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Schwab Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Schwab Mobile app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Schwab Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about schwab mobile?

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Schwab Mobile for Negative User Reviews

USA ONLYOnly upon the the application does it state USA resident only- why am I seeing this in the UK ?.Version: 12.10

In desparate need of a UI overhaul, and instant transfersSchwab is a great company, time tested and respectable, but their mobile platform is undoubtedly antiquated in comparison to other mobile investment apps. Other than its bare bones black-and-white UI, what makes the Charles Schwab app feel like it belongs in a museum rather than on smartphones, is the inability to make direct transfers to and/or from personal bank accounts. While other trading platforms allow for instant access to funds traded between accounts even before transfers are fully settled with the press of a button, I can’t even move cash between accounts without physical checks. For a younger guy like myself, this is a massive turnoff, and it’s why other apps like Robinhood and Webull have been exploding in popularity, and most folks under 25 have never heard of Charles Schwab (outside of those with retirement accounts) I, and many others, would Love it if Schwab took initiative and overhauled their app and offered some innovative changes, even maybe offering a cryptocurrency wallet and the option to purchase transfer and sell cryptos on their platform..Version: 11.4

Good for trading, bad for monitoringI’ve been a Schwab customer for 20+ years and I trade fairly often, including both equities and options. I use the iPhone and iPad app and they both have two fundamental flaws when it comes to monitoring positions. For one, there is no way to sort your positions by % gain/loss, $ gain/loss or any other way - they are permanently listed in alpha order by company name. Being able to customize the sort is such a basic feature, and one that every stock monitoring app has, and it’s absurd that you can’t do it here. Second, you cannot view a position’s day change and overall gain/loss on one screen - you have to flip back and forth between screens to get the complete picture. I understand that compromises have to be made for mobile apps, but there ought to be a way to see a more complete picture of your positions on one screen. And if you must limit the amount of info on a screen, at least give the user the option to choose which information is viewable. Again, simple customizations go a long way. Otherwise the app is generally easy to use, fast, and offers a fairly simple platform for making trades..Version: 9.2.0

Touch ID and Face Authentication not workingI see people complaining that Touch ID and Face Authentication have stopped working. I have the same problem for a few weeks now. Even after deleting and reinstalling the app. When are you going to fix that? Otherwise a great app..Version: 11.10.1

Good format but buggyLike the format but lots of issues including: 1) heat map view of watch list does not show prices on all stocks. Always at least one stock (first on the list) but sometimes more do not show the price or percent change; 2) tapping on a stock from the heat map to view details often locks up the app and I have to close the app and sign back in; 3) if you buy a stock, the day change calculation is based on the prior day closing price rather than the purchase price. 4) have not found a way to look at position change (gains/losses) for the current year. It shows the position change since purchasing the stock but not for current year. It would be nice to see gains and losses from investments (including dividends) for the current year. Personal value doesn’t work because it includes transfers..Version: 12.1.1

Ok but could really improveThe app operates smoothly which is a big positive. It’s not choppy nor is it glitchy, at least not for me. I give it only two stars because those elements are the bare minimum. This app is entirely consumer focused but UX wise that doesn’t really show. My financial information is displayed as if I’m looking at a mere digital representation of an old school checkbook. That’s ok but we’re at a stage with software engineering where there is vastly more they can do. I should have more ways to look through my data other just using basic filters for basic categories. I can’t even do a basic keyword, let alone word, search for anything outside of what financial instruments I might have purchased or sold. So that’s just looking things up. What surprises me though, really, is that I can’t manipulate my financial information at all in the app. All I can do is view it. If that’s all my fellow consumers want to do, then the app won’t change to include those features, but that lack of interest just won’t last for long. App has a long way to go..Version: 9.9.0

Failed to sign in with Touch IDCan only use Passcode to sign in after the latest update. Keep failing to sign in with Touch ID, no matter how many times I successfully set up that function. The only notice I got is that I can’t use this feature on a shared device (which is not). The device is iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 14.1, fix it ASAP.Version: 10.10

FIX FACE IDUpdate: Face ID still has not been addressed with this update. A known issue with multiple user complaints, completely ignored in past two developer updates. Please fix FaceID logon. This was a known issue before release of this update, and I still must enter passcode every time, despite enabling FaceID. I wanted to invest and bank under one roof, however this app will make me look elsewhere. With banking, I just need a clean UI for bill pay, transfers, etc. A Bill pay payment does not add a pending payment to your checking account running balance, meaning you have to switch between bill pay and checking, after having added up pending payments in bill pay, then switching to checking, and subtracting that from checking balance. This is clumsy programming at best, and a disservice to members of Schwab at worst. Schwab is primarily an online brokerage, yes. But it also calls itself a bank. Very low-tech banking app for a bank based near Silicon Valley..Version: 10.1.0

Lag timePoor refresh and log lag time in app.Version: 9.0

Really difficult appAs a new client I’m having a Very difficult time Navigating the site. I moved from Webull and urged my son to do the same because Webull did not offer DRIP. Wiring money into the account took a little longer than we liked. Fractional investing was alluring. Sadly, the Schwab layout is not simple. We struggle to get familiar with/ make good use of the system. (I’m assuming it’s because we use mobile about 85% of the time). Before signing up I read about ‘great, easy to use’ useful platforms. Independent trading is important to us. The wonderful platforms/software don’t seem to exist. I was especially hopeful about Street Smart Edge... not available?! I regret encouraging my son to move to Schwab. I’m considering another firm. I’ll pay the fee for his transfer out once we find a user friendly firm that allows D.R.I.P and fractional investing. I’m sure it’s out there. I wouldn’t recommend Schwab for independent users who want to use the platform for anything more than direct purchase/sells..Version: 10.11.1

Figures Are Not AccurateThe day change and possibly several other figures on the app are not accurate! I called Schwab on it and they confirmed it!! It was showing I had a day change of ~$800 whereas the actual change was only roughly $400! This prompted me to make more changes than I normally would have but in another scenario could possibly put you into a position where you think you are gaining but you are actually losing money! It definitely affects how you feel about buying or selling stock and therefore, with inaccurate figures could cause a loss of money you weren’t expecting because Schwab was not up front with the user on the problem. I even called a broker from Schwab who confirmed this anomaly and was also frustrated with it admitting that Schwab has known about it for a long time!! Because of this issue, he said many brokers at Schwab use the website instead of the app. Therefore, this app is unacceptable and a 1 star rating until they get it fixed. I will say that all of the brokers I have talked to over the phone have been super kind and helpful so I think Schwab is a decent company, but don’t get yourself into trouble using this app!.Version: 10.3.1

Deposit to checking no longer worksWill no longer allow mobile check deposit. I have a brokerage, checking and savings account. Normally after clicking on deposit I am prompted to choose which account to deposit check. Now instead I and prevent d from depositing by an error message “You do not have any schwab brokerage accounts eligible for mobile deposit” I do not need or want to be able to deposit to my brokerage account, I use my Schwab bank accounts. I was able to deposit checks recently but since latest update, now cannot. Fail. After installing latest update Touch ID is no longer setup for Schwab app. Was required to login manually using username/password and re-enable, however after do so the apps returned an error message saying that the phone’s passcode has to be 6 digits. So basically the Touch ID that worked yesterday, no longer works today. No mention of this in the release note for this update. For multiple reasons I cannot modify the phones passcode settings. I guess I’ll just not use the Schwab app now due to lack of Touch ID. Thanks for the lack of notice on this version change Schwab..Version: 8.4.0

SCHWAB APP ARTICLES ON A STOCK 1/3 PAGE IS NOT READABLEI’ve used the Schwab app for several years. They have developed a consistent problem, and there is No Place to submit an app problem to developers at Schwab. There was a huge problem years back that cost me money but there was a place back then to submit the problem to. It took time (and my persistence), but that got fixed. No I didn’t ask for nor did I receive damages but I was not resting till it got fixed. Eventually I got it fixed. On stocks I own, or want to own, you can go into news articles (or press releases) which are important to the investor. For weeks now you are only able to see 2/3 of the page (as if left 1/3 of page has been cut off). I just tried to submit a “case” as I had years back, but that functionality is no longer available. I did send an image, but no room for words. Not holding my breath. I use this app exclusively (I manage my own retirement) so one could say I’m a power user. FYI Schwab just bought T D Ameritrade and I saw they are laying off thousands. I might say to them. “keep the IT people”! One positive: if you have a need, the all night people are excellent! I went through a divorce for two accounts (his) that I had POA on, which I terminated the POA. They were amazing; I had no physical bandwidth during day hours. Thank you.Version: 10.10

Definitely not a source of truth for the amount of money in your account.As an app, the layout isn’t bad, but the one thing I want it to do, which is to tell me how much money is in my account, is not reliable. That’s like, 80% of the app right there, and it can’t do that accurately. I did an ‘instant transfer’ from Venmo, and double checked the app to make sure it appeared in my account, the number went up, so everything seemed good. Next thing you know my card gets declined and I end up in a pretty embarrassing situation. According to customer service, I hit some sort of deposit cutoff when I tried depositing money into my account because it was too late in the day (it was like 5:30 lol), so my deposit wouldn’t be posted until the next day. While this is pretty annoying in itself, if the app was accurate it would have saved me a good deal of frustration and hassle. Instead, I went all the way to make a purchase just to have it be declined because the app told me the wrong number!.Version: 10.11.1

Moved over from USAAThe app doesn’t work at all. It literally just freezes. Can’t reset password or any other buttons to work. Totally useless, I can’t access my investments at all..Version: 10.5.1

Great company, mediocre appI’ll start by saying, Schwab is a customer centric company. I have never had a bad experience with the people working at Schwab. HOWEVER, their technology, specifically their app and website, are aging... badly. Tonight at 10:29 PM PST I wanted to set a transfer for tomorrow from my Schwab investor checking to my Schwab investor brokerage in the app, and I was met with an ugly “stop” sign, yes literal stop sign emoji saying “Payments/transfers between these accounts can only be accepted online Monday through Friday 9:00 am ET - 7:00 PM ET”. I just wish apps would let you forward date your transfers without throwing up a stupid blocker which clearly is put I place to show they didn’t want to develop out any features to support it. I like the people Schwab hires, but the second they make the app too clunky to use for basic money management, I’m out, sorry. My advice, invest in the products and features your customers need. I need to move money and buy and sell stocks from my phone. The rest can be built on the desktop site, so solve your consumers needs..Version: 11.2

IPad Pro app - new feature interferes with data presentationThe version of your Important Messages, which appears initially as a yellowish band across the top of the screen, is annoying to say the least. - It blocks the time and date as initially presented - If one clicks on it (hoping to learn of the critical information, or just to pass through the interrupting feature), it opens to basically cover the screen. Tonight some genius informed me that volatile markets can be upsetting? WHY would this comment be so important? - Unlike the version of this "feature" on the PC, It cannot be removed via the standard X in the upper right corner _ no X appears on the iPad version. - If I attempt to get out of this screen blocking words of wisdom feature, the only way I can find is to "Log out". - Logging out is absurd. I activated the app so that I could look at today's market changes. NOTHING SPECIAL. For some reason all I was allowed to see (once I made the mistake of tapping for your IMPORTANT MESSAGES?? ) was a trip through a meaningless set of "words of wisdom"! - The only way I could look at MY ACCOUNT CHANGES WAS TO LOG BACK IN AGAIN AND IGNORE YOUR IMPORTANT NONSENSE. - IF YOU HAVE DECIDED TO ELIMINATE USE OF THE CONVENIENCE OF AN iPad, and to force me to use a PC - fine. Simply inform me - DON'T employ a feature that throws me out of my acct info!.Version: 9.7.0

Not Good for Options TradingI am a long-time Charles Schwab customer and a big fan of their service/products. I use their Street Smart Edge platform to actively trade options whenever I have my computer with me and it works great but, when I’m out and about, I find this App to be awful for trading options, even in a pinch. The process is very slow and tedious as the order entry screen takes a long time to load since it goes back to their server for validation after each data value is entered (i.e., about 5 times) so the “wait” time is long (a little less slow/annoying on WIFI vs. LTE). Other brokerages (I won’t mention any names) have some how found a way to overcome this multiple validation issue and have made trading options much easier and quicker on their App. Come on Schwab, PLEASE fix this!! Your customers deserve better. It shouldn’t take several minutes to enter one option order (p.s., stock trades don’t take as long for some reason). Thank you!.Version: 11.12.0

App stock pricing is not always accurateThe app is very slow to reflect current prices on things like options and even cash balances. When trading on other platforms, when I execute a trade, the shares either bought or sold are immediately shown in my portfolio. On Schwab it can take several minutes to show up in my account. Additionally the cash balance takes several minutes to update and I have mistakenly gone negative because I thought there was enough funds to cover trades and then 5 minutes later I find that the cash balance has finally updated and I need to transfer additions funds to cover. Also option prices are often incorrect and when you look at a call price on other platforms and websites, they will all be in line and Schwab will be off, sometimes even from themselves. Example: a stock showed the last option price at $.80 with a bid and ask of $.80 and $.85, but the current option price showing on my portfolio was $1.20. All other sites showed the price at $.80. This needs to be fixed..Version: 10.12.1

App is outdated and featureless. Sad.This app is outdated for the modern investor. The quotes do not update real time, which is important when making trades. I have to use two devices to ensure I have an up to date quote before I trade on the mobile app. Ridiculous. There is a no calculator button to quickly ascertain how many shares I can buy at a certain price when I make a trade. I have to open a calc app, wasting precious time to do the math myself. Despite being a powerhouse financial institution, your application and website are outdated and should be modernized like TD Ameritrade. Your app is a dinosaur for anyone who has used TD, Fidelity, Robinhood, etc. Figured CS would get their stuff together after they bought TD. I’d rather move all my money to TD then keep trading in any CS platform. Terrible app and terrible website. Update your application and website to be useful please. Take a hint from TD... their app is spot on, updates quotes real-time, and has the calc even in the app, not just the website..Version: 10.10

Average for investments, horrible banking appThe investment part is fine, Charles Schwab research is good, no problem from this side. The banking/checking part is terrible, particularly if used as a joint account. When a debit card on the account is used as a credit card, the charge correctly shows as pending until the day it is posted, in which case, sometime between 12:30 and 1300 eastern time is the day the charge is going to be posted, the charges disappear and you bounce back to the previous balance, and these pending charges reappear as posted around 1900 that evening. If you are the only user of this card, it might not be a big deal, assuming you keep a accurate checking register on paper, your phone (separate from the Charles Schwab app), or you just are good with numbers. However if this is a shared/joint account, it makes it extremely difficult to use the banking/checking feature as a normal spending checking account..Version: 10.9

Good service, Still lots of app work to do - fix notificationsI like Schwab’s service and they are an excellent brokerage overall. That being said, they’re still working on bringing their app into the modern era. One of the annoying things that needs to be fixed is the “Important Notifications” banner that is always at the top of the main screen. If you click through it (2+ clicks), it just leads you to things like opening hours or a link to FAQs. This is not worth prime app UX real estate and should be moved into the hamburger menu. There are several other items that should be fixed. I am not sure the bottom tab options (Summary, Order Status, Trade, Markets, More) match actual user needs. I suspect most customers probably just use the main Summary view to track aggregate assets and do most actual trades online instead given the UX. In general, the UX feels like a website vs a modern app, and could do with refreshing. Hope it continues to improve..Version: 11.4

CrashCrashing during the launch after update.Version: 10.7

Does not take my finances seriouslyWhen I'm in a situation where I need to access my finances I can't be presented with a "you can do nothing until you upgrade the app" dialog. This isn't facebook or twitter or some nonsense casual app. Put in some kind of warning saying when it will be deprecated first rather than surprise me when I'm at the counter in the grocery store and don't have enought storage on my phone nor 5 minutes to wait while the new version downloads..Version: 10.9

Media centreMedia Center was dropped from latest version. Why..Version: 12.6.0

Could be more user friendlyThe mobile app is lacking user friendliness and convenience. Honestly, Ally Invest is the only app with worse charts. You can’t really see as much info as you need by default and when you try to drag your finger over it, it opens a chart in landscape view that is confusing. Please copy Robinhood in that regard. They have nothing else good about them but people still use them because dem charts. Also, when you try to buy something in Robinhood and your trading account doesn’t have enough money they will do an Instant Deposit that lets you immediately trade while they transfer the money from your external bank account. But on Schwab when you try to make a trade from your trading account it will say you don’t have enough funds even though there are plenty in your Schwab checking account. So you end up having to manually transfer money from the checking to trading account first which is tedious. You can’t set your accounts to do auto stock purchases from the app. Or set a bill to auto pay. Or set stock price alerts. It’s really annoying to have to open the web app to do stuff..Version: 10.12.1

Like donuts?If you like donuts, you will love this app since you will see a lot of spinning donuts while you wait to place a trade or see your balance. Schwab needs to devote far more server capacity to its apps. It’s often the case that it takes 10-15 minutes of effort to place a single trade. Except for this glaring problem, it’s mostly good. But it could use improvements like listing positions alphabetically instead of completely randomly. You should not have to scroll up and down a list of dozens of positions just to find two options trades in the same symbol that were literally placed at the same time. Why would one be listed at the top and the other near the bottom? And when you click on Order Status, who on God’s green Earth wants to be taken to orders placed days ago by default? The default assumption should be that the trader wants to see open unfilled orders. It’s clear from decisions like this that the app creators are doing things to check development tasks as complete and not doing the tasks because they help real customers..Version: 11.12.0

Aggressive Customer ServiceI just called to help with my mom’s account (since she is older and gets very anxious with on the spot fast English) and the customer service agent right away told me I was committing fraud and blocked her account. He wasn’t at all friendly or welcoming, but very irritated and dismissive. I was very shaken from the interaction but glad it was me on the phone and not my mom. I cannot imagine if she (or any other person that needs extra care and patients for that matter) had been on the phone with someone like him. Probably the worse banking experience I’ve had and that’s saying a lot. I know that not all the agents are like this particular representative and that I just got terribly unlucky though. Anyway, will gain the courage to call back again soon to resolve her account problem. I wish there was a text chat option (with an actual person) to avoid getting into a whole ruined day for probably a very simple resolution..Version: 10.9

Worst stock and option trading interface and performanceThis app provides a pre historic user experience. It’s takes painstakingly long to enter stocks and options orders as there are validations at every step of entry that are firstly unnecessary (no other trading app does this) and secondly each validation takes it sweet time. It does a validation at the end again. Additionally, changing an entry like Qty or limit price wipes out what you had entered in other fields which is counter intuitive and leads you into vicious cycle of data getting removed. Takes forever. If you want to do multi leg options it is a compounding nightmare. Please design the app based on user use cases and not based on technical requirements, which should be embedded seamlessly. It’s a shame big banks with deep pockets can’t think out of the box and come up with easy to use app. Please learn from newbies like Robinhood how they easy and quick they have made option trading reinventing entire interface. This whole ordering interface shd be redone ASAP from the ground up or you are going to lose customers like me who are using their mobile devices increasingly. Thanks for asking for feedback..Version: 8.7.2

Not full serviceIt seems all I can do on this app is trade and view my account in limited detail. The research capabilities are virtually nonexistent. A search for “research” yielded the reply “log in to the website and hover the cursor over the research link”. In other words this app would appear to have no research functionality I was originally a Scottrade user before it was sold to TD Ameritrade. Now TD Ameritrade is being bought by CS. Schwab would do well to look at a substantial overhaul of the user interface on both this app and it’s website as they are both woefully lacking in the details I was accustomed to previously. I am not a CS customer by choice, I am here due to corporate institutionalization initiated by my employer and multiple acquisitions. Using Schwab’s digital resources is like looking at my grandfather’s faded tighty whities. Schwab should pull out a blank sheet of paper and start from scratch in designing a better app/website with more functionality and ease of accessing data for research and reviewing account details. Please take a few pages from TD Ameritrade employees and any Scottrade employees that may be left on property. Just because you are bigger doesn’t mean you do things better. I find the opposite is usually more accurate..Version: 11.5

Very buggy, but good for banking/tradingI’ll start off by saying Schwab itself is a fantastic platform if you want to get into trading and investing. Their desktob website is easy to use, they have great customer service, etc. However, I hate this app so much. It constantly makes me re-verify my device — like multiple times a day. Also, I have to constantly reset my password because it never saves it even when I tell it to. Because my passwords are so secure, they’re hard to remember. If I can’t remember, and they haven’t saved it, they make me reset it. Resetting over and over makes the passwords harder and harder to remember. It puts me on an endless loop. This is the ONLY app I have ever had this problem with. It happens all the time and it makes it a pain just to log in. I much prefer using the desktop version. But once I *do* log in, again, Schwab is a great platform..Version: 10.9

Functional but could be betterThis app is utilitarian, it gets the job done. But the user interface on a phone and/or tablet does leave some things to be desired. All of the information that you need is contained within the app. However, I would like to see more options to vary investor preferences. I personally would like to have a day graph of each asset available to add to the initial investments page. Create a customization feature for each asset instead of dictating what I prefer to see upon opening the app. I know that Charles Schwab is in the business of caring diligently for people’s assets and for that I am greatly thankful. But now that they are a front runner in doing that, I’d like to see some time invested in the user interface and investment platform. Interviewing a younger population that has grown up in a digital age my help in assisting with the user interface of this app. The question is: do you value form or function, because this app doesn’t provide both?.Version: 11.2

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