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Amtrak App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Amtrak app received 90 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Amtrak? Can you share your negative thoughts about amtrak?

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Amtrak for Negative User Reviews

Used to be great, but now very buggySpecifically, the menu items are not able to be selected- neither by searching nor selecting from favorites. This just means that bookings don’t work as you can’t make a selection for departure or arrival stations??!?.Version: 3.1.7

Major bug - it’s impossible to purchase on the appYou have a major bug in the app - when trying to book a trip, at the payment processing page the user required to check a box agreeing to the Terms & Conditions. It is absolutely impossible to click or check this box and therefore impossible to complete a purchase on the app. You’ve just released yesterday a new updates for the app and as a frequent user of Amtrak trains I was hoping you would fix this bug but it wasn’t fixed. This is very frustrating and unfortunate..Version: 5.0.3

Most Un-User-Friendly App I haveThis app is quick to tell you when it can’t find a train for a route but offers no help in locating one. Perhaps, enter a starting location and destination and the app could simply tell me options of when it will be available vs. not available. This app is so bad it doesn’t shock me why ridership is down. It is because they can’t figure out when they could ride. I even get different results when entering the same criteria. Why? No idea..Version: 5.0.1

Rail passes missing?I see Rail Passes and USA rail passes on the website but not the app. I was hoping to use the app to keep track of my pass segments..Version: 3.2.5

UselessNavigation buttons don't work..Version: 3.1

No Passbook optionThere is no link or option to put tickets into passbook, come on Amtrak sort this app out.Version: 2.0.2

WoefulThis is an appallingly designed rail app. It does not show stations en route. It is fragile and collapses when payment details are entered. It is very difficult to operate with a non US or CAN address. The estimated prices wildly understate the actual prices. Borderline unusable..Version: 2.2.6

Unable to create loginIt is impossible for me to create a log in on this application. I enterred my email and password and the Next button and nothing works..Version: 4.0.3

InconsistentWe travel on Amtrak twice a week and find the app to be inconsistent. It often freezes, errors out or you get an app update when you’re ready to check out. It doesn’t store payment information so it needs to be entered every time. Another feature is during the course of buying the ticket the price can change- requiring your to start the transaction all over and pay upward of $30-50 more for the train you were buying. You can’t use your rewards in the app or any discount coupons or credits. If you get an electronic ticket when they scan your ticket on the train they’re going to tell you to change your brightness settings on your phone which automatically adapt to the ambient light in the room. All in all, easier to buy a ticket at the station and print it out..Version: 4.0.1

Mixed ResultsA lot of the reviews for this seem to be very old (6 yrs ago!), and one of the main complaints has been addressed. You can now put in an international address when booking tickets. Seems like it should be a good app however... I couldn’t complete booking tickets due to an ‘unknown error’ pop up message. The main purpose of the app for me was defeated therefore. A lot of the links and buttons are either positioned badly or just don’t work. I’m using this for functionality, not fun, so as it doesn’t will be deleted. Clearly Amtrak don’t give this much attention..Version: 3.2.3

GoodLike that I can add my ticket to passbook..Version: 2.2

Just no use what so ever!Great app, but just one problem - it doesn't work!!!! Keep getting the error message 213A. Please, please fix this. This would be a wonderful tool if it was working properly. Am trying to plan a train trip across the U.S..Version: 2.2.8

Layout needs help, things are hidden if you don’t scrollI’ve been using this app for years. They’ve had a number of updates but still don’t fix basic layout issues. Also, there’s no way to view the actual train route. So if you know your town, you’re fine. But if you want to see where the stops are along a certain route...or even the route that any train will travel, then you’re just out of luck..Version: 4.1

Train Status Not Working ProperlyThe train status has stopped working since the update of version 4.0.6. It kicks back an error message no matter the train number, or stations entered for both status by train or by station. I know Amtrak has had network issues before, but the online map tracker through a third party site shows the current map of trains on their routes, and status of each station I doubt it’s a sever issue..Version: 4.0.6

Even after update, it still crashes.For the past several weeks the Amtrak app has been crashing when one would want to check into an Amtrak station. I have seen many people leave reviews on this site saying how disappointed they were with the app and crashing but mysteriously these reviews have disappeared. Yesterday there was an update for this app and I was hopeful that the problem had been fixed, Yet just now at Springfield, Massachusetts, I tried to both check into the terminal and also purchase tickets using the app and the app crashed. I am very disappointed and it appears that the creators and developers of this app are not listening to their customers. However I'm still hopeful that eventually something will get fixed, and we all will be able to use what was originally a very excellent application for Amtrak. *UPDATE* There has been another update to the app which specifically stated it would address the crash problem yet the issue remains..Version: 1.3.1

PotentialI didn't have an internet connection and so couldn't get into the app to show my ticket. That is ridiculous. Like other ticket apps once the reservation is input the ticket should be there regardless whether you have a connection. This app caused a lot of unnecessary stress..Version: 2.0.5

👎Unable to view tickets purchased online.Version: 2.2.10

Can’t find routeIf a route doesn’t exist, the app should be able to find the most similar one!.Version: 3.1.7

Horrible Experience!First off the train is not practicing social distancing rules there are multiple riders who are placed directly next to others who are not boarding together, there is a notice on the Amtrak website that there will be one passenger to each row, that also is not accurate or being unforced. Also there is mold in the last cart that sits 12 people. I am sending an email with pictures of that issue as well. And it’s not just a few spots of mold I mean the whole upper fixtures where each personal seats lights are have mold on them. I have videos of that as well. When notifying an employee on board they said “oh yeah that could be black mold” but they still decided to sit my 3 year old son directly underneath it! I asked many times if I could move and they stated “due to social distancing I could not, which was not an issue last month when I rode Amtrak trains. I was allowed to move seats due to my own personal safety concerns..Version: 4.2.1

EditThere’s no means to edit contact information on this app.Version: 3.2.2

Doesn’t work. At all.I was looking at Amtrak online and then thought I’d try the app to see if prices matched. This was 5 minutes after I looked online at trains that said 15% booked. When I searched in the app for the same trip, every date variation between the same destinations I had searched online produced the same pop-up that said “one or more of your segments is unavailable for the day/time”. It didn’t say which or give any options for alternative dates. You just had to keep pulling the travel slot machine wheel and hope something came up as available. Also, no search options for flexible dates. Online told me if something was unavailable and what dates were alternatives. App is complete waste of time. If you’re in mobile, just browser it..Version: 5.0.3

Unbearably slow on 3GI can barely even use this app without it crashing, or just otherwise taking forever to type text, or navigate between menus. The app as a whole is surprisingly sluggish and needs drastic performance improvements. Also, I shouldn't have to log into my account every time I open the app. It should save my account credentials permanently. Even my banking and financial apps do that..Version: 1.0.3

ErrorI'm getting an error message when I sign in to the app..Version: 2.2.7

Update Is HorribleBefore the most recent update, this app had always worked very well for me. However, it now seems to be impossible for me to book tickets for others. When I went to book a ticket for my boyfriend, I deleted my members rewards number and wrote in his name. However, despite there being no reward number entered, I was unable to book a ticket, and I ended up being able to only book tickets for him under my name. Please fix this major glitch..Version: 4.0

Not impressedIt may be user-friendly but when you have to type in your reservation number each time to look at your reservations I might as will have the hard copy of my ticket..Version: 2.2

Had to call for helpThis is strictly for the app, Superliner and Viewliner bedroom differences. I signed up with my full name online and then went into the app and the format of my name was wrong. Tried to change the format but I got a message that I had to call to do that. When I called, Amtrak was closed! Called the next day and the CS agent was gracious enough to help me work it out. The difference between the to rooms is primarily dimensions, however no WiFi on the cross country train (which is what we want to do) and you can’t lock your bedroom if you leave your room (kind of a deal breaker for us in this day and time). You can lock the door when you’re in your room thank God!.Version: 4.0.5

ShameCalendar function is broken. Seems to be last years calendar so very confusing..Version: 2.2.10

Doesn't support international bookingsThe App doesn't support bookings made from overseas (outside US and Canada) cause you are unable to enter a State than no within Canada or the US and the start field a mandatory field..Version: 1.6

This App Needs to Be Fixed!Amtrak is now requiring customers (including those who purchase monthly passes) to “confirm” each trip in advance - or risk being denied service. The problem with the app is it only allows customers to confirm trips from two stations. So if you have a monthly pass from Philadelphia to Downingtown, Pa (and therefore are entitled to travel anywhere in between, eg, Ardmore, Paoli, Exton) the app doesn’t let you choose those destinations for confirming a trip. You run the risk of being kicked off the train because the app won’t let you confirm a trip to one of those inlying stations! You might say, “just confirm the trip from Phila to Downingtown and get off where you want”. Well, if the train doesn’t stop in Downingtown (not all do), you can’t! In sum, the app currently is defective. It needs to be fixed so that stations/ destinations can be toggled when confirming trips..Version: 4.2.1

Don't waist your time!Bad app!!!!! I can't search my train station... It's Montreal and my phone isn't the problem!.Version: 2.2.1

Lots of errorsKeeps crashing, unable to use some of the facilities, have to reload to use it, waste of time..Version: 5.0.1

Worst App on my PhoneThis app can barely display your ticket, and most of the time I have to find my reservation number in order to do that. I get a system error any time I try to make a change, and there is no connection to your Amtrak Rewards. It makes no sense. I take Amtrak all the time because the service itself is good in the NE corridor, but you might as well just print your ticket rather than rely on this app. I realize this is a bad review, but for some constructive criticism, please connect this app with people’s rewards accounts. I would be happy if I could just simply apply an upgrade coupon without having to call Amtrak. Btw the Amtrak phone customer service is actually very good, but frustrating that the app can’t do basic things like show your ticket or connect to your rewards coupons..Version: 5.0.3

Login issueI've been travelling with Amtrak every weekend now. And I can never log into my account. So every time I need to buy a ticket through this app I'm having to re enter all my info and it is annoying. I can't log into my account for 'server issues'.. very frustrating..Version: 2.2.10

It won’t even openFfs.Version: 3.2.5

Still RubbishLatest version is still rubbish. Doesn't do all that website does. Even using the website with Safari doesn't handle return trips! C'mom Amtrak, who do you have developing this rubbish? The app cannot apply discounts for seniors or AAA, etc. Don't waste your time downloading this. One may be forgiven for assuming the positive reviews are obviously from Amtrak insiders. Cannot log out. How stupid is that when you store personal information as well as credit card details? Only way to “logout” is to delete the app like I just did. I booked my trip with Boltbus instead..Version: 4.0.3

Don’t travel with AmtrakPlease be careful traveling with Amtrak ! Don’t spend your hard earned money with Amtrak ! I trusted them to ensure I got home safely but after a 5/6 train ride we were told we needed to get off the train without any explanation. Afterwards I received an email saying accommodations will be made for us then once I got to the service desk I was told that there was nothing they could do to help. Spend a little more and fly or even drive. Don’t trust them during this pandemic they will allow you to be stranded 3 hours from home and just say “I’m sorry” they are not worth the trouble ! Their customer service skills are terrible !.Version: 4.1

Have to sign in every time!It’s great to have an app on my phone, but I shouldn’t have to sign in every time. Even my bank doesn’t make me do that. It, and every other app, holds my information. With Amtrak, even after you sign in to your account your trip info doesn’t show unless you have your reservation number. That means I have to go to my email, find the trip confirmation, locate the reservation number, and input it in the app. Then, of course, as soon as I close the app, the info disappears. What’s the point? I might as well print a paper ticket..Version: 5.0.3

Don't BotherThis app does not do all of the things the website can. There is no information about routes & when they run..Version: 2.0

Stopped being usefulI used to use the app every couple of weeks to book tickets, but recent updates have made it totally unusable. On opening it gets stuck on the start up screen for at least a minute, even on full signal wifi. When I finally get in it freezes routinely. After a lot of effort I enter dates and destinations, but it never finds any available trains. I’m abandoning and going back to the website, which is not aa convenient and requires me to be on a desktop computer as mobile site is very poor forbooking tickets. Please sort this out. Buying tickets has become such a pain that I’ve started looking into alternative transport methods..Version: 4.0.3

PoorThis app is NOT user friendly, you can't even manage a current reservation....Version: 2.0.5

Current status of your trainHopeless ...... current status "not available" ..... what is the point .... seriously what is the effing point?.Version: 2.2.9

Getting better, still some obvious bugsThis app STILL has had the time zones coded for Eastern for at least a year, which makes the departure notifications essentially useless. Hey Amtrak, you exist in multiple parts of the country. The ticket screen should be condensed because all of the self-ads get in the way and you have to scroll if you have any transfers. That said, having mobile ticketing in Apple Wallet and now stored payment info for easy purchase is an improvement..Version: 4.0.1

Can’t get simple travel time informationThis app has one purpose: to sell you tickets. There is no effort whatsoever to provide just plain information. There is no simple schedule that shows you how long it takes to get from point A to point B. The only way to do that is to go to “book tickets” and put in where you want to go and you get a list of the trains that will take you there with the departure and arrival times. There also does not seem to be any list of routes so you can figure out which stop precedes your stop. But of course this is Amtrak. What did I expect?.Version: 4.0.5

Won't take paymentTried with 2 cards. Error 156..Version: 2.2.7

I love Amtrak! But the app needs some work.Great for buying tickets. Less great for managing reservations. I can never pull up the tickets on my phone when I need to, the app repeatedly logs me out for no reason, and the “my trips” screen doesn’t load. All I see on the home screen, usually even as I’m boarding the train, is an ad for their credit card and a place to enter my registration number... which should be linked to my account….Version: 4.2.1

Often non functioningUsually some functionality is off and you get a message like we are unable to xxxx at this time. Try again later. Sometimes it works a week later. Sometimes it doesn’t. Worst train app I’ve seen in my life..Version: 5.1.6

Could have been useful, but...As a previous reviewer has stated, as a non-US traveller, you get nearly to end of purchase transaction, but then can't complete because of a mandatory 'State' field, which isn't relevant for international visitors. Fortunately the main Amtrak site doesn't insist on this..Version: 2.0

UpgradedI would like the opportunity to easily and quickly upgrade my tickets online or by calling with less money for the change ..Version: 2.2.2

WowConstantly have to close out app as it does not allow for user to go “back” and “DONE” prompt does not work. iPhone X..Version: 3.2.2

Can't purchase tickets with this App in UKFound the tickets I wanted. Tried 4 times to purchase, having to put all passenger details in every time! Kept telling me couldn't process. Must be because I'm in the UK. VERY annoying. What do I do now?!!!!.Version: 2.2.2

Impossible to change a reservation made with pointsOn Friday, January 10th, I was on hold for over an hour on the Amtrak Rewards 800 number and eventually gave up and canceled the reservation on the app and rebooked but the slow and I ended up booking the train twice. Of course, when I canceled the second reservation, I was charged a cancellation fee. I rarely use points to book travel and now I know why. It is ridiculous that you can’t change the reservation at the station and are forced to use an 800 number that keeps you on hold for over an hour. The Amtrak Rewards program is not worth it at all..Version: 4.0.4

Not user friendlyEverytime I want to buy a ticket it’s a LONGGGGG process. I don’t have that much time everytime to fill in personal information. Why isn’t it already saved if it’s an app on my phone? Also banking info Iv put in same card info 10 times. One time I didn’t have my card on hand and couldn’t just buy it. If amazon has my info saved why doesn’t Amtrak?.Version: 3.0.6

Ticket information.After having put my information in the app I looked up my ticket number and found my reservation, no problem there. Unfortunately the app doesn't store the info for easy retrieval afterwards. It should..Version: 2.2.8

Reset password problemsNot happy that I can’t use this app - numerous attempts at failing to set my password even when zip use your suggested one.Version: 3.2.5

Are we in 2020?Process never stops, except with Amtrak. Beyond the fact that the train themselves are extremely noisy, the speaker announcing stops and update will break one’s hear drum. In the middle of an unknown virus, the train my wife and I took today showed no sign of meticulous cleaning. It is filthy, and poorly maintained. All for an exorbitant price when compared to worldwide train fares, and their ratio to the quality of service. With Amtrak, you pay extra for less quality. This app is representative of these shortcomings, as it is inconsistent, and will crash in the middle of a purchase, or at completely random times..Version: 4.0.6

Foreign Credit CardsHandy app but it appears to not like credit cards issued outside of the USA. Useful for looking up timetables..Version: 2.2.6

CrashesCrashes when you try and bring the eticket up :(.Version: 1.6.2

App Fails To LaunchThis app (yes, I have the latest version) fails to launch on an iPad Pro or iPhone X running iOS 12.2. The splash screen shows for a very brief period (maybe < .5 second). The app remains in the list of ‘live’ apps but cannot be accessed or used. Is the app location dependent? That is, should it run no matter the country I am in?.Version: 3.2

No support for purchases outside USA!Great app for my needs EXCEPT even though I can enter my correct address & country it insists in a state and thus invaludates everything! Either remove the country option or change the state requirement, PLEASE!.Version: 1.5

Amtrack and track allocationI board train from San Jose to Hayward. San Jose station has so many tracks I think 10. I have two issues 1. information about track allocation is done last minute causing panic for part minutes travelers. For example for 4:17 train track allocation happens at 4pm 2. There is one single 15 “ monitor in one place inside the station which says which track the train is allotted. Please learn from Caltrain so many boards, lcd screens per track information is up to date. I missed a train because the track was changed last minute. Please forward to the right folks. I love this train cleanliness, train timings, locations but... but information desolation is poor..Version: 4.0.5

FrustratingIt seems every time the Amtrak site is updated, it is actually a beta version. The buttons glitch all the need to select “buy”and “done” seven or eight times before it finally takes. There is no indication of something missing or incorrect that keeps selections from being accepted. The actual layout of the site is poor also....very small side call out buttons for additional info. The old site layout worked fine, all the info and choices were available by scrolling down, selections were accepted first time.(Of course it took months before that version worked correctly, as well).Version: 4.0.5

AwfulThis app is just awful!.Version: 2.2.2

Terrible and time consuming and useless for any type of travelerThe app makes everything difficult. Why have an account if Ted account can’t even keep track of your reservations ? One needs a reservation # AND last name to search for reservation. Guest rewards members are treated no better for their loyalty and membership. Upgrade coupons don’t get applied. The app tells you to try later. Go to contact customer support. Fill out their form type a message and then get an error that the message didn’t go through and all the text is lost. There is no say contact number.Version: 5.0.3

Does not accept intwenational addressesGeneral utility is ok but (how ridiculous is this in this day & age?) does not accept international addresses. In booking mode, international phone numbers are accepted and international countries are listed & accepted in credit card address details but only US & Canadian states/provinces are listed as options for the 'State' (mandatory) field. Useless for other than US & Canadian users. Pls fix..Version: 2.0.1

Buggy/undercooked*Usually* shows my purchased ticket, and if you know the time and train number you can look up train status. That's about it. Station schedule button doesn't work, some other essential buttons such as "done" don't work, text is placed on top of battery indicator on iPhone X, scrolling doesn't work in some screens, and app navigation is confusing at best. App shows barcode for purchased tickets if you manually enter the confirmation number the first time, which is useful, but doesn't use the ticket info to show you anything about your train status and frequently shows incorrect number of rides remaining.Version: 4.0.1

Useless AppDownloaded app for upcoming trip to be able to access my reservation and allow for easier check in. App gives me error messages when entering my trip info and tells me my reservation cannot be found. Says call. I called and spoke to three different reps, all with three different answers as to why i cannot access my trip on the app. Really? This is unacceptable and why bother creating the app if we cannot use it for all the features? Never had any issues with other travel apps..Version: 4.1.1

Must re-login repeatedlyOn a multiple city trip I had to login each & every time I opened the app. Why in the world have a 'My Trips' tab when you can't actually store them? Easier to carry a piece of paper to refer to..Version: 2.2.13

Very poorI would agree with gunzl2's comments. This is an extremely poor app, I have found it to be useless..Version: 2.0.5

TerribleAs an overseas visitor I find this App atrocious, very little information and not easy to navigate. Would be good if they showed more information on trains and what is available in the way of Business Class, etc. when you need to just add an adult it takes you to a confusing system, you cannot just press + to add an extra adult without it seemingly adding a family. Whoever designed it didn’t do a very good job..Version: 3.0.1

Doesn’t accept paymentYou can’t currently use the app to buy tickets and when it does work you have to enter your full card number and 6 digit expiry date. Come on Amtrak. This could be so easy!.Version: 3.2

Useless App.Utterly useless. Only useful if you are a US resident with a US credit card as the app insists you select a US State for your address even though you can select different home countries for your credit card. Also allows you select a non-US contact phone number but won't recognise any international dialling codes..Version: 1.6

Rip-offI downloaded the app today to buy a one-way e-ticket from Penn Station NY to Newark International Airport. The app said the cost (for a senior) was over $37. As I'd paid a lot less before I walked two blocks to the station and bought the same ticket from a machine for $9!.Version: 2.2.8

Amtrak app crashesTried to book but the app just crashes at the third passenger which is useless!!! Won't be using again!!.Version: 2.2.7

TerribleWhoever designed this app - shouldn't have..Version: 2.2.6

It crashes!It crashes at opening following an update last month or so. Annoying and useless..Version: 3.0.4

Lame!!App still not complete. App cant view the ticket i bought online... Says they are still working on app capabilities; currently useless to me..Version: 2.1.1

Awful App, can't register and won't take paymentTakes ages to enter all registration details, then switches to Safari and looses all the data you entered. Then registered via Safari and returned to the app. Entered all details to book train tickets (incl all passenger names and details) only to find it won't take payment. Waste of time..Version: 2.0.4

Worst Ever Travel AppIf I could give it a minus number, I would. I have traveled a lot for business and for pleasure and I have yet to be able to book travel on AmTrak. I’m sure there is a way but it is a secret. This app certainly doesn’t know that secret. I tried to book from San Antonio to Washington, DC, and several other destinations and NONE of them worked. Worse, they offered no alternatives; just that I needed to do something different. In desperation, I tried to book a trip to Houston and I could get there but I couldn’t get a return trip. Ugh. Is it any wonder that AmTrak is a freaking business disaster? No. No business run like this could survive if not subsidized by our tax money..Version: 5.0.3

Brutal AppCrashed repeatedly upon booking. And after the fourth attempt the fare had gone up. Terrible customer service by phone as well..Version: 2.2.7

Very poorDespite having written to Amtrak, and getting a response indicating problem has been fixed with this latest update, I still can not make a booking as an international guest. When I enter an Australian address for the credit card payment it fails to recognise and declines the booking. Come on Amtrak, it's not rocket science - you could be missing revenue from your international guests who would like to travel but can't because your app only works for the 'locals'.Version: 2.0.5

Surprise! It's awful.This app doesn't recognize the Amtrak login details I made yesterday. Such a hassle, print your ticket if you have to use their services..Version: 2.0.1

DisappointedGood for information and like the passport. However, I was put off booking ticket (therefore you lost business) as the state is mandatory even if out of country. Recommend you add 'Non-US or CAN state' to list..Version: 2.0.1

Not good for meI love to ride the train, but this app does have problems making it useless for me. 1) Not technically a bug, but time to come into the 21st century. I use apps on my iPad Pro with an attached keyboard making typing more efficient. This app was designed for an iPhone and will only stay in portrait mode - in other words, it will only show up on my iPad on it’s side. This would be an easy programming fix and anyone who regularly uses tech would get this fixed. I type at over 65 pm on a QWERTY keyboard. I’m not about to do typing with my thumbs like a teenager on a dating app. 2) I get to the first screen and try to change the passengers from the default of 1 adult to 2 seniors. I change it, but when I go back to the screen it still says 1 adult. I did this about 5-6 times. Note, I’m an expert level computer/iPad user and couldn’t find any way to overcome this. 3) Probably having to do with the same thing, I couldn’t figure out the price for a room with 2 seniors. Etc, etc, etc.... I use many apps daily, but for Amtrak, I’ll pick up the phone like I did 40 years ago..Version: 4.1.1

It's Amtrak but no trainsWhen I search for trains it keeps giving buses??.Version: 2.2.13

Takes some wanglingIs a bit to get around to adjusting and making plans not a super lot of direction or help.Version: 4.0.3

Payment BugStill does not allow ticket purchases from credit cards with addresses outside the USA, because of the stupid requirement for a US state to be entered as part of a UK billing address. Wake up, Amtrak. This app would be superb (5*), with that bug fixed. Is it rocket science?.Version: 1.5

0 starsWorst app!!! It says trains are on time and there always late. Needs to say the correct arrival time!! Terrible!!.Version: 2.2.7

Useless for internationalThis app won't allow ticket purchase for non US/Canadian tourists. You can't clear the last screen due to having to select a state in America for your address! So backwards!.Version: 2.0

No seniors ticketsOk for train times etc. but doesn't allow a booking for a seniors ticket..Version: 2.2.8

TerribleUnsuitable for booking trip if you are from UK. Not able to book one-way multi stop trip without booking each one individually. Cannot progress bookings anyway as rejects UK phone numbers..Version: 2.1

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