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ABC7 Chicago News & Weather App User Positive Comments 2024

ABC7 Chicago News & Weather app received 29 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about abc7 chicago news & weather?

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ABC7 Chicago News & Weather for Positive User Reviews

American Broadcast Corporation in ChicagoI avidly streamline, as you probably are aware of, I enjoy how broadcast journalism majors and communication majors spread their wings in the metropolis. I am curious about the weather maps, and traffic maps. I look forward to viewing a creative image once in a while. ABC is huge, you must have contracts, that provide the quality and motivation, that keeps us going! John Corona, author Urbanization of the Chicana and Chicano during the latter half of the Twentieth Century in Chicago, IL PS a copy of my 54 page book was sent to ABC Channel 7 in Chicago. Please feel free to contact me for a media promotion..Version: 7.25

Channel 7...WOWZA! WOWZA! WOWZA!I have watched Channel 7 news waaaaaay before Roz Varon got there. 😀I know this for sure because I went to (Columbia College) with Roz. Lol. In fact, we had a lot of classes together.😄 over the years, channel 7 has always been my number one choice of news because the reporters have personality, empathy, and knowledge! Keep up the great job you guys continuously do..Version: 6.2.1

What happened to reading?At first I loved the “swipe” feature on the articles, but now there is no written content, only video. Often I check the news when I’m out and so cannot use video as it disturbs others, like in a waiting room at the doctor’s office. Is ABC worried we don’t know how to read? Getting rid of this app and signing in to NBC..Version: 6.0.3

One of the best ABC news apps in the worldBring back the ABC 7 Alarm clock app for Chicago and New York. I loved those apps. If the alarm clock apps are brought back, bring in more ABC7CHICAGO and ABC7NEWYORK news people for the app. I love how there’s video footage of every news story. There should be a section for UK news and Australia news & other sections for news on other countries. I love how the video is included in every news report..Version: 7.24.0

Too many adsI have been a loyal viewer of ABC7 Chicago News for over 30 years. This is an exceptional app. The new layout and design is phenomenal. However, I would give five stars if there was an option to bypass viewing advertisements. If not completely, then perhaps after the first five seconds. EVERY TIME you access a video associated with a news article, you have to view a 30-second ad. And it’s usually the SAME advertisement! If I view 10 videos, I am forced to view the SAME advertisement 10 times—that’s five minutes! It’s a bit much. Please fix this..Version: 6.2.0

Great app, seamless interface, except...I've been getting nearly all of my news from this app, the stories are easily accessible and the navigation is seamless. I still give the app a 5 star rating, however, I wanted to point out that the app with suddenly crash, usually after reading a few stories. Further, the top always shows flooding warnings, but even though my location is set in the settings, and I don't reside near flood prone areas, it still shows up. Overall though, I've been very happy with its performance..Version: 6.4.1

Really good!The only complaint I have is the weather portion, the video of the meteorologists are fine, then part where it shows the weather needs some improvement, way to often it has been a bit off. I sometimes need to know what the weather in a certain place will be. If it says it’s warm and sunny, I don’t want to see cool and raining..Version: 6.0.4

It has developed into one of the best...I don’t watch much tv any more. iPad mostly. My fave restaurant always had the afternoon game show/news block from Channel 7 on and I have become a 7 fan. Also having had a career in tv - I am impressed with the many news crews 7 can field on the street. I think that this app does a great job of synopsizing the leading stories down..Version: 7.14.1

Live news broadcastToo many times I have logged on to see the live news broadcast is not available. I enjoy the early morning news, just disappointed when I have to watch another network..Version: 6.2.0

Too many crashesThis used to be the best news app in Chicago, but no more. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app 3 times thinking that would help. It still crashes every time. I am finished with this app, never to reinstall it again. Bye..Version: 7.5

OverallI turn to this news site everyday for updates on weather, indictments of presidents and all the local news. Always up to date!.Version: 7.25

Your news does not come up on your app most of the time it’s a shot in the darks hit and missI check your application for the latest news and most of times it never comes up on my I phone can you help me solve this problem or it’s it on your side thank you for some help.Version: 7.18

My Location is unavailable on the weather part of this appThe weather part of this app does not recognize my Location-so I do not get a warning that a tornado, severe thunder storm, wind burst, severe snow storm in winter is heading in my direction. This needs to be corrected!.Version: 7.12

Love reading your news feedI visited Chicago last July from Crewe N W England . Ever since then I’ve taken note of all things Chicago. Find this fascinating. Kind Regards T Rizzo.Version: 7.6

Please stop the auto scroll!!This app automatically scrolls down to a video or ad that uploads to the story (it appears that way anyway) while you begin reading the’s so annoying that if it doesn’t get fixed, I’m deleting the app. I have had the app for years and love the user friendly design but since this began a few months ago, I can’t take it! Thx!.Version: 6.3.0

My NewsI’m a 51 year old man who lives in Kenosha, WI, there is only one cable contractor that allows me to receive both Chicago and Milwaukee news stations. I’ve worked in the Chicago area for thirty years now and I’m soon to retire. I’ve been an avid channel seven guy since I was a teenager. I can remember when some of the ABC personalities came from other stations and I also see some of the old ABC personalities on other stations. ABC7CHICAGO is commuted to having the best, the brightest and the most beautiful people that it can find. There’s nothing like waking up to Tracy, Tanya, Roz and Terrell in the mornings. You also have my all time favorite in Judy Psu in the afternoon and I go to sleep with ABC7CHICAGO at ten. Thank you all for always delivering the news the way we can all receive it from people who seem to really care about Chicago and the surrounding areas..Version: 6.0.4

Review of appI understand change is needed but rather go back to the old version of the app. The new app does not allow a full view of all the news and have to click through each story. The old app allowed one to scroll through quickly with features story on top. Sorry but since the change, I don’t see myself using your app much longer. Just being honest..Version: 6.0.1

It's a good quick source of newsAlthough I wish I could get to full articles more easily from the alerts, I love everything else about this app and the news information. The alerts are quick and timely even when I am traveling in and out of the country. The news feed is a good mix of local, national, and worldly news too. Keep up the good work ABC7CHICAGO!.Version: 5.3.3

Sound glitchesThe update is fine, but there is an issue with the sound with the preview clips. After clicking on an article, the ad that appears before the news clip has sound even though I had selected mute. However, the clip continues to play with no sound as desired..Version: 6.4

Dwight JamesGreat show for Chicago. it’s great to be able to keep up on the news or catch news as it’s happening in Chicago because it’s such a moving city. Great to be able to tune in without it being the regular news times of the day. keep up the good work. I must add that sometimes it seems that your station is rather biased for Republicans for example when Trump was running for president it seems that your station was constantly talking about Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi which really prejudiced Hillary Clinton quite a bit but when it was Trump in the Whitehouse you did not talk enough about what a traitor he was or do it constantly. Thank you..Version: 7.23.0

KinksThere are recent kinks with the app. I open it and seconds after I try to open a story, the app closes. In the past 24 hours since the iOS 13 update the app opens but there is no story that I can click, it does not respond to touch at all, the article just won’t open. This was my preferred news selection, unfortunately I will have to stop using, delete and find another local app. Very disappointed reader..Version: 7.7

Love ABC NEWS, APP NEEDS WORKI like to watch the news full screen, but by the time I change to full screen and rotate my screen the story is over. It’s so annoying. It would be great if when I rotate my phone the commercials and story will automatically rotate full screen..Version: 7.6

Very Poor ReadabilityInformation is good but the gray typeface on the weather windows is something only a young 20 yr old with perfect vision can read. A site with critical information should not be a design platform for cool and popular. Design 101 rule - design follows function. Make it functional with black typeface..Version: 6.4.1

The número uno News stationHello everyone. I just want to thank everyone that’s involved sharing the news. I’ve been a channel 7 Eye witness news gal since I was a teenager and I’m 55 plus years old. You guys are awesome, you deliver on point and so forth, always on the gooo! Keep going strong and continue too do your very best. May The Lord continue to keep you all of you safe, blessings flowing your way. Yours truly. The 👀witness news gal.😘.Version: 7.23.0

Billiam70I do not like the app as I have little choices to choose from as far as selecting topics and news. There are no drop-down menus like the old app used to be. There is no main menu. I am very disappointed in the app as I used to use the app on most every day..Version: 6.0.4

ABC News, channel 7 ChicagoChannel 7 Chicago is the only news channel that I have watched for the last 30 years. I love the crew on there. They are awesome keep up the good work channel 7 you are the best number one in Chicago from Allen Virges. You are my eyes to the world..Version: 7.25

DisappointedJust not happy with the way this app has soooooo many freaking commercials in it before I can watch the news story that I am trying get updated on. How about cut back on the freaking commercials on the app and I will come back to using it again..Version: 7.16

Can’t open storiesEver since the new update when I tap on a story to read it it will not open. I never had that issue before. I uninstalled it then reinstalled it and it worked at first now it’s doing the same thing..Version: 7.8

Keeps closing! Too many ads!I would like this app a whole lot more if you all could fix two things. First the app keeps closing after I’ve read about 3 articles, which is very frustrating. Next there’s way too many ads and on top of that it’s the same ad over and over again! Who wants to watch the sam ad everytime I go to read/watch an article?🤷🏽‍♀️ please fix this soon..Version: 7.6

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