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GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS app received 63 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS? Can you share your negative thoughts about golfnow book teetimes golf gps?

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GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS for Negative User Reviews

Bad app.This apo will arbitrarily change the reservation date from what you want. Don’t waste your time on this app..Version: 4.28.2

Generously giving 3 starsThe app is useful and accurate for a free gps. Basically the only thing its good at. It also has a slight stat track feature which keeps handicap. Besides these things which need improvement on their own this app sorta blows. If you let your screen dark you must open, load and resume round everytime. Stupidest sht ever when im using a gps app which should be in use till I close it. Stat tracking is weak as well. I want to know more about my rounds, ie putt lengths, sand shots and penalty strokes. Also where i live (SE PA) there is no reason to book a tee time through the app. You will always pay more than course rate. I have yet to find 1 tee time on the app that beats just callin the course (hot deal excluded, usually 1-2 golfers at weird hour) Whats the point? Greedy and half of the courses around arent listed to book tee time with. I deleted this app once after 2 rounds. Itll probably happen again. Golfnow needs to improve on things. All that money and youre names on a generic product. Like a prov1x playin like a mojo. C'mon.Version: 2.16.17

Good app BUT...This app is good for finding tee times and assist in not having you call all over the place. HOWEVER, as stated by many others, which is pushing me to the brink of deleting the app and downloading another, is the fact that I can A. Only use my rewards $ on a hot deal? And B. It has to be three days in advance, which I noticed never has the cheapest tee times that early. The 12-15$ tee times are always 24 hours out, so it's there way of preventing you from using your rewards money wisely instead of on a 70$ "hot round" that will literally be as cheap as 12$ two days later. 5$! Every time I book a round for a twosome? That's ridiculous for fee's and the 100$ to "eliminate fees" for a year, you would have to play 2x a week every week to even make it worth the 100$ lol no thanks.Version: 2.16.15

Too bad used to be amazing now useless at this priceI have been a loyal Golfnow customer for years. For the first time in several years I did not renew as the app has less and less value. - used to be 89 $ with amazing amount of hot deals usable weekdays and weekends with not limit - they raised the price and started to reduce the number of hot deals but also removed the weekends of the awards usability - then came the massive price hike but with a good deals with 12 coupons to be used on any hot deals to play for free that was amazing but the following year shifted to Monday to Thursday after noon time We started seeing a flurry of hot deals at 11;59 am making this deal pretty much unusable !!! - then this year replaced by a 10$ coupon per month with same Massive restrictions Why renew hot deals are rare to known at least in New England , the prices for hot deals took a hike , and I can now get the same deals by calling the courses directly I did call Golfnow but they told me they knew but nothing they could do The only thing I will miss is The ability to cancel tee times by not enough to justify such a high price. I hope they will come back next year to a better value proposition as I used to love this app but it has become useless too bad.Version: 4.9.1

Waste of Money and Terrible StaffDownloaded the app to save time booking tee times. Had an issue on vacation with a booking for a $100 tee time and they refused to refund the Green fees. Then they said this would t happen if I was a VIP member. So I paid for that another $100... Yesterday booked a two some on accident when we had a threesome playing, went back and canceled it immediately after. Instead of refunding my money they issued a “credit” to Golf Now. I called and spoke to Michelle (Jimmy’s supervisor) who was apathetic towards the issue and just kept repeating the same thing about the terms and conditions. Usually when I trust a company I don’t worry about the fine print, I guess that’s on me. They burned me TWICE, don’t waste your time with this app. Call the pro shop they usually are more helpful and at least you can speak to them face to face on any issues. They will also provide better prices on tee times. I will tell everyone I Golf with going forward about this to do my best in preventing other people from getting scammed..Version: 3.1.11

GN .... not what it was. Read before they rob you!App works ok. The policy stinks! .... become VIP, get golf balls. Didn’t happen. .... rewards only apply to hot deal rounds. Really? .... used to be able to apply rewards anytime you booked. Now.... you must book three days in advance in order to apply rewards. HEY Golf Now.... you took my money, allowed me to book one round, changed the booking policy, and rendered my vip account non refundable. .... oh, and for all you non vip members, don’t bother to book unless it’s a hot deal round. GN charges a booking fee ($3.49 pp) when you can simple call the course for no fee charges. GN... the courses are advising customers. And the players are talking. What used to be good chatter.... is not so good anymore. Edit: well, when searching, hot deal rounds list as one price, when clicking through, the hot deals are then different prices (higher). Edit: you’ve just sent me an email confirming a worse booking policy. You’ve doubled the VIP price. And you prey on Lower level courses.... You’ve lost your way. Abandoned your core business model. Lost customers. And ruined your cred at courses. If you focus on good business principals and deliver good customer service, the rewards will come. Keep in the direction you’re going.... the doors will shut..Version: 2.16.24

Decent..I’ve used the app a few times. The hot deals aspect of the app is really the only part worth using. Today I booked a tee time for 2, because I used the app I was automatically grouped with another 2 sum and the starter at the course was unable to change it because of the app. I was also charged a $5 “convenience fee” and when I got to the course to pay the remaining balance the starter told me that I would have paid the same amount if I would have just called minus the convenience fee and I would have been able to golf as a 2 sum. Basically, I wouldn’t suggest using this app to book tee times, beside the hot deals. It’s handy to look at courses and see when they have tee times available, and then just call. Not worth paying an extra “convenience fee”..Version: 3.0.11

Works only sometimesThe app will not consistently let you complete a booking with the selected golf course. Tee time not available and system not able to book at this time ( or something to that affect) happens frequently. It’s easier just to find the course you want to play and call them directly..Version: 4.26.2

Good app bad with subscriptionGreat app and very nice to pair with the new Compete app. But the yearly Golf Now subscription is scam”ish”. May be beneficial for some. But the peacock yearly they offer is the lowest tier with ads. I had to call to get the subscription key. Still have not received my 40$ Taylormade credit so will have to call for that as well. But most importantly, the “savings” on bookings are only for the “hot deals” that you book day of. No way to apply the savings credits to future tee times. If you are booking for a group you’re charged 20$ for the hold which then reduces prices for remaining tee times making you ask your partners for 5$ in return to make yourself whole. Subscription not needed FYI..Version: 4.25.2

Stay away!!!!I used to use this app a lot to find a tee time and maybe save a few bucks also turned a few friends to it. But now I will never use it again. I bought a tee time, when I hit the book button and it charged my account, it glitched and double billed my account. Now usually this isn't a problem for any company. But for over a month I fought to get my refund. I called numerous times every time holding and waiting taking away time from my schedule. Every time starting from scratch because no one could look in my case file.(unless there isn't one and it was them feeding me bs) Every time the conversation ended with "we are issuing a refund call back if you don't receive the funds in the next couple days." Few days later still no refund so back to square one. Or my personal favorite was when the associate told me "I'm gonna personally look into this and I will call you back with answers." Never got a call back. After a month and out $132. Yes a $132 was double billed. Finally someone emailed me they couldn't issue me a refund. Furious I called and found someone who explained to me what was going on and I had to get my bank representative to prove I wasn't lying and their system was the one making an error. But hey at least they sent me a few sleeves of golf balls..Version: 3.0.15

DO NOT BUY A GIFT CARD-stole my Wife’s moneyApp works fine for booking tee times however My wife bought me a giftcard for fathers day and I can not add it to my account to use…some sort of glitch in the app system, looks like other people are having the same problem. I called customer service they said it will take 7-10 days to resolve, its been over two weeks no call back, I called again today to see the status, still no progress…nothing they could do apparently… I’m giving it one more week to get it fixed then I get my lawyer to take NBCSports and golfnow to court I don’t care if it costs me money… what kind of company will allow you to purchase a giftcard and then not be able to use it with no solution for the customer but to wait? It is 2023 and they could have offered me a refund or some sort of credit on the spot… This is called fraud! Once I get my refund I am deleting the app unless I get some sort of compensation for all my rounds I have booked in my life using golfnow.Version: 4.28.6

Refused to refund money - I WANT MY $100!!Accidentally booked a tee time on a wrong date. Instantly cancelled it and still took $100 out of my account. After being on the phone for 40 minutes they refused to give me my money back. I am out $100 and the tee time was cancelled. Thanks.....Version: 4.0.32

Constant errorsThis app has become increasingly difficult to use. I have used it for several years but in the last year everything that I try to do like check reward points or even book a tee time is met with error messages. I have even had to call the 1-800 number to confirm that my tee time is booked. Please improve your app!.Version: 4.28.5

BewareI used this app to make booking tee times easy and it was. However I recently booked a tee time for 18 holes with a cart but due to weather conditions all they had was 14holes no cart, therefore I cancelled the tee time. GOLF NOW continued take payment in full 4 days after the cancellation! Beware they will take payment without honouring their end of the deal. However after a poor review and e-mail of the severity of what they have done, 2 weeks later I have received reimbursement but no apology for the inconvenience therefore rating of 3 stars instead of 4..Version: 4.0.8

Can't pay with this appSays can't pay because my credit card has a CVC number. It's impossible to book anything with this app is your credit card has a CVC security code. Useless.Version: 4.19.9

Fix this glitchI love golf now and have been using it since it was introduced. I generally search a long driving distance as I want to find new courses in my area that I want to play however, it FRUSTRATES ME TO NO end when I click on a course I want to find tee times for or learn more about and if I decide I don’t want to play that course you hit back and it send me all the way back to the top of the list!!!! This is especially frustrating when I travel to places like the Phoenix metro area or living in the Bay Area and have 50+ courses to choose from. Please fix this. When you look at tee times for a course and back out keep the list where you left off. Don’t send me back to the top of the list only to scroll down through 30 courses I’ve already played or don’t have any tee times that are desirable for me. I’ve already had to look at them 10 times!!!.Version: 4.3.5

Needs workThe app is not bad. There are some improvements that need to be made to adhere to what I would call device specific features. Some UI and UX clean up to make things more clear to the user. Also it would be nice to be able to compare multiple times and prices ex. Having a scratch pad so I can have a list of my selections in one view to help me make a better decision. Would also be nice to have a more clearly defined tab structure to help me navigate through the app more seem less. Would also be nice to have a way to view my times in a card view versus list view and a map view option so I don’t have to constantly go back around forth but more general radius view etc.Version: 2.16.23

GolfNow, are you listening????..Easy to navigate, and save $$$$. Saves a lot of calling around. I would like to see GolfNow work with more courses to accept single tee times instead of "2 only" when there are openings. I do book a lot on my own and it seems silly to leave the tee sheet empty when people are willing to play..... My only other comment is the recent decision to require 3 days notice to use your $10 rewards coupons. BAD decision, plain and simple. Hopefully you're reading other reviews who feel the same..and it is forcing you to play before the coupons expire. You can make other tee times the day before, so why not the "Hot deals"???... Please change it soon before more golfers leave the site. I'm pretty close to leaving also.....Version: 2.16.15

Could be useful to some, but…I find this app may be useful to people who pay right away possibly, or only pay for themselves, but I’m usually planning a tee time for a 4-some. I don’t pay right away cause sometimes guys don’t show up or won’t pay me so I choose to pay later. Every person added to your group increases the fee for booking a time. 10 dollars just to book a tee time is ridiculous. Just have a flat fee no matter the group size. I stopped using the app because I’m always setting up tee times for my group. I just call now and get a tee time for free. So the app can be useful for people, and I’m not saying it’s a bad app, but in my case it’s useless and I do think the fee shouldn’t change per person when you can call and book for free..Version: 4.17.0

Not worth itMuch easier to have departures with Canam and the price of GN is not good also some appear as on sale for a penny less.Version: 4.27.0

Stole my moneyI have been using golf now for a year now, almost all of my bookings have been through golf now and I’ve booked more than 50 rounds with golf now. I unfortunately chose the wrong tee time for a course I was going to play at a later date SAME DAY, regardless there was no customer support on moving the tee time up and the course was not answering the phone. Had to cancel and explained the situation on the comment box when you submit a refund request. Golf now returned my 90 dollars in the form of “credit”. It’s been 10 days now and I’ve tried so many ways to use the credit to no avail. They straight up stole my money. Tried calling golf now and writing but they have NO customer service. Good for a quick round but beware, if you have any issue good luck trying to reach someone.Version: 4.3.5

SCAM – STAY AWAYThis company preys on lower-level courses in need of revenue and then strong-arms their clients and the courses. I have personally talked to one course who told me GolfNow wouldn't allow them to let me push my time back 20 minutes, even though the course was 100% okay with us teeing off 20 minutes later. I then called a nicer course to try to get our round in, and they told me they would never work with GolfNow because of how they operate. Traffic had me 5 minutes late for my 12pm time and even though the course had a completely open 12:20pm time, GolfNow would not allow them to let us play the 12:20 time without paying for another round. So I payed for a twosome that we couldn’t play and GolfNow refused to refund our money or allow us to play the open 12:20 time which was totally unbooked and the course was fine with us playing. I had to open a bank dispute with this company to have any chance of getting my money back for services I didn’t receive. Worst thing was that my banker was totally aware of GolfNow’s antics and vowed to try his best to get my money back because he was fully aware of how they operate. ONLY USE IF YOU MUST PLAY LESSER COURSES AT LESSER PRICES. ALSO NEW GPS FEATURE IS A JOKE. Just get 18Birdies app and do it right..Version: 2.16.24

Terrible Customer ServiceI have used this app a few times and it worked fine. I made a tee time for this weekend and received an email that the course modified the tee time to something we couldn’t do because of Covid-19. I tried to cancel the tee time and discovered it was not eligible for cancellation even though I was following the direction of Golfnow. I called the number in the email I received from Golfnow to discover they have no phone agents, they are now all chat agents. I went back to both the app and the full website to try to chat and there are no options. I tried to call the course to cancel and their automated system hangs up on you. The app is fine for booking a tee time, though probably worth saving your $10 “convenience” fee and just call the course directly. The real breakdown is their service if you need to modify something. Terrible experience and I’ll be letting everyone wi know who golfs about my experience as well..Version: 4.3.5

Pre pay fearI like GN , my fear is prepaid is difficult to get my money back due to rain or wet conditions, course always say get your money from golf now . Which is not a great experience…coupons only apply to prepaid so they are mostly useless..Version: 4.18.0

Never works garbage appCustomer Service: non-existent (no email just a phone number) Booking: unable to book a tee time today despite it showing up as available during refreshing the list multiple times. It's more of a bait-n-switch tactic. Do not bother with the GolfPass. I bought it and now I can't book tee times. Trust me... Canada Golf Card or something else is far better..Version: 4.19.8

ScamBeware using this app, they will take your money and not give it back. I had to remove one golfer from my tee time the day of, they refused to give me my money back unless I purchased a $99 membership. I’m now out $51. Book through your local golf course not this app..Version: 4.25.1

DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!! Truly A Zero ratingI’ve been using Golf Now for years. I had to cancel a tee time the same day do to the course having to close their back nine. The rainy weather the days before made it so impossible to play their back nine and for $76 there is no point in playing the front twice. The fact that I got an email for the full tee time reservation is not only outrageous but the nerve of Golf Now to say it’s the course asking to have the fee collected. I called the course and they were very frank with me and accommodating and willing to try and help. There is absolutely no purpose for this app. They have ZERO I mean ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE! If you don’t believe me look for a contact number on the app or website you won’t find one. This is the first time I’ve rated an app and I will continue to rate it with this same message as often as I can so other golfers don’t get screwed by a horribly run company! DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!.Version: 3.1.16

TerribleIf you have a problem there is no one to email or help you..Version: 4.28.5

UselessTried booking constantly crashes when entering Canada for the country.Version: 4.26.2

Price is trickyNo integrity, the price is very tricky!be careful!.Version: 4.28.6

Golf NowThe latest update made the app non-functional.Version: 4.0.8

No Tee Times available - AnytimeHave tried for weeks to use up rewards.... absolutely no luck. Not worth the membership. Keep the gifted golf balls..Version: 4.12.1

No customer serviceWORST customer service of any company I’ve ever worked with, borderline nonexistent. If you have an issue with a refund like me, there is no possible way to talk to anyone on the phone, there’s no email to be found on the website, and finding where to virtual chat was nearly impossible. It took me 30 minutes to find a way to communicate with a human being, and that was an online chat. I had played 6 holes of the round as a group of 4, so the GolfNow hot deal had cost over $100. The course closed for weather which qualifies for a refund, and when I finally was able to chat with customer service they tried to negotiate a less than 40% refund in a credit to my account that would expire in 90 days. I had to negotiate like it was some kind of car sale rather than a REFUND. They came up a little bit, but needless to say, if there’s any chance of weather during a round, I will NEVER use GolfNow again..Version: 4.7.0

GolfNow sucksGolf now used to be so good now it sucks. You can only use the rewards mon-Thursday after 12pm and the stupid site keeps crashing when trying to enter multiple rewards coupons.Version: 4.0.36

Pointless in Alberta CanadaApp is great in theory but Canada golf courses using it are far and in between and the deals they give are garbage, I thought the point of this was for them to fill last minute times up with lower prices but it’s basically just being used as a 20% off coupon riding only. And only for like 3-4 courses in major city area..Version: 4.0.15

Terrible customer service / communication / cancellation processI booked a reservation but never received a confirmation email. There were NO reservations in the app under my account. I called the course to confirm that I was not NOT booked (prior to the 24-hour cancellation window), because I could no longer make the time. They confirmed there was NO reservation. However, a few days later Golf Now charged me a $50 no-show fee. I tried to dispute with my credit card company but they requested I provide proof of cancellation. However, GolfNow can’t provide a proof of reservation, because it didn’t appear on the app, in an email, or with the golf course. In theory, they could basically just charge anyone and say the customer is at fault, even though there’s no documentation of it. I’m deleting the app and, moving forward, will book directly with courses..Version: 4.24.2

SSO broken plus random errors when bookingThe app has been unusable for several weeks making my rewards somewhat useless. There is no easy way to contact support either and share the ongoing errors..Version: 4.16.5

Awful customer serviceThis app is not worth it! People! Just search Golfnow Review online! It shows you how they rip you off! But this is my experience. I tried to book a tee time, it doesn't work saying it's not available anymore. But the app charges me anyway. So I wanted a refund. I try calling and it takes forever so I give up. I go to their site and try customer chat and I tried to explain my issues. In the mid sentence I'm writing this, their "customer service, Scott P" close the chat... What?! I wasn't taking long time to write the sentence. And I purposefully divided explanations and sent my first sentence ahead so they don't think I'm gone. I thought maybe there was a connection issue and I tried to reconnect. Same "Scott P, the customer service representative" appears. He asks for my name and email. So I did. He recognizes my name and email and instantly cut off our chat. What?! This isn't a good company. It might have been descent app before, but they obviously don't know what they are doing anymore..Version: 2.16.17

Course location was far off, terrible CSVisiting a friend in a city outside Louisville, KY and we wanted to get a round in before dark. Searched the city in the app that I was in for nearby courses and it selected a course that was 7.4 miles away (or so the app told me, my filter of “within 25 miles” was also on.) the course was in a different city, which was normal for being in a semi-rural area. Trusting the app I didn’t put the course into my gps yet to check and proceeded to check out. Come to find out that the course was over 3 hours away. I’m guessing my “use my location”was turned off but it shouldn’t matter since I searched the city directly, state and all. The app was obviously wrong but I assume responsibility because I didn’t check the location of course through Maps. I called the course to cancel and they stated they can’t do anything which I expected. Called golfnow and they refused to accept responsibility. Deleted the app immediately and switched to a competitor..Version: 4.0.15

Refund on a hot deal reservation made by mistake.I’ve used Golfnow app to book reservations with no issues. But today I made a reservation on the wrong date and it was a hot deal. It was meant for May 7th but unfortunately I clicked May 14th on accident. I went back to cancel my reservation but they say no refunds on hot deals. So I book the right date...May 7th and give them a call. Wait times over 3 hours so I have them call me back. I talked to a representative and told him it was an honest mistake and that I already rebooked my reservation for May 7th. But he says it’s policy and there is no refund. First of all they should have waived this and not just send me promos that I still haven’t received. I lost $60 and then booked another same reservation for $61 on the right date and in the hole $120. It’s doing the right thing and giving good customer service. The app seems to be good but the service is terrible and makes me want to delete the app. Warning to everyone who uses the never make a mistake and don’t buy hot deals on the app..Version: 4.2.1

Never do prepaidYou should never do prepaid. If you cancel you will not get a refund and they will only send you promo codes..Version: 4.21.3

GolfNow no longer neededI wasted 20 minutes trying to figure out why I could not spend my rewards points that I earned. The reason I use Golf Now is because of the rewards system. Otherwise I can buy my local Golf Card and save money in my area. I take clients out for rounds and I rarely know which days we will go out until 48 hours before. It’s called Golf NOW, not Golf Three Days From Now In An Unknown Time. But now I noticed that policy changes have been made. You could only use them 3 days in advance. This no longer works for me now. Which means Golf Now is no longer a necessity for me to use. I might as well book another app or 3rd party or call the pro shops that actually matches the price of Golf Now. I used to use this app every time but look like I will go buy our local " 2 year golf card" for $90 that literally drops our rates in half. That's double the value of GN's $99 1 year VIP membership. I will plan a round out in advance and use my last rewards and be done I guess. It's been great GN. Also, please figure a way for the VIP membership to be actually worth it. You would have to golf like 25 rounds a year just to break even on the deal. Add something worth it..Version: 2.16.26

Save your moneyYou pay 6.99 Canadian plus tax to book a course. Don’t need to pay that if you call the course directly and book with them. No refunds on canceling booking ahead of time … will be refunded in promo codes..Version: 4.24.8

Essential for any golf enthusiast.. BUTWe've got some pretty good golf in my area and this is a nice convenience yet I'm moving to a new city soon so I already see where this can come in handy for me. Love the app so far I think any golf enthusiast should staple this onto their homepage, with that said I think there's a lot of things that could make the experience much smoother from app to tee. It'd be quite nice if I could pay my entire rate all over the app instead of paying the convenience fee to book my time and then go to the clubhouse and pay my rate. With my main use of the app being such, I could delete the app and just call and save myself the cost of the fee. Overall I like it though. Saves some time searching the web for great deals..Version: 2.16.15

Good concept, bad execution for the appI’ve scheduled a fair amount of tee times through the app. I have recently tried to schedule one where the app tells me there is an error or the tee time has been taken, yet continues to schedule me under the tee time and charge me their “convenience fee” after I have moved on and booked at another course under the assumption the course I originally wanted to play at was taken/booked. It is frustrating because I am being charged for this fee and am unable to get a refund on this now schedule tee time that I am unable to cancel due to it being less than 24 hours. Please fix the app with it telling me there is an error then no longer offering me the tee time I intended to take, then charging me for the intended tee time. Unnecessary money spent….Version: 4.28.3

Deleting my account. Terrible policyRefund and cancelation policy is just too rigid. Accidentally clicked the wrong date and booked. Upon realizing my mistake, I tried to correct my error but unable to get it corrected. Not only did I have to pay at the course, but also was forced to pay for 2 tee times that I could not use. Since it is not easy to book a tee time for you and a guest and have them pay for themselves, I booked 2 tee times and had to eat the cost of 2 rounds I did not play. Also, the price after fees is more than calling the course and booking direct, and they don’t make you pay when you don’t show up. This used to be good until you need customer service. It’s like the airlines making you pay $200 to change your flight. Customers need to change plans when life happens. Golf is supposed to be about being able to relax. This just adds way too much stress and I’ll never use this service again..Version: 4.8.2

Disappointing and inconvenientMost overrated app I’ve ever used. You are charged a convenience fee for each tee time you book even though nothing about it is convenient. God forbid you are a human being and have something come up and have to cancel a tee time, not only will they charge you for the tee time (even if it is cancelled a week in advance) they will also let someone else go ahead and book that tee time and tell you it’s been filled (I wanted to let my brother use the tee time since I would have to pay for it anyway). I was also once charged double for a tee time because the app froze, was told I would be reimbursed in full (after waiting on hold for an hour and a half), and wound up with “promo codes” which are only redeemable Monday-Friday when any productive American is working at their job. This is the first time I’ve ever written a negative review for anything but this app has caused me so much trouble I needed to get it out there. I would highly recommend anybody using this app to switch to another golf app like 18Birdies. This app has cost me hundreds of dollars unnecessarily and has been nothing but trouble for me..Version: 3.1.3

Take money and can’t get it backTerrible app to get your money back. No contact info at all. Had to cancel due to no carts when we showed up to tee time but booked carts on app.No problem taking your money and provide no way to contact them to get it back. Won’t be using this app again..Version: 4.28.3

Horrendous customer serviceTried booking a tee time. App kept telling me unable to confirm tee time, then when I checked my bank statement, the app charged me 7 times for the round. There was no round booked but 7 charges on my card. Could not for the life of me talk to a human being. Junk customer service. Still trying to sort this out..Version: 4.28.3

Customer service?The app functions well, does what it is designed to do. My recent attempt at contacting the company to solve or at least answer a question, however, left me less than pleased. The customer service phone number, after the usual negotiation of options, purported to be “experiencing an unusual volume of calls” and that the wait time would be three hours. It suggested if one did not want to wait using their online live chat service. So, I logged on and started a chat. Here it said there were two customers ahead of me. After a twenty minute wait, a box (automated I suspect) popped up asking if I was still there. Yes, still waiting. I disconnected after another ten minutes, having better things to do with my time. This all occurred on a Wednesday morning, leaving me wondering how long one would wait on a busy time..Version: 4.0.8

Crummy company with horrific supportI booked and played hundreds of rounds with this site. My account was deleted for no reason and I lost a lot credits and all the round and score history. Pretty crummy company..Version: 4.28.3

Horrible user experience w/gift cardI received a golfnow gift card for Christmas. The fine print says that you can ONLY use it on hot deals. If it’s not a hot deal then you can’t use it. I then tried to use it on a hot deal only to continue to get errors. When I tried to get more information, they requested for me to provide the persons name and email and date of purchase from the person that gave me the gift card. So I had to go back to the person who gave me the gift card to get this information. Why this gift card doesn’t allow you to simply enter the gift card and book a tee time is beyond me! So frustrating and have never in my life had so much difficulty trying to use a gift card. Don’t buy gift cards from them otherwise you may regret it! And because of my experience, I’ll never book through golf now ever again, not worth it..Version: 4.28.0

Terrible Customer ServiceDO NOT GET VIP UNLESS YOU ARE A RETIREE!!! I love the golf now app, it is super convenient to book a tee time in a matter of seconds without having to make phone calls. I like to get out first thing in the morning and those slots can be hard to get. GolfNow gives me choices that I would have to call several courses to get my preferred time slot otherwise. Their customer service is TERRIBLE. I paid for the VIP membership because as a weekend golfer I saw a lot of value in the waived fees. The best part about the promotion is 10 Free Hot Deals! However, no effort is made to make the consumer aware that these tee times are only good Monday through Thursday after 12. I have a job. Full time employment, Monday through Friday, 8-6. It is impossible for me to take advantage of the driving factor behind me deciding to be come a VIP member. I call, THREE HOURS WAIT TIME, I opt for them to call me back. I requested either a refund or maybe a handful of weekend Hot Deals. I was promised a call back and never received it. 3 calls, same story every time. “I’ll pass your feedback on to management and we will get back to you.” This has been going on for over 2 months. Completely unacceptable. Waste of money..Version: 3.0.11

Not yet ready for CanadaWe booked through the app for a round in Cochrane and the process was really easy and worked well. The problem is there are VERY few Canadian courses. Calgary only has the Cochrane 9hole and Chestemere. It’s too bad..Version: 4.17.0

No support or way to contactI’ve used the app for a couple years with no issues but received a gift certificate and get an error trying to add it to my account. There is no way to contact GolfNow. You get taken to frequently asked questions section. How are people asking these questions when there is no place to do so and no way to contact anyone or report an issue other than on this review? I emailed them off a promo email they sent me and was linked to the frequent asked section again. My question on why I can’t add a gift card isn’t one of the questions supposedly ask. Definitely don’t buy a gift card but otherwise I’ve been pleased besides losing my $100 which is a big deal to me..Version: 4.29.0

I love the App. Customer service on the other hand...I frequently use this app as I travel the country. The app is fairly reliable... except during fall conditions when they are over seeding or clubs have tee boxes closed. I get the communication breakdown. However, it is frustrating when you pay golf now a rate twice as high as what the clubhouse offers (plus a convenience fee) and then customer service with golf now doesn’t even attempt to honor the club house rates. Buyer beware!!! I have learned to call every clubhouse first and only use this app if they offer a better rate than the course. It’s sad there is no integrity or accountability in this site. I do love the accessibility of this app and believe it has a lot to offer. All of the features work excellent and the app is very reliable..Version: 4.0.41

Poor Customer ServiceI’ve just deleted the GolfNow App. I’ve been using it for over a year now. Functionally, the app works great. The aggregation of area golf courses was a useful tool. However, last week I accidentally booked a tee time for the next day when my nephew and I intended to play that day. We arrived at the golf course around 45 minutes before the tee time but immediately I realized my mistake when I went to check in. The course was able to get us a same day tee time and we happily played. I immediately went to the GolfNow app and cancelled the mistaken tee time. They still charged me. I called customer service today and they informed me that I had cancelled 23 hours and 27 minutes prior to my tee time therefore breaching their 24 hour cancellation policy. I politely informed the customer service rep that if she didn’t find some way to make an exception and refund me the $100 for a mistaken booking that I had cancelled in good faith as soon as I realized the mistake, that I would never use their service again. I also informed her that I’m a daily golfer. She made the decision for her company that she’d rather lose them a few thousand dollars rather than refund me $100. If GolfNow refunds me that money, I’ll happily renew my use of their service but I won’t support a company with such lack of empathy and unbudging adherence to strict policy. There’s ALWAYS a way to make an exception. In this case, they decided not to..Version: 4.28.2

Terrible customer service will steal your moneyI use to love y’all’s app but after an incident yesterday I doubt I will ever use it again. I booked an afternoon tee time for me and a friend yesterday. When we arrived at the course they did not see our time anywhere. Once we started looked we discovered the time had been set for the next day. The course general manager and my self both contacted your customer service and was told there was no way to Change/ reschedule/ or cancel because it was prepaid. I understand if I just wanted to out right cancel then yes charge me but the reservation was made for the wrong date. I had to pay the course their fees plus what I had to pay y’all so I am out 75 dollars for a simple round of golf. If I cannot confidently book through your app and know the time I am selecting is the one it is setting I am better off just booking straight through the course itself. Thank you for you time in reading this and look forward to hearing from you..Version: 4.0.37

Can’t create an accountI downloaded this app on my iPad and iPhone and on both devices I get an unknown error when I try to create an account. I have varied emails, passwords, user names and phone number and each time I get the same unknown error message. You can’t do anything with this app without an account so at this point it is nothing but an icon and wasted memory on my devices. Help!! I was finally able to go online and create an account. Apparently the unknown error was a user name that was already being used and the app didn’t understand it. Programming error. Now my local course has been rerouted about a year ago and the app is not up to date. Frustrating when I am on a 124 yard par 3 and the app thinks it’s a 525 yd par 5 and the lines for the hole crosses 3 fairways. So far on 3 courses it has been worse than useless. Great concept and probably great when released but if it’s not kept up to date it’s a waste of time and battery..Version: 3.1.2

Very poor customer service and loyaltyI’ve been a user of Golfnow for about 5 years. This weekend I had a tee time registered at a local golf course at 830 am…. Are area was hit by very bad storms the night before over 5 inches of rain in 30 hours governor actually issued a state of emergency for the day freeways were flooded higher then car roofs. I proceeded to wake up at 730 am and call the course and received no answer. I assumed with all the rain and no answer course was obviously closed. At some point the course opened that day and told Golfnow to bill me for a no show or cancellation. I’m an avid golfer never once missed a tee time or forgot to cancel a tee time it’s the respectful thing to do. But no answer at course and 5 inches of rain I thought seemed obvious. Needless to say I contacted customer service talked to employee who said the course said charge was valid and could do nothing about it. I asked to speak to a manager after about 20 minutes on hold they came back and said he would call within 24 hours it’s going on about 4 days. No attempt at calling me back at all. Seems a little careless on Golfnow to immediately take sides with course worker over a customer who has used them for over 5 years and never once had any issues..Version: 4.17.0

TERRIBLE APPI booked a time with a golf course only to be called by the course saying they don’t have a contract with golfnow for this year and the time should have never been listed. I tied to contact golfnow to cancel this (since it was their mistake) so I wouldn’t incur a fee and I couldn’t even get any contact info. It only takes you to their useless FAQ. DONT USE THIS APP, I only wish I had seen the reviews online (not on the App Store) before using this. Judge for yourself..Version: 4.0.11

Review pop upsApp is buggy. Pop up to review a course I’ve already reviewed keeps popping up every time I open the app..Version: 4.28.7

This company does not offer unsubscribe links to their emailsThis company does not allow you to manage your email preferences and will send you emails to review every course booking and there is no way to stop them from sending these emails. It is standard practice now to provide an unsubscribe from email link in all non essential emails, and this company fails to do that. In addition, if you set your App Store settings to now allow apps to annoy you with pop ups to review their app, this app will disregard that and still bug you to review it. I hate spam, and I hate intrusive pop ups. I will review your app if and when I feel like it, so allow me to set my preference to not be bugged to review things. It is a simple concept 99% of companies understand..Version: 4.16.6

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