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Splice - Video Editor & Maker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Splice - Video Editor & Maker app received 111 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Splice - Video Editor & Maker? Can you share your negative thoughts about splice - video editor & maker?

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Splice - Video Editor & Maker for Negative User Reviews

WAS my favourite video editing appHave been using this for so long and have loved it. Was the easiest to use and the best. BUT now they are moving heaps of features (almost all) to the premium paid only version. Even the simple transitions I’ve always used. Pretty disappointing as a long time user. Will be looking at using a different app now as there is no way I can afford the high ongoing subscription cost for just basic editing. Editing my review again as now after another update I can’t even add my own saved and purchased iTunes music to the videos! I no longer rate this app at all. Do not recommend it unless you plan on spending money on an ongoing subscription. Don’t bother believing it’s free. Will be deleting this app now and finding another..Version: 4.27.100

Won’t change the volumeI’m making a short film on here. I put the volume on a song low and recordings of voices high so you can hear the voices clearly and have song in the background. However the volume won’t change, the song is not changing to low and still remains loud I even put the volume on zero and it’s still loud like it’s on 100 still. This project is 5 minutes long, I started new projects just to test out the volume and it does change when I put it on high then low. But I feel like because this video is over 5 minutes long which is quite a lot of data for an app it’s starting to glitch. Maybe editing a video over 5 minutes long wasn’t a good idea for this app, it’s starting to glitch now and won’t change the volume. Quite frustrating.Version: 4.7.3

It’s an okay App but they are better apps out thereI have been using this app for a couple of months now alongside other mobile video editing apps and I think that this app is over priced as there some cheaper and even other FREE video editing apps which have more functionalities than Splice and the disappointing thing about splice is that sometimes when you try and re open some of your old projects which you want to continue working on there won’t even open or load up and this has happened to me on couple of occasions even when I was connected to the internet and had enough storage on my phone. So overall i think it’s an overrated app and you can get better video editing apps which offer better services for less and in some cases for free. But Splice is fit for purpose so I just rate it as okay..Version: 4.26.5

Great for little clips, but not for syncing audio.Is great for creating quick montages for reels that don’t require lip syncing. But it doesn’t do well for audio syncing. Been trying to do some speech highlights from a speaker, but have trouble syncing the mic audio as I cannot view the waveform on the video audio..Version: 4.27.60

Splice please help meHi, I am Owen Walker and I am a young filmmaker. I'm 12 years old, and work hard on making movies. I like splice because it's fun and easy to use, but I'm having trouble with it. Sometimes when I edit it kicks me out of it, but That's not my main concern. As a filmmaker I never get around to making full movies so I kind of just make videos, But I kind a got real into a movie that's almost an hour long. I edited the entire movie with splice. But one day splice wouldn't let me in. It let me in the other projects but it didn't let me into that one movie, the only movie that I cared about. The movie is called secret kill, and I've been working on it and editing it and filming it for over a year. I've tried restarting my phone, but nothing works. It will kick me out 2 ways. One of the ways when it all started, it would load in now to get into it but then every time I got into it it kicked me out. And the other scenario is it would all the way get to loading it but at the last little area of the S it wouldn't load it would just stay there for hours and it never got there. In one day when it did get there, it just kicked me out of the app again. It makes me very stressed out because I don't wanna lose a project that I put a lot of my time into. Anytime I would just be having a normal day, I wanted to film because that's all I cared about. Please help..Version: 4.21.2

Not happy with sudden price jackThere’s nothing I hate more than an app that lures you into using it, only to suddenly hit you with a subscription only option several months later. It’s unethical and misleading. Deleting immediately..Version: 4.1.10

It wouldn’t load at one partSo I just got this app for fun, you know? I did my first ever project and at the part where you name your project and it says next in the top right corner. I clicked that but when it was loading it kept on showing the “something went wrong” screen every time, and it wouldn’t let it load. I knew there was nothing wrong because my wifi would’ve dropped down a bar, but it never did. It was good until that part, only had it for 5 minutes, I might try again with it.Version: 4.2.1

Good luck trying to cancelCancelling this app is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. I went round the houses for hours trying to figure it out. There’s a section within the app called “manage my subscription” where you can’t, in fact, manage your subscription. There was misleading advice on their help pages saying you need to go to “my plans” which you can only access if you log in - except to use the app it never asked you to create a login so you can’t do that. They offer links to “my plans”, none of which link to anywhere. I then emailed to get help with cancelling and got an auto reply with a link that would apparently solve things but the link didn’t work in iPad even though the advice said you need to cancel from your mobile device. The message also said if I wanted a response from the team it would be in 10 working days (meanwhile you’re paying nearly £5 per week whilst you await their replies). I eventually figured out how to cancel but it was 2 hours of massive stress when I had other work I needed to be cracking on with. Really shouldn’t be this hard. They just need better advice on their help pages and more clarity through the app.Version: 4.27.54

Would be Amazing if….First and foremost I love the app, and have been using it for 3 years. I like that they are constantly making improvements to the functionality, and with that I understand there will be some bugs. But there’s a difference between a few bugs and the horrendously slow upload times. Here are the issues that really really need to be addressed with all hands on deck. The upload times for a video either takes 10 seconds, or five minutes on a 1 minute video. We’re not talking full length feature film here. Also, the captions are horribly unusable. Doesn’t work most the time. I feel like you need a trigonometry degree just to understand the formula on how to use it, but I haven’t gotten them to work in a year. One more thing, and it’s not a complaint, have you guys thought about giving us the ability to change the color of the text on the text animations? Aside from that, it’s an amazing app. There isn’t a video editing tool out there that has the control that you guys offer so it’s not all bad but the uploads in the captions are a huge issue that if corrected, you’d get 10 stars not 5. I do like the direction they’re headed with all new features and what not. Now I see a new update just came out, who knows, I hope some of these issues have been addressed. I’ll change my review once they are. Thank you..Version: 4.27.126

Charged for free trialI signed up for your “free trial” but I got a charge on my card anyway after a cancelled my subscription and deleted the app. Scam..Version: 4.17.0

Latest update disappointing - pls fix these issuesI dont usually write reviews but I am SO disappointed in the latest Splice update that I just had to. I have used Splice for 2 years now. The latest update (which happened a few days ago) has, in my opinion, taken Splice years backwards. First of all, they have taken away the option of clipping clips before adding them to your project, which means that now the full length video gets added to your project which is unnecessary. Second, when cropping clips (which is done a lot as this is a video editing app), instead of the cursor following you to where it is cut, it stays in place. Which means it becomes difficult to find your last working point. Third, in the past when you are adding clips from a certain folder, it automatically opens back to that folder which is useful. That has now been taken away, which means each time you want to add clips from the same folder after working on one, you have to go back and find the folder. There are more points but those three are the most disappointing ones. Whoever worked on this last update doesn’t seem to know Splice very well? I have been a very loyal user for years but user experience is everything, and this just does not cut it..Version: 4.26.3

Music feature is buggy af; app otherwise offers great varietyKia ora! I use the app to create animated shorts (haven’t found a good iPad-friendly animation app that works the way I want it to, yet); not only has my selected backing track disappeared (😭), but the new music browsing feature keeps CRASHING MY PROGRAMME. I have to start listening to a song’s demo, then close the app, reload it, wait, open up my project, go back to the music selection (which might not load), then choose another SINGLE SONG to listen to, then repeat the process. I CANNOT SWITCH BETWEEN SONG DEMOS; THE APP CRASHES. Hoping for this to be fixed. ☺️ I use an iPad Pro 10.5 inch. 👍🏻.Version: 4.23.1

What?I wish I could say I liked this app. I really wanted to like it. I made a 12 second video and I wanted to save it. So I saved it to my gallery only to find some stupid text had appeared on the video that I in no way added. Not only this, but because you only have one free export I wasn’t able to save the video without the text that I didn’t add so this app totally ruined the video I made and wouldn’t let me save it. If you want my advice, don’t waste your time and storage on this annoying app..Version: 4.1.10

Blurry imagesUsed to be a fantastic app, now it lowers image quality to the point that it’s unusable. Very disappointed.Version: 4.25.7

MisleadingYou can download it for free but then you HAVE to pay to even get into the app. Weekly payments for a video editor???? So greedy. I would maybe pay a dollar, ONCE, to buy this app. But $5 a week????? Steer clear of this one.Version: 4.10.3

Can’t upload music from ITunes 😡The app is good in the sense where you can upload as many photos and videos as you like and put each in the order that you’d like however there were a few problems that I faced: 1. I had selected roughly 300 photos and was almost about finished (which took me so long to do in the first place) then I went out of the app to reply to a text message and when I came back to app it had crashed and I had to restart. (I didn’t close the app at all I just clicked into my messages for 2 seconds and came back). This infuriated me. 2. It says in the audio support that you can import music from your iTunes however you can’t. I have tried so many different songs that I have. I have tried to close the app and restart it. I have tried to restart my phone (which I have the latest iPhone so I’m sure that my phone shouldn’t be the problem). So I now cannot upload any music whatsoever. This reason is also because the music from the app is very old and boring and to be fair I couldn’t recognise a single song on there. 3. Exporting the video (saving it to your device) can be quite slow sometimes but still decent. I don’t mind it but if there was music in the video it’d make the wait worth while. 🙄 I would recommend the app to friends but only if you don’t mind a soundless video or if you want to use the crappy music they offer. Overall is a decent app but should fix the music part. At least update your music to have a few popular songs. Thanks..Version: 3.6.7

Best and worstI must have downloaded the app to my phone years ago back when it was free and amazing. It’s everything I need in a simple on the go video editor. Recently I needed to edit something on my iPad so I downloaded it there and came to find that almost EVERY feature is now a pro feature, and there’s only a weekly subscription. Which is insane for what it is. For some reason my phone version still lets me use all the features with no issues so I’ll keep using it there for as long as it I’m able. I guess it all happened because of the acquisition. Everything I love eventually gets acquired and gets worse so I should have seen it coming. I understand the need for a paid tier to keep supporting it, but to take away almost EVERY function makes it no longer the same app selling the promise of pro functions for free. Not having a yearly or monthly subscription option also feels very sinister. I guess jumping from free to $20 a month looked like too much of a leap on paper. Also are they banking on people not reading the “weekly” part?.Version: 4.10.10

Buggy, slow, constantly freezingAs the title says, its taken me over 4 hours to make a singular video so far, due to how poorly this app preforms, which cost me 20$ in a subscription fee. It is constantly freezing and many features are unavailable as the second you try to use them - they freeze. Not worth your money, don’t waste it like I did. Wow and they charged me twice on the same day for the same subscription… avoid at all costs..Version: 4.27.91

It used to be good ...Yet another app that wants you to subscribe for a monthly fee. Delete delete delete..Version: 4.1.10

Charged our card without consent- robberyDO NOT give your credit card number to this company! This company auto-renewed our credit card without consent and charged for a whole entire year in advance. We emailed customer service immediately to say we did not authorise this huge charge and did not want to renew at all - and especially not for an entire year. It’s charged our card nearly $200 without authorisation. We’ve sent four emails and have only got one single automated response that said they will get back to us. They have not gotten back to us with anything at all. Do NOT sign up for this company as they will Steal you of money and charge your card without authorisation. I repeat - DO NOT give your credit card number to this company unless you like being robbed by thieves. Still waiting to hear back after a month of inquiries as to our refund..Version: 4.27.8

HATE the update.I used this everyday. Then....The up date happened....now I don’t use it at all. Unfortunately can’t do some very important stuff anymore and it’s a lot slower then it was, making it hard to edit videos properly. The update has completely messed this app up, very sad..Version: 4.0.2

All my projects got deleted and the new app update has ruined this appI loved this app so much. Every year I make birthday videos for my family and friends of the year gone with all pics and videos of the adventures we’ve been on and life events that have happened. I’ve spent the last week making two videos, one for my best friend and one for my nephew for their birthdays. It took forever to make them and the app always stores every video I make. But, just before I exported them I had to update the app. Once I opened the app again all of my projects were gone! I am seriously so beyond gutted! I panicked and attempted to try to make the videos again as it’s the only thing I could do, but the new app updates make the app so much harder to use, I personally hate the new layout and how you have to work it. Honestly so so upset. And I’ve been told there is no way to get my projects back!.Version: 4.1.10

A good film editor butIt’s a good film editor but screen recordings don’t have any audio, just like iMovie and we all know how they are now. One of the main reasons Splice became so popular is because screen recordings used to have sound on it opposed to iMovie having a glitch that muted screen recordings and now the biggest reason this app was so good is now completely gone and competition could easily overtake. I wish this information will be used to not only satisfy countless users and up total ratings. But it will also keep this app in the spotlight and will stop people from abandoning it and using a different app which can do the same things that this app used to be able to do. The crop feature is nice though, maybe add a green screen layer for more complex editing..Version: 4.0.6

Used to be goodA decent amount of music in my library will either not play or I get an error message stating “unable to add audio” specifically after the upload has reached 96%. Update to prior review: Now Splice doesnt allow music at all, a shell of its former self. Great work guys, you’re useless..Version: 4.1.0

GREEDUse to be a good app. Now the developers have sucked out all the good stuff that was in there before and pushed it under the subscription model as all greedy developers are doing. All the updates now try and make you sign up for a subscription. Nothing more than GREED. These types of developers want their hand in our wallets and bank accounts forever as they bleed money from us each month. Should be a simple model of you purchase a software package and thats it. And you choose to update or upgrade if YOU wish. The subscription model is one where they try and prise more and more money from us. Even the updates do not inform you that if you update you will be taken to the subscription model. Even more unscrupulous GREED. So their app now lets you use the tools to create a video. Oh but then try and save it…. Wait you need a subscription to do that, that you could do BEFORE they implemented a subscription. Disgusting these developer practices. Oh and the new subscription app doesn't let you take YOUR videos out of it now, nor play properly… wait for it… unless you of course pay the subscription. You developers DO NOT have the RIGHT to force this on to us, let alone mine/our devices. You should be honest and tell us an update moves to a subscription. Just GREEDY DISGUSTING practices. Oh and notice that the subscriptions will cost customer more than it was to purchase a package in the first place..Version: 4.25.1

Beware — you might lose your content without warningAs an early adopter of this app I had been enjoying free access (which is often the case for early adopters of apps, who essentially help apps succeed by getting the word out). However, this week - without any warning - they revoked my access and I lost all my content (I was in the middle of working on projects). I received no notification and had to enquire with customer service. (I’d also like to note that I had two previous enquiries over the last year for other matters — which I receive zero response to!) Reading through the reviews, it seems a lot of people have lost their content (in different ways — not just early adopters) and they’re basically told ‘sorry, can’t get it back’. The app is good — but I value customer service just as much... especially if you’re going to make me pay a monthly fee. This all feels a bit greedy and gross..Version: 4.21.13

Not saving my videoSpent money on the membership and started making my first edit, took around 4 hours and every time I try to save, it freezes and never loads. I have tried lowering frame rate and resolution and still nothing. Keeps freezing at the same spot. DO NOT PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP YOU CANT EVEN SAVE THE VIDEOS.Version: 4.25.7

Good app but huge bugs that won’t even let you editI was enjoying the app and it was great and I would of gave it 5 stars had I not encountered this bug recently where I can’t even load up a video to edit. I just get a “Something didn’t work (FII1101)” message when I select a video to edit and try press create to make a project. This bug has been happening for 2 weeks now and I’m frustrated since I’m paying weekly for a app that I can’t use. So I cancelled my subscription for now and will see if it gets fixed soon before switching to another app. I tried emailing them with a screenshot about the error but I was just given a auto response of a link to the frequently asked questions so I have little faith that my problem would be addressed since I doubt the even saw my message. I recommend taking the free trial to see if it works and if not just try something else. It’s a shame since I have been using this app for a while.Version: 4.9.1

Good features for a completely unessecary subscriptionWhy in the name of christ do i now have to pay for simple features that were once all free??? the past updates were good until this subscription nonsense came along, that for me ruined this app completely. as much as i don't prefer losing the new cool features this app now has, i'd rather not pay to download my own bloody videos with my own bloody music and small tweaks in it.Version: 4.27.15

Just AdvertisingI had Splice on my phone and remember being able to edit videos without needing a subscription. However, when I downloaded it again, it would let me edit any videos or even get to the editing screen without first bringing me to the subscription offer. If I clicked out of it, it would take me back to the video selection and I wouldn’t get anywhere. It wasn’t like I chose premium/subscription exclusive features or settings that could cause me to get the pop up. The app was physically unserviceable entirely. I don’t have a need for the benefits of the subscription because I don’t edit videos unless to remove certain parts of a clip or maybe screen recording. It’s fine to have pop ups. I don’t care about them. But if I’m literally unable to even access the main purpose of the app without a subscription, you’d be better off asking for money up-front or mentioning that the app is meant to solely be subscription based. The experience was very annoying to say the least and I hope it’s something that’s dealt with. The user interface is not hard to comprehend and is suitable for smaller purposes but the main reason I’m making this review, is because other parts of the app need adjustment and overview..Version: 4.4.0

Very disappointing after years of using this app and recommending it!Had my iCloud do an update and although your app says it “saves” the pieces your working on- it actually doesn’t save anything. I’d previously closed and saved my work but after hours of working on a project and all that was left was a message saying “media has been deleted”. Had to start from scratch. Why would you state every time we close the app that it’s saving our work if it isn’t? And if that’s not actually happening why does it take a few minutes to “save and close” each time we use it? What the hell is it actually doing? pretty lame guys. I’m very disappointed. Oh also there is no way to even retrieve the older “saved” versions so it isn’t obviously saving at all..Version: 4.27.80

No timelapse option!!!?Editing is so limited here, no time-lapse option. I find this pretty much useless..Version: 4.0.8

I CAN NOT ADD ANY PHOTOS OR MUSIC WHAT THE FLIPI am trying to add photos but it is Coming up with something didn’t work I even looked in my settings to see what the problem was NOTHING WAS THE PROBLEM and any time I try to use my music it then say something failed I would suggest not to get this app it is only letting me use videos NOT PHOTOS LIKE WHAT THE FLIP I AM TRYING TO MAKE A GACHA HERE LIKE HELLO Making my story of Gacha is so much important to me Because I’ve been making gachas for amalong time. Well it is pretty good with the videos just NOT THE PHOTOS That’s why I gave it 2 stars it’s also pretty glitchy for me but the thing that I sort of do you like about this is adding videos JUST NOT PHOTS I tried everything to add photos JUST IT DID NOT WORK AND THE MUSIC FIX THE MUSIC AND PHOTOS I NEED TO MAKE MY GACHA NOWWWWW..Version: 4.3.0

SucksWhy do you have to pay for saving videos.Version: 4.21.13

Negative changeWhen splitting and deleting a clip, the yellow line used to snap back when you deleted a section to the previous split. Now when you delete a clip, the yellow line stays in the same place, so you have to scroll back manually to the last split. This is annoying, as when you’re cutting things out of a video, for instance long silences etc, your constantly deleting sections that you have split, so you have to manually scroll every time to find the last place you split the video in order to carry on watching the rest of the un-edited video to see what things you need to cut out. I hope I explained this well, it’s especially a problem when you cut massive parts of a video out and have to scroll a very long way to the side and it just takes ages. I would actually rate the app 5 stars as I use it all the time, but said 1 star in case you have a filter on to see the negative reviews. It’s just a quality of life improvement, but will speed up editing time drastically..Version: 4.26.3

TerribleJust wanted the free trial and when i canceled the subscription before it was due it ended up charging me twice afterwards. you can’t add music if you don’t use apple music and the app crashes if you’ve created anything longer than a minute. the app sucks, don’t waste your time on it..Version: 4.1.10

RubbishI used to use this app all the time, but since the new updates you have to pay to save and download, where before you didn’t… complete trash, so disappointed, I hope you change it back! By the way if you try to screen record (otherwise to save you have to pay🙄) Splice writing comes up all over your screen to prevent you from having a good copy of your video. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!.Version: 4.21.13

Don’t updateUsed to use this app quite a bit on the iPad, tried to use it on iPhone and now it costs per week just to use it. Just a money grab at this point. You killed your own app..Version: 4.1.3

Update ruined the appUpdate: More stuff added to the app so it doesn’t work again! I use this app daily (unfortunately) with increased frustration. Don’t waste your money. I’ve used the app for several months now on a daily basis. I never had any issues until I logged in one day and every single video I had done was now saying the images were no longer available. Contacted the developer who immediately tried to place the blame on me saying I deleted the images off my phone. Not the case at all. Turns out I needed to do their update in order to use app. I did this and all video images returned. They shouldn’t be so quick to blame the customer for problems they create. Now, this upgrade destroyed the app. I’ve spent hours on a project only to have my work disappear. I’ve been trying to upload a video multiple times now but when I go to view it in my photos it is not there! I’d contact the developer but I know that they’ll only blame me again for an issue that they created. Again, they updated the app and messed it all up. Again they placed blame on me. I only continue to use the app daily because I paid for the year. Once that year is up I’m dumping it..Version: 4.7.0

Price misleadingWas really enjoying editing things until I had to subscribe to save the videos. I was cool with that and I saw an option advertised the cheapest for around $3 a week so of course I chose that one. However, I noticed instead it was a lump sum of like $150 for the entire year, and by then it was too late because my finger was already on the button to pay. I don’t really edit videos much but I guess I have this for a year now so I suppose I’ll have to use it. I didn’t really have money to spare on this app like that, it’s a lot of money. The subscription pricing options should be displayed more clearly in future..Version: 4.21.15

Keeps changing plansPaid the year Pro subscription. Suddenly lost AI video features and downgraded to Lite subscription after full payment.Version: 4.27.101

Unnecessarily frustrating interfaceI want to use this app to record music covers, and I need to be able to line up the audio of the song with the cover I am performing. For no sensible reason you can only trim or move the song when you first import it, which means I have to guess to the millisecond where to crop the song, if I want another attempt I have to delete the song and import it again. If there is a better way to do this the interface offers no hints as to how, I have tapped, dragged and held down on every button on screen but can’t figure out a way to make it work. If this was free software it would be one thing, but asking $5 a WEEK? Kind of insulting..Version: 4.2.4

Unbelievably Terrible!I had been up all night making a very important video for work. I needed a free video editing app, so I looked around and Splice had good reviews, so I downloaded it and set to work. The video was over 2 hours long and I had recorded me saying things over the video. When I played it back there were three massive watermarks covering up everything! I understand that companies need to put watermarks on things, but this was just completely over the top! Also it was choppy, blurry and kept freezing. Some of the clips weren’t there even though you could see them playing on the thing below the actual screen! I tried to save it to my camera roll anyway, but then it said I had to pay £66 a year if I wanted to save it! What’s the point if you call your app free and then tell people you have to pay an astronomical amount of money if you want to save it! This company is just so GREEDY!!!!! I downloaded another app to do my video, the new app is perfect! Unfortunately I cannot recommend Splice to anybody. It is just UNBELIEVABLY TERRIBLE!!!!!.Version: 4.26.9

DumbRetarded,I just finished a video and it’s making me pay😡.Version: 4.2.2

Apple musicIt’s great until when you wanna input music you can’t because it says that “this file could not be loaded” each time I try, please update your app and fix this.Version: 3.6.3

Amazing app, but i’ve had some problemsWhen i first got this app, it was great. i loved what you could do and i found it really easy to use. but the second or third time i went to use the app, i clicked onto what i had been working on, and then the screen went black and took me back to my home page. i tried using the app again, and going into my project like i did before, but the same thing happened. i shut down my phone and turned the power back on and opened the app to try again. but the same thing kept happening, and i would end up at my home page. i ended up deleting the app and downloading it again. and i worked on what i was doing before, but again after my second or third time of using the app, the same thing happened. i don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but i was just hoping that the app gets updated again so i can use it because i really enjoy it..Version: 4.0.8

Doesn’t Export!!This is the worst app in existence. My video that’s been two years in the making and almost 40 mins long keeps getting export errors. At first upon googling the error, a possible fix is to remove all the audio and reupload. Then I read that videos in the app that are in the cloud will also cause export errors and that I’d have to redownload them all. Redownload 40 mins and 4 years worth of video clips?! When you open the app, it takes several minutes for the app to download the clips from the cloud so why on earth can’t it export after it finishes loading? I also experienced the video freezing in the middle of the video while the audio remained playing. This was particularly frustrating when I was left to screen record the video after numerous export attempts. Once I finally got the video to play straight through for a decent screen record, I reploaded that to the app in hopes I can now crop the video to screen size and export with brand new videos not on the cloud. WRONG! Now I’m getting the error that there isn’t enough storage in my phone when I have well over 30GB available. I normally wouldn’t even bother with a review like this for a phone app, but this video is extremely special and important to me and now it’s just living in this app forever with nowhere to go..Version: 4.23.6

Easy edits but the glitches will drive you nuts!I prefer editing videos in Splice over CapCut, I find it easier to use however the glitches are a deal breaker! When you snip a clip it’ll randomly add a flash of black screen to the clip. The most frustrating glitch is when you spend HOURS editing a video, then go to export and Splice tells you it can’t be exported OR it’ll just freeze whilst exporting so you’ve just wasted hours of editing for nothing. Can’t even screen record to try salvage the video because of the icons at the bottom of the screen with no option to hide them whilst previewing. If Splice fixes these glitches it would be great! But honestly, after spending hours editing a video for a brand, to now not even be able to export it and save it, I’m deleting Splice and only using CapCut. It’s too unreliable..Version: 4.28.4

Don’t get this appThis app is awful you can’t even extract music from vids and u have to pay just to save a vid.Version: 4.25.7

The “Premium” thing.I used this, pretty good so far and then when i wanted to save my creation it just said ‘You have used something that is premium get premium now so you can save’ Mind you, I haven't even touched anything premium so idk what they were talking about, it didn't tell me what was a ‘premium’ item so i got left there and ended up deleting the app. Would not recommend, especially to young people who don't know what premium is and buys it..Version: 4.21.16

Don’t likeYou can’t even edit your videos because of the update.Version: 4.1.10

Big fan of the app, but after the update...There are a lot of really great new features that take some getting used to after this past big update. The biggest issue I have however, it is now impossible to post to Instagram using the share button. Could we return to the last version of that.. where we can still use Instagram features before posting. Otherwise, thank you for all the hard work you all put into the app 😁.Version: 4.0.2

Has some issuesFor some time I've been looking for a free app to make gacha videos and just regular videos. I was pretty excited when I saw this app that could work with my device. I decided to test it out by just trying to combine some short videos and adding some music and text to it. All went really smoothly and I really enjoyed it. The only thing that bothered me was that the video itself seemed to be really glitchy and kept stopping and going. I didn't think much of it and thought that I needed to adjust the speed of the video. I did just that but the glitchy quality didn't change. I deleted that project and decided to make a slideshow. At first everything was exported and everything was fine. Then I played it and it only showed the first clip and the rest of it was just a black screen. I tried again by deleting the project and exporting the files again. Then no matter how much I tried it kept telling me that something went wrong. Even though that's an issue that I had the first time I used Splice I was really impressed with how simple it was to use and the amazing choices of music it had. I hope you don't take this as "hate" but I still hope you look into this issue, thank you and have a great day!.Version: 4.0.1

Bugs still plaguing the appOverall good app, which satisfies basic needs for video editing on your phone. It has good, though basic special effects, but if you spend a bit of time fiddling, you discover some hidden gems there. However, one thing that has plagued the app ever since are the bugs, which paradoxically appear every time after an update. The single most annoying one is that the app would NOT launch if you are without internet, so if on a train or in a car going through a tunnel or at home with bad connection, you won't be able to use the app!! After the last update, even with good internet connection, it takes now ages for the app to launch. Really a problem that needs sorting out!.Version: 4.27.19

CAREFUL OF CHARGES. DO NOT USE.Open letter to SPLICE: Dear Support Team, I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction. I demand an immediate refund for every single cent that has been charged to my account. If you fail to comply with my request for a full refund, let me make it abundantly clear that I will not hesitate to take this matter to the police and expose your shady auto-renewal system. You have not made it at all east for me to cancel this service, nor have you contacted me in any way to advise of the charges being charged WEEKKY! There has been zero contact, only multiple charges! I am well aware of the severe consequences faced by individuals and companies engaging in these auto-renewal activities. I strongly encourage you to seriously consider the potential ramifications of your actions. I demand an immediate response to this matter. Failure to do so will only further encourage me in my pursuit, as I will not hesitate to bring the full force of the law upon you and initiate a thorough investigation into your services. I trust that you comprehend the gravity of this situation. Time is of the essence, and I expect a prompt resolution to this matter. Refunding the entirety of the charges and rectifying this gross misconduct is the minimal response I anticipate. Yours sincerely, Karina Wright.Version: 4.27.92

Very poorI paid for a year subscription and I only used it 3 times now I can’t access to templates anymore. Not happy at all.Version: 4.27.100

DisappointedThis app is awesome when it comes to editing, adding music, etc. really. It’s amazing. The reason I’ve given this app two stars is because, it was a waste of time. I’ve tried to save my video a million times. Only for it to say “oh no! Retry.” I assumed maybe I didn’t have enough room. I deleted the pictures off my phone. & my whole video was gone when I came back to the app. I blamed myself for just not thinking. Today, I retried. I remade the whole video. Tried to save. Still “oh no! Retry!” This time I deleted a couple apps. It was gonna let me save. Sooooooooo, I hit SAVE VIDEO. it “saved” except I can’t find it on my phone anywhere. I go back, it says I need to subscribe. I’m thinking “screw it. This is important, so I’ll do it.” This time I hit SHARE VIDEO. It gave me another option through that to save to my phone. I tried again. NOPE. “OH NO! Retry!” I shortened the video, deleted numerous things. Still NO luck. I thought maybe the video saved to the app. So, as a last resort, I deleted the pictures I used from my phone. AND NOW THE WHOLE VIDEO (that was “saved”) IS COMPLETELY GONE. Absolutely a WASTE of time. I loved everything about this app & loved loved loved the video I made so much. Too bad I can share my video with who it was intended for..Version: 4.2.2

I used to love this appI used splice for all of my videos before, but then the update ruined the whole app..Version: 4.1.10

Dissatisfied and disappointedI have been using splice for many years as my main video editing software. I have loved it for so long because it was so easy to use and it was so convenient being on my phone. After the new update, they changed a lot of things that made editing more complicated. But that wasn’t the worst part. After another update, they added a pro version in which you would have to buy in order to use some of the features and worst of all, to even export your projects. You now have to pay weekly to export your projects. I am very disappointed that I won’t be using splice any longer and that I have to find a new video editing software. I am dissatisfied that they went down this path after all those years of being the best and pulling such a wide fan base. Hopefully they undo this so they can go back to being the best editing software and we all can go back to making the projects we love. Edit: you can export now with minimal settings but you can’t even use simple things that are necessary for video editing like transitions without paying for the pro that’s subscription based and not a 1 time purchase. By now I think it’s safe to say after all these years that if you want to edit on your phone, just use CapCut. 👋.Version: 4.27.116

DumbDon’t get this app! You have to pay to save it!! I literally spent An hour making a video. Then I try to save it and it doesn’t let me without paying!!!.Version: 4.2.1

Please readHey splice developers, love the new update, however... as a massive fan of the previous update, I was excited to see the new ‘big’ update. However I’ve been disappointed, I cannot turn the app to landscape mode when using my iPad, so it constantly has to be in portrait, which is not convenient to how an iPad is usually used. And the app is crashing a fair bit too. Now I know these may seem like minor problems, and in fact they are. But they are hugely upsetting my use of the app, and I really hope you can fix/alter these in the next few months. Thanks:).Version: 4.0.0

UpdateI loved this app cause it was great for making athletics but I hate this new update it so difficult to use can you please change it back to what it used to be please.Version: 4.0.2

Cut and trim on new spliceCutting and trimming are no longer straight forward. Couldn’t figure it out. Didn’t have a problem with old splice..Version: 4.0.3

Kinda badI wasted my time because I imported it but nothing happened then it only had 2% left so that sucked.Version: 4.1.10

My previous rating was 5 ⭐️I have been using this app for well over a year now and have just recently started to have some troubles. I’ve saved many videos (doing the same things and using the same methods as now) and they have worked perfectly without a hitch! BUT the last month or so, even with multiple updates, the app has stopped working smoothly. Either there are new bugs or the way you use the app has changed and the transition is not very good. I can’t save videos in high quality anymore (60fps/1080) and the music/audio pops regularly and there isn’t a way to fix it... not without deleting the entire recording and taping it again. Which doesn’t always make it better. The app still has many good points, like easy editing and a great range of tools for free. It’s just not any use being good if I can’t export my videos lol. Thanks! 😊 Please feel free to reply to me email as well!.Version: 4.1.6

Why did you destroy splice?The app called Spice was LEGEND, prior to the recent app update. As a digital artist I have gone through many apps and you murdered your own app... why? Why would you destroy something that wasn’t broken? I am beyond devastated by this app suicide.Version: 4.0.6

Good appIt’s a really good app, I like how you can make it for whatever frame you need, and I also like the text feature and all the other features. However, taking away the ability to save them without paying also takes away the need to use it at all. I spent almost an hour making a project, just to realise I needed to pay to save it. This was not at all what I was looking for and expecting when I searched for a free editor. I understand you need money to be ad-free, but I’m not paying to save something I created..Version: 4.23.0

HorribleBad watermarks and everything is stuck behind a paywall.Version: 4.21.13

OVERPRICEDThis thing used to be completely free, now it's overpriced af..Version: 4.1.2

Pay to save? Disappointing.Downloaded, created a 20 sec vid after learning the app, and now CANT SAVE UNLESS I PAY??!!! That’s a rip off I’m sorry. No disclosure was provided and can’t find any info about this online. 😡.Version: 4.21.15

Too many watermarksSo, I’m new to this app and just learnt how to screen record and still learning the ropes of Splice, and KineMaster. So, finishing off my first project I got ready to screen record. I had my music ready, all of the affects etc. I was ready to begin and I noticed the VERY SECOND the screen record began, the word ‘Splice’ appeared EVERYWHERE on the screen!!! Why can’t you just be like KineMaster and put ‘Splice’ in the corner?! It’s very unnecessary as I had put in my title: ‘This is my very first edit on SPLICE!’ Obviously not in capitals... but you get what I mean. I had put it in the title and all the watermarks ruined it!!! I couldn’t even see the text I had put!!! So, that explains my 3 stars. EDIT: I re-downloaded this app to give it a second chance. I wanted to make an edit of a youtuber who inspires me, as KineMaster’s transitions aren’t as interesting as Splice’s. The whip lags, as well as the whip 🔄. It disappoints me to see that this app lags a lot, and once again, the watermarks. So, anyway, I opened the app and put all my photos together, etc. I wanted to import a more, interesting song. When I went and found it, I did he share and Splice wouldn’t come up. I’m not very pleased with this app, at all, in fact..Version: 4.7.3

WARNING: UPDATE HAS LESS FEATURESI used Splice for years as my go to video editor but after the update it’s useless to me. I am no longer able to edit music in my clips efficiently, the music waveform display is now gone and There are no music layers. Instead, the audio files just stack on top of each other in one layer which is pointless. Adding and trimming multiple clips is now more difficult and tedious, after playing with it for a few minutes I can’t even figure out how to trim clips. The prior version was significantly more user friendly, quick and simple to use. I used to swear by this app and recommended it to multiple people but now i’m forced to download and use an alternative that does everything this app used to do and more..Version: 4.1.1

MoneyIt cost money just to save it onto your thing just make it free so that people can post it onto the Internet like I wanna post it on TickTock and I can’t because this cost money to save it so it’s so stupid.Version: 4.14.3

This app is TerribleI tried two times and both times the app took some of the video and overlapped it with the rest of the video I spent at least 3 hours and it was all wasted it might have more features than iMovie but iMovie is 100% better..Version: 4.1.10

DisappointmentYou guys are the real scum of the earth. I cant contain how utterly disgusted i am by you. This used to be a good free editing software, the best on the market, but then you had to follow the greedy, scummy, cashgrabbing bandwagon and lock all the useful features behind in app purchases. My faith in the human race is dying and my respect for you is non-existent. You ruined my day and probably ruined many others. Please stick your head in a blender..Version: 4.21.13

Don’t bother.My twin downloaded this app but is too distraught to write a review so I will. Everything was amazing, My twin spent 2 hours making an edit She was very happy with. She didn’t have pro but even without that she made a really nice edit. Then she tried to download it to her camera roll. It said you have to get splice pro to save. When she tried to screen record her edit instead, (seeing as she’d slaved over it for 2 hours and didn’t want to lose it) they put water marks all over it. I would understand if you just put one at the bottom like other apps do but there was 3 right over the edit. She screen recorded it anyway cause she thought it would be better then nothing but when she looked at the edit in her camera roll, she screamed. It was all choppy, blurry and kept freezing. Scammy. What is the point of letting someone make a whole edit, get their hopes up, make them really proud, then not letting them save it to their camera roll. Honestly there’s no point in downloading if you can’t pay. My twin is shaking and crying. She has pain in her chest, she says. She said to me “Amelia I don’t know if I’ll be able to go on” Pigs..Version: 4.3.0

Misleading Payment Policies and No SupportAutomatic subscription renewals and misleading in-product prompts to automatically ensure you accept the most expensive plan (per $90 per year). Zero customer support. Use any other video editor app..Version: 4.1.10

Love it, one major problemI love this app. It is so easy and fun to use and I have been using it to make edits to keep for myself and share with my friends. I do not have a Splice Pro (the premium version you need to pay for) because I can’t exactly afford it. The last time I used this app was a few months ago, and I had no problems with it, and it was perfect. Today I decided I wanted to use it again, and made an edit, but then I came across a huge problem. The app doesn’t even let you save the video you made to your photo library unless you have Splice Pro. I tried to navigate this problem by screen recording, but it puts watermarks all over the video, making it really annoying to watch. I am very disappointed with this update to the app, and I understand that the developers need to make money, but the fact that we can’t even save our edits without paying is going too far in my opinion. This just made it so I can’t share the edit with anyone unless I show them in person (or pay the subscription). The subscription is usually around 5 dollars a week or so, and I don’t think I would be willing to pay 20 dollars a month for an app I don’t use that often. To the developers: I would recommend making certain filters and transitions and other things only available to premium members in return for making it so anyone can save their edits. Please consider it, sorry this paragraph is so long..Version: 4.26.7

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! 😒Ok. So most reviews say it’s good or okay and that’s what made me want to download the app in the first place. But after trying it out, I realised how much of a waste of time it is. My reasons? 1. About 90% of the elements have to be payed for and the app doesn’t warn you about paying. Otherwise if you figure out with ones don’t need to be paid for, then you end up with a simple, plain video without all the cool features it advertises. 2. If you accidentally use one of the premium features, then you CANNOT save it. I wasted so much time using the features that they didn’t say had to be payed for, and I ended up with no video after all my hard work. 3. The advertisements make this app look AMAZING, and it even tricked my friend into getting it for a school project! I had to immediately warn them otherwise they would’ve wasted SOO much time. Also, this app ended up on the TOP of a list for the best free apps for editing videos on mobile. WHAT?! There are better apps out there, so my advice is to maybe try Inshot. Hope you found this review helpful!.Version: 4.8.2

Incredibly disappointing :(ORIGINAL REVIEW BELOW. Updating my review now, as I have just seen the response from tech-support. I reached out requesting the refund and offered to provide proof that the account has an actually been used, as I have been billed about 10 minutes into a seven day free trial. Tech-support states that because I had already used the free trial once, (even though it was advertised to me to try again) that The free trial that I was offered is invalid and so the billing is valid. I downloaded Splice a while ago, and made one video, features were nice and it was super easy to navigate as someone who doesn’t video at it ever. I ended up uninstalling because I just didn’t get to use it much, but I recently have been trying to up my REELS content on Instagram, as that is best for the algorithm now.I went ahead and gave another go at all again-it popped up at seven day trial, and I picked the yearly sub as it seemed like the best deal. I’ve spent two or three days messing with it now and really liked the couple videos I made, except I just realized that they billed me the whole $70 or somthing even though I have several days left on my seven day free trial. SUPER SHADY. Canceling i’m trying to figure out how to get a refund now, bummed because I would really like to use this app..Version: 4.21.13

Choose a different appI used to use Splice a couple of years ago and the only problem I experienced was the occasional crash. Everything else was fine but either way I stopped using the app. More recently I have planned to make a video on my phone and I need an app that can help me edit all the bits together and then export it straight to my camera roll. This app is only capable of doing the former. Sure, I got my video put together with it’s basic, albeit easy system and I started up the trial. As you’ll probably read in many other reviews people aren’t happy that you have to either start the trial or outright pay to export your videos (which wasn’t a feature in the version I used to use!). So today I’ve tried to export the video straight to my camera roll but nothing appeared. I then tried to multiple definitions and frame rates to see if it would make a difference. Still nothing. Then I tried to sent it to myself through email. The link worked but the email couldn’t send because the file was too big. Why can’t the app export videos directly to the camera roll even when it is allowed access to it? You’re charging people for features that don’t work! This app is a time waster and I highly suggest you look elsewhere to edit and export your videos guys. If you do go ahead and get this app and pay for it (trial or no trial) I sincerely wish you luck. -MH.Version: 4.4.1

Used to be goodAs a long time user of splice I was disappointed to open splice after it had updated, only to find that all my old videos were gone and I now had to buy a subscription for $4.99 a week to be able to use all the features that used to be free. Splice used to be my go-to app for editing quick and simple videos. But now, the interface is hard to use, aand I have to pay to be able to use stock music and transitions. Why. Just why?.Version: 4.4.0

Worst everWhy the hell do you have to pay for such a simple thing????.Version: 4.0.8

Get capcut insteadOk, so I’ve resorted to using my computer to edit. But if you want to use mobile to edit you should use capcut, capcut is 100% free and you can buy a subscription, but the subscription only gives you more effects. While splice pro gives you more effects, AND PLASTERS 200 GIANT WATERMARKS ON YOUR SCREEN AFTER YOU PUT WORK INTO THE EDIT! I spent hours working on a project, and sadly after I finished I realized It was covered in a trillion splice watermarks. This is one of those apps that is completely unusable unless you give them money. Also, capcut has free templetes for business, memes, cool edits, sad edits, literally whatever you want. The templates let you take a video or some photos and it will edit them with the edit the template is for, so you dont have to work. Oh also may I mention, THERE ISNT A WATERMARK! There is a watermark but they keep it small in the corner and also for some reason it doesnt even export the video with the watermark. Get a different software if ur on mobile, if not get something like premier pro(not free) or something like davinci resolve(free) if there is a software that makes the watermark completely ruin your videos, that is how you know they are money hogs. So DONT GET SPLICE. Ps: I would do 1 star but the editing is kinda good, its still absolute buttcheeks compared to every other software though. Like unity compared to scratch. -tony.Version: 4.27.104

Update Sucks, Less controlWith the latest update Splice took away a very clean, polished, intuitive control scheme and replaced it with a less powerful and manipulatable interface. You have less control over splicing music and video. It is harder to layer your media. Everything just got harder and less precise to do under the guise of “cool looking”. App kinda sucks now. It really does. What once was an honestly 20 second job now takes about 5 minutes to fuddle with the controls and wait for the very slow slider. It used to be so helpful to click on the music and be able to slice it wherever you wanted while looking at the waveform. Now that is gone and replaced with a very small, hard to click on music track that is hard to be accurate with. Revert the app please. Nothing improved. Change isn’t improvement..Version: 4.0.3

Great app but only works for those who pay membershipSo I’ve been using this app since 2016. I started video editing as a hobby after a school assignment. After that, I used splice daily to edit the videos I recorded of myself playing a variety of mobile games and to make family videos. Unfortunately, as years go by, even though Splice has acquired some very cool new features, I can now barely use it without paying something. Today I entered the app and found out that the crop and adjust features are now part of the app’s membership package. This was one of the things I liked most about Splice, that I could edit my videos using these features without having to pay. It’s still a great app though, but people like me, that can’t pay a membership, are continuously being affected by this nonstop economic interest that results in forcing us to stop doing what we love, which is video editing, and search for another and more suitable video editing app that doesn’t exists for free. Video editing apps shouldn’t be only for people that look forward to make money through them. There should also be apps for people that are just looking for a way to do what they like and feel satisfied with their own work. Splice is a great, very complete video editing app, but it is not for everyone apparently..Version: 4.21.6

Downloads aren’t workingUp until recently i have loved using splice!! however after the recent update, where you can add overlays, i haven’t been able to download my videos after i’ve finished editing them. splice is such a good editing app and i use it almost very day however not being to download my videos is really starting to become a problem. Whenever i try to download my videos it always comes up with some sort of error message, i’m not sure why this is as i have enough storage on my phone and i’m not sure i’m doing anything wrong. Please let me know if theirs something i can do!! I have already tried updating the app but nothing works. I’m scared that i might have to look for another editing app to use due to these recent difficulties splice has been giving me :( i would really love to here your feed back!!.Version: 4.14.1

This app is too glitchy!I downloaded this app so I could make a quick video for my nephew’s 1st birthday and the amount of problems I’ve ran into is laughable considering you have to pay for it weekly! If it’s not a problem with the music bugging out and distorting, the music will lag instead and make it nearly impossible to time transitions to the beat of a song. Sometimes the pictures/videos are just black even though you can still see the thumbnails of them all on the edit reel, it also tends to just crash and close on it’s own. I’ve had to re-open the app about 12 times just to make this video and it’s still not made! They do have a lot of tools at hand but what’s the point of everything is buggy and lags anyway. I’ve even turned my WiFi on/off and turned my phone off and it’s still having issues. Don’t waste your money, there’s plenty of other free apps that do a much better job!.Version: 4.1.1

Was goodOkay since I've started my subscription I've had nothing but problems my videos are delayed by voice, the voice plays after speaking which dose the line up with the video, I keep getting kicked out after adding a video then I have to go back into the app, this needs to be fixed, once an update is made to fix that I will check in again and re sub but if not I will be in unsubing from paying for something that has issues.Version: 4.10.4

New update comes with high subscription costWas a great app, now developers have become too greedy... no thank you, deleted!.Version: 4.1.3

If only it exported!I’ve used Splice for a while now and have always enjoyed it, however since the last update it seems you have to subscribe to use the app, so I signed up for the 7 day trial. I spent 2 days making my video and it wouldn’t export. Checked storage, deleted multiple files, tried both sharing and exporting... nothing worked. It says the export has been successful but the video is nowhere to be found. I finally deleted the original hoping this would create extra space for my exported video to “show up” and all it did was I now lost my entire creation. Moved the original back to my phone from my Mac, and the splice video is still gone because “originals are missing”. So I delete the project (splice app still taking up 7GB on mi y phone even though I’ve deleted the only project), I start the video all over again which takes me the whole day from 7am to 11pm. Export successful, but still no video. I’m stuck and disappointed. There are no updates available, I have 20GB available on my phone for a 4-5GB video... what’s going on???.Version: 4.4.0

Bad AppThis is one of the most poorly created apps I have ever used. I spent 30 minutes just trying to find out how to add music to then realise I need the pro edition to implement music. Every ten seconds I get a notification to buy the pro edition when I’m only young and don’t want to buy online app features. After a while I finally end up finishing what I wanted to create, It was horrible, I didn’t have access to anything so I was forced to upload a terrible video, (is what I thought I was going to do), until I found out I can’t even save my video without pro. This is a horrible app, DO NOT PURCHASE!! The developers probably had no clue what they were doing when making this app. 1 star..Version: 4.7.2

Was actually goodI’ve been looking for something to use to edit videos for a long time and then I found this. It was really good but now because of the update i have to find something else now..Version: 4.1.10

A few problemsHey, so basically the app and really amazing easy to work with and I really really love it I got the app a day ago so obviously it is the next day right, and I go to edit and finish my video I made but it says “Project Not Readable” which made me confused and thought oh it probably just because I have so many apps open right so I close ALL of my apps and go back into splice... it didn’t work so I clicked the three dots in/on my video mind you I worked really hard on it so if it was deleted I’d be VERY VERY MAD 😡 so I clicked the three dots right thinking it would give me an option of something that could help but no it had “rename duplicate or delete” but rename and duplicate were gray as in the able to be processed the only one that was working was delete obviously I was not clicking that, Duh 🙄😑 so to this point I’m aggravated to the point I wanna smash my phone...so if you can fix that unless it’s just me because I have a really old phone so it would make sense you know but I do wanna make sure it’s not a bug or anything and if you can work or check in on that, it would be very appreciated so Thank you all for your time and have a great rest or your day evening or night😊 your all beautiful bye!!♥️🌸✨🥰.Version: 4.26.9

Good but…Ok, first i wanna say that splice is an amazing app for video editing and the range of things you can add such as sound effects and glitches r rlly cool. However, i find it is very laggy and drains my battery very quickly. It might just be me but it does. Also, i cant share edits without pro but u hv to pay for that, which is annoying. Cant screen record bc it comes up with three of the word ‘splice’ rlly big across the screen which get in the way. Im fine w it saying splice maybe in the corner but it does seem a bit much. This means the only way i can show ppl my edits r on the app, but that takes too much battery and glitches too much. However, when it is not lagging and u hv pro, this is a great app and I recommend if u can pay that extra bit of money 👍🏿.Version: 4.24.0

The tiniest bug literally makes the app unusable.Compared to all the other editing apps on the market for IPhones, this one was seemingly the best editing app BY FAR in terms of subscription pricing and efficiency. The app never crashed, the layout is very simple to understand, and it’s easy to get the hang of...but there’s a bug that literally made me go back to my original review and lower the amount of stars I gave it from 5 to 2. I’ve only been using this app for a couple of hours and I began to edit pretty large media files on it. Everything was going perfectly well and I was happy, but I soon realized that what I thought was my mistake was a bigger problem than it appeared to be. Whenever I add an audio clip over a video clip, the audio clip just remains at 100% volume no matter what I do and it’s so frustrating because there’s no reason why it should be doing that. I’ve checked that I lowered the volume, I’ve deleted the audio clip and replaced it, and still the audio was at 100% blasting volume, completely ruining hours of hard work. I can’t add in background music because of it. It’s so annoying because I spent so much time perfecting every little detail of the video but when I went to add in music or sound, there was nothing I could do. It’s very disappointing because this app is great and I really like it, but I’m definitely going to cancel my subscription after I finish writing this review..Version: 4.2.2

Do I like splice?Well,I have just started splice and it looks interesting, but there are so many things you can do! I just started and there are some problems I have well how to get to full screen can you even have a full screen?? But I recommend giving it a go. I’m only new with it so practise makes perfect! If you like to go in and make a video then edit splice is definitely for you, so are you gonna try splice or not? One cool thing you can do is put in a filter but that ones not the best. I put filters in all the time on regular picture taking, the app camera I mean. But yeah I hope you like splice and make cool videos to share!!!!!! As well as some cool editing bits the game is free but there are in game purchases good thing is though you don’t have to have in game purchases to use splice, hope you enjoy!.Version: 4.23.5

Export issuesThis app used to be great but recently I’ll spend time editing a video and when I go to export the video it doesn’t work. I waste time editing because the video won’t save to my device and is unusable. Very frustrating!.Version: 4.27.99

Please fix!I love Splice and everything about it, but there’s a problem with it. Maybe this might be my iPad or something to do with settings but if there’s anything you can do please take action - I was going all well with my animations that took hours to make individually. All of a sudden it said that Splice needed access to my photos (which I gave access to AAAAGEES ago). It said that the footage in my videos needed to be restored because somehow it got deleted but I checked multiple times that the footage I had in the videos was the exact same, and it was in my camera roll for certain. I deleted splice and downloaded it again, hoping it would do something. Now, my animations are gone, I don’t have access to premium features and it is still asking for access to my photos. I went to settings, went to splice but there was no button for ‘allowing access to photos’. This happened to all of my apps. I’m really devastated that this happened to Ibis Paint X because 2 years worth of drawings are gone so I can’t see my progress. I completely understand if this is an issue that you have no control over and if it is just my iPad or setting malfunctioning, but if there’s anything you can do/ anything I could do to solve this, PLEASE let me know! Thank you. (But when this is fixed I will continue using your amazing app!).Version: 4.2.4

Really great but...So I’ve been using Splice for almost two months now and I really love it! There are so many options and such a great variety of tools to use without having to even pay for. Except, when Ive clicked the download button the video downloads, except for today. When I went to download the video I was finished with it told me that I had to pay for the pro version. Ultimately I’ve very confused as I’ve downloaded multiple videos before and it never said anything like this. Is this a bug or will I have to pay to continue to use this app? All around though it is a very good editing software.Version: 4.23.2

Don’t get this appYou can’t save any video and if you try to screen record it they put watermarks on the video.Version: 4.21.10

UpdateIt’s a great app and I rate it 5 stars! The only thing is that it would be the perfect app if there was a feature available for rotating a video clip. Also, when I save it in Portrait and upload to Instagram, the video is too large and I have to cut off a lot of my project. Other than that, it’s great! - UPDATE: I had been using splice for about a year. I had created 102 projects and when I heard about the new update I was really excited. I saved all of my projects so that they wouldn’t get deleted. I open the app to check out the new update and I am very disappointed. I now have to PAY to download a new edit!? The app crashes about 3 times before I can get on. There is less freedom with the app and it just seems like another money grabbing scheme. I’m quite upset with this as I had relied on the app so much and had recommended it to so many people and credited the app whenever I used it. I will no longer use this app. What an utter disappointment..Version: 4.1.0

App sucksCan’t save videos unless you pay..Version: 4.21.14

HorribleUsed this app for years. Loved it. Recently it was crashing so I deleted it and redownloaded to see if that would fix the issues. Upon redownloading it now costs $4 a WEEK to use half the features. So disappointing and upsetting..Version: 4.10.10

BBBest before. The update sucks it takes a long time to save the video in my camera roll.Version: 4.0.3

!!!!!!!Stupid New Subscription!!!!!!For years all the features on Splice were free and much smoother to use than any other mobile editing app. Now this dumb subscription comes along and now you have to pay to even just extract audio. You can extract audio for free on iMovie!!! They couldn’t even be bothered to add actual new features for the subscription, they just took half the features and locked them behind a paywall. Such a shame that the best mobile editing app I have been using for years has to just go out like this. I am gonna use CapCut now instead since it’s has all the features this has and more FOR FREE! I get that this helps bring more features but at least let us keep the ones that were already available! It’s honestly frustrating that they just randomly do this after years of the app’s features being free..Version: 4.24.0

Use to be excellentIve been a long time user of this app and it was a very intuitive and user friendly app. I made MANY of good videos with it straight from my phone. Recently, I’ve felt like smashing my phone. It is now far from intuitive, it’s very frustrating, I insert tiles and it doesn’t happen where I am, difficult to grab and move around edits. I am far beyond disappointed. I don’t understand how people are paid to mess with things so far beyond their original and working state that it becomes something totally different and frustrating!! Seriously!! This use to be an amazing app, now it seems that all control is taken away, it’s a lot of guess work with no direction. The intentions I have are actively hindered. I try to insert tiles, music etc and every time it happens at the same point and not where I want it!!! Beyond frustrating!!! I’ve been messing around with it for a while and it is absolutely dismal now!!!.Version: 4.4.1

$5 a week just to export videoFound out about splice about a year back and have completed a lot of awesome projects with it. Honestly one of my favourite vídeo editing apps. Used to be my only favourite one but it’s gone downhill recently that caused me to have to resort to other apps to finish the work. 1. App crashes way too often, can’t handle a lot of effects being put in 1 project 2. Understandable if we need to pay for some premium features like special effects or filters, but having to pay $5/week just to be able to export a video with both footage and music is a bit much. Like others said $5 a month is more reasonable Hope you fix these problems because I hope I can still support and work with this app in the future.Version: 4.1.7

😐It’s a very good app. There’s unlimited pictures FREE music. It’s really good. But I have like literally 6 apps on my phone and not very much pictures or videos I only have like 10 videos and photos on my phone and it’s like “You don’t have enough storage.” It’s really annoying me right now I even updated my phone and it still said it. I eventually deleted 2 of my apps and it still didn’t work. It never used to be like that. On my iPad I used to have so many apps and photos and I never had a problem. It’s only now that soon the “big update” is coming that it’s doing it and it’s so annoying. I’m trying to edit a video for my sister for her channel and it’s annoying me it’s the only editor that’s good and has free music and unlimited pictures. But yet it still be’s stupid..Version: 3.6.6

ConfusedI’m not sure why I can’t make videos/edits no more... Splice was my go-to app all the time, as I love to edit my videos and what not.. but for some reason I’m just not getting the option to even create a video. Every time I click “create” it just takes me back to where I type my title in... I’m sitting here in confusion and contemplation, I want to keep using this app😩.Version: 4.1.12

Updates on features don’t remove bugs!Just rolled out a new update where we are able to see wave forms of the extracted audio or sounds added into the timeline, which is a nice bonus expect it doesn’t fix the issue that exists in sound design. I constantly get bugs in editing where sound files I have lowered volume on glitch and stay at full volume! Audio fades too stop working if something changes on the timeline too making any edits to audio impractical on this app. It’s impossible to tweak audio to the way you like it and then do anything else on the timeline, because if you change anything else volume and audio fades reset and disregard changes made. Please fix this!!!.Version: 4.3.0

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