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MySymptoms Food Diary App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

MySymptoms Food Diary app received 47 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MySymptoms Food Diary? Can you share your negative thoughts about mysymptoms food diary?

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MySymptoms Food Diary for Negative User Reviews

Banque de produitVraiment pas suffisamment de produits listés pour éviter de pitonner tous les ingrédients des aliments achetés au marché. Sinon, l’application offre un excellent potentiel..Version: 4.931

You may not want to UPDATE YOUR APPThis app worked fine until I did the most recent update that has a cloud backup. I could not back up successfully to the cloud because it currently only allows up to 64 characters for an item. I had to modify my item name to something shorter than what I originally input so that I could sync. The developer discovered this after I contacted them for help when my sync failed every time. I got quick and helpful assistance by emailing the company. The cloud backup is only to allow syncing between devices. You can’t sign in to the cloud data in a PC to review or edit. It is still possible to email yourself the data as a safety mechanism to ensure data isn’t lost from the app once you’ve signed up for cloud syncing, but it’s not obvious and there are currently not directions for how to do so in the User Manual or in the FAQ..Version: 5.02

This app will make you sick with stressIf you want to spend an hour a day going thru the minutia of your meals and poop this is the app for you. far from intuitive, this app requires a level of patience and detail that makes it totally impractical to use, guess Iam back to good old pen and paper.Version: 4.46

Wish I had paidIn general the app is good but the food diary is so inaccurate. I have taken to putting notes into MyFitnessPal. Would be amazing if the 2 apps could work together..Version: 5.57

Good—almost greatThis is a really good app. One thing keeping it from being great, though, is a way to “copy all” from one date to another. Sometimes I forget to put in my details for a couple of days, and then it takes forever to get it all in. And when you do a lot of batch cooking, like I do, you have a lot of repeat meals. Please add this function! Also—I would love to participate in the “feedback” option in the app, but it won’t let me because I don’t use an iOS based email. This leaves A LOT of people out, I’m sure. Otherwise, the best app I’ve found so far for recording foods and symptoms..Version: 4.81

Disappointing from the startI really wish that I had read more of the reviews and just not looked at the overall rating. I downloaded this anticipating that it would be somewhat like my fitness pal or the like. Unfortunately the database food seems to be so meager that just for my breakfast alone I spent several minutes trying to type in various ingredients. Breakfast wasn’t anything crazy! It was a Starbucks coffee and a turkey bacon sandwich. The diary supposed to make this tracking of food and symptoms easy. Instead I’m spending a majority of the time entering ingredients. Very disappointed. Would not recommend unless the makers of the app are able to substantially increase the database of available food and ingredients. You’d probably be better served by making your own Excel spreadsheet and analyzing from there for now..Version: 4.81

Very clunky appVery frustrating app to use. Paid for and downloaded it to record my meals prior to a doctors appointment but it is very clunky and won’t save entries. Gave up after continually trying to enter and save a couple of meals without success. Waste of money. Will resort to old fashioned writing the meals down on paper 🤨.Version: 4.931

Comprehensive but not user friendlyI like the stats that can pinpoint the foods etc that may be causing symptoms but inputting the data is not user friendly. Using copy instead of add is not intuitive. It would be good if you could import recipes directly from the web like calorie counter apps can do. Actually if the platform for data entry could be the sakes the calorie counting app I use that would be so much better.Version: 4.46

Lacks product libraryHonestly none of my GF products that i’m eating show up when i search for them and i spend too much time inputting the information which is also cumbersome because there are similar products. this app needs more people inputting products that people eat in order to be effective. i just skip things because i dont have time to add the ingredients of a specific trail mix or we i’m eating. m i cant see myself using this app long enough to get information that would help me..Version: 4.931

Good appI like the ease of using it and the ability to scan foods. But really want to use iCloud sync..Version: 4.46

No Start/Stop abilityRecording duration based things is quite a chore, seeing I have to work out the duration. It would be a lot easier to be able to tap something upon start and finish of an event. E.g enter a “started feeling symptoms” event, later be able to say “stopped feeling symptoms”, and let the computer sitting in our hands do the math for the duration, instead of us humans..Version: 5.20

Good but needs improvement for family trackingI’ve used this App for years to track health for my whole family. It used to be very simple: you would just choose a family member from your list when opening the app, only one click. However after the major upgrade they removed this option and now you are supposed to log out/in for each family member. This is clearly very annoying and time wasting. Why the regression after the update? This was one of the only Apps that you could be easily use for family. Not any more😤.Version: 5.58

Be carefulSo I love, love, love the features of this app and how it works! But I’m giving it three stars because of the unexpected costs. So when I downloaded the app, it was free but said “in app purchases” which typically means you can use the app in a limited function or for a sample time period. The app never asked for my card info or for an upgrade to premium or warned me about a trial period that I would be charged after. I found a charge to my apple account about a week after downloading the app! I’m not very happy with the producers of the app because of the sneaky charge. If I’d known or had been warned, I would be ok with it, but I wasn’t. So, the app itself is wonderful and it’s functions and adaptability is amazing, but I really wished I’d been told about the charge up front..Version: 5.19

Crashes every time I open itI used to love this app, but now it crashes all the time..Version: 5.20

Layout great, interruptions notThe layout is pretty good, it covers all the necessary things. Symptoms scale is good, you can add notes to go into more detail. Adding food is easy. What I find really annoying is it telling me it is backed up, but ‘I cannot add anything until it has informed me 3 or 4 times with me pressing ok first every time I want to add something. I have requested a refund as doing that every day is going to wear pretty thin with me unfortunately..Version: 5.53

Good functionality, needs a faceliftI've been using this for the better part of a month now and I'm looking forward to making some insights based on its results with a nutritionist. It could do with a facelift as the interface is very ugly and a bit developer led in its UX, could do with a designers touch. Developer get in touch if you need a designer! I find the analysis algorithm a tad lacking in that it tells me user defined ingredients in my gluten free bread are most of my top suspects for a symptom when I have had no issues with this food on most days. Perhaps you should be able to tag foods as known to be safe? Also the export diary for printing could do with a massive overhaul in its design, it's very paper wasteful if printing and pretty ugly. It should be formatted in a way where it is easier to track the time of day and hours past eating. Maybe should be an option to export analysis results with the food diary export option too, perhaps with User selected symptoms. Other than that it's a good app..Version: 3.5

Terrible! App won't openThe app won't even open on my iPhone 4, what a waste of money. Don't bother buying..Version: 3.2

Good appBut it wont sync with other apples..Version: 3.3

Great idea but needs serious improvementsThis app has the potential of becoming an excellent tool in uncovering allergies. As it is now it is chaotic and time consuming to use with unnecessary repetitive task. Entering new foods and categories of foods is a frustrating and unintelligent task. Adding and editing food to favourites also needs improvements. Using the barcode scan is like playing the lottery if you are unlucky it will not work. It definitely does not work with iPad. It works sometimes with iPhone. The barcode scan adds numbers to the item scanned but does not populate the information. This is totally useless. I could keep on writing about the unintelligent fails for quite a while. Writing to support is a waste of time as you get an automated reply telling you that they are not able to answer you. For now I will be looking elsewhere but in a year or so I will revisit it..Version: 5.22

Not a bad app.The data it collects is helpful if you're trying to figure out what habits are causing which symptoms. Too bad there's not enough info in the program - you can't bar scan anything because there's no items imputed there. There's also too many steps to go through, it could be streamlined better I think. All in all, not a bad app, but could use some work..Version: 4.46

Robust, responsive but database needs rationalisingReally easy to use. Feels really quick to start up, which is essential for doing immediate diary entries. It seems really robust as well, if you leave the app without saving the data and return the data is still all there. It would be good if when you add an item to your meal it defaulted to your previous quantity that you used when you add the same item. The database of foods has way too many duplicates and needs rationalising - I’m sceptical that the algorithm would recognise links if you use a different variation of an item each time. At the very least remove duplicates based on case..Version: 5.55

I am not convinced it worksI was drinking a protein shake every morning with 3 or so ingredients in it and like clockwork, I’d have an upset stomach 30 minutes later. Obviously, it was something in my protein shake, yet the app missed it or claims those ingredients had a low chance of being the culprit. Aside from that, it claims “fruit” is my number one culprit for every single symptom that’s logged with “high confidence” but I’ve never logged “fruit.” I have logged frozen cherries, avocado, and banana- but all of those specific ingredients, while being “fruit,” show only medium to low probability. So I’m not even sure how it is coming up with that? The concept it great though and I hope over time, the algorithm gets better..Version: 4.931

Trust it enough to use it 😊Logging all the ingredients that you eat every day is a real drag. But when you need to do it, it’s really nice to have a manageable yet detailed tracker. Learning curve was a little high. (3) 11/23 Back to logging after a while, because I had severe gut symptoms. Through a different resource I discovered that it was related to mixed nuts. Continued to loose weight. Instructed to go back to logging what I ate, but also needed to log food and quantities for calories, requiring me to log in 2 different apps, frustrating - would be so nice if a calorie function was included..Version: 5.58

Good Idea Falls ShortThere are a lot of good ideas here but this app falls short primarily on its extraordinarily complex and non-standard input interface. And, frankly I couldn't understand its analysis/results screen despite reading the help page on how to interpret it twice. I agonized with this app for about 7 weeks before giving up. I don't understand the need for all the input options. Instead of 7 food/drink input options there should be 3, food, drink, medicine. I don't see how it helps differentiating by the name of the meal. All that should be relevant is the time. For symptoms, the time is difficult to input. You should be able to put in a start and end time. But, no, this app insists on a start time and a 'duration', forcing me to do math each time. Symptom durations are arbitrarily limited to 24 hours. Sometimes my primary symptoms lasted longer than 24 hours. The sheer number of Inputs requires for one food item is astounding. I understand that detail can be important but it usually isn't. This app forces you through too many detail screens for each input. When adding a new item or ingredient if you press 'done' the new item is deleted. Instead you are supposed to scroll down and click 'add new item'. What the? Why can't done mean done. If the user wants to cancel there should be a cancel option. These are just a few of the apps shortcomings. It is a great idea but it truly needs a complete UI overhaul focused on efficient entry. And the analysis screen needs to be comprehensible. Otherwise what's the point!.Version: 4.46

Useful, butI have used this app for a number of years and found it to be a somewhat useful tool, but after you have used this app for awhile, it gets a little frustrating that you can not group symptoms. Scrolling down a list is not very appealing..Version: 4.93

Good in its category but could use a lot moreI've tried a few apps now to track my IBD. This is probably the best, yet it feels a lot to be desired. The UC is quite clunky and you find yourself tapping a lot. It's frustrating to get prompted every time to make an entry public or private. Barcode scanner barely works. Feels like there are three different ways to track bowl movements ... why not just one?! These are all areas for improvement despite that nobody seems to have built a better app so stick with this if you want to track your IBD and hope it improves!.Version: 4.46

Doesn’t work for meUnfortunately doesn’t work for me as I am cooking by myself and to add exactly all ingredients is pretty painful. I would love to add just name of the meal and also my customised drinks but it doesn’t allow me to. So although I paid for this app as it seems almost like the one which I am looking for, I am deleting it.Version: 5.28

MessyShould be able to order things in order of most likely correlated with confidence. It’s ok for now but I’ll change when I have time to hunt down something better.Version: 5.10

Wish I didn't get this appTried to find a food diary and symptom diary to keep track during my FODMAPs diet. This was the first one I found so I got it. DON'T PURCHASE THIS APP. The UI is VERY confusing, and took me time to figure out how to use. I had to manually enter every single one of my foods and supplements, because somehow their database didn't have basic items like Oolong Tea and Probiotics. I lost my progress a bunch of times because of the confusing UI (it slows you to enter another food at the same time as you're filling out fields to enter a different food. Totally unnecessary and just makes it confusing). The design on the check items makes no sense (you're only allowed to press the literal check, and not the entire line or the name of the food). The tutorial was useless an didn't help me get a first grasp on the usability of the app. SAVE YOUR TIMR AND MONEY and download Cara instead. I found it after not believing this **** is the best thing out there and was so surprised to find a good app for free to do the exact same thing. If the app developers want to get it together they should run a user group and hire a real UI/UX designer instead of trying to build an app without paying attention to the inbox and user. Boooooo..Version: 4.81

No idea if it works properlyDespite being spammed almost daily, I have waited a couple weeks to try to give a fair review. The app is great for recording everything (except for some confusion with duplicate items) but you really have no idea if it is useful for determining the cause of anything. The app doesn't explain what to do..Version: 4.46

Lacking a moderately extensive library of food & missing ethnic foodsI purchased this app to help track my diet for possible food intolerance because I really liked the idea of the ease of scanning a barcode to automatically add what I ate. (I usually don't pay for apps, I thought the convince was worth ~$3.) The issue though is that the amount of foods logged and connected to a barcode is not that impressive. Almost every food I've scanned, I've had to create my own instance of... On top of that there are not many "ethnic" foods already existing in the food library which is a real bummer. I am not sure I will continue using the app b/c it's ended up really time consuming to log every food..Version: 4.931

FrustratingI purchased this app for my daughter as I was very excited about the reviews. As we live in New Zealand I did not expect all of our foods to be in the database but expected some. However none of our foods are in the database. Adding new foods into the database is not intuitive and an extremely frustrating process. If you have few foods on the database I suggest you at least make it easy for people to add new products..Version: 4.931

Too many tapsToo many taps to enter info..Version: 4.931

Confusing interfaceBasically decent app but frustrating to use. There are many redundant listings for single food items and if I happen to choose a different example from the list than I did the last time they get counted as two separate items which messes up the analysis. I tried to just make my very own list to control the choices so I only ever see the exemplar I used before but it was almost impossible. I don’t care if it takes a while to create my own library of items if I could do it and never see the list of every entry other users have used. Otherwise the developers need to curate the list so if I choose a basic item from the list it is always the same thing. I turned out to have “flax seed” as well as “Flax seeds” as two separate items. I couldn’t remember which one I had used 2 weeks earlier. That’s incredibly frustrating. I get so aggravated that I’ve stopped using the app. Also it would be better to be able to look for correlations between symptoms as well. It should be possible to look for correlations between any category of data and any other..Version: 4.931

NOT IPAD FRIENDLYI spent two days logging everything I could and then went to look at the results. There is a lack of functionality for my iPad. You also cannot login on different devices so once you start tracking on one system you are stuck using that one. I could not get any detailed reports. Had a good beginning but the dismount sucked..Version: 4.931

Great idea but...Where is the icloud sync? lost alll my data doing an iphone restore!.Version: 4.46

Won't even openI bought this app and it won't even open on my iPad. I can't find a way of contacting the developer..Version: 4.931

Very frustrating to useThe database is limited and 1/3 of anything I try to add isn’t in the database. The actual pattern recognition is poor and doesn’t offer any insights.Version: 5.58

Unable to synchronize data between devicesI just started using the app, and I like it. It's a bit clumsy to input some of the data needed, but a lot of info is in their database. The stuff that's not takes a bit of a learning curve to create, and its done ONE STEP AT A TIME. But I'm betting that once the majority of info is inputted, it will be much easier for me. My biggest grip, at this time, is that i can't synchronize my data between my iphone and ipad. I just (maybe stupid on my part) assumed that I would be able to use whichever device is handy to input my data. And I DEFINITELY TO NOT WANT TO INPUT NEW DATA TWICE!!. I emailed the company about this issue and will get back to this review to update it when I get their response. Besides that, I believe it to be (while initially clumsy to get data into the database that is not presently there) a good app that will help me figure out the foods and symptoms correlation..Version: 4.81

ConfusingNo this is a waste of time and money, it’s too confusing and doesn’t show you nothing that is helpful! Lots of free apps do the same thing. I want a refund!.Version: 5.20

Pretty goodI like the level of detail I can add to this app, and really appreciate that there's NO mention of calories, which is rare in a food tracking app. However, I'd love to see a calendar view that shows patterns: how often you ate a certain food, what time your meals were, etc..Version: 4.46

Latest update erased all my dataPlease help!!!!!.Version: 5.26

DatabaseFood database is almost empty.Version: 5.21

Can't save anything or Add itemsApp would be great if the saving recipes, food, Workouts could work ! The organizer doesnt work at all !.Version: 4.46

RubbishUnable to use a waste of money.Version: 5.22

Database useless for KiwisNothing I've eaten so far has been in the database. If I could ask for my money back, I would. This was a waste of money for me. It may be great for other places in the world but if you're a kiwi, give it a miss..Version: 4.46

Needs a LOT of work -- and fastCall me naive, but I actually am struggling to believe the cheek of making this a paid app. Sure, it's not a lot of money, but it does NOT do what it is said to do. The whole point of this app is that you can scan in the food you're eating which in turn will list the ingredients. I have not been able to find a single food product as a result of scanning - everything has to be input manually, ie typing in the name of the product, the type of product, and the ingredients. Really it would be quicker and just as useful to hand-write it or make a note on my phone, I don't need an app to do this. The irony is that there are other (FREE!) apps out there which have a very comprehensive database of foods -- so what exactly are we paying for here?? The secondary problem is that the list of symptoms can't be added to - so if you get a symptom which isn't in their list, then tough, you can't record it properly. Developers either need to refund money to those who have paid for this, or work on this app immediately because at the moment it does not match up to its product description..Version: 4.42

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