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Easy money - easy managementExcellent app for managing all your investment needs through Schwab. Research, investment gains and losses, check deposit or transfer - all with a secure and pleasant user experience..Version: 11.9.0

Good except for 1 flawI like the info this app provides for my Roth IRA account and have been a loyal customer of Schwab for 6yrs now. However, the enable face id feature does not work for me in the security settings. I just bought an iphone XS. I can enable face id in every other app that allows it except for this one. It takes me through an endless loop where it has you log in again after you enable face id and create a 6 digit passcode. Then the app will disable the enabling of face id on its own after you have entered your credentials plus 6 digit passcode. So when you try to log back in it will ask you to enter your 6 digit passcode instead of just using face id as you requested. This makes using the app more difficult than it needs to be in my opinion. I hope a fix will be coming for this..Version: 9.9.0

Good appEasy to use.Version: 12.11

I recommend Schwab to EVERYONE I know!When I first switched to Schwab I was a little nervous. Online ONLY??? What if I need help?! My old mobile banking app sucked! Is this the worst choice ever??? But I took a chance because I hated my old bank and live half the year on opposite ends of the country and was struggling to find a bank with adequate locations in both Idaho and Maryland 😂 Best. Choice. Ever. Their customer service is the easiest and most helpful customer service I’ve ever (across any brand or company EVER) interacted with! I’ve never had any problems with the app! They make mobile banking so easy and so simple! Schwab took banking and turned it from a hassle, anxiety producing, pain in my rear into something I never have to worry or think twice about. This app is so easy, so simple, and their customer service can help you with any problem you have..Version: 11.11.0

It is a good app for the most part, but...There are some things that could be improved... for instance, when you bring up the chart for a stock, why is there a translucent (not transparent) rectangular box (with writing in it) on top of the chart at the location you are trying to check? Can you say asinine? I have been complaining about this for years but it’s still there. Yes, I said years. It is, however, better than it used to be. A number of years back it was opaque! You had absolutely no idea where you were on the chart. Now you have an idea, but can’t always be sure of exactly where you are. Get rid of the box and move the info to the mostly empty gray bar immediately above the chart. Why is it that the larger charts only have the month and year (6-month to 5-year) or only the year (10-year and Max). Why can’t you include the date on all of them like the Personal Value Chart? It seems to me that whoever is in charge of the individual stock charts needs to take some lessons from whoever is in charge of the Personal Value Chart. I am of the opinion that (in some cases) you can fix stupid... but sometimes it requires a little public shaming. Let’s see if you can fix this one..Version: 10.10

Schwab AcctI had forgotten how much enjoyment I had with my Schwab acct years ago. This last year has been enjoyable to buy a few shares of various stocks. I have also been helping my two grandsons (who set up Schwab accounts under their Dads name) select stocks. I think there is a big market for Schwab to help us grandfathers set up Schwab accounts for their grandchildren. My purpose was to help my grandsons understand economics (somewhat) so they can ask questions when taking economics classes in high school and than college. I loved economics in high school but had no idea of how the stock functioned. It sank in while in the US Army in Fort Hood Tx at Baylor U. Again I think there is a great opportunity for Schwab in this area. Thank you for the excellent help and assistance..Version: 10.11

Must have in the modern dayI primarily use Schwab’s Investor Checking account, mostly as an initial landing spot for income that is then funneled to my savings and investing accounts. The app is a useful way of looking over information on the go (I usually use my iPad for mobile banking) and can do much of what you need on a daily basis. The only frustration is that a few functions are not available on the app, only on the website, and which functions are and are not available is unintuitive. For instance, I couldn’t link to an external bank account from my app, even though the tab from where I would have to link it exists on the app just like it does on the website. But, once the account is linked, I can manage cash flow easily through the app. I wish the app would gain some of this minor functionality, or else more predictably exclude features. Otherwise, the app is great. It does most everyday tasks, is clean and efficient, and makes life easier. 9/10.Version: 9.7.1

Ok if your just investing in Domestic MarketForgot their rinternational stock trading go for Interactive Brokers. Otherwise their fine..Version: 10.1.0

Great app but not as intuitive as it could beThe stock tax section is confusing. The order filter should automatically filter out confirmed orders. The gain and loss section seems to reset after each year, so I don’t know how much exactly I am up. The account value function at the beginning some times shows total account value gain that takes into account money you transferred in for investing and not actual investment gain. But everything else is perfect, I would like more stock slices and make it easier to trade options, i was approved but have been unable to do so. I would also like the ability to use the investment tools I can on the schwabb website. The fact there are no transaction fees is better than a lot of brokerage firms, but could encourage over trading for the inexperienced investor. The fact that you can buy ADRs and foreign stocks is great, but the tax situation is kind of murky..Version: 11.5

Feature FullGreat app! Allows you to easily check up on your portfolio and check bank account balances. My big suggestions would be to create a watchlist widget, so that watchlists can be seen without going into the app, allow a default watchlist to be selected (auto opens to this watchlist instead of always the local device watchlist), and allow users to see the research on stocks in-app..Version: 9.2.0

The Best by a MileBest brokerage app and service in the world. Makes European brokers look totally incompetent!.Version: 9.9.1

A few feature requestsGreat app! Please add the ability to see auto-updating premarket and after hours price quotes right in the app, similar to what the CNBC app has. That’d be amazing if it also showed my personal account day changes during as many of those pre/post hour changes as well. I’ve noticed the Schwab website on my computer has no price quote auto-update option, and that’d be great functionality to add! I’d love to be able to set stock price alerts and get a push notification with a unique tone. Also, when I click on that notification, I’d like to be taken directly to the trade screen where I can potentially place an order. I wish the order status tab would stay on whatever filter I last set it to. Typically, I only want to see the open orders, but I’m often presented with everything and have to keep switching it back to just open orders. My filter is definitely always reset if I’ve just made an order and click the order status button on the order confirmation screen, but if I exclusively use the orders tab at the bottom, my open orders filter does seem to stay intact. I think you should get rid of the device only watchlist, and have all lists cloud syncing. I’d love for the app to remember the last list I was viewing and always go back to the most recent one. If I haven’t checked a stock price in like 30 minutes and open the app, it always goes back to the device watchlist and I have to keep switching it back to the one I’m interested in..Version: 10.9

By far the best banking and brokerage appSchwab has always been leading edge in app functionality. No to-do takes more than a couple of minutes. Schwab has made its customers time rich with this app. Thank you, Bleri.Version: 9.5.0

All the essentials with some limitations.Edit: You can add an external account for ACH transfers from the app now. It actually works well, just like the website, verifications and all. The app is quite minimalistic, which has its ups and downs. Everything is displayed clearly and simply. You can see balances, transactions, etc. Placing a trade and mobile check deposit work perfectly. Features for the debit card, including custom notifications, the ability to lock/unlock, and setting a travel notice are very welcome additions. Certain limitations can be rather annoying: You can add a biller and pay them with bill pay, but you can’t manage or set up autopay and ebills from the app. Adding a biller is easier to understand on the website than in the app. You can not set up, manage, or otherwise even know of wire transfers from the app. Research is split up between the “watchlist” tab, the “markets” tab, and the overall ability to search for a symbol or company name. Comparisons aren’t possible. All in all, the app is very much functional, but lacks a few features and design elements that I think should be included in the VERY near future given how much people rely on mobile devices in this day and age..Version: 9.12.0

Good TeamGood tools, helpful and careful staff, good value..Version: 9.12.0

My bank has my backI love Charles Schwab. I feel like they bend over backwards to accommodate my needs. They always have my back. Recently they increased my deposit limit via mobile app. A few years ago my ex husband overdraft our account. My bank lent me money so as to avoid fees with other institutions and charged a small nominal fee. It was way easier than to borrow money from a a friend. My ex hated our bank. Obviously the bank was not the problem. My job doesn’t offer retirement so I started small with the brokerage. Again it was so easy to do and they explained in plain words how things work. As I progress and I am looking forward to learn and become more savvy with my money, I know I will invest with Charles Schwab. Thanks!.Version: 11.1

DelayThere are three things that are occasionally challenging. #1. The delay in being able to place a market price trade often causes a missed opportunity when the stock price rises quickly. #2. The Symbol Lookup doesn’t necessarily respond correctly and displays a completely different symbol than typed and then when I want to return or wipe out the incorrect symbol that I didn’t choose in the first place, the system displays a warning, a request to call an agent, read the policy and a number. ???? That delays placing the trade even further and wipes out any chance of catching the stock price on a sudden upswing. #3. Occasionally when buying a stock, I realize that the original purchase price is being adjusted... always down of course and what is really strange is that I can check the summary from two separate IPads after the stock market closes and it shows two completely different Personal values. If these issues were corrected, I would give it 5 stars. Until then, I rate it between 3 and 4 stars and that is generous. A definite plus is the time it takes to transfer money from and to the account. Very responsive!!! Christiane.Version: 10.6

No accessNo point insisting I must receive an email or text or call to access my account if you then make no attempt to send anything.Version: 8.4.0

User friendly appThis app is good can do what i want without being on my desktop..Version:

Either Schwab Does Know Or Doesn’t CareEither Schwab doesn’t know or doesn’t care that their app is glitchy, slow, with pages that are sticky, and in general is pretty pointless. It has limited info, functionality, and poor data update speeds. If you’re using this app for something important, such as moving money, trading, or transfers DO NOT use it. I would strongly recommend using the website or calling them for these. I’ve had numbers messed up, incorrect info passed through, and generally takes 5-10 minutes to complete a trade due to slow data load times, sticky pages, and the app constantly asking me would I like to review it. Initially believed some of these issues were a connection or device but tried with different devices at home and on the go. Similar negative results..Version: 8.7.0

Good AppA lot of people rating this app have an issue with changing their passcode from 4 to 6 digits, but if I’m banking on my phone I’d rather use a stronger passcode so if my phone gets stolen, my financial information is safe. What’s the problem with adding 2 digits? Some criticisms are fair though: the gains/losses section should update more frequently and the app crashes more often than I’d like. Still, this is my go-to app. Much better than having to go to the actual website. Furthermore, the market summaries are updated frequently and really do a good job of giving investors a quick look into what the stock market is doing. Having easy access to the stock research PDFs is also really convenient and allows inexperienced investors to accurately assess whether they should buy or sell..Version: 8.3.1

Best trading platformI’m a retail investor, I got into this because my company 401k forced me to invest my own money. Luckily during the beginning of the pandemic I was forced to go sit in a construction job site trailer for 8 hours every day, because the project was considered essential, but our subcontractors needed time to create their Covid safety plan. I read dozens of books, watched you tube videos on how to invest my money, and the little I had accrued over the two years I had been qualified to participate with this company, that was un invested before the crash, blew up because I invested it during the crash. But now that that bubble is over, I would still recommend Schwab, it’s basically free trading with expert Analysis. And an amazing mobile app. I only wish I could get a free stock every time I get someone to open an account with them, lol I’m kidding. If you've tried Robbinhood, I know you want Schwab. If you want to trade options and sell short, free, if you want to jump in and out of stocks you think are going to move, for free: Schwab should be put on Wikipedia’s definition of a bank for everyone. Maybe I shouldn’t say that cause I might start getting hit with fees if millions like me join. But much love and respect for Schwab 👍.Version: 11.5

Excellent company & customer serviceI opened a checking and savings account in 2009 after my son advised me that Schwab received the Number One ratings in 2008 and 2009. I was very hesitant to change checking accounts, as I had been with my locally owned bank since I was 14 years of age. After researching all of the benefits of “no cost” Investor Checking & Savings accounts I made the change. It sounded too good to be true. The benefits are incredible and I’m still surprised there are no charges for any of these benefits. And, the Customer Service Representatives are the best I’ve ever experienced in any business relationship. The Representatives are extremely knowledgeable in all areas and I’ve never been transferred to another individual to get my issue handled. Specifically, when my son lived in Tokyo, Japan for three years and I had to make multiple international transfers for him I never experienced any difficulties. Nor did he on the receiving end. Over the past 11 years anytime the subject of banking arises I always recommend Charles Schwab and take time to explain the outstanding account benefits and Customer Service. I’m still impressed! Keep up the great work..Version: 10.6

This is top tier banking and investing. From a millennial.I have been with Charles Schwab for almost a year now and I got to say it has been good and honest for me. With a combination of banking, retirement and investing you can trust them with your life savings. Charles Schwab has been in the game for a long time now and they have a top tier online platform. The only issue I see with them is the dated UI, especially with the app. But by no means is it difficult or a pain to use. It is by far one of the smoothest experiences I have had with a banking app. I believe if they update their user interface and do fractional shares with most of the market and ETFs they can attract more younger individuals and help them tackle this crazy economy with ease. I don’t live anywhere near one of their branches but considering I direct deposit my paycheck and most money is wired or sent digitally these days, Schwab has done a fantastic job with keeping up with the times compared to most banks. I can’t wait to see what comes next after the TD merger. But I’m definitely seeing myself sticking with them for life..Version: 11.4

A brokerage that needs to adaptCharles Schwab is in excellent company and has it strong points however they need to adapt to changing times in regards to technology. If Charles Schwab would consistently update their apps desktop website and other aspects in regards to technology they would be an almost perfect company they seem to be slow to change which is definitely something that detracts from the customer experience The app is not bad but definitely could be much much better they have not even updated 2018 copyright from last year which means they have not fixed many bugs that are clearly in the app I hope Charles Schwab will adapt to changing times and improve its customer interface technologically speaking if they do I definitely will stay with them as a customer..Version: 9.3.0

A Plus ReviewAfter seeing tons of “investment” commercials on generic television for many years, I decided to check out my options and ultimately move my banking to a brokerage who offered multiple functioning areas that were useful to me, not just for investing. Charles Schwab has come through as an elitist in the field. I could not be happier with my checking, savings, and stocks, nor the assistance and customer service I experience on a day-to-day basis. I am not a person of wealth, I am not a person with financial stability, I am near poverty level, but find the satisfaction I need with Charles Schwab for my simple banking needs. I often refer friends and family to CS and boast about my experience. I would recommend them to everyone! Thank you!.Version: 8.7.2

Stock rangeWould be good if we could also trade stocks on the London markets.Version: 12.8

Very easy to useThe app makes all main functionality of the web and puts it here on the phone. I can easily make trades, check my account details, and make check deposits..Version: 12.7

Very easy to use and responsive website.Never had to call anyone with a problem..Version: 11.2

Fantastic App!It does what is says it will do and you can’t ask for more than that. Never had any problems..Version: 10.12.1

ExtraordinaryWhen we say “ American “ this is what we mean: simple, efficient, made and done easy so it can be competitive in the market. Excellent app..Version: 8.4.0

App Suddenly Won’t Process DepositsIn the last week or so, the mobile app suddenly stopped processing photos of checks I was trying to deposit. I kept getting error messages that the checks weren’t clear enough and try again. I called in for support and uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and still kept getting the error messages. I used my wife’s phone (which is a different Samsung phone) and was able to deposit one check, but not another check. It’s very frustrating when I am using a Samsung S-10 phone which takes excellent photos. I don’t understand what the problem is, but it seems to be a problem with Schwab’s mobile app..Version: 10.6

Not badNot bad. I would love to see the following: 1) Stay logged even if when I quit the app to look at 2) stock charts. I am an active trader, charts are very important to me. Otherwise it is a good addition to my trading tools on iPhone..Version: 1.0.1

Great app!Can do all kinds of tasks handily with this app. I love the online Chat support that a PC login allows, however..Version: 12.8.2

So easyJust deposited a tax refund. It was so easy!.Version: 12.6.1

Schwab is my everyday Valentine ❤️I absolutely love Schwab! Unlike most people, I didn’t open an account with Schwab for trading. After coming to USA in 2016, I started with Chase since my peers pushed for it. I didn’t have a clue and ended up with Chase. Chase didn’t treat me well and I switched to Bank of America. BofA is relatively good, but I didn’t like them for unnecessary fees all the time. I only heard of the concept of “online only” banks back then. And had to chose between Schwab and Ally. Thank god I chose Schwab! Best decision ever made. Their customer service is top notch. The most polite set of people you’ll ever speak to. My experience is so good that I terminated my Robinhood and now trade exclusively with Schwab. If I were to make one change in Schwab, it has to be support for faster movement of money, say using Zelle etc. That’s the only reason I haven’t closed my Bank of America... yet. The day Schwab introduces Zelle or any faster method of moving money, I’ll commit myself to Schwab only. Speaking of the app itself, it works smooth. Never had a problem. However once in a while, I do see some issue with options and a blank page appears with a message “Content currently not available”. I’m sure other users have experienced this too. Hope they fix it soon..Version: 11.1

Deposit of checkVery easy to use.Version: 7.6.0

Schwab research is my cash cow.I’ve been trading for years but never have my results been this fantastic. The reason is because Schwab has screening tools that identify the best daily performers and those with increasing volume and price. I look at about a hundred of these best performers and rising stars on candlestick charts daily with the object to participate in some part of a break-out and rapid growth. I rate them the evening before. The next day, I watch the opening but don’t buy until after about 35 minutes, when most seem to establish the direction for the day. I may find only one to three of my picks are moving like I projected, but boy, are they! I buy and place a stop loss below support. I then keep moving my stop loss up gradually over time until the trend turns and takes me out. My portfolio is growing with these great performers. Thank you Charles Schwab!.Version: 9.1.0

My best financial app by farOne of 7 apps I use in financials. Nearly always loads fast, really easy to navigate and reliable. Wish I could have all my investments here!.Version: 6.2.0

Great, but PLEASE show stock prices past the hundredths place!I'm a penny stock trader, and I absolutely love Charles Schwab. It's a great Brokerage and I love how there are no fees for OTC stocks. However, PLEASE allow users on the app to see more than the hundredths place with stocks on their order status page, trading page, ETC. When you are reading penny stocks, the smallest changes in numbers make a huge difference. I hate how Schwab rounds all the prices to the hundredths place. It makes it incredibly hard to keep track of prices of stocks at the current moment, or prices of stocks that I have purchased. The only place it shows past the hundredths place with your order history is in your emails. PLEASE, do not round the stocks to the hundredths place. It is incredibly annoying for penny stock traders, and I have made mistakes with trading solely for this reason. Once this is fixed, I'll happily give my favorite brokerage a five star rating. Thanks for listening to your users..Version: 10.12.1

Mobile depositI have been a Schwab client for 30 years and had to “wait” 3+ days to be “accepted” for mobile deposits. I call Schwab and get put on hold for 20 minutes listening to your HORRIFIC recordings on the market which is NOT what your clients want to hear! The only way I got my mobile deposit approved was to go through my wealth advisor, who called you, then tied me in with a Schwab advisor. Once she intervened and for someone to “approve” me, I was able to make the deposit. All I can say is that if I treated my clients the way Schwab treated me, I wouldn’t have any clients. I am handcuffed to you through my advisor, and clearly they are the only clients you really care about. This is one of many examples. Please call me as I could give some very constructive criticism. Jennifer Bair.Version: 10.9

Easy to useA great example of app version of a website. Trimmed down to the essentials, easy to read and easy to use. Loads fast..Version: 8.2.0

Good App BUTIt’s good app. Does what I need it to. Only things I’m not a fan of are some of the same things I find inconvenient on their website. 1) How they dont save my buy orders during or after market. I have to “save” them by making my buy price impossible to close; 2) I cannot see the total price of each “open orders.” Only shows the number of shares and what limit price I set. No matter how easy it is to do the math, if total price could be shown so I dont have to calculate each order’s pending price - that would be super; 3) If I make a mistake in the order and want to change the time frame to “extended hours” I must start all over as it won’t let me simply change that parameter; 4) No dark mode. 😬 Other than all that LOL, I really do appreciate C. Schwab and would recommend their services!.Version: 10.11.1

Great app that needs a UI updateThe app is easy to use but needs an updated UI. Little things like icon size inconsistencies, alert banners when there are no more alerts and some other frustrating experiences/bugs as well. It would be nice to see % of portfolio each asset in and account, which you can do on the web experience when viewing account details. It would also be nice have the option to set recurring transfers and Schwab mutual fund purchases which you can do on the web. Also, PLEASE enable 2FA with authentication apps, not SMS. Fidelity recently updated their mobile app which is, I think, what Schwab should aim for. I have fidelity for my work retirement account and I am impressed with Fidelity’s commitment to appealing to younger generations compared to other brokerages, including Schwab. I’m not looking for oversimplification like Robinhood, nor do I want a gamified experience, but a cleaner, brighter, more enjoyable experience is possible. Please invest more in the design of your web and mobile apps!.Version: 11.10.1

Bravo!The Schwab app is simple to use and in my opinion, a model for other firms to follow..Version: 9.7.1

Best for Banking and Best for BrokerageI can not stress enough how impressive Charles Schwab has been in every way, and I have been with many different banks. When I inherited my brokerage account, everyone at Schwab treated me like family right away. Anytime I had a question or wanted to do something over the phone, the customer service was always outstanding. I do believe they lead the trading industry, because when Chuck started it, he did it for the people, not for himself. I believe they have the perfect balance of traditional face to face or over the phone service along with the leading technology for online trading. When they informed me they did checking accounts also, I immediately switched them to my main banking institution. Best financial decision I’ve ever made. With their fewer branches than most banks, they compensate greatly with their online services. Check deposits are posted to your account sometimes within minutes! I’m not one to write reviews for companies at all, but after all the trouble I’ve been through with my other banks, Charles Schwab really deserves a 5 out of 5. I can’t say I have ever had a bad experience with them! A++++.Version: 9.12.0

Managing your own money; it’s your jobI’ve used SCHWAB since the 80s. I believe that it’s your money and (as Mother used to say “ if you don’t manage it, no one else will”. Since the beginning, Charles Schwab has followed this philosophy! When the high yield checking was offered, I jumped on the bandwagon earning 7% initially (initially, but now it’s much lower) and never had to watch the ATM fees. Using the card to get money all over the world has never been a problem, even in remote Angor Wat in Cambodia or in Ulam Batar, Mongolia. Thank you, Charles SCHWAB for encouraging everyone to manage their own money by offering the tools to do just that. I am often on my SCHWAB soap box to any youth I encounter and they’ve thanked me and will continue to do so in the future when they realize their Roth’s advantages. Love the “own your tomorrow” That’s it for now!.Version: 9.10.0

First time useVery easy to deposit checks.Version: 9.9.0

SchwabHave been using for many years and it normally but not always functions well..Version: 12.2.0

Superb trading toolGreat functionality, quick execution of trades and great price.Version: 7.7.0

Great except ipad2 compatibilityVery user friendly, clear, and quick. Only complaint so far is the check-deposit-via-camera-snapshot (how great!) feature doesn't seem to work on ipad2. It thinks the device doesn't have a camera for some reason. Please fix?.Version:

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