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Badoo Premium App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Badoo Premium app received 61 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Badoo Premium? Can you share your negative thoughts about badoo premium?

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Badoo Premium for Negative User Reviews

Exactly same as badoo but i paid $3.99 for same appExactly same as badoo but i paid $3.99 for same app.Version: 5.144.1

Please update the appI got the premium pack and I lost the premium I can’t see who liked me any basically I lost all of the premium stuff when I already have premium I had premium for 2 months and I just lost it 3 days ago.Version: 5.154.0

If you value customer service stay awayI have used this at three different times, and three different times I have been blocked with no reason and no way to contact them. I like this app because it’s easy to use, however if it’s a hassle to even contact him with issues it’s definitely not worth it. There’s many other apps to use to avoid the headache.Version: 5.200.0

Location is horrible.Living in the middle of Ontario. Closes match is Quebec and BC. The app is horrible when travelling to small town or rural area. Apps only work when you’re in a larger city and it’s a tad accurate. But once outside the city, it won’t list as the closest. Will give you matches across Canada..Version: 5.292.0

Not worth to downloadI downloaded two badoo one is free and this one with paid money and I thought I will find features which are not available in free badoo but I saw they are the same and even when I downloaded both they have link which they connect with each other for everything so for people they are new for badoo, download only free one and don’t download this one and pay money ..Version: 5.247.0

Don’t waste your moneyThe free version of this app the exactly the same thing. This “premium” version is a scam. Badoo itself works well but expect to pay, some members require upgrading to talk to, some require spending credits which you have to buy. On a positive, there seems to be less fake profiles on here now which is great..Version: 5.113.0

Waste of timeDon’t bother downloading this app have keep spending money on it and what for everyone on there is a time waster.Version: 5.202.0

Badoo PremiumI want my money back....if it’s the same thing as the free app I have..Version: 5.148.0

JayI paid for this app $3.99 and seems like I had no access and I really don’t know what I paid for I have to pay again to have full use of this app I thought that’s what the price was for..Version: 5.244.1

RubbishUsed to be a decent app. But then they went and ruined it bu filling your inbox with “people that want to connect with you” messages from profiles of people that didn’t make any connection in anyway and are unaware that they’ve popped up as “wanting to connect” which spoils it for those that DO want to connect with you and message you..Version: 5.29.0

Software problemsAlthough free badoo working perfect, badoo premium has a lot of problems on my phone! The app is so slow, sometimes crashes, my iOS is the latest version but it’s not working correctly! Sometimes I opened the app it’s not working, I have to wait maybe 5 minuets after that it’s starting to reload information very slowly!!! I just shocked because I bought it yesterday and it’s really not working! please update and redesign your app! And I have to say badoo is awesome but if the application wants to work like this it’s better to use free version!.Version: 5.78.0

😡😡The program refuses to enter me on my account in all the ways I tried a lot Facebook and through the phone number and email and everything does not work Why I have purchased the excellent version of the program The money has been stolen Why do you do that we must inform Apple Store😡😡😡.Version: 5.162.1

Fishing in a dry lakeAs a male, you’d have a better chance catching a fish in a dried lake than finding a legitimate connection on this app. Even with paid subscription, boosting, and paying for just about every feature, I experience no engagement whatsoever. Most of the women on here are either so large they can’t fit in the window pane, or they’re bots looking to pull you over to Instagram or snap chat. At this stage of the pandemic, I’ve been dropping the toilet seat on my Johnson just to have some type of sensation. I dropped five dollars and flushed it after I was done. It was more worth it to pay for that than this app..Version: 5.217.0

No liveIve had the app in the past but for whatever reason now i dont have access to badoo live i dont know why this is ive never been banned before so i have no idea whats wrong?.Version: 5.158.0

What id the difference?I had the free app, thought I would get the premium assuming that there is extra benefits; nothing at all. Still have swipe limit, no extra search option, credits cost the same amount. No difference and it cost me $5. Just get the free app people..Version: 5.43.0

ADS on premium appWhy i get ads on a premium app??.Version: 5.292.0

Rip off site !!I paid a £100 to become a premium member, then I tried to message someone and I was told I had to buy credits to be able to send a message !! Total rip off !! This wasn’t mentioned at all when I paid my £100, if I had known that I wouldn’t off paid it !!.Version: 5.73.0

SchamersHi I put up my bank details to pay one day fews which was 2.09£ for more then week now I just released that now I have canceld my card details after I payed but the still taking money from my account I need refund it’s been almost 10 days now theft company.Version: 5.158.0

Just paid £2.99 and received nothingJust paid £2.99 and there is literally no change to the app - I’d like a refund immediately.Version: 5.199.0

Dont waste your moneyEven one star is too much. Don't waste your money! I bought the premium version but none of the features were active. After a month, it returned to the previous state and I could not work with the application because it was showing too many advertisements..Version: 5.297.0

Has stopped workingOnly had it for 2 days, paid to upgrade and when it was working seems to be a lot of overseas profiles trying to pass themselves off as local. Overall a waste of time and money..Version: 1.7.0

ExpensiveGood site but is a bit expensive.Version: 5.187.0

I give up!Used to work well. But suddenly wasnt able to login. Restored iPhone, bought the paid app and still can't login. Have paid for superpowers which i couldn't use. Just downloaded the update, still can't login..Version: 2.0.4

Paid app made free after extorting customersThis app was originally premium & you paid for the app itself & around 2012 is when they pulled the plug made it free stole from all the prior users with no reimbursement & switched every option to micro transactions. Which is why this app is at the bottom of social.Version: 5.142.0

ThenPol. Strata czasu i kasy oszustwo 1clasa Eng. Premium isn’t premium you have to pay for chat have buy more premium and then you find out people actually didn’t exist when you ask them exact questions. My opinion waist of money and time completely disappointed. I’m giving this 0 out of 5.Version: 5.67.1

ConfusedDoes this app keep charging you or if you buy it that it if yes how to you stop it charging you.Version: 5.175.0

More robots than star wars!I mean, I know we are having to change lifestyle but, I prefer human contact!! There is that many robots that scrap heap challenge would be set for life! Do people actually fall for the Instagram number collectors too? So glad I walked away from this site. It used to be good. People leave, you’ll feel a reprieve!.Version: 5.213.0

Awful scamThis app seems to be designed to lure you into thinking you’re buying a premium membership. There is absolutely no difference, save the icon on the Home Screen, between this and the “free” app. To message people you mostly need to buy credits in packs. The app is littered with beautiful people who you can never message without paying. Once again it’s all designed to relieve you of money whilst actually they aren’t real. Also many many fake profiles of people claiming to be somewhere nearby and actually from the Far East or Africa. Terrible app terrible curation and terrible hidden fees. Should be removed from App Store.Version: 5.192.0

Keeps crashingIt keeps crashing on me please fix.Version: 1.6.1

Waste £2.99 PremiumBought premium for £2.99 thought I give it a go during lockdown. I tell you now it’s Complete waste time full of attention seeking women with stupid snapchat filters. Most women have no intention of dating they just what messages to make themselves feel better about themselves. Biggest waste of £2.99.Version: 5.158.0

The Servers are Overloaded Please Try Again In 5 MinutesI bought the premium version of badoo and whenni tried to log in on my account it said server overload, But when i made a new account on premium app it was just fine as if they didnt want me to continue with my account i already had so i wasted my premium on a test account . I NEED MY REFUND NOW.Version: 5.209.0

A huge disappointmentNothing but scam artist they even get there freinds to write false reviews A lot of there members play games They try to get gifts from you then go cold and wait for the service.Version: 5.185.0

Des fois oui, des fois nonSe faire signaler et finalement bloquer son profil parce que des gars sont frustrés de se faire dire non merci c’est un peu poche..Version: 5.238.0

Very inactiveIt’s been good sort of so far.Version: 5.205.0

PremiumJai payer pour premium mais jai aucune fonctionnalité de plus et je dois repayer … sincerment du vols.Version: 5.297.0

UnhappySecond time this has happened, made a badoo account, as soon as I activate superpowers it would take my Money then I can no longer log into my account, extremely unhappy..Version: 1.9.3

BugJ’ai un IPhone X. Je dois supprimer et réinstaller l’application chaque jour car elle ne veut pas ouvrir... La version du 24 Février n’est pas mieux..Version: 5.102.0

Pubs au 10 swipe 🤬Pas amusant du tout!.Version: 5.186.0

Distance are wrongDistance between personne is calculated in straight line. so am living on border of the saint-laurent river, it show ppl at 10km when they actually are 120km to drive there because they are on the other side of the river! Unless I can fly it does not make sense!.Version: 5.152.0

TRASHThis app is garbage at matchmaking and makes condescending insinuations via its notifications. You guys just aren't too bright are you? You don't seem to realize that some people know the difference between false cheer and thinly veiled sarcasm; but then again, you are running a dating app not NASA, so chances are you're headed by a bunch of bird brains with an even lower IQ than its user base; after all, a negative IQ is encouraged for these things to run optimally right? Both for its user base AND it's developers included. Cheers guys, Ah duh huh huh... 🤪🤪🤪.Version: 5.306.0

Premium app is deceivingThere is a regular version for free in the App Store and a premium version for $2.99. However the premium version is only good for a week, it’s a sneaky way to hide a subscription type app. Getting past that, the matching system is a joke. I try to filter by location distance and end up with people from across the country. What good is an app like this if you can’t get the location right?.Version: 5.85.0

RIP offI downloaded badoo premium app and was charged £2.99 and can’t even get access to premium stuff . This is out of order badoo you’ve charged me for something that I not even got access to.Version: 5.93.0

Mislead by “Premium” AppExtremely hard to find or match with girls within your vicinity. I keep getting people way outside my filters and preferences liking me. I am getting men as well when I clearly stated I am a straight man looking for a woman. User interface is confusing. 2.99 cost of “premium” app was misleading and I wish I could get a refund because I feel scammed. The “premium” app is not resulting any any more matches than the free one is. Horribly mislead and I will be writing the same review on the AppStore.Version: 5.50.0

Don’t waste your money unusable. Waste of money can’t creat profile to even use appI can not get passed the “upload a photo” I selected a photo from camera roll then the camera keeps popping up as is I need to take a photo so after hitting the “x” 14times just to have the camera close and quickly reopen. I took a photo(even tho I had one selected) to see if that would make it go away but it did not so I forced the app closed to see if it was a glitch nope I was still stuck with same issue so I cant get past the “upload a photo” to actually use the $2.99 app I just paid for. What a rip off.Version: 5.214.0

Won't even open!!Paid $3.00 for this app and I can't even open it!! Press on the app it opens press login and it closes. Does the same thing over and over even after re-installing..Version: 2.4.1

HeyEach time I'm with a girl they end up deleting their accounts with no reason Check if there is any bugs or viruses please.Version: 2.3.4

BadYou have to pay to be premium but even premium you can’t talk to everyone you have to buy token👎🏼.Version: 5.222.1

Worse appWorse app if I got to pay to talk to people it’s called escort service.Version: 5.107.0

Not the worse but not the best.Badoo is definitely a lot slower then all the other dating apps, in terms of matching. And definitely not one to really put that much money in either cause it still slow regardless. If they did like a guide or whatever to see when there users are more active they should definitely give it out. Um pricing might be a little too much tbh. And when I had premium matching I got matched up with a bot so that was very uncool 😓. But I’ll keep y’all posted. That’s all I got for now..Version: 5.206.0

BogusThis app is completely bogus after signing up and purchasing credits my account was blocked saying it was for commercial use which is false. You guys need to do better at looking over accounts and sending emails of issues of why you randomly block someone’s account. I would not recommend this app at all.Version: 5.268.0

MissSick of recieving fake matches! Getting sent emails that this or that one is interested or wants to meet you when they dont! Ready to delete this app!.Version: 2.4.1

Please update your appYour app has a lot of complaints regarding people from far distances swiping right on them. I am another complaint. This needs to be fixed asap. Your filters also do not work when swiping. I do not want people over 32 swiping right on me when I am only 24!!! Please fix this filter issue. I do not want to be shown to older men. I also dont want to see females on the spotlight when I selected straight as my sexual oreintation..Version: 5.31.0

Do not upgradeHave not been able to open the app since the “upgrade” to 5.100..Version: 5.100.0

Crash and burnsHave a few friends (plus myself) wanting to try this but we can't even open it ... keeps crashing after about 1-3 seconds.Version: 2.1.2

IssueNot letting me create a new account. It gets stuck at loading. No idea about the interface as I'm unable to sign up:(.Version: 2.2.1

WhyWhat did I pay for you can choose who I talk to when you choose. Really you take money from me and choose for me?.Version: 5.314.0

HopelessIf your reading this, than don't bother buying this app, its a waste of money. The one week free credits thing is a sham because once app is downloaded you have to verify yourself via a text message to your phone. However a)not everyone is keen on giving their mobile number which is not mentioned here and b) even if you do, it still doesn't work because the link they send is an invalid URL. I tried three different times. Hence you've given your number and a fee for no use at all..Version: 2.0.4

Fake profiles and waste of moneyThe premium is only for a few days. Then they want you to pay 8.99. Also most of the likes are from fake accounts or accounts from other countries. You only get like 1 or 2 messages then they ghost you. Half of the likes are from transgender, even though you put that you are looking for women. You will not find any love here. Try Facebook dating. You’ll get more people on app than here. Here there is not a lot of subscribers, you’ll run out of people to like real quick..Version: 5.303.0

Not greatNot a great dating app!! No list of who you are following!! Have to be too careful on what is said or you get banned If you are in uk should only see who is online in uk unless you state another country!! People who want to show bit more on livestream should be allowed as up to them not Badoo Overall Badoo way to strick in this day and age!!.Version: 5.158.0

Premium membershipDo not under any circumstances waste your money purchasing “Badoo Premium”. You still have to purchase credits to message members you like or add as a favourite. The money spent purchasing a premium membership could be better spent buying credits and will be a lot cheaper than the £99 premium membership fee..Version: 5.183.0

IPhone 4sPaid for app on iPhone 4s, have been trying to log on for hours. It just presents the loading screen nothing happens????.Version: 2.0.1

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