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Coin master RocksThis game is the free simple wheel spinning game, but the graphics and bonuses keep it very exciting. I play and keep up with the fan Facebook page several times a day. The Fb page is a nice way to grab free gifts. I also like this new daily gift thing. The daily bonus wheel is a jerk around. The levels are so detailed and visual nice to watch as I level up. I do spend money on some of the packages from time to time as a well worth it gift to myself. I enjoy looking at the leader board to watch my friends progress, and the map of knowing what’s up next. I also like being able to send gifts to multiple ppl and not just one at a time. I’m really not a fan of the card bonus feature because completing a set is so far and few in between its kinda a waste of space, plus they take away from perfect raids. I’ve been paying for months, on the card Fb page, spend money on packages, and buy chest with spare coins and I’m only 4 or so completed sets in. The quest feature is dull as well, I go there to loose coins so others won’t get them in a raid or to get a couple breathe minutes where I won’t get raided. Other than that this game rocks and the other version of this style of game does not compare..Version: 3.5.49

Get it nowwwwI love this I really suggest you get it right now not only it’s fun it’s really interesting and interesting i have only had this game for a week and I, already addicted you have to get it nowwwwwwwwwwww.Version: 3.5.100

Coin masterThis game is so fun.Version: 3.5.100

AddictiveThis game is highly addictive. I found myself getting very competitive against my friends on Facebook, including my brother. I’ve only had this game for about 4 days and I’ve already found myself playing it on my journey to college and even on my breaks at work. Generally speaking, it’s a great game. However, I feel like once you’ve run out of spins, the game becomes boring and dull as you have to wait one whole hour just for five more. I also don’t like how rare I find it to get shields when I need them the most. I haven’t had a shield for over a day now. Since my last lot of shields I had over 600 spins where I was getting shields constantly but due to my lack of spins I find that I’m not getting any. This is causing my village to constantly be destroyed as I’m not getting the opportunity to block attacks. Other than the lack of spins and horrific waiting time for five more once you’ve ran out, this is a great game and it’s very tempting to spend real money..Version: 3.5.8

Not Happy !While I do love playing this game I have not in the last month . Excessively attacked by the same person who I removed from my Facebook friends list as instructed by your support page , this person is still able to attack me .. what happened to your up to 24 hours for them to disappear off my list ??? I know all it’s all part of the game but this person is the only one attacking me , doesn’t even give anyone else a chance !!! I am unable to attack her back as I get a connection error if I choose her in the revenge list as she still shows up there . One very unhappy player here at the moment .. need a new update to rectify this immediately!!.Version: 3.5.150

RoseHey I think coin master is such a great game and I love playing it, however when we get to higher levels it is hard to keep going as everything is so expensive and we don’t have enough spins to even make a dint in moving forward, I also think that one day a week we should be able to trade gold cards or an event or something to make it just that much easier to complete our villages. This game is great and I would love to see it become so much better.Version: 3.5

Great game with pros and consIt is an amazing game however when you are out of spins/money there is kind of nothing really left to do therefore it gets boring so you just keep going on and off the game until you get spins, however it is an amazing game while the fun lasts I love the game but also I don’t like the fact that you HAVE to have Facebook to be able to play with friends because I’am at the age recommendation for each apps however NONE of my friends have Facebook therefore there is no point getting Facebook for a different app and also if your friends don’t have Facebook but they have this app you still can not play with them as a result of this i think the game should be able to access contacts or an option of social apps like Instagram, snapchat WhatsApp. Overall I fully recommend this game as result of my 5 star rating however I think there should be a variety of ways to play with friends and something to do while you wait for spins..Version: 3.5.4

Coin masterI love playing coin master, because it’s really exiting when you come back the next day and the game has awarded you 1.5 million coins to build up your village. Also every day you get 50 spins and if you complete a village you will get 25 extra spins then you will get awarded with 1:5 million cont and ten spins. If you run out of spins or coins you can buy 5 million coins for 2$ and 100 spins for 5$. But say you don’t want to pay and you run out of spins, the game will give you 5 spins per 58 mins. And that’s all I’ve got to say🤩.Version: 3.5.281

Great gameLove it.Version: 3.5.63

AddictingThis game is fun and addicting as you want to keep on building and earning more and more!!.Version: 3.5.300

(Coin master) Review.I well and truely enjoy this game I would suggest this to friends and family it uses a persons competitiveness and will to climb the leaderboards to build the best village they can overall great game (5 Stars)..Version: 3.5.8

Good gameI love this game but it is annoying for others and me that we get our stuff token from others and getting our village damaged.Version: 3.5.110

Love it!Omg! I love this game, it’s so addicting and is a real time killer. I love how you can raise your bet when you spin because it gives people good opportunities to receive coins, spins, shields and much much more. And I love how when you raid a village, if you only got two out of three prizes, your pet will dig it up and that makes it more enjoyable. My only concern is how maybe you should put food for your pets into the spin so players can keep their pets fed ready for a raid if need be. Overall I just absolutely love this game, definitely worth downloading and definitely one of my favourite apps. 🥰✌🏽.Version: 3.5.61

Coin master is amazingI think that coin master is Riley fun and I recommend to every on of all ages it is good for people how want to have a game that dos not require that much attention and it is good because you onlyPlay it as long as you have spins left so you have a limited amount of time on that so you’re balancing out your life between video games and being outside and interacting with people so I highly recommend this game it’s one of the best I’ve seen so far so I give it a 5 out of 5 ratting Great game. Stinger.Version: 3.5.261

PlsHi I have a request it would be wonderful if you could add a feature to the game where if someone plays for a certain amount of time they get some spins so if they have been signed up to coin master with there Facebook account like is they have been signed up for a year maybe they could be gifted a few thousand spins as I have been signed up for 4 years and yet I still am not that good as I don’t get many spins so I think it would be great also my account is Lilly-mai and I had just saved up 40,000 spins and they just disappeared I worked hard for them and also spent money on some of them so it would be nice if I could get at least half of them back if not then that’s okay but it would be nice if you could try as I have been going downhill from them on and my dad he has been playing for about 2 years now and he lost 5k spins which he brought back but he would love to get them back sorry for so many complaints I just think this should be sorted yours lilly.Version: 3.5.120

Great gameReally addicted to this game only thing that is annoying is the amount of popups sometimes more than once you guys should input a zero counter for example i have 7 spins left but can only use 5 wait until the amount of spins is zero then do your popups you already have the different stuff to buy on each side of the game so dont see the necessity to have popups every 4 seconds time waster and when free balloons pop up ya cant click on them fast enough becuz of the stupid popups other than that game is good.Version: 3.5.310

Ripper of a gamePretty fun, me and the bros are having a good time.Version: 3.5.310

I love this game...I would just like to leave one more suggestion: I noticed that you are constantly improving the challenges and prizes of the game and this is great but for example, in the case of spin to earn money, ( Daily bonus) I have been playing for a long time and I never hit the prize of 1.5b just small prizes, this is awesome for building village...and the question of animals used for defense, finding treasure, for why I cannot use more than one at the same time if I have food for they? in the case of the card collection? I have only one card missing in sets and I buy chests to win this card and spin to complete my village and it never comes, it discourages a little. Now i want to praise the things i liked, the round that when you turn the roulette wheel and if a figure comes out you get the points for prizes and great, and the part of the incentives when you can win two prizes if you reach the amount of points. I loved the balloons with money and spin at the same time. and I also loved the discounts for building the villages, so there are a lot of things I think and ideas. this is by far the best game I have ever played..Version: 3.5.200

Awesome, but one problemI love this game, I love playing it and getting a bunch of coins and I love all the villages and upgrades. However, I do have one small problem that I would like to address. It’s kind of a bug and it’s been ‘bugging’ me for some time. Get it? Anyway, the problem is that sometimes when I get the daily spin or select a pet or get an attack or raid, the game will just shut down on my phone and it kicks me off the app. I don’t really understand why, I’ve tried fixing it but nothing seems to work. I’ve recently got the latest update, and it has improved the game but the bug is still there, I’ve tried asking my friends who also play this game if they have this same problem, and only a few of them do. I’m pretty sure it’s not my phone that’s the problem, as I have the latest version and I’m up to date on everything, with not too many things and downloads in the way. But I will say this: this isn’t the only game that does this, so it could possibly be my phone. However, if you can somehow find the bug and fix it in the next update, I would really appreciate it as this bug occurs in this game the most, more than others. Thank you for reading and I love this game so much, and I’d enjoy it more if it didn’t kick me off..Version: 3.5.61

Coin game...Can I bring back my original game back ... because my iPhones 6s is broken and I brought another new iPhone 8... and I have to restart again but I’m not interested... start it again... Can you help bring back my highest level... Thanks Shane Tima.Version: 3.5.13

Gameplay and rewardsHi just wanted to express how I would play this game everyday but it’s not getting rewarded as it shows, lose spins without enough seconds to use. I emailed and even asked support if I had a time limit after purchasing spins and they said no but I lost my spins within seconds of purchases. I went to support and advised them about spin wins and they go on to say they checked and they were awarded accordingly and didn’t even got 1 spin for their misleading gamer. I have been very disappointed with their customer support and feel I need to screen shot my allegations or it’s not valid. I played with Ipad sometimes because I would use up my battery on my phone and switch to other ways to play, I no longer desire to rush from devices anymore because it’s not fun when you have to prove you didn’t get rewards as they say they would. I played this game with family members everyday but now just wait for whatever is given, I stop paying to buy coins or spins because it wasn’t awarded correctly, this game was fun but not anymore. May you start believing in the customer instead of challenging their claims..Version: 3.5.70

RateGreat game.Version: 3.5.300

Love but .....RewardsI love playing this game . Once my children ( I have 3 but 2 are special needs ) go to bed , it’s the only time I can play it . My days are constantly busy and going from one specialist or therapist to another . 5 days a week . I don’t get a moment for just me so when I do , I play CN for about 15-30 mins . My only complaint is that as the levels get higher , the rewards ( I.e spins and coins ) remain the same as they do for lower levels . Building takes ALOT more coins than it does for lower levels and if you increase your spin count for better odds , you run through them within minutes . It would just be nice to get bigger rewards as you level up . Getting cards is the same , I have 30 duplicates of a lot of cards but am unable complete my sets because I keep getting the easy cards . Trading them can be tricky as some people don’t want to give up a card even if their sets are completed . We cannot purchase the harder cards ( it gives the easy ones - you have to have a lot of coins to keep buying and that could take 20 times before you get a new card - not the gold ones either - ) The Gold cards we can’t “ ask “ for either . I love the game , but it can also get frustrating. :/.Version: 3.5.230

Cool gameCould make it a little easier with the spins and getting the bonuses especially when you spend so much money on a game and it gets you nowhere. Otherwise I like it!.Version: 3.5.181

FunI am hooked/addicted.Version: 3.5.300

Love it... butEven if youre on frequently, in between gaining more spins or waiting to feed your pet for extra help- theres hardly a way to stay on top of things (without buying alot of package deals- regularly) You cant save enough shields to prevent the onslaught of attacks /stolen coins without spending real money. In fact, you could blow through the given spins in 15 mins and have to be done the game until you wait to accumulate enough spins to play again for 10-15 mins.. every few hours . or pay cash. It begins to be - like most of these games, a bit costly. Every time theres time away from the game, youre attacked , and you backside,when you do accumulate enough spins to play, you are stuck having to build up coins just to get back to where you left off- then possibly move on.. if you have anything left over OR of course real money to spend. If you dont have a lot of cash, nor a lot of patience to slow eek up the star/level scale between beatdowns, then this game will just be the next old abandoned game (as several of my ‘friends’ villages are) . I did give it a fair shot- both with real cash and playing without adding- its costly. The constant *BAM *BUY THIS pop ups in hits of 3 that slam onto the screen, plus a dozen more- is a huge overkill. It would be nice if you could maneuver your village contents, decorate .. but everything you add is preset ..Version: 3.5.110

I have a idea 😅You should add the option to watch a ad for some spins , I’m running out really fast and not getting much good so being able to watch a ad for more would be very nice.Version: 3.5.150

RatingThis is a good fun game to play every now and then coming in and using my spins and working my way up through the level.Version: 3.5.200

Awesome gameThis game is so much fun! I play with my niece and we enjoy attacking and raiding each other villages haha ... so worth the download and time spent playing!.Version: 3.5.63

AddictiveI really like this game, I play it any chance I get.. but it really annoys me when I get raided frequently because after a few levels it costs a fair bit to upgrade stuff in villages and just as soon as I have almost enough money to upgrade something, I get raided and it feels like it takes forever to get the money back 😂 UPDATE - I just downloaded a game through the free spins option and did what it told me to do, it said it’d give me 170 spins if I did it... I did everything it asked and I haven’t received my 170 spins ? Can you help me out ?.Version: 3.4.4

Please leave a message after the tone: *beeeeep*You’ve reached Joshua, I’m currently playing coin master... so please don’t leave your number, just leave me alone thanks! Have a good day! This game... wow where do I start!? I feel like we have been in a committed relationship for a while now and I’ve met my soulmate.. the love of my life! This game can change one of the worst days I have come to experience yet in life and take me from anxiety ridden to a new reality where I can just escape, relax and have fun leaving everything else temporarily behind until I am mentally able to deal with it. Not one game of any other game at all has ever kept my attention through one day of play until I came across this game 7 months ago... no really I put my phone down to shower and this is just until I figure out how to shower with my phone without causing water damage so I don’t ever have to stop playing! All jokes aside, this game is fun, exciting, capturing your attention while giving back to us fans giving us opportunity after opportunity to win awesome prizes that help your progress in the game! As that wasn’t enough they keep that fun and entertaining by staying interactive on multiple social media platforms. Miles ahead of the rest hands down, no comparison that I’ve come across yet.. I’d say coin master gets 10’s straight across the board!.Version: 3.5.151

AmusantBon passe temps.Version: 3.5.300

Best Game Ever!I first heard about this game from a friend who was playing it regularly. I was intrigued to see what the big craze was and what this particular game meant/did. At first glance, I didn’t really care for it until I downloaded it and finally understood the fuss over it. It is a game that would be best played connected to Facebook to play with friends and attack their villages; however, I do not have facebook, yet I still thoroughly enjoy the game with or without being connected to friends on it. On the game a person is to spin a machine and earn money(pretend money). There are countless different levels of the game and to move up a level, you must pay certain amounts of your earned money to get objects, places or things on the village. Whilst trying to build and complete your village, other players may get a coin master spin (three pigs in a row) and have you as their coin master, therefore giving them the chance to steal your money. Also, the objects or places you have built can similarly get knocked down needing you to rebuild them. There are shields that can protect this from happening though. Just as people can steal and attack you, you can steal and attack them. Overall, I would definitely recommend this fantastic, addictive new craze to any age of players..Version: 3.5.8

Cool gameRelaxing and like the lottery.Version: 3.5.310

AMAZING 😍🥰😘😇Coin master is a new experience for me I can battle my friends Raid my coin master it’s genius the crew must’ve put a lot of effort into this game I also love the idea of the casino slot machine and the signature pig changed every time I moved a village in particular my favourite design was the Egyptian one I love the fact that you can get pets such as a fox dragons and dogs also cats maybe I haven’t gotten that far yet I like it how you can get spins in the slot machine so you don’t have to wait continuously but I just have one complaint sometimes people are targeting the same person over and over again if on face book and there is a improvement to make sometimes people run out of spins and barley have any money to get anything maybe you should add in daily rewards just something to think about though!🐱I hope this report has wanted you to play coin master make sure to raid and keep it going!.Version: 3.5.8

GénialMEILLEUR jeux au MONDE Tu tombe accro très vite❤️❤️.Version: 3.5.300

Very disappointed right nowUp until this past week I would have given this game 5 stars! But things change when you get cheated out of coins and spins. Twice this week now. I was first cheated out of spins. I won 1500 spins from one of the either attacks or raids, can’t remember which one. Well, I was continuing to play and had to go do a couple of things and was not able to get back to the game until the next morning, I still had about 800 spins left when I stopped and when I came back the next morning they were all gone! All I had was the 50 spins you get. That was very upsetting I haven’t seen anywhere that I know of where it says that you lose your spins if you don’t use them the same day! The second thing was today, I did a raid and stole about $6,000,000+ coins and I had been betting 5 with my spins so that $6,000,000+ should have been multiplied by 5. That was not the case and as a matter of fact, I didn’t get any coins at all!! For these reasons I’m really starting to dislike this game!!! Prior to this, like I said, I would have given it 5 starts. I have spent a lot of time and money playing it to be cheated out of my coins and spins like that!!! 😡.Version: 3.5.16

AmazingMost addicting app ever i invited my cousin now I'm beating the absolute crap out of him.Version: 3.5.3

Coin masterCoin master is a fun game to play but when u really need two more for a raid out of 50 or so more spins and u don’t get it really not fair when u think about it.Version: 3.5.8

Overall good game, some annoying thingsThe game is good. It’s addictive, it’s fun to play against friends, it is creative and unique. It also is a game that you can play on several occasions throughout the day: in between mornings, lunch breaks and at home. The only problem I had with it is the amount of pop-ups it has. They’re not ads, they’re in-game pop-ups about special deals and limited time challenges and things. At least 5 come up one after another when you load the game up, which is really annoying considering I open it up a few times a day. Also, every time you run out of of spins, 3 pop-ups appear. One is ‘you ran out of spins buy some more’, another is ‘invite friends for spins’, and another is ‘watch a video for a free spin. These constant pop-ups have made me lose out on so many awards, and have even allowed me to be unable to protect my village from raids or to spend my money, so lots of money gets taken away from me. This is more of a ‘what to improve on’ review. What I am trying to say is - lower the amount of pop-ups. That’s all :).Version: 3.5.8

Good gameI really like this game, got it from Superwog and from an add Ever since the first time I played it, it turns out I was getting addicted to it, but no regrets for this is legit the best game i have ever played. I rated a five star because the title of the game “Coin master” Its gameplay is exactly what it sounds like in the game, Telling u now, everyone who has NOT downloaded the game is absolutely missing out, Just saying now that this is all my opinion don’t get offend by it if you do not like the game maybe it’s not your style I’m just writing this to inform people to NOT ATTAK MY VILLAGE, and enjoy the game (:.Version: 3.5.44

Best game ever coin masterBest game ever there’s so many cool maps where you go you can attack friends sometimes it has shields so you need to be careful I’m new but this is all I’ve been playing on recently who ever made this I respect you make more amazing games and you can raid villages and find peoples money and sometimes it’s hard two find the money you have three shuvles and you have two collect the money this is a really cool app make more because I would have lots more fun and evry one else will have fun you should add some cool updates and that’s about it oh no it’s not you can send friends money and spins every 48 hours the spins is where you get money you can raid the villages and even and they have spins and you get 10 if you get 3 in a line and you can create your island and get stars for building the village each time you can make pets turn into a family and much more you should buy this game it’s fire.Version: 3.5.70

This game is amazing!I really like this game it’s really fun and if you get more spins it just adds up even if it’s not in the bar when you play you will understand!.Version: 3.5.110

Coin masterWas away from internet for two weeks and really missed playing this excellent game Chuck.Version: 3.1

Good gameEasy and fun.Version: 3.5.310

My ratingThe game is fun. I play it on car trips or when I’m bored and it always manages to occupy me. it is one of the best mobile games I have played there’s pvp there’s different lands/Islands there’s pets and much more that makes this game fun and entertaining. I have played a lot of different mobile games but I love this one. There’s a reason this game has good reviews and 5 stars I think we both know why. Thank you for making this game you definitely deserved me putting my time into making this statement. Anyway, see you next time I get the option to make another. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😊.Version: 3.5.276

I love it so muchFind you so much money you can buy more houses you go on the next levels but I’m on the second level is so fun because it’s the best game in the world and even you if you know that that game is the best go to the channel and it will be good and it’s really fun because you can tag people villages be some people friends I got 133 friends and what I did also give you some water money in your account so download it and you’ll be fine so bye and have a good day play all day long until it’s bedtime untilKnow that that’s got a game so if you want to download the search grandmas the game give you money so much and so yeah so download it and do it.Version: 3.5.200

Love it but...Love this game I just hate that when you win 200 a few times blockers they seem to be used with only 5 - 10 attacks :-/ Also when I am having the issue that I refer friends around 10 got back to me downloaded and play yet I’ve not received the rewards for that especially when you’re advertising the special on receiving this large amount of spins per person yet not one spin not even the usual amount disappointing.Version: 3.5.63

Coin MasterTrès bon jeu.Version: 3.5.261

AmazingI started three days ago and I’m addicted I recommend everyone play this game with friends and family I give it 5 stars!!.Version: 3.5.70

EmazingWhile playing made 17ml raid!!!!!.Version: 3.5.63

So addictingReally love this game it keeps me busy during the lockdown. Unfortunately ive spent so much money on it, but hey im still playing :p i cant get through the day without playing. Hoping to get more rewards from coin master from all the money ive spent..Version: 3.5.80

I like itI like it.Version: 3.5.300

Wow such an amazing well thought out game I love itWow this game is such good and thought out I love it so so much apart from having to wait 53 minutes to get more spins but honestly no lag no glitches no losing ur islands or coins best game without glitches they dint rush this fantastic game and I love every time u complete ur island u get half the more spins and it makes me really happy not having to wait thank you so much to the builders/co-owners/owners the self just for not rushing like every other game out thinking it would be good perfect noce no glitches(esc) so thank. You to all of those and I’m really glad you created this game and I really suggest if you haven’t downloaded this marvellous app yet What are you waiting for pancakes? Haha bassically I’m saying they worked so hard on this so if u have some time please just support them and do ur part and download the fantastic app you don’t understand how much it helps them I mean they put so much time and effort into this so do ur part and download the game please not just to make me happy but to make all these hard-working people that made it happy anyways can’t be here all night typing i. Shall end it here (please download!!!!) byee xxxx.Version: 3.5.211

Good could be greaterLove this game play with my wife and kids . It’s simple and fun but it lacks a bit of strategy and depth at times . I think you could do so much more with it. You defiantly need to sort out the money situation I get that you can earn and spend quickly but it so far fetched at times. I agree you should also limit times you should and should be able to be attacked. Also the sore games need a revamp it just the same four being repeated . Also the daily bonuses could be better and spins be more frequent cos the people who pay for more get way to much compared to their players you can never win any tournament cos one person always seems to be miles ahead . I know these are picky but I don’t want to stop playing this hame because of updates that could possibly easily be sorted. My main gripe is with the collectable cards . I know the higher you get the more become available but the sheer amount of repeats you get is ridiculous. I don’t get any runs on the game in over a week to complete level 49 so the chance of completing more than the two sets I have completed is never gonna happen . Is there a way surely to make the coin trading easier or more random for the ones you do get . Please update this game more cos it’s so fun to play thank you.Version: 3.5.13

Great GameCoin Master is an incredible game! The only bad thing about it is that you can’t play forever!! I just started but are playing as a guest, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have facebook, it is fun for all..Version: 3.5.64

Amazing Game But Needs Some Small ImprovementsEDIT: I have also seen a lot of people complaining about two spins being taken at once. One of the games best features is that you can multiply the spins which then multiplies the reward. For example, Choose x3 in the multiplier above the spin bottom and say you land on Shield you will receive 3 instead of 1. This is the same with Attack and Raid. Doing this will definitely help you progress and complete your villages faster and get more out of the game. It also helps in the Raid or Attack challenges where you get rewards for a certain amount. I LOVE this game. I play it everyday. I love the fact that you don’t really have to spend money to progress on but a few things would make the game even better. The amount of pop-ups that come up when you open the game or run out of spins (These are not adverts don’t worry) to tell you things can be very annoying. Sometimes you just want to play but have to click exit from maybe four pop ups telling you about spins, the challenges which is fine sometimes but it’s just too much. I also think it would be better if you gave 10 spins an hour as it a long time to wait to get the full 50 which can get boring as I want to play it more often without spending loads of real money..Version: 3.5.8

FantasticThis game I have been playing every hour soon as my spins had refills and I had not stopped I am only on level 2 but I am really enjoying it so far keep it up.Version: 3.4.4

Hope some one at the company has a person who actually reads these reviews!!!!I too liked playing this game at first. But after spending weeks on trying to fix one level it’s becoming boring. I also don’t like the fact that there are only 3 slots for shields. When you have these bet max challenges and if, for example you bet 6 spins and land on 3 shields which are tripled to 6 shields but only get to keep 3 of those 6 shields (or minus any shields that are already in the slots). This is not ok. I have lost almost 20 shields because of this. And why is it you can buy spins and coins but not shields? Now for the daily spin wheel. I am sure the algorithm your team created for this part of the game only allows 1 in a million chance to actually win the 10 million coins (or something to that effect) Why put it on there at all. Plus how about increasing the coins by the same way you do with the spins (x 2,3,4...etc.). Increase the free spins to 20 every 15 minutes. This needs to match the frequency of the events you have so we have a better chance playing in the events. Thank you.Version: 3.2.2

Love it!To actually play this game you have to be patient as you’re not going to get a mass amount of spins all the time. I usually hop on it once or twice a day to use my 50 spins, to fix the damage in my village and to buy more chests. It’s really fun once you get up to a certain level, the tournaments are fun and winning stuff is always great. You’re always going to win something if you check back quite a few times on the game per day. I’ve placed 1st in a tournament before and got gifted 1K spins which was pretty awesome! Can’t get sick of this game..Version: 3.5.26

FunCool game.Version: 3.5.310

It funIt the cool game.Version: 3.5.48

GoodIs pretty good.Version: 3.5.63

Probably the best game everI LOVE Coin Master. So simple yet so addictive. It’s really refreshing to find a game that you can play and level without the need to spend heaps of money on it. The developers should give themselves a pat on the back as they have the balance of this game down perfectly. Loads of free rewards and great competitions, yeah ok I’m never going to win the competition or get the top prizes but I still get enjoyment out of the game. Yes if you want to spend money you will level quicker and also get bigger up the ladder in the challenges but you can still get great rewards without the need to spend. Definitely 5 stars from me :).Version: 3.5.120

Make your game more enjoyable pleaseI’m about annoyed with CM. Three times I have purchased chest then I get crashed out. My coins are not refunded and I don’t get the chest when I start the app again. Also I notice that when there’s an event I’m not getting any spins coins or anything when I’m in the middle of building my village. This is beyond annoying. I know it’s a game but come on you telling me out of 2000 spins I can’t get anything but a couple of thousand here and there. Not even enough to do any building. I submitted a ticket weeks ago with proof and I never got it resolved. Then there are not enough spins to start out with. Even if you win 600 during their events they are gone in less than 2 minutes. This game is so rigged. During events they give you more hammers if it’s a raid event and vice versa. I feel for people to enjoy this game way more we should start out with 500 spins and 25 each hour. Also this card situation needs to change why give out so many of the same cards. I have so many like over 500 of a basic card. Please make this game more enjoyable.Version: 3.5.25

Enjoyable and freeFun to play for me and my kiddos and it’s free to play. Attack your friends for a laugh and then be like ooo nooooo when they get cha back! Totally fun.Version: 3.5.310

Fun to kill timeIf you’ve got nothing better to do, it’s a game you could play to kill time. Some ads, but nothing too crazy. 1 star off just because I have no patience to wait for energy to get filled up..Version: 3.5.100

ReviewTalk about the popups!! They sooo annoying after each game well i mean after ur last spin!! And before u start ??? Can u lessin the popups!!! And ive been waiting for 4😤😤 last cards to complete 4 sets and im on level 1485... and still havint got a crad to complete a set 😤😤somethings up must be rigged!!!! Started enjoying it at the begining but now its i feel its rigged😤😭not happy!!!!!.Version: 3.5.17

Love this game but...I love this game a lot and when started playing it I just loved it more and more but the more I played it I felt like the spins are rigged in a way or I feel like i just get unlucky every time but then I notice it happens every time to where if there is something going on and you can get a Raid or an attack and get 2 for per a hit attack and 3 for a block and then 4 for a raid and 5 for a perfect and it’s X’s what ever you bet soon as you get both it’s like impossible to get another one of either I was betting X10 and had 1200 spins from the tournament I won and I only got I believe two attacks and one raid out of all the spins and I understand it’s probably set up a way but I feel like if stuff like that happens it makes the game not as fun because you put in the time to get all theses spins but when you use them you barley get anything and then the second thing is when your playing and say I have 55 spins and and I’m betting 30 then I don’t win any thing so now I have 25 spins every thing to get more spins pops up and it does it every time and it get frustrating when you just wanna play I would understand if it did it when you completely run out but every time is just over kill and also makes me not as interested in play as much but besides the two things I love the game and I feel like if it weren’t for these things it be by far my favorite game.Version: 3.5.20

#1 Favourite game 🤩I’ve been playing this game for about 7 maybe more years and this game never disappoints me. Always new events, tournaments and as always great deals. I play it everyday when I can and it’s my #1 favourite game.Version: 3.5.290

Truly addictiveThey have the game if you have the time and patience-just brilliant play it with friends,it’s not coin thieft if it’s friends, I consider it borrowing for a while.......Version: 3.5.181

Love this gameI really love this game and I play daily and on level 95. Like others have said 5 spins an hour and 50 max every 10 hours is just not enough to continue levelling up its getting way to expensive and you get to a point where you only need 1 upgrade to complete and the village gets destroyed. 3 shield is not enough once you get to the highly expensive levels. I also had a problem with one of the attack events where I was t credited with the 45 million coins and although I contacted support I still have not had a reply. There should also maybe be an option to trade in coins for spins. Also since decreasing the pets food time from 4hrs to 1 hour it’s a waste as you run out of spins before the pet goes back to sleep and also the ability to pause the time on the pet when run out of spins has gone. As with the cards always getting the same ones it’s getting beyond a joke now as once you hit higher levels the cards from lower levels should stop coming through. And uncollected cards normal and gold should be easier to obtain rather than spending months and billions of coins to get those rare and gold cards.Version: 3.5.20

Really addictiveI only just started playing, but so far so good. I’ve been avoiding this game thinking it was going to be boring, but I finally decided to try it and see for myself. It’s quite a lot of fun, probably not for the people who don’t enjoy their work ruined or their coins stolen though XD The lucky spin system can get annoying when you run out of spins, but what’s a game if it just hands everything to you. I think it misses some extra activity. Simply spinning for money or raids and upgrading villages to max gets kind of menial after a while. This game is pretty addictive though and I’m glad I decided to play it :D.Version: 3.4

Adds! And glitchingAs soon as I get on the app i watch all the add well read then I click the x or what it say to get of then I go to spin and it glitches me off so I have 200 spin from gift from coin master and can’t use them at all.Version: 3.5.26

Coin master queenWant to go on a time and time ago there was this girl playing Coin Master and then she finished one of her villages and she moved on to the desert then she finished that one Utan to the next one and then to the lecture and then to the next one and it keeps going until she finished all of them and then she deleted coin master because she was done everything she missed coin master So she put it up again and then she did again and then she deleted it so she kept doing that the end.Version: 3.5.162

Very addictiveLove this game...haven’t come across any glitches really...I’m just finding it impossible to get a few of the golden cards for the lower level collections so I can finish them off! I’m finding the Viking challenges really fun but completely impossible. On a number of occasions, I’ve collected over 600 spins, only betting like 10 a spin and I’ve only got raid up once, if at all! So frustrating when you are trying to build up coins to complete Viking challenge. Then when I have a reasonable amount of coins, the odds of a winning spin is not good at all! I went through over 250,000,00 and only got bonus spin once...failing the challenge. Anyways, would be great if the odds were a little better. Specially for people who just can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars real money to play..Version: 3.5.70

GameI love playing coin master -attacking being attacked ,popping balloons but. I hate waiting for the BIG five hourly spins if you’re not watching your village being destroyed or your pet fox slowly dying of starvation well -it’s a bit like watching paint dry 💤. Other than that I love it and all the helpful coin masters who keeep sending links and saying ‘sorrry you’ve already collected from this link -when you know you haven’t cos you’ve been chasing freebies all day that pisses on your fireworks.a tad .but I love it .Thanks ..more spins please 😉 One thing I must point out is the pictures ‘gifts’ we get and it says ‘read this email in your browser so off you go and it says ‘collect and play -now ‘ so click and you can click open in app store or- ‘ nothing -it’s an invalid url so you try to collect hoping for ‘the gift ‘by opening inapp store which takes you to the coin master game to play but alas nothing to collect .things like that are horrible and make it an unfair game .the game itself is very addictive as you are playing. against other players but there are a few tweeks that need adjusting -only saying ..Version: 3.5.11

I really do love this game but...I actually really love this game I play pretty much everyday, I’ve even purchased a few spins before but, yesterday for some odd reason I had made it to collect my 600 spins even had millions in coins and then the game froze. I thought it was my phone at first so I shut my phone off and turned it back on went back to the game and I didn’t have my 600 spins are coins. I just chalked it up as being my phone fault but it happen again last night it wasn’t as many spins are coins but still I didn’t get what I won. Another thing why do you place these offers on FB that all you have to do is like, share and comment and you can receive spins but in order to get those spins you have to complete a survey are get whatever that’s not fair if I’ve done what you’ve asked as far as the like share and comment then I should just be able to get the spins. Like I said I love the game but it need just a few bugs worked out and I won’t be sharing are commenting on fb cause I really don’t feel like I should have to complete a whole extra survey to get spins I’ll just wait on the ones to fill back up. Thank you!.Version: 3.5.33

Amazing 👍Who ever made this game is amazing it’s just fun to play something different new I don’t know it’s just interesting to get coins and plus no ads and to get friends you can play as a guest or on a Facebook page it’s just way amazing awesome and the best this is true all of it is! And it’s especially nice and easy for kids and adults who play it me and my cousin and my sister and brother play it all the time when we are in the car or in my grandmas it’s amazing all of it love the idea of coin master and the pig is unique? All is good every time I see that game I love that it’s safe to play and I would play it all day I did that one time I can do it again all of this is true and there should be no negative comments on this game because who ever made or thought of this game worked really hard for everyone in the world to play this game and the title of the game coin master is amazing too I would skip seeing my gramma in California just to keep playing this game and it’s amazing that it doesn’t been WiFi to play and I love everything and ever part of this game no matter anything and if I ever hit my head and forget my whole family but guess what I would never forget coin master it’s amazing and don’t say it’s only my opinion because we all know that it’s every ones opinion ok any one who’s reading this and now all the words of the game amazing, awesome.Version: 3.5.170

Lost my accountI have done something and can’t seem to find my account to my village any suggestions on how to get it back.Version: 3.5.261

Accidental log outHello, I was playing Coin Master and it had logged me out of my Facebook account and logged into my Aunts Facebook account and gifted her about $22,000,000 and 100 spins. I don't know how to log out of her account and back into mine..Version: 3.1

Great gameIt’s a really good game but you should let people play together and let people go inside houses and text each other but other then that it’s a really great game..Version: 3.5.48

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