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NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ app received 43 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about nba jam by ea sports™?

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This game is Great butThis game is great it plays smoothly in 2021 considering it was made six years ago I think it would be cool if EA could update the game and add new superstars in it that’s my honest review and One more thing they should make the roster bigger and put Stephen Curry three point at the highest because Stephen Curry went bunkers The year this game came out.Version: 1.1.71

Good but needs controller supportJust needs controller support to be perfect..Version: 1.1.71

Great gameGreat game that continues to get updates.Version: 1.1.47

Fine game and AppThe whiners of this game annoy me. The rosters here are from 2014. Everyone understand that. Stephen Curry although still on GS was not the same player in 2013 that he is now. I'll use EAsports NBA game on consoles as an example. Every year they release a game at $70 a pop. Why would this $2.99 App be updated with rosters every year for free? Use your heads people! Additionally, game play is great for a phone. Also great graphics..Version: 1.1.35

Update rosters pleaseCan u just update the rosters ea.Version: 1.1.47

UPDATE ROSTERSI love this game, the controls for it are amazing and so are the graphics. My only problem is the rosters. They last time EA touched this game was in 2014, cause these rosters are old! Lebron and Kyrie are on the Cavs, KD is on the Thunder, and many notable players are on their former teams. Many current stars in today’s NBA like Giannis and Joel Embiid are also not in this game, so an update would give us a chance to add even more players to the game and hey, might even add more historical players like Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, etc. PLEASE LISTEN EA!.Version: 1.1.53

NBA Jam $5This is an oldie but goodie. Used to play this on ole sega with my kids 20 years ago. It is still hard as ever (still not a basketball fan, so I don’t know the controls or nba terminology) but it’s easy enough to grasp the hang of it; hopefully I will do well. I had the free version an thought I had previously purchased the full game but I guess not; so I purchased the full game. Like I said, I am not a fan but since I bought it, I may as well learn to play. 😀👍🏼.Version: 1.1.35

Pretty funMy childhood, love the game.Version: 1.1.71

Classic gameplaySame old NBA jam I used to love! Please update rosters though.Version: 1.1.71

Great game but needs updated rostersPlease EA Sports you guys keep making updates but could you guys please just update the rosters on here, people love playing this game and I know everyone wants a roster update because it’s what makes the game better and more entertaining for us to play, there also needs to be an online mode where you can play against everyone not just a friend, cmon step it up..Version: 1.1.71

Great game but....I would like to say a few things. First, fix the rosters. There I seriously Steve Nash on the Lakers and Eric Bledsoe on the suns. Also, you should add the new people to teams like giannis on the bucks, Donovan mitchell on the Jazz, you probably get what I mean. Secondly, every time I take a huge lead in the first half, and then they just start shoving you down and just keep sinking over and over again... great game.Version: 1.1.53

Sucess and playersPlease add new players and i complete the sucess of nate Robinson its kapt10 rebonds and i cant have him.Version: 1.1.49

Fix thisMake a new roster make graphics better.Version: 1.1.45

Amazing but rosters have problemsI love this game! It’s sooooo fun and addicting and it brings me back to the 2010’s which is the problem. I love the 2010 rosters you can play as LeBron/Kyrie Wade/Bosh Westbrook/Durant but it is 2021. I would like to play as Luka/Kristaps LeBron/AD PG/Kawhi Tatum/Kemba Westbrook/Beal Embiid/Simmons and sooo many more. Then I had an idea. NBA jam costs $5 with in app purchases. If they kept this 2010 game and just made a whole new game with updated rosters with 2-3 legends and 2-3 current players then EA could make a LOT of $$$. Plus people would see how good the new game is and might wanna buy this one too. EA would make so much money and basketball fans would be super happy. Otherwise this game is GOATED 🐐.Version: 1.1.71

Great game, fun memoriesTill this day I keep finding my way back to nba jam I hope developers keep supporting this game for years to come, and maybe one day port the ps3 on fire edition to others platforms , EA if you are reading this consider this humble request there’s many fans of this game that will back me up on that .... BOOMSHAKALAKA.Version: 1.1.71

This game would be awesomeLebrons number is 6 so the rosters havent been updated since summer 2014:o.Version: 1.1.53

You All Stupid..Asking for updated rosters is like asking James Bond Goldeneye to update platforms from N64 to PS4. The game is from a certain time and will never be updated. Shut up, enjoy, repeat..Version: 1.1.71

NBA Jam lives on forever❗️NBA jam is the arcade game like no other that will live on forever as long as it’s constantly updated players , graphics and all I will always have me a nba jam in all my collections this one brings all the memories of the original but much better❕Congratulations on all the ea sports games there all #1 no doubt all y’all keep it up and y’all are very much appreciated keep up all the good work‼️.Version: 1.1.71

Getting oldUpdate rosters.Version: 1.1.71

Worst Company?**UPDATED**How about giving this great title to a company that will actually show it the respect it deserves? This game should be the benchmark for the iPhone 5, but no none nada zip updates in forever. Sad. Laggy & embarrassingly outdated rosters make this a current version an "I'll pass". UPDATE … 5 YEARS LATER … Love the new update! Gameplay is impeccable. The wider X screen is better for gameplay because now my thumb doesn't cover as much of the court as it did on my 7+. Graphics are amazing. The screen could fit a little better on the iPhone X though. My review would be 5 stars if the rosters would've been updated. The older rosters do give it a bit more of a retro vibe, I guess..Version: 1.1.45

UnderratedThis is an excellent game that plays very close to the same way the originals did in the 90s. People complain about lack of roster updates but looking at the big picture this game is simply well put together and a lot of fun to play. It’s also so nice nowadays to have a good game that you pay once to own and that doesn’t require internet access. My only real criticism is that there does seem to be a bit of a glitch in the arcade controls where moving from turbo to shoot seems to initiate a pass either right before jumping or midair. Other than that i only hope that they keep this game updated enough to operate on the newest iOS and phones👍.Version: 1.1.63

Please!!Please update the rosters I’ve been having this game for some years now and I love it!! Please update the rosters and maybe some ankle breaker animations where if the player does a crossover the opponent gets their ankles broken and one more thing, if possible, please add multiplayer to where the player can queue up with anyone around the world. Im probably asking for a lot but if that’s too much just please update the roster for year 20-21.Version: 1.1.53

Update!Game is amazing! I always feel great playing this game and how awesome it is! I would really like an update of the rosters tho. Especially now with the NBA having lots of Duos now. It would be great if you guys updated the game with the current rosters to fully showcase this game once again as one of the best basketball games on mobile phone!.Version: 1.1.53

AMAZING!!!!! Super Fun Game❣️❤️😃I've been playing this game on my wii ever since first grade, and let me tell you, the fun never gets old. I was super happy to get this game today when I saw it on iphone. Seriously, I love this app!!! It is super fun and the best graphics in a basketball video game ever!🙂 Now, yeah, you guys need to do a roster update(this was realized after reading the hater's reviews),but besides that, this is a very good game. Thank you,EA!!!❤️😃❤️😃.Version: 1.1.35

Updated RostersI absolutely love playing this game, but it does get a little old when I’m playing with rosters from 2015. The NBA game has changed significantly and today’s NBA is probably the best talent level we’ve ever seen. I think if you want to keep getting people playing the game especially the younger generation, then you need to update the rosters. I mean imagine being able to play and do monstrous dunks with the likes of Giannis, Zion, and LeBron still. Or getting to play as fan favorites in Luka, Tatum, Steph, Ja, Dame, Donovan Mitchell, and many many more. Over 90% of NBA teams has a great duo that can be used when playing this game since its 2 on 2. I think if you want more people playing this game and the way the actual NBA has grown and hype from the media on players, it’s vital to update the rosters and even uniforms for this game. You would see a large growth in downloads..Version: 1.1.71

RostersGreat game but are you guys going to update stats and rosters? I would love to have updated rosters at the start of this upcoming season. It would definitely keep more people playing this game. Otherwise it gets boring. Roster changes are the main reasons why people buy new sport games. At least that’s what I do.Version: 1.1.47

Great GameThe game is great, to the controls, gameplay, and overall I have no complaints. But the rosters and the stats of players are what gets on my nerves. As a Nets fan playing the game, I hate seeing Deron Williams and Joe Johnson there when they left the team and the only player left is Brook Lopez. And if I'm not playing for the Nets, it is also a problem with the uniforms. And, a suggestion, to add all-star teams and update that team every year in all star weekend, while updating the roster at the beginning of every season..Version: 1.1.35

Great nostalgic game overall, does need some updates...This game is awesome, great nostalgic play for us 90s big kids, it has some glitchy controls I must admit. If you’re holding down turbo on offense and go for a shot it passes the ball almost every single time. For this being a premium game, and in the top 100 for as long as it has, it deserves roster updates at least a few. It appears they made some at some point but there needs to be more. Either that or allow customized trades, it’s your highest ranked sports game, do some updates. And pay Jordan, good god the GOAT needs to always be in these games, and he never is. Make it happen. 4 stars for a 5 star playability game for now. Great job remastering it for touch interface..Version: 1.1.47

FunIt's a really fun game, even though the graphics are a little old it's perfect for playing 🏀 when your waiting or around friends with no court. The only. Ad thing is the in-app purchases are expensive. I do recommend this game but might need and update because Kobe is still playing, and KD is on the thunder. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀.Version: 1.1.35

The game is good. (Revisited after some years I played it)Hi. I played this game and it’s good to be honest. But.. lot of people found some glitches and bugs (possibly) are being occurring in the game. And I was hoping that you make a bigger update than before. Like Adding music From the Console ports into this. And some other sound effects too. Plus fixing bugs and glitches. Like when a player shoots and the ball and pushes it back to the player. Somehow the CPU comes around and Grabs it instantly. Even when you mostly hold the ball still and shoot. It would sometimes automatically pass the ball to your teammate. And I’m hoping you can Fix this and make this into a better and a new update. Thank you….Version: 1.1.71

Great game!! Needs updatesI love playing this game!! It's a favorite of mine since it came out in the 90's in game consoles. The gesture controls need some work though. My player keeps passing the ball when I'm trying to make him shoot or dunk. It's pretty frustrating and hasn't always done that. Please fix it so I can get back to ballin'. Also an update on the teams would be nice. Sure doesn't look like the teams of the last year or two.Version: 1.1.35

Fug yes!Just like the original, its loud, its flashy, its addictive.Version: 1.1.45

UpdateUpdate the team logos and pretty much everything Jayson Tatum is not even on this or Ben Simmons.Version: 1.1.47

ClassicPlayed this game since childhood, now older and I still enjoy. I wish they would listen and add more known players such as Michael Jordan, Pippen, Iverson etc. Also should update teams. If you’re going to have below average players at least make them ones now on the teams. Overall fun game with decent in game experiences, with little gameplay other than campaigns..Version: 1.1.71

BoomshakalakaThis is possibly the greatest game of all time. There are a few adjustments to be made though. Rosters should be changed to where each team has 4-6 current players every year and 1-2 legends. For example add klay kd and dray to the warriors and Kyrie and Hayward to the Celtics. It would be cool if you could make like a myseason mode where you play 41 games and then the playoffs or a way to play multiplayer with people around the world. Also you could add trump and pence to the republicans. If you could add Kareem, Jordan and older players. The best way to keep this game alive is to spice it up. Take players a give them a dynasty to build. This will be a very good game if y'all can keep it updated..Version: 1.1.35

Great Game but...I love the game I give it five stars money well spent but I’m actually bugged on how old the rosters are. I mean I’m a philly guy and Philadelphia 76ers have Iverson and Dr. J I love the style but the rosters are so old. The only roster sort of up to date is Cavs with Kyrie and LeBron but Kyrie is not on cavs anymore. Like the rosters are so so so old. I saw some guy complaining about mascots but those are really good btw. Also the Lakers have KOBE BRYANT in this game. Kobe is retired boy. I love the game a lot I play it nonstop but the rosters always bug me. (Also why does the game have Shaq?).Version: 1.1.35

Great gameOverall I love this game it's probably one of my favorite mobile games to play. I never get bored of it, it really doesn't have anything wrong with the game at all but I would like to see one thing change about the game. I would want to see the roster updates with the players in the NBA now and have new players to unlock like with Kobe and put him as a legend and have a way to try and unlock him if you get what I mean. But overall really love this game. Thanks for the great game, hopefully you guys see this review and edit and fix up the rosters. :).Version: 1.1.35

Very good except...Update rosters. With the backlash of NBA 2k20, with updated rosters, NBA JAM could be the number one sports game on the App Store..Version: 1.1.63

UpdateLet me ask you a question do you have the same rosters and they don’t update the teams I said we just don’t understand maybe an update per year or the trade deadline but we have the same teams in the same rosters be nice if we could get an update.Version: 1.1.71

Awesome game but...It needs an update for the player roster like seriously. Lebron in LA, Kawhi in Toronto etc... also players like James Harden are shooting the ball right handed. Come on EA!.Version: 1.1.49

Amazing OG gameI first got this game like 7 years ago, I re - downloaded it like a year ago and it manages to still be the best mobile basketball game even today, It is just such a good game, all the cool stuff you can get with codes and challenges just makes the game so much better too, the only thing that I wish the creator added was Michael Jordan, and if the creator is seeing this, PLEASE ADD HIM PLEASE.Version: 1.1.71

5 starsAll these baby’s are complaining about having to pay for some content or “updates being worse than how the game was” people don’t understand that it’s the same game.... also there are always available stars that you can play with without buying extra content... also you don’t even need to buy the extra content because you can unlock them by completing tasks and getting them as rewards Amazing game.Version: 1.1.35

Amazing but not the Best!This game has a lot of potential! I think that this game is a great game to play when your bored. This game is a daily thing for me especially when I’m tired and just laying down. The game is good but not perfect, the game has a lot of potential and many more things could be added to the game to make it look better..Version: 1.1.71

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