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MetaTrader 5 App User Positive Comments 2023

MetaTrader 5 app received 185 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about metatrader 5?

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MetaTrader 5 for Positive User Reviews

Prime Software (But new bug in version)Hi there, MT5 on IOS 12.4.8 (iPhone 6) New Bug: Removes vertical and horizontal trend lines automatically after some time (If used many and on different instruments). In total clears full previous charts. Please fix. Thanks.Version: 5.0.2565

Ability to save charts.Ability to save charts. Unable to format phone because of the amount of data/indicators I have on my charts. I don’t want to lose the hard work i put into my indicators. I am able to save charts on computer but not my phone. Please contact me on how to do so or if it’s possible. That would make this app 10x better & user friendly, thanks..Version: 5.0.3216

OdyntbI love to practice and learn the basics on this app cause I don’t have a laptop it’s still easy I.Version: 5.0.2829

Great for on the go tradingThe app itself is great, it has only one downside for me. It does not show you how much your position size is before opening a position. It would be amazing if this would be embedded into the position opening tool..Version: 5.0.3341

AwesomeI love this app so much, it’s easy to use and very user-friendly. I love how it set up and I will continue. Thank you so much..Version: 5.0.3107

NiceThis MT5 is a nice platform. I like using this app to check and manage the trades or even place trades when on the go..Version: 5.0.3107

Anthony PlanadeballIs a great app no problem with it and is easy I'm not going to say was a challenge but if you want to have a place to learn until you are ready to get on the real thing is here not too many platform give you a place money so you can really practice until again you are official prepared for the real is going to be losses like all in live win losses but here you get you eager what it work for you okay Thanks...Version: 5.0.3221

MetaTrader 5starGreat app. I’m new to trading but playing the demo account has helped me get an understanding of what’s going on. Especially like the fact it asks you about new quotes and invalid sl and to levels. One criticism is that if your signal drops you’ll have to close the app and open it back up again to refresh. Maybe add a manual refresh button in app?.Version: 5.0.1781

AwesomeIt’s a good trading platform.Version: 5.0.3351

MT5Great app. Easy to use, so intuitive, and everything right at your fingertips wherever you are!.Version: 5.0.3216

Money makerJust grow your skills as a trader and be wealthy this app is the best you just need to find a broker thats just as good!!..Version: 5.0.3351

Great AppI have been playing around with different types of trading platforms for both Forex, Stocks & Commodities, for 2 years now, and have yet to find a better platform than MetaTrader 4 & 5. Both the mobile app and computer platform are easy to use but advanced as well, giving you all types of great trading opportunities with their highly quality indicator tools. Plus for those using signals, It could never be simpler to read and directly put them into action. Many brokers to choose from and I’d recommend to anyone looking for a easy to use but sophisticated piece of technology..Version: 5.0.1781

Good app but at its present state only really for checking on trades when your not at the computer.This app on the mobile device is sharp with all plus more than you need to trade. Great effort obviously has been put into this app..Version: 5.0.3400

Love itLove how easy to enter a trade, set sl and tp.Version: 5.0.3351

Choose MT5 over MT4Great for pretty much everything. Very quick and easy to make trades. I have used both mt4 and 5..Version: 5.0.3580

Great but would be better if…Works well but two things would make it better: - an Apple Watch App - the ability to see current trade information on the same screen as the chart as you can do in the iPad app..Version: 5.0.3004

MT5Overall easy to use and Seamless when it comes to trading currency pairs. However the demo seems to be more accurate then the live when it comes to crypto. There is a delay in price action and sometimes you are not able to execute trades in a high volatility environment. Overall a great platform and a improvement to its previous MT4..Version: 5.0.3400

Makes it very easy to enter positions on the go!I love how easy it makes to enter/exit positions on the go. The only reason I didn’t rate this 5 stars is that I think there could be some improvement for managing the list of instruments in the quotes window. I would like to have quite a few things on my watchlist, but the problem is that if something is on your watchlist already then it will no longer show up when you type it in the search bar..Version: 5.0.3580

Great appGreat app easy to use,just one thing need to add up when placing a trade it should be showing on setting stop loss that how much will be the value of pips, also the when setting stop loss it should be showing how much loss gonna have in £$. Great over all.Version: 5.0.3091

Research the "pig butchering" scam FIRST if someone wants you to use this appThis is, no doubt, an excellent app. But it is being used by many fraudsters who want to steal everything from you. Ikebongo's review is correct. If someone else wants you to use this app, PLEASE research the "pig butchering" scheme before you get sucked in any further. If it involves a romantic friend who has an uncle with trading tips, abort!! And block that "friend". Otherwise, if (and only if) you are an experienced professional who knows what you're doing, enjoy the app!.Version: 5.0.3400

AmazingIt’s very good aap for trading..Version: 5.0.3400

Everything is perfect but...Hi guys I’ve been using the mt5 for a week after using the mt4 ... mt5 is much more advance and it works like wonders but I would like to recomento something that I believe it’s not on yet or at least I didn’t find it ... use the notifications when hit stop loss or take profit... this way we don’t have to go 3 or 4 times more to the app just to see if it’s done... that a suggestion only because the purpose of the app is to trade and with that it’s spot on !!! Thank you guys for your work.Version: 5.0.2346

Great appLove MT5! Clear to understand, easy to use.Version: 5.0.3580

Notifications on IOS appIt will be very important to add a notification/alert OBJECT in the object list so that traders can also set notifications on a particular level of interest instead of placing buy/sell limit(Not really a fan). With a notification object added to the mobile app I can rate you five star and defend it anywhere at anytime. PLEASE this is a very important update to consider as soon as possible. Thank you.Version: 5.0.3580

It does what it says, and helps us follow the markets.We all need accurate numbers to make our day work and we get that from MetaTrader 5. It makes our day easier..Version: 5.0.3400

Very good + suggestionsMT5 has done well in how simple and easy it is to access the different features of the app from making a trade to adding indicators etc. Some extra features I’d like to suggest would be notifications for when the price gets to a certain level etc and also widgets for the new iOS 14 to see charts without having to go into the app..Version: 5.0.2505

Real Life ProgressionThis is the real deal, patience is key!!! I’m starting a new chapter with this one. There is much to learn about investing. it is a great things to start on a demo at first and as you progress, and start to get a feel for it; sign up and make a live account it’s amazing you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget patients is key and so is communication get involved with more people and get a feel for THE REAL DEAL🤞🏻.Version: 5.0.1781

Solid platformCan be a bit tricky to sort through at times and has simple issues like being wiped the numbers when selecting different order types and lack of customisation and push notifications are a must addition.Version: 5.0.2346

Great..I'm so glad to use mt5, but wish you add the open session option to view on chart so I can always know which session I'm trading on..Version: 5.0.2997

Experienced TraderI love metatrader 5 way better than MT4 . Although i do believe there can be wayyyy better improvements . i trade on 3 different devices with the same account. if my lines & everything else can crossplay on all my devices that would be the greatest update yet & save me a hassel! Also im sure im not the first to talk about notifications... & yes im aware you can get them but its a process noone really does 🤷🏾‍♂️ but its time we get on to that ! this is a very profitable app so i believe it should be as crispy as can be. thank you - a happy customer.Version: 5.0.2658

GURAmazing app.Version: 5.0.3580

User friendlyExactly trading platform and very friendly to use..Version: 5.0.2906

Great app for tradersHighly recommended app.Version: 5.0.3298

M traderTrès bien et facile à comprendre.Version: 5.0.3351

Is good lolVery good I’m not telling u why tho.Version: 5.0.3351

Great ApplicationThe app is user friendly, easy to navigate and extremely quick for placing trades. It’s handy to monitor trades from your Expert Advisor when out and about and the greatest tool in this app is having the ability to send notifications from expert advisors directly to your phone..Version: 5.0.3298

Very goodLove it.Version: 5.0.2030

MT5 over MT4It's about dam time.. Looks fresh, simpler, cleanner, more responsive. But the best part out of all.. YOU CAN ADJUST YOUR SL AND TP RIGHT FROM THE CHART 😭❤️. FINALLY you don't have to manually change the numbers to edit them. Just because of that I'm staying lol. Also I feel like when it comes to the tools for ex. When I use the Rectangle tool it's frustrating that you can't move it unless you touch it in the middle and then you can only move it from Corners or middle, so if I use it on a 4hr and I go to the 30 or 15 time frame I can't move it unless I zoom out... And for the PC terminal don't even get me started 😒.. But besides that. I love it more then Mt4..Version: 5.0.3221

MetaTrader 5Demo rất tuyệt cho các nhà đầu tư F0 làm quen với chứng khoán và Forex.Version: 5.0.3580

Can you include a copy function?I wonder if you could make a copy function available for orders (I.e. buy limit sell stop). I wanted to scale in and out of a position with different take profit and stop loss. It will be very useful for risk management, please help. Thanks.Version: 5.0.3603

Top appThe best app I ever used for trading FX.Version: 5.0.3351

Garry-psEasy to use.Version: 5.0.3107

A better user experienceAs a UX Designer I was really impressed by the improvement of the platform. The new quick BUY/SELL access from the chart view is immensely helpful. But the Pairs sélection on the chart view is a little bit too close from the view SELL button, which made me enter a sell position 2 twice by mistake. So that should be fixed. May I suggest to have it on the same section as the SELL/BUY, there’s a lot of space there that can be utilized and split in 4, as the LOT size selection doesn’t need to be that wide anyway..Version: 5.0.2346

Mt5highGood.Version: 5.0.3580

Good with a butI have only been using this app for a day or so. But I am very experienced both with other trading apps and with MetaTrader 4. So far I have been pleasantly surprised and just how competent it is on my iPad Air. At this point it does everything I want and it does it easily..Version: 5.0.2519

Meta trader is the best for all forex investorsThis is a trading app good for all beginners and pro in forex studies and investments. Both MT4 and MT5 platforms are efficient but some imposters have hidden under this platform to cheat people off their hard earned money. Few weeks ago my uncle got ripped by a MT5 forex platform which promised him of huge returns on his investments not knowing it’s just a way to trick him off his money. He invested 50k pounds and at the stipulated time frame to withdraw his interest as promised he was denied withdrawal and being asked to put in more money each time which amounted to about 155k pounds. However, after months of being depressed and sad of losing such a huge amount of money he came on the store to seek a solution and how to recover his funds from this swindlers then he found Bestcoinfixer[at]gmail, who recovered his funds completely without hidden fees and hassle. This was the best service he got in a while and his peace was restored. All I would recommend his Metatrader should ensure all forex trading platforms are regulated to reduce online theft. Bestcoinfixer can also put you on trading platforms to enjoy profit up to 30% daily on your investments..Version: 5.0.3341

Mt5Great app. I have found the MT5 platform to be a lot more versatile to use. Time will tell as it has a lot to live up to by comparison to the tried and tested MT4 platform. Thank you to the developers for a great platform so far..Version: 5.0.3221

MT5 is awesome but I’d like to have alertsMetaTrader 5 has helped me and so many others to create the type of life we want to live. For that, I’m very grateful. The thing is that I will go about my day and a trade I was looking at would pass by. I’m order to better my experience with this app, it would be appreciated if I could I could have the privilege of having that freedom throughout my day, with the assistance of alerts. These could be strictly horizontal or maybe even depending on certain changes with indicators..Version: 5.0.3298

Great app, hoping for new featureThis app truly is the successor of MetaTrader 4. It’s better in almost every aspect. For the one click trading though, I wish that a feature would be added where I could preset a stop loss and take profit at a moments notice. That would truly be one click trading..Version: 5.0.2941

Good but missingIt would be great if you can set alerts on the iPhone app, rather than having to do it on the computer only.Version: 5.0.2829

ExcellentThis app MT5 is so much better than MT4 and it gets you into the trade without delay. The functionality is very smooth! Update: July 2022 I just discovered that after you put in your stop loss, you can go back to the chart and tap on the SL line and it will allow you to physically move/adjust it..Version: 5.0.3341

MT5All round great app. Two improvements are won’t come a moment too soon: 1. When will we be able to set price alerts/ push notifications on the mobile app!? 2. When will the crosshairs be updated so that you can position it on the chart, hold down one finger on the chart, and then drag your second finger to measure pip distances/ candle distances??? Also, more customisation of the chart colours wouldn’t be a bad thing. Nor would a button to allow you to shift the chart rather than having the most recent candle tight to the right hand side of the screen..Version: 5.0.3107

MetaTrader 5 For The WinAs someone who has been trading the Forex, Metals & Indices markets for the past 2 1/2 years, I have to say that the MetaTrader 5 trading platform is one of the greatest ones to trade from. One of the best improvements from its predecessor Metatrader 4, is the on screen SL and TO adjustments. Instead of having to memorize the price number and plug in when modifying orders like MT4, on MT5, you can simply tap your buy/sell which brings up to the Stop Loss and Take Profit buttons and you can drag and adjust based on where you want them to be. Takes less time and is less of a hassle. Sleek and Clean user interface as well. Definitely recommend..Version: 5.0.3216

MT5Easy to use great platform Easy set up Variety of brokers Charts are decent and quite accurate Lots of features Loads of indicators for those who use them Brilliant app on iPhone and PC very user friendly.Version: 5.0.3216

Best trading app I’ve usedThis is the best trading app I’ve used, clear and concise and very easy to link broker account etc. It could be improved, for example being able to lock analysis in position, trend lines and other drawings can be easily move by accident when zooming in and out or scrolling so would be great if you could lock them in place. Apart from that it’s all good..Version: 5.0.1781

MT5 and Spot GoldI’ve been interested in leverage trading for awhile and MT5 was recommended by a friend. I signed up for a Demo account and started trading. With $100K initial stake I was able to increase my Demo account to over $600K in one month. At this point I opened a real account. I did my due diligence and texted back and forth with a customer service rep from MT5. I put a small amount in MT5 and moved it back and forth to my Coinbase account. Money moves within minutes. So far I am pleased with the platform. It’s quick and easy to use. Trade history keeps my records in an easy to view form. Hopefully my real money trades work out as well as my Demo account..Version: 5.0.3351

MetaTrader 5 Trading Station MobileAfter trading on a demo account with MetaTrader 5 Desktop Trading Station, I started testing a demo on the mobile version. I find it to be a very user-friendly and convenient platform. It offers almost everything I need for charting and technical analysis for trading. My next move will be to find a reputable broker who offers MetaTrader 5 Mobile for trading on a real account. 👏.Version: 5.0.2829

Needs ‘stop orders’ from the chartsThis is a great app, but it is missing a few features – it would be great to be able to place any type of order I want starting from a chart, but this only seems to be supported for limit orders and the brackets. You can place more sophisticated orders through the text interface, but it isn’t easy to get the right price settings. Maybe I am missing something, but if so it isn’t intuitive!.Version: 5.0.2997

EasyLove it.Version: 5.0.3341

SaadSimple and powerful.Version: 5.0.3298

Alert system missingIts pretty good, the features and the chart layout but if they add one of most import feature which will is “alert system” it will beat all the other platforms.Version: 5.0.3216

Beginner’s trial runI’ve used this app twice now. Initially, I did not do well but I was completely lost. After gaining some basic understanding, I did very well the 2nd time around. I’m not saying I’m ready to get my own finances involved just yet, but I think I’m getting close. This app is easy to use and it works!.Version: 5.0.3341

Provide the ‘none’ option when choosing indicator color.MetaTrader 5 is really seamless. Easy to use. I love it But I really want the option where you don’t get to set any color for a indicator and just choose none like the PC version. I’m tired of having to set the color of the indicator to my charts background color each time. Provide a option where you get to choose none when you don’t wanna set any color for a indicator properties just like you have for the PC version..Version: 5.0.3004

The great app for tradingIt a great app for reading and it has huge trade community inside where you can find all the trading software to buy or sale Very happy to recommend this app.Version: 5.0.2717

Good productSome times program stuck and massage appears order send to the server and order create or end few seconds later. Other than that it is very user friendly and simple.Version: 5.0.2565

Great app, Would love Apple Watch compatibility.Been using both MT4 and MT5 for a few years, I prefer MT5 for the chart trade set up, setting up the trade levels for limit orders on the chart rather than typing in the numbers is ideal for the way I trade. Is there any scope for the app to be compatible with Apple watch…for me the parts of the app I’d like to see most on the watch would be to modify open trades, close open trades and see profit and loss screen and account balance. No charts necessary but if I don’t have my phone near me would be nice to be able to monitor my positions this way…👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 5.0.3193

The old fashioned of this app was so easy to useThe old fashioned of this app was so easy to use compare to the new future update, I update this app exactly this time of yesterday since then I ave been having many issues with the app ,the difficulty am facing are :unable to see market prices bars,I don’t get how to control the place orders and some of the trading tools are not functioning like before,pls I believe u guys should do some research and better update on this app so it can be easy to use like before 🙏.Version: 5.0.3580

Incredible customer serviceI have to tell you all the negativity must be from those that know nothing about Forex trading and lost a ton of money. This app is fast, responsive and highly recommended. Thank you to all in customer service that respond and react immediately. Much appreciated..Version: 5.0.3400

BogdanIts simply functional, i wish more settings for chart , like manual dark mode on during daytime, or moving chart right to left to position actual price in middle of chart, , i love its simplicity and easy functionality.Version: 5.0.3400

Great!I like the instant execution buttons, its makes placing a trade a lot easier than clicking the trade button like on mt4. One thing tho that would make the app hella better in my opinion which is based off of ascetics which is being able to change the background color of the charts to whatever color u want and not just black or white... it helps with a traders psychology 👌🏾.Version: 5.0.2658

Better than MT 4 of cozThere is more functionality here compared to Mt4, the best it is the ability to place pending orders seeing exactly where you putting them. However the Mac application crashes the computer and it’s the only downside. Being newbie myself I have gotten more love for this compared to the mt4. No notifications on order execution is a major downside to this app. Please can someone explain why am not getting notifications on my trades.Version: 5.0.3221

Pretty decentEasy to figure out and use, one of the better mobile apps in my opinion.Version: 5.0.1649

TradeI am not quite understanding how to proceed I need some help in guidance.Version: 5.0.3221

Good platform. Some feature adjustments requiredIn the history clicking on a particular trade it does not show the comment. Open trades do show the comment. Please fix so history shows comments also When changing accounts the chart from the previous account viewed is retained. It would be nice if you remembered which chart was open for a particular account.Version: 5.0.2941

Easy to tradeIt’s really cool and easy to use.Version: 5.0.3400

MT5 iPhone App ReviewI found the interface quite intuitive and predictable. I would like to be able to do dotted and dashed line styles for moving averages like the PC version. A manual version of strategy tester would be very useful rather than having to use a spreadsheet to record it. I like the draggable stops and take profit lines. It is very handy to have a phone app version because I can check the progress of my trades anytime and anywhere. Regards Willowvale Trader.Version: 5.0.3107

Great app but could use one major improvement.I love the app's ease of use but could you please make one small improvement to a feature? It's almost impossible to drag and drop Stop Loss and Take profit levels to the 25 cent increments that many index futures trade in. This forces you to manually enter the prices which is much slower. Could you make the pointer move in 25 cent increments for those charts? Thanks!.Version: 5.0.3298

MetaTrader 5 is the bestI have not used MT4 so I should be careful what I say here, but MT5 is better than any other trading/charting software I have used. Recommended..Version: 5.0.3004

GoodGood.Version: 5.0.3351

Loving itGreat app.Version: 5.0.1403

SarahAaa.Version: 5.0.2829

Lines movingEvery day I have to check the lines,because it’s moving.why can’t u fix it this is 2020 no 19s.Version: 5.0.3221

Great appFantastic app, so much better than the desktop version which is very slow. I always use the mobile version to check my trades when the desktop version crashes or is slow..Version: 5.0.2346

Great app!I love this app. My only wish is it had a line chart in the Trade section like in MetaTrader 4 and when I Close a profit the app should have my trading price so that I don’t have to bounce back and forth before closing. Also the ruler in chart view should allow me to scroll up or down or back and forth. I have to close the ruler to get back to the chart and then enter my Take Profit..Version: 5.0.2941

It’s greatIt’s amazing and even the trader I’m working with is amazing and has patience with me. She explains everything every time. She is confident and until now she made every word she told me true. I can’t wait to reach the full potential of the trading. Thank you guys.Version: 5.0.3341

My favorite platform to trade onI love MetaTrader 5 because of its simplicity, the platform is easy to understand in comparison to others and whenever you have any issues they are quick to resolve it and they’re very informative and keep you updated. If I could give more than 5 Stars I would, I love it..Version: 5.0.3221

FeaturesHas great features and perfect for new people to understand.Version: 5.0.2829

Mr Struzik...the demo version is really great and I don't know why people criticize learning on the demo versions ,.. personally this application contributed to the fact that I became interested in the stock market and it became my total hobby, .. it is extremely easy to use, as long as we devote some time to learning with supporting materials, .. I wish you all have fun and a lot of money.Version: 5.0.3221

Been very reliable.Trades / actions executed quickly. All good with the trading side of things. Things I would like to see: More customisable notifications, i.e. be able to be notified about trading actions but not spam. Also the Buy and Sell button are quite close to the timeframe buttons and show/hide buttons so I’ve accidentally clicked buy/sell a couple of times 😬so perhaps a confirmation question please..Version: 5.0.3221

GreatVery happy.Version: 5.0.2941

BugsI have my account with funds and ready to go it's live. I still can't do a trade as the button is missing lol.. Please help? I'm confused many Bugs..Version: 5.0.2658

Continue (a big problem)I think it is a very good app but the big problem for me is that you can not zoom in the charts in vertical direction. when u have a fibonacci retracement in prices and the predictions are above your chart u can not see your price targets. the developpers shoud add the abbility of vertical zomming in and another functions in future as soon as possible. I shoud say the ability of horizontal zooming in exist and I don't see any problem. another problem: when I am writing this note I am glad to say the above problems has been solved. thank you for your attendance. But another problem is you can not use logarithmic scale of graph in this app. it is very crucial problem. Solve and add it ability to the application please. thank you for such a good application. hi again, thank you for solving some problems, but because of absence of logarithmic scale ability in the charts, I can not give 5 star. you know in trading strategies it is very important to see your chart in log scale. it is one of the basic necessities. thanks for your attention.Version: 5.0.3221

GfvhjkkkkjvchhChjl.Version: 5.0.2108

I prefer MT5 to MT4Both apps are great however MT5 have so many more perks that I use on a daily basis compared to MT4. MT5 makes trading a lot more efficient and just down right easy to use. I would highly recommend MT5 over MT4..Version: 5.0.3351

Best appI’m still Working the platform out but love what I’ve seen so far , if I’ve got anything to ask for I’d like it if you guys could make it easer to deposit & withdraw funds ..Version: 5.0.2157

Quick and easy tradesGreat app. All the functionality needed on the fly. Quick response and easy to use.Version: 5.0.2157

MT5Great and easy to use.Version: 5.0.2941

Great app to use and been using it on a go for over 3 yearsOnly concerns that need improvement -Doesn’t appear on the Apple Store except u are a previous user - Doesn’t have the pop up options like it did before but the iPad version still have pop up menu..Version: 5.0.3580

Keep mt5 on AppleLoving the new updates, big fan of the MetaTrader platforms. Keel up the good work!!.Version: 5.0.3580

Extremely handyThis app is a great partner for my desktop as I am away a lot and it keeps me in touch with my trades and it only takes a few seconds to do. I can stay logged in always and this saves most of my time. Basic trading maintenance is simple and accurate..Version: 5.0.2030

Speed is great but lacks some functionalityThe application is very fast and the interface is pretty intuitive. However I would like to see more indicators, oscillators and different candle types ie. Heiken ashi and renko as part of the package. Also the ability to set trailing stops in points and close or updating multiple positions at once..Version: 5.0.2086

Metatrader 5Super.Version: 5.0.3400

Needs update and one click closeApp is brilliant but needs updating. For sure you guys need to add one click close to the app as this would save you a lot of time of you have more than 5 trades for the same pair. Also would prevent losing trades to get chopped quick. Also would be nice to have more indicators coming from you guys instead paying on MQL5 Great app ,great features Seen loads of people leaving one star and blaming mt5 for it. It’s actually your brokers fault if it’s laggy bot the mt5 team. Also you can’t withdraw any money trough the app you do this within a client portal on your broker website. App for sure it’s not a scam just do your homework and stop complaining. 👍💯👍💯👍💯👍🤞👍💯👍💯👍💯.Version: 5.0.2658

Much better than MT4!!This is way better than mt4 it has a lot more options to use and hand features which makes trading way easier than before. Only thing to improve good be possibly add widgets to close trades in widgets centre for when not in app and also maybe multi close trade so you could close all or various profitable trades all at the same time 👍😊.Version: 5.0.1781

Great appLatest revision just made it so clear. It could be improved further if we can see price action graph when placing order. It would help if we can see TP and SL in $ (or other currencies) MT5 came long way. More platforms I saw it is looking better and better!.Version: 5.0.3400

Smooth performanceGood features and user navigation and good speed.Version: 5.0.3580

GreatGreat.Version: 5.0.3400

Great Trading platformI would so love for there to be an option to change the pending order to buy stop, sell stop, etc. instead of the default “buy limit”. I’m not a fan of changing the order then having to remember where exactly where my order has to be placed Can you guys please add this feature Then I’ll change it to a 5 star rating Thank you.Version: 5.0.3351

Trade awayVery good app. Missing a trailing stop which is annoying when the app is not handy. Maybe spreads could be a little closer but really very good despite some very minor issues. Great way to feel a pair..Version: 5.0.2565

The simplest but most powerful trading clientI love MT5 for iPad, and is currently my only client for executing and monitoring orders. It’s fast, reliable, easy to use and clear. There’s nothing wrong about it. It would make a huge difference if the developers added fixed range VOLUME PROFILE indicator…. If they did I wouldn’t use any other tool for my analysis!.Version: 5.0.3216

BEGINNERS OPINION!!I never write reviews, and I don’t trust anything digital or through my phone. I give this app 5 stars because of how easy it is to FIGURE OUT if you want to master it. I give it Five stars because although there are other apps for forex, I don’t see the need in trying another one when I simply wanted to just buy and sell for profit. I know if I try another app I’ll probably enjoy it just as much as this one, but the fact that I don’t care to try another app that delivers the full functionality of trading, props is given when it’s due..Version: 5.0.2346

Forex killer traderI like MT5 better than MT4 but I’m always Using MT4 since I started forex and then using MT4 because most Indicators are fit and stable to use In MT4 platform. MT5 Is the app that Is so easy when buy and sell and exit profit Is so easy hitting the closed button it shows the color when holding and you can keep holding until profits Is green but you have to know what your doing using It. I recommend using MT5 since it’s so easy to use. Some brokers don’t support MT5 because their just not ready for it yet but majority of the brokers are using MT5 and I recommend Using it if you are plan to use it. It all depends. But other than that, it’s a great App I love it..Version: 5.0.3221

Really good5 stars.Version: 5.0.3603

Tres bonJfais plein de cob.Version: 5.0.3603

Mr concreteWPGBest trading platform hands Down.Version: 5.0.3400

Chart problemAfter the recent update my chart appears smaller on my screen for some reason and it’s hard to scroll around as it doesn’t letme. Also doesn’t letme place limits properly on the chart section etc need this fixed ASAP then I’ll add that extra start on 👍 Other than that this is app is amazing for propfirms real money etc because of the fact it is more simple that all these other brokers overcomplicating their softwares..Version: 5.0.3580

Locked outCan someone send me a new temporary password so that I can get back into my trades? My rep from e-trades won’t get back to me. It’s been 3 days. Account: 793773 Thank you Eric.Version: 5.0.3400

Please add margin valueExcellent app. Very stable. Amazing charts. One big problem for me is the margin in £. Why is it not there? This is very important- especially when you start and the account is small. It takes ages to calculate the pips in money. Please add the margin value ( when opening position) as well as the value in money when you set SL and TP values. Also, I don’t have the advanced/ simple option at top. It only says “quotes” and the pencil on top left. Maybe it is related to Pepperstone? I have seen screenshots that have the two options at top - at the quotes tab. Apart from that - excellent app..Version: 5.0.2565

GreatI use this program across several different machines and it works well. Light version for ipad has some limitations but thats life.Version: 5.0.2086

Best trading platform available!MetaTrader 5 is definitely the best trading platform on the App Store. I’ve tried so many different platforms like trading 212 etc but nothing compares to MT5. It’s just so simple to use with everything you need on the taskbar. Very easy to navigate the app and make trades..Version: 5.0.2759

Pretty darn goodApp works great. I would LOVE to see a few extra options for trades, such as “trailing stop” and options for multiple take profit levels and stop loss, with a portion of position size (for example, “40% of my position is closed at this price and the remaining 60% is closed at that price”).Version: 5.0.2346

MetaTrader 5A great easy to use app that executes quickly and provides access to all devices. Highly recommended..Version: 5.0.3341

Useful for on the go!If you use MetaTrader, then this is a must to be able to monitor your trades when away from your main setup. The only thing that would make it better for me is being able to measure pips within the chart, otherwise it suits my needs 100% of the time..Version: 5.0.2346

The app is fantasticThis app is precise and clear I do really love it, however I just wondered if you could put an option on there to organise your trades and rename them and maybe put them into folders for long and short term? Keep up the great work!.Version: 5.0.2346

👌🏾Fantastic appExcellent app and easy to navigate, no real issues from me. The new update has improved things on the trading side of things, the arrows and marking now show entry and exit which has been very helpful. The only issue I have with the new update is not seeing market movements when I am about to close a trade. Please bring that back 🙏🏾.Version: 5.0.2505

GreatA lot of improvements has been done to the app make it easy to use for beginners and pro traders, but yet still there are some improvements needs to be done.Version: 5.0.3351

Good but could be betterOne annoying thing about the mt4 and mt5 is that it does not tell you the amount of loss and profits in Pound (money) terms when you put profit and loss targets most other application now do this. In general the trading section could be much more sophisticated than this. It would be good to have this added..Version: 5.0.1781

💰💰🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑.Version: 5.0.3351

Great appI have been trading for quite sometimes and nothing beats metatrader app for phones it’s easy simple to use eye friendly and easy to set up a lot easier than the desktop app. Though now I can’t seem to be able to trade on my phone I can’t buy or sell anything at all. This happened when I changed from IPhone X to IphoneXS Max couldn’t find a way to contact support yet but I can’t seem to be able to press the top right button for trade (buy, sell options) to pop..Version: 5.0.1781

LilyMT5 is faster.Version: 5.0.3107

Thank youThanks.Version: 5.0.3351

Smooth UIWith the latest update, the UX is cleaner and easier to use. Only issue is when searching for pairs or commodities within the ‘Quotes’ page, you can only search for the group and not single pairs within the list (as it is difficult to locate some forex pairs, since they are not sorted in order). Would like the ability to widen the search criteria to include pairs on the Quoted page too and the forex pairs to be in order.Version: 5.0.2505

One little change and it will be perfectWhen dragging the SL or TP lines on your chart, let the line show automatically the amount of profits or loss you will incur. The same as on the PC metatrader 5. That way we can easily scale appropriately.Version: 5.0.3107

Better Than MT4Personally enjoy the updates on MT5 better than MT4. It makes adjusting trail and stops easier with a simple slide of the screen on the chart screen which is amazing. Also switching your Watchlist within the same chart is easier as well you don’t have to keep going back and fourth to the quote section to switch your chart. Overall more cleaner feel and look to MT5..Version: 5.0.3004

The bestI have used a lot of trading apps and brokers but nothing was similar to MT5 plus its super fast and user friendly than anything else. Thats what makes it the best 👍.Version: 5.0.2565

Great AAA+Enjoyed playing the demo but he very careful with your real money 💰.Version: 5.0.1781

Good apps. If plus some fx news will be betterLike to use it..Version: 5.0.991

JtNz8👍👍👍👍.Version: 5.0.2346

AmazingThe app is very easy to get in and out of trade. Also the trade history helps to backtest and understand the trade which has been taken previously. Very good and effective app..Version: 5.0.2941

AwesomeThis is a great app in real time.Version: 5.0.3351

Meta5Best app ever.Version: 5.0.3580

The bestImpossible to trade without.Version: 5.0.3351

RamilaOverall the best platform amongst many. One suggestion.. do place a button that allows to wipe off all the indicators and marks on the screen with one push and(!) this change to stay temporary (or customized) as very often need to see a clear chart for a sec with no indicators on for clarification of something but at the same time don’t want to loose all the indicators that had been placed . Kinda a button for indicators to be in invisible mode temporally ...Version: 5.0.3580

User friendly appThank you MT5.Version: 5.0.3400

Trailing stop please!Very nice and easy to use app. Only missing thing is a trailing stop that would really make trading more enjoyable when away from app!.Version: 5.0.1649

Tres bien et assez facile a opererVoila.Version: 5.0.3603

GREAT APPThis app is intuitive, portable and powerful. It provides an array of popular stochastic indicators and trading tools necessary to accommodate today's typical trader. It is adaptable to a range of platforms, i.e., PC's, smartphones and tablets that are available today. Charts can be viewed on a number of timeframes and can be customized to display information that facilitates trading a variety of styles. It interfaces with a number popular brokerage houses and can be used to trade crypto-currencies, ETFs, Forex and stocks. This is an outstanding app..Version: 5.0.2658

Xau101I just want the Ipad app be able to show multiple charts as before. i dont stay home all the time to be in front of a computer and watch multiple charts at once. why was this changed.Version: 5.0.2941

Nice, Clean, SimpleGreat easy to use app which is more rounded on some edges than others. Everything in the middle works well, creating / adding your account is simple and easy to setup. Would like to see more features from the desktop version such as ability to turn on VPS and add EAs. Overall a good job done..Version: 5.0.2759

Easy to use and understandA great app for trading which is really easy to use and understand.Version: 5.0.2906

Waaaay better then MT4I like the improved UI/UX and I also like that it puts you near the price of the security. It’s very fast moving which I also like too. I also like that it highlights your position on the graph so you know how it’s doing. One thing I do want to complain about is that the price for BTC on MT5 and trading view is way off so it can be tricky placing trades but I’ve been profitable consistently thus far. I’m just waiting for more brokers to adopt MT5..Version: 5.0.3004

Great platformI love the versatility of this platform. I use the desktop version and switch to the app when I’m on the go. I like the trade history as it’s clear to read and look back at my past trades. Trade history in other platforms is broken down by buy and sell orders separated and is hard to read. I highly recommend this platform to beginners and processionals alike..Version: 5.0.2790

Easy To Use - Just Watch A Short YouTube Introductory Video To Dispel Any Intimidating ImpressionsThis software is very well laid out & quick & easy to understand once you know how it works & what the terms mean. Make sure that you have @ a minimum watched a video on YouTube called ‘MetaTrader 5 Mobile Tutorial For Beginners’ by ‘Trading Heroes’. A very good video! Very informative! This software takes care of the handling side of the equation. All you need to assess is whether you are any good @ reading the economic situation in the world & how good of a judge of the economic picture of the world..Version: 5.0.2297

The best platform I have usedMetaTrader 5 is a platform which has fast trade placements and can quickly place trades. My only complaint is that it is not possible to change the time to anytime zone I want.Version: 5.0.2829

Awesome App for Trader on the Go!I’ve used MetaTrader 4 for years on my laptop. I decided to try this on my iPhone. Just to see what it’s like . Although I primarily use my laptop for charting ,Everything’s on here as far as indicators. And the charting is easy. I can enter a trade and leave out the house. I love being able to whip out my phone and check my trades or jump in a trade if I see an entry opportunity..Version: 5.0.2346

They got the moneyWe are using this trading for months and making money but after 6 months they got our money and won't give it to us. I was very disappointed that we cannot leave our money in the stocks for months or else it will be forfeited..Version: 5.0.3216

AmazingApp is very easy to use, low and affordable fees. Small lot option size available as well. Quick and free money transfers. News section is very useful.Version: 5.0.2658

Great appLove MetaTrader 5 is great fast it has a couple functions that I like that metatrader 4 doesn’t have but metatrader 4 also has it but you have to tilt the screen to for widescreen to get the buy sell function on the actual chart screen and with metatrader5 it has it for both ways in standard screen and widescreen but I use both for trading accounts there both good.Version: 5.0.2346

Very niceVery nice.Version: 5.0.2941

MT5App is the Goat. Glad your back 💗.Version: 5.0.3603

Nice interfaceHopefully add trailing stop than it will be amazing.Version: 5.0.3091

Good app but.It would be really good if you were able to change the background colour on iPad like you can on iPhone, it doesn’t make sense as to why it is lacking this feature on the iPad app??? Please can you update this?.Version: 5.0.1781

Karan181818Love it.Version: 5.0.3400

Switched from MT4For everyone considering switching from MT4 to MT5 desktop version or mobile- you won’t regret it for a second! It’s much much better! You may need to open different account for the MT5 tho, or at least with my broker was that way..Version: 5.0.3221

OK but!!!!!There is no trailing stop loss on the mobile version, or the ability to run any kind of algorithms making it harder to do trading as I am not able to sit in front of my pc all day to watch the market but!!! When I have the right algorithm running on my pc it can open and close bids automatically and I can open and close others on my iPad or mobile and even monitor the ones the pc opens and closes.Version: 5.0.3221

Good app and rarely crashesOne thing for a future improvement would be to have the total loss/profit based on the lot size displayed on the chart while your are moving the Draggable take profit/stop loss line so that you can see the risk/reward in money terms. Just like the computer based mt5 platform does..Version: 5.0.3216

AmazingVery good app.Version: 5.0.3580

Make me queef i like it now i make moneyStinky, but in a good way. who else likes being lazy?.Version: 5.0.2658

Has never let me downMT5 has been great really simple to use. Only improvements I would ask for is a way to close all positions at once…. (Or faster closing of multiple positions) and telling me the Monetary profit and loss on an open positions and limit orders..Version: 5.0.2906

Stay away!!!! SCAM CITYThis app allows rouge traders to stay on the platform and rip off unsuspecting people in pig butchering scams. They can manipulate the data to give you false information and then tie up your money under the guise of tax payments then freeze your account. MetaTrader know this happens and does nothing to help get the stolen funds back..Version: 5.0.3091

Huge improvement over mt4I was reluctant to try mt5 because I heard there was so many glitching stories. But I’ve been using it for about 6 months and have had 0 issues with it. Great platform it isn’t perfect but much better than mt4 especially the graphics resolution and the ability to move your sl and tp easier.Version: 5.0.3193

有点小问题我的metatrader5无法加载crude oil是什么原因!.Version: 5.0.3580

Great trading appEverything works nicely but it needs two main improvements: 1-Ability to turn off the trading arrows as they get in the way of analysis and you have to delete all objects to get rid of them. 2-Ability to have multiple chart timeframes on one screen which I think already exists on mt4 but not mt5..Version: 5.0.2717

Great learning toolMetaTrader5 has been an excellent way for me to get started with understanding of the Forex investment market. The option to trade with a demo account means I can practice and learn in the marketplace itself. I have not yet opened a real account but am working towards feeling confident I could be trading the Forex market..Version: 5.0.2157

One missing componentAs it is, this is beyond a great platform to trade on but seems like most people would want an option where we can close all open positions in one button as i trade quick, sometimes i have to go through multiple steps to close one. Overall, this is a very simple and comfortable platform to trade on would recommend to everyone..Version: 5.0.3216

GoodGood.Version: 5.0.3603

BeginnerJust starting to get into forex trading and without much training or even watching tutorials I find it pretty easy to use. I’ve been practicing on the demo account for past few days to get a little hands on experience before I open up my live account. So far I like this app but this is the first and only forex app I have used so far but majority of the info I’ve seen or read recommend MetaTrader. I’ll check in on some others once I’m comfortable but for now the demo account is awesome for learning and hands on experience purposes..Version: 5.0.2759

No Apple Watch appI’ll be honest I cannot fault MT5 only that I’m an electrician and don’t always have access to my phone I would and I’m positive thousands of others would appreciate an Apple Watch app that at least let us check price and enter/exit trades on the.Version: 5.0.2906

Much better than MT4 - Must tryAppearance and features are much better than MT4, so easy to use such as the sliding SL on the chart to minimise losses and entries are more accurate. This makes trading so much easier and improved my trading massively..Version: 5.0.3351

GreatEasy to trade and understand.Version: 5.0.3580

Just Missing One ThingMT5 is a great platform, but there’s just one feature that I’d really like to see: push notifications when trades are executed. It has a notifications feature, but it only works when my laptop is on running the platform as well, which seems to defeat the purpose. Otherwise, I love it!.Version: 5.0.1649

Easy to useAs a new user ... it only took a little time to get comfortable with all the key features. Of course making money helps to be very positive about the App also :).Version: 5.0.2505

Works wellI can have as many indicators as I want and they stay on when I switch currencies. Very fiddly when I first started but I actually prefer it to the desktop version now. Obligatory, make sure your broker is legit, but MT5 is doing great..Version: 5.0.3216

SuperEasy to use, slight improvement to make it user friendly will be nice..Version: 5.0.3400

Great appEasy to use and fast.Version: 5.0.3400

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