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AwesomeSuper easy to use yet still surprisingly powerful and versatile for a free mobile app. I’ve been using it to make music for years and have yet to find anything else that comes close to how good this app is. It’s amazing how many instruments and customisation options there are. Recommended for everyone, even complete beginners can jump straight in and start creating! Only issues would be are a lack of brass instruments and there are only a few different guitar sounds. The 32 track limit is also frustrating..Version: 2.3.3

HmmmmHonestly, I had a decent time..Version: 2.3.8

Great app but one problemAwesome app for making short tracks and plans for larger songs made on more professional softwares, but there is a something that I’d like you to fix. When I hold down on a project, press “share”, press “add people”, then select whatever option it just stays on the uploading screen and never completes uploading. I’ve tried waiting for about 10 minutes but it never stopped uploading. Please fix this..Version: 2.3.6

AMAZINGY o u c a n m a k e y o u r o w n r i n g t o n e.Version: 2.3.10

Amazing!I really love this app because it seamlessly integrates with all of Apple’s other music apps (Music Memos and GarageBand for Mac). When I get an idea, I can record it in Music Memos where I can then add bass/drums to hear what it could potentially sound like. I can then import it into GarageBand for iOS in which I could play around with some instruments, some drums and some random sounds. If I then wish to evolve it further, I can then open it up in GarageBand for Mac with so setup or transferring - thanks to iCloud being able to conveniently sync my projects automatically; in which I can progressively improve my music on the Mac edition..Version: 2.3.8

...I’ve been using this app for almost four years now, during a time which I knew close to nothing about music. After playing around for a solid year, this gave me a good grasp on the central workings of music, from a steady beat to more classical elements. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of pack additions, especially in the last year or so. However, I do have some critiques. 1: I know it’s possible on some other interfaces, but there must be a way to look at the tracks and the instrument at one time. Going back and forth hasn’t been the best experience for me. 2: this is a little petty, but the loops need to be organized better. The fact that I have to look up ‘piano’ instead of just putting it into an instrument is ridiculous. Also, adding onto this, there should be more loops of different time signatures. 3: This is probably the worst of my critiques; where is Macne nana. I’ve heard of rumors that she was created by GarageBand, (hence the Mac) and I’d love it if there was any sort of text to song audio that could be used, especially if it worked the same as the sampler, or maybe even the smart drummers. Overall, this app is probably the best mobile music creation app I’ve used. The rest cost money for what can be done for free here..Version: 2.3.8

Can finally import from Mac again.They had a little glitch. But it didn’t last too long. And everything is working again. This is one of the best music creating software out there. Can import creations on to the Mac. But if you want to do adjustments to the current beat while still on the go, then unfortunately that’s a no. If you want to import from GarageBand / Logic Pro on Mac to iPhone. Then you are stuck with one audio file. It’s okay if you just want to add things. But limited because can’t change arrangements of beats..Version: 2.3

NeatoPlease make new guitars with more distortion And add sitars.Version: 2.2.2

NEEDS SERIOUS BUG FIXESOkay the program works great, but once you add some FX, get ready for rage quit. The program will take at least four bars to get in time and in Tune for some weird reason and it’s quite annoying when you can’t get an idea out because the program is having ridiculous issues. On top of that, there has been multiple times where the program won’t even launch, and when it does all of my data isn’t there. It seems to be a serious hassle when your data isn’t there and you got to reset your iPad and reload the program 100 times before you can even enjoy yourself. I have even downloaded this programs most recent update along with my software update and these problems are still here. As far as I am concerned you people are lucky this program is cheap and is easy to work with when the issues are not present. As of right now, I wouldn’t even give this program a star for the problems that come along with it. And when the problems are fixed, I’d give it six..Version: 2.3.3

Essential for songwritersI have been writing songs for over 20 years through a simple 4-track and using a drum machine. When I first heard about GarageBand, I thought it was a music-related computer game. I even got an iPad which already has GB downloaded on it from the factory and never even opened it for a year. Finally, I was bored one day and thought I’d take a look at it. WOW! I couldn’t believe how robust and professional it was! Here I’m tinkering with a 4-track and drum machine from the 80s all this time while I had a pro-quality music studio to write and produce sleek sounding demos just waiting for me to discover it! I’ve recorded some 400+ songs in GB that sound so good, some people actually think I recorded with an actual band! The drum sounds are impeccable along with fantastic bass, piano and string instruments. They even added brass horns! I just wish they included a saxophone with the horn selection. My favorite feature is the edit feature for each virtual instrument, especially when it comes to the drums. I’m able to move snare hits, kick hits, hi hat patterns, etc. to make them sound much more natural, like a real drummer would play. GarageBand is easy to use. You’ll be recording masterpieces in no time!.Version: 2.3.3

MixerPlease, please, please finish this great app with a dedicated mixer. It is the only thing that puts me off using it. I start using this app and build up a few tracks only to realise that I am blundering through each individual track and forgetting what I did with the last track! Please, pretty please make a full screen mixer or maybe just a half’re not listening to me....I and many others would probably pay for a dedicated mixer...........please......Right I’m off to use Cubasis, as always ends this way!.Version: 2.3.7

This app is how you play moosicThis app is the BEST app for playing music so if you want to play music when you are bored and want something to do, go ahead and do it on garage band! Few tips for next update: 1. Add a new instrument for the people who like playing an instrument that’s not on there. 2. Need more bug fixes for people who have problems with how it is now..Version: 2.3.8

Strong points and suggestions for future updates.I'd say Garageband is a very good DAW for being freeware for buying an Apple product. So I'll mention some good things first: There are SO MANY choices with the new rollout of the Alchemy Piano Synth, I haven't even used them all yet! Not to mention the huge amount of sounds from the old piano. It's very easy to make a bangin' beat! The UI is the best I've seen, very user friendly, anyone could make music on this app. VERY USEFUL EQ AND EFFECTS. EXTREMELY EASY TO SORT PROJECTS. I LOVE THE PRESET VOCAL EFFECTS AND INSTRUMENT EFFECTS. It's so hilarious because, compared to the other $200+ DAWs out there, Garageband can do pretty much the same amount and it's really really REALLY cheap. You can make high quality music, which is why some music artists use it. BUT... There's alot of things in the app that the user has to sort of "deal" with. Here are some I can remember off the top off of my head: When doing live loops, I noticed the loops would freeze visually when looping, and it throws me off track everytime it does it (which is everytime I use the live loops.) It never did it before, and no, I am almost certain it is not because of me. When copy-pasting onto a live loop edit, sometimes the thing you copy and paste disappears when you paste it to another section. I'm pretty sure this happens when you copy-paste actual audio in the edit if I'm not mistaken. Some vocal effects need tweaking, the biggest example being the Vocal Transformer, because it breaks the audio of the vocal making it sound horrible. You should make it easier to sample audio off of iCloud, because the list of the samples keeps expanding with the amounts of things I sample and it can get hard to find the certain audio bit I selected off of iCloud. I also noticed when exporting a song to iCloud, the mix of the song gets messed around with; making some elements sound quieter and less "bangy" as they did in the mix on the iPad. This is extremely frustrating, as I have no idea how this happens, it should stay the same after exporting. Sometimes, when playing a loop during a recording, a note from a synth or other instrument will sound extremely distorted throughout the length of the recording, so I have to totally restart the recording sometimes. I have also noticed using apps like IM1 with Garageband give this "crackle" feedback when looping (I make all songs using the live loops which is a very useful tool) the sound from the Audio Unit. This happens alot when I try to use a virtual piano app with Garageband, so I always have to find a work around. The velocity and quantization of built-in drums are always off and weird when recording, so I always have to turn the velocity up and reassign the quantization of the drums to how I wanted them. Quite recently, some of my GarageBand files on my iPad got corrupted, some files were music I had worked on for days, and they can't be fixed. And I also noticed when mixing a beat together, when you budge the volume of an element the slightest amount, it greatly increases the velocity and volume, this happens alot with sampled elements. FX is useless, because it doesn't work at all; even when I playback the song from the start. It just doesn't work, and it's a shame because FX makes some songs very interesting. There's so much more to be discussed, but I can only remember so much. Maybe I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for some of the things here, but I think these are some pretty strong points..Version: 2.2.2

Quick, easy, intuitive recordingHaving used professional recording software like Cuba’s, Protools and StudioOne, I think GarageBand is an excellent entry to recording with many of the most useful features of those more complex programs but without the hassle. For me the only missing feature is midi export which is a bit frustrating. If it was added as a feature, this make GB the #1 App for demo creation, allowing quick and portable writing, recording and arranging of new material which could later be easily exported to professional DAWS if the tracks were worthy of the full recording process. I see huge benefits in this one small addition. The midi functionality is already there, midi tracks can be created and edited... we just need to be able to export them to a universal file format..Version: 2.3.10

AmazingThe best DAW ( digital audio workstation) on the planet! It’s awesome! There is a lot it does not do compared to other industry leaders like Avid (Protools) Sony (Soundforge) Adobe (Audition) propellorheads, fruity loops, etc etc which are all amazing too! GarageBand is built into Apple devices its handoffable in pieces, parts or as whole songs and soundtracks it easily interfaces with modern studio equipment for mastering by audio engineers etc etc 6 out of 5 stars! Often the best audio solutions come from the simplest of sources and GarageBand allows you to capture sound and manipulate it in a trillion different ways :D best wishes your on the right path downloading this!.Version: 2.3.8

Amazing AppI paid $100 for another DAW on my computer and have been using it for years, then I download GarageBand on my phone and find that I can do more on this app than I can on my expensive PC-operated DAW. Granted, if I understood the technical side of the production process better I'm sure I could get more out of the other DAW, but I don't have the time it takes to learn it, and Garage Band is very intuitive in comparison. So while it might be less powerful overall compared to FL Studio or Ableton, etc; in the hands of an average user like myself, GarageBand ends up being more powerful simply because it's easy to use. I think Apple knows that if they offer a high-quality, powerful and intuitive audio workspace for free that it gives people a reason to buy their products. So if you already have an iPhone or Mac, might as well take advantage of that access. It's crazy what you can do on the iOS app. I never would have thought I could work entirely from my phone and produce quality music..Version: 2.3.8

Apple HelpOk Ive almost finished my song I was really hyped but then the app crashed, so I tried to delete it download it again and it didn't help neither restarting the iPhone can anyone help please, plus I didn't save the song into my iCloud so I have to restart it😤😤😤..Version: 2.2.2

Make the older version compatible for iOS 12This was my favourite app, but I can’t use it anymore since I don’t have iOS 13. Can you please make the older version compatible for iOS 12?.Version: 2.3.8

GarageBand is awesomeGarageBand is great because it comes with the phone so it's built in the storage so you have all of your apps that you want and it can make loads of different types like handoff with GarageBand is amazing because I'm working on my MacBook and I can carry on instantly on my phone for travels. I can make loads of music and there are even more to install on there!! I like the beat maker best because it's better than some apps like that for example beat maker go, it's good but not worth paying money every month..Version: 2.3.7

Better than fl studio mobileI can't stop giving this app props because this is honestly the greatest music producing app so far... I'm actually in love with GarageBand the fact that there's so much to it actually makes me hype every time I get on the app. First timers will use the loops to create there songs that can tailor to there style. You can also add your own loops with the keyboard selection and synths. Millions of sounds that you can expand your arsenal with and it doesn't stop there. You can even download your own samples to expand your sound selection. Like I can record a note from my grand piano and turn it into its own song. This app will never die out as long as there is more and more sounds added to it. The only suggestion I'd add to GarageBand if I could. Would be to add more sound FX and chants. The essential to making genres of music is something that makes them memorable and the sounds that you can add will show it. I love this app and I hope it continues to grow because this potential already exceeds that of computer software. I can't wait for the community to grow more and more so that people won't have to spend 200 dollars on something when they can simply download a FREE app!!!.Version: 2.3.7

Great app, a question for anyone who knows it well please!This app is brilliant, everything is well thought out and I use it a lot, great drum sequencer as well. I have a problem now though, having added a song as a loop then pasted onto a track to remix, I also put the tempo up to 172 so it was sped up, but later randomly all the parts of the remixed track slowed down to half speed rather than the original or faster as it should be, I thought it was a glitch and although very annoyed to loose my work started over only to have this happen again as soon as I added te virtual drums and bass! -Twice! I can’t get it to work but have no idea why it’s doing this help would be appreciated, Thanks :).Version: 2.3.8

PLS MORE MUSICI love it because it terns me into a DJ but I do want MORE MUSIC but still I really like it 🎸🥁🎤🎧🎹🎼🎺🙃.Version: 2.3.10

Good gameAwesome music anyone will love!.Version: 2.3.10

Surprisingly greatGarageBand is one of those music softwares that gets backlash because it’s “not professional” or because it’s “on a phone”. However, a quick look at all the new effects and instruments Apple has added to the newest version of the iOS GarageBand will nullify those criticisms. I have used GarageBand on my iPad and phone for three years now, and I have produced very good sounding music with it. Its pre-made synths are easy to play with and manipulate to the producer’s liking. If you are not content with your technical skills or musical connaissance, then Apple offers hundreds of loops, from beautiful synth chord progressions to distorted rock drum kits, that you can chop up and use in your songs. It is hard to see any flaw with the newest GarageBand. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in dipping their toes into production. And if music-making isn’t your goal for your future career, the app is still loads of fun and a good way to unload creativity and boost your imagination. Strong 5/5 for this app!.Version: 2.3.3

Run in BackgroundAfter updating IOS to 13 or so, Garage Band Run in Background works for about a minute, then cuts out. Problem with IOS or Garage Band?.Version: 2.3.8

Great app for a little fun.I have a lot of fun during garage band, you can make some sick tracks sometimes, but it is a bit hard to navigate, first you trying to find lets say heavy metal, but you accidentally click something and don’t know how to go back to the page you were on, that’s what happened to me. Actually a great game overall and I have learnt how to switch from screen to screen more easily, just was saying how new downloaders might not be able to navigate this quickly, that’s all..Version: 2.3.8

It's AwesomeI love the app but I want the more Chinese instruments so I can create beats with it.Version: 2.2.2

More ideas for you...Love Garage band and have been using it for years. Really enjoy messing around with all different sounds and effects etc’s an idea. How about the ability to assign and change time signatures, also, give more time signatures to choose from. I use GB as a metronome and a playback for when I’m learning songs. I’m currently learning a piano piece that has a few time changes every few bars, from 3/4 to 4/4 then the odd 2/4 as well. It would be great if we could use the ‘add section’ and change each one to a different time sig..Version: 2.3.7

You can take this app more serious.Apple has really stepped up the mobile DAW scene with this update. There's NO mobile software out there that's better than GarageBand right now. I don't use much samples in my work so the added mixing features helps me customize and bring out my sounds even better now and I can finally practice touching knobs before I buy a Macbook and really start working on tracks at a more professional level. I started using GarageBand a year ago and it just gets better and better. *UPDATE* So I'm 2 years into using this app and I really learned a lot. You can make underground level tracks using the app alone it has a ton of features and if you know what your doing you can create really cool sounds. I have the alchemy synths (via iPhone 6) and they sound great so far. The electric drum kits need a new update like the keyboards did they sound a bit outdated at times with the new sounds. I think an updated 808 trap kit would be good and a few more basses other than all the dubstep ones. A couple of amps for guitar/bass would also be pretty cool! A few extra mixing effects wouldn't be a bad thing either I really learned a lot with that new feature and it's really key for beat makers to become real producers. Also if you really read these reviews apple you should add to the mastering options a bit as well. Just a few more options to help introduce beginners to the world of engineering more. Great app though keep up the great work we appreciate it!.Version: 2.2.2

Good!This is a good app for amateur musicians with lots of features and instruments, but there are a few bugs, for instance the first beat of a drum loop sometimes won’t play unless you move it very slightly off-beat, and the guitar track editor does not function whatsoever, random notes are added, most notes don’t play at all, playback usually doesn’t work, luckily the keyboard track editor works fine. Composing with odd time signatures or polymeter is much harder to do than it should be. Add more time signature options!.Version: 2.3.10

Amazing, but also limiting!I absolutely love this program! In comparison to others I have used, as a professional musician having used many, this one is simple to use, easy to understand, and allows even the novice to start creating immediately. The downside, however, would be that the sampled instruments are limiting, which most are. Unfortunately everything you create sounds like a similar, re-hashed version of what anyone else has created. Therefore, lacking originality though it may sound like a masterpiece. Finally, a suggestion to make this program amazing would be to allow the ability of importing unlimited sampled instruments, VST effects, and plugins if not already able to do so. In the meantime, though both a positive and negative benefit, it’s a blast of fun, creativity, and well worth the download even for a novice to enjoy the simplicity it allows in creating music that can make anyone sound like a musical genius..Version: 2.3.8

LOVE THIS APP!!This app is great for pretty much everything. The virtual amplifiers are great and the whole app is easy to use. There are live loops (that sound amazing by the way) for beginners and even 4 different auto play sounds on each instrument. And to add to that there are barley any in app purchases if any!Yes not quite as technologically advanced as the MacBook version but still amazing and I don’t think we really appreciate any more of how amazing the technology is and the fact we can carry about 50 so instruments and a load of live loops, drummers and more in one reasonably sized app. I 100% recommend this app if you have not already got it..Version: 2.3.7

Please read thisI think this app is awesome! But just the size is a bit to big. If you could reduce the size down to about 1GB that would even be great. Thanks Apple.Version: 2.3.7

Great app but some suggestionsThe app is great, and I can use it to write songs with a wide variety of instruments. There are some thing I think could be improved. When working on songs that are longer or more complex, the song "optimizes performance" which can take quite a long time, and happens often on some songs. I also think that the drum sounds could be better, and mote cymbals and drums would be nice. It would also be good if there was a disk scratching instrument, separate from the one in FX, where you could actually have rhythms and control the volume of the turntables. I think that a better metal guitar tone would also be good to have, and notes on that guitar could go lower than they can now. And as always I would like to see more sounds in the keyboards (like a harpsichord) and all of the other instruments, as well as possibly some more instruments. Overall good app but I think these things should be added..Version: 2.2.2

It’s good I made a songI like this app a bit it’s good and I love making music 🎵 I like it’s so cool! 🎵🎵🎵 I love making my music and I made this one and it’s called The teacher is not nice! It’s my song 🎧 I made and their is robots I made it up like their is sister, brother, and more robots and it was good I was so happy! And I like that piano and the robot that is talking and the robot dad said you have to have that teacher. I also like the guitar it was good. Ok that’s all the information I hope you are happy with this Apple! 🍎.Version: 2.3.10

Needs % on panning/other slide barsI love the app so much and use it for most of my music recording but one thing that is very irritating is that the slide bar for panning doesnt have a percentage sign to show how much you pan tracks either way making it extremely difficult to balance double vocals, guitars and synths properly without it sounding slighty towards one speaker. To me the app would be absolutely perfect if this issue was resolved..Version: 2.2.2

Let’s Do It!This is a fabulous app that is an absolute Must for writers/arrangers who get stuck alone (not good) at airports, parking lots, Etc .. The sounds are absolutely fabulous! I could pick nits and say that on cannot press the drum-stick into the drumhead depressing just enough to tighten the next strike to a different semi-tone ... but I won’t. It is great for mapping out numerous tracks of a song in your head with symphonic strings or Japanese instruments (of which I had never heard) but which sound very Celtic. It is a candy store with invisible, one -way lids: they keep the candy clean but you can reach right through and grab whatever you need for the next part of your song! It is absolutely almost all of the “Jetson-type“ musical things about which I dreamt as a child. Everything for a complete rainy afternoon at my fingertips! If you can imagine it, most likely you can write it on this with the use of myriad tools. It’s learning curve is practically idiot proof – as attested to buy my ability to use it with such ease. Get this wonderful app and open up all the windows you can find As You Need and use them: choose a few at the beginning and find out how incredibly wonderful it is as you add on to your knowledge and your abilities. I am waiting to hear that someone has used this for an entire movie score ... it will not be long in coming – if it hasn’t already happened! Thank you for presenting this app to all of us to use it! It is almost God-given!.Version: 2.3.10

Live loops is awesome but...Cant find a keyboard shortcut or MIDI command to allow a simple command like “Next Loop Section” and “Previous Loop Section” or even just one shortcut for “Trigger Focused Loop Section”! This would allow one to gig just using an iPhone/iPad playing backing sections of a song, with say the solo artist on their guitar where they can use an XSONIC AIRSTEP or other Keyboard/MIDI foot switch to trigger next/previous section for instance. Even better would be just have one shortcut for trigger focused loop section and this would add even more awesomeness. One can use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keyboard shortcuts to go up or down the loop sections without triggering them, and then hit the trigger shortcut to let that next section trigger after the previous loop sections bar is done. Please, oh please, Apple GarageBand app developers, this should be a walk in the park for you! May be even my suggestion isn’t clean enough design wise, then may be a bunch of shortcuts dedicated to Live Loops mode will make it super awesome!.Version: 2.3.10

Some things should change in an updateIn an update, please make creating songs easier. I always struggle to move the notes, and make each part longer. In the update please add more instruments, or maybe even add a feature so you can choose your own sounds for free! But this is only my opinion, so you don’t have to. Overall this app is great! Keep up the good work! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💖💖💖💖💖.Version: 2.3.8

Great but limitedSo I’ve been using GarageBand iOS for over a year now and it’s good for being a free to use software and it comes packed with a lot of great sounds that you can adjust to your liking, the only issues I have are that you can’t transfer your save files over to the desktop version, which would be super handy for final touches and allow access to a more professional set up like microphones, instruments and plugins! Also in the new patch, the sampler seems to have been changed a lot and it’s super hard to find any type of way to add your own one shots or samples from your library, If I’m missing something, then I’d appreciate a small description of what’s changed and where things have been moved to! Other than that, good stuff! 🤟.Version: 2.3.9

SuggestionGreat app, however having the option to export songs as a MIDI file would be great. Especially for use in other notation software like Sibelius where I need to see the sheet music for say, a piano piece that was recorded in GarageBand..Version: 2.3.8

Epic and super amazing! But......could you guys add the ability to make your voice sound better? So like just improve the mic and voice changer options. I’ve always wanted to make good music with vocals but my voice just doesn’t sound good and GarageBand is best bet for making good music but it just doesn’t help with my voice! So could you please do something?.Version: 2.3.7

Do people even read these lol? I know I do.Perfect really, but could you please make a limitless amount of layers? Some songs are left unfinished when I reach that 13 mark. (At least I think it’s 13). Also, maybe more orchestral loops? More fills and solos and such. So loop-tracks don’t sound so repetitive. Thanks. Just to say I’m seriously enjoying this app. I don’t have a MacBook. And instead an Acer and forgot about the IOS thing. Wanted to try it out on a computer..Version: 2.3.8

Good app even if it’s paidGood app but my dad keep deleting it off my phone.Version: 2.3.8

Some Suggestions?Hello! I’ve been a fan of GarageBand for a long time now- back before the Alchemy Synth and the orchestral instruments were added. It’s been great making music, whether it’s covers of songs or my own creations, but I do have a few things to suggest. Key changes and tempo changes. When you’re working on a song, there are times when you realize, “Dang. This needs a cool change!” Here’s what I’m thinking: When you duplicate/add parts or edit them, there’s a switch for key/tempo changes. When you turn them on, the app will ask what key you want to change it to, or the tempo screen will pop up and say, “What tempo will your song be?” or something. 😂 Ukulele. Please. People may‘ve been asking for this already, but please, please add this in! It’s a cute sounding instrument and for those of us who don’t own one but want to use one in our music, who better to ask than the GarageBand team? Otherwise, it’s a great app, and I love using it. I haven’t experienced any bugs so far, and I’m happy I haven’t! Keep doing what you’re doing, guys! ❤️ Peace out! ✌🏻.Version: 2.2.2

Great appI have had a few on and offs with this app but pleased to say the good way out balances the bad. The app is easy to use and using the Irig I have found that a few of the amps have an amazing tone. I use this app to record songs I write. My songs are mostly rock and blues but lately I have been experimenting with a nice smooth blues funk track and this app really needs a 5 string bass, please it would be so good to have the option of not only choosing the bass you want to use but then have the option of 4 or 5 strings..Version: 2.3.8

Wow 🎶I use this to write my own music for school and it is so useful! It’s als good for recording my voice and adding reverb or slight pitch correcting. I love it so much! It has a wide range of instruments including drums, keyboard/piano, many guitars, bass, strings etc. Definitely worth getting if you are studying music or are a musician. You can also move different sections of music around, or change notes in a recorded section, add or remove bars, which I find very helpful. The best music app I’ve ever used 🎶.Version: 2.3.7

Why do I have to update it every month and then downloading every pack it’s getting annoying bruvPlease fix this.Version: 2.3.8

Very good best in the App Store (in my opinion)Very good game I’ve made so many songs on this app and it jump started my music career! Thanks!.Version: 2.3.9

Love it. I have a few critiquesI’ve been using GarageBand for about seven years and I love it. The biggest problem right now is that with the new iOS update GarageBand force closes immediately every time. I’ve tried turning off iCloud for it in settings like Apple suggested to no avail. Other than that some things that I would love to see (and others from what I’ve read in the reviews) include: 1. Allowing key and tempo changes in the song. When you click a section one of the options could next to “join, delete, split ex.” Could be key change and tempo change. 2. More user friendly ways to mix and master songs. It CAN be done with the current version, however it does require a plethora of steps to accomplish. Instead of controlling the EQ for each track as a whole at least let us control each section of a track. That would be incredibly helpful. 3. The map for each note being played is INCREDIBLE, I would like to see the same map for vocals in order to fix slightly off pitch vocals without the Auto-Tune sound. 4. More types of guitars and a more realistic sounding acoustic guitar. Overall I love the huge strides that the developers of this app have made over the years from the ever growing sample library for beginners to being able to legitimately write your music in the note grid. I would love to see these in a future update, as well as getting the crashing issue resolved so we can continue using our favorite music production app..Version: 2.3.1

GarageBand For iOS Is Awesome! However, A Few Features Need To Be Added.I’ve been using GarageBand for iOS to produce my songs for a while, and it’s been absolutely perfect for my needs and workflow. The Alchemy Synth is amazing, and I love how you can customize the presets to your liking. I like the stock piano. While not the best piano out there, it is certainly great for those people who cannot afford a more expensive third party piano plugin. I am constantly amazed by how professional sounding you can get your mix to be even though it is a free, mobile app. I’ve had people say that my songs produced with GarageBand for iOS sound professional, and I love that I can make that kind of song using this amazing, free tool. However, despite how I love this app, there are a few features which I wish were added. For example, automation of effects would be great to have. Despite this, I can still use GarageBand, as it is b amazing tool. Props to Apple, you really did it good, as you guys always do!.Version: 2.3.8

Awesome but things for the futureThis app is awesome but we need like a avatar thing so we could soo our avatar playing. And it would be cool if we did like an online rap battle with avatars but since this app is GARAGE band there should be a garage and we can customize. There should also be a chatting system so we can chat with our fellow rappers but if there is a chatting system there should be a friend system. Also there can be like a setting so that you can change your name and profile pic of your avatar. So if you do this this will make the game more interesting and cool and get more subscribers. Oh yeah and there should be like a thing where you can get clothes and more hairstyles but ya I think it can also ask for your gender there should also be a hair treatment so that you could do blonde fading into purple and all that stuff but I really think you should put this on your list. Please put this on your list thank you!!! From, A girl that loves Star Wars ( and Darth Vader ).Version: 2.3.10

More automation. (And other stuff)It’s almost sad that the all mighty lord Garage Band only has volume automation. I mean there are so many apps out there that are puny compared to Garage Band and still have all ten types of automation. Well, I think there are ten. Anyway, Garage Band needs this or I will lose my sanitttstyyujnbghj,oygxsyhddhhghgfgi. All of this aside, I absolutely LOVE GarageBand because there are SO many things that you can do with it. I’m a PsyTrance producer and I use this app all the time, and I have one last request: There should be a “Button that you can’t press” that shows the length of the song (in time units). And randomly when I’m working on a song the app “exits itself” (for lack of a better term) and when I enter it again all of my progress from the last time I entered the song is suddenly gone. Also none of the other reviews have gotten developers responses. Stop being lazy..Version: 2.3.8

Great but a few things missingIt's a great app to make quick short tracks or even full tracks in some extensive detail but it does lack a few key elements that could make things sound much better: 1. When placing notes in the piano roll, you can place plain notes but it'd be great if you were able to place down notes as slide notes which would really add some complexity into the songs 2. When you go into the song settings and change the key, it only allows you to go along the scale above C major. It would be much better if there were also the option to go along the scale below it so we won't have to go to each individual track and change each semitone or octave 3. Garage band allows for volume automation within the song which offers a bit more freedom in the sense of dynamics that can be incorporated, however it would be much better if you could also automate effects within the actual instruments such as the cutoff, attack, decay, release etc. to allow for smooth transitions between different elements and sections of the song Overall this is a very easy app to use and has a lot of tools to make good-sounding songs. It’s allowed me to create tracks that I’ve included in my portfolio when applying for a music production course at my current uni, although I think this app still has a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing what gets added next.Version: 2.3.5

Amazing app but size isn’t worth itI love GarageBand. As soon as I saw it on the AppStore i got it. It wasn’t for a few minutes when I had started using GarageBand that the low storage notification would come up constantly saying “Low on storage??? Offload apps you don’t use” I don’t like offloading apps because I don’t know when I will need them but if GarageBand was a bit smaller in App size than I would use it all the time and I wouldn’t have the trouble of that notification coming up. Other than that 4 stars.Version: 2.3.7

The best DAW on iPhoneI’ve been writing songs with this app since its arrival and while there are some serious irritations, it has come a hell of a long way in terms of sophistication in mixing, fx, smart instruments, etc. There is a huge world of musical creativity at your fingertips here and the quality of what you can produce with a bit of practice is very good. Seriously. Until Nanostudio 2 arrives, this will remain my iOS DAW of choice. Oh and the serious irritation? Just the fact that Apple deliberately restrict functionality here and there, e.g. not allowing GB to be an input source for audiobus! Just petty..Version: 2.3.5

App malfunctionThe app just starting showing a notification of core audio file is not available? Started after the recent software update. Please repair. Have made multiple songs and recording’s. No sound anymore.Version: 2.3.10

AnfirmorMuch improved over the years, so full Marks there. At last some useful, audio tools to use. Great sounds and instruments and just improving. Now the big fail. Latency. Gaping, massive, crippling latency. With some of the audio input presets I could hardy speak with monitoring on the latency was so poor. So I tried the most basic preset and still the latency was awful. Funny there are no settings in the app or in general setting to alter or even see what the latency is. Such a shame. The excellent Multitrack Daw has managed to get latency (probably in software) down to less than 2mS. GarageBand is like waiting for a bus. Come on Apple. Latency is audio kryptonite. Please get a patch out soon. Latest bug fix update STILL MASSIVE, YAWNING LATENCY And still no improvement in latency. Can we at least have an audio selection with no effects at all. This should make it an easier proposition to get the lowest latency. You (apple) could ask pwnified, creator of the wonderful Multitrack DAW app how he can achieve very low latency when apple can’t..Version: 2.3.3

Great!I absolutely love this app, I’ve been using it for 2 years and it’s always been an essential tool for when I want to create a demo of a track or write and upload one. However there’s one thing I want... Odd time signatures. I like progressive metal and rock, so when I write a riff in 7/4, I want to be able to record it onto garage band. However I can’t do that, so I have to record a demo onto another app which is not anywhere as good as this one, just so I could make a demo. So the addition of odd time signatures (e.g: 5/4, 7/4, 9/8, etc...) would be a nice thing to have..Version: 2.3.7

I love it!!I love it so much and it like a real piano Thank you for this app and I like a lot..Version: 2.3.8

PLZ FIX!!!!Ever since the new iso 13 update the my au/wav files have to be copied again on to my GarageBand. The process of copying takes way wayyyyyy🙄😂longer than it use to be. I’m on iPhone 7+ by the way.Version: 2.3.8

Love GarageBand App for iPadGarageBand is a really impressive app, love it, gave it all the stars, love using it. Apple Podcasts App for iPad used to be a perfect app too, but since the latest updates - they made the App very hard to manage - it’s now hard to see what you have downloaded and what you have not downloaded, and now all round more different to use the Apple Podcast App. Also I really hate the way the latest version of iTunes 12.7 for Mac, takes away your ability to manage your iPhone and iPad Apps on your Mac using iTunes - I had to go back to iTunes 12.6 for Mac, and that was a difficult task..Version: 2.3.2

Amazing but bugs need fixingI have just returned to this app in the hope of using the automation remix functions to make choppy beats. It works great - record a simple beat and then record automation of the fx using beat repeat, delay and a host of others. You then ‘merge’ the tracks to record as audio. The problem is I want to build up a layer of this. I have encountered loads of bugs here - the fx greys out and stops working, you cannot delete the fx properly (it may be still playing even if the automation is not). Don’t let this detract from a fine app. I just think it needs some sorting out to be more logical for those interested in using its more extravagant features. Alchemy is the best sounding synth for out of the box creativity. Don’t let us down Apple. Sort out the bugs!.Version: 2.3.6

GREAT!This game is AWESoME! But... I have a few suggestions, PLEASE ADD ALCHEMY SYNTH to IPAD MINI 2! iPad mini 2 is the version I use and you cannot get alchemy synth in it!😭🥺. Also, please add more packs like more HIP HOP packs, ROCK/METAL packs and CHILL and REGGAE packs please!🥺😎😌. Also, Please add acapellas and pre recorded bars on live loops! This game is GReAT but there are so many more suggestions I would LOVE 💕 To make! Also, PLEASE add MORE Instruments 🎺 and a way to export one song into another song instead of having to copy/paste it all! Thanks 🙏 APPLE 🍎 for bringing out this wonderful app! I 💗 IT!.Version: 2.3.8

Has one problemIt takes 3 hours to download and takes to much storage I would love to see improvements.Version: 2.3.8

Great creative outletThe songs you make take up some space. Other than that, the app is great - you don't need to read music, but an understanding of rhythm is helpful..Version: 2.2.2

Headed in the right directionI love what Apple’s done with GarageBand and GarageBand iOS over the past few years, and I’m glad that now you can import and playback MIDI files on GarageBand iOS. HOWEVER, I’m still waiting for Apple to allow the EXPORT of MIDI files FROM GarageBand Mac & iOS. That would be a feature I could use that would round out the app as a near-“proper” DAW. That aside, I love the Alchemy presets and all the ways you can tweak them to create your own unique patches, plus the great user interface which makes it easy to use for both people new to making/recording music and longtime producers/DAW users. I’d also like to throw in though, that while I don’t generally use them myself, as well-crafted as the (post-2016) built-in and downloadable loops are, they’re pretty much only for EDM and dubstep music, maybe occasionally scratching the surface of pop-trap beats and glitch-hop. I’d personally like to see more loops that lend themselves to old-school hip hop or something. P.S. — This is all coming from someone who has used multiple DAWs (GB being a constant usually) separately and together, for many different styles/genres of music, electronic and otherwise. 🙂.Version: 2.3.7

I love every thing about GarageBandI use GarageBand everyday of my life especially on the to school and back, I make a lot of music through the piano scroll and I’m super hyped up for the new update but it was meant to be released on the 1st Of November 2017 if I’m correct but my ipad has not updated it yet? Still, I love it and have spent well over 1000 hours on GarageBand =D.Version: 2.3

I have a problemThis is a great app, and I use it almost every day. But I have some kind of glitch with my loops. In the past, when I used garage band, full on side chained pad was my favorite loop. On this new device, I forgot the name, but I found it listening to the dubstep thing in live loops. (Is that even what it’s called?) It was different, though. I saw the name and favorited it. But it had a different pitch, tune, and tempo, and caused all the other loops to have this problem as well. No matter how much I try to reset settings, it does not do anything. When I looked in the house live loop set, it reset the tempo (idk if it is exact,) but not the pitch. It changed the tune again. I liked the way they sounded before they were changed. If this is a fixable problem, please fix it, and if I need to fix it, please tell me how. If it isn’t fixable, it’s alright, I love the loops anyway. Please at least respond or look into the problem if possible. Other than that, it’s a great app..Version: 2.3.8

Absolutely brilliantAmazing app for music production great to introduce people to the world of music making. However there are a few limitations on IOS that aren’t on the Mac for example you are only able to automate the output track and the effects and plugin abilities are also limited. Wether you enjoy creating with loops that are already loaded onto the app or playing the on screen keyboards it is absolutely brilliant! You are also able to download additional loop packs that include loops and presets. If you own an adapter midi controllers can also be used in this FANTASTIC app. I would pay good money for this however once you have mastered this software it is probably better to upgrade to its older brother “logic” that is also an amazing DAW but it does carry a hefty price tag..Version: 2.3.8

Not working since iOS 13A very good app but since I updated to iPadOS it seems to stutter a lot, not move my files into tags, crash sometimes, and my tags have been wiped, searching doesn’t even work. I hope these bugs are fixed very soon since I use the app regularly. The app has been updated again recently but the same issues still persist, tags don’t even work - anything with a tag won’t appear in its tag folder where it is meant to be..Version: 2.3.8

Okay 👌🏼It is a fun app and amazing but I would like to point out that when I try to make the free ringtone or whenever I go on the app it goes dark and I can’t see the musical instruments I can click on the icon but as soon as it goes in the music part nothing is there apart from the record sign, the stop and the play button. Then if I try to put the music in there is no lasso loop in the right hand corner. I wanted to make a free ringtone because it’s so much work if you download it onto the computer and I don’t want to waste money on ringtones. This ringtone part has worked for my friend and she keeps trying to explain but nothing is there for me what they’re talking about. I have deleted it and reinstalled it about 7 times and nothing has happened. I do wish this glitch could be fixed. I hope you see this review and fix it. I do suggest this app because it is amazing however this minor glitch is getting in the way. Download this app it is great. I hope this glitch can be fixed right away..Version: 2.3.8

Great but it won’t let me download it.So when I first clicked on the app I thought it wouldn’t be much but then I thought wrong. I immediately got addicted. Then I woke up and saw the app not on my iPad. I searched everywhere how to get it back. Then I updated my system software and search in the App Store, AND ITS THERE! I start jumping. I then click the cloud and look at it download. The circle didn’t even fill up? I cancelled the download again and again. And it still doesn’t let download it...Version: 2.3.8

Hardstyle, and better sound qualityPlease add more hard hitting instruments such as hardstyle or hardcore kicks like in a sound pack or something with hardstyle synths like sub zero project or d-sturb. Also, it would be good if you guys added punchy basses for psytrance. Basically garage band needs more music packs and it would be great to see an option with eq tampering and more effects for a single track. Sort of like FL studio but more simple. What would also be great is better sound quality, one main reason why I don't think I should use this app full time is because of the sounds. All of the keyboards and instruments seem that they need more treble and clear tone. Also we need more instruments in a project instead of 30 only. If this version of GarageBand had more tracks and higher BPM (for French core and hardcore) this would be a permanent option for me and I wouldn't have to pay extreme prices for an over complicated DAW. In conclusion, please add hardstyle, French core, and hardcore kicks (and synths). Make the sound quality better. And more effect tampering and eq tampering. Please read this..Version: 2.3.9

QuestionIvor the app but don’t get how to share my music with my friends.Version: 2.3.3

EXCELLENT APP!My dad showed me this app a few years ago and I loved it! (Forgot to do a review though.) If you are a great singer seeking to get all songs out of your head, this is the perfect app to choose! Anyways, a really good app takes a lot of time to install! Everybody should have GarageBand. Firstly, it has tons of instruments. Secondly, you can get songs out of your head like really quickly. Lastly, its great for singers during quarantine (COVID-19) but still great. That’s my review! Bye! Hope you guys enjoy GarageBand too!.Version: 2.3.8

Love new update!Still return to this app for music ideas, easy, slick, and the new features are great,IT JUST WORKS! LOVE the new vocal features, the ability to harmonize is great, having triple harmonies would be great! To be able to copy and paste midi onto another instrument track would be great. People who complain about the capabilities and power of GB should shell out and buy Logic....GB is a free app ..get over yourselves. Thanks..Version: 2.3.7

Sooo good!!Anywhere you go you can make music!!!.Version: 2.3.7

Why has it stopped working?I really love garageband I’ll recommend it for anybody at all, using this has really taught me a lot about how to mix my own vocals and helped me understand different techniques. How ever; it randomly stopped working one day so I had to remove the app and now I can’t redownload it????? Why?! If anyone can help me get the app back on my phone you’d literally be helping a person in need! I asked my friends if they still have garageband functioning well and they do! So please let me know what’s going on? Do I need a new phone or what??.Version: 2.3.8

Love this appI love this app so much. There aren’t any words I can use to describe how amazing this app is. I love everything about it. LITERALLY.Version: 2.3.3

Unable to share via messengerSup devs, easiest studio app to use by far. Currently am unable to share via messenger though. Please fix and I’ll come back to 5stars 👌🏽.Version: 2.3.2

IVE FOUND A WAY TO GET GARAGEBAND ON OLD DEVICES!!You may remember when I said that there was no way of getting GarageBand on iOS 12. Well... there is a way, and I’m sure it will make you happier if you have a device that doesn’t support iOS 12. It’s very simple: When you enter the App Store, click the New button, and try to find an image of your profile at the top right. Then, click Purchased, and try to find GarageBand. Click the install button. It might say “Are you sure you want to download an old version of Garageband?”, but that doesn’t mean that you can have fun creating songs. Try that strategy! It’s as easy as 1.. 2.. 3.. ..Version: 2.3.7

Add On?Love the app heaps...just wondering if u could add ukulele on there? I don’t have a ukulele but I’m learning at home so it would be so much easier if u added it on!.Version: 2.3.1

It is SO detailedSo, all of the worse reviews are 100% because the users didn’t try hard enough or put in enough time on this app, because I’m not saying it easy for a beginner to use all of the complex features on this app. People who complained that they got discouraged when they couldn’t figure out the app, just keep trying, because there is honestly NOTHING YOU CAN’T DO with this amazing app. One motive for this review is that I felt bad for GarageBand getting beat down by all the bad reviews of people saying that it was bad because it was too hard or they just hadn’t figured it out yet. (no offense to those people) GarageBand is truly one of if not the best mobile music maker apps out there, you just have to put in the actual time and effort to unlock a world of musical possibilities. My only problem, and this started happening very very recently, is that now my device crashes whenever I try to open it up, but its no big deal because I’m sure that it’s just a problem with my device, and if not, it will be fixed soon. 😄😄.Version: 2.3.5

Apple PLEASE read!Hello my name is Caleb. I’ve been using garage band for many years now and I’ve always loved it from the start however there is a problem that I’ve run into recently that I hope you can fix. It’s a strange problem actually but garage band still deserves 5 stars anyway. So when I started using garage band there wasn’t as much content as there is now, less then a third probably. I was easily inspired to make music and could make neat catchy tunes every other day but now it’s harder to do that because there’s SO MUCH content it’s overwhelming because besides the five main things (guitar, vocals, drums, strings, and piano) there so many sounds like synths, bass, leads and such that I never know where to begin and I lose all interest in my creation, but I think that if you put a “sample” button on each sound so that we can hear just a single note at middle C or -1C for bass that would instantly get rid of the problem. Most of the time I know what sound I want but I can’t find it and I have to select a sound, play my song, and see if it’s the right one which takes to long with there being hundreds of choices. There might be this sound sample feature already and I just don’t know how to use it but if not please consider adding it. It would help so much and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would thank you..Version: 2.3.8

Bien mais..On ne peut l’avoir seulement sur IOS 13😩.Version: 2.3.8

Would love to be able to save in .mid formatI use this on an iPhone 6, with a korg 25 microkey midi keyboard. I'd like to save the songs in a midi file to be used with other things. I know that logic pro is available, however I don't have $1000 to spend on a mac. :) But, even so, I do have an iPhone 6+++++++ (the + signs are the what I call the phone because of it's great performance). Keep up the great work..Version: 2.3.3

Wow. Just wowI am here to say that this is one of the best apps I have. I use the keyboard lots and love making songs with audio recorder. I made this weird hot dog one which I made remixes of for some reason. 😂 I even use this at school in music to make assessment pieces. The only thing I would change is add some more instruments. I personally play clarinet and would love to have that included somehow. Maybe you hold down the holes and then press a button to blow and hold it to keep blowing. A flute and trumpet would be amazing as well! There is no adds in this either! I have not come across any glitches and my experience with this game has been superb! Thanks for this marvellous game! 😀 Piggycorn Sparkle 🥳🤩.Version: 2.3.8

AMAZINGThis app is so much fun and I can’t believe I have this app yahoo I wait to do it now.Version: 2.3.8

Amazing!!!This app is amazing, I have lots of fun with music..Version: 2.3.10

I love the App, but there’s room for improvementAs a blind musician, I want to say, this is by far the best app I’ve tried, and the most accessible. It’s very screen reader friendly, and works very well with apple’s built in screen reader, voiceover. However, there is something that I really think would make the experience better. When I customize the chords, for example, if I want a major 7th chord, when auto play is turned off, it plays the chord just fine, and it sounds exactly like a major 7th chord. When auto play is turned on, however, it only plays a major chord. It does not play the notes to make the major 7th chord. I’ve also noticed this in minor 7th chords. It will just play a regular minor chord in auto play. And it also doesn’t play 9th chords. Pretty much the custom chords have no auto plays that play the notes of the custom chord. Auto play only plays the basic major and minor chords respectively. I would really like to see an update that auto play will make the changes to custom chords. Other than that, very good, and I enjoy using it..Version: 2.3.3

Awesome!This app makes me a 13 year old version of skrillex!.Version: 2.3.8

Great one thingCan you maybe make it so that you can sing over what you create As I enjoy singing I am used to singing a cappella but I also quite like singing with the tune and instead of just having a drum pad you could maybe also like have a freestyle one where you could maybe like add drums and and for example guitar or piano because that would mean a lot to me Edit: btw uh my GarageBand isn’t working when I go on guitar there isn’t the string same with live loops it doesn’t have any of the loops this isn’t good fix this please. I’m iPad iOS 14.4.Version: 2.3.10

Great for serious home musicians / song writersReally is a writing, recording, editing and sharing tool for beginners to pros. (And everywhere in between.) It can be challenging to master it and it takes some patience to learn. Immensely powerful and when used properly gives very professional results. Just don’t think it’s going to be magic in a box. You have to take it seriously and learn to use it properly..Version: 2.3.9

Love it! Just needs a bit of work...This is a great app and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it, I would SO recommend you get it, it’s a great way to make music. You can add audio, download FREE sounds*, and even add Audio! *theres just a few problems, when I download the sound, which you don’t NEED to do, there’s still a lot of things you can do without downloading sounds, I can’t access them. If it cost money to download different sounds, I would say it’s a rip off, but as it’s free, it might just be a bug, or I’m being stupid and it’s really obvious, If someone could tell me that would really help..Version: 2.3.8

IPad Pro keyboard *Love the app I think it’s amazing, is there a possibility that you can make the iPad Pro keyboard function as a keyboard on GarageBand ?.Version: 2.3.6

ReviewReally great app to use happy New Year for last two years hundreds of different instrument noises to combined into one awesome song vocals could improve there would love there to be a loop of a man and a woman singing from hip-hop to classical all different types but other than that the loop is really good I’ve improved massively and come binding all types of instruments into one song would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in music very easy to use and navigate around 5 Star for sure.Version: 2.3.8

Great app but one issueGarageBand for iOS is amazing and you can’t go wrong with it. Everything is pretty much perfect apart from one issue. Why is it when u transfer a file from Mac to iOS it doesn’t let me open it. If I made a beat on Mac and want to continue working on it on iOS it won’t let me. This is a big inconvenience to me and I’m sure many others feel the same way. All I ask is to make it possible to continue to work on a piece you’ve made on Mac and then GarageBand will be absolutely perfect..Version: 2.3.10

Almost ProfessionalAs much as I love GarageBand for it’s ease of use, on-the-spot creativity, and compatibility with a number of plugins, I would make it my main go-to DAW if it had more in-depth features. For example, one area that is totally lacking is the Automation area. Sure, you can automate Volume, and some other global parameters, but what about two of the most common MIDI CC’s: Pitch and Modulation. Filter (or another teachable parameter) would be the one thing that would give this app a 5 Star rating. Sure, you can record those parameters, but there is apparently no way to edit them, especially if you need to adjust a mistake, or perhaps need more precise control over your modulation. Like I say, everything else is absolutely wonderful about this app. It actually encourages one to make music. I think the developers need to understand that not only can a beginner easily make music with this app, but on a more professional level, there needs to be a way to finely adjust the end results of your musical masterpiece..Version: 2.3.10

AwesomeI love this app. If you can’t play guitar and piano at the same time get this app! I can make amazing songs..Version: 2.3.3

Almost perfectOk so I’ve been using GarageBand seriously for 3 years. And I’ve enjoyed making beats on it. I truly have. I think it just needs a little bit of adjustment. One thing I request is to add in a saxophone sound. I’ve been trying to make a chill beat with a saxophone in it and I’m not gonna buy a saxophone for this one beat. Another thing is to have tuned drum kits. For example, in the FL studio you can use a hi-hat sound, but it on a piano roll, and make a cool effect where if you make a quick chromatic sequence, it has a cool ascending hi-hat sound. I have one last request. Auto-tune. Now you don’t have to, but it would be a cool little feature to have on GarageBand. Like say I were to record me singing one note, say middle C. I would like for that note to change into other notes. Like if I recorded myself singing the note C, and the word “office”, and both syllables were on beat, each syllable could be different notes, or to make it more complicated, divide the syllables by twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes and so on and so fourth. Ok that got complicated. I just wanted to get the specifics about a possible new auto-tune feature. But so far the app is great I just request those three things. Have a great day!.Version: 2.3.7

Broken appIt keeps saying that there isn’t enough storage I think the app is broken can you fix it please.Version: 2.3.8

Sk8er101I LOVE GarageBand, however it takes up so much storage that I find I can’t take photos or videos, or even go on other apps as I have to offload almost ALL my apps to download this. Please make it use less storage but other than that pretty great app..Version: 2.3.10

AmazingI love this finally an app that actually has good programming and has really good music styles and different ways to do you use it and record your own voice very good recording programming as well only problem I have was with this before was that I had to pay for it which is really annoying because it's been the best apps but it doesn't really have a fair price on a But now I love it because it's free for those who love to create music like me.Version: 2.2.2

EntrèLureS++ Amazing app! Has many different varieties..Version: 2.3.8

Incredible App! An all-in one music software!This is a review I just had to do to give apple some credit. The thing that I think is weird is that it used to be £4.99 but now it’s free. There are two words I need to say about this pricing from going from £5 to FREE. Those words are ‘it shouldn’t’. The reason I say that is because it is probably the best music software you can possibly get on any IOS device. That just blows me away. That’s basically all I wanted to say so thanks for wasting 5 of your precious minutes reading this review! (Btw all of this was true I just added a bit of humour into it because why not! Bye!!!!!).Version: 2.3.6

Things I would add/change...GarageBand for ios is a great app for creating music on ios however here are a few important additions/changes: Better Guitar sounds, More Mastering options, More routing capabilities, waveform editing!, odd time signatures like 5/4 and 7/8, more options for playing samples like sample pads, grouping tracks, ability to customize the individual sounds in the drum rack/beat sequencer and drum pads, complete overhaul to the virtual effects that has a better GUI and more routing options with the instruments to the effects units. Those are the main things I would add, I know it’s a long list of hopes and dreams but hopefully one day the designers can implement at least a few of these, to summarise there needs to be more customisation and versatility..Version: 2.3.7

Minor ProblemsAlthough it’s a really great app for beginners, there are some really weird problems. Sometimes, when you play the song the audio just went crazy and play this really piercing, loud noise and if you’re turning the volume up for whatever reasons (for example, mixing with headroom), it’s just...CRAZY LOUD. You’ll also have to add features like, curve automations, automations for the FX, more frequently-used samples, automations for multiple knobs on a preset, more slots for plugins. Another problem is when you’re playing chords, sometimes one or two of the notes just mute itself and it sounds incomplete and really thin, there must be some technical issues because I’m sure I didn’t mute the note myself somehow and it’s supposed to play all of the notes at once. I also hate that the FX is applying to all of the instruments, rather than having an FX tab for each of them. And please add a sidechain plugin, it’s such a prominent, important effect in any popular songs recently, and editing automations is tiring..Version: 2.3.8

Help me with song writing!!I have been writing a song for my bestie and I couldn’t find an app to get the right instrument but finally found garage band it really helped me to finish her song right on her bday so a big thanks to garage band for helping me out!.Version: 2.3.8

What more do you want for gratis 🙄A DAW for free, one that’s extremely user friendly, especially when compared with say Ableton, which should come with a “degree in music production needed” warning, if you ask me and I’m not a total dum-dum. I don’t know what else you could want really, the amount of built in stuff is very impressive, then there’s the app’s that work alongside GB from reverb through instruments to auto tune and more, just make sure your device has a good amount of free storage is my only warning… Excellent as is and definitely a good starting ground if you’re wanting to learn music production with the intention of moving over to the more advanced features of big brother and paid app Logic Pro X.Version: 2.3.11

Hard to useLiterally I just got this app thinking I could easily get music on my device and set them up as my personal ringtone. But instead I am stuck with boring ringtones that came with phone. Navigating the app itself was a chore. Couldn’t figure anything out for myself as it was hard to navigate. Took a google search on my laptop to figure out how to use it. Even youtubers weren’t of any help. Can you teach users to use it maybe when they first get the app please?.Version: 2.3.8

Good appMakes me sound like a pro.Version: 2.3.11

Amazing.This is the only review I have ever written. (Usually can’t be bothered) But GarageBand deserves something special, yes a little but of a download, but well worth it. The best app ever. Hands down..Version: 2.3.10

So Close, And Yet So Far (For Professionals, Anyway)GarageBand is awesome, especially for a free app. However, it’s missing a couple critical components: First, it NEEDS FULL MIDI CONTROL. All buttons and parameters need to be MIDI mapable. The iPad is such a great tool for live performance (way more potential possibility than a laptop), but until Apple makes GarageBand a little more hardware-friendly, the laptop will continue to win. Second, the looper is dope but again needs to be MIDI controllable (so you could record and play loops with a MIDI foot pedal for example), have easier access to mute and solo functions per track, and the ability to optionally have audio effects tails continue after a loop or track is muted. Also, a MIDI clock visualizer so you can easily tell what beat you’re on before the first loop starts would be extremely helpful for those who don’t want the audience hearing a metronome click. More loop/pad playback options would be great too. There’s more to be done, but these are a couple key places that need improvement..Version: 2.3.3

To all the people who love playing music and singingThis is a great game to play and I am one of the people who loves to sing and dance to music l, if you have a dream to become a musician or a singer GarageBand can help you to try all kinds of instruments and if you want to be a singer you can create a beat to sing to and before you know it your dream will come true so give GarageBand a try and for fill your dreams. When I’m older I want to be a singer and a write my own songs GarageBand has helped me to stay confident and I am actually working on a new song right now and I have loads of fun making the music 😃 Even if you don’t like music you will feel like you are the spotlight and keep it up and you will be the spotlight. Thank you.😃.Version: 2.3.7

Great app but one thing...I think the entirety of the app is great, the different drums/machines, synths/pianos, guitar, basses and every other instrument. The way you can quantise different instruments and change things like reverb and delay. There is one thing though, I think it would be good if you could transpose/down tune/up tune the guitars, basses, orchestra and drum kits. I think if this was added, it could add a lot more to the already packed game/app. Other than that, I think it is a great app to have fun on..Version: 2.3.8

Great AppGarageBand is a great app, it has lots of good features, yet you don’t have much control over things. For example, time stretching and warping audio. If you wanted to sample, for example making tracks with old dusty 70s records, you wouldn’t have many options to control, except cutting the audio. But, saying this, GarageBand is amazing for recording midi and loops. It has a massive collection of loops, effects and samples. there is a live DJ mode which is great for performing pre made beats. Me, as a lofi artist wouldn’t recommend using GarageBand for that Genre, but would recommend using this app for pop or rock songs. 8/10.Version: 2.3.7

Issue recording vocals stops recording and doesn’t record anything you’ve recordedAnyone know how to solve this recording stopping no matter how I record anything thru physical mic on iPhone 6s it use to record just fine. I’m about to purchase an iMac Pro and midi keyboard. Over the years I’ve tried all the daws garage band I can actually have finished work. I absolutely love it! MacBook experience wasn’t the best but it was an MacBook from 09 iPad Pro super impressed! So I can’t wait till I get the iMac Pro! I’m holding an pretty chart rank currently 17th global and 14th national chart rank. Trying to maintain this momentum until the iMac. GarageBand you tha best well tie with logic minus the new samples and loop packs! Alltho I use external more I still love physically playing the instruments that’s super dope! I now know how to play piano/keyboard and never played before. Does anyone know how to fix this recording stopping? Space seems to be the issue as always. Haha so I’m sure it’s the space problem. I deleted the app and re downloaded it and permanently lost roughly 20-25 new projects. Keep the live instruments coming definitely pretty dope! Especially playing drums and keyboard definitely give GarageBand an overall 6+ stars if I could cut samples that would be nice. Much love GarageBand been with ya guys and only you for almost 5 years now. -Khanflik-d.Version: 2.3.8

Please add the ability to change the pitch of inserted audio filesIt gets really annoying to have to change the pitch outside of the app and reconvert it. I like this app, but this feature would make me love it..Version: 2.3.8

It’s very good for a free appYeah, this is very good for a free app, it has allowed me to make like proper songs and beats. A few things though. 1. There are just so many instruments you have to sift through to find the one you want, even if you know the name of it, but not it’s sub sub categories. It would be better if you could just search up the instrument you’re looking for. 2. There’s a HEAVY 80s funk and edm biase. Most of the stuff is that only, and there’s only like 50-60 loops for hip hop, and 100s of 80s funk loops and stuff. 3. The guitar sounds are trash add more please. 4. It would be so cool if you could change the speed in the middle of the song that would be maaad for like beat switches and stuff. Overall, VERY good app to get you started making some bangers..Version: 2.3.9

No support for old IOS versions.I’ve used this app before and it’s really good, the only problem is that now IOS 13 has been released, I can no longer download the app as IOS 13 is not available for download on my iPad. Another issue I have with this app is that every few minutes or so the app decides to optimise the performance of my project which can get extremely frustrating! Please do something about this, such as adding a setting for automatic performance optimisation. I’m sorry to leave such a negative review on such a great app, but you need to fix this 😕.Version: 2.3.8

I can’t download this. Why?I’ve had this app before but now it won’t let me download it again. I’ve deleted about half of my apps, photos and videos, maybe more, but it still won’t work. It starts of by loading fine, but after ten minutes at the same place it was at when starting to load, a reminder type thing comes up saying: ‘garage band’ can’t be downloaded at this time. I then click try again (or something like that) and it does the same thing again! I’m not sure if it’s a glitch on my type of iPad (iPad air 2) or if I still don’t have enough storage to store it. Is anyone else having this problem?.Version: 2.2.2

I love this app but plz add!So first of all you guys did a great job on this app but I would love it if you added more guitars so like a Stratocaster and more pedals because I actually play guitar and when I am away from it I like to play guitar related things so this is my go to app for that so I want the full experience of more pedals for all guitars and it would be nice if you added a ukulele and I would love it if you added more frets for the guitars on iPad but I don’t know what model my iPad is but plz add more frets, a few more guitars, more pedals, and I would love it if there was a way to palm mute or mute strings and a way to tune down your guitar while playing the app. So my overall review? I love this app but I just wish you could add a few more things so if you are a musician and you don’t have an instrument this will help and it’s fun too so devs at Apple keep up the good work and maybe make a shooting game on here because you guys are legendary so you could easily make that but anyway everyone I highly recommend this game!.Version: 2.3.10

Great but one thing…I love using GarageBand to muck around and create fun songs. I’m blind, so I have to touch instruments and it’s quite fun actually. However when I use the drum kit they take up too much room on the screen and I can never really get out of them. I’ve had this problem recently and I can’t figure out how to fix it. If you could make it so that the screen has a bit of room to navigate to another instrument that would be so good. Thanks Apple..Version: 2.3.8

GreatGarage band is such a good music creator and let’s you express yourself for no cost and I think that it’s great and perfect.Version: 2.3.10

Just..... Incredible!As a music lover, having a free Digital Audio Workstation on my iPad has been absolutely essential (and FREE, might I add!). GarageBand is simply perfect in many respects, though it doesn’t seem to like not crashing in the ‘browse’ section. However, that’s minor considering that I don’t have to pay, oh I don’t know maybe $70, for a proper music app! I have no idea how I would’ve coped the past few School years without it! I’d have to give Apple a 10/10 for GarageBand!.Version: 2.3.8

🥇🏆🏅🎖 wonderful app!Thank you GarageBand developers! It makes zero sense that your app is rating at four stars. This must be people with low music backgrounds that have brought that number down. Is it a perfect app? Absolutely not but this is the best music creation app I’ve seen for iOS and it absolutely deserves five stars. I have one request other than the optimizing that happens if your performance gets a little heavy, long or if you use external instruments- I wish that this could happen less or faster but I also realize that this probably happens due to various limitations ie; phones are not necessary meant for such an app and audio and sequencing is a processor heavy job. But my request is devs- Can you add an ok prompt after pressing the undo button? Sometimes I delete accidentally and it can be an issue as the button may be pressed when doing other things unrelated. Thanks again for making GB great !.Version: 2.3.6

This app is great! I have made so many songs using it!One suggestion is maybe add some more, make it a bit more versatile with instruments and tones. Maybe a Stratocaster, a telecaster, and a Rickenbacker guitar, and rick’ bass too. Maybe also a musicman stingray bass. More classic guitar and basses, I know there is already a few classics there. There is pick bass and muted bass, maybe add a Slap bass? Also some more effects for the guitars would be cool, like drive, flange, chorus, maybe even autowah, and be able to change speed and depth of the effects? Just a few things that would be really cool to add. Thanks this is a great app! 👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 2.3.7

Great app but not compatible with iPhone 6 anymoreThis app is the single reason I use iPhones. Very gutted today to find out the new GarageBand requires iOS 13 or later. I’m running an iPhone6 (I’ve got better things to spend my money on than a new phone like guitars) I’ve demoed an entire album, and really need garageband to send files to friends in recovery to keep in touch and to show new backing bandmates the songs. Please give an option to download a previous version until I sell enough copies of said record to upgrade my phone. I’ve got 7gb worth of projects that I can’t bear to lose and I don’t want to be forced into upgrading so I can continue to write and record music. Thanks for the rad app thus far, Bry.Version: 2.3.8

Almost PerfectAllow me to start by saying that I’ve been using GarageBand for 3+ years and it is beyond comparison. Out of hundreds of apps on the App Store, it is by far the most user friendly I have ever been able to use. As somebody who was teaching themselves how to write music, the interface is almost always very helpful and easy to understand, even if you aren’t very knowledgeable of music in the classical sense. Although not everything about it is completely obvious, it is absolutely worth it to spend time playing around with and discovering new tricks and settings, that aid or streamline the music writing process. That being said, if there is anything about GarageBand that I don’t like, it is the sustain pedal glitch. It’s the only thing I would consider to be a flaw that truly compromises the effectiveness of the app. When adding/deleting/edited the lengths of sustains on music (particularly piano, as that is what I work with most often), I’ve frequently ran into a myriad of recurring issues; sometimes a sustain will still play even after it’s been deleted, or after shortening a sustain pedal it will still play at its original length. All in all, however much I dislike the issues with the usage of the sustain pedal feature, any grievance I have with that is dwarfed by my admiration of this app and my appreciation of the undoubtably talented people who put energy into making music so easy..Version: 2.3.8

Great App But...Sometimes when I’m trying to make a random riff or just anything on guitar (maybe not just guitar) some notes won’t play and I don’t know if it’s some silly feature or a glitch, but it would be great if you were able to fix it 👌.Version: 2.3.7

Great AppI’m in my fifties now and I played in bands when I was young. Fast forward 30 years and I’ve hardly touched a guitar or piano in the interim... ...then I start fiddling around with GarageBand and it totally blows me away. You really don’t need any background in music tech at all when using this app. It’s incredibly intuitive and the interface is perfect for those of us who couldn’t face a full-on DAW costing £££. The results? During lockdown I recorded 8 songs on this app and I’m delighted that I managed it. There’s so much scope here and it really invites creativity and innovation. I’m sure I’ve only just scratched the surface so far too. Brilliant stuff. Now if only I’d had this in 1986 you’d all probably own my Greatest Hits by now...okay, maybe not!.Version: 2.3.10

Extremely good music maker app 😁😁As soon as I tried it I made a cool beat, Although you should make it so you can import it to your iTunes so you can listen to it on the go. Other than that I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into music making..Version: 2.2.2

MusicI like to make the beat.Version: 2.3.10

Great App And Perfect For Music MakingHello, GarageBand Is A Very Good App. With very great music loops and virtual music instruments. They make creating music very easy on here that other bad music softwares like, FL Studio, esc. The Great Thing about GarageBand is it’s free and FL Studio isn’t if vice viscera I will be writing a review for fl studio right now. When I Just wake up and see a app that stands out of all the other apps that is GarageBand. Nothings wrong about it since it’s one of Apple’s greatest apps. At first glance I thought this app was trash but I downloaded it and I got from 1 star to 100 stars! Everyone who uses a apple device should download this. No matter what version you’re using, it’s still the best app. I downloading this right now while I’m typing this. When there is apps also take up so much storage I know it’s gonna be worth it. This is only MY opinion. Other people could not like it. But this app is good in many ways..Version: 2.3.8

Love itI have everything I need to make music professionally, but I find myself using GarageBand iOS for most of the music I make. My best inspiration usually comes to me when I’m away from my studio, so it’s good to have something to get it down when I’m out, like writing down a note. I can transfer it all to the computer when I’m finished and touch it up there, but I like using the touchscreen over a mouse for editing. Many songs need very little work by the time I move them over. Studio software, like LXP and FL, have so many options, I find myself getting distracted looking for the perfect sounds for so long that I forget what I wanted to create. GarageBand iOS has a lot of instruments to choose from, but not enough to feel lost in. There are some things on my wishlist that I’d love to see in a future update: • If you want to make the length of your notes even, you have to do it individually. It would be nice if I could select all of the notes, or at least all of them on the same key, and snap them to the line at the same time. I can select all to change their length, but when they’re all different lengths, I’m still stuck selecting them individually. • A sidechain plug in would be ideal. • Automation needs a looping option instead of just copy and paste. • If you change the octave/semi octave of a note, it still sounds like the original octave when selecting the note while editing. Thanks for the all the hard work!.Version: 2.3.9

Cutting up samples would be greatI love GarageBand on my iPhone 6s I’m able to do most of my recording on the go. What would top this app off is if there was some way you could cut up songs for easy sampling. Unless there is away and I haven’t found out yet but if there isn’t then I hope you guys would consider it. I think a lot of people who love to sample songs would love it..Version: 2.3.6

Great!I have made albums with this app! Now I’m getting into more electronic stuff, I can broaden my usage of the app via the loops, drum sequencer, and the alchemy synth, the latter of which is helping me in practicing the keyboard, if you can call it that..Version: 2.3.8

Please add Splash and China CymbalsPlease add Splash and China Cymbals Or option to add this 2 cymbals plus if you can include the high and low cow bells, chimes in the acoustic drum set-up. And cabassa using iPhone to shake it like a real one, and Cajon as a seperate tapping drum option. This items will be more great for drumming. Thanks. Update: ————————— Please add to snare >while touch and holding snare will perform a quick bounce/roll the same as the real drumming. Could also add as well for Ride cymbals. Using 2 finger system to create rolling in this app is hardly use. Can’t use for live session. Can’t even use Echo to perform bounce/roll. As the other parts will sound echoing. Imagine to play Otherside, Californication, Give it away, Etc by Red Hot Chili Peppers, all snare hits using with bounce effect. Please so happy if you add this to this app. Thanks..Version: 2.3.10

Needs thing desperatelyThis is a great app in all but atm the basic piano is this random one that that is set to default instead of the grand piano. If I play with more than two fingered it undos me changing the piano putting it back to the random piano. Also it does not handle temp changes, if I’m recording something faster it automatically goes and puts into this trash swing type thing it is so annoying and can be frustrating. Other than that garage band is great, please fix theese they are driving me and my mates nuts. Thanks.Version: 2.3.8

Fantastic!...I have used this app at my school and yea it worked so well and I recommend it so much. It has inspired me to sing more and do more music, I think that all the music lovers out there will love it. Just one thing though, I think that they should add more musical instruments because there needs to be a variety of instruments. Other than that great app 5 star rating that’s what I think. I haven’t had no problems yet so that’s mostly all I have to say so well done!.Version: 2.3.7

Love this app. Have been using it for years. The improvements keep coming as well.To give it 5 stars I would want to see more flexibility with the guitar. So more styles, more range on the neck, a whammy bar, and the ability to input, import and amend guitar tabs. Also it would be great if the fading could be modified per track at different times and the tempo could be varied throughout a song (live mixing macro). The ability to bounce completed tracks to a single track to free up more track space would be good as well. Also when are sleigh bells coming to the app - we need more Christmas number ones !.Version: 2.3.2

It’s GoodObviously this app isn’t meant to be used by professionals in the music industry it’s a free app it’s never going to be as good as some of the more pro apps, like logic pro, however this app does allow you to use a few effects, such as reverb, and has a large library of instruments and loops to choose from and would suggest to anyone just starting in music, as it’s free and easy to grasp, or anyone looking to make some music for free you can even make ringtones for your phone.Version: 2.3.10

🎤🎹🎺🎷🎸🥁lets rookI really like this because it has all of your favourite drums & g.t.r.Version: 2.3.7

Just a short review.The only bad thing I can say about this app is that it takes soooo long to download. I feel this is due to the size of the app as there is such a wide range of features within the app itself. I love the variety of options accessible without having to pay a cent. I also love that there are more than just guitars and pianos and includes instruments from all over the world as well as being able to change the acoustics of each individual instrument as well. The best feature for me is the volume control and the bass and the fact you can mute and instrument and experiment with various sounds. The worst things about this app are; the file size is huge and takes a while to download, and the fact you can’t get me off it..Version: 2.3.7

Good but...Great app, highly recommend it, but I had to offload many apps for this (much more than 1.6gb) Still good tho, keep up the work apple!.Version: 2.3.10

Amazing App but can Destroy your earsPlease please can we have a separate volume level for when in the app and revert back to what we had set for the phone once we come out of it? Monitoring tracks requires us to jack up the volume to almost max and it’s a matter of time that we switch to listening to podcasts or other music at that volume potentially damaging the ear. Love the app otherwise!.Version: 2.3.9

Brilliant!So when I first got this I was experimenting with all the sounds. And surprisingly they sounded just like the real instruments! Im saying this because when I got another music app the guitar was so bad. On the other hand I highly request this for people who cant get or aren’t allowed to the instrument: E.g For many years I've wanted drums but at that time we were moving house so I waited for the time we moved. After that our house was tiny and unable to fit drums in.😑. So when I got this app I was very in to it. My parents asked me if I wanted a drum kit and I replied: “Why have a giant kit when you can have a transportable one?” Now they have the app and love it..Version: 2.3.3

👌👌👌Love the app, use it every day, simply amazing..Version: 2.3.10

I’m using an iPhone 6I cant use the app because it requires iOS 13.0 or later. Can you make it so I can just use the previous version thx.Version: 2.3.8

Best app everI’ve been a songwriter for 25 years and yet I’m no musician, I’ve always had to rely on other musicians to provide me with music to write my songs to, this has been frustrating and restrictive for many many years, GarageBand has changed all that and not only given me a platform to write completely solo and make great sounds but it’s actually been comprehensive enough for me to produce 5 decent quality albums full of music / songs that I have released into stores using nothing more than the GarageBand app only, I can’t praise this app and it’s quality and ability enough, it’s simply the best app ever to me personally and I thank the developers for this eternally. (Unsung Rimmo) 2018.Version: 2.3.7

May I just say...3 WORDS... AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME What’s wrong with it? NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING Thanks for reading... 100% RECOMMEND!!!.Version: 2.3.7

Fantastic!Absolutely amazing. I have made many tunes and songs from this app, and the way it is free baffles me. I find it very easy to make a tune and I love the way it has a guide to start you off! The sounds of the instruments are phenomenal and I'm in love with the voice recording studio, the way you can alter the sound of your voice to be robotic, auto tuned and many more is great and I would totally recommend this app to anybody who likes to experiment with instruments and making songs then this is definitely the type of app for you! Although this app is amazing already, I do think it has some more potential. Such as: adding in instrument guides to popular songs, or be able to tune the guitars. I say this because I am learning on the guitar to play somewhere over the rainbow (and I am doing pretty well for no guide) but some of the keys are off and all I need to do is tune it slightly to make it perfect. To the developer of this game, I hope you see this and great game! Would recommend!.Version: 2.3.5

The worst News ever.I love this app. Ive used it every day for 5 years. I just found out my iphone 6 will not update to ios 13. So i dont get to make music anymore. Or even hear the songs i made. I can literally barely breathe after finding this out. Farewell Garageband and thanks for all the Jams. I dont want to go back to FL Studio.🤕😢.Version: 2.3.8

Please Add Scale Creation/CustomisationPlease add the ability to custom-create your own scales by selecting which if the 12 notes you want to include. Please also add the ability to tune each note to microtonal values between -150 cents and +150 cents, to the nearest cent. The small selection of scales currently available limits usability and potential for exploration, given the touchscreen interface and my fat fingers. And it's a real shame, because every other aspect of the app is perfect, and if this one thing were added, it would easily be my favourite DAW on any platform..Version: 2.3.10

Great game needs more stuffOne if my most favourite games on the app store. Great job Apple. I play it every day and discovered something: the ability to plug in your guitar is limited due to having to buy Irig which is a pain. With all the effects on the choice to plug your guitar in these effects are awesome but i have never got to try them. When you get into smart guitar or tho play notes i wish you could chiose those effects for the guitar plugger like auto wah which id love to try. And also maybe try and put in more types if guitars and basses and mostly drums Please takes these questions and conplaints into consideration by the way best game EVER.Version: 2.3.5

Love it! But I have a huge problem.I love the app but I have a problem. I’m making a pretty long medley. Roughly 350 measures in total. It’s been playing back and working well. Every so often, it says “Optimizing performance…” which is pretty normal, although it takes a while. Anyway, it just happened, I waited, and somewhere in the middle I got a “storage almost full” alert. I let it finish optimizing, and then I went into settings and cleared roughly 8GB of data. I go back into GarageBand, and my audio wasn’t working. So I closed it and re-entered. It was working again, but cutting out at some parts. So I closed it again and reset my phone and tried again. After a few tries, I discovered that it now works all the way until about measure 219 or so, and then the audio cuts off. But it doesn’t cut off all together. Certain instruments go about one beat before the others. What is that all about? I would be really upset if I really just lost 100 measures of audio. Please respond to this or update or help me somehow. I’m really worried..Version: 2.3.7

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