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Hudl App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Hudl app received 89 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Hudl? Can you share your negative thoughts about hudl?

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FrenchJust updated today and the app is now automatically in French. My French is rusty- can this please be changed back to English, thanks..Version: 5.129

Half bakedI wasted a day trying to use the buggy video editor to splice apart our beginning to end live stream game video and gave up in disgust. Each splice makes you start back at the beginning of the video and fast forward back to where you just spliced so you can play from there and make the next splice and a start at the beginning again. About as aggravating as software could ever be. Then I spent half a day fighting to use the buggy stats tagging function only to find after I entered an entire game the stats were completely wrong and there is no way to review and correct any errors. Completely wasted my time. Oh and you have to upload on the web app because the iOS app doesn’t work for that either..Version: 5.76

Update !!!???Clicked to update ,apparently to fix bugs .. now worse than ever .. wouldn’t bother if your on apple(iPhone) as I have struggled to watch clips , seems like a lot of freezing and black screen time..Version: 5.115.1

Too GlichyOk so I don’t know if it’s just my phone or what but whenever I open the app then login the whole screen burs and it just goes dark it doesn’t shut off or anything but you can’t do anything then sometimes there is just a random logout button in the middle of the screen and whenever I click it the app shuts off and brings me to my home screen. Yeah I know there is a website but thats not working either. Whenever I login to that it doesn’t show any buttons it just showed featured videos that I could scroll down and watch. So my experience wasn’t very pleasing and I know I was on stable wifi and my account is official. Anyways I just feel like I can’t win and Hudl just doesn’t want me logging in.👎.Version: 5.56

Always crashes making highlightsYou guys need to fix your app, everytime I try making a new highlight. It’s always slow, which is really annoying. Takes forever just to load a clip. And once I’m almost done making the highlight after a good 20 minutes due to it being extremely slow, it crashes. Like come on now, then it’s just the same process over and over again. Fix this crashing and make your app faster.Version: 5.120

Wot let me loginI’ve been using the app with my jv team and it’s been working good for film but I can’t login and it won’t send me an email.Version: 5.47.1

How long is it gonna take to fix your app?I’ve had this app for years on my phone, and for years it hasn’t worked properly. From not being able to search anybody up, to multiple video audios playing at once, and now, can’t even open the app without it crashing! Seems like every time there’s a bug fix, a new one appears....Version: 5.94.1

App constantly crashes at start upCan’t get the app to stay open on iPhone 11 Pro Max. Crashes consistently on startup. Deleted and reinstalled. Same result. Rebooted phone, same result. The software is super clunky when it does work (1:200). It’s easier to find film of other schools or athletes than our own. I get kids like to be voyeristic and see what others are doing, but the home should keep them from click bait so they do what we need them to do as coaches - watch film and get better. We have to recommend to players to use the desktop version so that we know all features are working. Otherwise they don’t watch or we get bombed with questions of this and that..Version: 5.105

This app is so ducking disfunctional i want to kmsIt’s stuck in spanish and i can’t log in.Version: 6.1.0

Blank screenYo like it’s been a month and it’s still just a blank screen, so like can y’all fix this so I can watch film on my phone.Version: 5.63

Can’t openSince it upgraded I can’t open the app at all.Version: 5.67

BrokenApp doesn’t go further than the loading screen anymore. Please fix.Version: 5.61

Lost chatAfter last update I’ve lost messages features. Not able to view or chat. The option isn’t even on there any more. Please fix.Version: 5.73

GarbageIt gets the job done, but it runs every little thing so SH*T!!! I swear the people writing reviews are bots because this sucks, honestly don’t even try and make a highlight with this app.Version: 5.79

Needs updating to be able to upload video to InstagramIt's a great for building your highlight video . But only thing is most people use Instagram now and they've not moved with the times where you can be able to upload your highlights on Instagram on your Insta page not a rubbish link and we should be allowed to chose our own song to put on our video.Version: 5.32

Hudl video crashThe app wont let me open and view my videos that i recently watched before updating. Only works on browser.Version: 5.90

BadWas reliable in the past but now app will not display the main menu after logging in. Tried re downloading multiple times and still same issue.Version: 5.59

Loading takes foreverThis app is good but one thing that annoys me is how slow the videos load even though I have full speed internet, when I try to look at my FULL matches the loading take forever sometimes it doesn't even load or it freezes and I have to exit out of the app and go back to it. The developers need to make the videos load faster!!!!.Version: 5.28

Good on the computer not mobileAs soon as I download the app and watch it once, it then won't let me re-open it, I have to delete the app and re-download! It is such an inconvenience.Version: 4.5.0

I cant log in anymoreIt suddenly started saying try again later and i havent been able to log in for a couple weeks.Version: 5.48.1

Way too buggy for Iphone Xs MaxHudl is such a great platform and is amazing when it works properly! Their are way to many bugs for the iPhone xs Max you are better off using your computer. Whenever you try and slide the time bar during a video of film your iphone will register as if your are trying to swipe between application and exit the app. Also whenever a video begins to play whether it's on your profile or in your feed the entire app will freeze and will only play the video and not respond at all..Version: 5.67

FreezesThe app and the website are terrible. It always freezes and the highlight maker is organized terrible on the website.... The play's don't load and had to restart MULTIPLE times! Also not sure why the volume didn't stop after watching 1 play, just kept playing for some reason I don't know why....Version: 4.5.33

TrashI can’t change Language from french to english so I cant sign in.Version: 5.130

RubbishDon't waste your time downloading it it don't work I know it's free but still a waste of money !! Also should've able to put rating in minus stars to show how crap it is.Version: 4.3.0

Hudl (don’t kill the Krossover basketball platform)-Hudl (the product itself) spends more in their ad/marketing campaign— vs the next 3 largest competitors in this almost niche industry (within an overall huge sports video industry). A best decision Hudl could make would be to continue using the Krossover basketball platform. Intuitive and clean is the signature of Krossover. Hudl is far less intuitive and the work flow (buttons), it isn’t arranged well at all. All of this comment is specific to basketball and Hudl VS Krossover platform..Version: 5.92

Can’t do anythingI would give it 0 stars if I could, you can’t access your profile anymore due to the new update.Version: 5.90

Doesn’t work apparentlyI mean I’m logged in but it just shows a blurry *ss pic of what I’m assuming to be a football field.Version: 5.63

Great tool when it worksI find hudl very useful to put together a well done highlight tape. Although it is extremely difficult to make the clips when you believe you’ve set your desired time frame and then when you go and add the clip to the video it’s timing is very off. I’ve had to make up to 5 clips of the same film in order for it to result in the desired footage. Hopefully this problem is fixed soon..Version: 5.50

RubbishDoesn't let me register or anything..Version: 4.5.33

🤔Can’t log in or register.Version: 5.64

It’s brokenEver since I updated I can’t log in fix it.Version: 5.110

MagnifyWould be better if you could magnify within the app to be able to view scenarios closer especially when watching on iphone..Version: 6.1.0

Gear when it works but......They don’t seem to be able to keep the bugs out of this thing. It doesn’t seem to matter if you use the app or web browsers, there’s alway something freezing up. This is a complex program and it’s rather confusing to learn how the features work. Need to hire someone to improve and better organize documentation. It’s even more confusing trying to go back and forth between the mobile app and browser versions as the functionality is different. The app also seems to work better in some browsers than others. As at least one other reviewer mentioned, It’s rather disappointing that Hudl has effectively turned their backs on youth sports by jacking up the annual pricing from $99 to a minimum of $400. I did video for my sons teams for 4 years and the subscription came out of my pocket not the teams. Apparently because they have been so successful at the high school & college level, they don’t care about the youth sports markets anymore..Version: 5.45

App doesn’t openEvery time I open up the application it crashes repeatedly both on iPad and iPhone. Very disappointed as I cannot access videos on the move and have to go through the web browser. This needs to be fixed ASAP!.Version: 5.67

Not good yetUploading videos is spotty at best and doesn’t always finish. I’ve done several test uploads and the last video clip never finishes so on the desktop browser library, it shows the processing running circle. If I don’t have cell service on my iPad and am at a track meet and want to upload my videos once I have WiFi, what is the best way to do that? Also, when I try to replay the video I just took with my athlete for immediate correction before their next attempt, the playback feature is jumpy and I miss some frames during the frame by frame analysis. After trying to drag the scrubber several times, I’m finally able to get the video to the frame I want. If there is a way your developers can increase the frame rate or buffer rate for immediate playback without mobile upload, that would be great..Version: 5.109

Doesn’t load upNeed to fix due to not being able to load up and see any videos.Version: 5.57

:(Why can’t i upload highlights from my camera roll for my hudl highlights.Version: 5.63

Crashing -please fixApp is running very slow and won’t load. When I want to watch the highlights I’ve made the app now crashes.Version: 5.87

Opens and screen goes blankThis app currently isn’t working on my iPhone X. I feel compelled to write a bad review because it’s just not working. Which is an issue because I need use of my footage..Version: 5.57

Make hudl good againHudl used to be a great app, I’ve been using it for 5 years and never really recall having any real issues until this year. Every time I want to watch film and edit clips it genuinely plagues my existence. When you rewind the film the little spinning wheel comes up and doesn’t go away and there’s so many bugs when putting together highlight videos. Making just one 30 second video takes SO LONG because this app is so awful to work with. They really need to bring improvements as soon as they can..Version: 5.128

Video freezes on upload and Hudl tech is helplessI have been trying to film games and upload them using Hudl app. I can sit in my classroom connected to WiFi and record large segments of video and they upload. I go out to the field and film without WiFi and when I come back to school to upload it always freezes. I have deleted and redownloaded the app, in the fall I did this for football with zero problems. After the last updates to the app it continually freezes. Unfortunately I use my schools tech and they won’t let us use iTunes on our laptop..Version: 5.81.1

Update 5.62 Seems to have changed view perspectiveHas anyone else noticed that the most recent update appears to have changed the field of view when recording? Our team has used HUDL all season, and always uses the same iPad device and same wide angle lens from back line of volleyball court, but now all of a sudden with that same set up, the view of the court when recording is totally different, less of the court is visible. It was so different in fact that we had to switch to a fish I lens, which we knew would distort a bit, but what we saw through the iPad viewfinder was completely different than what was actually recorded and how it appears on play back..Version: 5.62

Awful, buffering game film, needs fixing.Watch game film just takes forever. Honestly, I can’t get through even TWO PLAYS. Video just buffers and buffers and buffers. It’s not my internet. Everything else works great. It’s just this app. Then I use just the web browser site ON MY MOBILE DEVICE (iPad) and THAT works better than this awful app. The app is supposed to be a Better Mobile Device Alternative. It’s not, this app is trash and needs fixing. Also, the “contact us for help” button literally doesn’t do anything. Which, yes, is hilariously ironic..Version: 5.74

Fix the time issueTime stamps and clips are all out of whack. Pretty useless tbh. You clip something, add a comment and then watch it back.... and it’s not the thing you just clipped. Needs fixing ASAP..Version: 5.33

GarbageSush a trash app.Version: 5.114

App crashingApp crashes every time I try to open it up pls fix soon.Version: 5.67

CrashedSpent 3 hours making a highlight video and just as I was almost finished the app crashed and of course nothing saved so it completely wasted my time. I tried again twice and same thing happened. You need to fix this.Version: 5.77.1

Can’tI can’t log on or sign up?.Version: 5.26

Dosent workCan’t log in, just shows a blurry picture..Version: 5.64

Hudl service fails to deliverI’ve been on Hudl for a few years, never has it been a tool I can use. Coaches don’t respond, videos aren’t made available, nothing seems to be accessible with out approval from assignors or coaches which rarely happens. The app should be a lot more accessible to “members.” I don’t need highlights. I need a tool to study film as it relates to penalty’s that were called. Coaches complain about penalties all the time, let us see them so we can critique our flags and get better at administering the game. If we as officials work a particular game, at the very least, we should have the automatic right to review that game..Version: 5.70

ChineseComplete different language.Version: 5.129

LanguageApps in a completely different language and can’t even get into the app.Version: 5.111

Something wrong happened to this appI can’t even check my highlights or my messages.Version: 5.89

BadWhen I log in it’s Japanese and won’t let me change into a different language.Version: 5.116

No option to start account? Can’t get past first screenThanks.Version: 5.61

BrahDownloaded it and it’s in spanish brah what the heck.Version: 5.130

Data Entry in AppIt’s be nice if we could ODK clips in “mass quantity” through the app. For example: select clips and make them all Offense. Select certain clips for Defense and Special Teams. Instead of doing it one by one on a computer. Entering data on the app isn’t possible. But holy cow it’d be sweet if we could!! At the very least the quarters, ODK, Hash and other things that are clear by looking at the thumbnail. I tried to find a way to reach development, but was striking out. Hopefully they see this and can make it happen…???.Version: 5.115.1

Can’t openCan’t even open the app since updating.Version: 5.130

The app isn’t as good as the computerI love what Hudl does for our program and athletics as a whole. The platform is great, and gets the job done as well as anything else. The problem is the app on mobile devices. Seems every update makes it lag more and more. I don’t need it to be fancy, I need it to get the job done. Specifically, I need the app to open and work the first time, not the 5th time. I need the menu options to work when I click them rather than freeze and require me to close out of the app. I need the film to roll when I start a game (I download it, so internet isn’t an issue for watching). The bugs in the app are so bad that having the app is almost pointless as an option. Fix the bugs, and this is no doubt the best app in the store..Version: 5.100

Great PotentialI’ve used Hudl for about 6 years and love it. The app is less than desirable. Between the freezes and crashes, it is hard to effectively watch film. I use it on both my iPad and iPhone and have trouble with a few things. It constantly freezes and crashes when flipping through plays or playlists. I also don’t like that when I switch to another app (to make notes or draw something) it resets to the beginning of the playlist. So I then have to flip through and find where I was. I feel this has great potential but has not come to fruition yet..Version: 5.51

Extremely slowAlways tells me I need to update it but the app is full updated. Videos are so slow to watch it’s pointless to use the app.Version: 5.64

Saving diagrams onto video to exportI love Hudl, but one upgrade I would love to see! When you have circled or drawn arrows etc, that these stay on your video even when downloaded or exported..Version: 5.107

Needs workVery glitchy and a lot of playback issues..Version: 5.74

Won’t show anythingWhen I log into the app on my iPhone xs it will just show a blank screen and nothing else help.Version: 5.60

BugCrashes every time I open up a team or player after searching them.Version: 5.21

App does not loadThe app does not go further then the loading screen.....Version: 5.57

Won’t openThe app displayed a msg it was updating, then it crashed. Now it won’t open..Version: 5.67

Like everything else with Hudl, it’s good sometimes and disappoints at others.Ease of use is good. I like some of the features they have in the app. I wish there was an easy way to add plays to a cutup while in the app, but it’s not a deal breaker. I use the Hudl App on my iPad Pro. Everything works fine until I connect it to my overhead with HDMI using my Apple Model A2119 dongle. When I do this, I end up getting two plays at once on the screen. It almost looks like picture-in-picture. I completely obstructs the view of the play we’re trying to show. I have stopped using the Hudl app and instead use the website now, but this is very inconvenient. I’ve tried to contact support, but have not been successful in getting a response..Version: 5.93

Upload malfunctionHello, I film for my high school football team and I recently had to film a game. Everything’s good so far. Then I go to upload it. It asks me to give the footage a title and when I’m done putting in the title I hit upload... then the app closes out randomly. I try to re-open the app knowing it would save the footage in the camera roll. I look in the camera roll... where’s the footage? All 123 clips, gone, POOF. I tried to look in the library and recently deleted, but nothing. I don’t know if it was the iPad I was using (iPad Air 2) or the app itself. If it is hudl, that’s a whole game lost thanks to hudl. Also please fix the zooming, it’s horrible, super choppy. I need a smooth zoom in and out. Also make it so that you can upload footage from the camera roll in the app by mobile. For now, this app gets 1 star due to the upload malfunction, and the zooming. Please fix it and maybe I’ll move the rating up..Version: 5.74

VERY BAD APP👎👎👎THERE IS NO SEARCH BAR. You can only follow people that are recommended for you, so when you first start, you can only pick a certain amount of people to follow. This makes it hard if you don't like any of the people or your not looking for them. You can only look for athletes. You can't record as far as I am concerned and there is nothing else to really use. I got bored with it very quickly..Version: 4.5.11

Brok3nWhy the app not working anymore 🥊😡.Version: 5.63

I can’t log in. The app freezes after clicking log in.Unable to use..Version: 5.63

Can’t openCan’t open the app anymore just crashes as soon as I click on it.Version: 5.111

Fix the bugs!!!!!Trying to make a highlight reel of my best plays from the past game and the features for making the highlights start glitching our. The clips don’t pull up half the time and when they don’t you can’t circle yourself. Heck most of the time it glitches and doesn’t let you do a single thing to the clip. Please fix your bugs Hudl!!!! I love the app but it needs to get these fixed!!!!!.Version: 5.72

I cannot log onI’ll stick with Coaches Eye - user friendly 👌.Version: 5.60

TrashCant download.Version: 5.62

Good but unusable at the same timeLove the app when it works. Here’s the kicker, it doesn’t work. Ever. Currently my app has been stuck and unable to load for 2 years. Lots of wasted time recording and analyzing videos on this app that I can never access again. So I suggest not using the app because eventually down the line the app will stop working for you and you will lose all your videos and other data. I’m not just writing an angry review either. Be warned, you WILL lose access to your videos eventually..Version: 5.64

YozaNeed to fix this ASAP! Doesn’t even load up no more with the new update😡.Version: 5.56

Fix the appIt doesn’t load!!.Version: 5.58.1

Music mannnnnWe should be able to add whatever music we want to put highlight tapes.Version: 5.76

Inconsistent and liesThey are giving different users different rates A club in Canada is getting this for $400/team with guarantees Do you home work here folks. No integrity in this company I purchased 6 licenses during the time they were giving an ipad, tripod and bag. They gave one after a big argument. No integrity at all.Version: 5.101

Stat tracking for Football is awfulFirst off I went through and updated all of the players and the tagging still couldn’t get it right. Then if you make a mistake and finish a play you have no way to go back and change the plays or cancel a pat if the touchdown is called back late. I’ve had it crash in the middle of a game and not allow me to get back to the game I was tagging. When you finish a game, you no longer have access to the stats in the app, you have to figure out the correct feed link and go out to the web page to get them..Version: 5.120

Hard to useHaving problems with all aspects of the site. Can’t download or edit video..Version: 5.76

Overhyped and a lot of issuesGreat idea. But I’m unable to update my profile pic. And when making my highlight film, I’m not even able to add my own music! And when I was done, it didn’t even let me upload it! FIX THE PROBLEM! You keep making update after update and they don’t even do anything. Fix these problems!!!.Version: 5.91

AnoosheVery poor in terms of app quality and user experience..Version: 5.5

Underwhelms at timesHudl, when working well, can be useful. They are slow to address bugs, like the playbook corrupting your installs. It’s hard to send our athletes to Hudl when we can’t trust the data. There are also inconsistencies with how Hudl works on a mobile device vs. how it works on a laptop. I wish I could do everything I want to in both formats, but unfortunately, I can’t. I also wish the video still shared the breakdown data with the athletes. We had to find a work around for this to help the athletes with their video review. Overall, Hudl is ok, but it seems like they are more concerned with selling their Hudl Assist services than providing a stable platform for schools to use for their programs..Version: 5.72

GarbageThis app is actually like 100% garbage you guys should totally step up ur game and stop beating each other off and work on ur app.Version: 5.57

FixturesIOS doesn’t show fixtures dates which is poor for what everyone has to pay to have HUDL.Version: 5.80

Poor execution everythingMultiple occasions I have gone to upload, only to have an “error” and the files lost. Ive tried direct upload, computer transfer upload, and uploading from 3 different devices. Any time I reach out to customer service the response time is a week, minimum. They don’t have a number to call either. I cannot express my disappointment enough in this program. If you are a school system thinking about licensing the software, I urge you to look elsewhere. In the meantime I hope this post finally gets their attention so I can get help for once..Version: 5.122.1

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