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Great appI’ve been trying for years now to make a snowball plan but I’ve never been able to get all the math done and actually stick to it. This app has been so much help and has kept me on track to reaching my goals! Just punch in the numbers and the app does the math and I love the figures it gives me, very detailed. If I stick to what I’m doing and keep everything going in the plan, I will save over $35,000. This is great. The only downside of this app is that it looks... old? I really wish they could make it look prettier and more modern. The looks are the only thing keeping me from giving it a 5star review..Version: 5.8

Great appThis app us absolutely great. It has helped me to focus on debt repayment and I have substantially reduced my debt with this focus. Even whilst out shopping I hesitate and make a further debt repayment rather than buy something I don't really need. Yes I've been asked to leave a review in 2020. I noticed my original review was 6 years ago. Well with the focus from this app coupled with my determination I cleared my cc debts about 4.5 years ago. Since then I have continued to use this app for my mortgages. One is due to end Nov 22 with a reduction of term and higher monthly payments but with extra 10% overpayments will be sooner. I will then attack my second mortgage on a BTL property. The app has been great in helping with a huge mindset change. Oh and I'm not totally obsessed with repayment. I enjoy life along the way with holidays/luxury purchases/car etc saved for in advance in sinking funds..Version: 5.8

Love Love LoveThis app helped us to see how possible it is to get out of debt. We started out with 5 student loans & a mortgage. After using this app for one year, the only debt we have left is the mortgage. We expect that to be paid off in three more years so we can be completely debt free!.Version: 5.7

Love this app!I like keeping track if exactly where my money goes, when and how my debt will be paid off. The snowball effect is motivating to see that debts will be paid off little by little. The interest is calculated for each monthly payment, as well as different options to pay down your balance first or your highest interest first. It's great, happy to have it, I've used it for 4 years now!.Version: 5.7

Great appGreat app everything in one place, notifications don't always come through so shouldn't be relied on but very useful app regardless.Version: 5.6

Does what I want it to do. Except!I would like to do fortnightly payments please. I would give it five star if it had that feature..Version: 5.2

AwesomeAn excellent app. It really breaks everything down and allows you to see where your money is going and how best to pay off your debt. Has had multiple updates adding more features all of which have increased the amount of information the app provides as well as a bit more functionality. If you're looking for something to help you with your debt, this is an excellent option for the price..Version: 2.2

Fantastic Easy To Use App!This app is easy, straight forward and very detail oriented in regards to the breakdown of each month/year etc. I highly recommend his app if you need to keep an eye on your debt!.Version: 5.7

Very goodI like this app. it is simple and easy to use. Not the best available but it does what it says..Version: 5.7

Light at the end.This app is amazing. When you are in debt and trying to get out it’s hard. You have to face all that you owe. When you write it all down things get real. This app shows you how long it will take with the snowball affect. It amazing when you visually see it. You get really motivated knowing you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It makes you work harder to get to that goal. Thank you for making this app. Debt is something that no one wants. 🥰.Version: 5.8

Great appBeen using for about a year. Great for tracking debt repayment and as positive reinforcement for getting things paid off. Simple and easy to use..Version: 5.6

Love!Useful and easy! Helps to keep track, figure out your principle payments and being able to snowball debt payments is an excellent feature..Version: 5.7

Great app!Update: app is fixed and works like a charm! Thanks!! Update: I wrote the developer and they sent me an immediate response. It said..... "I submitted a fix for iOS8 issue yesterday, so sorry about the issue, it will take apple 1 week to approve the upgrade.Please keep the app on the device and don't delete it until upgrade if you don't have backup data. If you can navigate to backup/restore screen under settings, create a backup and email the file to your self .If you have backup file it is easy to restore data." That my friends is quick service. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Very good customer support. I'll give it five once it is updated to iOS 8. It is currently unusable..Version: 5.7

Simple and Right to the PointWas looking for ONE app to that solely focuses on Debt with a Payoff Schedule. It does not have fancy graphics but it gets right to the point - updates debts balance after each payment and allows me to calculate my debt payoff based on total amount, interest rate and time. Works for me..Version: 5.7

Good appThis is good for tracking and watching your debt go down. When I first started, my only complaint would be the for the credit cards that were right at the limit or over limit, the bar showing amount left to pay off showed as paid off...a glitch that made it difficult to figure out what that bar meant. It should show as completely empty, not full..Version: 5.6

Thee Best!Love it love it!.Version: 5.7

Perfect for me!I love this app! I kept searching for an app where I could enter my debt and then choose which Snowball debt method I wanted to use. So many of the apps want to log into my bank, credit and loan accounts; that is not what I was looking for. I want to manually manage my debt to help me to really get my head around it and be connected with where I am in the process of becoming debt-free..Version: 5.8

Very niceI like being able to look at all my debt and see the due dates. It's a great tool to see what you owe.. I have had to alter the balances though since for some reason it put in the wrong remaining balance after a payment, might be I put in wrong interest rate... all in all I really enjoy the app..Version: 5.7

UsefulEasy to use, works well..Version: 2.2

Debt freeGreat app paid off everything debt free just stick with plan retire soon yahoo.Version: 5.7

Very frustratedBeen using this app for a couple of years now and it's great putting debts in perspective and I'm almost at the end of the tunnel. But I upgraded to iOS 8 and now it just freezes and kicks me out too. Tried deleting and reinstalling but to no avail. HELP!.Version: 5.6

Solid and Useful AppI was slightly familiar with the Debt Snowball method so I downloaded this app. It gives you a consise and practical plan to get debt free and it shows you your progress every month. There are a lot of features included here and I love that I can use it on my iPhone and iPad. Worth downloading! 5 stars!.Version: 5.3

Almost the BestI wish this had weekly payments!.Version: 1.6.1

Love the reportingI love the ability to add promo intro rates and adding in the snowball payments. I wish that when you posted a payment it would know that you have paid for the current month. So when I factor in payoff date I have to add a month to everything. I love the ease of emailing. I do wish it had a standard calculator and also wished it could exclude certain debts out of snowball method. Overall this has been my fav app for debt tracking..Version: 5.7

Get Debt Free It Works!Absolutely love this Debt Free App it has made me understand my debt a lot better and I am on my way to being Debt Free. 99 cents for an App that has helped me understand how to save $1200.00 in interest and pay my debt off 1 1/2 years early amazing!! Apple please feature this app in a commercial people need to see this! LOVE IT .Version: 2.1

HiExcellent app why only 4 stars only has a dollars not pounds it's only sign if u can live with it for now it's worth getting. New update coming soon though..Version: 1.2

Great Debt Snowball AppThis app is great for tracking debt and using the snowball method to pay down that debt. I like how the app takes into account the APR and calculates the amount if interest that will be paid and the pay off dates using the minimum amount due and applying extra amounts as a snowball payment. I would recommend this app to anyone looking to keep track of their debt!.Version: 5.7

Debt free now!I highly recommend this app. When I downloaded this app years ago my total debt (including my home) exceeded $130k. Using this app I created a plan that would allow me to retire debt free. I used the app monthly to monitor and make adjustments. The app helped me appreciate the impact of taking on additional debt. Sometimes I altered my spending plans and other times increased payments. It worked. I am now retired with no debt. With mixed emotion I’ll now delete the app..Version: 5.8

GreatThis app is great at helping me pay off my debts. Highly recommended!.Version: 5.0

Buy it1 word brilliant!! best app I've ever purchased.Version: 1.4

AwesomeThe simple ness of the app is the best part. Helped me in paying off $50,000 worth of debt..Version: 5.6

You can have one!I like it, useful to me..Version: 1.2

Amazingly helpfulIf you have any debt (as all of us do) and are trying to clean it up, you need this app. I'm going to save almost $3000.00 in interest and pay off almost 6 years sooner!! The .99 is worth it for sure!! The creator is awesome with replied to emails. I get a reply within about 5 mins. Update- I am deleting the app. I just main my final payment. $50,000 paid off. Other than car and house. I am debt free. If you want to pay off debt and you have willpower this app is great! The app will not pay off bills for you. You need to have willpower..Version: 5.0

Excellent appJust love this app. Very helpful.Version: 5.5

Best Debt App OutThis debt app is wonderful. I have been able to keep up with bills and what I should pay off. So far I have paid off 2 credit cards since downloading the app a couple of months ago. It is so helpful to anyone who wants to get their credit straight and smarter financially..Version: 5.7

Ok app!I like it, useful to me..Version: 1.2

Straight forward & usefulIt's clean, it's simple to use. It has a nice interface. Support too is great. Fired a question, an hour later the answer. How about payment table being displayed as a graph when screen turned landscape? Would show encouraging pay off dates. 59pence - nice work.Version: 1.6.1

Great appUseful, simple to use, perfect for my needs. Thanks team!.Version: 5.4

Good app!It's helpful to my life..Version: 1.2

Gets the job done.Easy to enter debt info. Gives 3 canned scenarios to snowball-highest interest first, highest balance first, lowest balance first and then a custom feature. You have to be familiar with your debts to know which is being paid off and which debt that money is being moved to. But awareness of your debt and getting out of it is the whole point! Get this app, embrace your poor credit habits and change your life..Version: 5.7

Best app for personal financeThis is by far the best app for managing overall debt. You keep track of all your debt and use it to determine how best to eliminate your debt and the time it will take until all debt is gone. An amortization schedule is available to check on loan payments. This is a must have app for anyone wanting to take charge of their finances.Version: 5.7

By Far, My FAVORITE Debt Managment/Tracking App!For over 4 years, I have used Debt Free. It is brilliantly intuitive, efficient, versatile, precisely accurate and simplistically elegant! Occam’s Razor!! I have struggled with other apps (i.e., Debt Manager) Which are so esoteric and frustratingly convoluted, that it was nearly impossible to easily, accurately and quickly track my finances. I’m done with all the others! Especially the one I just mentioned!! I don’t know about you, but I FAR prefer an app that streamlines entries, is “real-time” with transactions, calculates all your changing current (NOW time) payment, interest, purchase and changing APR and balance due information...without changing your historical data. DEBT FREE does all of this, and much more!! You can also generate precise amortization charts for each debt! THIS APP IS PRISTINE!! I recommend it above ALL others in its category!!.Version: 5.8

Almost perfect ...Been using this program for the last four or five years, or maybe longer, and I’m finding it very useful. There are two bugs that I believe still exist, one of them has to do with final payments, and the other is a spurious payment amount that generate more than two decimal places. If those were fixed, this app would be perfect! :).Version: 5.8

It Does What It DoesThis app is not particularly fancy or complicated, but it does what it does very well. I imagine that there will be some new features added and improvements made over time, but Debt Free has already helped me keep track of my debt payments and get my financial priorities in line, just like I expected it would..Version: 5.8

Excellent AppAn excellent app overall. Works as expected - nice to see the ability to backup the debt file when connected to iTunes. Weekly repayment option would be nice as well but monthly currently suits my needs fine. Would be good to see the developers do a savings app as well..Version: 3.0

Excellent App to relieve from debtAfter the upgrade in May 2011, it gave me all the options what I wanted..Version: 3.0

Great appI've used this app for 6 months now and it's been a great way to track my debt repayments and the advantage to reduce debt by concentrating on one at a time and showing the savings.. Highly recommend this app !!.Version: 5.6

Overall impressedHave had for a few years. Has been a easy to navigate app. Any issues I have had, support has helped with immediately. Find it to be a good tracking tool for debt management!!! Only thing I would like to see is addition of bi-weekly payments for loans and mortgages..Version: 5.5

GreatReally enjoy this app. It has helped me understand my debt and gave me hope that I will be debt free - and a lot sooner then I thought!.Version: 4.0

Great appIt's a great way to keep track of your debts. Very easy and basic..Version: 5.7

Good app - fix minimum payment dueGood app - easy to use and nice to look at. It allows you to put in multiple debts and gives a payoff time for each one. Also has a progress bar so you know how far you’ve come. Please remove minimum payments for each debt!!!! Debts like student loans before I graduate and loans from family don’t have a minimum and messed up the numbers!.Version: 5.8

Love itI love this app, I recently purchased a house and lots of furnitures through installment, this app keep me on track with me finances and payment. Great tool.Version: 5.3

Finances sortedEverything I needed in my life. All I need to know in one place..Version: 5.7

Good app needs workGreat app, lots of detail and so simple to use, my only frustration is that on some of my cc bills and loans I pay less than £50 a month and unfortunately this is the minimum amount you can put in on the monthly payments, would be great if you could change this please? Also I can't seem to find away to put in a one off payment that is a different amount than the monthly payment, but ah well for 59p it's the best I've used!.Version: 1.5

I now see the big picture!Using this app is a great first step in a reality check. Worth the purchase. Enjoy the interface and layout. 5 Stars..Version: 5.6

I love itThis app is great my only criticism would be you cant/delete payments put in but that's nothing major. Def get this!! It's more organized rather than having post it notes everywhere with who I owe $ too & there's a password lock..Version: 1.2

Love it, going to save me thousands of dollars.This app is going to get me out of $67,000 in credit card debt, it ain't going to be easy, but it's do-able, after I transferred with help of credit union my highest interest debts, that brings me down to $10,000 in interest from almost $14,000 initially. I'll update with my progress. Love the ease of use, the app is beautifully laid out. My only issue is it's February 27th and I need it to begin with my March payments. If there's a way to set the begin date without waiting until March it eludes me..Version: 5.7

Great appI really like having this app, it has made tracking my student loans so much easier, as well as giving me a timeline when they will be paid off. I like having access to how much interest I'll end up paying, and debt free really does a great job of making things way to understand, 5 stars!.Version: 5.7

Best app to track & pay off debt.I have used many apps & this is by far the most user friendly & motivational app ever. The are many features sure as customizing with debts you pay first & also a visual schedule of the most efficient way to go about paying them down..Version: 5.7

BrilliantHave been using this app for a couple of years and next month should be totally debt free! Easy to use, easy to monitor debts and such satisfaction when you delete one. The only improvement I would make is to include a history setting so you can see all the debts you had at the start. I know you can keep them on the list but I found it more satisfying to delete them as I went along. It would be nice now to look at where I started - over £20,000 in loans and credit cards to where I am now. After next month I'll have effectively given myself a pay rise. The app is simple not preachy and highly recommended.Version: 5.7

Well worth it! Makes you save $$$Thank you.Version: 5.7

An inedible appStarted using this recently! Awesome app, one of the best app I have ever used. Thank you..Version: 5.7

Excellent AppThis is a wonderful organization app with a ton of great features for only 99 cents. Definitely worth the money to stay organized to tackle debts. Only complaint is I wish I could set a "start date" for the snowball. I set it all up but want to officially start next month, but app defaulted to this month. It's already towards to end of Nov and I can't start until Dec. kinda throws everything off a little but other than that, it's great!.Version: 5.7

Basic formatGreat to use as a teaching tool.... recommended for a start for young adults , or people struggling with financial issues.Version: 5.8

Very helpfulGreat visibility into debt and monitoring reduction. Simple to use but provides great info at your finger tips. Easy to communicate with the developer. Love this app!.Version: 2.0

Very Useful App!!I used this app all the time. Very useful indeed.Version: 5.7

Very good appI want to give this 5 stars but I have an issue with if you make your monthly payment early it does not advance the next due date. I make my payments when I get paid and thankfully that is before the due dates. It is very helpful in letting me know how much I owe and that I am making slow but sure progress. Will continue to use it, I am seeing the debt go down. Which in the long run is what I wanted the app for to get out of debt.Version: 5.7

Hello~~~Easy to use, i give it all stars..Version: 1.2

Great appGreat app does what it says it does needs a little work on it though.Version: 1.6.1

Simple & EffectiveEffective app for demonstrating the snowball debt reduction method. Looking like a pro here. Great little app. Like the email breakdown plus the html attached report.Version: 5.7

Pretty Decent for MostThis app is pretty decent if your debt situation doesn’t consist of hundreds of debt items. I like the what-if feature and the choice of payoff plans. What I don’t like is the way the syncing works. When I ran the sync, my secondary device did not pick up the debts from my primary device even after having pressed the sync changes button, until I closed the app on the secondary, then re-opened it. But now that I know this, it’s okay. I paid my car note off ahead of schedule because I was able to calculate what to pay under a different scenario, for example..Version: 5.8

Just getting startedJust loaded this app as 2015 is the year to start a serious program of debt elimination. The app is easy to start using. It is nice to have all this laid out in one place so I can look in the mirror and realize what needs to be done. Now it is just needed to follow through each month which I am looking for this app to help with. Let you know when I get this going well to see results..Version: 5.7

Very usefulGreat app: it is really useful and has helped me to organise finances. Easy to use and does everything it say it does. Thanks To improve it would be lovely to have a chart that shows monthly progress. I do this now by emailing debt report and comparing emails. Also to have a notes page as credit cards offer 0% for a limited period and I would like to make notes to remind me to pay off by end of promotional period. Thanks again..Version: 5.6

Wonderful VisualIt took me awhile to figure out, and even longer to sit down and put in the info, but it was so worth the effort. Now I have a great plan written down in dimple to follow steps to reach my goal of being debt free before the New Year comes. It's the same money that I spend every month, but targeted and purposeful. Amazing..Version: 5.7

Debt/financial mgmt made easyI love this no complaints and have used it for years!! Try it.Version: 5.6

App is fixed- works great!App works just as it use too! super user friendly..Version: 5.7

Nice app for tracking debtsQuick n easy to use. Keeps u on top of ur debts. Good overview, with great feedback on balances, payments, interest and payoff info from simple easy to read screen. Some interest calculations are slightly off, but nothing crazy. Allows u to review different payoff strategies to c what works for u. Overall really good app for keeping track of ur financial liabilities..Version: 5.7

Individual reportsI like the app. It works well. But can you fix it so it can print reports for each debt instead of all of them together. I hope you get to read this. Update: Ok, I found out how I can print the report individually per debt. I have input each debt via the calculator in order to create the amortization schedule. Here I can email or just print out. Oh well it took some time but it’s ok now. My email to the app producer went unresponsive..Version: 5.8

Looking goodThis app looks amazing it now has it in £ now aswell am going to enjoy using it I think.Version: 1.5

Perfect!!!If you doing the Dave Ramsey plan, this is the App for us!!! I Use his "Everydollar" app also, but I wanted something strictly for my debt, This app shows the Grand Total you owe, include interest on credit accts, and this app will show you the difference in pay off time and how much you paid in interest... "lowest balance" vs. "highest interest" rate, I'm doing "lowest" balance, and I'm only paying around $100 more in interest... Trust me I've tried a lot of apps, this is the most simple... Oh I'm projected to be "debt free" in Nov 2015 according to this App!!!.Version: 5.7

Very HelpfulI'm 24 and use the app to keep up with the different debts I've incurred through college and marriage so far. My favorite thing about the app is how it allows me to use the snowball payment option, and shows me in detail how changing extra payments will effect when my debt will be paid off in full, and how much I'll save in interest. This is the most helpful debt app I've tried, and I've tried several..Version: 5.7

Excellent appDoes what it says it does.. Very helpful.Version: 5.6

I have been searching for this app...I didn't know that this app existed, but it literally does everything that I used to do on my own. I used to spend an hour, every other day, making lists and charts and worrying about my debt, but not anymore. I love it, and I wish I could give it more stars!! Honestly, $0.99 is a steal...but hey, good price..Version: 5.7

Not badSimple but very useful, not bad for $0.99..Version: 3.0

I love it!!I love this app! I have been using it for about 3 years and even got my friends into it. Thanks to this app I have been able to keep track of my credit cards expenses and payments. I keep it up to date at all the time and then I make sure that my credit cards bills are in sync with my app and that's how I assure I'm not being charged hidden fees or that no one else used my card..Version: 5.7

Would love to give it a 5I love this app! But....there are a few things I wish it could do that it doesnt. I would love to see a feature that shows the total amount of debt paid over time. Also when I pay something off and enter the amount due as a payment (to get to zero balance) it comes back with a balance of like 3 cents or something, so I enter a 3 cent payment and it comes back with a penny balance...its frustrating and I dont like that aspect. Otherwise I do love this app <3.Version: 5.7

Love it!User friendly- great for snowballing debt :).Version: 5.7

Great app, even better developerEmailed a suggestion for the next update, and got a response that day. Very useful, and easy to use app. Thanks.Version: 2.1

GreatGreat app and also great Dev. Got a reply to my email within 2 hours when I had a problem.Version: 1.5

GreatSuch a great app to help you keep on track with your debts.Version: 5.7

Really enjoy this app.This is a great app b/c it lets you make progress on he debts by adding payments. Love that part! I want to see progress to keep me motivated toward debt freedom. Also, the integration of email reports is very seamless. I would be nice if there were a few more report options, but another great feature is that you can request additional features right in the app. I also like that you can sync between devices!.Version: 5.7

Simple but powerful debt management tool!I appreciate how simple this app is. This above anything makes managing and tracking our debt a breeze! The first hurdle in debt management is being able to see where you actually stand. Secondly, being able to devise a solid plan aids in ensuring you stick to your goals. Thirdly, having a "future view" of where you will be at any given point in time bolsters your drive to meet those goals. All this is presented in a neat, tidy package that is simple to update, navigate and view. If you are having doubts on a great method of managing your debt, look no further as DEBT FREE is your go-to app of preference!.Version: 5.7

Excellent, well worth every pennyI bought this app some time ago and was very happy with its features. Recently I contacted the developer and asked if the snowball effect could be switched off as an option. I was pleased to see the new update today and very happy that the snowball effects now optional! Well done and thank you. Highly recommended app..Version: 2.0

Absolutely fantasticIt has to be said that I am absolutely useless when it comes to finances. I have various debts relating to training for my job and also a car. Being able to have all of these debts in one place, in graphical as well as numerical formats is great. A quick glance shows me what is the highest debs. The app also allows for various strategies in order to pay off your debt, whether it be highest debt first, interest, or a custom strategy. Being able to see how making over payments each month can impact your debt is also a fantastic feature. For a free app it has to be one of the best out there. I would really recommend it!.Version: 5.7

Almost perfect!This app is very helpful & intuitive! But, it lacks in reports. I had to go one by one & put each debt on a "Debt Snowball" excel spreadsheet. I also would like to see a report by month that lists the payments. It makes it very labor intensive to update the payments on my bank bill pay site by having to scroll through them. Even if it had an export to Excel feature would be great. All that said however, the information obtained is very beneficial!.Version: 5.7

My wish list for this appI like this app and have used the heck out of it for a couple years now. Some more category and sorting options would be nice. An average interest rate calc would be nice too. The ability to select debts from a list and calculate average interest rate would be ideal For things like partial debt refinancing or consolidation. Over all the app is great for keeping track of debts and managing a smart payoff..Version: 5.7

So helpful!!This app is brilliant for anyone that loves number crunching and keeping a hold of their finances! Easy to use and great for forward planning. Regular updates means this app is improving all the time. Repayments as a percentage of the balance would make this app perfect!!.Version: 5.2

Love it!Perfect for my debt freedom needs.Version: 5.7

Versatile amortization appThis app has done for debt management what iPhone did for mobile technology. An excellent and practical finance tool to figure out what needs to be done to be debt free. I like the fact that it is flexible to input multiple data and see snowball at work. Hope to see it develop into a more wholesome not just dept but also investment and wealth management tool I.e. being on a receiving end of compound interest..Version: 5.8

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