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NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ app received 56 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™? Can you share your negative thoughts about nba jam by ea sports™?

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Update the rostersThe team rosters on this game are like 5 years old. I paid money for this so I think I’m entitled to a roster update..Version: 1.1.35

Update rosterUpdate roster! Just been holding on to this app waiting for new rosters. But will soon delete app if there are no changes.Version: 1.1.45

Roster and Player RatingsI've been playing this game for awhile but still haven't seen the rosters updated to the most current players and given the correct ratings. I was excited to see that there was an update and was hoping to see Durant on the Warriors to finally replace David Lee, BUT STILL NO ROSTER UPDATES. Some teams have players that aren't even in the league anymore, or are completely irrelevant. Also, the player ratings are awful. There are multiple big name players with sub par rating and vice versa. I think I speak for most people when I say the roster and player ratings are long overdue for an update, and make this game less appealing..Version: 1.1.45

It’s almost just like the classic, which also ticked me offSo it’s cool and all, I can beat teams on the hardest difficulty, beat the campaign, all that, it’s cool, whatever. My problem is the challenges, scoring triple the opponents points.. it seems like first two quarters, you can hit almost anything, easily juke or just run around the guy guarding you, I usually go up to like a 45-6 lead at halftime.. but apparently, all teams have the warriors 3rd quarter drive, and block anything I throw up (even when I knock them down right before shooting), always connects on their shoves, and will get every steal they go for, whereas I magically can’t steal anymore, and can’t block, because after halftime, all they do is dunk the ball... so 45-6 lead at half turns into a 55-20 lead at end of 3rd, which makes triple score harder.. then of course, magically, 4th quarter, same thing.. steals blocks shoves for them, nothing for me, ends up being like 65-35.. not even double...Version: 1.1.35

Update nowYup update it!.Version: 1.1.71

Terrible controls since the updateEver since the update the Game keeps crashing!!!! I gave it a chance thinking I might have accidentally touched the wrong icon while playing but over and over again, the game has been screwing up. My finger was centered on the turbo while running and several times now my player, while on defense would push or jump when I never moved my thumb or on offense launch the ball for a full court shot! This has significantly and negatively affected the entire gameplay. Another glitch, amongst a number of glitches, is if I do a layup or shoot the ball and the ball rolls around the rim before dropping through the hoop, after the ball goes in, the announcer will say 'score' or '2 points' or whatever and then say 'rebound' as the opposing team takes the ball out for the inbound pass. So whoever is taking the ball out automatically gets awarded a free rebound. Sometimes the announcer will call out the wrong name for the player I'm using. On the stats page, even with the highest stats, the numbers are sometimes highlighted in red. Please fix the game..Version: 1.1.35

We need an update!!!Please just update the rosters I’m sure everyone would love to use current players!.Version: 1.1.71

Rooster updatePlease just update the game with rooster and ratings.Version: 1.1.53

Game rocks but replay gets boring quickI love this game but the replay value is not there at all. Once you beat it, your task is just to beat it again with a different team. This gets boring very fast. New challenges, teams to play or just something different would make this game 5 stars in no time. It’s a great game that doesn’t break or rely on internet connection for everything (this is very cool) but beating it once is the same as beating it 5 times and by the 5th time, the repetition has taken the fun out of it. 3 stars for now..Version: 1.1.63

UpdateUpdate everything.Version: 1.1.53

DisappointedGame was cool but the putback challenge is impossible to achieve! I’ve done 10 standing putbacks and 10 running putbacks and neither one was accepted as a putback!.Version: 1.1.49

DisappointedThis game needs a serious update , not worth the 6 dollars I paid for it. The roster on the game is one from 2010 , missing so much players it doesn’t even have Michael Jordan or Kawhi Leonard. Please update this game if the developers still have it in the App Store. This was the best game of 2010 , it seems like they stopped caring for it.Version: 1.1.53

Needs updateUpdate rosters and jerseys, can’t be too hard.Version: 1.1.49

UpdateUpdate roster.Version: 1.1.71

EA sports with another crappy effort.If their lame cash grab with Star Wars Battlefront wasn’t bad enough, their lack of any interest in updating this game while still selling in game unlocks will really make you hate EA Sports. I wonder how long will it take for other game companies to bury this long on the tooth brand..Version: 1.1.63

NEW ROSTERS!!!!If your not going to annually update the rosters and add new players, please add these features for us to do so!!! This is very important to game play and enjoyment! I have taken a break from this game because of this reason and I know I’m not the only one. Adding these features would not only please the hardcore loyal NBA Jam fans, but also bring in many more. Please take this into consideration. And if your a loyal hardcore fan like myself and feel the same way please take the time to give them a piece of your mind..Version: 1.1.63

Great game BUTAllow controller use and update rosters.Version: 1.1.71

Actually 0 Stars Not 1 Star the game is trashThis *******beep**** isn’t letting me score 80 points, while this dude is just being so annoying..Version: 1.1.35

A jokeYou update the game and not the rosters. I swear every department of EA is filled with fools..Version: 1.1.63

Great game but multiple problemsEA has built a great game but they have been slacking on the updates. I have some ideas that I think will really help the game. First, the game has fallen way behind on the rosters, most players have either been either A. Traded B. Retired or C. Just didn't get signed, and since the last roster update a ton of rookies have entered the league. This will greatly improve the game. Another idea that i think will help the game is the choice of jerseys. Having to play a game with the same uniforms every time gets a little irritating after a while. And I’m not talking about just having a choice of just home and away but having a wide selection of uniforms. I think that will greatly improve the game. Lastly, the legends, you add legends like, Larry Bird, Manute Bol, James Worthy Etc. They were all very well known. What about the players like Micheal Jordan, Allen Iverson or Magic Johnson Etc. they were great players just like the very few legends that are in the game. That will help the help the games rating skyrocket. I really hope you will greatly consider adding my ideas to the game. Thank you for your time..Version: 1.1.49

Optimize for iPhone 5I love this game. But.......i would love to see the addition of Michael Jordan as a legend. That would be great.Version: 1.1.71

Goat game just update players pleaaaseUnreal game, don’t understand why the teams can’t be updated :(.Version: 1.1.71

Rosters are Crazy OutdatedThe game is fun, but the rosters are 7 years old. You lose a lot by not being able to play with current NBA talent,.Version: 1.1.53

Needs fixingFirst off, FIX THE MASCOTS! They shouldn't look so skinny, and if they looked real I would EASILY rate this game 5 stars. So many people can't play with mascots in NBA 2K and if they looked real here EVERYONE WOULD GET THIS GAME!! Fixing that will bump the game up to four star caliber. The gameplay is a great concept, but the glitches are annoying. They are not unplayable glitches, but it really impacts the game. Sometimes, when I swipe from the sprint button to the green button, it passes, or pushes, and when I swipe to the from the sprint to the blue button, it jumps instead. This goes on for a few plays and it's really annoying. The rosters really need updating too..Version: 1.1.35

HardenWhy does harden shoot right hand when he is a lefty??.Version: 1.1.35

Controls are horribleControls are horrible AI is rigged Teams are soooooo old Kinda a garbage attempt at a classic OG game..Version: 1.1.53

Updated rosters neededThey have Anthony Bennett still on this and many other questionable players. Have franchise legends and a roster update to make it fun again. Beating OJ Mayo just doesn’t feel rewarding enough.Version: 1.1.53

Where y’all go¿Can you guys just update the game¡¿¡ it’s not that hard, deleted this a minute ago, because content so limited, and there’s needs to be more players, out here using rosters from 2014-15.Version: 1.1.53

UpdateIt.Version: 1.1.47

I love this game, ButThis game is so much fun when the controls work correctly. Every game I play for at least one quarter when I go to shoot/dunk it passes the ball instead. The other issue is that the computer opponent can do things that I can not do. They can still shove me and steel the ball when I do a spin move or go to steal the ball but I can not. They can spin out of it. The opponent can also steel the ball from me when I am in mid flight for a dunk. The developer really needs to fix these issues or charge for the app so they can fix the issues..Version: 1.1.63

HolyyyyyUpdate the damnnn rosters bruh.Version: 1.1.35

Does EA Sports even look at these reviews?My number one complaint with this game is that they seem to only update the rosters about once every three years. They even say "updated rosters!" on the app when you find it in the App Store, yet Steve Nash is still on the Lakers roster. Plus they have players numbers wrong. LeBron wears number 6 with the Cavs? Come on, are you even trying? I think the last time they updated rosters was 2014. I just got an update for this app today so I was really excited that they might be updating the rosters since the update was around 350mb. But nope, it was a huge update that took forever to download and it didn't change a thing. So frustrating. Also lets talk about player ratings. LeBron and Kyrie are both rated as 9 for 3 pointers, but Steph Curry is an 8 for 3 pointers? How do you determine player ratings? Do you draw numbers out of a hat? I gave this app 2 stars but only because it's fun to play. Considering the cost of $5, I would not recommend this game to others only because EA Sports does nothing to maintain rosters or ratings and they clearly ignore user feedback..Version: 1.1.35

Do You Care?This can actually be one of the best games on IOS...the multiplayer game mode is awesome for example. The problem is that it’s clear the EA stopped caring about it. They charge a lot of money to really enjoy the features (I think $12 for the app plus upgrades) yet the rosters are all out of date and the player’s ability rankings are clearly done by people who don’t watch basketball. If you would please just respect the hard earns money people are putting in to buy this and update the app you would have a phenomenal product..Version: 1.1.49

Where did they go? Under rated players!I had played and unlocked every thing that could be unlocked. Deleted the game for a while then re-downloaded it because I was ready to JAM again only to find that with the new update there were players removed. Well at least one. Where did Scottie Pippen go? There was nothing like playing the game with the 96 bulls with Pippen and Rodman, but now it's gone. What a shame😞 If that wasn't enough I looked at Kawhi Leonard and his abilities in the game don't match up to his true abilities. It's time for a new update!!! I understand that players move a A LOT more now a days which makes it difficult to keep decent rosters in the game, but put forth some effort!!!.Version: 1.1.53

Game keeps crashing on iPhone XS MaxCrashes in the middle of a game, otherwise good app..Version: 1.1.71

Was great, but now lame and won’t even open, DON’T BUY!I loved this game back in the day in the arcade, and I first got the iOS version back in 2011, it was DOPE and rekindled fond memories. Then around the release of iPhone6 the app didn’t want to open, ever!!! Even today on my iPhone X it still crashes on start up. Prior to that the rosters weren’t being regularly updated (2014 is it’s last roster update), along with some questionable player stats & outright player omissions. I REALLY enjoyed playing this game the first few years (despite the ridiculous cheating the A.I. does after half-time when you’re whooping the computer’s arse) but the past 3 years I couldn’t even open the game as it always crashes now. Just happened again today (and yes I keep the app updated) so I finally deleted it. Don’t waste your time or money as EA stopped caring about supporting this game years ago..Version: 1.1.49

Good but NEEDS to be better if I pay $...EA sports back at it again. This game offers a pretty fun arcade basketball experience, but there’s a few things that need to be fixed for those of us who spent money on It. For example, the rosters are never updated. This would just be a nice addition but I can live without It. What’s really frustrating is the starting lineups. On campaign mode, you can’t alter the lineups. So when I am playing OKC, I’m playing Westbrook and serge ibaka. Why can’t I have the option to switch ibaka for Durant? I want to play the best. This is really disappointing for an nba fan. Another problem is the stats need some updating. Somehow Steph curry isn’t as good a three point shooter as kyrie Irving or lebron james, this needs to be fixed. I understand it’s difficult to alter how the players look, I would appreciate an update for them but doesn’t look like we will get It. More important is definitely the player stats..Version: 1.1.53

Needs updateGreat game but SO OUTDATED Would it kill you to do a roster update? You can even sell it and I’d buy it.Version: 1.1.71

Update Rosters and RatingsThis is getting ridiculous. Y'all seriously need to update your rosters and ratings. I got really excited the other day when I saw there was an update for this game, and even more excited when it took forever to download because that meant it was a big update, but of course, the rosters and ratings did not change. I'm from Orlando, I love playing with the Magic, but I can't because Oladipo has TWO'S for everything. TWO'S. How did y'all botch that so bad? And then of course there's Kawhi with a 2 three point rating, Steph with an 8 three, Love with a 6 three, etc etc. How hard is it to fix these? If y'all aren't going to, at least give us the option to so we can do what you're too lazy to..Version: 1.1.35

Update itPretty classic game should be easy to update.Version: 1.1.71

Used to be amazing... PLEASE update rostersMost of the players no longer play/are on different teams..Version: 1.1.71

Update rostersUpdate rosters.Version: 1.1.71

Update the rostersGame is fantastic just needs updated rosters.Version: 1.1.63

UpdateUpdate the teams.Version: 1.1.71

Big Time MissHandles like a broken shopping cart..Version: 1.1.71

RostersI understand the financial problem with updating rosters. Sports games have to pay yearly licensing fees to the league as well as the player association and I could see how a company wouldn’t want to do that. Fair enough but it seems pretty disengenous that there is no mention of the outdated rosters in the app description. In fact saying “all 30 teams. Play as your favourite stars.” Is borderline fall advertisement..Version: 1.1.71

Deleted! Don't Buy!DO NOT BUY UNTIL EA STARTS RESPECTING ITS CUSTOMERS 1st I love how every time you "update" the game, it's ALWAYS worse than before! Congratulations on NEVER listening to the people that actually spend their money expecting a playable game. And who does EA have doing Player Ratings? A chimp? It's funny that the ratings are actually WORSE than before. How is it that Curry is ranked 8 for 3 point shooting? And 7 or 8 for dribbling? Are you kidding me? Yet there are tons of guys that have 9's and 10's in each of those categories that aren't even starters in the NBA lol. How is Klay Thompson not even on the Warriors squad, but Jason Richardson is? Yippee. I totally want to play as an average player instead of a champ. I can go on and on, but I'll just leave it with that 1 example. Right now, this unplayable. LISTEN TO THE FANS EA!!! Worst company there is when it comes to listening to customer complaints. It's like they go out of their way NOT to create the game everyone wants. Do not listen to 5 star reviews! Only reasons I can think of that someone would rate it higher than 1 or 2 stars is either A)Works for EA, or 2)Have never seen a real NBA game in their life, and have no idea what player stats should be. Again... Curry, best 3pt shooter of all time who can hit from half court with ease, is rated as an 8!!! MVP and he doesn't have a meaningful stat above 8. Unbelievable.Version: 1.1.35

Could be one of the best!!This game could be one of the best games right now. Just like for any console NBA Jam has that staying power. What’s holding this version back you ask. MFi controller support is the only thing. The game is classic, it’s smooth, and it’s just fun plain and simple. I played around with it the first couple days after buying because I figured being EA that it would have controller support. Well that what I get for making assumptions. Spent 4.99 and probably have played 2 games. So cmon EA. Every other game has MFi controller support, why you letting this classic crash and burn??.Version: 1.1.71

DO NOT GET!!!As a kid growing up, I absolutely LOVED this game, so once I saw it as an app, I immediately downloaded it. The initial setup was quick, easy to understand, & fun. The first game I played was nostalgic & brought me back to the late nights, going into the early mornings, of playing JAM with my best friend as a kid. However, the second game is when things got annoying. I played the second game at least 5 different times, in different locations just to make sure it wasn’t my internet connection(s) which it wasn’t, & I kept getting kicked out in the late 3rd Quarter or early 4th. It’s highly frustrating & annoying! I’m glad that I didn’t spend any money on this game, because I almost did. If the developers will fix that issue, I’ll come back & give the game 5 stars with a glowing review. Until then, it’s 1 star (simply because I can’t give it a 0 &/or negative rating) & I’ll tell people not to waste their time on this game..Version: 1.1.53

New iPad Pro and MFi controller supports pleaseGreat game. But need update for modern devices. Thanks.Version: 1.1.49

Add legendary playersPlz add Michael Jordan PLZ🙏🏼.Version: 1.1.71

Game updateThis game needs some major updates, please fix it I’ll pay you..Version: 1.1.71

JUST UPDATE THE ROSTER👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾I've had this game for about 3 years maybe longer but I don't hate the controls matter of fact I feel like the latest update tighten things up a lot a few glitches but nothing that stops the fun. But really will u please please just UPDATE THE ROSTER I was happy when u finally put harden on here but that was soooo long ago. Please man just UPDATE THE ROSTER AND ATTRIBUTES or just make a new updated NBA JAM but please we need Durant on the warriors draymond klay boogie butler Isaiah etc....I think the ones who stuck it out deserve at least that.Version: 1.1.35

New content+ player ratingsNeeds new content and an update of player ratings and teams.Version: 1.1.53

Serious need to new update to fix glitchesThis game is really fun but the rosters need some serious updates. So many players in the game are retired and it looks like EA doesn't care at all. Plus with the new update the music glitches and stops playing when I go on fire. The commentary voice is now seriously glitchy, and the turbo button is not working. Before this update, the commentary voice was bad for announcing some of the players names and team names. Obviously Steph Curry being an 8 in threes is ridiculous yes, but on top of that there are players in the game whose ratings are even worse. Kawhi Leonard, a player who If I am correct shot 50% from three point this year, has a TWO rating in 3pt shooting. Paul Millsap is honestly terrible if you know how to steal at all. You can tell they got lazy because there are many characters who are talented in real life who have the exact same horrible rating. Like EA is not even customizing ratings in this game between players. It's a shame because this game is really fun and EA is clearly not putting in the effort to satisfy its customers..Version: 1.1.35

Fun game with some minor buggy nuisancesThis is a great reproduction of the original making it a blast to play. My only critique is with the automated aspects of the game and some lagging with the controls. I found that if you enact a rebound or shove your player will stand in place for a second frozen while the rest of the team keeps moving around the court. Its minor but is annoying as the AI opponent has more opportunity to get into better positions to steal from you while your stuck frozen in place. Also if you pass the ball and you have the tag team on so you can control whomever has the ball, you will receive the ball in the middle of your player running in a certain direction. When this happens and your trying to change direction, the player gets stuck in a position for a few milliseconds then switches to the location you are directing them. Again a fun game but some small bugs that could be addressed would make this much more fun in my opinion..Version: 1.1.63

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