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Ghost Hunter M2 Negative Reviews

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Ghost Hunter M2 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Ghost Hunter M2 app received 36 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Ghost Hunter M2? Can you share your negative thoughts about ghost hunter m2?

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Ghost Hunter M2 for Negative User Reviews

GreatI think it actually works well. Good for on the go investigating..Version: 7.0.1

PoorEvery voice comes through as American and I'm in the middle of England in an old cottage that I know the history of . And no American has ever lived here ?.Version: 6.0.1

FunGood bit of fun but still undecided. Have had some interesting EVP's which is my favourite part but also a lot of random stuff probably pre recorded, non the less its great entertainment. It is very American and words like Obama and Florida are a bit of a giveaway that its fake but a good old laugh anyway..Version: 4.1.2

Pretty cool but....I'm on my iPod using this app and it would be nice if I could use the EMF part of the app even if it is just for fun 3 stars till its fixed.Version: 5.0.1

WasteWhat a waste of 69p, absolutely crap, doesn't work. What a legit experience? Buy the real equipment..Version: 3.0.1

Boring app saw from Selena on FallonVery little excitement - boo.Version: 5.0.3

Another Teenager Level ToyHow serious is it if a 9 year old is supposed to be old enough to use it? If it was real WOULD YOU LET YOUR 9 YEAR OLD WANDER AROUND WITH IT? Are you a grown up? Have you actually experienced a paranormal event or had your own experiences? Then I highly suggest you fix a good digital recorder that actually picks up possible EVPs. Remember te cereal commercial, “Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids “? That sums it up. Note to developers: maybe INSTRUCTIONS on how to use your app would be handy. I was looking for something safe and fun for my nephews and it’s safe to say, nothing here is dangerous. I looked at reviews everywhere and it’s a mixed bag but I’ve yet to find ONE adult review. Also forget about what’s for adults and what’s a child’s toy, ESPECIALLY when the minimum age for users is 9 years old? Also when no instructions come with the app, nobody knows what to do. For any adults reading this? It’s a hot mess designed to take your money. It would be nice if one of these apps actually looked like legitimate tools for paranormal use. The number of apps out there grows and most if not all come designed with “scary” fonts, not to mention optional “spooky sounds” all make apps like this seem like cheap toys my 13 year old nephew might use at a party with friends to scare cute girls. An app cannot change a phone’s abilities and suddenly make it do what professional equipment that’s worth a lot of money does. Best part was the “EVP” session that got every word it spat out at me wrong. It just spits out words at timed intervals. I asked “what animal is sitting near me” it responded by saying “toys” - my cat? I asked where are we? It said “we”. It became laughable and I deleted it. If I could score the app a zero I would..Version: 8.2.3

Evp uses random wordsUsed evp for abit. Seems to just put random words up. I had the words occur,move, pasta and toothbrush within a few minutes this morning..Version: 3.1.2

Rubbish!!This app is a joke. Can't "pick up" spirits/voices. Evp just gives out random words, all in American accents (obviously the "ghosts" are here on vacation in the U.K). Don't waste your money..Version: 4.1.2

RubbishNot worth the money !!.Version: 4.1.2

FakeReally really fake.Version: 8.1.8

Needs better instructions.No idea how to use this app:( needs better graphics and instructions....Version: 3.0.1

DifficultI have no idea what I’m doing and I bought it based on good reviews. Seems complicated.Version: 8.2.3

Not worth buyingPeople who are saying that this app really works are either really stupid or really gullible. The app says random words that mean nothing that it generates itself, such as the word 'have', 'hen', 'wood' or other completely meaningless words- and it takes ages to even or generate one meaningless word. Obviously I wasn't expecting much but I can't believe the reviews from people saying that it works because it really doesn't. Apart from the evp and dashboard categories (even though they aren't very realistic or entertaining) the rest is so boring, they could have at least made it generate believable words not just any old stupid words like this does. On the plus side, when using this app my 'ghost' called me a gaylord 😂.Version: 5.0.3

Ok for freakin yourself out for 5 minsI have to admit that I was freaked out by this app at first. However, I realized that this app was just spitting out random words that, if you cannot attach a meaning to them, just sound ridiculous. It is kind of like cold reading. The emf detector "works" well. I placed it next to my fuse box and it skyrocketed. Good for entertainment for a short period unless you are super gullible..Version: 4.1.2

AwfulEVP just generates random words with no intelligence to the questions asked, such as 'appliance' when asking for a name, don't waste your money seriously.Version: 7.0.1

Uninformed ReviewersEVP spews out at least 3 words a minute even on low sensitivity. After analyzing I have noted a pattern: Pronouns, every day household objects, and everyday struggles (money, homework, work). Of course the end user would feel this is relatable to them. However, after analysis, only 10 out of 350 words captured remotely applied to me. Here is a sample of outputs "Becky, frightened, table, desk, daylight, regret." Ok cool, never known a Becky. I have a desk and a table; I have felt frightened and regret before. 4/5 of those words are basic descriptors and everyday household objects anyone could relate to. There is no information given on the algorithm for forming words. Apparently "spirits" can manipulate the phones sensors to make letters line up to form words. I don't understand how it's an "EVP" when there is no audio analysis being performed. Usually paranormal voices use white noise to form words, and I am not convinced that any part of this is legitimate software. I set a SB-7 spirit Box next to the P-EVP app and ran both simultaneously. While the M2 app was spewing out loads of "paranormal words", the SB-7 had no voices come through while sweeping. This whole app is a hoax, and preys on gullible consumers..Version: 7.0.1

Not Worth ItHorrible experience, not worth paying for! It's hard to use with very little excitement!!.Version: 5.0.3

?Not sure what to think. I'm giving it a 2 because when I capture an EVP it kicks me out when I try to listen to the recording..Version: 5.0.3

Just for funI am in the UK & all this app does is spout out American names & places preprogrammed into it.... if this was really a spirit communication app, it wouldn’t do that... so yes, just for fun.Version: 8.1.8

Not badI’m not sure how accurate this app is but it did say love then my name Sheri as soon as I turned it on at work then it said pasta in living room and at that time my daughter was home eating pasta in the living room while I was at work and it said black and we were all wearing black at work that day so it is interesting..... mostly random words though but I’d like to try this in a cemetery.... thank you 🙂.Version: 8.1.8

App crashesThis app crashes after 10 seconds..Version: 5.0.3

FakeLoad of rubbish, just shows random words and dots. DO NOT BUY.Version: 4.0.0

Great child's toy but rubbish as serious toolMy ghost also called me a gaylord 😂 (see other reviews!).Version: 7.0.1

EntertainingGot some good things on it which I haven’t actually had time to go through it all but the evp just an average word generater as why would it come up with obama... Ask question didn’t get answer only ‘donkey’.Version: 7.0.1

MeYup, a total waste of money. Nothing happens..Version: 3.0.1

??How does this work ?? I downloaded this app and have no clue how to record Evo can anyone help me.Version: 3.0.1

DumbNot even legit at all it's stupid it just throws random words out.....Version: 5.0.3

Made upLeft recording all night on evp app apparently had 240 words detected, absolutely ridiculous.Version: 8.1.8

Waste of moneyDo not buy, I listened to the positive reviews on here and they're wrong. This is an absolute waste of money. I thought it would record EVP so you could listen back, instead it had blinking lights and generates random words like cabbage...I've deleted it..Version: 3.3.2

Bugs in UpdateNew audio recorder hangs and then crashes in review mode. EVP only works in dashboard mode. Running iOS 4.1. Please fix ASAP..Version: 4.1.2

Complicated 😕I've just downloaded this app, but I don't understand how it works. I'm a little bit scared to use it, but I like all those things about paranormal activity. My house is infested of weird inexplicably things, so I would like to see if I'd can capture something. All your reviews make me more nervous, but that it says it really works. It's 2:48 AM and I'm about to open it 😱😱😱.Version: 7.0.1

PURE EVIL DO NOT PURCHASE!!I purchased this app after someone on the radio gave it a rave review & bc in my daughters room it was always cooler plus my daughter heard her music box start on its own one day. Let me just say that I turned it on in my room & my daughters room & after I did this the paranormal activity increased but not in a good way!! I'm a single mom & it started to mess with my children! It's pure EVIL!! I'm not even religious but let me tell you I've seen light beings & it's not scary..this was pure terror to my kids. I decided to delete app & command all bad spirits to stay away..I went to Whole Foods & purchased a Sage stick & I FORCEFULLY commanded all negative spirits to go away NEVER to return again. I also called on arch angel Michael to protect my home & my children..PLEASE STAY AWAY from this evil app. It will not bring any type of confirmation but will put ghosts & evil in your home. I never had the issues I dealt with BF the app. I quickly realized this & deleted it. After the Sage & prayers of uplifting intentions my home & kids are doing fine..but learn from my mistake! It is NOT worth your safety!!! The creators of this app are not coming from an enlighten place..PLEASE TAKE THIS CAUTION SERIOUSLY...Version: 7.0.1

Fake but funThis app is fun for the young ones but obviously fake. For example random mentioning's of American places like eg: South Carolina, I'm pretty sure being in Australia the chances of me having an American ghost in my house are slim. I like the idea of an EMF meter which seems to work but the other features where disappointing..Version: 3.0.1

I bought this one and wondered why no update!So why buy them when the updated version costs more money! I wouldn’t waste your money if someone is just going to develop a whole new version! You can download a free one and when one is available that you like and would like to switch you can do so without having to spend more money! If a upgrade was what you like they should have offered the new version at a discount to change features!.Version: 8.2.3

Great Entertainment!A cool little App for Entertainment purposes. The EMF isn't too bad either. (iPhone 3Gs User)..Version: 1.7

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