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Papa Johns Pizza & Delivery App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Papa Johns Pizza & Delivery app received 57 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Papa Johns Pizza & Delivery? Can you share your negative thoughts about papa johns pizza & delivery?

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Papa Johns Pizza & Delivery for Negative User Reviews

GarbageI have wasted so much time trying to place an order. Delete..Version: 4.46

Online payment functionalityOnline payment functionality seems to always have errors with processing payments. End up paying with cash....having the payment placed on the credit card a few hours after delivery and then debited back a few days later..Version: 4.46

Stores are greatThe employees are always friendly the drivers are great. The pizza is my absolute favorite, but your app let me down. I was recently traveling in Hot Springs a couple months ago and ordered on the app and typed in the address I was staying at. Very easy very enjoyable experience. Now I’m back home and I place an order go into delivery click on my address at home and finish my order. I submit the order pay for the order and about 45 minutes later as I’m starving I’m excited and wondering where my driver is. I go to track my order and my surprise he was almost here, but unfortunately when I look at the map he is 3 1/2 hours away. The driver then happens to call me asking where I was. I let him know that I order through the app had change the address back to my house and that the app had failed me. So I would appreciate it if you would refund me the money for the pizza I purchased in Hot Springs. Good news is I love your pizza so much I went ahead and ordered again from my home location I’m hoping to get it soon. At this point I am very angry and disappointed in the app only. It’s not that it’s not user-friendly it’s just when I went to the addresses and clicked on my home address it gave me the impression that I had changed the delivery location. I’m only assuming this did not work..Version: 4.48.1

It works but should be betterThe interface could use some work. Changing a favorite doesnt always seem to correctly put those changes in the order and building a pizza from scratch is tedious when there are some defaults you always want to make. Having favorite choices (eg crust type, sauce options) that one might always want to use would improve the process. Right before submitting there should also be a confirmation screen providing a clear listing of the order as well as delivery options and address. It is too easy to get to payment and the wonder if one picked the correct address and have to back track. Finally there really needs to be a way to opt out of the dipping sauces..Version: 4.53

App reviewOur orders have been wrong two times. We tried to use another store but you won’t let us because you say it’s out of our area. That doesn’t make sense because it’s actually closer, but that doesn’t matter. So, we started using Dominos. We decided to try again with Papa Johns and the last order, again, wrong. We ask for bacon and get Canadian bacon, which we hate. 🤢 Can you put something on the app so the store sees exactly what toppings and something to differentiate between bacon and Canadian bacon. We are giving it one more try tonight. We don’t complain because we live our lives to be thankful for everything, even something as small as ordering a pizza. However, you may lose a customer. Also, our last delivery guy was the best ever! That’s one reason we are giving it another shot. You may want to look into who that was. We haven’t received our order today. It would be the delivery guy for the order before today. Thank you!.Version: 4.50

UX Designer not impressed.I’ll keep it short. Not able to edit a location if it is your “current location”. So I’m at a hotel, and I put the address in forgetting to add the room number. Once the location is set, you cannot edit. You have to change your preferred location to another saved location (should you have one), then edit the actual location in question now that you are not set to that location (in my case, add the room number), and then switch back to that said store after you are done? Why not offer the ability to edit your current location before you have even placed the order??? Then, they give you this nifty “Pizza Tracker”, but don’t you dare leave the app. You don’t have any handle on a current order process if you choose to leave, and no way back to this seemingly great feature. To be fair, your could go click the link in your email, but why not have it still available in the app where all this started to begin with??? Only thing about your order inside the is the ability to do it again, not to see it’s current progress. Whyyyyyyyy???? Also, getting to the cart is confusing. Is it too tough to just have an exclusive cart menu item on your bottom Nav? Is that not your ultimate goal???? Otherwise make sure you hit the left side of the persistent bar at the bottom with the total, because if you take a leap of faith and hit the right side of that bar, you are just prompted for delivery or carry out again..Version: 4.28.0

Amazing pizza but mediocre appI love this place’s pizza and have for well over half of my life. The more I use this app the more these issues irritate me... and I’m not going into everything I like about this app, just what I dislike this time around. It irritates the snot out of me having to feel guilted into tipping a damned driver BEFORE I receive my food. Because I have seen the difference in how things are handled with a tip included or excluded and trust me, either you tip before or you really regret it later. 10 cents for Parmesan packets and crushed red pepper? I don’t mean to seem like such a penny pincher, but this crap adds up SO FAST and before you knew it, those two simple pizzas you were craving turned into a $60 order!! But it is really lame that they charge for these now when there are other ways of getting money from people..., JUST ask the developers at Niantic and Pokémon Go; they have many many underhanded ways of milking money from us while acting like everything is business as usual.. Their soda selection is underwhelming, but not as underwhelming as their barely mediocre rewards program. Mind you, Jamba Juice has everyone beat with the most lackluster rewards program I’m a part of, but this one is close when it comes to being humored that your spending actually elevates you rapidly to your free stuff. Yeah.Version: 4.46

Stop askingKeep asking me to review.Version: 4.46

Terrible DesignHave you guys even used the app before releasing it!? When I open the app, it forces me to pick either DELIVERY or CARRY OUT. What if I am just trying to track the last order I made 30 minutes ago and see if it’s on the way? What if I am checking to see if I have earned enough “papa dough” to get a free pizza? What if I just want to quickly check what specials you have? Then, when I finally do make an order, the bar at the bottom of the screen shows the delivery address on the left, and the price amount on the right, but it’s all part of the same bar so it makes you think that if you click it, you should just go to your shopping cart and place your order, but if you click on the left side, it starts the whole process all over of asking whether it’s for DELIVERY or CARRY OUT. OR what if you are trying to track your pizza after you ordered it? All of a sudden it’s impossible to find the pizza tracker. That should be a very easy button to find. Especially when there is an active order for delivery still out!!!! So annoying to have to deal with this stupid app just to get your good pizza in my face! Please fix the thing!.Version: 4.33.1

This app SUCKSI can never get my Visa Gold card to work. It always says the info is wrong. It is not. Not using it again. The food is GREAT. I can’t waste a ton of time trying to order and then having to phone in anyhow. It’s easier to order from another pizza place. I’ve Stopped ordering from there. You lost a customer..Version: 4.47

Credit card payment option works self onlyDecent app but the bugs associated with trying to pay with credit card are frustrating. Sometimes works, more often than not it doesn’t..Version: 4.46

Papa Tracker?This tracker is garbage. Doesn’t even work. Pizza is excellent though..Version: 4.64

Absolutely worst pizza everI’ve ordered many times last 2 extremely bad I had to throw them out and no way to respond to the company 0 customer service? Don’t eat here please.Version: 4.64

Payment errorSince the last update I cannot pay with a credit card on the app. But my account does work when I login from my desktop computer. I have complained to Papa John’s a few times about this and no one has returned my inquiries..Version: 4.47

No way of contacting anyone!!!I ordered to my old address by mistake as we had just moved and I didn’t update on the app. I tried to find someone to call there is no number other than a bot to chat with. I didn’t get an email confirmation for my order either. So now the new owners of our old house are having lunch on me. Why is there no phone number!?!?.Version: 4.54

Too easy to order at the wrong locationThe app is easy to select product but hard to confirm the right location. I ordered in a different city and I can’t get my money back!.Version: 4.52

Never give me my order right and then management laugh at me. I will sue I swear.Menus look nice easy to navigate. BUT THEY ALWAYS FORGET MY SAUCE CUPS AND SEASONINGS. And yet I KEEP ordering… I’m addicted to the flavor. But fed up with Horrible service. Over a year I’m sure I’ve lost at least $300+ from thing they forget. I call to tel them. They say okay well throw it in your next order. But it NEVER come then either. After the backlog of sauce cups sides etc begins to build up they ignore my phones calls a time or two. Then when they pickup next, it’s like their forgot pizza tab has been completely forgot and believe they owe me nothing again. I get mad. No calls. For a week usually. Then after a long week of work… I’m very hungry. I want my favorite flavor pizza.. and I go back. Back to the abuse. Because I’m used to it. But today I’m here to tell you, its not OKAY! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Boycott restaurants immediately when they refuse to correctly give you what you pay for! Don’t fall into a spiraling loop like I have so many times before. Life’s to short. Get your sauce cups, Or go Buy bricks instead! REVOLUTION!!! - Eiheiheiheih!.Version: 4.50.2

First time didn’t workLoaded the app because we got a flyer in the mail. But it only has an option to “Log in” not create account on the app...? I can’t log in without an account I guess. So, unfortunately I deleted the app..Version: 4.46

TerribleTo start this off, I would like to say that Papa Johns has always been my family’s choice of pizza. To say I am upset at the service and quality of the meal I received is a grave understatement. I preordered my meal through the Papa Johns app and was notified that my families dinner would be ready in 90 minutes. This was already a lengthier wait time than usual but I opted to continue to place my order as my 3 children were excited to be getting pizza for dinner. When I arrived at 8:00pm to pick up my order placed at 6:30pm I was left to wait until 9:15pm in the pick up line where I was unable to leave or get out of the que. Once I got home to my extremely irritable children who had been waiting more than patiently for their dinner, I opened up the bacon pizza and saw a black hair on one of the pieces. After throwing the piece away and thinking this experience couldn’t get any worse, I reached for the garlic butter to attempt to make my pizza more enjoyable and it was open! This is by far the worse pizza experience I have encountered and I am ashamed to have subjected my family to the poor quality of food that was prepared..Version: 4.43

Delivery address needs to be wiped clearI have 2 problems with this app. 1. After every delivery order the delivery address should be wiped clear. I just accidentally ordered a pizza to the wrong address. It was an old address from when we were out of town. I didn’t see the address when I was trying to order in a hurry - my bad - busy mom of 3 not paying enough attention. 2. Second problem is once I discovered I was having pizza delivered to the wrong address, there was no information provided on which Papa John’s store my order went to. So I had difficulty trying to cancel to the order. A phone number and store location should be provided. I had to google for Papa John stores in the vacation town and guess which one took the order. Very stressful 20 minutes trying to get my pizza order cancelled and my money credited back to my card. After 3 phone calls I finally got a hold of a store that was able to help me. He voided the order and now I’m finally able to order the pizzas to be delivered to my actual address..Version: 4.49.1

Puzzling ProblemA recent order somehow set the delivery address as a Papa Johns location—a location far from my delivery area. Somehow, that order got placed in a car with several other orders. After a few stops, the delivery driver noticed her next stop was her own shop and called to confirm I didn’t live there. I don’t. I had been trying to alert someone to the mixup while watching it unfold on the tracker map. This is when I discovered another flaw in the app: the “customer service” link does nothing. Don’t waste your time trying to tap it. After the debacle, I went to check the delivery addresses associated with my account. Alongside my home address was a Papa Johns address in a neighboring town. How? Who knows… but I’m happy to report THE APP WOULDN’T LET ME DELETE THE PAPA JOHNS LOCATION AS MY HOME ADDRESS. Incredible. I tried calling someone at Papa Johns to report the issue, but after spending several decades on hold while being forced to listen to the same promo for stuffed crust pizza on an infinite loop I gave up. This review has been therapeutic. My long ordeal is over, and I feel like I can finally get my life back on track. Maybe even save my marriage. One star. Wouldn’t recommend..Version: 4.50.2

Delivered by Door Dash not Papa JohnsWas the very first time ordering within the app. I just assumed that Papa Johns had their own delivery people as do most pizza restaurants. Had I known it was DoorDash I wouldn’t have even bothered ordering. I’ve had way too many problems with them to count. I didn’t know it was DoorDash delivering until I was watching the map and the drive was only 10 minutes from the Papa Johns location, when suddenly half way to my house the vehicle turned the opposite direction and drove entirely to the next city when if he’d stayed on course I would have had my food in 5 minutes. Instead I didn’t receive it until an hour later STONE COLD. When I called the driver to ask why he said his gps changed direction and he was instructed to make the other (farthest) delivery first. This is just one of the many issues I’ve had with them is receiving my food very cold and having to reheat it. My husband didn’t even get to eat before leaving for work that night because of the lateness. They need to state in the app when your choosing delivery or pick up that it will be delivered by DoorDash..Version: 4.51

App UnstableSeveral times the app hasn’t worked..Version: 4.47.1

This warranted a review.I’ve never once written a review before, and it’s a shame the first one I do had to be a poor one. It’s not that this app is dysfunctional, it very much works - after you get through all the difficulty of its user interface. I ordered for carryout, and figured it would give me some sort of notification as to when it would be ready to pick up - something like what Dominos does. However, all it did was send me a confirmation email, and from there it suggests I watch the “Papa Tracker.” This thing was the most useless thing an app has ever had, especially when you so critically want your pizza hot. I know it says it’s for entertainment purposes only, but there should be SOME way of telling when it’s ready. Just to add onto that, there was an opportunity to “share to facebook and get 25% off next purchase,” but when selected, nothing happened at all. I went in and checked on my pizza after I realized the Papa Tracker wasn’t good for anything, and it had been ready for over 10 minutes. All in all, the app works, but only barely. It’s a sad thing that Papa John’s has something like this to their name. Please step it up, please represent better. Papa bless..Version: 4.31.1

Buggy as hellNeeds an interface that’s less glitchy. For instance, you get a postal code error when you sign up for an account. There’s no section to enter a postal code!.Version: 4.32.1

App is almost as bad as websiteAfter several attempts to order using promo codes available within the app and getting papa Johns is unavailable I was finally able to complete my order. Attempted to track but once selected you can’t see your order anymore. Went to the past order screen and only saw half of my order with the ability to repurchase only. I needed to add condiments to my order and finally googled the store to 1. Confirm order was at the location and processing 2. Have 2 condiments added which I was unable to do so because 1.00 isn’t enough to charge. No Offer for the driver to bring and be paid cash either. There is no customer service in the app and sat on hold for 5 minutes listening to commercials with the customer service. It is your app and not the franchised store so you should be available to accept complaints about your app. Was trying to give the brand another chance after their racist ceo ruined their reputation and the app because the multiple notifications of sales on a daily basis was too much. Disappointed and if my pizza is late and/or taste terrible like the service I will be gone for good and deleting the app.Version: 4.29.0

Unable to proceed after adding cardUnable to proceed after adding credit card. It keeps on saying invalid card information..Version: 4.46

Accessibility with VoiceOver is reduced in this versionHi I am extremely disappointed in this version of the app. The accessibility with voiceover is significantly reduced and it took me almost 20 minutes to place a simple order tonight. Please follow the proper accessibility conventions that Apple has published so that people who are blind can use your app effectively once again. Otherwise, I will be looking for a new pizza supplier..Version: 4.47.1

The credit card function is almost always broken so it’s impossible to pay on the appWhat a terrible app. It’s very hard to navigate especially with promo codes and half the time you have to enter everything in two or three times to do it all in the correct order. The credit card function is almost always broken so it is impossible to pay on the app and it has been like this for over a year. I don’t know how anyone in 2021 has an app that can’t even except payment. Also everyone and their brother has a tracker for deliveries for Papa John’s just has a fake tracker. First of all why even bother, second of all get an actual tracker. Especially when the delivery time estimates 55 minutes and sometimes it’s actually 20. People need to know what time it’s coming when it varies by that much..Version: 4.47.1

Unless ordering pizza, app is very annoyingI recently moved, so I went on the app to change my stored address. But, no, first I am forced to choose if I want an order delivered or carry-out. (I’m not ordering at all.) There was a third choice, which was ‘change carryout’ so I tried that, which led to my stored addresses, one of which is my old address. I looked for a ‘delete’ option. There was none. I thought maybe if I tap on the address, then I would find the delete option. Nope. But there was an ‘x’ by one of the address lines, so I tapped that and was then able to x out all the address lines and then hit ‘done.’ But, alas, the old address was still there. I tried x’ing out everything again, then hit ‘save.’ But it then said I have to choose a city. So then, I put in my current city, and address (which is already on file in the app, as my 2nd address.) I hit ‘save’ then checked to make sure it worked. Nope. My old address is still there. I tapped on ‘my account’ and tried seeing if that would help. So, I tried about 4 different times, all tolled, tapping on ‘edit’ to try to ‘edit’ (really to delete or remove) my old address, but it can’t be done..Version: 4.23.1

Points expire too soon. App ok.They changed the terms on their rewards program to allow the points to expire. I don’t have a local papa Johns, so I can only use the rewards when I am away from home. As such, in the last couple of years since they changed their program, I have lost hundreds of dollars in value. Most of that was at the start of their change in program, when they expired all of my old points. They offered me half my points back, but nearly expired them again on me before I could get a chance to use them. As far as the app experience, it is ok, but it is also very difficult to use the points. I don’t mind driving, but with this app It can be difficult to find a local location when one isn’t close or when I’m on the road and wanting to find one close to my route. I used to really love papa Johns and used to order from them exclusively when available, but this just isn’t cutting the marinara. The app and expiring points has caused me to use every other pizza place possible... and I buy a lot of pizza..Version: 4.48.2

Wont accept my correct postal codeDumb app.Version: 4.45

CHECK YOUR LOCATIONI have twice ordered from the app and it is slow to update my “current location”. First time I was did it I returned home from Orlando, FL to North Carolina. As I used the app it never updated my location. I thought it would auto pick up my current location. I did reach out to the store and the manager was very accommodating. Also the manager at the North Carolina store felt bad for me because I was with my wife and kids sitting in the car. He quickly had his team make up our order locally. Second time I was earlier in the day in Rock Hill, SC drive home to Charlotte, NC. While in Charlotte reopened the app placed my order. In error, did not check my location being update and the app still thought I was in Rock Hill. After having it opened for 5-7 min before select the order option. I placed my order and when to the Charlotte Papa John’s to pick up my my order was 35 min away in Rock Hill. Lucky I call and had my sister pick up the pizza but I still had no pizza for dinner. Just if possible place on your list of enhancements a prompt that prior to ordering asked that you confirm the location BEFORE the order goes through or accepts payment..Version: 4.52

GarbageHate this app sucks.Version: 4.64

Be very careful!First off, we love Papa Johns' pizzas and order through the app to pick up at multiple locations depending on where we happen to be. This last time when I ordered on the app, I had to add another credit card for payment. After filling in the information, I clicked the "update payment" button. Instead of taking me back to my order, clicking that button submitted the order!!! I couldn't confirm my order again or have the chance to change anything I needed to (e.g., time or location). If the button says "update payment" it should just do that. If a button is meant to submit the order, then it should be labeled "submit order". Furthermore, I attempted to call that un intentioned location to cancel the order but after an hour being put on hold (it was dinnertime so they probably had a high volume of orders), I had to give up. There should also be an option to cancel the order if it's still waiting in the cue and hasn't been prepared yet. That would save the customer from frantically trying to cancel an order during rush hour and end up having their credit cards charged and unable to pick up from wrong location. Other than that, we love their pizzas..Version: 4.52

Used to be able to order aheadI used this app about a month ago and was able to order a pizza ahead of time to pick up the next day. The last 2 times I’ve tried it will no longer let me order ahead....even later the same day, for my local store. If I choose a farther away store I can order ahead. What the 😡 So I called my local store to ask why, of course they don’t know. They offered to set my order up ahead on the phone but of course the online special I wanted (and have ordered ahead on the app previously) they couldn’t give me exactly so I had to pay $1 more AND call in to place my order when the App Store description CLEARLY states that you can order ahead through the app. Highly infuriating. I told the guy on the phone that they needed to let their management know, to which he replied, “they probably already know, but there are probably so many issues out there that who knows....”🤦‍♀️ Honestly next time I’ll pick the store that is 2 miles farther away from me, so I can actually order my pizza ahead on the app. DEVELOPERS FIX THIS OR DON’T LIST IT AS A FEATURE OF THE APP..Version: 4.28.0

Can’t create accountTrying to set up account. Get error saying needs location address field completed. There is no place for address other than email, first and last name, password, phone number, and click old enough button. That’s it! Tried help line at Papa Johns and they said try installing again. Nope still same error Help!?.Version: 4.35.2

App rejects my CC every time for no reasonApp rejects my CC every time for no reason. Fix it cause it’s dumb.Version: 4.45

Misleading nav for pricing, poor tracking, poor designMenu items are listed at full price, but if you go to the specials section you can typically get a discount on those prices. This is pointlessly misleading, at best you are making people do extra work to get what should be the regular price and for others you are just ripping them off. The navigation of the app is poor — selection of the cart and the toggle for the delivery/carry out are too close together, which can cause a confusing loop of having to choose the method again and again. “Tracking” is a joke, nothing is actually tracked using geo-location technology. Unlike Panera, you cannot tell how far away your driver is; this app just goes through meaningless statuses, even when it says it is out for delivery you have no way of knowing how much longer it will be (e.g. how many people are in front of you or how far the driver is). It’s also impossible to find how to track the order once you’ve left that screen, meaning you have to go to your email to get the tracking link if you want any information about the order. This app would meet basic expectations if the prices were transparent, tracking was more sophisticated and the navigation was overhauled..Version: 4.28.0

Manager MissingThese past few months have been very upsetting due to our past few orders. My husband ordered a pizza while I was out of state in June and it took two hours before it was delivered. He did not have a smart phone at the time and is not very tech savvy, so he had to call me in Ohio and have me check on my phone to see where his order was. At time he called me it had already been about 45 minutes. When I looked it said on the papa tracker that it was still being prepared. Then I called him about 45 minutes later after that and he still had not received his pizza. So I called our local papa John’s in lake Wales, Florida and requested to speak to a manager. The lady who answered said she was the manager. Long story short, she stated that she didn’t have enough help to make the time promised online and couldn’t change the default time. She stated she would make it right with free stuff but we never saw that. Anyway I told her to up channel my concerns about the default time and she said okay. Y’all need to fix this. Because it will happen again..Version: 4.46

Papa John’s app reviewSorry to say the quality of your product isn't what it used to be. Back in the day the ingredients were almost to the edge of the pie. Now............ seems like they're getting stingy with everything! Sometimes there's maybe two pieces of peparoni on a large slice of pizza. Hardly enough! Also not usually enough cheese, which forces me to buy extra cheese. It sometimes doesn’t matter how I order my pizzas sliced - when they arrive they are sliced BOTH WAYS!!! At the same time. I like the pizza tracker. That is to say, I USED to like the pizza tracker. A few weeks ago we waited longer than expected. When I called to find out where my order was the lady on the phone said the tracker isn't accurate and she doesn't know why it's even offered online!!! I don't know either!! When our pies arrived they were barely warm. The delivery people are usually pleasant and friendly. All in all, it's getting to be more of an unsatisfying experience ordering from The Pappa, sorry to say 😢. Considering checking out the competition..Version: 4.31.1

Add Note to Specific Item on OrderI can’t tell you how many times I have had to have a pizza redelivered because my son can’t have tomato sauce. An easy solution is “add note for pizza maker” for a specific item. Because even clicking “No Sauce” doesn’t always work. Makes it an inconvenience to my family, the driver and the people involved when it could be easily made to stand out more as NOTE. Come on guys, you’ve got all the technology for tracking the car with the pizza but still have employees who don’t read basic instructions all the time. Please consider this. Imagine how many delivered pizzas wouldn’t entail the driver returning with another one and added a loss of income to you. While you’re add it. Why do I have to pay an entirely separate delivery fee and tip, if I’m calling immediately after placing the order through the app to add an extra pizza because more people showed up. That’s insane. Let me pay over the phone or add a timeframe that the order can be corrected by for no additional charge. Delivery fees are too high when I’m already tipping the driver well. This adds over $10 every time to my bill. You don’t need to make all the money in the world, let your driver benefit from a better tip and keep them longer..Version: 4.43

AppThe app barely works. Maybe 1:10 times I try it will it work. Especially when there are deals on. So now we have found other places to order from when vet the app fails us. Terrible for business. Last week we had 16 people over and 3 of us tried the app , kept telling all of us we had no service and to try again , so we ordered from Panago instead..Version: 4.64

Credit Card ErrorHave had this issue for about a year now. I have tried with multiple cards and deleting and re entering in all my card information and my address information and it still won’t take my credit card payment. Very frustrating, please fix this bug as it’s been over a year now..Version: 4.46

Can’t customize certain stuffI know that the pizza comes with garlic butter sauce inside the box. But no one at my house likes the butter dip. I’d rather be able to switch it out for a different dip.Version: 4.52

Never again!I ordered a triple bacon pizza, garlic knots, and some boneless chicken wings… $43!? That’s ridiculous! Why are you guys so expensive!? You can get a large pizza for $5 - $7 at most other pizza places (and honestly that $5 pizza tastes better). My pizza from Papa John’s was OK, the garlic knots were so greasy that we couldn’t eat them, and my daughter’s boneless chicken wings were so dry and disgusting that she couldn’t eat them. About 30 minutes after finishing dinner my wife & I started getting really sick. We were both up till 3 AM sick on the toilet from the pizza and garlic knots. Then let’s not even talk about how aggressive Papa John’s is with their emails! From placing just one simple order I’ve already received 5 emails from them wanting me to rate my order, order more food, etc. I will never order from this place again! The food is overpriced, it got us sick, and I don’t appreciate being spammed relentlessly with your marketing emails! Plus your reward program is ridiculous! Hungry Howie’s gives you a free pizza with every $60 spent, Chick-fil-A gives you free food all the time… Take some cues from these other places..Version: 4.50

Needs improvementDecent app, however the customer service chat is not optimized for mobile and there is no pop-up confirmation of delivery address. Even Starbucks has that! Do better.Version: 4.46

Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!I have been using this app for several months now and never had a problem, until last night. I ordered a pizza and according to Papa Track, my pizza was in the stage ( being prepared ) just before delivery. I then get a call, telling me that they don’t have a driver, to deliver my pizza, would I like to pick it up instead. If I had wanted to pick it up, I wouldn’t have asked for delivery and since I had a knee replacement and I couldn’t drive, I told them to cancel the order. They had to know that they didn’t have a driver, when I placed the order, but they waited until the order was almost ready for delivery, to contact me. With this in mind, I have decided to delete the Papa John’s app and to go elsewhere for my pizza from now on. Obviously they don’t know what good customer service is and how to treat customers. Sorry, but last night you just lost a long time customer. Guess that from now on, I order from Marco’s and forget about Papa John’s lack of customer service..Version: 4.43

You can never pay with your credit cardI tired numerous cards credit and or debit cards it’s be going one for month even after the apps update.Version: 4.47.1

Orders are almost never correct...How is it that a digital order that is black and white continually is wrong? The workers either bring the wrong entree or do not bring the correct sauces etc. This has happened almost every time we have ordered from Papa John’s. Is there an issue with personnel or is it possibly an issue with the app translating to an order. Maybe Papa John’s needs better SQL developers. It’s disappointing, especially when you pay for your food plus delivery fee then leave a hefty tip for the Papa John’s corporate industry to swoop up. A resolution shouldn’t be hard to solve this along with ETA of your order. This is by far this most disorganized pizza company in America. It would be nice if Papa John’s learned a thing or too from Donato’s! By far the best chain of pizza hands down. Unfortunately, North Carolina has zero of them, which leaves desperation for places like Papa John’s. Best thing to say about this company is they are everywhere in the continental United that States, but that’s also a problem since no management from the top is there to help their businesses all over the US. Pay your employees well and stop expecting the customer to pay for an unsatisfactory meal along with delivery and tip. People love to do this if they have a good meal to eat after a long day along with the most important part the order being correct and made with fresh quality ingredients. Hopefully this is constructive criticism..Version: 4.41.1

*WARNING*Only use this app if you are prepared for them to constantly pester you for reviews every time you order. EVEN AFTER YOU ALREADY LEFT ONE, TWO OR TEN REVIEWS!!! They will never stop pestering you for more reviews!!! This would be ok if they ever actually paid any damned attention to the reviews and acted any sort of accordingly. Nope. Nobody is paying any attention. Maybe only robots, but no people. Not with corporate anyways. I’m guessing it’s because corporate felt they had a better profit by cutting out any real customer service and replacing them with drones who harass their loyal customers. The corner cutting is infuriating when I grew up on awesome papa John’s pizza only for them to turn into little Caesar’s garbage in the name of more profit. I could literally just lace this review with expletives all over the place and even just write a review of nothing but expletives about how far south this company has gone and they wouldn’t bother. So now I go from long term loyal customer to boycotting them because they just harass and don’t even listen. Their food has turned to garbage and they don’t care to correct it. These corporate goons are what’s wrong with America. Screw Papa John’s Pizza.Version: 4.43

Credit card payments on app don’t work 👎Nice revamp. Credit card payments still don’t work!.Version: 4.47

Erin DrossmanI’ve had to change my review from a 5* to a 2*. The last SEVERAL orders I have ordered I have had issues with the quality. I have called and reported and was told, “okay- well, I’m sorry.” And that’s it! I look on my account to see how much dough I have and see that I have been “gifted” items that I have absolutely NOT given, or received or offered. Also, I have been adamant that they adhere to the “no contact” deliveries. But for some reason even tho I have it “noted” that I have a police K9 and to please NOT KNOCK! And leave items on porch table! Yet the delivery driver feels he/she needs to make contact by knocking- not once- but two three and four times. They are wanting me to come in contact in order to tip them. Like.......WHAT?? No! They are NOT doing that in order for me to add a tip? Which I always do when I pay when I order. We should be given the chance to tip AFTER the delivery and being eaten so that it’s genuine. Anyone can review/tip right when you place an order. This is ridiculous. I’m an influencer/YouTube and also I do reviews. So I’m trying to give you some advice. Someone is not only ripping me off, but ripping you off. Just check!.Version: 4.42.1

No more Papa for meI’ve been a customer for decades before my most recent experience. Used them a thousand times with little trouble until… They apparently now use door dash for orders after 9pm that led to me getting a pizza that took from 9:20 pm (even thought the app said it was only a 30-45 minute wait) until 12:45 am on a work night. They closed at 11:00 pm, stopped answering the phones so my call kept me on hold until I hung up after 30 minutes, and the app wasn’t showing any info about delivery status so I had no idea about my order. So I went to the store as they closed (11pm) only to be told my pizza was in transit by a manager that looked 16 who also told me he had no power to do anything for me. I beat my pizza back to my house by 20 minutes and received a pizza that was cold, no garlic butter, and no pizza sauce with my breadsticks. I left my number for the GM the next day at the store and got no follow-up response from him. Lack of execution followed by lack of customer service is unacceptable..Version: 4.53

App ordersVery difficult to navigate.Version: 4.53

Not workingSpent ten minutes setting up and ordering for the app to tell me I have no connection to the internet, which isn’t true. Deleted and ordered from Panago instead, good job here people..Version: 4.46

No starsThe app kept circling back, had to log in several times, kept asking for name, address, when trying to pay by credit card. Ended up using cash option and proceeded as a guest-no papa rewards yet again. This app is very poorly designed..Version: 4.46

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