a financial news channel, display of financial data leaves a lot to be desired. (See bonds as an example).Version: 5.4.0

App crashes upon opening.I have been contacted by CNBC IT online and by email within two or so hours after complaining. So they are working to fix the app quickly. They get a lot of points for this in my eyes. I have been using this app for years and it has been fantastic with few problems. This afternoon when I went to open it up, it crashes. Every time I try to open it up it crashes and closes. I will return the five star rating when it is fixed..Version: 5.0.10

Precise on pointVery good Market news given to the investors Given timely manner.Version: 5.16.0

ExcellentExcellent.Version: 5.16.0

Great infoEnjoy the up to date information.Version: 4.6.2

Excellent notifications and updatesI love the app it’s just few days and it’s really worth it. I highly recommend it to new stock traders in business..Version: 5.16.0

One of the bestUser interface is intuitive. Easy on my eyes and has tons of customization to get to my news quicker..Version: 5.15.0

Best access from Australia to #realnewsJust the facts and fast with them..Version: 4.6.2

CnbcImpossible d ouvrir mon compte avec Cnbc sa dit aue mon ipad n est pas compata lees ce possible de m envoyer la version 9.3 suite a la demande de apple merci.Version: 5.16.0

Needs an updateThe iPad app looks horrible on the iPad pro, and there is no support for side by side multitasking - which is a must for a stock/finance app..Version: 4.1.2

One of the best in business news !Just one of the best business news channels in the world !.Version: 5.0.1

Best app everThis app is much intuitive than the web site. More information at my fingertips, suit my needs. Thank you.Version: 5.0.6

Pretty goodApp is running very slow lately, especially watch lists which can hang for 10-30 seconds..Version: 4.3.5

Great app but one significant errorThis is an extremely useful app with up-to-date financial data and news feeds. The only fault is that following one of the more recent updates the graph option for the FTSE data now only has data for 1 day where all the other individual markets have a variety of time periods to select. I cannot believe that this has not been picked up by the app developers. A simple fix one would have thought..Version: 4.6.0

Excellent appEasy to use, and very neat interface..Version: 1.4

Good and easy to use appI find this app gives me a precise summary of worth knowing news and data. Highly recommended. It covers a wide range of subjects worthy of knowing..Version: 4.6.2

Seteve"o"Great app good information colourful bright app easy to read great content I really like to listen to the professionals in their field you can learn a lot about business..Version: 5.0.6

MrSound and comprehensive. Gives succinct accounts of events in the US and elsewhere. And makes it possible to follow markets and sentiment..Version: 5.4.0

Best finance app so farWithout need to pay high subscription fees this is probably the best app i can get. Thank you CNBC! I would be also good to extend the watchlist to other overseas market..Version: 5.7.0

EDIT: "A move backwards" to improvedUPDATE 2017: The app has been improved since my 2014 review. I'm using it more and finding it is better in all ways. Still room for improvement, but deserving of being on my iPhone for daily use. Thx for updating. --- PREVIOUS comment --- Disappointed with the 2014 updates and "in your face" ads; I no longer check the app on my phone or tablet as often. It is nice to have video available, but would rate have it secondary in a menu area a and prefer the "quiet" and less data intensive content when accessing wireless. CNBC should revisit what there viewers use and prefer..Version: 4.5.1

So far so goodReally pleased with app. Am still new using this kind of platform. Super user friendly and the UI design is great, a great experience so far. Thanks!.Version: 5.7.0

Keeps crashingI love the app but latest update keeps crashing on my iPhone 8.Version: 5.0.10

Review of CNBC USCNBC US provides excellent, insightful coverage of the main US markets. The CNBC US anchors together with the regular reporters and investment portfolio managers as well as the guest pundits all contribute to the provision of a valuable service for the retail investors. However there is room for improvement in respect to the extent of the deference shown to billionaires who have made their money from the stock market. It seems that their comments/opinions are rarely challenged; in particular, presenters appear unprepared to remind the mega rich of the inaccuracy of their past negative statements and gloomy predictions relating to the health of the market. The channel has a duty to identify and flag up the vested interests of the those highlighting the likelihood of imminent Armageddon..Version: 5.3.0

Best business news hubCompared to other business news houses cnbc continues to b3 customer centric and long term while still be able to provide quality news. If I have to spend money on any product in future I’ll prefer cnbc first choice!.Version: 5.0.9

Tremendous WebsiteGreat reporting and quality information.Version: 5.15.0

Ok appPlenty of USA news Some fake news which is par for the journalists these days Succinct and to the point are not the talents of most journalists, this site is just another example of gushing news. Now I feel better!!.Version: 4.6.0

CNBC iPhone appQuite pleased with this app which gives one a reasonable update on share prices. This is helpful when you are away from a computer terminal. An added bonus is it is free and so one can experience the functionality before going for paid for apps..Version: 4.5.1

ReviewMarkets tanking right now so hard to love the app too much at the moment. I know that is nothing that you can control but I am sure behaviourally your reviews are more positive on days the market is up compared to days when the market is down..Version: 5.0.2

RepetitionToo much repetition in stories carried. The same story appears multiple times in each edition. Geoviews.Version: 5.7.0

Great appUseful if you follow only US market.Version: 1.7.2

Great layout/interface/features, but needs streaming!Great layout/features, superior to BBerg in every respect EXCEPT for the lack of a livestream..Version: 1.4

CNBC - your one terrible weakness!I watch CNBC every day. The only thing that disturbs me is Joe Kernan. He is a terrible interviewer!. And, he constantly distracts with ridiculous chatter that is cheap and childish. Do you not realize that people take their finances and investing very, very seriously, and want to hear from your knowledgeable guests in an intelligent way. Kernan interrupts and gets into cheap and meaningless chatter. Time and time again when he does this I just switch to Bloomberg Or CNN. He is the only person who causes me to switch channels. He was away today and how refreshing and excellent your Squawk Box program was. Please have your producers make changes with Kernan..Version: 4.6.2

Best educational app and totally free love itThe best app available.Version: 5.11.0

Prefer Bloomberg’s formatFind Bloomberg’s format easier to read. But always look at Pre market.Version: 5.0.3

Charts are not identifiedWhen we put many charts for one title , We dont know witch one is the one. We sould be able to compare many title chart on the same draught. Sorry for my english Pi.Version: 5.16.0

One of the best economics siteVery good site. Very interesting interview. Amazing news. Very educative site..Version: 5.15.0

What happenedI really like this app. But in the last several weeks, it been very disappointing. It freezes up It doesn't load fast anymore...sometimes taking over a minute or two. So now I've given up on it for stock quotes. It's just too doggy slow. Still like many of the articles. You just have to put up with the freezing and very slow loading. I wonder if the developers ever read their reviews Updated. App is much improved. Loads fast and has great articles.Version: 4.5.1

Good read of the newsThe news is always up to date with all the top stories, enjoy reading them,.Version: 4.6.2

Chart problem?This app has been brilliant but recently the chart period option seems to be stuck on one day...?.Version: 5.0.7

InvestorGood app I use every day. Only fault is that the video function works intermittently.Version: 1.2

All of a sudden , it is very slowFor about 2 months , opening my CNBC app has been very slow . It is also very slow when trying to read stories or switching from one category to another at the home page . Have not had this problem with other apps like Charles Schwab and TD Waterhouse . Another point , sometimes I can not find MelissaLee’s program’s Last Trade of the Day ! In addition , John Harwood is the most unprofessional reporter that I have ever seen in over 50 years of watching TV News. He is unfair , totally biased and has blamed President Trump for almost everything that has happened to the USA since 2015 ! I watched the Presidential Election on CNBC from the beginning . To see his Face was priceless . 24 hours earlier he had emphatically stated that there was no way Trump could win ! I could go on and on about how unprofessional he is and how biased he is but there is no need . I am sure Walter Cronkite , or Huntley and Brinkley would have considered him a “ Minor League “ reporter ! I try to go to the bathroom whenever he is on CNBC . Why does Joe let him on the Show from 6:00-9:00 , Harwood never says anything positive ?.Version: 4.6.0

Good Cheap InformationNot a great user of this App but it does provide me with all the information that I need on the US and other international markets at no cost..Version: 5.0.7

Bob in Paso RoblesI have been a avid fan of virtually all of the market related programs on CNBC since before Cisco was $80+/shr. However, there are some comments that bother me: when regular hosts suggest that a stock movement occurred due to individual investors. Since >75% of daily share volume is often said to be due to “algorithmic” trading activity, individual investors cannot move a stock like AMZN or TSLA. The importance of Computerized trading is further supported when the price of a stock bounces off of a low several times within a quarter. Individual investors could not possibly be responsible for the “bounces” that are discussed on Fast Money. So, how about sharing some of the equations and statistical approaches? I just laugh when chartists suggest that a bounce was due to individual investor activity..Version: 5.17.0

Great to follow live markets with zero adsBrilliant app for live dealing, news, and no ads getting in the way..Version: 5.3.0

Good functionality and range of informationApp very easy to use. Wide range of quotes and news..Version: 4.5.1

.I love it. Use it every day. I wish the app offered a better way to rate Stocks within their indexes..Version: 4.5.1

Dr Gerhard F Kempe - Kempe Invest - Kempe Project Management - Kempe TherapiesCNBC has an authentic style to provide up to date and truthful news in all areas of economics politics and financial markets - for preventive and acute holistic advice how to treat Covid 19 - read Ebook Kempe Therapies section - sinus - pneumonia - flu - immune system and note the High frequency treatment therapy.Version: 5.4.0

Very covenient and useful applicationQuite useful app.Version: 5.14.0

Mr NguyenVery good and useful app I like it very much.Version: 5.12.0

Great newsAlways happy to read the news on CNBC. Concise and relevant. Cheers.Version: 5.0.3

Love cnbcVery punchy and to the point - love it!.Version: 5.6.0

Very good news updateFantastic app for world economic news.Version: 5.0.2

My go-to for business newsNice design, never bugs out. Always updated with fresh news..Version: 5.3.1

Boeing (BA)The % change of BA is incorrectly displayed. Pls fixed..Version: 5.18.0

Great app.User friendly, excellent app..Version: 1.3

Great appPush notifications invaluable. Easy to understand reporting..Version: 5.4.0

Personal ReviewThe CNBC app is so great, it Gives you all the latest information on your favourite stocks and information on stocks that are rallying pre market..Version: 5.17.0

JTRSMOn the minute news coverage and great TV news channel to complement the app. Very professional and easy to use app. To add to this, global coverage should also be increased as investors look to America and beyond.Version: 4.6.0

Too repetitiousWhile there’s always an adjustment period as I learn my way around a new version of a favorite app, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get past the way this one displays the same articles multiple times on the first page. I liked being able to scroll through a long list of articles on a variety of topics in Top News to get an overview of the day’s happenings. Now I need to link to specific pages to see more than 4-6 articles from a broad area of interest. And of those few, a couple are always repeats from a previous section. My other gripes: the horizontal scrolling at the top of the page for market listings is slower; there’s no way to close the window after you look at details for a stock listing from a watchlist. All that said, I’m hoping CNBC is listening and will improve the usability of this now very attractive app. Really, usability should come first..Version: 5.0.1

A great source of reliable informationThank you CNBC for such a reliable source of information that is not biased in any way. The reporters and presenters do a great job of explaining what is happening and why. I love Jim Cramer for his insight and understanding..Version: 5.4.0

The best news and business AppVery informative and interesting.Version: 4.5.1

Really it’s ExcellentApart from 1 year target price it has pretty much everything.Version: 4.6.2

Awesome News AppCNBC has been on top in terms of TV news and now with the App it has gone to a new level. Can you also please include documentaries and news videos to watch?.Version: 4.5.1

Superb up to date financial informationSuperb flow of financial information. Has the edge as I’m able to tailor the information flow to my needs..Version: 5.5.0

Beginners Friendly AppI have no idea about the stock market etc but the App and it’s user friendly features & up to date news feeds is making learning about the market processes quite straightforward. Still a lot to learn but you don’t need to be a wizard to work what info your looking at like some apps. Just hope what I learn serves me well..Version: 5.10.0

Great AppDelivers what you want. Kudos to that dev team and designer, this is one of the best designed apps I’ve seen. Would be great if you could fix the charts to be 4 decimal places for currencies..Version: 5.18.0

Best app ever. Love it.Made my life so easy..Version: 1.3

CNBCResponsive report with great care The reporting style has room to growth.Version: 5.16.0

An OK financial news appVery well designed app. It is a big improvement over prior versions that were difficult to navigate and subjected the user to intolerably long video ads. On the down side CNBC admitted to banning future guest appearances of someone speaking his contrarian assesment of what made the USA a prosperous country and how that could possibly change in the future. The observation in this case could potentially help a longer term investor make a more informed decision towards their foreign asset alloction. It begs the question, what other kind of information might not be presented because it was deemed too contrarian?.Version: 4.5.1

Great App used all the time - but…I'd actually give the app 4.5. I used this app all the time to manage a number of accounts; pension, ISA and Investment and I've found it to be one, if not, the best on offer. I would like to see a facility to insert a target price with a notification. The I believe it would be the 'top in class' app..Version: 4.6.2

Needs chromecast badlyThis is a fine app especially when you subscribe to PRO but it simply must offer chromecast compatibility to get 4 stars so I give it only 3.Version: 4.3

NZLove CNBC. Wish I could get PRO & Live in NZ..Version: 5.8.0

Absolutely awesome!!! Love getting updates and breaking newsAwesome.Version: 1.3

New format looks catchy but is so impracticalTwo major changes: market indices are at the top occupying a third of the visible space and the top level menu is gone. This means you have to keep scrolling to see if there is something of an interest. Gone are the top five articles. I miss the little market indices retracting tab at the bottom of the screen which was visible only when I need it to. Very impractical design. I suspect it was made by someone that like pictures, not by an investor or a trader. The time wasted to find news items of value is a deterrent from using this app. I think is a big mistake and I hope the old formula will be brought back..Version: 5.0.1

MrKeep it up, keep going.Version: 5.17.0

Russell downunderBest channel on pay..Version: 5.0.6

Problems on the new app designNeed a fix to use the app ipad pro because after the download it is missing the edit button for deleting a stock from a watchlist. It is there on my Iphone 8, but the Ipad pro it is not on the upper left corner as usual. Now x to close certain pages is missing on the Ipad, tho you can tap the top left corner and it seems to work most times. The same goes for videos if you stop before the end, no x appears to close them. Positive on the new font, it makes reading easier and clearer to the eyes. Lastly news for individual stock normally contain news that has little or nothing to do with the stock, just used to fill the news area. In addition on watch list there is no edit for individual stocks to be deleted off the list...bad design. Only have a link to add to the watch list, no delete but you can hit add cancel and get to the delete list, very very odd. Come on fix the x off buttons on ALL pages, add the delete buttons and get it right! 2/4 now if you look at one stock’s news, you get news from unrelated stocks, or any other news that is posted instead of the company that you choose, I don’t know why..Version: 5.0.3

Practical & EfficientGives me the info I am looking for in a clear and timely manner. Thank you.Version: 5.0.10

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