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8mm Vintage Camera App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

8mm Vintage Camera app received 68 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using 8mm Vintage Camera? Can you share your negative thoughts about 8mm vintage camera?

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8mm Vintage Camera for Negative User Reviews

Upload not workingThis has been the best 8mm app but for months now, they still haven’t fixed the bug of not being able to upload videos. Whenever you try to upload a video on your library, the app crashes. Please fix! Worth the purchase if all features work properly..Version: 3.1

New versionAgreeing with the previous review. The new UI and general overview of the app feels too hard hitting and very modern, which doesn’t really appeal to the old version, that being simple yet effective. It. When I first purchased this app, I was starting out on using film apps and experimenting different filters to compose virtual projects but having frequently used this app and now making it look a bit too modern doesn’t really appeal to me. It was just simple and easy to get around. I know in time, I’ll be adjusted but it used to be cute. Idk I prefer the old UI. I do like the new settings though, it does compliment with new ios updates and features for newer ios models. And also having paid for this app and also in app subscription as well.. that aint it..Version: 4.0

Going to miss this app.My phone can’t even run it anymore. i miss the old interface, where everything was simplified and very user-friendly. it had just about everything you need with only a few clicks. i first downloaded this app during the covid-19 outbreak & quarantine, and it’s helped me make and transform lots of memories ever since. so it was really sad to see what it came to be. will be uninstalling this app, i have no plans on investing in the “newer and improved” version because of the whole subscription-based system. hope this reaches the developers..Version: 4.2

Used to be great.This app didn’t age well. It crashes whenever opening a video from iCloud. I stated using this in 2012 when Lana del Rey would and I guess it’s just an end of an era.Version: 3.0

Microphone sound not working but beautiful filtersSeems like their website is down and they have stopped developing this app, so purchase in vain since the microphone feature seems to be broken. Too bad because I love everything else with the app, but can’t really find any use for it without microphone feature..Version: 3.1

Lost the audio of once-in-a-lifetime eventA large group starts singing at beginning of a wedding. The song was composed by the groom and the group was assembled for that wedding only. They will never meet again. I was the only person recording it. Unfortunately I used this awful, awful app to record it. It recorded the whole video but only had audio of the last few minutes and completely missed the song. Needless to say that the couple will never be able to hear the song and relive the most important day of their lives. Poor programmers should know the impact their incompetence has on people's life..Version: 2.5.1

Needs a degree to operateThis app has huge potential but it is far too difficult to use. It needs to have simple editing tools, a better variety of templates and most importantly an undo button. Too many times have I adjusted something I didn't like and then not been able to get back to where I was. If you have a degree in graphic design I say go for it, otherwise this app will just leave you frustrated..Version: 1.2

Horrible appHorrible app not what your Looking for download w Retro VHS that's the one you want.Version: 2.6

Another greed-based updateUPDATE 2022: Whoa! Greed happens! I bought this wonderful, 5-star app a few years ago and had a great time making Halloween movies. Now, suddenly, it’s a subscription based “update”?! Why is this subscription model taking off like a rocket in the App Store? Too many photo editing apps are going this route. Do the developers realize that these apps are NOT necessities? Professional photographers buy software packages for work. The rest of us tinker and play and amuse ourselves with photo/video editing. I won’t be updating this app, and when it finally stops working, I’ll simply delete it and go live my life without it. I strongly encourage everyone else to do the same. Original review: I had to update my review to 5 stars because the complaints I had were all my own fault. After looking further through the app, I found what I needed with just a couple of exceptions. First need: I’d like an update to allow control via a selfie stick through the lightening cable port (as on the newer iPhones). Second, a zoom feature! I couldn’t figure out how to zoom?! Come on! Even the actual 8mm cameras in the 1960’s had a zoomable lens. Otherwise, I love this app. It’s just hours and hours of fun!!.Version: 4.0

Miss the old interfaceThe old interface used to be so much more interesting and fun. It reminded me of my old Bolex cameras. Now it just became like any other vintage camera app. Please, bring back the other interface and leave as optional in settings for those who enjoys vintage looking interface..Version: 4.2

I mean it’s aight :\This app has nice filters and cool effects but whenever i want to import a video it’s always sideways, no matter what i do. ik a lot of people film through the app but i wanted to import videos onto the app and it just wouldn’t work out so :\\.Version: 3.0

No to subscriptions.Love this app but will not update to a subscription..Version: 4.2

Cool Effects, Lacking Video SupportI expected to be able to upload a video and watch it, change effects, etc then render it. You basically have to watch the uploaded video (with no sound) with the effect you want on (so many recordings to figure out which effect you want). Not a logical or ideal user experience.Version: 3.2

AnnoyingWhy can’t I access music via iTunes????.Version: 3.1

Already brokenI haven’t even used the app yet and it’s saying my live video is disabled so now I cannot even take a video. Waste of money.Version: 2.6.1

BadAlways puts custom videos facing sideways.Version: 3.1

Crashes every time you importI used to love this app! Now it crashes every time I try to import a video. If I record through the app it takes 15 mins to open the library. Any fix for this?.Version: 3.1

$54??I bought this app years ago. When I pressed on "restore purchase" it won't unlock the features. It wants me to pay $54, when I paid to buy the app years ago. Garbage..Version: 4.2

DoesnVery disapointed, I would advise anyone with a series three to steer clear of this app like the plague. It looks fantastic on this page, and I don't blame anybody from wanting this app. However, if you don't own a series 4 don't download. If this was a store bought product I would ask for an exchange or a refund. It is a real shame. NEXVIO please DO NOT say that that this product works on anything BUT an IPHONE 4..Version: 1.1

Thumbs downWhenever I try to choose a video from camera roll the app crashes. Garbage waste of money..Version: 3.0

Having troubleSo I think this app is not exactly easy to use. Clarification on the buttons and what everything means would be helpful…..and also….my biggest complaint is that when you want to spice up a video that was already taken on the iPhone regular camera….the audio does not come over with it. So you can’t edit a video unless it was taken with the app. Kinda strange unless someone can help me with that. It definitely a bummer. This app is a lot of money I should be able to do that with already existing videos. Help please!.Version: 4.2

Do not upgrade 'It lost all it great look ! The old style and now just a "me too" look !.Version: 4.0

PLEASE ADD PHOTOS!!Love the app so much, but could you please add the ability to take pictures?! It would be super easy to implement and make this my number one used app!!.Version: 2.5.1

Not very good ☹️Doesn’t work very well can’t bring my movies into the app. Won’t be using looking for something better Waist of money.Version: 3.1

Now a subscriptionBeing asked to pay for something I already owned and can no longer access the filters I had before the update..Version: 4.2

I REPEAT.....Cool app but needs: Scratch/dust level adjuster or simple 'on/off' switch.....I don't want scratches and dust etc on EVERYTHING I shoot in some of the modes. Sometimes it just looks corny. X-pro and 60s mode look great, but I dont always want the dust etc....make it an option: on. Or off. Higher res option. Even if this was only an option that required offline/non realtime fx rendering. Would be cool to be able to assess the final 'look' in realtime viewing and then for important footage have the option to shoot it in high res and apply the filter after. Though obviously if you can make it work in hi-res in realtime then that would be even better... P.S. I don't know why everyones crying about lack of still images function? It's a video app.....Version: 1.2

Not working for the latest iPhone update, 16.2.This is my favorite app and I am so disappointed with the latest iPhone update 16.2 it no longer works. I hope this will be fixed soon. Otherwise, I would give it five stars..Version: 4.0

ClunkyThe free version did not do as much, but it seemed more straightforward and easier to use. The paid version has some nice features, but seems impossible to work with, and save projects effectively. I end up getting multiple projects saved, but only to the project folder, and not to my video folder. I’m not a technological idiot. This is just clunky..Version: 4.2

Mostly goodAs others have said not having a subscription is really great. I do wish I had more control over the amount the filter is applied. It looks great in app but once it gets used online somewhere it’s further reduced in quality making it very pixelated and blurry. If I could tone down the basics like the amount of grain it would be perfect!.Version: 3.2

Good app but wish for different filters...This is mostly a personal preference. the app is good but I find the filters are just too much and make my videos look bad. I wish there was a way to either change the opacity of the filter or use no filter at all but still have the super 8 / grain look. Or just some more neutral filters would be good..Version: 3.1

Can't export my library videosI could do it before but after the recent updates it just stopped working :(.Version: 3.1

Wants me to purchase, AGAIN!So I purchased your app. It was great. Than, after several months of OWNING IT, the record button has a LOCK symbol on it. The app wants me to purchase it, AGAIN. What, the first moneys I gave you ran out? Please tell me this is a glitch. If not, than give me my money back. Waiting for your reply..Version: 4.0

OkayNo 24fps and the grain effect is way too strong..Version: 3.2

Let’s pay again!Bought it a while back and since then, they added a few filters and I gotta pay again if I want them. So dishonest. If you pay for an app, shouldn’t the future updates come for free?.Version: 4.2

Not workingI bought, have used and loved this app for many years and now it is asking me to pay again??? I have tried to Restore Purchases, but it doesn’t let me. Can someone please help..Version: 4.2

Delete clips?2 stars for not having a quick access for deleting clips. 😡.Version: 2.0

Not working properlyEvery time I try to load a video the app shuts down. Not worth it..Version: 3.0

Add a picture-taking function please!!!Otherwise great..Version: 2.5.1

ProblemIt wont let me take clips that are already in my iphone even if I click on the button.Version: 3.1

5 Stars when HD output is possibleI like the concept of this app. Brilliant results however the low def output is a real shame. I don't think I'm being too picky, everything is HD these days. Fingers crossed for an update. I like the Dan Miller's comment below, regarding the possibility of degraded sound to match the video..Version: 1.0

Awesome but needs improvementsReally great idea and filters. Just needs the function to take photos and edit them as well, then I will give 5 stars.Version: 1.4

Good but not greatThe app doesn't have advanced camera controls like exposure lock and focus lock. I also have to buy the app twice for both iPhone and iPad, even though they are exactly the same thing..Version: 2.4

Doesn’t workApp won’t allow me to Record.Version: 3.0

Love the app can be improved for recent iPhoneI love 8mm since it was released for iPhone 5S back then. It gives a retre old school film camera I never have. The app seems to crash everytime I imported own videos in iOS 12.2..Version: 3.0

APP CRASHES + DOESNT WORKI just purchased this app and it crashes every time I try to upload videos into it. Very disappointed.Version: 3.1

SpeedolustDoesn't work..Version: 2.5.1

Changed app without permission; it’s horrible nowThe app developers without asking anyone installed a new version of the app with paywall extras and a weird new interface. I am strongly thinking about deleting this. Where do you save a video? What happened to the buttons? Is this now for selfies? The filters don’t look like they used to. The new app is so bad I recommend people to download alternatives but the disturbing part of all of this is how without any permission, the old app is gone and this replacing it! For privacy violations alone, skip this!.Version: 4.0

HorribleTry to save my videos and they come out black and music doesn’t work....Version: 2.6

Great app butThere seems no way to take the footage out of the app? You can’t download or even post it, pointless!.Version: 3.1

Used to be goodI won't be as dramatic as other reviewers, but this app really took a nosedive towards the end of 2022. It used to be a fun way to make retro-style videos, and had a unique interface that set it apart from the rest. Now it's as generic as they come. The app/company didn't ruin my life or affect my love for making videos with my phone. It's just a disappointment. I can deal with an interface change, but what finally drove me away from the app was the baffling multi-app release and underhanded move to a subscription model. They released a separate, subscription-based app as the "new version" and then apparently dumped that one and updated the old, paid app to have subscriptions. My options are to update (losing the former originality, and invariably getting pestered with notifications to subscribe in the app), or stick with the old version (and forever have the update pending in the AppStore). Or a third option: give up on them reverting this business model, and just delete the app..Version: 4.2

I loved this app but new update is disgustingI hate the new UI. also we can no longer film in 480p ? Why? Even if it wasn't a thing "natively", that compression made a huge difference aesthetically. i used this app constantly. now i dont even like to open it. whole different feel now. new interface is soulless. conventional and ugly. can we go back? 😩.Version: 4.0

Keeps crashingCrashes when I try to upload videos.Version: 3.0

It’s okayThe app isn’t anything special.. I enjoy it but the features are limited. And when I try to edit a vertical video it crops it and I can’t figure out how to get the whole video..Version: 2.6.1

Hi how to use different themes. No instructions or guide anywhere.Needs user instructions. Have difficulty finding to use themes setup..Version: 2.0

Used to be a great app, now less usableUsed this app for years, it was robust, full featured, stable, and best of all was that I paid for it and had all the features. Now my iPhone X can barely run the app for 5 minutes without overheating… This also feels like a predatory update and I believe that it should be against Apple Store developer guidelines… They developed a version 2 of the app (with heavily subscription based features) & released it about a month ago, then took it off the App Store, and instead they decided to force the version 2 onto us (replacing the original, stable, full featured version that I purchased years ago) and now giving us this buggy, over-modernized version with a paywall to get any of the cool new filters/features… we shouldn’t have to pay another 30$ or monthly subscription for the full featured version of an application we purchased years ago. If you want to leave it as it was I think most of us would prefer that to your new app….Version: 4.0

Good, but Super 8 doesn’t look that bad!I agree with another reviewer, would it be possible to have a ‘remove dust and scratches’ option, or have an adjustable level of the effect please? There are so many artefacts on the colour filters, and real Super 8 often has far fewer artefacts. But other than that, great app!.Version: 3.2

Can not download existing video to editApp is very simple however doesnt work glitches. Waste of money!.Version: 3.1

Just fix it..This app would be phenomenal if it weren’t for the fact it literally doesn’t work right now. For months they have failed to fix a bug that makes the app crash every time you try to upload your own footage. Will be deleting if it doesn’t get fixed. Do not buy it right now..Version: 3.1

SuggestionA suggestion for the next release is to have the ability to process the flick so it is slightly sped up like the Charlie Chaplin movies. Then I'll give you five stars!.Version: 1.2

:(I use to love this app. Sure there were things that could use improving but now it just looks and feels like every other video app out there. Add in subscription!! No thank you. You know, I get it, developers need to monetize, and that people do need to eat for the work they do, but this app offers even less now than the old version. This version doesn’t even have any directions on the changes. Look, some of us just liked the app the way it was. I don’t know why developers have to completely release an all new app under the current name. If you’re going to do such a radical change then just release it as an all new app and leave the current one alone. This new app has killed my love for video entirely..Version: 4.0

GarbageI can’t add music???.Version: 3.0

Videos deletedI’m really upset. I tried to check some videos that I had on this app and now they have all vanished. I had footage of on here for many years and I desperately wanted to see them as they are of a beloved pet that is about to pass away. What happened for this to happen? Not happy! The app was better the way it was, why did the upgrade ruin it?.Version: 4.0

Redesign has taken all the fun awayWhere do I start . . . With the new UI, the designer has apparently streamlined the app. In doing so the dev has placed various control elements at positions around the screen that are both impractical and not obvious. Previously the UI layout was quirky and fun, giving you a feeling you were using something that was intentionally designed to be old. The placement of functions around the UI begged the beginner to press something or push something, but now the icons are not obvious and don't invite that sense of play. Instead, it looks like every other app with nothing to really differentiate itself from the competition, because they all look the same as this one. For instance the elements along the bottom of the UI don't give anything away, and their placement on any iDevice leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to adding live effects whilst filming. If you are filming with a stand or tripod, these functions might work, but if you are filming freehand, then this is a non starter. the media selector is now a boring horizontal swipe list, when in the past it felt like a selector for films types. Then there was the film jitter button that was easy to get at and felt like a button, now it's a small square with a line in the middle, at the centre bottom of the screen. In the past I would recommend the app, primarily because of it's sense of fun and for what it did, but after the latest UI I don't think I can. I know designers keep wanting to tinker, but sometimes when things work, you should just leave them alone. Anyway if this is progress, I'll give it a pass..Version: 4.0

Nice.Love it but I wish I could flip between front and back cameras while recording like in the free app from the movie Super 8. It's the only thing the free app has which is cooler than this one. (Apart from the gimmicky interface which is why I haven't actually deleted the free one since buying this.).Version: 1.2

Not Paying Yearly Subscription!I’ve had this app for a few years and I’ve enjoyed using it. But I really hate when apps go from one time purchase to forcing users into a subscription model. The same thing happened with filmic Pro and even though it’s a great app, I canceled them too and I’m not looking back. Especially with AI coming in hard and fast. This app will likely end up in the waste bin of history anyway. You should’ve treated your long time users better. Goodbye..Version: 4.2

Portrait VideosPlease please please allow us to upload portrait videos without cropping it 😩😭.Version: 2.6.1

Bad DesignTerrible design & functionality. I couldn’t make sense of it if I tried. First I imported a video, but it kept showing live video on my screen, then I finally found the video in another section, but it wouldn’t let me filter it with retro effects - just retro intros. So confusing, I don’t know what your designers were thinking. I want my money back..Version: 4.2

Pls add photo option...thanks.It’s a good app but I hope they add a photo option..and more features..kinda sad that you can’t edit pictures...Version: 2.6.1

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