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Pill Identifier by Drugs.com App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Pill Identifier by Drugs.com app received 29 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pill Identifier by Drugs.com? Can you share your negative thoughts about pill identifier by drugs.com?

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Pill Identifier by Drugs.com for Negative User Reviews

DisappointingDownloaded to help my husband identify medications that had changed manufacturers and changed the pills appearance. Do not recommend this app. Deleted..Version: 2.121

Incomplete database.Unable to identify a pill obtained in US with an identifying number on it..Version: 2.115

Easy to UseThe app is pretty handy because I work at a doctor's clinic and the interface is easy to use. At least in identifying the medicine. The reason I'm docking the 2 stars is because of the ads in the information section. It's a paid app, so I don't like having to see ads. Plus the information section loads oddly and looks like the website loading in Safari in which case I could've skipped buying this app and just run a search on Google instead..Version: 1.06

Finding your wayThere is little sense in finding your way through this ap. Searching for pills works fine. But….trying to get to the record of your prescription is frustrating. The help section is also of little help..Version: 2.122

I can't find what I'm looking for. I paid for this?If I pay for a pill identifier app I expect to be able to tell the app everything about the pill to get the results needed. Asking about shape and color doesn't let you find it. You don't ask for an imprint so how do you know what it is? Popular searches doesn't help. Maybe the pill I'm looking for isn't popular. I'm going to keep the app hoping you will fix this since I paid money for it..Version: 2.93

Doesn’t Include Thai MedsMaybe it works for the western world, but I had zero luck identifying common medications in Thailand..Version: 2.118

Not able to identify pillI just received an rx that is imprinted 189, round pink pill (medium pink) by Rising pharm . This is the first time my rx for bupropion xl 300 has been pink, wanted to double check if it’s the correct med. this medium pink pill is not in your database , does not appear to be updated.Version: 2.128

CIPROFLOXACINWhat a waste of my time. RECOMENDED: DO NOT BUY THIS APP..Version: 2.77

Not what I expectedReally you could not even identify a potassium pill I did every which way according to the pill and the bottle. And you still could not identify it..Version: 2.84

Poor search little database don’t buy!I searched for a well known drug called Kenzoflex and no results showed up! It’s basically Ciproflacin a well known anti biotic..Version: 2.95

I paid for this app and it’s not even working on ipad😑App opens and there is only getstarted button and it does nothing!!.Version: 2.95

Iphone X issueI love it because I use this app all day at work. I just got a new phone, the iPhone X, and now can’t see the drug name when I get the search results. Please fix?.Version: 2.74

Didn’t find my pillTried pink, peach and the number 20 with no other markings, nada..Version: 2.77

Pill not foundCould not find the pill I described. Wish I knew its identity..Version: 2.97

Found nothingJust downloaded your app tonight. Do I have to set something up in settings in order for this to work? I found this pill on another app I have but it didn’t give the dose of the pill. THIS app found NOTHING!! Very disappointed so far.Version: 2.93

Waste of MoneyVery few manufacturers listed. No features other than search. I want my money back..Version: 2.76

Bad appThis app is terrible. No way to put in 2 tone pill. When I put in the # on the pill it comes bsck mo match..Version: 2.107

Ads in a paid app since update👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 REFUND ASAPI updated the app and suddenly there are ads in my paid app. The developer has sold over to the dark side. The app has become sluggish since. I’m uninstalling and I want my money back. All paid users have been cheated and should be immediately issued a refund..Version: 2.88

Didn’t identify LosartanDid not identify pill didn’t even have it in database and I searched for it..Version: 2.126

Rip OffThis app is not worth .99 when there are Better sites that you can search for free. It should Allow you to scan the pill especially for those with poor eye sight.Version: 2.124

Useless for some situationsVery poor app. No way to show upper & lower imprints when divided by a line on same side. Tip says “use a space to separate front and back imprints”. That doesn’t work either..Version: 2.88

What a waste!I’m a Parkinson’s Disease patient wit COPD and AFib. I take 15 separate medications, all daily..some of them five and six times a day. I’m an intelligent, educated man with a very vertical brain that still at 77 works just fine, thank you. So here’s the thing..I endeavored,on your app, to find each & every one of the 15 Rx’s, being very, very careful about inputting the correct alphanumerics, with a helper cross-checking. Want to know how many we found? Zero! None! Nada! Zip! You guys are pathetic. David Martin Berkeley, CA.Version: 2.84

Money Spent For Zero Useful InformationI had to look up some pills my doctor was discontinuing. There was absolutely no results information that applied to 5 pills..Version: 2.73

Very poor. Only able to choose one color for the pill when it had two color. Waste of money.Very poor. Only able to choose one color for the pill when it had two color. Waste of money..Version: 2.81

MrApp is advertised as being for UK. Turns out to be good only for the USA. Total waste of £0.79!.Version: 2.43

ReviewI just paid .99 for this app. I tried 4 generic drugs and all of my searches turned up nothing found. I did find the information I needed on a free app. Do not waste your time with this app..Version: 2.89

Good but needs more info reg its useOverall good but missong some inf for drugs usr..cool n its free.Version: 1.01

Kinda uselessNot too practical. If you enter, for example, blue and oval, you get a simple list of dozens of meds. You then have to "tap" each one to see the picture to find out if that's yours..Version: 2.48

Website is far superior to the appNot sure why I thought paying for the app would be more convenient but it definitely isn’t. The filters for shape and color disappear when you type in an imprint, and the search results are just the names, rather than the photos like it displays on the site. Pointless..Version: 2.125

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