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Failure and flossVery bad experience with my booking of air bnb. The first house we booked was fake and doesn’t exist. The anxiety and frustrations when we arrived to a foreign country was enormous especially when we arrived late afternoon and nowhere to go as it was difficult to look for another accommodation. I wasted too much money because the accommodation we acquired was already expensive as we only booked on same day we arrived. The amount of phone calls I made seeking help from air bnb was terrible, it took me 3 hours to sort out, but it was not sorted out. Air bnb was not helpful in seeking a replacement for our accommodation. Instead, I just asked my payment back and I offered myself to look for our new accommodation instead as it was late at night already. I regret a lot why I booked our accommodation through air bnb..Version: 18.31

Air bnb is full of cowboys who are trying to screw customersAirbnb is definitely not the company that it was . When we rented a place the owner kept chasing us days after we left saying keys had gone missing ( despite us giving them to his caretaker ) and asking us for ludicrously high cleaning and fixing charges to get new keys cut . We have never experienced this before and for the money we spent we could have got a cottage from a more reputable site . I hear now that they are racistly discriminating against Jews is Israel being able to rent properties yet in places around the world where there are land disputes Airbnb are happy to keep taking their money . Why do Airbnb have a policy that applies to Jews only .. Airbnb is becoming a really evil company and I won’t support them any more.Version: 18.46

Useful App butIt s definitly a good app to have for people on the move and who want to have all the options to boom till the last minute and without committing weeks in advance. However, we didn't really appreciate the analytics behind it : from the moment that you install this app you become a product, meaning that the prices and options proposed to you are not necessarily the best for you. the prices are usually more than the prices that you can get for the same options if you log on on anonymous mode.... also, we notices that the additional fees ( services, cleaning....etc) are higher with the app compared to anonymous mode.....and this is not fair. If I m a client or regular customer i expect to be privileged compared to the other and not penalized....Version: 20.50.1

No option to leave negative feedback when host cancels a reservationI made a reservation that was cancelled by the host on short notice. AirBnB does not provide any method by which I can leave a review to warn other guests about this host because my stay wasn’t completed. When I phoned AirBnB about this, they hung up on me..Version: 19.14

App error and they won't issue me a refund 😡😡😡😡I made a booking on Airbnb and noticed recently that the dates on their calendar were incorrect. E.g. 7th June 2019 is a Friday but the the app says it is a Saturday. I have been waiting for over 2 weeks since I contacted them and still no full refund. Everytime I contact them they ask me to send them videos of me using the app, screenshots, my phones ios version etc. Very disappointed that such a large company is so terrible to deal with. Definitely lost my confidence in this company and unlikely to book with them again. They say they are trying to ascertain whose fault it is... Theirs or the hosts but honestly I don't care... I have no control of the apps calendar but still that haven't given me my refund!!! 😡😡😡😡.Version: 19.19

Used to be goodAirbnb used to be good but not anymore. I have had some bad experience in the past month and the support weren't helpful at all. You have to take pictures and videos of everything when you get to a place before anything. You have to make sure that you have enough proof of everything, otherwise you are found guilty for no reason. Try other platforms....Version: 20.39

Filtering will changeI was looking for an apartment or house to look for to stay in alone privately, I had found a house that I liked and did not think anything of it as I had already filtered to my liking, during two hours before I was going to visit this apartment/house I had re reviewed the place and info to find that it had said that this is a “shared room”. I had to refund and not receive almost any of my money and I am extremely furious at what had happened..Version: 19.41

App ok, service terrible with no protection for customersAfter using Airbnb for a while as a host with high personal standards, I just had an appalling experience as a guest. I arrived in a place that looked nothing like the description, was dirty and feeling unsafe in the evening after a long haul flight. I told the host who couldn’t care less...! So I quickly decided I needed to get out and find an alternative (which ended up expensive on last minute night search in a busy city due to events happening...). I messaged the host and Airbnb to let them know, and asked to have the money back: neither Airbnb nor the host would reimburse fees and the cost of the stay, and they wouldn’t do ANYTHiNG to verify facts or protect the current and future customers. I found this shocking and should be reported to customer protection... they wash their hands from responsibility hiding behind the fact that they are just a third party platform, which is totally wrong in my sense..Version: 19.20.1

The worst customer support ever!If you’re planning on hosting you need to make sure you don’t use Airbnb! They’re the worst for helping you out. They don’t take the full amount from the guest and leave you hanging dry whenever there’s a payment issue. If they’re going to sit back and collect money from service charges, occupancy taxes, etc. they should also collect full payments from guests and release them as the dates approach. I had a issue with a guest staying 2 months and not paying anything the 2nd month. When I asked Airbnb about non payment they said they tried to collect and there was an issue with that. The guest ended up leaving in the middle of the night, stole numerous things, and didn’t pay. When I reached out to Airbnb they said they’d look into it. I had to do a reverse number search and come to find out this guest that was staying was defrauding people. AIRBNB Does a terrible job of actually filtering who’s using their platform. This lady has been convicted of nurse impersonation and battery and assault. Only reason I was able to find her actual last name was because I did my research. Stay away from Airbnb! They’re not there to help you at all. They haven’t even responded to me. It’s been a week!.Version: 20.15

AverageOverall, I’ve had good experience with Airbnb, and I like the general set up. I do have two major major issues, and that is 1). with the tax collection. My county and total sales tax are 9%, But they only take out 6% and refuse to fix it. This causes me to lose so much money because I have to take it out of my profit and then file with the county and do my state taxes through an accountant because the system is too complex... Major inconvenience... and 2). This is my 2nd home. I do not want to rent it to just “anyone“. VRBO is better because they at least let you see the person‘s full name, and you can Google their information to make sure they are a real person, etc. There are so Many scam emails. I have no problem with an AirBNB traveler who has previously had a review, but when a New, unknown person tries to books and gives me no information at all regarding their group or info on their trip, and all I have is a “first name”- it’s unnerving. I think they should try to protect the homeowners much better than what they do right now. It’s very one-sided towards the renter- where I would like much more of a mutual accountability. Hiding the pictures and last name is also not OK in my book..Version: 19.09

The app is great. Not so much the serviceBEWARE according to their terms and conditions the host is able to cancel even 24h before your arrival. All Airbnb offers in this circumstances is a sorry email and a tiny voucher only if you decide not to refund the money. But within this timeframe you’re out of pocket. Forget the support, you’re on your own. Airbnb has no control over hosts and don’t care about any liability..Version: 18.37

Please read!I’ve recently read a whole article on this ‘airbnb’ thing. Some woman tried to book a room with hosts named ‘becky & Andrew’ however apparently in the room she booked there had been plumbing issues so they offered to update her to a bigger room. Turns out they said this to everyone. If you declined the request of upgrading to a bigger room and asked for a refund , you’d only get half back of what you originally payed. This is how the ‘hosts’ made their money. They also create fake profiles on Facebook , LinkedIn etc using photos from websites like shutterstock. I’ve read that a lot of people have booked rooms and found it extremely strange as the rooms look nothing like what they show on their app. For example the furniture looks as if it’s been picked up off the street and the tables are all battered etc. This is a complete scam to get money. Please don’t book hotel rooms on this app as you won’t get your money’s worth at all..Version: 19.46

Worst customer service and shady hidden feesThe Airbnb I stayed in had TERRIBLE reviews. 15-20 horrible reviews. I didn’t check before going as somehow this place had 4/5 stars? What a joke. It was insect INFESTED and I left after 10minutes. Airbnb took TWO MONTHS (I had to report & ask for a refund 5 separate times) to get this refunded. good luck if you need anything from Airbnb. They won’t do anything for you. And then they have ridiculous hidden fees, good luck paying an extra $200/month for any long term stays because of cleaning fees, admin fees, GST, house related tax? , etc....Version: 20.43

New user finding it very hard to useOur car broke down so we are looking for an overnighter that allows pets, as our car and caravan are being towed home. I found the dates confusing as we want one night but have to put in two dates, so I can’t tell if the price is per night or for two nights. If it’s the check in date and check out date, a simple note as you select dates would help, as other booking go systems use. Now I’m after only pet-friendly accommodation but can’t see any way of filtering and just can’t be bothered searching every place one by one. Not a good introduction to Airbnb..Version: 21.09

Airbnb fail & no real helpMy Airbnb was super dirty & after communicating over 5 hours with Airbnb and first getting the answer no refund at all - I now got a half refund, it’s not my fault that the owner messed up. Really sad that you have to wait so long & then still get bad service. Probably not going to book an Airbnb again & I was a long & often costumer.Version: 20.48

Slow uploadHi Guys, The calendar foes not work properly and neither does the page which summarises the total earnings per month. I have tried to report this through the feedback department your your website and instead of receiving a message on the app, i have received a response through my email, however i cannot reply to the same email or even read anything about. I just thought I should mention it. In the app we should be able to communicate with you guys in the same way that we communicate with our guests(through a message). Thanks,.Version: 18.45

First experience with Air BnB is so-soI am traveling for just under a month and am using Air BnB for my travels. I am satisfied with most of my stats so far except one. This particular place was so dingy and run down that I immediately knew I did not want to stay there. Right away I contacted the host asking for the payment of my remaining two nights back so I could secure someplace else. She refused. So I contacted Air BnB and they too so long in figuring things out that I was well on to my next location by the time they said they had successfully negotiated a cleaning fee refund ($34). That was laughable. They told me I could dispute it further and asked me what was a fair compensation. I said that the fairest compensation was the two nights I had originally asked for. That would have been around $270. They negotiated some more and ended up refunding me $120. I am not impressed on the time it takes for them to respond and handle things, nor am I impressed with their negotiation skills. The place I stayed in was a dump and the pictures were a complete lie and they did nothing to fix that for future renters. I’ve now stayed in three other locations and I am very pleased with them. I like Air BnB but I don’t like their service..Version: 19.17

Cancelled my staySo I booked a reservation stay in Denver and everything was going well I made the account and did the following steps to book the reservation until I got to my payment everything went through they took the money out of my account and all so we are on our way to Denver and the booking host calls me and says I’m going to have to check in at a later time check in time was at 10 in the morning now he wanted us to check in at 4 in the afternoon we would basically loose 5 hrs in day Airbnb but we said no at first cause it was like money wasted but we still wanted to enjoy the trip so we all said ok that’s fine we will drive around till then 30 min later we get a call back from the host saying Airbnb cancelled my reservation cause my account wasn’t valid but took my money took my proof of I’d all the following requirements I did was for just to get rejected on the reservation now I have to wait 3 to 5 business days to get my money back mind you that I’m on my way to Denver now we have no money for a booking hotel they left me broke on my vacation and I’m not happy with service from this app not a reliable source if you don’t want your vacation ruined don’t book on Airbnb. Sincerely Andres.Version: 20.23.1

Threatened by host due to refund requestSo we booked in advance for a place in Thailand. We were due to stay at Sunset Plaza in Karon with the host being Michael. The place was nothing like what we booked, it was filthy, covered in ants and had personal documents from the previous occupants!! The “security guard” was creepy and made us very uncomfortable and there was no privacy in the apartment to change. We were forced to stay somewhere nicer. After raising the issues with the host Michael we were abused and then he THREATENED us if we wrote a bad review or requested a refund. I reported this to Airbnb and as expected they didn’t do anything about it, they said because we didn’t tell the host about our issues (which we did, he declined to do anything) then we didn’t get our refund. Will never go with Airbnb again, you’re not protected at all..Version: 18.45

Deceiving pricesThe most annoying thing about the app is how you don’t know the final price per night until you go through the booking flow. The listing shows one price while in reality it is 30-50% higher with all the countless additional fees. I don’t need to know how you calculate the price, just show me how much it will cost me..Version: 19.40

Worst customer service everLet me start by setting the scene.... I am 4 months pregnant and I have a 4 year old son. My fiancé’s bday was the other day and he had to travel to Miami for a work trip so we made a family weekend out of it. The hotel we were staying at was over booked so we decided to try to use Air B and B to find something cheaper that was still local. Downloaded the app, set up a profile and picked a place. Confirmed it and were excited out our new reservation. Not even 15 minutes later we get a message saying our reservation was canceled. Called the hotel and they said the never received the payment so we need to contact air B and B. I contacted them and the lady “couldn’t give me any info” so we waited for a “case manager” to call back. A couple hours later a women who spoke extremely broken English called and said they were sorry they have to cancel the reservation but we broke the terms and agreements.... which I don’t know how when we literally set up the profile properly and verified everything! And booked a place AND THEY TOOK THE NEARLY $200 OUT OF OUR ACCOUNT!!!!!!! They would NOT give us a further explanation at all and the lady would not work with us at all and HUNG UP ON ME! Needless to say they put us in an extremely tight bind and we will never use this app ever again. Beware! Seems pretty scamish..Version: 19.46

Needs fixedIt use to be a great app and a great idea, but there is a major bug that needs addressed and also the developers need to get their priorities straight. Point 1 - the algorithms the app uses when searching for a place has changed and now viewers are shown expensive, fancy and ‘recommended’ places first, meaning the average users place is extremely hard to find meaning a lot less bookings, almost rendering it useless. Airbnb needs to remember why it started in the first place and the sort of people that made it what it is today. I get the feeling that if we pay them more we would have better results but imho they are getting plenty and are a billion dollar company and have just grown selfish. Point 2 - When trying to delete or rearrange photos, the app crashes, but worryingly it also seems to make my whole phone crash. Have tried on my girlfriends phone and the iPad and it does the same thing. Makes the screen turn black with the white spinning wheel, and the only way to get through it is to wait it out as home buttons etc become useless. Really hope they go back to the way things use to be as it was such a great app before..Version: 19.06

I’m a host. This app is terribly built.Please fix - Having to crash the app and reopen it for it to load the calendar. This is the most frustrating thing in the app - Inconsistencies for when sending a special offer is available - No badge icon to show a message is waiting despite all notifications being enabled, until you open the app, it realises there’s an unread message, then it puts the icon on - Why do messages to Airbnb Support have to route through the Travelling side of the app? I’m messaging you about a guest or issue hosting, and you force me to switch to travelling to talk to you about it?! - Allowing a one night stay is far harder than it needs to be. Why do I have to add a seasonal requirement? It’s not seasonal, it’s opportunistic and we both win it this was easier to do! I could go on. I’ve been waiting for two years for these things to be fixed and I’ve had enough..Version: 18.45

Customer SupportAirbnb Customer service is terrible and they lack empathy for guests. There really needs to be another app just like this but better. I was banned from Airbnb after a host reported a lie. Mind you I reported him first! Because he stole money from me and was unprofessional. Airbnb took the hosts side and banned me forever. I can never create a new account which is a bit harsh. My account had all great reviews but because of this one host who lied on me my account is banned. I am banned from the Airbnb community. I tried to prove my innocence and explain the entire issue but Airbnb did nothing at all. I never even got a refund. How is that a guest reports a host first then the host gets upset because now he has a negative review and reports me back but says a bunch of lies to mess up my account is not cool. This is totally unacceptable and I should take Airbnb to court! I should not be banned I’m in the right the host is in the wrong. Not sure what’s wrong with Airbnb customer support team. They do not care at all. It’s very frustrating. I’ve tried several times sending multiple emails and calling multiple times and Airbnb has done nothing. They told me their decision is final. This is very unfair. I hope some day someone creates a new app that will compete with Airbnb..Version: 20.35

Helps Superhosts STEAL money from customersAirbnb helps Superhosts STEAL from potential customers. BEWARE. They will break their own rules to protect their Superhosts at all costs. If it ever comes to a dispute between you and the host, no matter how in-the-right you are, Airbnb will take the hosts’ side. They will not even allow a negative review of a Superhost to be posted. We submitted a request to book a place, and on that listing it noted we would have to sign an additional contract. It’s part of Airbnb’s terms that any non-standard terms must be posted on the listing. One of the terms was that tenants had unlimited liability for any damages even if caused by the host. We refused to sign that so we never completed the booking, but the host refused to return the $1000 deposit. Despite not having posted the non-standard terms on listing, and despite that specific listing saying that booking was not complete until contract returned and signed, Airbnb took the side of the Superhost and she got to keep our deposit. (She has since changed her terms from zero refund at all, to free cancellation within 48 hours.. hmm 🤔). The additional kicker was that Airbnb would not allow a negative review of the host to be posted. The review was very fair and honest, so there is absolutely no way it contradicted any rules about disrespectful or inappropriate language. However the host did not want a negative review on her page so Airbnb would not post it. They did however let her post a negative review of us that had two lies/accusations that could be considered slander. We are in the process of submitting our documents to small claims court. It’s that bad. Be very aware of Airbnb - I cannot believe how terrible their customer service was. The whole time, it was a big F U to us. I will never use Airbnb again, and I would caution anyone about it because if it comes down to a dispute between you and a host, no matter who is in the right, Airbnb will take the hosts’ side..Version: 20.50.1

Good App, but could improve with some bug fixesVery nice App. Easy to book and communicate with host. But (the current version) could use some bug fixes. I use the App on my iPad Pro with the most recent iOS an when I scroll through my search results, the movement is extremely slowly, sometimes gets even stuck. Something is wrong here. Search filters are also not perfect. When I set for example my limit at $200 per night, the App shows me also accommodations above $200. Also, it would be great if the location filter would be narrower. If I search for housing in a certain town I don‘t want to see housing from near-by towns. Unfortunately, one sometimes only find out once you check the map, because the title often does not tell the location. Maybe adding a distance option would help (how far from target destination the search should be expanded). Additional comment: What I also dont like is that I cant remove my credit card information from my account after payment (not through the App and also not through the online account). I wished they would support Apple Pay. I don‘t like to keep my credit card information all over the internet..Version: 17.50

ID Check doesn’t work, phone number not accepted. Useless.A great idea, poorly executed. Ridiculous security checks that do not work (which hotel would ask for a photo of your passport for a reservation?!?) Lost several hours with the app..Version: 20.36.1

Shady business practicesHad a terrible experience renting a condo in Galveston, TX. The property owners go by the name, “Beach Time Vacation Rentals BTR” and they falsely advertised their property. They claimed it was “beach and water front” and when we arrived we found it was neither of those things. There was a “beach view” but if you wanted to get near the actual beach you would have to cross a busy highway to get to it. Upon arriving we noticed this detail and called the property owners to cancel and get a refund. Leta, the supposed property owner became instantly hostile and aggressive over the phone, almost like she has dealt with this issue before and can’t even pretend to care. Airbnb was no better. They sided with the property owner and the $1,000 we spent on a 2-day rental was down the drain. We would have been more than happy to get the refund as a credit and spend it on another rental that wasn’t falsely advertised. But no such refund/credit was issued. Airbnb’s customer support is almost nonexistent so be super careful before booking that the rental is something you really want, because you won’t get in touch with another human for weeks after filing a complaint. We will NEVER use Airbnb again and we have told all our friends and family to stop using them as well..Version: 20.40

Unhelpful AirbnbI live in washington DC, on February 1rs I make the reservation for miama beach through the Airbnb application. I received my confirmation from the hotel that was available, they took the money from my card and everything was ready. My group was 8 people, we rented a van , we requested day in our job, we plan dates and place to visit mejor of our hotel. etc. ..., we were happy and excited about our trip to Miami Beach, Our reservation was from February 12 to 15. On February 10, I received an email from the hotel that they are over book and they just tried to cancel my reservation and return the money. JUST 2 DAYS BEFORE OUR TRIP. I contacted Airbnb to solve the problem. what they did were cancel my reservation and give me back my money. Looking for another list far our original place of reservation. Otherwise if we keep the same place we have to pay more due to dates. How that can be a great solution? In short, what they offered was to keep looking for places which were no longer available in the place of maiami beach. Anyway, I don't understand why arbnb allows hotels to cancel at the last minute and they can't do anything to help me. What kind of company are they? We lost time, money and our excited trip. I’m still waiting for an real solution. they didn’t give a real solution. Just return the money. I’m really frustrated about Arbnb. They are unhelpful..Version: 21.06

Airbnb customer service is pretty badI rented this nice looking pricey (200$ a night) place with a 5 star rating. When I came, I was shocked to find out that the sheets were dirty from the previous hosts, a bunch of dirty towels in the bathroom, full garbage can, hair in the bathroom etc. I took photos and decided to contact airbnb because I missed their 2 week timeframe to leave a review (which i didnt know they had, but I was busy). After contacting, Airbnb they first said ”we ll be in 5 min with you” then someone send a prewritten reply and left. The automated system then asked if I have anything else I need to say. Obviously I have! I wasnt able to talk to anyone after waiting 1h! Then I write a detailed explanation of my situation. Their reply was we will forward your message to one of our reps. Its been 2 days and no one got back to me. My conclusion is rent at your own risk. Even if a place has 5 star reviews you may find yourself cleaning up after the previous hosts and Airbnb won’t do a thing about it. Better rent a hotel at least you know what you re getting into.Version: 20.37

Terrible site/ company - no starsSpent multiple days calling or on hold with air bnb after they canceled a trip we booked for Key West. Their website allowed us to rent a unit that was not available. We were charged for the unit, then simply sent a text from another vacation site that our reservation was canceled. No reason why! No one would tell us why, but it was glitch in air bnb software which no one would own up too. Every case manager I was assigned too told me they would comp us a stay and send us new listings which never happened. When a listing was sent it was not comparable to our initial booking. Each day that passed the cost of the available air bnb units would increase in price, but no one would call me back to confirm another reservation. Each case worker said they would call me back with in an hour. No call backs! I am livid with air bnb, there are multiple sites that are a lot cheaper with the same units like VRBO, use them! Don’t book with this website!! They are unreliable, they won’t care if you have a place to stay. Update..... just received a message from Airbnb. Not a phone call of course. They are denying telling me they would assist with the cost of another rental and their hands are tied so we should Book another rental. Never again! Hotels would do this to a customer.Version: 19.19

Unreliable: this is not about technology only.I wrote a review yesterday about a bad experience I had last week. When I say bad, I mean 3 big cockroaches inside the house, one of them under the sink. The place was so dirty I left one night before the rental ended. I wrote a review sharing my experience. A few hour later I received an email from AirbnB, stating that “They determined that my review for was in violation of their review policy – specifically the section on relevancy” and that “After examining my review for, they determined that its content didn’t contain enough relevant information about my host or experience to be informative to other community members. For this reason, they have removed the review”. They also informed that “This decision is in line with their review policy”. I read the policy and there is no way I infringed it. No second chance to write about a bad experience. Unilateral. I was curious and I spent a couple of hours checking several properties looking for bad reviews, Guess what? None. It is the AirBnB alternate reality, where everything is about them, their hosts and their stockholders. Customer satisfaction is manipulated. They do not care About their guests. Apps are not about technology only but about corporations behind it. This one is not reliable..Version: 20.50.1

Glitchy notificationsFor the most part, this app does what is needed. But it really bothers me that they haven’t fixed the glitches in the notifications. Even when I answer a message, the notification still remains, as if I hadn’t seen it yet. It’s the same thing with reviews. I’ll complete one, and then the notification still says “write a review”. Pls fix !.Version: 20.37

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!!Karabakh is Azerbaijan, you can not build a business and make money out of occupied lands of Azerbaijan! Airbnb has been ignoring this fact despite all the official and non official letters and reviews left!!.Version: 20.30

BugsToo many bugs. Huge battery drainer. Notification badge won’t go away after viewing msgs. Why isn’t it compatible with iOS 12?? I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be. Also why is there still no dark mode??!.Version: 20.38

Cancellation by hostWas recently cancelled on for one of our trips. There was absolutely no recourse. I went to your q&a and found out you have a pretty strict set of rules for canceling on the host, but no real strict set of rules on hosts cancelling on guests. This is absolutely horrible. The host only loses the cancellation. The guests lose all that they had invested in the trip - airfare, other places to stay, any reservations and down payments on things like prearranged things or trips such as boating, kayaking, entry fees, etc. Also I could not leave an Airbnb review on the host. This is absolutely uncalled for. Both the host and Airbnb need to know the consequences of this action. And others need to know that the host cancels on guests. Airbnb really needs to rethink this policy. If a host cancel, they should be responsible for any costs that the guests incurred. I have heard that hosts will cancel if they get a higher rental fee. Don’t know if that happened to me, but that should absolutely be forbidden and if one cancellation occurs, the host should be moved to the lowest ranking. They must be discouraged from doing any cancellation. They have to be running this like a business. The excuse I got was the host had to leave town and could not find someone to clean it before the last guest before me. Really poor excuse!!.Version: 18.35

Remove listing in Nagorno KarabakhAirbnb allows listing in Nagorno-Karabakh. This is internationally recognised territory of Azerbaijan Republic occupied by Armenia. Many of original inhabitant were brutally removed from their homes at gunpoint. Can you guarantee the person listing a place is the lawful owner? What about property rights?.Version: 20.30

Do Not Do Business With This CompanyMy family and I are stranded in an unfamiliar state thanks to Airbnb and their unwillingness to correct their mistakes. Thank you for allowing us to book a condo under construction. Thank for allowing us to find this out after thousands of dollars of airfare, time off and hours driving to the booking. Thank you for failing to send any emails or messages informing us of this issue. Thank you for acknowledging the mistake and shooting down any attempt to accommodate my family by booking us a similar listing even though similar listings were available on your app and website. We were forced to deal with horrible customer service representatives. If anyone at the company is reading this please invest in some workshops/training idk maybe a Christmas bonus or something because dealing with your representatives took this experience to another level of frustration. I would not be sitting here writing this essay if it wasn’t for the young lady I had the pleasure of speaking to last night. Thank you for this experience Airbnb! Who would have thought opening Christmas gifts in rental cars would be so fun! And thanks for the great advice of finding a hotel to accommodate 6 adults on Christmas Eve for 8 days in Orlando. The amount of options were plentiful!!! Thank you! Merry Christmas from our Ford Explorers..Version: 18.50.1

PoorThere are surprisingly some significant issues with this app and the info it provides: it shows you properties in other towns and cities to the one you're looking at; it doesn't include all the costs - so much can be added on the price showing in the search; you cannot select no-smoking and landlords aren't obliged to tell you they smoke! No functionality for proximity to train/team/bus and these are obscured from the maps given, so you have to check Google maps every time! No ability to reject properties which you've seen and don't want - they just keep coining up! Quite shocked at the lack of functionality!.Version: 19.05

No longer supporting Airbnb due to discriminationI understand this is a review of the app - but would like to share my recent experience with Airbnb. A host left a review on my profile that was sexist and disgusting. Despite my entire history of perfectly treating Airbnb’s, the company refused to acknowledge the comment was sexist - conveniently, the two hosts were men and only acknowledged my partner (male), yet attacked me in the review. The Airbnb correspondent handling the case was also a man, who told me it was not discriminatory in his opinion. I hope Airbnb will focus more on customer service and experience, because this is disappointing after years of supporting this company. Men shouldn’t be deciding what is and isn’t sexist. But, to make this legitimate to the app, it’s pretty buggy. The messaging app will frequently triple or quadruple sending me messages or not send them at all, and leaves illegal Airbnb’s listed (as I’ve experienced then having them canceled as it was not legally listed, or having an uncomfortable experience getting to an Airbnb and finding it is illegal due to city laws). I’ve gotten to the booking stages before only to have errors, despite the space still being available. Usually takes several tries before it actually goes through..Version: 19.31

Great app when it works but calendar keeps crashingI’ve used this app mostly for hosting rather than traveling and it’s very handy when it’s working properly. I manage a few properties so it’s useful having the calendar to hand so I can organise changeovers and liaise with guests. It’s also useful having all the info about guest booking so I can check names and number of guests arriving, requests made via the messaging service and message guests if required. For the most part the messaging works fine but unfortunately the calendar keeps crashing which really is a pain. Each time it does this I have to reinstall the app. Sometimes this is quick but other times it takes ages which is also a pain when you need to check something quickly. I’ve had to do this at least 20 times over the past few months. If this glitch was fixed then it would be a 5* app but until then only 3. On another note, I’m quite surprised at the reviews of Airbnb as a company and accommodation here 😂 These ratings and reviews are meant for the Airbnb app! 🙄 Not the fab place you stayed in Plymouth or your dodgy experience 🙄😂.Version: 18.42

App needs more functions for hostsThe app was designed great for renters, everything you need is there. However, for hosts it’s lacking in resources. First off and most important, there’s not a way to setup notifications and reminders of when guests will be checking in (atleast via mobile notifications), leaving you too manually set reminders using other apps. It does send an email out roughly a week before, but it’s not as good of a reminder as a mobile alert would be. Plus, you should be able to customize reminders to your preferences through the app, with how busy everyone’s lives are it’s hard to stay on top of it all of the time. Another huge problem we’ve had is issues with receiving notifications of new bookings and inquiries. Some days we will get them, others days we won’t, so I have to constantly check the app in fear I may have missed a new inquiry. Customer service is absolutely amazing, as a host they’ve been outstanding in helping when problems arise. I hope Airbnb will see this feedback to help make hosts lives a little more efficient and simple..Version: 20.29

Soooo slowI just can’t believe Airbnb’s app is so bad. Everything loads at snail speed.Version: 20.50

CommentsIf Airbnb really means b&b - ie bed & breakfast - why do so many hosts seek to avoid offering this simple gesture? Guests may not always want it. Why not call the company Air Bed Only! Also - your payment suggestions are far too low for any host to make a profit. Are you more geared towards making it as cheap a deal as possible for guests? I work hard as a host but barely cover the cost of extra water & heating, never mind all the laundry paraphernalia. You suggest I drop my charge at least one third. This would be impossible as my costs would soar with an overload of opportunists. This is what happened when I first started with your company..Version: 18.31

Please fix host/visitor messages in AppHost/visitor messages are still not working or displaying in the App even after the last update. On iPad Pro 11”. In the last version they did not display at all. In the latest version, I can just about see the final message, but not the previous ones at all. Seriously, do you guys regression test updates before you publish them!! Please fix. It’s a good job that the iPhone app seems to work. Also, property pictures seem really low resolution on anything other than a phone. Viewing them on the iPad or mac they look rubbish when viewed large. You are doing property owners and potential visitors a disservice..Version: 20.41

Bad Customer ServiceConfusing app.. Great service until you run into the most minor issue. I tried to modify a reservation and it turned into a complete nightmare of phone call after phone call with Patricia where I had to explain, reexplain and then explain again a very simple issue. She claimed she needed to verify with the host and claimed she couldn’t reach him which was bizarre since the host said he never heard from her and was nothing but accommodating and responsive to me the entire trip. I would recommend going directly to your host with any modifications or extensions of your trip or you’ll find yourself on the phone with Airbnb your entire trip, completely frustrated. While she was nice she didn’t seem like she listened to a word I said. Now they continue to keep trying to take money for days I didn’t stay. She claims she can’t reach the host but he’s a well respected doctor and we have mutual friends who are his neighbors so I’m inclined to believe his side of the story. I would try home away vacation app instead (although I’ve never used, it but will be now). My family has properties listed on Airbnb and we will now be trying Home Away Vacation app instead as we don’t want or guests to have the same poor experience on their getaway..Version: 17.43

Horrible experience . They really have gone down hillHave just had THE WORST experience. Have tried to book a mini trip in California . Firstly I just booked a place in Carmel, looking at the listing closely after booking I realized there were more photos of beds then were listed . I then called the number listed and some weird man answered, screamed at me that I have the wrong number and slammed down the phone. Upon further research it turns out the listing is actually a small Hotel. I called the Hotel and they were disgusted to hear someone is making an Airbnb under their name. I have confirmation from the actual owner of the REAL hotel and they have confirmed that the listing is NOT them . Air Bnb’s response ‘ we will look into it. ...... 6 hours later nothing . Then on another booking a lady claimed the house was animal free and then minutes after booking I was reading the reviews and saw that someone had complained about animal hair. The owner then admitted she sometimes has he let’s there. I’m allergic to dogs so asked to cancel within the hour of making the booking. Airbnb by then refused to refund me in full even though it says clearly in their site ‘cancel with in 24 hours for full refund’ :( so disappointed and will never book with them again.Version: 20.33

BEWARE! Should you want a refund from a MOLD infested shackThe worst experience EVER with their support team I have ever experienced. Recently rented a property in Puerto Rico of course you must pay in full, no problem excepting my money but when we arrived at the property it was nothing less than a dump not at all what the photos that were posted for the listing showed. Mold on the walls, floors, shower, smelly bedding, dirt dust missing floor tiles in the kitchen that expose the concrete below , a junkyard of a front yard, spiderwebs, clutter..... we could not even spend one night there. when I submitted the photos to THE AIR BNB they were passed on to three different individual case workers to who agreed that the place was disgusting and did not match the listing but she was not authorized so she transferred me to someone above her who never spoke to me once and ruled in favor of the host Who argued that this property was clean and nothing was wrong with it! which is completely inaccurate! In the end they are keeping our money and we did not spend one single night there this is for 14 days that they will gladly steel from their customers knowing that the place was A step above a rundown shack you may find crackheads squatting in. Airbnb might find them selves regretting to ignore the mold in the photos Porter Rico is part of America.Version: 19.01

ErrorI have a hard time to book a place due to some errors that occur in the app. First the availability on the calendar is just changing everytime i clicked it. Plus, the payment method is also mostly doesn’t works when i want to place a payment through paypal/ideal. :/.Version: 17.50

No respect for renters rights. A con. Go elsewhere!I’ve used air bnb since it first started. It’s going down hill, the customer service is diabolical. My last three experiences: property listed that I made a payment for will have been sold by the time I come to rent it. No mention of this on the listing. No hint of an apology from the owner when she told us. She’s french after all . Apartment in NYC had bed bugs. We submitted photos to the owner and to Airbnb resolutions. No apology, no refund, no gesture of good will. Apparently we went through the system of complaint incorrectly so we had no leg to stand on. It took 1 month of missed calls, crossed e mails, delayed messaging because the resolution woman was ill, yet one of the comments from the script she was working from was, they couldn’t refund because too much time had passed. I wrote a negative review for the listing detailing how the super host had handled us. It was edited down to: This customer had a negative experience. Lastly, I made an overall complaint to Airbnb and no response 3 months later. Indeed I feel hopeless no one will read this review. I see in the media there are tons of negative Airbnb experiences . Don’t put your money here. Use a different service . Sarah. London . UK.Version: 19.04

Rating the app, not AirBnBI am rating only one star after 12 months of use. The calendar, which is the backbone of this booking tool constantly freezes. Having to restart the app to use it. It doesn’t happen every time, but it is so often that it is buggy & annoying from someone in the business of service. I have comlpained to support on every support call, the staff who are polite & say they pass the feedback on. The feedback isn’t obviously getting through & it is really disappointing. Also as a Superhost, changing a booking is not an easy task. Hosts need to have a booking tool to adjust, # of guests, # of nights, special offer $$$’s & other tweaks to a reservation, as probably 20% of my guests rock up without having properly read the listing/booking thinking they can get away with bringing extra guests or similar. Pick up your game AirBnB app dev’s.Version: 18.26

There is no responce!If you want to use this app to establish your business and future please be very careful. You may lose all you made at one night. I tried so hard and made a history with a very good rating with my apartment and one night Airbnb closed my account without any contact and excuse! There is absolutely no telephon number or email that you can contact. That is how they made this app.Version: 21.07

Horrible ExperienceBeen trying to resolve an issue of adding a new payment method since ages and they are least bothered about it! No way to even revise a payment method if once attempted and has not gone through. Other providers are much better in this sense as compared to yours. Didn’t use your service much but after this experience don’t want to even try again!.Version: 19.40

Unforgiving and Unhelpful!Airbnb did not refund any money for a situation that was out of my hands. I was studying abroad in Rome and planning to visit Barcelona from March 5-9, staying at an AirBnb rental. Our school mandated that we return to America on March 2nd due to the rising threat of Coronavirus, so we had no choice but to leave and could not attend our stay in Barcelona as planned. We lost all the money that we had put into this trip, even though it was not our fault. After contacting AirBnb support staff, they were not sympathetic at all towards our situation and they closed our case. We sent them all the right documentation that showed that we were forced to leave, but they did not care. Even with the credit card company involved, AirBnb still did not help us and we have not gotten any money back. We are students, so we don’t have a lot of money to begin with, and to lose that much money really is detrimental. I would have hoped that a huge corporation like AirBnb would be able to see that we are not at fault and that it’s unfair to take our money without giving some sort of refund, considering our safety was at stake. I will think twice before ever using this app and company ever again, because they definitely put their own greed before the needs of their customers..Version: 20.16

Cancellation by hostI can’t believe that after people telling me to be aware of using Airbnb due to so many problems with host and bookings . I finally decided to give it a go , and guess what ? Yes The host of our beautiful condo decides to cancel our booking because he had another long term client wanting to rent it out , which then left me back to having to find another condo within 15 days of arriving and now prices for those condos are now much higher than when we first looked at booking them . So my friends were right in warning me about using airbnb because it is far too easy to break contracts and leave me as a customer without a place to stay or pay a lot more for a similar condo . I don’t think I will be booking my next holiday with Airbnb as I should have stayed with Agoda who are amazing and never let me down ..Version: 18.37

Problems taking photo on iPad Pro in landscapeThe app presents a little overlay where one can center the photo id capture, but running the app in landscape mode, the overlay was misaligned, with the overlay rectangle half off-screen. And when I disconnected it from the keyboard and rotated the device into portrait orientation, it put the overlay in the right place and everything looked rendered OK, but when I took the photo, it then grabbed the wrong portion of the photo. Bottom line, the photo capture got thoroughly confused with iPad in landscape orientation (which if you have a keyboard attached, is how we generally use these things). And when I first oriented the device into portrait, I happened to do upside-down portrait orientation (which iPads permit) and then the captured photo was upside down. Lol. But when I backed out, put my iPad in portrait orientation, and tried to capture the photo again, it worked fine. The problem seems to be limited to when you enter the photo capture while the iPad is in landscape orientation. This is all pretty minor stuff in an otherwise quite polished app, but I thought I’d bring this to your attention as this is apparently and use-case that slipped by anyone’s attention..Version: 19.20.1

Annoying and time-consumingThe app does not allow you to filter for distance from your specified destination and often only lists suburb names so mostly I have to go in to the listing and look at the map only to find the listing is is 200 km away from where I am going. Also lists all the places that specify ‘no pets’ under the ‘pets allowed’ filter. This has caused me problems in the past until I worked out that any listing that mentions ‘pets’ is listed as ‘pets allowed’ even if it actually says ‘no pets’. This involves checking the house rules tab for each listing +/- sending a message to the host. Super-annoying and excessively time-consuming..Version: 19.35

TerribleThere’s always some kind of issue with this app. Either it’s constantly logging me out or the calendar not loading or messages not going through. Terrible app..Version: 20.40

Scam of unhealthy flat rented bin IstanbulWe suffered from serious health disorders from flies and other nasty insects we rented from air bnb. As soon as we found out where it come from we contacted Airbnb. We have been to the hospital, paid for drycleaning and thrown away all food items bought from there as doctors said we might have brought these nasty insects with and we need to stop the spreading by defumating luggages... we are very disappointed by the level of support from air bnb as they only accepted to refund the reservation. Medical costs, dry cleaning costs, psychological consequences were not taken into consideration. This is a big disappointment and we will never use air bnb again. They clearly trust anyone and use contaminated flat for their own sake without checking them out. Do not trust them , it doesn’t worth your health!.Version: 19.31

Highly disappointed - False AdvertisingJust went and booked and paid for a trip to have it cancelled straight away from the host because we did not pay enough. When it was clearly advertised for the amount we paid through Apple Pay. Now I need to wait 5-7 days to be paid back before booking another place. This is very inconvenient as I need that only to book another accomodation as soon as possible. This is not the first time where a host has advertised falsely and taken my money..Version: 20.15

Unreliable access to messages and calendarThe app is fairly straight forward and visually well designed. Mostly simple steps and most topics and features logical to find, however I have repeated problems with the app freezing, lagging and failing to update both the calendar and messages - pretty much the MOST important parts of the app to access quickly both as a traveller and host. I often have to repeatedly go in and out of the app and cycle between menus for minutes to hours before The app will display all messages including new notifications, even when the banner on the phone has alerted me to the message being delivered (and being able to be read via email). This is not a network connection issue as it happens regardless of cellular data or WiFi use, with other apps such as email are functioning fine. This has slowed down my speed of response and lead to confusion and delays when accepting or declining bookings when I’m unable to display the updated calendar to compare with existing bookings - both of which are criteria that I as a host am then judged and penalised for by Air BnB themselves. The app needs a fix to be fit for purpose..Version: 18.47

RidiculousNot allowed to book a place for my girlfriend and I’s anniversary because we are a “risk” of throwing a party based on my location and the fact that I’m not 25? Nothing but positive reviews from past stays, and Airbnb unwilling to compensate or help in any way other than telling me sorry but too bad..Version: 20.42

Should of booked a hotel...To make a long short... Just delete the app, your account, and book a hotel instead. If not, you may just have to find a place last minute, deal with bedbugs, or even a pesky homeowner who will stumble into the space when you least expect it. Let’s not forget the stellar customer service that will side with the host aka the money maker, rather than those who actually pay the bills. I will never book with Airbnb again, and hope that my review will save others from the headaches I went through..Version: 20.02

Hard 2 c, find, useEVERYTHING. With this app is non- intuitive. Have they forgotten that “ease of use” , making text easy to read and find, is what attracted people to the web in the first place? I drive LYFT/UBER too and I’ve taken Airbnb Programmers around S.f. Smug group generally. Proud that they can “ force” u into certain behaviors. #AssinineArrogantBehaviors. I’ve said it before: clear bright text. Clearly organized pages and structure, so we the users have an idea where ur going as well as the program. Super-host” is meaningless. I’ve stayed in several “ super host” homes now, and all they did was set the bar REAL low so it is easy to hit expectations. No difference between those folks and a hotel. Lastly , u can not search by a text string if I am searching for a specific place in a given city, should b able 2 put my string or any combo of usual string syntax ( a “NOT” operator would really set u all apart. ) and have places I know r there come up. Beginning and end date choice algorithm especially annoying, choosing dates from a pastel date screen and having constantly treat ur “end” dt as ur begin” dt , very frustrating and wasteful of my time..Version: 18.08

Bad experienceI tried to book it a very few times just for myself. Everything goes easily and smoothly until you enter the information on how many people is staying and what your nationality is - if you book it as couple it probably works , for one person I always received reply saying :for just period I booked the place is not available . I live in the UK but when I proceed the request and the owner asks the nationality and I reply that I’m Polish - the answer is : sorry no room is available!!! I pay the same money as everyone else- people who decide to welcome guests should think about it - the good thing is that hotels with good deals are still available no matter who you are and they respect your origin.Version: 17.49

Host Cancellation of Reservation with no consequenceOur host who we have rented from in the past cancelled our reservation 3 months after we booked because they wanted a higher price. They have broken a contract and Airbnb is not offering to help at all. Buyer beware - all rights are skewed to the hosts. If we wanted to cancel we would have been on the hook for 50% or more..Version: 20.42

Crashes, credit unavailableThis app crashes all the time. Cancels the payments that I already made and on top of that doesn’t let me use my travel credit. I wish I didn’t have to use it but I do like airbnbs as a form of accommodation, I just hate how bad the app is. Also their customer service is sassy and keeps sending me the same useless links even when I tell them they are not helping me. Competition, please show up and make a better version of airbnb.Version: 19.35

Good when they’re good...We’ve had a couple of good experiences with Airbnb so far but feel really let down by our most recent experience. We booked nearly 12 months in advance but had no communication from the host. The host also took the property offline during this period. Eventually after raising concerns with Airbnb the host did get in touch and reassured us all was well. Airbnb encourages us to trust the host who said they would contact us the month before to arrange access. With no contact from the host we contacted them again and they promptly cancelled on us - the week prior to departure! Airbnb do not allow you to feedback directly on the host and it’s not possible to complain either. They offer to rebook or a full refund but this host can still offer their property to others with more or less no sanction. Feels very much like they don’t care. Use with caution!.Version: 18.25

Bad UXI think Airbnb being such a huge enterprise should invest a little bit more in UX, as the experience using the app is the most unfriendly I have ever seen. For prioritizing the “Plus” places they relegate what the user is actually looking for. If I search for a specific location it is because I don’t want to see other locations than that one, and the listings are all mixed up and it becomes impossible to compare. In addition, if I see an ad on Facebook about a place that I’d be interested in, it takes me to the home page, not that one in particular. I also select the number of guests and it still shows me wrong options. I think the desktop website is excellent, it gives you everything you need but the experience using the app is horrendous, you still have so much work to do..Version: 18.43

Low Quality Long/Short TermI’ve been renting with Airbnb for over 4 years, mainly for the convenience of short term stays for business travel specifically while living and working in Miami. Nevertheless, as I made more money and gained more vacation time I looked into long-term rentals for leisure. The pictures presented on the website weren’t consistent with the actual rentals upon arrival. In addition, to the last minute cancellations after the booking’ been confirmed. I will take responsibility for my actions when I say my spouse and I share an account sometimes to make things more, “user friendly” while we’re traveling and in different locations. For example: When I’m on business travel in a hotel and I need a last minute arrangement because of a delayed flight. Lastly, since the shake; downfall and switch of Airbnb’s upper-management. The quality of Billionaire revenues companies have yet to suffice the quality of there products. I am a Real Estate Listing Consultant in America and with that being said, we are held accountable for our actions accompanied by the products marketed and distributed. My advice to you, find another trustworthy short and, or long-term rental agency accompanying a plethora of qualities for your needs. With Warmest Regards, — Former AirBnb Renter.Version: 20.29

You Don’t Always Get What You Pay ForThe first thing I will say is to ALWAYS use a credit card when booking a rental through the Airbnb app. I recently learned the hard way that Airbnb Support represents the host, not the customer. I booked a one night $400 rental in Big Bear through this app on August 4th of this year and after arriving at the place my wife, kids and I realized that the pictures on the app did not match up to what I actually paid for (it was false advertising). We immediately walked out of the place and I called Airbnb Support to tell them what had occurred. They told me that they would resolve the issue and get back to me regarding my concern. The next day they called and asked if I had taken any pictures of the rental and I informed them that Airbnb Support never told me to do any of that. They placed the burden on me to prove my case even though I never used the rental and called them within minutes with my concern. I could have gotten another rental that same day (I didn’t book the place till almost 6PM) for much less, but I based my decision on getting the rental in question because of the pictures that were displayed on the app (the place looked modern, clean and new; what we walked into was much older, lacked character and looked like some hotel room). I am still trying to get my money back, but let this be a lesson so that you don’t struggle as I have. Use a credit card and you will have dispute rights (I used my debit card)..Version: 20.32

SucksAirbnb doesn’t care about their customers. No protection for them. Landlords on this platform are SCAMMERS!! Beware!!! Hotals are better and cheaper. You get help when needed. I been using this app for a while for business and personal. It sucks !! Landlords is real scammer and Airbnb doesn’t protect their customers from them. I recently had a very bad experience ( again ) And Airbnb choose to do nothing. After endless of conversations and calls to the company. Airbnb didn’t even care to contact me ! !! Stay Away. Don’t be fool by the positive comments! Never doing this app again.Version: 21.03

RidiculousSo I signed up and attempted to book for the first time about a year later. In the mean time I had canceled the credit card I signed up with. So I attempted to book but it failed because of the credit card. I got an email, a text and a message through the app telling me it failed. I clicked the link in the email which opened the app but there was no indication of how or where to update the credit card. I finally found it, not in account settings, but (strangely) on the page of the failed booking. There was no option to remove a payment method nor to update a credit card. However there was a button to add a new payment method except the feature would not load. I just got the white page and the little animated dots. I tried restarting the app, restarting the phone, updating the app, and tried it on WiFi and cellular all over the course of about 12 hours. Nothing worked. So I logged into the website. There I found an option to delete a payment method but incredibly there was no option I could find to add a payment method. So I contacted customer service. The replied to my message at 4AM the next day but gave me no helpful information. I replied, but didn’t hear back from them for three more days. By then I had already booked with a normal hotel which, of course, was no problem. Good riddance Airbnb..Version: 19.02

Anti-Semitic organisation.By banning Apartments in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, AirB&B is selectively discriminating against Jewish people. This is ‘disputed’ territory that Palestinians claim. No uniform AirB&B policy - same rules don’t apply in Tibet, Crimea, Cyprus, or Sahara ... the list is endless. You have singled the Jews out. Made a point out of it. With clearly no thought as to whether it is justified, nor the consequences and impact of it. This is a lefty political and anti-Semitic statement...whoever has come to this decision clearly subscribes to the catalogue of leftist issues whilst showing zero compassion toward real innocent people is crisis. Cared much about Yemen recently?? Not sure how well your apartments would fair near to the Gaza border in Israeli territory, where it’s being bombarded by up to 400 rockets a day - injuring and killing innocent Israeli civilians. Jews are suffering from a surge in anti-semitism throughout the world, not just in Israel, because of actions like this. Appalling. Shame on you AirB&B. You can count on losing the custom of me, my family and friends from now on. Very sad indeed - but you wouldn’t care about losing me as a customer, because I’m just a Jew and Jewish lives don’t matter to you..Version: 18.46

Terrible Customer Service/AssistanceI made a reservation for Airbnb, and was confident with my reservation based on the description and pictures. Once I arrived at my Airbnb, it was clear to me that the pictures and description or not an accurate representation of what I had paid for. The place was filthy, and falling apart. Covid was spiking, so I found it extremely uncomfortable to know how crammed the area was. The location of the house with an unsafe environment. All in all, it was safest and appropriate to leave. I believe the host was aware of the dishonesty, not allowing for refunds. The worst part about my Airbnb experience was the customer service. It took me hours to finally reach somebody, and when I did, I was transferred back-and-forth between employees until somebody said that they would be able to help me with a refund. This employee said I would have to wait for a call from the refund department. I waited a couple days before reaching out to the employee about not receiving a call. The employee said to be patient, and that it may take some time because of Covid. The chat was disconnected and I never received a call. I’m completely dissatisfied with the service I had with Airbnb. Unless something is resolved, I am confident to say that I will never recommend this service to anybody..Version: 20.38

Should be work well by nowI really like Airbnb and have used it several times for my travels, however the app needs to be updated so it doesn't keep crashing on iPads. You have been around long enough to fix this. Use some of your profits and invest in an employee or contract a org that is more than capable to fix your app..Version: 17.40

Disappointing serviceRequired assistance from Airbnb support for a billing issue to only be ignored long enough until the issue had lapsed and my concerns worst case scenario took place. Would really recommend a hotel or private BnB for those looking for a no-hassle stay with real support..Version: 20.39

ProblemsApp is great when it works but had a lot of trouble with it after getting a new phone number and have been unable to login since. App recognised my activity as suspicious- fair enough new number and location - but wants to verify who I am by sending a sms or phone call to my old phone which of course don’t have. Used a desktop to login and verify my new number but Airbnb keep sending me sms to verify my number which don’t contain the pin to verify my new number, requests to call the phone with a pin don’t work - a frustrating experience.Version: 19.33

Good app getting worseI’ve used this app for over a year and it’s always worked fine. Recently however, bugs have crept in. I get an error when saving my bookings to the Apple Wallet. And following the most recent update, my bookings are no longer visible although I can see all the correspondence with the owner in my inbox. A logout and login to the app, had me input a 4 digit pin that was sent to me via SMS. I then received an email from Airbnb to say they’d noticed i was using the app for the first time on a new device and to contact them if it wasn’t me. This is the same device I’ve been using for nearly 3 years. I’ve contacted them about bugs but sadly they never reply. I love Airbnb but this sours the experience a lot..Version: 18.37

App is fine. Customer is awful.Never had an issue using the app. However the company needs some work. A friend of mine created a group for us to look at cabins to rent, thus making them the ‘trip owner’, even though all they did was invite us to a group to share destinations with each other. We find one we all like, and I book it with my card. Fast forward a few months, now it’s March and our trip starts April 17th. Our flights get canceled due to COVID-19. I log on to Airbnb to cancel our trip because we have no intent of traveling if the airlines deem it a heath risk, nor do we plan to drive 15 hours each way for a weekend trip. NOPE. Airbnb is only allowing trips between March 14 - April 14 to get a full refund due to COVID-19. So I call hoping a representative can assist more than the app. After waiting over an hour on hold I am informed I cannot cancel the reservation because I am not the ‘trip owner’... EVEN THOUGH ITS MY CARD ON THE RESERVATION. Whatever, I’ll just add them to the call so they don’t have to wait an hour on hold. Nope. Won’t allow it for account safety concerns.... it’s my account, they’re my friend, I’m not concerned and we’re certainly not waiting another hour on hold just to be told they can’t give a full refund..Version: 20.12

Awful Customer ServiceIf I could give this company and this app a negative review, I would. I work in customer service, and I have never seen and will never try to emulate the kind of awful customer service I experienced with AirBnb. I won’t get into the details because I’ve told this story too many times, but in essence, my host lied and claimed that my friends and I broke her air conditioning system and thermostat so she could charge us for the already-broken system. She also promised to refund us if we left our trip early, and—although we did—she refused the refund and then tried to charge us for the the thermostat (and at twice the cost of the actual unit). I contacted AirBnb about this promptly, and not only did they take weeks to answer me back, but they never had the decency to call me back and get my side of things (they only emailed after I complained about not getting a call despite my host getting a call from them). They took months to get to a resolution and their resolution, though vague and unclear, was along the lines of “your host doesn’t have to refund you, and you can solve this on your own.” So, basically, my host and I got into a predicament which AirBnb refused to solve. I believe that their only reason for not wanting to handle this in my favor is because this host rents out multiple locations through AirBnb, and so she is more of an asset to them than I am. I hope this review helps them to see how awful that logic is..Version: 20.33.1

Pretty good, but searching is awfulAll I want is to be able to look for places to stay within a given travel distance, but since that’s not possible, I have to constantly pan and scan and re-search over and over. It’s a giant hassle! Once I actually find a place, the app works well..Version: 20.39

Absolutely thieves check their reviewsAbsolutely disgusting If I could give them a zero I would. Booked accommodation in India for April. The the virus came. Based on the hosts advice I moved the dates back only to be told because I did that no refund. I am not sure how they want me to get from Australia to India when both countries are on lockdown, I guess they want me to swim. The host is refusing to give me a refund and air b n b have been zero help. This was my first and will be my last experience with air b n b. I wish I had read all the poor reviews before I booked with them, lesson learned. Please learn from my experience and DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, what a fraud..Version: 20.16

More expensive and decline reservationsAirbnb used to be nice, but they are getting more and more expensive. Why don’t my boyfriend and I just get hotel rooms for 90 a night rather than spending 189 a night on Airbnb? Why do Airbnb put me through spending 2 hours on selecting perfect date and place that listed as available on the website, and then got declined and replied by host with unavailable the next freaking day? Is it fun for Airbnb to look at people wasting their time? Two times! Two times declined by two different Airbnb hosts for one freaking weekend trip!!! Why Airbnb!! Why!!!!!.Version: 20.40

DODGY DODGY DODGY DO NOT USE!THIS IS THE DODGIEST APP AND I WILL NEVER USE IT AGAIN!!!!!! I submitted requests 3 times for call backs. The first someone answered then hung up on me and then twice I received calls from someone who was clearly in a car, speaking a foreign language. He kept talking for ages but it seemed as though he could not hear me(creepy) I then called the call centre myself (wasting my money thanks!) and the line was so bad (I tried calling other people and it was fine so this is clearly from your end). It took me FREAKING HOURS to find out it will take me 10 DAYS to get my £264 returned after a host declined my request to stay (cos I didn't have any ratings which is great since ITS MY FIRST TIME USING THE APP???). It's great to know air bnb take my large amounts of money so seriously (SARCASM)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's also freaking fantastic is my holiday is in less than 10 days so if I don't get that money back in time IM SCREWED THANKS AIR BNB! Why the fudge do I have to pay for a REQUEST!!!! 100% full blown dodge thanks for absolutely ruining my first ever holiday abroad!.Version: 17.40

AirbnbI wish I could as positive as others - every booking we have made has delivered poor accommodation - from scruffy to dirty to smelly - with poor quality items towels with feeling of hand me downs or from charity store. So disappointed. Had to leave last booking before actually got set up in the flat - it was late and found B&B hotel that was very nice and cost just the same as Abnb booking. There appears to be little regulation on the places other than client feedback. The last place had glowing reports - what we found did not match the reports and we had to walk away. As there was so many things - it soon became clear that the images on the web site were very old and did not show what it was like at time of booking. I am sure there will be great places out there - may be one day..Version: 19.26

Be careful of cancellationOne week before travel I get an email saying that my house had been cancelled. Apparently knew for a while but never thought about telling me until today!!!! Short notice to try and book and the best of it takes 5-10 days to get money back. Quick enough to take my money!!!! Best of it I have already booked trips for the week we are away £500 worth trying to get money back from these as we cannot get anywhere in the same area for the week I have had booked for months!!!!!! Many thanks Airbnb you have cost me more money and cannot stop where we really wanted to go! Be very careful people I’m sure I’m not the first and won’t be the last!!! Out of pocket 👍🏻.Version: 18.30

Terrible app - full-on surveillanceThe AirBNB app is the best example I’ve ever met of surveillance capitalism. Their cookie policy is an incomprehensible mess of legal jargon that seems to amount to them disclaiming all responsibility for third parties tracking your activity across apps and websites, and they don’t actually let you turn off cookies, including the ones from the dodgy Russian sites. When you go into the cookie preferences and turn them off one by one (there’s no global “don’t track me” option) then save the setting, you’ll discover next time you open the app that - miraculously! - all the cookies have been turned back on, and you’re still being tracked across the Internet by a bunch of dodgy third party ratbags you’d never want to meet in real life. The app itself is functionally useful, but the surveillance aspects reflect the fact that AirBNB is a company of sociopaths. Avoid like Coronavirus..Version: 20.11

Literally -5 stars if it were possibleDO NOT USE AIRBNB. They have the absolute worst customer service. They deactivate accounts for no reason. They say you’ll receive a full refund and I have yet to see any of my money. They owe me more than $1,000... with that said please save your time and your money, don’t trust these people. My trip is supposed to be in 2 days I’ve had this booked for a month now and they cancelled my reservation and deactivated my account and I was told I’d receive a FULL refund. As far as the customer service all they say is that they’ll slap a label on it called “urgent” and that they’ll get back to me in 24 nothing. After I made my SECOND reservation after having my account deactivated, they then accepted my payment and a few minutes later I was told they cancelled my reservation and they’d send me a full refund I called them to see what was going on and where my money was and all they said to me was that he could do nothing about this, he has to send my case to another department and to “rest assured” it’ll be taken care of In 24 hours and as for my money.. as if it can get any worse I was told that my money is “technically in limbo” and that I need to contact my bank, contacted the bank and they said they haven’t gotten anything on their end... AIRBNB WHERE IS MY MONEY!?.Version: 19.11

Just stick with hotelsHotels have standard over here half of the time if anything is messed up no refund. Customer services is not even there priority. Never using end up paying for air bnb in one night cuz owner didn’t wanted give the keys.Version: 20.49

Address system faultyBeyond infuriating that a company of this size can’t dig a bit deeper and use a more reliable address that actually allows you to put your correct address in. If you do manage to get it to accept a somewhat correct address they just change it to an incorrect address. I know where I live thank you very much,for you to say there’s not enough information when trying to save my listing adresss (it tells me to add a street name etc which is already there......) when every possible bit of information is there is quite frustrating, I’ve not experienced this issue on any other website or platform. The app is designed to help people find locations to stay but doesn’t let you provide accurate information in order to successfully advertise your property and allow guest to find you. Unbelievable that Googling the issue just brings up forums full of people having the same issue with no resolution other than to accept the address they want you to have(an incorrect one).Version: 21.14

Ruined my holidayAirbnb Experiences' faulty booking system took payment from me 7 times despite receiving error messages that no payment had gone through, then their customer service team lied to me repeatedly when I pushed to have my money refunded, saying that they had "automatically" put a refund through, and refused to issue me receipts for the refund. After being assigned a "Case Manager" in a different time zone who could only talk with me at inappropriate times, and who lied to me repeatedly about the situation, I ended up calling the Airbnb number repeatedly myself to push for a refund. Now it turns out the refund has only been processed this morning (4 days later). I'm now being told that it will take up to 15 days to receive my $640 back. Disgustingly unprofessional and inept..Version: 18.33

Horrible Customer ServiceI had my first and last stay with AirBnb almost two months ago. Customer service is horrible and I will not be using this service again. I decided to leave early from my stay, because the host had me under the impression the neighbors were calling her and telling her false information about me and the two others staying. So I left the stay early due to feeling uncomfortable with the neighbors. As soon as I get home, the owner decided to change her story and tell me that “friends” of mine were the people contacting her, not her neighbors. The host decided to put that in the review about the guest (me) along with multiple paragraphs of NOTHING BUT LIES. I contacted AirBnb about this, and after about a month and a half of waiting, they finally replied and said those paragraphs of lies and exaggerations “followed the guidelines”. Meanwhile I can pull up their “guidelines” and point out everything wrong with that review and how it doesn’t follow them. For example: “Content that refers to circumstances entirely out of another’s control”, “...assumptions about a persons character or personality”. The review broke both of those EASILY, yet AirBnb finds it completely okay for a host to write nothing but lies about a guest and ruin their reputation..Version: 20.31

The absolute WORST customer service!!!I am truly so disappointed!!! My family is going on a vacation in few days and we booked a stay which we had to cancel because of misleading information by the host. But, the host was willing to give a full refund once airbnb reaches out to them. We spoke to the customer service representative and we WAITED FOREVER for them to pick up. They picky up finally and tell us that they will message the host so that they can give us the refund. BUT the host is messaging us saying that they never received any messages from Airbnb. So what is the representative doing to help? So the next day we called the customer service several time and each time being on hold for over 30 minutes. This man tells us that he will transfer us to the team specialized in refund and cancellation. We wait 40mins and this woman finally picks up only to tell us that there is nothing she can do. And she hangs up on me! What is she being paid for?! To hang up on the guests who waited 40mins to finally get some help?! We were bounced from one rep to another but here we are few days away from our vacation and we have an unconfirmed refund, no stays since we can’t book another place until this one is confirmed in addition to having to deal with the absolute worst customer service and no answers to any of our concerns..Version: 20.30

Why yes, I would like to stay 30 minutes away from my destinationSomething is wrong with the search engine airbnb uses. I put in a City and great, there's like 800 places to pick from. Problem is that most of these locations are 30 minutes away from where I actually want to be. As a traveler, this is mostly inconvenient. So then you have to waste your time checking through each posting to see which one is actually close to where you want to be. Please add a distance filter from the city center to fix this mess. Other room finding applications know how to manage distance, so airbnb is way behind. Aside from that, either the posting is falsified by the host or the engine is misreading metadata, but some city locations at the top, don't match what is on the map. I feel like this must be the host lying about the location to try and get people to go to their location, but airbnb should just pull the city location from the map. If it does already, then it's broken. Lastly, an enhancement request to the usability. Since I travel to the same place many times, I'm looking at the same locations a lot. Of course I have my favorites, but I'd like an opposite list of locations to avoid. Maybe I read a bad review or the neighborhood was not to my preference, then I don't want to have to figure that out each time I run a search..Version: 18.09

Horrible Customer Service!!If you can find a hotel or anything cheaper at a good price with even mild customer service, do it. Air BnB does NOT care about their customers at all!!! Dealing with Air BnB customer service has been the worst experience I have had with any business/support team. They can check the records and see that their staff AGREED with me and believed I deserved a refund for what was essentially unsafe conditions and poor communication from a host. However, after repeated attempts to receive said refund, they then claimed I had informed them too long after the reservation. They said this a week after my reservation but I had called DURING the first hour of check in for my reservation while I was AT the residence. I wish I had recorded their calls as they do yours, when dealing with customer support, and I would easily have enough evidence to show how they are misleading, careless about customer safety, and how they tell you one thing then flip to a completely different decision without the decency to call you to elaborate. They simply sent a short, rude message on the app. It is sad that they can agree with you (they can go ahead and listen to their recorded phone calls to prove it) and then message you something completely else and ignore the fact that they ever agreed with you. Ridiculous..Version: 19.28

Airbnb have a greed issue!I’ve been letting and renting with Airbnb for around ten years. And have been a big fan for most of that time...The app is now a horrible, greasy marketing tool. Rather than a tool to serve the clientele! Sending me notifications saying ‘your room has been looked at by 7 people in the last half hour, and you’d better book soon.’ Which is unlikely since I only looked at the listing an hour before, in the middle of the night. And also, Airbnb putting their 300$ properties right in my face. At the top of the page. So even though I want a more economic option, I have to scrawl through the overpriced, flock curtain and plush carpet section. Airbnb have sold their soul to poor marketing and greed. Just like a certain Trumped up fool. How sad! And to top that, the last place I was forced into booking, last minute due to an Airbnb cancellation; was missing a pane of glass in the window. And the door wouldn’t shut. Yet after a promise of compensation, they changed their minds. Happy to rent out rooms without windows, in 2018. Do you not have the funds to protect your travellers Airbnb? What was once a great idea, is now more focused upon making money. Sad..Version: 18.22

This listing isn’t availableIt presents me listings that when opening are previously booked. It wastes my time when that happens. Fix it and another star.Version: 20.37

What happened to the calendar? So sad for the new version of the calendar.In the previous version I could check the in and out rooms by date. It shows informations about which room gonna have guest check in and out in the same day with guests name and number of guests check in. And it also offer you to check individual room. Now I can only check the calendar room by room to find out the next day check in and check out schedule and write down myself. Or I have to do it again and again to make sure I wouldn’t miss any room of the day. And I have to get into the booking detail to check how many guests are going to stay. I don’t know why the update the new version any without to download in the Apple store. How come. So sad for the new version..Version: 19.47

So many bugs, terrible UX if you’re a hostAirbnb has an army of app developers so it’s unfathomable why there are so many glitches and poor experiences 1. As a traveller you can’t filter by the exact location. Just try searching for a particular place and you get hundreds of results but many are not in the specific town or suburb. We’ve just been searching and got given somewhere 200kms away. 2. As a traveller you’ll see a certain price for each property in a search. But when you click on it, the price nearly always goes up as it adds in the extras (cleaning fees, extra people) 3. As a host you have so little control over pricing to influence stay length and the smart pricing recommendations are definitely best ignored. 4. As a host you frequently need to see your calendar of bookings but that feature hangs up 8 times out of ten. For one of the worlds leading dotcoms such lack of attention to detail is stunning. 4..Version: 18.37

Awful ExperienceI booked a weekend away with my partner using Airbnb for our anniversary on the 1st of January. I was offered the chance to pay extra money in order for a refund if I needed to cancel for any reason. I took this chance and payed the bit extra for the refund as it made me feel more secure however I had no intention in cancelling. On the 30th of December the government announced my local area would be going into tier 4 on the 31st of December. This meant it would be illegal for my partner and I to travel. This meant I unfortunately had to cancel. I received NO REFUND even though I had paid extra for the guaranteed refund! I emailed both the host and Airbnb to apply for a refund but was refused! I could not believe this. Would not recommend using this app unless you fancy throwing away your money. AIRBNB WERE EXTREMELY UNHELPFUL AND DID NOT CARE ABOUT MY PROBLEM. Only reason I’ve given one star is because you have to put at least one star to publish a review. Don’t waste your time with Airbnb..Version: 20.50.1

Had to cancel due to government orderOk we booked a family stay with kids and due to a order not to travel we cant get full refund, all our fun christmas stuff was canceled etc. A wealthy realtor who uses airbnb wont refund ,so far airbnb not helpful either. Out if my control! Free money for vendors!!.Version: 20.47.1

Terrible experience everThe host puts misleading information in the description and give us a terrible stay there. We canceled our booking immediately after we saw the terrible place but the Airbnb team only refunded 60% of the money which is the room fee for the next couple days. They still took the service fee ($90) and the total amount of booking is only $660 !!!! They also convince that it’s not their responsibility for the misleading information that the host put. Bad experience. Terrible host and non responsive team. Guys if you have to use this app to book a place for yourself. Keep your eyes open clearly because the Airbnb team won’t do anything if it goes wrong. Don’t let it ruin your happy journey..Version: 18.31

LolThis app sucks.Version: 20.43

Horrible customer serviceThankful for extra income. Horrible customer service. Unfair, discriminatory and unhelpful. A montreal based host stole $525 from a reservation he canceled. We called Airbnb 7x spoke to multiple people, spent hours on the phone with no resolution. Another time Airbnb gave a refund to my guest from my listing (I’m also a host) because a guest complained. They deducted money from a booking and I NEVER agreed to it. Tell me how you can side with certain hosts and not others? How can one host scam you for $525, but when I’m a host you forcefully steal take money from me???!!! I don’t understand. I’m definitely sticking to hotels from now on..Version: 20.43

Airbnb polices doesn’t care about COVID-19Translate!! Estuve en la 2085 Rue Guy, 701, Montreal Quebec y por no saber que debía quejarme de la limpieza y falta de papel higiénico, entre otros, 24 horas después de haber llegado, no tomaron en cuanta mi queja y el dueño sigue rentando y siendo súper host, ni siquiera me permitieron calificarlo!! POR FAVOR, NO USEN AIRBNB EN TIEMPOS DE PANDEMIA!! A ELLOS NO LES IMPORTA SINO EL NEGOCIO CON SUS “SÚPER HOST” ALIADOS ES MEJOR UNA HABITACIÓN DE HOTEL.Version: 20.50.1

Disgusting Hostess and Disgusting CompanyI dealt with a women named Robin who hosted her house at: 2W7359 Apache Trail, North York, ON M2H 2W6, Canada Due to an extenuating circumstance, I was forced to cancel. The hostess refused to return the money, only half was returned, and when allegedly prompted by an employee named Antonio, she still refused to return the remainder, and was the. Protected by Antonio as well a further employee named Andrian. This contemptible business practice of theirs that exploits and robs people who suffer personal misfortune should be called out, and STOPPED. Airbnb needs to engage in fair practice. They took money for no service rendered. These people are pure scum..Version: 21.02

Reimbursement- communicationThere was a guest I was hosting, they extended there stay for a extra day after they checked in. I excepted the request and Airbnb gave the green light, I’m assuming to make sure the funds were available. That was on the Thursday they stay Friday which was the extra day and then checked out Saturday I got a email Friday morning at 1:30 in the morning saying the funds were not available. I then contacted Airbnb via email and the representative was saying if she could attempt to get the payment she tried she called then ask me if I would be willing to call the guest which I wasn’t at first then I decided that I could still reach out with a pleasant message long story short I got the payment through speaking with the guest. I asked to speak with the supervisor after messaging for four days waiting for the payment. The supervisor called me back after the fact after I’d already retrieve the money and I feel like Airbnb wasn’t going to reimbursed me. I repeatedly asked the representative to reimburse me and then go collect it from the guest instead of putting me in the middle and I got nowhere I had to do it myself..Version: 18.31

Keeps on crashing!!!!!Its been a week now since my airbnb keeps on crashing, and it automatically logs out, then when i tried to logged in. It says verify yourself but nothing comes out on the screen. I called your customer service and what she told me its just airbnb is updating. Its annoying that airbnb cant even inform their users that theyre gonna go under some updating. And wont give you any alternative or try to solve your query..Version: 17.47.1

Poor VersionUsing iPhone X10 (Oct 2020) and this version of app doesn’t seem fit into the screen/frame well. I often cannot scroll down far enough to check of certain boxes, and sometimes when I click buttons they won’t proceed. Adjusted font size, accessibility features, etc, but doesn’t seem to help the issue which leads me to believe the UX can use some reconfiguring or redsign..Version: 20.40

I’m not hosting a partyHow can an algorithm block me ? I am not hosting a party yet I got blocked. I have flawless reviews. Your app is terrible.Version: 20.50.1

Not enough restrictions and punishment for hosts for canceling bookingJust couple of days before checking in, and no compensation for the guests who have to reschedule all plans at their own costs. This platform has become less n less reliable for its lack of protection for it’s guests who don’t have any other options when get canceled (sometimes in very the last minute) for no good reason other than accept the bad experience and all the inconvenience!.Version: 21.04

Outdated listings not removed. Can’t be trustedMy friend has had people turn up at her home, thinking they have booked in to stay. It was hard for her to convince the two guys that her home is not actually available and get them to leave. My friend is understandably anxious about more people turning up. Turns out previous tenants listed the home on Air BnB and haven’t removed the listing. The real estate agent has tried to contact the old tenants but they aren’t taking their calls. Air BnB won’t talk to my friend or the agent - only the people who made the listing. My friend can prove she has a lease for the property, can provide photo ID with the property as her residential address and the agent can supply proof of the old tenant’s written notice they were leaving the property but Air bnb WON’T LISTEN!!! This is unfair to my friend, and unfair to people who think all the listings are current..Version: 18.43

Good app except……I enjoy all the features of this app. In fact I like all of the app with one gigantic exception… The calendar inconsistently works. What I mean is when you open up your Airbnb app and you want to look at your calendar about 50% of the time it just hangs and will not open. All other features work but if you want to know who’s coming on what day your calendar won’t be helpful since half the time it doesn’t load. It doesn’t matter what phone you’re on it doesn’t matter if you’re on an iPad it doesn’t matter what computer… I’ve called over and over about this especially after seeing so many other people having the same issue. As a host it’s really inconvenient to not be able to see who is booking on what dates. Despite a history of this is a major issue for people, it’s still not fixed years later. So so annoying. PS… Only fix I’ve been able to find is you have to shut the device completely off and power back on. Sometimes that’ll bring your calendar back up otherwise Airbnb doesn’t seem to think this is a big deal that the calendar doesn’t show up for the host about half the time..Version: 18.31

Bad experienceApplication login just is too bad ..Version: 21.06

Worst experience everDont use this application ever for rent. They dont protect you if someone try to take money from you after a rent..Version: 20.50.1

DésagréableNous sommes pris dans un airbnb insalubre et les agents nous manquaient de respect et n’ont pas pu nous aider car ils ont changer la semaine meme que c’était 25 ans et plus donc nous sommes prit dans un logement insalubre.Version: 20.50.1

Can’t book!Have tried thirteen properties, all of which are showing availability for the dates I want yet when I select the dates it comes up “date unavailable” but it’s showing as available. I’m selecting the right start and end dates in line with the owners wishes, I’ve tried multiple combinations of dates and durations and the same error occurs. I’ve messaged the owners who have said they’re aware of issues but can’t do anything manually as it goes against air bnbs terms as it has to go through them but I can’t book, have used air bnb before and never had this issue but I’ve given up, found places I’d love to stay in, my partner and I are key workers and desperate for a holiday and it’s became a total pain in the backside rather than a fun process so I’ve given up after trying the iPad, phone and laptop on the app and website..Version: 20.29

DO NOT BOOK WITH AIR BNBI booked a stay with air Bnb through a Guy named Vic in Decatur GA And was scammed out of my money. After booking a room for a week and the Host ACCEPTED my request AND payment; I contacted the host to receive instructions on how to enter the home and the host tells me the room is NOT available. The host then lies to the representative and tells them he said no such thing. The Representatives all (3) that I have spoken with all had NASTY attitudes and could not accommodate me for the POOR excuses and services that AIR BNB provides. Now I’m stuck outside in the cold with my children due to the negligence and poor services that this company provides. This is not the first time that this situation has occurred through Air BNB.I blame Air BNB for allowing people like Vic to continue to provide services and I Blame Air BNB For not allowing their customers whom spend their hard earned money to feel as though We are respected. They treated me like Trash and I would really hate to see someone else end up in a situation as such. So before booking with this company please weigh your options. They will give you a complete run around and there would be nothing you can do. It’s 30 degrees outside and now my only option is to wait on God. God bless America.Version: 19.45

Great service - serviceable appI have used AirBnB between 3-4 times per year for travel. It has been a great service and rarely have I been disappointed with the homes, cabins, and condos we have enjoyed over the past couple of years. The app, however is lacking not so much in its function but what it provides for searching options. One of the first things people search for when booking accommodations besides location is the room type. And part of that is what type of bed. I can search for number of bedrooms, number of beds ... even the bed height as an accessibility option, but not the bed size (!?). Thinking it was just me not being savvy, I find multiple posts on AirBnBs own forum of people who have raised the same issue over the course of the past 3 years. Devs, if you read this, please review the basic filtering and sorting options for this app and add this as a feature request for your next agile sprint or whatever you do to update this program. I appreciate your respect for those who need accessibility options, but the rest of your customer base might appreciate a fundamental filtering feature added, that literally every other travel and booking site uses as a base feature. Thanks!.Version: 20.17

Stupidest cancellation policyI booked a condo ( rent:- 1152$ CAD) in downtown Toronto on Feb 11 2020 for 17 Aug- 30 Aug 2020 and was going to stay with my parents, but I had to cancel that because of COVID-19 leading to cancellation of their trip to canada from India and considering the risk factor I cancelled it on 14 April 2020 with no refund or anything else they just said that it’s not in their policy to return the money. But the bookings are more than 5 months away the host can easily book the place for much higher price which he was gonna do on the day I booked it he could make more money easily and not just him Airbnb too than what they where originally gonna make. Their policy makes no sense for those cancelling 5-6 months before the actual stay, thus it does not matter even if you cancel the place a year before you will only get 50% of the total amount only if you have paid in full and if your 48 hrs have passed after booking you will only get 50% from which your service fee is deducted so you only get about 50% of above 50% and if you have paid the whole amount at once you will only get about 25-30% of your money back and sometime you don’t get your money back, it’s sometime given back as credit, the rest I think is shared by Airbnb and the host. I just lost my hard earned 1152$ CAD which is about 40% more than what I make in a week and also it is better to stay in hotels at least you know what you are getting into and if something like pandemic and not just pandemic but I get to have a full refund if cancelled in advance..Version: 20.23.1

Brilliant way to find accommodation, app needs improvementsTwo main frustrations with this app are: - Pricing is very misleading. When you go to book your stay, it then adds on extra cleaning costs and a service fee. These vary a lot depending on the owner, so you never really know the true cost until you click ‘book’. Once you have chosen your stay dates and number of guests, it really should be able to give you an accurate price whilst you browse, this would be much fairer. - You can’t search based on distance to anywhere. If you want to stay in a specific area, you just have to keep clicking on every property one by one and look at the map. Really not helpful. However, as a safe, trustworthy and convenient way of bringing landlords and travellers together, it’s still a brilliant app. I’ll never use hotels again..Version: 18.34

Lack of support, steals your moneyAfter reading several reviews and comparing to my own experience I have found that Airbnb has no problem at all stealing people’s money. When you reach out for support they do not give it to you. They inform you about needing pictures only once it is past their 14 day policy. I have read many stories about Airbnb stealing customers money. But they also steal money from the host. I rent my Tiny Home through Airbnb and was having issues with the hot water heater. I offered my next guest a discount but they chose not to stay without hot water. So they canceled. Airbnb still charged me a fee even though the customer is who canceled. I waited forever for a supervisor to call me all the while only getting emails from her stating she was out of the office and would call me the next day. Never receiving a call she finally stated in email I could provide pictures proving the hot water heater was not working, but only if 14 days had not passed since the canceled reservation. Which after the repetitive emails stating she was out of the office and never contacting me, 14 days had already passed. I was charged and the case was closed after pleading with her to please not close the case. I would give zero stars if I could they do not even deserve one..Version: 20.49

Support is thin at best, and hosts do whatever they want.The Air BB support is limited. I made a somewhat last minute reservation (1 week in advance) I was asked to pay additional money for tax direct to the host ($200+) None of the payment methods worked and no one answered the phone. Uncomfortable with the reservation I moved to cancel it. I was informed I would only receive $250 or the $1900 payment. Even though a booked it 24 hours earlier. I called Air BB support. Was put on hold for several minutes then told they would call me back. After 4 hours I sent a message which was answered shortly afterwards informing me that I would receive a call soon. 4 days later I called again. I was told that the payment request needs to go through Air BB platform and that the reservation could not be cancelled. Now stuck with a reservation I’m not happy with, I’m being forced to pay and move forward or forfeit $1700. I’ve had good experiences using this service but the last two bookings were not good. USE AT YOUR OWN RUSK! If the host is shady, Air BB cannot and will not help you resolve it to your satisfaction. Only the satisfaction of the faceless host. In this case a vacation company. Who never gave me a point of contact that actually worked..Version: 19.23

Don’t stay with AirBnBI am very disappointed with Airbnb. We had an ant problem in our house, and when I tried to resolve it with the host, she turned on me and blamed us. She said she went above and beyond and that is just not true. Since we didn't think to "document" the ants, Airbnb took the hosts' side of the conversation. That is so wrong and has made me never want to use Airbnb again. While the host insulted me as a person and said I was too demanding and minimized what actually happened, Airbnb was no better. They said they had to side with her because I had no pictures. I am sorry but who thinks to take a photo when your hand is covered in ants, and you are just trying to make sure they aren't all over everything you own, which for the record they were. They were in the bed, on my retainer, glasses, clothing, etc. It was one of the most disgusting things I have had to clean. Yes, that's right, we had to clean it because the owner didn't believe in taking a more drastic measure to clean then Windex. Airbnb's customer service was no good either. They made it seem like they empathized with me when they called to hear more information and that they were so sorry, yet they did nothing to rectify the situation. I will never stay with them again. Beware, if anything happens - DOCUMENT IT ALL, otherwise your words mean nothing..Version: 19.32.2

Nothing but problemsI’ve had nothing but problems trying to make a reservation through Airbnb. My first reservation was cancelled due to me not completeing the verification process in time(long story short my account was set to eastern time instead of pacific time) I verified my account no big deal, I called customer service and was instructed to try and re-book, assured that my reservation would go through I did. I then received an email saying I needed to complete the verification process however when I clicked the link in the email I was taken to a page that said “You’re all set” and a button on the bottom saying “finish” I clicked the finish button and was taken to the home screen I assumed there was a glitch in the software somewhere. Three hours later I received an email saying my reservation was cancelled a second time for not completing the verification process in time. I was very confused as I had in fact completed the process and was not given an option to do anything further from the links in their emails. Now I’m being told by customer service to re-book my trip for a third time. I’m unsure if this is how they typically do business but I’ve received little to no help from their customer service team or the case manager assigned to help fix my problem..Version: 17.50

DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP!!!I had the worst experience ever! Every year my family makes plans to go out of town to celebrate Christmas, this year we decided Orlando, FL. I heard about AirBnb and decided to check it out. I reserved a house for December 27-January 2 and reserved it on August. I get a text a week before the trip saying the host canceled the reservation. The host didn’t let me know the reason and just canceled. I try contacting the host and he didn’t respond to my calls and text. I call customer service and they tell me it was an emergency and that my money is going to be refunded in 5 to 10 business days. They didn’t give me an explanation at all. I decided to get another house that was $1000 more, but I was ok with it since I had everything paid for and family from another country was coming. 2 days before the trip I get a cancellation message again about my reservation on the new place. This host was decent enough to tell me that he canceled due to the days I reserved for were already booked. Apparently Airbnb showed available rooms that were not really available. Called customer service and they didn’t give me any solutions, just sent me listings of places that were already not available or $5000 more in price. Give me a $200 coupon like that was any help at all. I’m never using this app again and I recommend you do the same..Version: 19.50

Un système stupide et des employés irresponsables***English will follow*** J’ai perdu mon numéro de téléphone. Le système ne donne pas la possibilité de se connecter à mon compte avec un autre moyen. Impossible de les joindre par appel donc il faut les texter... 1er conseillé: « je vais être en vacances pour 5 jours donc je vais fermer la demande » pourquoi à la base tu as pris mon cas alors ??? 2eme conseillé: « j’ai trouvé votre compte mais je ne peux pas cous aider » Ah ok ! C’est quoi ta raison d’être ici alors ? 3eme conseillé: « redites moi tout ce qui s’est passé depuis le début » non ! je vais pas me faire répéter. Je vais faire une fausse réservation pour joindre un conseiller téléphonique cette fois parce que votre management est tout simplement con. Une chose que j’ai appris avec Airbnb, c’est que je dois payer 1000$ pour récupérer mon ancien numéro de téléphone... non, je vais pas le faire et vous allez me rendre mon compte airbnb par ce que c’est mon droit absolu. Bye I lost my phone number. The system does not give the possibility to login to my account by any other means. Impossible to reach them by call so you have to text them ... 1st advisor: "I am going to be on vacation for 5 days so I will close the request" why did you initially take my case then ??? 2nd advisor: "I found your account but I cannot help you" Ah ok! What is your reason for being here then? 3rd advisor: "tell me everything that happened since the beginning" no! I'm not going to repeat myself. I'm going to make a fake reservation to reach a telephone advisor this time because your management is just stupid. One thing I learned with Airbnb is that I have to pay $ 1000 to get my old phone number back ... no, I'm not going to do that and you are going to give me back my account because it's my absolute right. Bye.Version: 20.39

Mostly good, but horrible messaging.From a host’s point of view, the app is fairly comprehensive and you can manage most of your listing with it. But the biggest annoyance I have is with the inbuilt message tool. Only 2 lines of text are visible, so when you’re writing a long detailed message for a guest, and you’ve got a nice big iPhone screen to look at, the app only lets you see 2 lines of text. [Developers, have you tried sending messages from the app? Write a long message, then scan back to make sure it’s correct, then cut and paste some text you realise is in the wrong paragraph. Not fun! Is it possible to have an expandable text editor window for sending messages, like iMessage has (starts small, but gets bigger if you’re tying a long text)? Please?] I imagine this is also horrible for guests who are travelling. Sadly the web based message editor is only marginally better and still doesn’t get very big. Overall, just a pass..Version: 20.35

Useful. Annoying host ads nowAirBnB has been really useful as a traveller and a host. And far better than many hotels. But some basic things are still missing from the experience, and AirBnB seem more keen on finding ways to milk more money out of loyal customers than providing more value. For example, the notifications now trying to lure us into being AirBnB Plus hosts, which promise all kinds of special things and then only vaguely allude to an actual charge. Feels smarmy - like something a big hotel chain would do - and will make us start looking for alternatives as hosts..Version: 19.24.1

Excessive Data RequirementsThis app is functional with full at home wifi. On the road using mobile data it becomes the worst I have ever used. Even with near full strength it can malfunction and it won’t let you use an internet option always defaulting to the app..Version: 18.39

Stay away from AirbnbHorrible company won’t let me book a suite to see my dying uncle who is 94 because I’m a high risk for throwing Halloween parties at the age of 26. Absolutely ridiculous..Version: 20.42

Terrible Customer ServiceI have made multiple phone calls and messages about an issue with my last booking, and Airbnb has never responded to my problem..Version: 20.44

Worse experience than I could even imagineWhat a scam! DO NOT BOOK THIS!!!! It IS A SCAM!!! Unresponsive host ruined my trip to DC and made us late to the event we were in DC to attend. We tried to contact the host for check in instructions, and she did not respond, leaving us with no place to stay. We then had to scramble and find a friend to stay with after we no longer had a place to stay after we reached out to the host Tracy multiple times, via Airbnb messenger and phone, and eventually had to call Airbnb guest relations. The person on the phone (listed on the Airbnb as the host) said they were not the host and I had the wrong number. This is also on the shoulders of Airbnb, because of their negligence I did not know that there were several others who had similar experiences over the last couple months. I asked the very nice non-US based call center employee for an actual management response from Airbnb within 24 hours and never received the call. Airbnb offered nothing in reparations for their role in this issue, considering they have 4 other people who endured similar experiences and yet they gave no sanctions to this terrible host, and they gave me no warning about these issues they have known about for OVER 2 MONTHS, and therefore will be hearing from our attorney shortly for their negligence..Version: 19.16

Choose another optionI got the app, signed up, put in information to verify my account, and was locked out so they could review my information to verify. This is understandable. However, after two days and no reply, I contacted customer service and they said they could not help me and my account would be assigned to a case manager who would get back to me “shortly” to resolve my problem. Slightly irritating but still understandable. Two more days passed and I called customer service again and received the same reply, however they stated that they would get back to me within 48 hours from my original call. So now, 4 days have passed and still no reply and my case was not assigned to anyone. I waited another two days with still no response and had to find another site to book with as time was running out. NOW, OVER 3 WEEKS LATER, my vacation over with, I still have received no communication from Air B&B and my account is still locked, not even allowing me to look at the website. As, the company has grown you would thing they would expand their customer service, but apparently do not care to. Will not be using this service (as if I had a choice) in the future. There are better services out there..Version: 18.50.1

Do not trust.Used before and been ok. Booked a room on Thursday for Saturday. Dog became ill and started bleeding on our floor. Tried to phone host 7 times and left messages. No reply Phoned Airbnb on the Friday. They said we could cancel and get a full refund even though it didn’t fit with the hosts own policy. They said air bnb would cover it. At this point my daughter and I would have still gone on the trip. But, because Airbnb told us they’d refund in full, we all stayed at home. On Saturday they messaged us saying they wouldn’t refund. I’ve been on the phone ever since asking them to listen to the recorder call. Each call takes about 25 minutes. Different person in a different country each time, starting from the beginning. It’s expensive to call. I’ve now spent more on the calls than the room. I no longer trust this company and will never be using them again. I’ll also do my best to make sure everyone I know is aware how insignificant you are as a customer. It’s one thing having friendly people working in customer services, but if they give you inaccurate information that costs customer lots of money, it shouldn’t be tolerated Never again.Version: 19.16

Fine app aside from age verificationI used to use Airbnb many times in the past on vacations inside Canada and abroad. My only complaint is the new and Arbitrary 25 year old age limit to stop people from “partying” in cities where they’re from to stop the spread of covid. Extremely inconvenient how I’m just barred from using the app within my own city and I’m 24 so I have to wait a year for this to be obsolete..Version: 21.07

Don’t expect any help if anything goes wrong.They do not care about hosts. I have been a host on Airbnb for about a year now and it’s been increasingly stressful by the day. Anytime anything happens on the customer side, no matter how small (like dust on top of the kitchen cabinets, I’ve literally had someone complain about that and get a refund) they penalize you $50 and cancel your payout. On the other hand I just had a guest completely lose his mind, threaten me, and try to leave with my appliances. I ended up having to call the cops and he was arrested (he actually had 3 WARRANTS and a heroin needle on him) when I called customer service to cancel his reservation the line recognized my number, saw I was a host, and hung up on me no matter what choice I made on the automated system. I still haven’t been able to talk to a live person and I’ve called all the numbers. Now I can’t give this psycho his refund and he’s been harassing over the app saying he’s going to leave a bad review sue me and complain to get a full refund, which he’ll probably get. I’m looking into other apps like Vrbo or hometogo but before I do I had to leave this review, I’ve never seen terrible service like this in my entire life, it’s literally non existent. The pay can be good but you’re on your own if anything happens..Version: 20.36.1

No supervision on hostsFor two nights in row I am changing my hosts in Toronto from bad to worse. It’s like Airbnb has lost its control over the hosts. Dirty washrooms and showers, stinky rooms, too many tenants in one building, broken beds and noisy environment Surprisingly there’s no way to know what kind of accommodation you’re going to land yourself when you are checking the listings. Is it a family renting one room or a building owner renting all the possible spaces in building? My second stay is a room made out of a living room with drywall, I can even hear next door people breathing . My room has no lock and the lists go on. But what you see on the listing is all perfect and nice with all 5 stars reviews. This is so unacceptable and confusing and my question is there anyone supervising the hosts? The other thing I noticed Airbnb doesn’t post your review of the host until he writes a response. That’s why all ratings are good. So I will never ever use Airbnb!.Version: 20.22

Idiotic verification methodWe live in Canada, and had 4 consecutive residences in Australia. In Melbourne where we landed, we purchased a SIM card for our mobile. New telephone number. Airbnb will not acknowledge and use this new number to verify for FOURTEEN days Idiotic.Version: 19.46

Cancelled Holiday Credit to use for bookings, always read the small print!!Have used Air BnB a lot in the past and always had a good experiences until now Took a credit for my cancelled holiday instead of pursuing a cash refund that I didn’t want to wait for. Due to waiting forever for flight refunds and being low on funds I rebooked with air bnb for a UK holiday I opted for deposit and balance payment assuming I could use my whole credit for cash I paid back in February. Found out the hard way that you can only utilise the whole credit when you pay for another trip in full, not deposit and bal payment. You can’t use any remaining credit for balance payment. This then forces you to then book another trip to use up your remaining credit otherwise you lose it. Spoke to them on the phone on three occasions and they gave no reason except that’s how the system is set up. Not only do they keep my money for the first cancelled trip I am forced to take two more with cash paid on top to recoup my money. Not at all happy about it and customer service did nothing to help, will avoid using them in future and will advise family and friends to do the same!.Version: 20.29

Bait and switchAirbnb is an obnoxious app and an obnoxious business. The “cleaning fees” are exorbitant. This means that the customer is browsing for rentals and finding prices within their budget that subsequently jump by 25% or more with “fees” and “charges” on the final bill. I have seen $100 cleaning fees on $500 rentals. That’s outrageous and downright dishonest..Version: 20.42

Location issuesVery frustrating when you choose a specific location and the search returns places no where near where you’re wanting but in the same province. You need to create a radius from the location that can be altered in km/miles in the initial search so this doesn’t happen. Makes searching for a specific location very challenging and time consuming and has put me off AirBNB..Version: 18.16

Great platform but still hampered by an annoying app bugI have nothing but praise for Airbnb. It has got me far more bookings for my holiday home than I would have managed organically. It’s a great platform without doubt. Anyway my irritation is with the iOS app that’s been here ever since I’ve been using Airbnb. If you flick through your inbox messages then need to to quickly flick to the calendar to check bookings, it ALWAYS freezes out and white screens. You then have to quit out the app then reopen and it’s fine again.. until you want to open the calendar again after looking at your inbox messages. It happens on all iOS devices I have ie iPhones and iPads. I keep hoping Airbnb will fix it with the numerous bug fix updates, but sadly no, this old problem is still here. Not the end of the world but annoying none the less. Please fix this..Version: 18.37

Never using Airbnb or their services againWith an understanding that COVID-19 has swept the nation, I understand Airbnb’s going through an influx of cancellations. That being said, the department of defense has issued a travel ban extending through June 30th. My fiancé and I had to cancel our wedding and flights to Florida and Hawaii due to this travel bad, as we are part of the military community. The venue and airlines, were understanding and provided us full compensation due to these troubling times. Airbnb on the other hand refuses to acknowledge the department of defense’s travel ban, and will not give us our money back. They do not have the decency to pick up a phone and talk, it is strictly through automated messages. If we are legally unable to travel outside of a 2-hour radius of our do they expect us to fly cross country or across the Pacific Ocean? Let alone be charged upwards of $6,000 for a vacation we will not be attending? I am appalled and disheartened by the way Airbnb has chosen to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. I will never use their services again, and I suggest you don’t either. The company is clearly unable to withstand a large scale disaster, and my money is more important to them than valuing customers on a basic human level. I am utterly disgusted..Version: 20.16

Hidden service fee in cancellation, be aware!We, 5 couples, booked a place and read host's cancellation policy and it says full refund in case of cancellation. there wasn't a clear terms refering us to the general cancellation policy of airbnb and thought all is what defined by host and it seem my host missed that info also. we complaint to airbnb that this is such a misleading and hidden fee which is very odd from airbnb company but the team wasn't agreed and refer us to a link saying general cancellation policy which I couldn't anywhere in first page of airbnb app which is very disappointing. the amount of money is not that big but the way airbnb hide such an important information for guests was unexpected. after our comments the host add that information to his policy which is good for next ones to not fall in such trap.Version: 21.06

Garbage app full of issues and errorsThe calendars are not reachable due to a stupid error that says you have to register with the city. This message blocks you from changing your prices or accessing your calendar at all. Instead of getting better this app has been getting worse and worse -can’t see your earnings in the app anymore which is unbelievable and it’s been like this for a year - so much stupid garbage is added to the saved messages that u would never ever use but it pushed all saved messages down Man there are a million things wrong with the app for years now that are easy fix UNBELIEVABLE.Version: 20.49

Why should I report an issue with Airbnb?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Airbnb to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Airbnb customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Airbnb.

Is Airbnb not working?

Airbnb works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Airbnb.

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