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BadooTrès belle application.Version: 5.104.0

Better than mostThis site is not too bad, I’m enjoying it. I’d say it’s safer than most due to the verification process. I’ve had much better luck on this site..Version: 5.69.0

Wonderful!One of the better dating apps. I have made a few friends and had a few great dates now..Version: 5.122.0

Great for searching companions and eye candy 👀Great App for searching companionships and chatting for free.Version: 5.111.0

GreatFantastic website.Version: 5.222.1

AccountI keep getting my account block.Version: 5.262.0

Bonne applicationLes hommes doivent toujours payer.. trop de restriction à comparer au femmes..Version: 5.137.2

Love itLove it.Version: 5.273.0

HelpfulIts worth to download.Version: 1.9.2

Rate this appIt’s a real good app to meet & talk to People all over the world.Version: 5.85.0

Absolutely amazingThis app is worth the investment to find that right person in mind 😃.Version: 5.282.0

AIt’s grate.Version: 5.85.0

Pretty good dating!Out of all the dating apps I’ve signed up with in the past, this is one of the better ones! Keep up the good job! Thanks!.Version: 5.230.0

BadooWhy I can’t see who liked me ???.Version: 5.183.0

Great platformThe best out there so far for making friends and chilling what ever you like you can make it happen here on Badoo !.Version: 5.262.0

Real dealI'm surprised and very happy with badoo.Version: 2.0.3

James griersonHope to find live this year am fed up alone single on my own now 42 yrs.Version: 5.245.0

BadooIt is what it is, can be fun but mostly something to waste some time.Version: 3.20.0

Great app.... I love it... More membersI love meeting new people... Great app...I have meet up with a few people now....Version: 3.10.0

Copy / pastePlease add option to copy and paste. I use translator, need to copy and paste translation.... I like your app. I speak too many people from all over the country. Don't like that you are now charging to make contact with the women.Version: 5.55.0

One of the better dating apps...Out there. Good that they let you browse by selecting body type, relationship status and so on, but would be nice to be able to select multiple options instead of only just allowing one type in a particular category.Version: 5.179.1

BadooIt a good app and you meet people.Version: 5.218.0

Best app everGets you a date or friend easily i would reccomend this app to everyone Awesome app needs more improvements.Version: 5.164.0

GoodIt’s not a bad site if your careful a lot of silly people on here and as for invisible users well really what is the point , occasionally meet some nice people lot of foreigners in here to do some one for everyone.Version: 5.226.0

Badoo has mad a huge comebackGreat app. Able to control most things. Don’t get weird messages from weird ppl anymore. It’s great actually.Version: 5.109.0

Mr lolNice people friendly site perfect for singles to communicate with others in this lockdown.Version: 5.199.0

Please make changesPlease make it so when you play the “meet me” game that you can chose a location ,so I don’t have to check every person to see where their from.Version: 5.53.1

Not badBut I think there are lots of fake profiles on here.Version: 5.113.0

Great for wasting free timeCould be better,give more opportunities for people to chat without having to sign up to some payment plan.Version: 5.93.0

Okay still not freeThe app still wants money for this and that even though it is supposedly premium and already cost 3-4$ Anyways it is fun...did badoo get rid of there private photo section?.Version: 5.179.0

Not badIt’s not bad but there’s a lot of men that view then click the love heart so wen u strike up a conversation they read then run off which is a pain.Version: 5.69.0

Good app for networkingPretty happy with the app, it is a good way to keep in contact with people far away from you. Also, good for networking stuff..Version: 4.40.0

It's a cool app plenty of local interestIt's a cool app plenty of local interest.Version: 5.160.1

I’m backIt feels good to be back at badoo because I have bad luck at other dating websites searching for the right woman. It’s a great thing y’all emailed me about some women who reached out to me..Version: 5.183.0

Really goodThis program very good but I don't no why some girl hear no sure and I cant find any girls for my looking 😰😭.Version: 2.0.4

It's goodMade lots of friends it's good.Version: 4.20.0

Seems to be alright :)This dating app seems to be ok if you’re willing to put in the effort.Version: 5.172.0

Love the appLove this app I have met a few guys off here most are narcissists hopefully I will find someone normal.Version: 5.271.0

HhGg.Version: 5.76.0

Great appSmooth and great design.!.Version: 5.157.0

Gréât app!Fun to pass time if single..Version: 5.222.1

So far best app I’ve usedI’m 18 and looking forward to what life has for me. Badoo has been an amazing app at matching me up with people who have a common interest and also are quite my type🥰.Version: 5.270.0

Great appMet a few people on here, very easy to use and worth the effort unlike other dating apps.Version: 5.109.0

BadooBadoo is overall a very nice place to be..Version: 5.233.0

ReviewGood but would be better if you could msg everyone without having to pay xx.Version: 5.247.0

C’est bien comme application 🥰Good quand on comprend les nuances.Version: 5.152.0

BadooGreat app have had no problems with it Improving all the time.Version: 5.68.0

AprouveSuper !!.Version: 5.145.0

ThanksThis is a great opportunity to meet people after years of being with the wrong girl.Version: 5.169.0

App issueI love the app but the new features witch doesn’t allow you to see when someone read your message just terrible.Version: 5.264.0

Good way to meet people!😊Brilliant way to talk without the awkwardness..Version: 5.236.0

BadooBon mais plate que je dois payé pour avoir plus.Version: 5.170.1

OkNice app always block me but I used for 15 days still online I never send text to know body.Version: 5.142.0

J’ai perdu BADOO PREMI A VIEJe suis vraiment decue je n’ai plus BADOO PREMIUM A VIE je voudrais le ravoir svp merci.Version: 5.100.0

ReviewThis would be a better site if didnt have same old profiles from years ago If theres no activity on a profile after 3 months then should be removed.Version: 5.227.0

NiceGreat thanks to you all for your help.Version: 5.107.0

Great appAn awesome app, and easy to use 👍.Version: 5.238.0

GOODMerci a Badoo.Version: 5.98.1

YeahOkay but not many.Version: 5.162.1

It’s a good appPlenty of real women on this app.Version: 5.242.0

Exelent flirt social networkThe best social network to flirt, is easy be in touch with new dating... The best of the best... Ofcourse if you pay you have more girls to be in touch.Version: 5.81.0

Really number one for me and more than five star with more and more love really my number oneThis app for real deserve more than five star with my best love.Version: 5.69.0

Great App - more categoriesGreat app, could improve with a bit more delineation of intention of relationship type! But great so far.Version: 2.2.0

Always moneyNot cheap to find a friend here )).Version: 5.73.0

GoodVery good some annoying points.Version: 5.238.0

Ouff😉.Version: 5.127.0

The best one badooI’m happy about.Version: 5.273.0

BlueManGood app, need some speed improvements... And... 1. ADD CLEAR CHACHE 2. ADD SHOW FIRST ONLINE USERS 3. ADD SEARCH OTHER CITIES 4. Clear unused-unverified accounts for over 2 weeks.. There is a lot of :) 5. Support our wishes 6. Wish you good job... Next time 1star, because u dont respect clients.....Version: 3.10.0

WOWIt’s cool app But they should think about searching filter it’s better to be with more details to search people.Version: 5.108.0

AmazingVery good I am really in joy the app.Version: 5.179.0

ChatNice and easy to use app :).Version: 2.3.0

BadooMet few good ppl here but also some nutters ! Be careful choose wisely!.Version: 3.12.0

GREAT!Works great..Version: 5.214.0

GoodGood.Version: 5.259.0

FRIENDLY & INTERACTIVE COMMUNITYWhatever you may be looking for via online networking, you are sure to find. Be it a date, or a connection through common interest, give it a try..Version: 5.56.1

Love BADOOINGWorks fine for me guys either play the game or Pay for VIP simple choices really.Version: 4.23.0

SuperGénial.Version: 5.85.0

It's ok need to fix bugsThink u guys need to fix the bugs apart from it crashing every time i open it, it's N alright app when works well.Version: 4.22.1

Great appWorks well.Version: 5.119.0

Yip...Uh huh, GOOD. HELP to meet peeps out there....Version: 5.144.1

BadooIt’s cool. But no need to pay. Otherwise good app.Version: 5.184.0

Mauvais gestion des clientsRien à dire pour le moment merci.Version: 5.220.1

BonBon site. Meilleur que les autres.Version: 5.127.0

Great for entertainment...Ladies be careful out in this crazy world. Guys are desperate and just downright nasty. On the flip side of it, just have fun and use the app for your own personal preferences . Use wisdom and enjoy yourself boo. And don’t cat fish anyone!!.Version: 5.90.0

Love BadooI LOVE YOU ALLAN TOOP.Version: 5.80.3

LegitAll the sites I’ve traversed, have been littered with scammers and bots. Badoo has been by far the best app for meeting folks. If your in to TG( I’m am not), this site will work for you as well..Version: 5.103.0

Good for meeting peopleBut not good at weeding out the liars. I guess no dating program can do that either..Version: 2.3.7

Badoo avisTres bien malgre quelques bugs Très bien.Version: 5.134.0

ReviewIt s a good app it would be nice to be able match with someone in your coty.Version: 5.85.0

Great dating appGreat variety of women. Easy to use platform and easy to connect with potential mates.Version: 5.216.1

AwesomeThe best.Version: 5.243.0

AwesomeAwesome.Version: 5.117.0

AvisMeilleur site de rencontre!.Version: 5.236.0

It’s the bestIt’s the best site.Version: 5.186.0

BienRien.Version: 5.85.0

Too expensive ..Too expensive .. please give the bonus or discount.Version: 5.282.0

Your a great site.Thanks.Version: 5.73.0

Love this upp the bestIs awesomely.Version: 5.185.0

WellSomehow.Version: 5.209.0

Mr😊Brilliant .. everyone should have one.Version: 5.76.0

Good AppGood app.Version: 5.124.0

Best dating appBy far.Version: 5.179.1

Nice dating app, real peopleEveryone is verified on this site, it's a legit site for meeting new people. I have met quite a few good women from this site..Version: 5.74.0

AzNot the best, a bit too slow..Version: 5.69.0

👍🏽Bonne application.Version: 5.74.0

RencontreJ’aime bien. On fait de belle rencontre Merci.Version: 5.90.0

ExcellentOccasional Scamers but on the whole quite good..Version: 5.117.0

The best social siteThe best site to meet people end propose a date or.Version: 5.90.0

No catfish 👌This app cares !.Version: 5.154.0

No luck finding a girlfriendI did not find a girlfriend to spend time with. They are not showing any interest to me. Some people are putting fake pictures as well..Version: 5.68.0

GrrPourquoi je doit payer lorsque j’ai deja payer pour le prenium ?.Version: 5.59.0

Best way to meet up with hot girlsGreat I'm getting roots left right and centre.Version: 1.9.3

BadooExcellent site!.Version: 5.85.0

ReadGreat for me I don’t know for 😂 I got allot of meetings:) If you ugly don’t say is badoo fold . For me is the best app to know girls.Version: 5.235.0

C’est bienC’est bien pour faire des rencontres 😊.Version: 5.69.0

Great place to meet nice kind honest peopleI think I found someone but not sure. The people are from country looking for romantic men and kind men. I love this site!!! Love it.Version: 5.126.0

BadooVery useful, helpful and fun, it helped me find someone and I'm very grateful for this, cheers badoo, your the best.....Version: 2.0.4

Greatİts the best place to meet to people.Version: 1.9.2

There’s hope!!!So far so good man I get a lot of feedback and also a few good things have come out of it.Version: 5.73.0

Buga sugaI wish I would have paid the deal price for the lifetime premium, is there anyway I can get that deal again Badoo?.Version: 5.270.0

J’aime tropSûrement bien mais passer de mon qui chercher des relations sérieux mais sinon j’aime sa pour parler.Version: 5.144.1

DFDODfdo.Version: 5.171.0

ExcellentVery nice way of chat and never force for buying points.Version: 4.37.0

One of the best and smoothest social dating hookup appCompared all the other dating in hook up swiping apps that are out there this one is probably the best when it comes to all around features and stuff.Version: 5.115.0

AwesomeVery classy.Version: 5.168.0

GoodOk.Version: 5.150.0

BadooWhat can I say about but badoo It is so hard to find somebody on this app I have better luck on grinder in this it should be at least more people to choose from being only interested in Asian people it makes it hard to choose that should be a ethnic section so you can chooseInstead of having all these other people that you really don’t want to speak with.Version: 5.129.0

RowntreeGreat app! Just need to stir the pot to get ppl talking. One of the better dating sites by far!!! 5stars..Version: 5.119.0

BadooIt a good app and you meet nice people.Version: 5.224.1

It’s all goodHonest and honest. Honestly.Version: 5.126.1

Top social networkEasy to use.Version: 5.65.0

I like itCool it is love app find ur one.Version: 5.171.0

Latin centralI’d say 65-75 Latina, so if that’s the kind of girl you are looking for this is the place. Albeit there is tons of fakes and people that you need to wade through. Hint: 1 photo only is most likely a fake. They really need a way to add a mileage limit..Version: 5.69.0

Not workingThis is my favorite social app but it keeps crashing after I installed latest iOS 6.2.1.Version: 2.1.2

I love this siteThis is the best site in the world. It is very secure, effective and reliable. It is difficult to bypass without a proper photo verification. I recommend this for everyone seeking a true friendship and love.Version: 5.280.0

Awesome app😊Simple and affective 👍.Version: 5.71.0

DecentGood app for local chat.Version: 5.108.0

ReviewNice to be in this site. The only thing when girls don’t like you they tend to report you I never harassed anybody in my life..Version: 5.228.0

Mr nick2020I’m happy with the web site,but didn’t had much luck ,hope my luck will change.Version: 5.151.0

Awesome!I meet someone new and get laid every week because of Badoo!.Version: 2.3.3

The only placeWhere never lacks friendly people.Version: 5.218.0

Great appEasy to use and great framework.Version: 2.2.1

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