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Superb, always looked after!If you’re a host or a guest Airbnb always looks after you. They have fantastic cancellation and refund policies and they always keep you in the loop so you never worry about what will happen. With COVID19 they offered me a full refund as a guest which was great because my university contact course was cancelled. Thanks for being such a great accomodation provider Airbnb!.Version: 20.12

UnexpectedThank you Airbnb for having such a great app and website to help us all on our hosting journey. I’ve been enjoying it so much. My first thought was to make money but the unexpected pleasure of looking after guests and travellers has just blown me away. Loving it. We’re getting great reviews and it’s been such a blast to make their stay as comfortable, easy, and enjoyable as we can..Version: 18.03

Email trailsThe access to messages between host and guest is haphazard- often you can’t find the email you need quickly from the email trail. This is frustrating - for example when directions or instructions are emailed..Version: 18.30

Beautiful Product DesignOne of my favourite apps, looks amazing and works great! The UI is banging 👌🏻 I would like the option to view properties before renting for longer stays (1 month +). I’ve been staying in air bnbs for a few months waiting for a house transaction to go through and it’s a bit hit or miss what your going to get from pictures alone. Like there might be a weird smell or furniture is old etc that you wouldn’t get from pictures and if your staying a while this can be annoying..Version: 22.42

Holiday accommodation made easyConnecting with locals is so easy and fun by using AirBnB to find home-stay accommodation where ever I travel. Very easy to use. 100% effective..Version: 20.33.2

Love Airbnb!We have used Airbnb extensively in the past 4 yrs. we have travelled to Europe twice in that time staying for 8 weeks each visit. This last time (December 2018 - January 2019) we travelled in Greece, Romania, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland, France and UK and stayed in 9 Airbnb properties ... all were exactly as described, and we were only disappointed with one property, but saying that it was not a disaster by any means .... just way to small! What I love about Airbnb is the variety of accomodation you have to choose from. It caters for everyone, no matter what your circumstances and bank balance. Additionally, the booking and payment process is simple, fast and safe. Personally, I would never bother to look for accomodation by any other means. Can’t recommend Airbnb highly enough!.Version: 19.04

Just new to listingWorks well for me, guests so far been 5 stars. Online system works well with easy communication between hosts and guests. Only been hosting a few months working very well. Best of all you get paid automatically no paper work !.Version: 18.34

A great way to travel mostly.We use AirBnB a lot. As in we have just travelled around Europe for 6 weeks only using AirBnB to make bookings, and I have made pretty much all accomodation bookings in last 6 months with AirBnB. We have discovered a few things along the way: if you raise ANYTHING with the host, don’t expect to be reviewed. For instance recently we stayed with “Tom” from Vladivostok (name and location altered). He told us there was HEAPS of on street parking. We arrived to a street barricaded by roadworks, which started up at 7.00 am each morning. We encouraged him to let the next person know,so that they could avoid the parking nightmares we had, AND we left a glowing review (we did like his place). No review for us in this instance. The survey questions also elicit positive responses, what people want to know is: is the bed comfortable, the water pressure in the shower good? Is the street quiet? Is the host easy to get Along with? Do you have adequate privacy?.Version: 19.48

Hidden Gems of Hoi AnWe had a wonderful time with “Happy Harry”, our host and his helper yesterday morning. He picked us up at our Villa promptly at 8am. Unfortunately we did not know that we were expected to travel by motor bike, being an “older” couple we prefer a safer mode of transport. Harry ordered a car for us and we were on our way. The tour was everything we expected and more. Harry is very professional, knows all the local people, the food was amazing and our total morning was so interesting. He took us to places we would not have found on our own. Thanks again Harry. regards Bronwyn and David Allan.Version: 19.27

Calendar fails to load once a new update is availReasonably good app but as a host very frustrating recently. Every time Air BnB put out an update I am unable to get any data from the calendar option on the app. I then have to delete it and reload it.. again and again and again. Also the only other major gripe is under Progress and Future Payments. Since a recent update you see all PAST payments dating back to when you first signed up.. and then have to scroll and scroll and scroll until your FUTURE booking/payments come up..Version: 18.31

High quality guestsWe have been running an AirBnB in a small cottage in our back garden since May 2018 and it has been a huge success. It has provided us with some badly needed retirement income and the process of gaining Superhost status has been fantastic. But what has made the whole experience most pleasurable has been the guests. They have been respectful, friendly, clean and tidy, good communicators and generous in their reviews of our cottage. Many have said in their reviews that they would like to return and so far we would have no hesitation in accepting them. We hope the trend continues and we are grateful that AirBnB has made this possible as we have put a lot of effort into providing what we believe is a quality experience..Version: 18.42

Love this appThis app is wonderful, if you’re ever in the Houston area research Superior Coterie! Thank me later!! We recommend you stay with Superior Coterie!! We we’re located 10 minutes from the medical district and 12 minutes from the VA. Close to everything from a massive variety of places to eat, to museums, the zoo and parks!! We definitely recommend anyone to come here! The bed and couch were sooooo comfortable like sleeping on clouds, with the perfect amount of firmness!! Just beautiful inside and out, with great energy! My son and I continuously played with the oversized connect four game outside! There are two peaceful sitting areas outside one with a fire pit! The inside is beautifully decorated, the place is clean, it smelled nice, fresh air to breath inside, plus nice and cool. Well lit both natural and artificial lighting, cute cucina and banyo (it’s really clean!!) my son of all enjoyed his stay here, he doesn’t really like anything other than home. We had a pleasure meeting the host and his family. I picked his brain a bit as I’m interested in establishing some of my own!.Version: 22.25

Easy to use, fast and easy to readWe’ve been using Airbnb for over a year as guests and as hosts. As hosts their booking system is very simple and easy to follow. You can see who’s coming at a glance. Updating information is simple and the pay out is prompt. We belong to another booking system but by far prefer to use Airbnb. I also appreciate the security check that we all have to go through. It makes sense in this day and age to know that your guest or host can create a safe environment. Using the app as guests is just as easy. Reminders pop up on the day showing you all the pertinent information for mapping. Fantastic app, fantastic service five star all the way..Version: 18.17

We love hostingWe are elderly and this extra income is most welcome. 99% of the time our guests are wonderful. The 1% that are challenging we just think about them wish them well. Happy hosting to all of our community. Pete and Sher in New Zealand:).Version: 18.45

Airbnb - it’s a small world after allGreat to see the world through the eyes of the travellers visiting as we share our cultural tastes and differences. It’s inspiring to fellowship with the world in my own home and find my own travels shaped by the stories and impressions left in my home by my guests. As a guest in another’s home or a host , Airbnb has made traveling ‘local’ far more exciting than just being a tourist..Version: 18.43

Thank youYou have changed my and my families life! We were cutting it fine financially, and now thanks to Airbnb we're peaceful. I know I've got the money to pay our bills and all I have done is rent out a portion of our backyard. We get to make money instead of paying it to the bank each week via our mortgage! Thank you so much for this game changer. What you've created has given us an opportunity, which will grow our family, and help to propel us forward. From the bottom of my heart, thank you..Version: 17.44.1

Love the app and will never go back - makes our holidays so much more enjoyable!My boyfriend and I have done a lot of travel over he past 12 months, and have used Airbnb all along our journey. Not only do you get to "live like a local"; you get to meet the local and this person becomes an instant buddy with a wealth of local knowledge. Some of the best meals we have ever eaten are a result of host recommendations! The other wonderful thing about Airbnb is that it allows you the luxury of living day by day. We travel to a town, if we like it we can book in to stay that night..Version: 17.42

How to measureI am not sure how to do it, but I would like to see a measure of the overall assessment of an AirBnB property that considers the price and value for what you paid to stay where you wanted. I.e. you cannot complain if your room is not the Hilton and you paid half the price to be in the same location. You should put up with a few issues not being up to standard. We use AirBnB to have a bit more room than a hotel room and have the option of cooking a breakfast or occasional dinner. How we determine the overall satisfaction of price, location and amenities provided in one tangible measure I am not sure..Version: 19.36

26 Horse Isle view Ardrossan North AyrshireWe recently spent a week at this excellent Air BnB. The tastefully furnished 3 bed Villa is situated in a quiet residential area just opposite the North Shore beach and affords uninterrupted views of the Island of Arran and its spectacular sunsets. The area is popular with walkers and the shore trail to nearby Seamill is well trodden. The amenities in the house are also excellent and a well stocked welcome box awaits including a bottle of sparkling wine. A house information leaflet and a popular walks leaflet are provided. The rear well maintained garden with raised decking with baluster and large table and cushioned chairs has the sun into the evening and a good place for a glass or two wine. The caretakers Loretta and Pat are very friendly and always on hand and very responsive if needed. Oh and almost forgot the beds are to die for and guarantee a sound and restful sleep.Version: 21.24

AmazingThank you Airbnb for helping planning our trip. The layout was perfect and the fact that you put up a massage, which i (the user), had to agree on that you must treat anyone, no matter who they are equally. Well done.Version: 18.30

Good work AirbnbAirbnb has certainly revolutionised the travel industry and made new options other than hotels. The customer first focus is what I really like and need out of this service. You go to a foreign place, things are not what you expect and Airbnb is totally understanding of this. Perfect. What I would like to see is a delete message function. Currently it only goes archive. Also, I would like Airbnb and grab to partner so that I could be taken straight to the place. Currently I’d have to copy and paste that location to another app. Which isn’t intuitive. Further, why don’t Airbnb get hosts to offer free mini bar and free airport transfer services and free laundry as an option. It all adds value and everyone benefits. It may cost abit more for the room but this is convenience that travellers are sure to appreciate..Version: 19.33

Probably the most helpful customer service in the worldI booked a place to stay in Manchester for the night and the host cancelled last minute and was told the refund was gonna take 5 days to process, after calling customer service I was told they would credit my account £55 to pay for a new place to stay and the refund would still be processed, any other place would have turned me away without a care in the world but the level of support and care for their customers this customer has is definitely a rarity in the modern word and I would definitely recommend this company to everybody who asks.Version: 18.19

It didn’t go well. And I’m giving Airbnb five starsThis is my first time using the app. Stayed at a place which was absolutely not as advertised. It is the peak of the holiday season and all property prices are sky high so it was difficult for me to find somewhere else. This marred my view of Airbnb immediately because I thought to myself there needs to be some kind of check in place by Airbnb before hosts list their properties and reel people in. I thought I was in for a very long fight when I picked up the phone to tell Airbnb of my concerns with the property. What followed, was some of the best customer service, and an immediate refund. The agent even helped me search other rival sites when nothing was found on Airbnb as a suitable replacement. I’m not sure whether I should disclose that but that shows a willingness to accept responsibility and assist their customers over and above what was expected. My credit card was refunded within 24 hours, and I was able to find somewhere more suitable. Would I use the app again? Maybe for more trusted/verified reviewed properties, but yes. This experience with Airbnb has not deterred me from using them in future, in fact I feel more confident..Version: 18.32

Superb facilityWe love using Airbnb because it keeps all the information in one place and is so easy to use. The links to information for guests could be improved so they are more visible, but to be honest it’s not hard to find if you know to look, so repeated use means it is easy and since Airbnb is designed to be used repeatedly, once you work it out it’s simple. As a host, the information in the App is invaluable. You can access conversations you’ve had with guests so that even if they book months in advance, you can give them first class attention with ease..Version: 18.31

Loving AirbnbWe used Airbnb during our recent holiday in Kona, HI and stayed in 3 different private units. Each was wonderful and had everything we needed including the loan of beach chairs, beach towels and umbrellas. We didn’t cook, but each unit was well appointed with everything we would need and next time we will enjoy creating our own meals at the units and eat out less. We enjoyed visiting briefly with each owner, they were all really nice but not intrusive at all. We went on two excursions recommended and booked through Airbnb. They were great and good value. I would recommend the Wild Dolphin & Snorkeling adventure with Captain Chase and the Local Brews & Poke Flights with Lottie and a wonderful chef and fun bartender at a beautiful golf course. They were both awesome and each was a small group of 5-6 people allowing us to ask our hosts questions and visit with the other guests. We will likely use Airbnb more often, it was super easy to book the units, more fun and less expensive than a hotel. When they say ‘Super Host’ believe it, book it and relax. I’m a fan and sharing our experiences with friends. Mahalo!.Version: 18.19

A bit slow sometimesA bit slow sometimes or struggling to connect..Version: 18.31

Lifesaving Travel AppNever using another hotel again! LOVE Airbnb. Our trip was ruined by the killer Lombok earthquakes. We had to find last minute accommodation for 6 nights and have been able to locate the most gorgeous, unique Balinese villas in different areas. Airbnb refunded us immediately for the cancelled Gili trip. Communication was insanely fast. The app is simple to use and more than adequate. Love to see how this company will continue to improve..Version: 18.31

Review questionsSome of your review questions are ambiguous. When you ask about a “step free entry” write: “Were there stairs, curbs” etc so the question has a clear answer of yes or no. Same with other questions As some could be answered both yes and no depending on how you read the questions. This is my third review with suggestions to make your Airbnb website more user friendly. I would like you to tell me how you are using these suggestions. There is no acknowledgement that my suggestions are useful and that you are implementing them. There needs to be communication back to me about this please.Version: 19.38.1

FeedbackHey there, We are Superhosts on Airbnb and we enjoy a lot all the experience on meeting and hosting people...we used to only advertise through Airbnb before, but we found out that the rates applied to the guests vary and are much higher than we thought... it’s not very clear to the host who has to set up prices accordingly... The biggest issue we have is the word VALOR...this is the word Airbnb uses to translate for VALUE. But in Portuguese it actually translates to COST. And when a guest gets asked to give a star rating for COST rather than VALUE, the outcome can be very different. I would like to thank you for your attention and look forward for your response. Shane & Eli Kemp..Version: 18.19

Plimmerton, Wellington, NZThis was the first time using Airbnb and my sister and I were VERY impressed. Would definitely use the service again when travelling locally and internationally. Will definitely recommend this to friends..Version: 19.17

HandyWe always checkout Airbnb places and there’s a great range of accommodation. The only thing though is I wish the prices put on the main photo gave a range (from cheapest time of the year to the most expensive, with the fees included)..Version: 18.44

HostingReally enjoying hosting. Two full years now. No real problems and only one grumpy customer which had nothing much to do with me. The earning capacity in my retirement is such a plus and the experience with people is life affirming. GretelAnderbell.Version: 18.31

Safe and EfficientI’ve been both host and traveller with AIRBNB for more than five years, since they were just a small company. I’ve rented out my rooms in my home in both Australia and Indonesia. Of course things have changed a lot, as they adjusted to managing a huge organisation, but overall I think they do a great job. Certainly from my point of view It’s a much safer, simpler process to do my bookings with them when I travel - And I meet wonderful people and stay and fascinating little places. As a host, I’d never let people stay in my home any other way. It is far easier to check on potential guests, and to manage the process of this day with me, thanks to this brilliant system..Version: 18.11

Calendar issuesHi awesome Airbnb team!!! The App is awesome and I never miss any communication!! Fantastic! Now on a bit of a feedback side I seem to frequently have a hard time uploading the calendar on my iphone6s ever since the new OS came on the scene... which leaves me a bit in limbo since being on Instant Booking and not being able to manage that side of things sometimes... Also a suggestion... is there a way to have Instant booking on for Monday-Friday but not weekends?? You doing a great job!! Love it! Thanks Kat.Version: 17.47

Great place with a BeachThe apartment was in a modern newly converted building of many flats. The flat itself was on the 1st floor and exactly as advertised inside. Perfect for a 5 minute walk to an amazing beach with buzzing activity all day and into the evening. Plenty of beach diners and restaurants with out the need to venture into the city centre. The harbours were close too with lots of activity and night life. The city was a bit of a trek but this was exactly what we needed. The bathroom needed some maintenance such as broken toilet lid, towel rails loose and not secure. The bed linen and towels were luxury and the air conditioning was a must for the hot evenings. Great place for a get away..Version: 19.26

Wonderful for a permanent place to liveI never leave reviews but I just want to share some great energy towards this creation! In this world you need certain things to rent a place (such as proof of work, a certain income, past records of payments from your job etc) which you may not have if you live a different type of lifestyle (such as having your own business which pays irregularly or if you like to live life going place to place exploring and living on your savings) which can make it difficult to even get a roof over your head.. with this app it makes it so much easier for free spirits to know we will always have a sense of security and not have to worry about how we’re going to live day to day but can still live how we want to without having to be locked into a contact that doesn’t serve our highest selves. The freedom that comes with this app is a breath of fresh air and has really opened up possibilities to live more freely in sync with yourself and not have to worry about all the extra stuff just to get a roof over your head. It’s so simple and straightforward and I’m very grateful that it exists while I do 💛.Version: 22.25

Fantastic app as a host and traveller!I’m not one to write many app reviews, but as a frequent user of Airbnb’s app I felt inspired! As a host it is absolutely brilliant from set up to dealing with client enquiries, the calendar, listing progress and all the metrics to see how your bookings, income and listing is going. So user friendly. As a traveller it works so well for us when we’re making shortlists of accommodation, booking and accessing the trip info while away in NZ and overseas. Easy to use, and I appreciate the accessibility, UX and all the good stuff on tap in this app. Thanks to the developers for doing a great job..Version: 20.11

Air bnbA couple things that would help as I have two listings... the notification doesn’t say which listing has been booked so each time I have to go into the App instead of just having a quick reference of a new booking. Great back up service when I had a problem..Version: 18.03

Hosts: Sometimes the Ap is confusing...But it is well worth pressing every button you can find as the Ap has whatever you are looking for, you just have to look. We have been hosting nearly a year and recently became Superhosts. I like that Airbnb sets expectations and guidelines, which has been helpful. We didn’t feel we were doing this by ourselves. When we had a query and a problem - they were all over it! Thanks..Version: 21.16

Question of insurance- Airbnb ignoreClose friend has had his Airbnb apartment destroyed by guests - they smashed all bathroom, kitchen, appliances, smeared food etc on walls and throughout carpets. Airbnb stonewall and despite numerous calls have repeatedly been told there is no record! The app is great, however the insurance reassurance is a fraud..Version: 18.31

Amazing customer serviceWe had a single traveler who tripped and broke her leg on our property. I reported the accident immediately to Airbnb and we looked after the guest as you would expect, but Airbnb staff went out of their way to maintain contact with me and the guest Independently, with empathy and with practical help. Astonishingly some minimum out of pocket expenses we incurred looking after the poor guest were paid within the day. I hadn’t even requested it. It gave me confidence of being able to handle any challenge that comes up while hosting..Version: 21.49

Travellers must!Quick, easy and simple. No matter what country and city you visit, you’ll bound to find a house/flat/room/apartment/villa suited for you. I’ve been using this app for a couple of years now and it never failed me. Even when I had a few stumbles, their customer support are very quick to response and very well mannered (Meraflor ☺️) Overall, definitely recommend for travellers and holidaymakers. Don’t settle for a hotel when you can get closer to your desired location and for cheaper. (With a plus bonus of having the entire place to yourself!).Version: 20.06

Glitch in ‘read your reply’Freezes on page and have to delete app re download to be able to go back. Unable to edit public reply or get back out if you press ‘ leave public reply’. It forces you to leave something, which is awkward as I just left someone a full-stop only by accident..Version: 19.48

Greed over user valueMaking a booking took three attempts. Only the third one finally worked (hosts had not updated the dates or had wrong prices), but all three payments to AirBnb worked flawlessly. I am now waiting for my money back and it can take up to 15 days and creates cash flow issues. The experience is optimised to maximise AirBnB revenue rather than my ability to get a booking. Perhaps optimising your app to check if the property details are correct and charging me when availability is confirmed would bring me back..Version: 19.24.1

The some landlord has no sense of responsibilityBecause of the epidemic, the landlord does not allow guests from other provinces to stay. In fact, the landlord told me that he would not allow people from other provinces to move in after I paid all the rent. However, he was unwilling to refund the rent of more than 1,000 dollars. He only wanted to refund the cleaning fee of 100 dollars. It only took 3 hours from the reservation to the time I called to request the landlord to cancel. And he sent a text message to warn me not to invite local friends to stay in, and change the occupants. If he does this, he will call the police? ? ? (The APP shows that I can change the accompanying members). The landlord blamed me for booking his apartment, which caused him to miss a more valuable client, and he never agreed to the request for refund of the rent. Finally, airbnn's customer service and the landlord could not be contacted, and the platform can only compensate for my loss..Version: 21.08

Stability problemWhen writing reviews, if exciting the app even if it remains open in the background, it will not save your public review which then needs to be typed out again in full when returning to the review process..Version: 18.39

Amazing Business Model!We are making additional income per year - thanks to Airbnb! And this app streamlines the whole process!.Version: 17.41

Stop over from CairnsWe stayed at Jocelyn’s place as our first stop of our road trip from Cairns to Brisbane. It was my wife, 2 and a half month old child and myself. There are no words to describe the cleanliness and hospitality of Jocelyn, she made sure there was nothing to complain or even raise an issue about in our stay. We only stayed the one night, however would’ve happily stayed longer. Jocelyn has everything clearly labelled for her guests, so it makes us feel very comfortable and welcoming. Thank you Jocelyn!.Version: 18.03

Sooo easy.Airbnb make it so easy to have guests staying in our Airbnb, the communications between guests is made easy. The app is also easy to use on my computer and phone. If you are thinking of doing Airbnb they have ideas and how’s to make your Airbnb happen. HInt- Have your Airbnb they way you would expect it to be, and go that little bit further to make you guests stay easier. I.e. If you can pick them up, give them a lift or supply a bicycle, bottled water in there room, it all helps your guests and makes you feel good too..Version: 18.29

Outstanding overview of the Las Vegas stripJonathan was an enthusiastic guide to his adopted city. This was a balanced and exhaustive introduction to the glamour and kitsch that is Vegas. But much more, it was a guide to the history, to unexpected quiet retreats amongst the furore, and suggestions for best coffee, best food, best drinks... even best ice cream and chocolate! In short, how a local takes advantage of the amazing infrastructure at a very reasonable price. I especially liked that Jonathan was totally committed to giving a really thorough tour, even going overtime to nearly four hours. Also both pre and post tour, he emailed us a guide and suggestions for further exploration. And he was totally genuine in his admiration for Las Vegas 😊 Very highly recommended, excellent value, especially for visitors who might be staying a few days or returning. Thank you Jonathan !.Version: 19.38.1

Our first Airbnb experienceOur children have used Airbnb all over the world including Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America. We have been very slow to try it out. However, when visiting Shetland we could not find accommodation we wanted at the hotels (we were booking at short notice) and so decided to try Airbnb. We chose a place owned by a super host. What an amazing standard. We loved it from start to finish. We had booked 4nights and are concluding our visit with 2 nights at a hotel. We both wish we were back at our delightful Airbnb place. Many thanks Airbnb.Version: 18.28

Would be great to be able to order search listings by priceIt would be great if I was able to order my search listings by price..Version: 21.37

A breath of fresh airLove that airbnb makes it so easy and convenient to book places to stay. Highly recommend.Version: 21.43

Love working with Air BnbWe have the pleasure of working with Air Bnb through a home we own . Since changing it from an investment property , it has been a delight to host beautiful guests , all I have to do is provide a 5 star experience and Air Bnb through their platform provide me with a steady stream of guests . Air Bnb are Professional , helpful , organised and are always at end of phone to help . It allows you to be able to shine to to the world at large - as long as you work at your part . Well done Air Bnb - grateful we can be part of your journey and you in ours !! Take care Ingrid and family.Version: 18.31

.Good app just be mindful of changing the currency to whatever country you are in before you book because you might think it is cheaper/more expensive than it actually is..Version: 20.50.1

More than what I expectedRoy (help desk) helped us alot with a last minute booking and cancellation. He worked with us so that we were able to find something better than we initially booked - all in the space of a couple of hours!!! Thanks soooo much Roy for your guidance during a very stressful time. 10/10 service 😁.Version: 18.40.1

The Airbnb Experience brings back the world back to meI enjoy being part of the Airbnb family and it brings the strengths of cultural, religious and ethnic diversities, enriching our lives and helping to become truly a global citizen. Bringing communities together and enriching the cultural, religious and ethnic diversities makes the shrinking world,a better place to live in. My active professional life led me to frequent global travels to conduct and attend workshops seminars and participation in International Water Week celebrations and exhibitions. With my retirement from active service,I suddenly found the door was closed to the outside world, resulting in a stressful situation in my retirement life. Airbnb brought the world back to my doorstep and I enjoy every minute of being an Airbnb host . May the Airbnb go from strength to strength to make the world a better place to live in..Version: 17.50

So far it’s been good, but needs a little work!So far it’s been good, but still has some work to be done On the app ect. sometimes the app crashes or takes a while to update. I get messages way later like a day or 2 later on guests asking me questions. I did notice that it has not been sending the check In information to the guests so they get trapped out side the gate for a while because the messages don’t come in to my phone right when they message. Also I’ve been getting guests having a hard time keeping the booking I get them confirmed and then a day later it’s canceled on them. Guest call me a lot trying to figure out how to book. Maybe make the booking a little easier. Also if you are in a state that they pay the tax for you make sure to look in to it cause they only pay the state tax not the city tax. Wish they could pay that also each quarter for me. I give Airbnb over all a 4 cause it’s good just not yet a 5 yet. Work on app a little more and maybe put a system in that is like doc u sign. that way it just automatically sends the booking waver that we need each guest to sign so I don’t have to do it manually..Version: 18.24

Outstanding place to stay - highly recommendThis is a very beautiful home and hosted all 8 of us easily. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay so highly recommend it :).Version: 18.44

Customer service is greatI have used Airbnb few times and every time I have been amazed with the quality of place and response from host. I recently had an issue of receiving refund after I cancelled the booking as we were too many for that place. I only received 30% refund and I contacted host and support team. They all were very good and solved my problem very quickly and I received full refund. I am very grateful to all Airbnb hosts who are very kind and understanding and to Airbnb team who is doing wonderful job!.Version: 21.38

Great half day tour to get to know ColomboMy guide, Rushad, was very knowledgeable, helpful and spoke excellent English. We spent a lovely afternoon visiting the highlights of Colombo starting at the port district and St Peter’s church, followed by a visit to the Currency Museum next to the old lighthouse, took a stroll along Galle Face, and finished the day at a couple of lovely temples including one on the lake and another conveniently located close to my Airbnb. As I was the only person on the tour I even managed to have Rushad squeeze in a couple of unscheduled bar stops! Excellent tour which gave me a very interesting overview of Colombo and its history..Version: 19.35

Great customer serviceI had a host call me the afternoon of our booking to say the place we had booked wasn't available anymore however could move us to another apartment 15min drive away. Given my work was next door I didn't want to accept the proposed unit. The host requested that I cancel as they didn't want to cancel and incur airbnb charges. If I cancelled I would have been charged cancellation fees. I called airbnb and spoke to Phoebe who immediately addressed the issue with the host and my refund came through within 30 minutes. Awesome service and thank you. This has never happened to me before and given the great service I will continue using airbnb. As for the host Apartments Domain Melbourne I will never use then again as not being charged cancellation fees by airbnb - even though they were in the wrong - was more important than serving me as their customer and most importantly doing the right thing. Thanks airbnb!!.Version: 19.07

A Day Not To Be Missed!A fabulous experience from start to finish. We were picked up and enjoyed a 2 hour trip to the Atlas Mountains. Stopping along the way to enjoy local wares and take photos. Loved witnessing the home cooked Berber bread that we then ate as part of a lovely light Berber breakfast. Walked thru the village, then drive to the mosque and onto meet a local potter. Made a tangible, which was a treat. Back to the Local host for a traditional Berber lunch(which was truly delicious). Then headed back home. The driver Hassan was very professional and safe. Said was also professional, informative and a fantastic guide. The Berber hosts were very generous. It was a major highlight of our trip to Marrakech..Version: 19.17

Very good service all round 👍🏻!!I’ve used this service a couple times it’s a great service the provide it gives u options and as a customer it’s great to have options now your Airbnb experience really depends on your host u go with I would fully recommend it give people option to have different types of locations and types of host’s properties at different prices. 👍🏻 The service is very quick and easy to book. 👍🏻 It also give the opportunity for people to rent out the Airbnb so all-round everyone is happy. 👍🏻 I did have one situation when I asked for a refund I got in contact with the customer support via the app the team then sent me there customer support number so called them up and told them I cancelled my travels and got a coupon refund which I was very happy with and this got sorted out within the space of 15 minutes. 👍🏻 So I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who would want to give Airbnb a try. 👍🏻.Version: 21.03

Good AppWe use this app everytime we organise a trip. Easy to use. Despite loving Airbnb services I still live in anxiety until entering the rented place. Until the last minute I am not sure if Im going to have to face a cancellation or not.. it has happened and it’s not a happy or cheap place to be. Please create a category of rentals that guarantees ‘no cancellation’, just like you have a category of ‘instant book’. Unfortunately the discount offered in case of cancellation never compensates for the distress and last minute search into the leftover and expensive options. Thankyou..Version: 18.24

Some fixes requiredI use the Airbnb app all the time as a host. Some fixes required: 1. When you click on calendar to see future bookings often the app freezes. Work around is to close down app, open it again and go immediately to calendar. Annoying. 2. Progress of future earnings graph does not work very well. Often cannot click on the month in the bar chart to see the amount of earnings you will get and the $$$ title of the bar chart is cut off on the y axis. 3. The amount displayed in the monthly progress chart seems to vary slightly to the actual amount expected to be received based on bookings if you add up all transactions. 4. Would be good for the monthly progress chart and other stats to show gross and net (excluding cleaning fees)..Version: 18.29

Brilliant experienceTwo different groups of my family enjoyed this wonderful experience. We found it fascinating and fun and we learned so much from George and his brother. We would definitely recommend it to anyone who is able to go. The only downside for us was that just before the village of Agios Mathias there was another unsightly smelly load of rubbish on the side of the road which hadn’t been collected. We have seen these all over the south of the island. Please please Corfu officials do something about this eye sore. It is a blot on the landscape of a stunningly beautiful island..Version: 19.35

Accommodations that are good value and of reliable qualityUsing AirBnB you use the experience of other travellers to ensure no disappointments when booking somewhere to stay..Version: 19.37

Airbnb ethosThis is a little different from most sites . The guests are different . They’re well travelled usually younger in heart if not age . Socially seem to be more communicative and better prepared to enjoy the experience . I have loved hosting . Having used Airbnb as a traveller and had very good experiences I feel the ethos is ‘arrive as a guest ,leave as a friend’ . I’ve tried very hard to apply that when I meet new guests . It’s been great so far and it’s brought us in that extra money that is always useful to help our own Airbnb travelling experiences too. Really pleased all round with this..Version: 18.22

Opening up the worldI love everything about Airbnb, from its philosophy to its easy way of booking and amazing communication with hosts and guests. Such a great way to travel , making it affordable and personal..Version: 18.31

Great productAs a host and occasional guest I find the app easy to use and intuitive. AirBnB is a wonderful product all round and it is great to be supported with a great app. I always have my bookings and data with me on my phone and iPad which makes it very easy to run my AirBnB guesthouse..Version: 17.43.1

Meeting great peopleOne of the things I love about Airbnb is we’ve met so many interesting travellers. It works really well for us to share our space with others looking for a quiet out of the way place to lay their head..Version: 18.41

AirBnB v HotelsYes. Great app but there’s more to it than an app. We are turning more to using Airbnb than staying at hotels as they offer more for less. We are timeshare owners so appreciate the home from home feeling when on holiday/vacation. Airbnb gives us the home comforts of a timeshare but the flexibility of being able to choose from hundreds of properties at our holiday destinations. Hotels tend not to have kitchens where you can make a quick snack or grab a cold drink from the fridge, put a few clothes in the washer/dryer and if there are several family or friends spending time away together then apartments offer a common space for all and at an affordable price. Just respect the places you stay as these are people’s homes too!.Version: 17.41

It’s a good appIt’s good and you have real people who have homes that they ta’e pride in cleaning and getting ready for you to use! I’ve used this first time twice in one trip and the couples who I’ve booked with are very friendly and understanding and have knowledge of the area. You can pay for your stay straight away and some app places you can book and pay later. This is a good little app if you want to have your booking paid for and confirmed straight away and you need to not worry about it later. I don’t know about refunds and I hope I don’t have too! Good app!.Version: 19.03

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