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ABC13 Houston News & Weather App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

ABC13 Houston News & Weather app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ABC13 Houston News & Weather? Can you share your negative thoughts about abc13 houston news & weather?

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ABC13 Houston News & Weather for Negative User Reviews

DissatisfiedBeen having this app for over a year and it has been updated once or twice, I would like to keep it but I'm going to delete it because my app freezes up! Video freezes or buffers too much some videos don't play after being forced to watch adds and now when I open my app the screen is black it shows nothing! I get all my push notifications but when I want to see what's going on, I see nothing and I'm tired of this! So deleting.Version: 5.3.3

Unjustified!I’m only giving a one star cause I had to give one! Just wanted to let you know that because of the the cancellation of a show that I like to watch made by ABC, I am gonna take a stand and cancel your app from all of my devices and no longer watch ABC at all. So maybe ABC will feel the devastating affects it had for a lot of other people in this world anyway I’m done with unforgivable people our world is going to hell in a hand basket and the media is playing right into it as well. So without ABC having any ratings because of this show does this mean you will be leaving the airwaves as well?!?! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! Two wrongs don’t make it right! Treat others how you would want to be treated! Adios amigos! I used to love nothing but ABC13KTRK but I now have to take a stand as well!.Version: 6.0.4

Good app that can be betterThis app provides me all the news I need for the Houston area. One of the main problems I have is that I get an alert that there is going to be a news conference. So then I click on the alert and it takes me to the article. I press play to see the LIVE event.. BUT they play an ad FIRST before they allow viewing the live event. There have been several times that by the time the ad finishes, I have missed the live event. They should REALLY consider disabling ads for the live events. Play them all you want on the replay of these events. Play them all you want on stories. But by putting the ad in front of the live event you are causing people to potentially miss out on important information which they may be seeking. In fact after removing such ads they should verify against their competitors and could “guarantee no ads for live events”.. could be a very big selling point vs your competitors..Version: 7.15

Constantly freezing up and then just disappears!I’ve been reading the news on this app for a few years now, actually look forward to it every day but the past several months the app just freezes, can’t scroll, can’t do anything and then all of a sudden it just shuts down. I swipe everything away and reopen the app, scroll back to the article I was reading to continue on. A couple articles later, it happens again and this continues on and on. I’m frustrated as hell and I’ve uninstalled the app, reinstalled but it hasn’t made any difference at all. Someone needs to get this figured out, I’m getting closer every day to uninstalling the app for good! I use this app on my iPad and my cell and have this problem on both of my devices. Please fix this!.Version: 7.11

News app needs LOTS of workUnfortunately the app frequently shuts down during use. For example, this morning I had to reopen the app 4 times (I’ve never used the app where I didn’t have to reopen it frequently). Even more frustrating is when I attempt to report the problem on the feedback section, it never loads - I report form means no bad reports right? Smh ABC 13 is my favorite local news channel here in Houston, and I’m shocked that they haven’t provided a quality app that works better..Version: 7.6

Not what it used to beABC 13 used to be my favorite news channel, I’ve watched them my whole life. My dad would watch the news when he got home from work and I’d watch too. It’s sad to see such an incredible newscast spin very biased stories. I hate to leave, I just can’t sit and watch this station turn into CNN. The days of getting the straight news with no bias is done. Cover the story, make the observation and don’t lean on one side of the other. Leave your opinions out of it, support the country and stop trying to create division or push liberal media. Many, many, many Americans are no longer trusting news sources, be careful ABC, its a slippery slide down hill. You need to remember ABC that half of the country still supports conservative views. Wish you the best, here I come Fox. And if Fox is doing the same, I’ll stop with them and no longer watch any news. Gain the trust of your viewers, spin the truth. If you don’t know the truth about the story, don’t air it..Version: 6.0.1

Worst App goes to ABC13KTRKYour videos are littered with ads, so much as content the story or video never plays. Not to mention your stories are the same 5 stories everyday, Do you not have any people working there ? The stories are poorly written with no talent in developing the story in lost within two sentences that are as plain and misleading. I don’t blame people for getting their news from other sources of social media like Facebook and Twitter when you are giving us junk to watch and read. I know it’s probably not your call on what story to write about, but at least make the story interesting rather than opinionated one sided garbage filler. Please work on these stories better..Version: 6.2.0

I give no rate for this crap appI have hated this app for years on my IPad and I phone now all of a sudden I cannot share a story on it. NO it is not my device others have same issues. I can share KPRC NEWS and all the others in the state. Well here is Year’s later this still a crap app. You cannot read a article you start scrolling then it jumps to the end. NO ITS NOT THE PHONE. I also dislike the video they want you to watch at beginning if I wanted to watch news I turn on tv. I want to read the news. With NO ADVERTISEMENTS!!.Version: 7.14.1

Keeps crashingThe app crashes continually every day. I cannot look at all of the news stories posted that day without the app crashing 3 or more times. This has been happening for the last several weeks. Ironically, I went to the Feedback Form to let the administrators know, but the form will not load. I keep waiting for an update to fix this problem because I cannot believe I am the only person having this issue, but sadly nothing has been done..Version: 6.4.1

Music and ad sounds when try to play videoDoes anyone else have the same problem when they try to stream a breaking news video? I am alerted. Click on the feed to show a video, click play, and the video starts playing but the sound is different. It’s an ad or awful music that is nowhere to be seen on my screen. Is this a flaw in the app video feed technology?.Version: 7.7

Used to love itWell I finally deleted the ABC 13 app from my phone. It used to be a great news app, but since their last update the videos auto play when I click on a story, even though I disabled that option. And then it got to the point where I couldn’t even read the story after pausing or canceling the video, unless I watched the video. I prefer to read the news. If I wanted to watch the news I would watch it on tv. If it’s on my phone app I should be able to just read it..Version: 6.4.1

Biased newsIf you’re searching for more news bias then you’ve found it. Weather is time delayed not real time. Don’t know why they can’t link to real-time doplar rather then recording it then putting it up. Had emergency tornado warnings both on tv and phone, which didn’t show up until 10 minutes later. If it was an actual tornado there app would have missed it altogether. I went to the weather channel to actually see where this warning was located. Every amber alert shows up 15-30 minutes later, seems no emergencies are put up until it’s too late..Version: 7.12

Ads, ads and more ads!!!I like the app well enough, but the ads have got to be reduced at the least! They’re entirely too excessive. When I want to watch a breaking news story, I have to endure a (usually) 30 second ad before I’m able to watch the breaking news video. This is aggravating beyond belief! The layout is okay, but improvements could certainly be made for better accessibility and ease of use..Version: 6.1.1

Ads make the pages moveThe app doesn’t what it’s supposed to do, and it works fine, apart from the fact that the pages move when you click a news item. Because the ads or widgets take time to load the page jumps to where you lose track of where you are. First world problem, but one that ought to be able to be fixed nonetheless..Version: 6.2.1

Channel 13- ABC Houston News AppI don’t really watch television but I use the app to catch up on my iPhone. It keeps me puzzled because the app crashes extremely too much. I’m hoping they will soon have a fix for this, I’ve tried to report it on the feedback tab to no avail. The feedback never works, it constantly threads when I try to use it. At any rate I do like the app but I don’t like wasting my time..Version: 6.4.1

Auto-play nightmare in crash landFigured out you can disable auto-play, settings bottom right/video/never auto play) but now it crashes all the time. have tried reinstalling but same. It’s very disappointing since review page covered with reviews re:crashes you would think they would try to push updates but they haven’t. Last update was 4 weeks ago according to Apple. Did the app dev team quit? Are they trying to save money by letting someone’s kid take on app dev as a school project? I guess if the app quit crashing maybe they could send a reporter to ask these kinds of questions!.Version: 6.4.1

App pops up even when it isn’t openWhen using App Switcher on my iPhone, a little ABC13 notification bar appears at the bottom of the screen that says, “Good morning, Karen” and if I accidentally tap it, it opens the ABC13 app. I can’t seem to turn this off. I’ve turned off all notifications for ABC13, yet this banner-type thing keeps appearing. I enjoy the morning news team, but unfortunately, I’m going to have to delete the app unless I figure out how to disable this feature. Very frustrating..Version: 6.2.0

Perfect if videos will stop playingI loved the app until a change that had videos start to play when I’m trying to READ the news. I don’t want to see the videos or have them randomly start playing out loud, so I just have to forego reading the news in public settings or when I need “quiet”. I’ve become accustomed to repeatedly clicking the X to close the video before it starts playing (can’t always catch it in time). It’s a real pain for those of us who are just trying to read the news..Version: 6.4.1

Needs to have a Picture in Picture featureThis app need to add a Picture in Picture feature when it is enlarge to larger screen so that we continually to work while watching the news. After enlarging the screen there no why to do other things on our iPad because it kicks you out of the app and to continue to watch the news you have stop what you are doing and just watch the news..Version: 7.14.1

NotificationsLet me start this out by saying that I love abc 13. They are my go to news station, but can y’all do something about all of the news alerts that are phased out to the phones? I’ve noticed recently that y’all are sending out items that aren’t really breaking news worthy. I know y’all have to compete with other local news stations, and y’all want to be the first to tell the news, but there has to be something y’all can do. Maybe a filter for push notifications?.Version: 6.2.0

This app is a mess.Ch13 reporters frequently refer viewers to the app to find more information on a particular story, yet it’s too often impossible to locate the story. The app has no query feature. The stories are scattered randomly on the app’s pages. If a story is covered in the televised broadcast and you want people to go to the app to get more information, it seems that you might want to make it relatively easy to do so. I just spent 15 minutes on this app trying to find more on a story (as the reporter urged viewers to do) and there’s absolutely nothing in this app on that story. Nothing. This is the 3rd time I’ve had this experience..Version: 7.15

Frustrating App now!I used to love this app. It worked great. I could read the articles and move on. Now every time I open an article a video add pops up. If I want to use it, I literally have to turn my volume all the way off so some loud add doesn't start playing. I used to guage the quality of other news app against this one but not any more. Its incredibly frustrating and I avoid it now. It used to be my go to app for Houston news but not any more. Its really a shame!.Version: 6.4

Too biasI’ve been a long time viewer of Channel 13 since I was a little girl. I also prefer to read the news instead of watching it. Channel 13 has become more bias towards certain topics and it’s so obvious. It has also turned into sensational news. If I wanted that, I would have tuned into enews. Can we go back to reporting without being bias please. Let the viewers have a mind of their own rather than control them. Also too many links and ads on each stories..Version: 7.15

Love the channel and hate this appThe channel and the Newsroom are fantastic, but this app is a real pain, have bugs everywhere. Additionally, as a suggestion It will be great if you broadcast the news all day, not just some specific times, it could be just the replay of the last broadcast, in that way if you missed the lattes broadcasts you can still catch the news latter, having only this short videos about the news are not the best. Lastly, if you repeat the latest news broadcast you may be able to push more publicity.....Version: 7.13

Playing same videoPlease stop playing the same irrelevant video after playing a news video. Looping too the next current NEWS video is much easier to enjoy the app. Also the pics representing a news topic duplicated under another story is annoying and shows poor management of the app. I’d think abc 13 was more up to date to make these mistakes ..Version: 7.16

Loaded with LIBERAL BIASED reporting. SAD.I give it 2 stars based on the news lay out and ease of use. This app caters to city of Houston ideology and does NOT represent a majority (area or population) of Southeast Texas. Years ago I felt as if “journalism” was reporting to the public important facts and unbiased review of current events. Not anymore. The “news” is really a condensed version of how the “reporter” sees the events using colorful adjectives to “put down” ideas and ways of life opposing their own. Having said that, it is understandable that this is what journalism has become given the fact that social media is doing a great job at limiting speech and stifling views opposing their own. It is SAD that our children may grow up in this environment. Real journalism should report on BOTH sides of a story which are based on FACTS. I would encourage news seekers to keep looking for alternative unbiased reporting whenever possible and teach your children the same-.Version: 7.15

Really messed this app up with this update! Don’t recommend updating.Took a really user friendly app and ruined it with this update. If I had known how messed up and worthless this app would be after the update, I would not have updated it, now its virtually worthless. Seriously considering deleting it. Also to note, the advertisements and data mining is ridiculous...I read an article about a truck driver who became stranded and instead of breaking out some of his potato chip cargo, he went hungry...for months now I have been showered with truck driving schools, truck driver everything in my emails and advertising across the board, all from ONE article..Version: 6.1.1

Simple request.... Please move the play button for videos off center. The current location blocks the video picture. If you have the time to watch the ads and videos this is not an issue. There are times that you just can't watch a video and the play button obscuring the image is frustrating. Case in point: AMBER alerts. You show the pic of the kid but block it with the play button. Not smart!.Version: 5.3.3

COVID-19 oldI usually really appreciate your coverage of the greater Houston area news. But Your app recently pushes out a NEW notification about NEW Covid-19 patients. But the notifications brings me to an older article that doesn’t talk about the new case (as advertised), but every single old case I have already read at least two dozen times is listed in that news story. PLEASE start a new article so I don’t have to read through it all EVERY TIME and learn nothing new to me. AND make sure THE NEW INFORMATION is in the news story/video before you push send on those notifications..Version: 7.11

Annoyed.This is always my “go to” app for catching up on the latest news, especially the weather. I enjoy the app very much, yet I find it very frustrating. When I click on an article to read more, the page loads and brings me to the end of the article in the middle of reading. It is annoying to have to scroll back, and find where I left off before the page loaded all of the other articles and ads. It would be great if there was a “reading view” option the way web browsers offer..Version: 6.2.0

THE WEB SITE THAT IS AFRAID TO GROW UPAs large as Houston is, as diversified, and as cosmopolitan, this App contains very little useful news about the city, the county, or the state. It seems as if this station is "going along to get along". The news stories lack depth and originality. Way too many "fluff stories" hang around way too long taking up space for possible news that has merit and useful information. Where are your investigative reporters? Is the Houston/Harris area county devoid of lawlessness, graft, and any number of other problems? Your web site seems to give that impression. For supposedly being a professional news outlet, in the 4th largest city in the United States, I have found more useful information in "Mom and Pop" county papers and/or web sites. Shame on you channel 13 for being afraid to show differential performance. It may be time for me to move on, relegate your site to the "cloud", and just let it float away..Version: 5.3.3

Ads always play before any crisis live broadcastAfter numerous attempts to see breaking live coverage it would not allow without 30-60+ seconds of commercials. By that time it became useless. I understand d the ads for money but use it on watching previously aired items, NOT updates on active shootings or other important items. This is the reason companies got to cnn, fox or others. I like your station but if I always have to watch ads even during crisis programming, I’ll delete and just stick with ATT TV. I’m sure 99.9% would agree..Version: 7.16

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