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WeChat app received 157 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using WeChat? Can you share your negative thoughts about wechat?

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Can’t restore backed up chat historyBacked up my chats to my computer then switched phones. Whatever i do, I cannot restore my backup to the new phone. Restarted all devices, restarted the network, tried a 4G hotspot - nothing. Kept getting network timeout. So now I’ve lost all my chats. Brilliant! I wish the developers would allow a cabled option to back up data in the event of network issues..Version: 7.0.15

No connection after updating8.0.5 - no connection.Version: 8.0.5

为什么 whyI’ll write this message in both English and Chinese so you can understand me better. Why did you remove the ability to see new videos? I can only see videos from people who I follow, and my friends. I understand that people with a Chinese phone number still have this ability. It’s very upsetting. I’m an American and I am trying to learn your culture, this was an amazing tool, taken away from me. I used to use wechat all day, but now it’s meaningless. I can use iMessage instead if I want to text my friends. Now the only thing WeChat has exclusively is their stickers. You’ve ruined the WeChat experience for all foreigners. I pray you will change it back very soon. 我会用英语和中文写这条讯息,这样你就能更好地理解我。 你为什么取消了观看新影片的功能? 我只能看到我关注的人和我的朋友的影片。 我知道拥有中国电话号码的人仍然有这种能力。 这非常令人不安。 我是一个美国人,我正在努力学习你的文化,这是一个了不起的工具,从我身上夺走了。 我以前整天都在用微信,但现在它毫无意义了。 如果我想给朋友发简讯,我可以改用iMessage资讯。 现在,微信唯一独家拥有的是他们的贴纸。 你毁了所有外国人的微信体验。 我祈祷你很快就会把它改回来。.Version: 8.0.39

莫名其妙占用10g多存储我对话全删了也才1.5g, 你凭什么都放我本地而不是你服务器上? 还不如qq.Version: 8.0.14

Security is too sensitiveI have had to unlock my account several times because of the new security changes. I use this app for work with clients over seas and it’s starting to make me loose business. I can’t access anything once I get locked out. If I try to log into my laptop it says there is suspicious activity. It locks me out all the time and now I have reached my Max account verification. I tried to get people to unlock it with the help a friend unlock the account and they all can’t do it because they get an alert that says they reached the max to help a friend. Then they get locked out because of suspicious activities. This is a horrible security development and should be changed ASAP because they will start to loose business. I wish I Can add pics to show proof of what I have to deal with..Version: 7.0.8

WORST APP IN THE WORLDI get this app because im overseas in china, i sign up and make a account and everything and then i add my relatives ans then i GET RESTRICTED for suspicious activity?? and then i wait a full 2 weeks to unrestrict my sccount BUT u need a friend to verify so then i got a friend to verify my account BUT the friend needs to have a bank card??? A FKEN bank card to unrestrict my account are you taking the absolute p*** not only that is how slow wechat is and i kept trying to unrestrict my account but i had to keep restarting the process because the loading screen was too long and then i GET BLOCKED from unrestrcting my account because i was doing it to much, i am so done with this app and i csnt even add friends or send friend request or make a new account, STUPID APP worst app in the world im glad i dont live in china.Version: 8.0.40

在群里被禁声can’t speak up in group不知道自己说了什么,在几乎所有的群里都无法发言,西朝鲜的宪法不是写明保障言论自由吗? I can’t send any messages in almost every group I am currently in, I suspect this is a result of something that I have said. But am I not protected by the constitution law?.Version: 8.0.2

WeChat blocked my account for several monthsJust like a previous comment, my account was mysteriously blocked for no apparent reason for 7 months after years of using the account. Despite having contacts in China verify my account, the recovery process was circular and useless; whatever prompt they gave me to follow always brought me back to another prompt and another prompt and then rejection. Was never given any explanation as to why this happened. If it was a bug, I hope developers are more sensitive to fixing them promptly and creating a way for users to reach out to an IT representative who can help them instead of a robot . Very frustrating. I really missed communicating with a dear friend in China while I couldn’t sign in.Version: 7.0.12

WeChat stop working!I wish I can give higher rating but the recent update frustrates me to no end. After the update, my WeChat iPad has stop connecting to my house wifi and my office wifi. I still receive message notifications outside the app but when I clicked on it, my WeChat will show it is disconnected from the internet server. I have deleted the app and re-downloaded it, and it works okay for one night, and the next morning the same issue happened again. My internet connection has no issue connecting other China-owned apps, so I am not sure what’s the problem. I have reported this issue on the WeChat website but so far no one is getting back to me. Please help!.Version: 8.0.6

Frozen after iOS 12 updateThe app freezes whenever I open it.Version: 6.7.2

So many functions not working well...Update: This update has more functionality problems than what I posted earlier. It now: 1. Fails to upload the full messages to the watch. 2. Fails to display photos and emojis or incorrectly. 3. Unable to play/listen to voice messages via the watch. 4. After deleting Wechat from the watch and installing it again, most of the pictures, messages and voice messages fail to be upload to the watch. All other apps that are used don’t have these functionality problems, nor connectivity problems. Please fix this..!! ☹️☹️☹️.Version: 7.0.17

Problems after updated to version 8.05I’m encountering a few problems since updating in 3 weeks ago. For example, 1. cannot listen to a voice message if it’s more than 20second long 2. Login issue: every time I have tried to login at least 2-3 times then going through connection and loading cycle, it takes longer than used to be. 3. Under The discover section - the moment function is refreshing but there is no data loading up for 4days. 4. Deleted the app then reinstalled,then I can’t login anymore, I noticed that some options under Apple setting - WeChat, photos are missing. I have to lodge a report/feedback, then the options came back. 5. I reported the issues last night again, it functioned to normal after 3 weeks, I am so happy that it’s all solved. However, in the next morning the issues came back again, I have been sending report/feedback again, still going nowhere. So frustrating! 6. The problem is happening on iPhoneXR & brand new 12 pro max not on my iPad and iPhone 7 Plus! It’s so weird!.Version: 8.0.5

Broke a Working Function; Horrible New InterfaceNot all of my subscriptions are equally pressing for me to read, so now I have this cumbersome extra step of having to click on the dropdown menu in order to get to the old view of my subscriptions in order to see which ones I currently want to look at. Maybe the subscriptions message folder is useful for some people, but now it just makes me not want to use subscriptions. At least make it optional, or give us the choice of whether to view the old view or the messages view first please. As for the new interface it is way too white, and there is not enough contrast. The update says it’s supposed to be more intuitive and easier to use but now it’s actually harder to navigate because of the color scheme used for all the sections. Also, there is so much wasted space in the margins around messages and text, and everything looks so spaced out (not condensed) which is frustrating. DO NOT UPDATE..Version: 7.0.1

Couldn’t share a linkCouldn’t share a link after installed the latest version.Version: 8.0.2

Not very usefulI try to log in. But then a notification type thing pops up and says" account or password error, please try again later." So I do, and it's exactly the same as last time.Version: 6.7.1

Xi mingzeXijinping.Version: 8.0.14

内存管理非常差占用太多存储空间,并且不能有效地清理。聊天记录也不能方便输出存储。语音也不能转发存储。.Version: 8.0.18

Weird bug after updating to IOS 14I use iPhone XS MAX and there’s this weird bug on the bottom part of the screen after updating to IOS 14. Please fix it asap..Version: 7.0.15

CANT LOG INIt doesn’t let you login unless you get another friend to verify for you. However none of my friends uses WeChat so I’m literally just stuck. Tried contacting their customer service many times and received no reply. I hate this app but I need it for work..Version: 8.0.2

Please fix the screen orientationOnly recently screen orientation is the wrong way around. When I have iPad turned landscape, the thumbnail of my picture is in portrait, whilst the picture was f the people I’m calling is landscape. When I turn the iPad to portrait, my picture stays portrait but the picture I cure of the person I’m calling goes landscape within the portrait space. It never used to do this. To the person I’m calling, my picture comes on their screen sideways. Please fix this..Version: 8.0.10

Group Chats failIf you ever delete the app, all the group chat messages and groups will disappear. No other app does this. Extremely disappointing. If you have to set each group chat to “save” manually each time to avoid this which isn’t obvious, as again, no other app works like this. Notifications are also broken. Sometimes it gives me a notification for no reason at all. Open the app, nothing. Does not support the phone integration within iOS so you have to unlock and open the app to accept phone calls which means you cannot use a Bluetooth headset, CarPlay, or Apple Watch to receive calls. This especially makes it useless while driving and unsafe. This app is in need of a serious update to make it modern. I really can’t believe how in 2022 this app can be so backwards considering all the options out there..Version: 8.0.29

Bug越来越多越来越离谱怎么这软件你们自己不用吗?这能用吗?打开半天连接不上,消息延迟赶上写信了。别的app咋不这样呢?我谢谢你狗屎软件🙂.Version: 8.0.20

Deletes your account for inactivitySo Wechat decides at one point within their short spanned dying lifespan, that to further appeal to their customers and fuel their selfish, blinded, narrow minded and worthless objectives, they think that “hey, so in order to really reel in our customers, let’s just stab them in the back and deactivate their account after a period of inactivity, forcing them to create a NEW account, then having to add all their contacts AGAIN along with deleting their conversations prior to the disabling of account. Freaking A for awesome idea”. This was by far one of the most dim witted, pointless and worthless updates to implement to an app that revolves around communicating with people especially when overseas as there are countries that restrict the use of facebook or other social networking applications. I had faith and interest in this app, where I could rely on it’s straight forward, easy to use functions to send/receive messages overseas. But alas, this simple task has completely become void as your account is susceptible to being deactivated at any time, whenever Wechat desires to apply it’s sadistic lust to inconvenience all their customers however they please. Fix this mess you have created..Version: 6.6.0

Very Unsatisfactory but good stickersOkay, I like your stickers and how you can add your own personalised ones. But I would find it more satisfactory if you could add gifs, like the ones on WhatsApp. However, WeChat is glitchy and it keeps taking forever to load. It keeps logging me out and it is complicated with the passwords and ID. Unlike WhatsApp, a reliable and amazing app which I thoroughly recommend, you can’t see your moment viewers, or your status viewers, someone’s last seen and online, or whether you can see if they’ve read your message. I understand this can sometimes be intruding and unnecessary but I feel it is more helpful and you can talk easier. WhatsApp is like this and it’s amazing, with my friends having no problems with being able to see your viewers. WeChat is very unsatisfactory and I do not recommend it. With these bug fixes like the glitches and complicated IDs and passwords etc. also the ability to see if your message has been received etc., I think WeChat will be good. For the meantime I will refrain from using it. Thank you..Version: 8.0.40

Did a preschooler design this?It would be difficult to design a less intuitive more clunky app than this. Because it's supposed to do everything, it ends up doing nothing well. To get, for example, from a conversation to the food delivery section requires more clicks than having two separate apps for those functions. The functions that are used all the time, like scanning and food delivery, need their own dedicated always available buttons. Instead you have to dig through menus to find them. The day I leave China is the day I remove this piece of bloatware from my phone..Version: 8.0.37

Wecrap, poor coding at it's finest.The app locked me out for suspicious activity, I wasn't in the app, I didn't have the app open, how is that suspicious? Is it because I'm not using their app 24/7, perhaps it's because I'm not from it's country of origin? Nah, it comes down to just good old fashion poor coding, something universal. In what little time I was on the app I found it to be clean and some interesting features. I just didn't have time to make friends on it, so I'm locked out with zero way back in. How about the developer try that in reverse? Make it so you have to have friends to register, that way I don't waste my time on such a poorly designed poorly coded back end system, which I could just be using the book of faces for that. There are other apps out there that don't have the problem, I'm sure there are apps that are worse than this. Save your time, find some other way to message each other..Version: 7.0.4

又大又丑不明白一个社交软件为什么这么大,隔壁messenger 才50m WhatsApp 90m ,一堆没什么用的功能.Version: 8.0.14

Not secureStrict censorship with obvious political standing on content and chat. A lot of times it blocks critiquing Chinese government and warn chats taking about politics not into their favour. You just feel that there is a pair of eyes watching your activities on this app. I rarely use this app..Version: 7.0.12

Please add a create accountI cant sigh in or log in can you pls add a create account button so i can use it.Version: 6.7.2

视频号推荐和搜索哪去了新版本没了微信视频号推荐和搜索功能。差评.Version: 8.0.38

Good but improvements need to be madeThere is no easy way to scroll up to the top of a person’s WeChat msgs so that if you want to find out what msg you sent or recd 6 months ago, you have to keep on scrolling for a long time. If you want to see the first msg you sent or recd, you keep on scrolling and scrolling to get to the top. Another thing — how do you add a debit card to your wallet when you are not in China? When I try doing it, the phone number I want to add does not go thru and I get a msg saying it is the wrong format. Can anyone help?.Version: 6.6.1

Easy to use, but oh my the optimization is BAD!In my honest opinion I think Discord is miles ahead of WeChat in terms of optimization, but too bad people in China doesn’t use it! Every message, video, and file, and I do mean literally everything you send, is stored locally on your device and not in Tencent servers. This means that a few files and power points sent back and forth with your friend and colleagues will ALL get stored in your system memory unless you manually clear them. My phone currently sits at 3+GB thanks to that, and I can’t easily clear out the files in case I need it! This also means chat history isn’t synced across devices because the WeChat servers doesn’t have a copy of it. Annoying to say the least..Version: 8.0.44

Dark modeWhen can we have dark mode wechat huh?.Version: 7.0.8

不人性化希望发过的朋友圈 可以重新编辑 比如重新编辑描述 或者隐藏组图的时候可以选择隐藏一张图或者全部隐藏.Version: 6.5.18

Security makes the app unusableHave been trying to sign back into my account for months but i need to be referred by a friend. he is never able to activate my account even though he bas never activated anyones account. in addition random pages and screens come up in chinese and a lot of the app is poorly translated. other than that ok.Version: 7.0.14

Waste of timeI tried to sign up to Wechat for communication purposes in China but was asked to be verified by another user due to unusual activity on my account which I found strange. I managed to get verified but then a few days later when I tried to log in again, my account was blocked again and needed to be verified. I then tried to get verified by another user through the ‘help friend log in’ option but it failed as it came up with a message saying that user is blocked too. After numerous attempts, I cannot understand why it is so difficult and get verified more than once. Horrible experience overall and a waste of my time..Version: 7.0.8

Good luck getting any supportCall functionality is decent but that’s not what I’m going to talk about. I forgot my password to my account. That account has a random unknown number linked to it. Which it could be my fault. it also has no emails linked to it. I could accept some accountability for that but what is upsetting is that there’s no way to contact support. The official website didn’t have a phone number listed nor had a chat function. The chat function part can be left out but any basic company would have a phone number to contact for any support. Let alone Tencent whose company worth is $134 billion. Basically if you’re in the US and you need some support, you’re screwed. This is completely unacceptable. If a small business can have a phone number, a multibillion dollar conglomerate should also have a number..Version: 8.0.2

Can't access my money.For the past couple months, as I live outside of Mainland China, I have been no longer able to access my WeChat wallet, which has a few thousand on it. Can no longer be paid through WeChat for my job, which has gotten difficult to be paid otherwise. Kept checking for updates on whether they have reinstalled the feature to access money outside China. Nothing. They never have, and probably won't for a while.Version: 7.0.5

Cant login or sign upI had wechat in the past, didnt used it for some time and had to re-download. Now I cant log in its asking me to sign up. But I cant sign up easily due to some security check had to be done by another member????.Version: 6.6.5

WhyThe reason I voted 1 star is because I can’t download it because it has a very dumb error so that is why I don’t like this bad app..Version: 8.0.44

ANGRYI am very disappointed with my wechat experience. This is because about a year ago I downloaded wechat and signed in using my phone, I then signed out because my account was glitching. I redownloaded it now, and it’s asking me for someone else’s number to verify it’s me. But unfortunately I didn’t have any friends on wechat to talk to, therefore I don’t have any other way to log back in to my account. Very unhappy and please make a new verification system. Thank you.Version: 6.7.2

Don’t use WeChatWeChat is becoming useless. My parents can’t see my message at all. It has violated my right of communication..Version: 7.0.13

Worst Application I ever worked with!Each time they update a new version, not only any malfunctions do not fixed, it’s performance gets worse! Please stop developing and kill this app forever! - There’s no syncing whatsoever. I must work with this app because of my job. And I have it on my Cellphone and laptop. If I receive and open a message on my phone, next time I open it on my laptop, it won’t be there. Despite that I activated the sync button! And when I’m working on my laptop, and chat with someone, the app on my cellphone shows all my messages as new messages! - And don’t get me start with file system. To see a glance of how an app could be garbage, try to open it. Each time It takes like three attempts or more to open the app. And it’s not like the 3rd time it will open nice and easy. I must wait like 30 seconds to pass the opening page and the like another 30 seconds or more to loading!!! Please kill it and let the people use a real app!.Version: 8.0.18

CCP SPYWARE!There is no peer to peer encryption security feature which is widely used by other social apps nowadays. The reason being it’s convenient for the Chinese government to fetch your chat data from your phone at anytime! Don’t use it unless you absolutely need to communicate with Chinese inside their walls..Version: 8.0.2

关了拍一拍功能这烂功能垃圾死了,下一个版本赶紧关了.Version: 7.0.14

WeChat. Gone Worse.I just want to say that since Wednesday 19th December 2018, WeChat has been indirectly telling me to delete my account. It asked for my credit number and all sorts of information and I have not got it, e.g. asked for my CVV and credit card number but I’m only 16?? This is ridiculously stupid and disappointing because I’ve been using this app for many years and I and my family/relatives use this to communicate (we live in different countries). I regret to delete this app but if WeChat actually does something about this, then it will be much appreciated. I will wait for your response, WeChat..Version: 7.0.0

Making it harder to translate a message with new updateTo translate a message now I have to highlight a message and click next twice. Used to be only once. Making life in China so difficult for no reason. Move it back to the first page when highlighting a message, or better, just let us auto translate every message..Version: 6.7.0

Can’t even LoginWhat’s the point of downloading this app on a device like an iPad if it’s not even going to let you log in?? Please change this redundant feature..Version: 7.0.5

8.0.6 版本iPad同时登陆网络问题一直用iPhone为主 然后同时登陆iPad 微信好几年都没有问题。iPhone上显示iPad微信已登陆。但iPad上不能退出登陆 也不能收发。处于死机状态。iPad上其他app收发正常。只能先卸载再重装了。.Version: 8.0.6

Useless interactivity between continentsFirstly I am in China on an extended visit and am trying to use WeChat to stay in touch with my daughter in China and my girlfriend back home in the UK. My girlfriend an I both previously used WeChat in similar circumstances two years ago and we had no issues, we are both using the latest version from the App Store. Both of us had it installed both were messaging and using the voice call facility over wi fi when the following day my girlfriend in the UK’s account is blocked for “suspicious activity” which is complete crap. I can not verify her account as WeChat suggest at her end because I haven’t received a request to do so according to WeChat my end. If you seriously want to take on other platforms you are going to have to get a grip and provide a product that works across borders.Version: 7.0.5

Can’t read? Good luck!If you can’t read Chinese and you download WeChat, it’s not much use to you, in china WeChat is essential because it can be used to pay, to order, for transportation and etc but what’s the point if you can’t read Chinese? It’s all useless. I don’t want to keep screenshotting every single page I get to then go onto a translator app and scan it. Every single page. It would be so so so so much easier if you could just add a language feature when everything would be set to one language, not two, one..Version: 8.0.40

WeChat is now a waste a space.After this stupid update, you can longer log in to your account without it asking for your credit card information, I only used this app to text my family and friends so I don’t see any reason for credit card info, plus I don’t even own a card. If you fail to fill in this information, the app will force you to log out of WeChat, it’s like they don’t want you to use it. This update also clears all chat histories if you haven’t transferred them, all my chat histories have been completely wiped and there’s no way of retrieving it. Also, a pop up before the update said something along the lines of “if you don’t update to the latest version, you will no longer be able to use WeChat”. This update has completely ruined itself and now it has become just a waste of storage space on my phone. I highly recommend everyone to not download this app. Or until something has been done about this..Version: 6.7.0

死了8.06无法连接,无法更新信息,甚至无法退出登录.Version: 8.0.6

ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT??This Apps registration requirement is just mind boggling? I have NO problem whatsoever providing a phone number like so many Apps need nowadays...usually you give your number to a trustworthy developer to verify your a real person and they file with the other thousands of users Ph numbers and thats it, no big deal. But for “We Chat” they actually require you to some how randomly contact another user, who is a COMPLETE stranger from who knows were, and ask them to help you finish the registration process? Are you out of your minds? Your crazy and it blows my mind to think other users gave there actual Ph number to a total stranger who could be a hacker...a identity thief...convicted felon....killer...rapist or even worse? HOW CAN THEY EXPECT YOU TO DO SOMETHING SO DANGEROUS for such a common App that doesnt even look that promising or special? Its just SO wreckless and unacceptable and to know that there is even 1 person out that complied is by far 1 person to many? And if something does go wrong and a user is harmed in ANY way, WeChat developers should be be most definitely held responsible for causing it.....NO APP IS WORTH PUTTING YOURSELF IN HARMS WAY PEOPLE? WOW?.Version: 7.0.20

Serious privacy concernsIt’s no wonder that they’re still not using end-to-end chat encryption or 2FA for user account security. This app is basically used by the authorities (tankies) to track user activity, posts, comments, location and even sensitive information to monitor users who may have said or done something inappropriate with regards to their disciplinary actions (if you can catch my drift). There’s some evidence of data leak which shows that WeChat is being used by the authorities to track users down to collect information on their Covid status via their location and app usage records. I would ONLY use this app because its the only widely used service in Mainland China. But be careful over what you share with others in your chats because they watch your content for “inappropriate” stuff..Version: 8.0.31

Horrible and unusable signup processAfter spending 30 minutes trying to create an account first using Facebook, then mobile, I just gave up. Keeps up sending a sms to a random number, only to pop up a spinnig wheel of death, and then the error message Too many operations, try again later. And the bad programmers that did this app, made sure you have to enter all your data every single time you try. Stay clear of this one, and choose something else..Version: 7.0.8

Deactivates accountSays suspicious activity and deactivates account. I only had an account for 7 days. Only way to reactivate is to get a friend on wechat to confirm who I am but they have to have had wechat for longer than 6 months, which since everyone I knew had only just started was not possible. Is a useless function! Came to App Store to see if there was a solution and found a lot of people equally frustrated. I think it may have given me a virus also..Version: 7.0.3

WeChat website doesn’t work or won’t let me log inWell first of all, WeChat’s website does not let me log in at all after I scanned it and second of all is that if I go on channels and watch videos it’s ok but if I scroll down after 3 or more it lags then skip to the part after and doesn’t let me watch the whole thing on my mobile app which is disappointing..Version: 8.0.42

Poor poor poor customer serviceI started using this app in Sept 2019 to communicate with Saturday school staff. February 2020 I was blocked saying I’d violated the terms of use. All I used it for was talking to teachers about school work. For the last 18 months I’d used all available methods to re-register and all possible means of communication to request help but nobody has replied during that time. If you’re going to block someone at least tell me what I did wrong and let me prove that it was an incorrect decision. If I had a choice I wouldn’t use this terrible service and much prefer WhatsApp or Messages but the school insists on using this as a means of communication and without it I miss out on important information so I don’t really have a choice. Can someone please reply to all the emails, Tweets, Facebook messages I’ve sent. Thank you..Version: 8.0.13

CN Government randomly blocks users registered with foreign phone numberCompared to telegram, this app is just too large in size and slow in function. Also, you are under surveillance when you are using it. Might not be a problem for a user for non-Chinese users since you may never go to China anyway. For my Chinese friends, they are having a hard time with it. Police might find you when they monitored you saying something they don’t want to hear. Also, FOREIGN NUMBERS GET BANNED FOR NO REASON. Registered successfully somehow but got banned the next day, same thing happened when I switched to my second phone number. When I was registering with my third number (about 10 months later on another device), I am not allowed to register. And finally I’m here leaving a comment…:(.Version: 8.0.27

Why 5GB space for using it??????Ok, I believe there is no need to mention about the good parts of WeChat, as it is a MUST app for Chinese society. I just want to say that after updating, why I have to got at least 5GB for running it normally???? I have to open & close the app and tap into a chat ASAP for more than 100 times every single day!!! Could you please please stop asking me to clear my phone’s memory?? It’s sooooo annoying! I hate WeChat for this point soooo much!.Version: 8.0.16

Connection error, check your network settingsThis message constantly shown when open Wechat recently. My network still the same haven’t changed anything. I can open any other apps with no problem except WeChat. It seems to me Wechat unable open under wifi, it only works when using mobile data which is sad as I don’t want it gobbling up the data at home watching and browsing while I have wifi available at home. Looking forward to see some improvements on this app..Version: 8.0.18

Worst AppEven signing up is a pain. Too much verification process involved. Waste of time..Version: 8.0.38

Why the tedious sign up process?So to keep things brief, trying to sign up to WeChat is ridiculous. I’ll provide a list of requirements to create an account. 1: Phone number (ok no problem there) 2: Email (again no problem) 3: Someone to scan an verify your account (now from my understanding it’s to avoid bot accounts, but you already have so many things in place to combat against that. 4: Go through the verification and account creation process (and here is the main issue, even after going through all the hoops of in including a email and phone number for verification purposes and an existing user, all the can be rendered useless because of the amount of “verification time outs”. I have a brand new iPhone that has the latest update and yet this issue still persists).Version: 8.0.42

更新ios12以后不能正常使用更新ios12以后不能正常使用,请立即解决问题!打开app以后立刻闪退或者在app内卡住,请有关团队立即解决!.Version: 6.7.2

Cannot Register Unless You Know Someone Who Already Uses WeChatThis is utterly farcical! Once again, another Chinese social media platform that WILL NOT let you register an account unless you already know someone who uses the service. So, if you’ve got friends or family in China, and you want to join WeChat, unless your friends or family have already joined, AND been members for at least six months, you won’t be able to do a single thing! Utterly ridiculous!! Too many of these Chinese social-media companies seem to not want anyone who isn’t Chinese joining their sites. So app has now been deleted, and this review serves as a warning to non-Chinese folks that there’s absolutely NO POINT WASTING YOUR TIME with attempting to join! ADDENDUM: If you DO know someone, and CAN get them to help join you up, then the app is good, and works. You do have to allow it access to your Contacts List, and the Microphone, but you can deny it access to the Microphone once you’ve completely signed-up and everything is up-and-running. Contacts, however, has to remain with access permanently..Version: 7.0.4

Just please?This is a short review but now I literally can’t go into WeChat just because it still hasn’t been updated, I thought itll keep updating so that it’s still viable to use but I don’t think they even update it anymore, it’s just depressing that fact that they don’t have discord and I can only contact them on WeChat but now since I can’t go into it then I can’t contact and chat with them..Version: 8.0.7

Account blocked on first attemptDown loaded the app and followed the instructions to set up the account. Verification failed somehow and the account got blocked. Followed the unblocking instructions but this failed as well. Now it seems that the only way forward is to nominate a We Chat friend who has had an account for more than 6 months. I don’t have that. All I want is to communicate with my daughter while she is traveling in mainland China. This feels like Groundhog Day!!!!! What a terrible sign up process!!!.Version: 7.0.4

Must haveGood! Edit: after updating to iOS 11, don’t get notification anymore! Just missed a week worth of messages! Please fix!.Version: 6.5.18

BadWhen I press ‘having trouble signing in’ and enter my email and then press follow next instructions, it takes me to some page with no buttons or ‘next instructions’. DO NOT RECOMMEND.Version: 8.0.33

Never Really Used it but the asking for phone number is susI didn’t notice until now the Phone Number registration process,was meant for the company to give the phone number to some company that knows how to determine if you’re a scammer or not,but It is Sus,giving out your phone number can potentially give you robo calls,Might be a great way for someone to hack your account,Maybe this is a Trustful company for that but I refuse,to Trust some company I don’t really know & aren’t you Meta? Seeing someone talk about the registration process,I wonder if you really have to make sure someone also confirms your number,not just by the company but someone else too? I’m tired of seeing people from Facebook asking me if I have a WhatsApp & This App is really old news to me,I had it before & it wasn’t even close to connecting more with people,everytime I get asked if I have a What’sApp,I’m not sure if those types of People aka Strangers are going to request more from me when it’s fine on Messenger,just don’t give out any personal information & you’ll be fine..Version: 8.0.38

Used to love but Customer Support is horribleI have friends that live in various parts of the world and I loved using this app to communicate with them. I went on a trip to visit said friends, resulting in no need for use of the app since I was there, in person with them. My account goes inactive since I wasn’t using it for a few weeks and when I come back to sign on, it gives me an error message saying my account may have been “hijacked” or disabled for inactivity and I have to get another user to unblock my account. It gives me instructions on how the friend can unblock me so I find an alternative way to communicate with them to do so, but when they follow the given steps, it does not work. I have submitted multiple support tickets for MONTHS for help resolving this and no one has gotten back to me. Not even a confirmation email that the ticket was received. The only reason I don’t trash this app is that I have important information in the messages that I’d at least like to get back to. If I should ever get any freaking help. Horrible service..Version: 7.0.3

Great for Everything Except Chat!The amount of things you can do on WeChat is absolutely amazing. It truly is central to life in China. But the actual messaging aspect is archaic. The ability to like individual comments would stop the incredible amount of spamming that comes up in group conversations. The ability to create an event that people can RSVP to in the chat would also stop the ridiculous 1. Name 2. Name 3. Name lists that pollute conversations. The ability to reply directly to individual comments would also prevent things getting lost in larger groups. These are already things most other messengers possess. But a positive, the ability to send and receive money from friends is amazing..Version: 7.0.8

Dark model.Where the F is dark model. Switching to WhatsApp.Version: 7.0.8

Worst ever social media I have ever used.Just because most of my friends in China using it so I installed for the convenience to communicate. Nightmare is I thought I posted but after while they never received. I check with the customer service, believe no human present all over the world but AI automatic answering machine and was told that I was banned for sending message to group ? Why it said lewed material. Not only impose hindrance also malignant, its a reflection of typically a communist regime of “big brother” eyes you everywhere whenever type of scondrum. Stay away from it bro and tell your friends about this so..Version: 7.0.3

Most frustrating app ever.If you’re not Chinese, signing up will be a pain, no doubt about it. I live in the UK, for example, you can’t make an account unless someone verifies you. Fair enough, annoying but understandable. Then when I get verified, it tells me my registration was suspicious and won’t let me sign up? I also can’t sign up with another number without waiting a month or so for the other person to be able to verify me again. The whole process is just tedious.Version: 7.0.13

2021年了还不能同步聊天记录如题.Version: 7.0.21

WeChat support does not even help.I used WeChat for just over three days, and then, my account was blocked. I tried getting other people to unblock it for me, but it wasn’t working. I then sent eight feedback forms to WeChat within the space of five weeks. They responded with the same automatic answer twice. After the second time, I told them to not send an automatic answer, but to actually unblock it from their side (which I already made clear in the first feedback form I sent). They still sent the same automatic answer a third time. I even translated what I wrote in Simplified Chinese as well, with the English translation on top. I think the customer service is bad and slow, and not helpful indeed..Version: 7.0.3

垃圾tx,垃圾微信敢不敢把取消视频推荐写到更新日志里?一天天的背地里干一些缺德的事情。anyways,此地不留人自有留人处,拜拜垃圾tx.Version: 8.0.38

8.0.5 update crashedLost all my chat history. Can’t send/receive message after updating to version 8.0.5. Worst app ever.Version: 8.0.5

What?So I have been reading the reviews and they are saying that this is a spying app, and that big brother is watching you. Who is big brother?!.Version: 8.0.2

Stuck on loading on iPad for the latest update.pls fixStuck on loading on iPad for the latest update.pls fix.Version: 8.0.6

Bad emoticonUpdated to the new version but what was that with the new emoticon? I don’t want to see it moving every time I send a pic. And now I cannot reverse back. They thought they had done a good job re-drawing all the emoticons but it’s so bad. Please reverse to the previous one!.Version: 8.0.0

Worst app everRegistered for the app, logged in and it said I have violated the usage policy so my account is frozen and will unfreeze in a few days when I can go through the unfreeze account process. Baring in mind I have not even used it so not sure why my account is frozen. I tried to unfreeze it after a few days, and It asked for me to unfreeze by getting my friends to verify my account for me. HOWEVER, in order to do that, they would have needed to be on my friends list before they could verify my account for me. When I tried to add them as my friend, it said I’m unable to do so since my account is locked. So we are going in circles, and I am unable to use an account I’ve created or add anyone to help me verify. Also looks like there’s no button to delete account, have emailed the team hoping to get an answer..Version: 8.0.47

Keep asking about credit number for private and policyNow wechat has a new law of the private and policy . It keep wanting the credit number but my parents just don want to give the number . And why do you need money to upgrade . Why ?! . Please just don ask for money or credit number . I won ‘t be able to use wechat anymore Today I tried again but It still wants the credit number if I don ‘t agree It force me to delete my account . I will delete it right now not use it ever whatsapp is better.Version: 6.6.7

又删除功能了?所以为什么取消视频号里的推荐和查询功能??为什么只针对国外版?.Version: 8.0.46

I can’t receive any messagesI can’t receive any messages after update to 8.0.5 version. Does anyone have some trouble with me. I need to solve the problem.Version: 8.0.5

Data scrapping intrusive & unreliableForces users to accept access to you files, camera, photos, contacts. Also WeChat uses standalone Facial Recognition outside of FaceID. WeChat is compelled by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) law to assist and provide all information on its users. The platform is monitored and scrutinised including every single one of your conversations, photos and contacts. If you or one of your contacts say something that WeChat, moreover the CCP doesn’t like they can remove your posts, block/ restrict your account and this can also have knock on effects for your contacts. Quite scary when you think they have information about everything, because they even have to verify your ID or passport, and match it with their own facial recognition. If you have ever said something that China doesn’t like it makes you very unsafe if you need to travel back to China at some point or have family or friends there. What seems like a convenient social platform is a deceptive, manipulative and I would suggest dangerous tool under the influence of the CCP. Best and most safe alternative if you have friends or family with an iPhone, then just use FaceTime, iMessage and ApplePay. If you need to communicate cross platform use something else. Of your still not convinced you shouldn’t use this app then search online for the countless stories of people having their WeChat accounts restricted, blocked etcetera for all sorts of reasons..Version: 7.0.8

Awful UXLots of infinite loops, rabbit holes inconsistent interactions between views. Sometimes I can translate sometimes I can’t..Version: 7.0.5

无法收取信息8.0.6, 朋友圈和信息都无法使用. 信息永远显示收取中,朋友圈就一直刷新。.Version: 8.0.6

Takes huge storage spaceYou also have an unreal engine?.Version: 8.0.18

发送和接收图片视频极慢网速很快的情况下加载不出来视频和图片,五秒的视频需要加载五分钟,有时甚至表情都加载不出来.Version: 8.0.16

小视频的推荐栏目被禁止了!两天前升级到8.0.38以后小视频的热门推荐栏目就找不到了!太不满意了!怎么才能退回到原来旧版本?.Version: 8.0.38

Some instabilities since last updateI’ve found the app is less stable since the last update. Not sure if it’s the app itself or the latest iOS that’s caused it. Contact specific ringtone has stopped working yet worked perfectly before. Sometimes no noise at all when a call is received through the app..Version: 8.0.7

Cannot share photos from “Photos” and camera?Used to be easy and convenience, open IOS Photos - select photos or screen shots - share - WeChat - select contacts and the photos will be sent. Same as IOS camera , take a photo-share - WeChat - select contacts and the photos will be sent. Now neither of these works, will have to save all the photos and screen shots - open WeChat - “+” - photos and select photos, by doing this way, it creates lots of extra photos and screen shots that we just need to use once OR an extra deleting step has to taken after share the photos/screen shots..Version: 8.0.36

Storage and chat historyThis keeps on getting my chat history deleted from last year when my best friend and i became friends and how we became friends and its just so sad getting all them deleted and i want them back now because its something really important to me. For the storage complaints its just this thing keeps on popping up when im just trying to text my friends or family and i hate it so much like i dont think storage is more important than last years old chats from me and my best friend like bruh stop it and get my chat history back right now..Version: 8.0.15

Big oofIt send your inflation to the China grovement.Version: 7.0.17

Don’t update IOS 11Can’t connect network OMG! Plz fix it immediately.Version: 6.5.17

垃圾能不能在你🐎的坟上打点广告.Version: 8.0.47

Losing the ability to actually helpCreated a new account last night. Added family members as friends. Noticed it got blocked this morning. Followed the steps to unblock it, requested help from family and friends. Nothing worked. I sent requests to 3 of my family members, which 2 of them for sure didn’t work due to phone numbers being in a different country. What disappointed me the most, was my mother’s, my MOTHER’S phone number. It’s the exact same region as mine! But what did your team say to my mom? “You have already reached the limit of times of helping friends unblock their accounts.” And then second time, “You do not meet the requirements to unblock this account.” After those three accounts, I tried to request it one more time, but it kept on stalling to load the option, it didn’t want to load again. I also like to ask, What in the world type of suspicious activity did my account end up doing? All the agreements were secure, and the app itself doesn’t agree with it? This is a complete disappointment! I’m not the only one experiencing this. Look at the older reviews written this year. Many new users out there are complaining about the same situation. You’re going further away from 5 stars. Please fix this issue before more negative ratings come..Version: 7.0.5

Account blocked due to “suspicious activity”I made a WeChat account yesterday. I set a profile picture, downloaded some of the cute stickers, and that’s it. I didn’t do anything else in the app. This morning when I try to log in, it says my account is blocked due to suspicious activity. I’m like “ok...I guess I can request for it to be unblocked.” So I go through this lengthy process to unblock my account which, mind you, should never have been blocked in the first place. Then I get to the step where the only way to unblock it is through a friend on WeChat who has made an account over 6 months ago. Well guess what? I DON’T HAVE ONE. I made an account about a year earlier and the same thing happened then. My account was blocked when I hadn’t even used it. I wasted my time trying to unblock the account. I ended up deleting the app then, and I’ll be deleting it again right now..Version: 7.0.4

Video auto play on WIFI!V7.0.5 Cannot turn off Video auto play on WIFI!.Version: 7.0.15

The app is good but it’s blocked me for no reason.So yesterday I made an account on WeChat and all I did was use one of their mini programs (the one that enhances quality, idk what it’s called) and that’s it! Then today I go to open up the app and it tells me my account is blocked due to “suspicious activity” I’m like ok?? so it tells me I can unblock it so I go through this lengthy process to unblock it and after all that it tells me I have to have a friend who’s been on WeChat for 6 months unblock my account, guess what? I DONT HAVE ONE. This is absolutely ridiculous, I haven’t done anything suspicious on the account and I’ll be deleting the app now. Maybe in the future I’ll try again if you guys ever fix the issues clearly running through this app..Version: 7.0.5

“Suspicious Login”WeChat has permanently blocked my account due to a “suspicious login” which is “in serious violation” of their terms of use. I am a user in the USA and haven’t used my account for a couple of years now. I live 14 miles away from where I last used my account and tried logging on today. The app was downloaded via iOS App Store obviously and it even gave me the option of resetting my password. The password reset email was in Chinese! I changed my password anyway and tried logging in to the app. All of a sudden, it says I’m permanently blocked! This is ridiculous. You send a help request and nobody answers. And then when you try to unblock yourself, it tells you you’ve tried too many time. I can’t even have a friend verify my account, yet so can make a NEW WeChat. If someone has violated the terms of use, why should they be allowed to have another account? More importantly, what term of use did I violate? Not using the app for three years? I don’t have a VPN on my phone, I used the office iOS app. I feel like they just don’t want users from the USA. I did nothing wrong! I just want someone to tell me what I did to have my account blocked and to unlock it since it has been WRONGFULLY blocked..Version: 8.0.5

Blocked??My wechat got blocked for something to do with suspicion with login time- and i certainly know i did nothing wrong as i only have one or two friends on there. and i only had the app for about a week. now i can’t talk to them for something i never did..Version: 7.0.8

Useless and discriminatoryThe draconian 2step verification process on this app is horrible and makes it unusable. You have to bother another wechat user to verify your account, and they are limited to verifying one person every 3 months, so they are likely to say no in case they need to save this 1 verification for their friends or family and wont use it with you. So people in china will need to use whatsapp or telegram if they want to chat with me, im not jumping myself thru this hoops just to install a government spy app..Version: 8.0.23

This app is why the whistle blower of COVID-19 got arrestedDr Li Wenliang along with 7 other medical doctors from Wuhan China were arrested by Chinese authorities because they “illegally” discussed the COVID outbreaks in their local hospitals in a wechat group in Jan 2020. It’s okay to use Wechat but be warned you are constantly being monitored by the cyber police in Communist/Socialist China.Version: 7.0.21

As bad as you think 💭I’ve been trying to login to my wechat but I can’t Bec I don’t have a bank account yet and my bank account yet and my parents won’t give me theirs Bec they think I’m going to use it on something else. And if I don’t fill the form up it just kick me out of wechat. so I tried to make a new account, I CANT Bec you need SOMEONE ELSE that use wechat to confirm it! Well guess what Nobody I know that’s with me right now is not HERE! Feels like a PRISONER need some other people to do things for you 😤.Version: 7.0.9

Doesn’t want me to use itInstalled to talk to friends and business partners in China. After 48 hours I was logged out for “suspicious activity” when all I had done was send a couple of messages about a project I’m working on to a partner in mainland China. Nothing remotely interesting or suspicious, just some photos of a product we are making. Now I can’t sign in again without knowing yet another existing user who’s been on the service for 6+ months. I don’t know any more people on it. Why is it so hard to use this service for legitimate use?.Version: 7.0.8

Cannot change overseas phone numberI tried to change my overseas phone number on wechat but never succeed. I searched online and found many people have the same problem. Is there a bug that you only allow to change mobile numbers for Chinese numbers not overseas number? Please fix this bug..Version: 7.0.12

Recent useI have to go to china soon for a school trip and we were advised to download this app to contact relatives when we are there. At the start i had no problems but once i downloaded this app on my mums phone, it locked her out for no complete reason. Even once trying to reactivate her account with an allegeable account, we were unsuccessful. For china to block most of their apps and for this one app which is accessible there to not even work is absolutely absurd. This apps security is so tight that it doesn’t even work properly and i’m not the only person who has experienced this problem, as my friends whom are also going on this trip have undergone this process with either their account or their relatives. Honestly disappointing and i hope this gets fixed before my trip as the fundamental purpose of this app is for communication..Version: 7.0.8

Is there a control freak control me to use the app?For the past 3 years my Wechat app people nearby almost did not working, I mean nearby people cannot see my moments so they can’t say greeting to me and when I send greetings to them and they never received…. The reason I say the freak control me to use the app is because in this year it suddenly worked for 2 times, in different months but it only worked for a week then suddenly stopped…. Please don’t even think about could my settings issue, Apple Store many staffs know the app on my iPhone did not work as it, they checked and make sure not their iPhone products causes problems, also the phone service company did check the settings…. Thanks you Nancy.Version: 8.0.29

Sharing is brokenSharing photo using the iOS Photo app is broken, only for WeChat app..Version: 8.0.22

Blocked people whenever they likeI used wechat for two years. I didn’t use it very often. Most of time I read those messages in some groups. I didn’t post anything on my board. And it asked me to enter my password again because previous login expired. I didn’t enter the right one at the first time. Second time I typed the right password. Guess what? My account was blocked. Only once wrong password caused that my account was blocked due to suspicious login. And I’m on the same devise and same ip as usual. And the problem is I don’t have friends who used wechat over six months, no one can helps me unblock my account. And it requires not only a person to help you unblock your account and people who help you must use wechat over 6 months and didn’t unblock for others for a month. It’s really ridiculous. And no one answered my phone when I called customer service numbers. If you solved the problem, I will change my rate and review..Version: 7.0.12

Terrible customer serviceWhilst my other phone’s AppStore keeps telling me that my wechat is up to date, the app says it isn’t and won’t let me login. As a result, all of the chats on my other phone are now inaccessible. I recently returned to England my China and have found that some of the tags and the nicknames I’ve given my contacts are missing from my English whilst others have been synced. I’ve also lost some contacts. I’ve messaged support three times in the past month about my troubles and not received a reply. This is utterly neglectful. Shame on the company.Version: 6.7.0

HorribleThis stupid update now makes me add my card details when i dont have to and now i have to turn off the wifi to see messages as when the wifi is on the stupid pop up making me put in the card loads. I cant even log on on 2 devices now. Log on one, kick the other. I know there is a option to log on both ipad and phone but that doesnt work as the pop up thing still loads.Version: 8.0.18

Unable to proceedI wanted to try WeChat to see what it was all about. I try to sign up and it won’t let me past the verification part unless I have someone who uses WeChat help verify. To me this absolutely stupid if I never heard of this app before. I’m not going to go around on social media or any other means trying to find someone who uses the app just to help me verify. In a way I’m disappointed cause I enjoy trying new apps that allow you to communicate with new people, until I find out the app has nothing but bots and scammers. I unfortunately will never know if this app is actually real or not cause of the stupid verification process that I am unable to do. So with that being said I give this app a 1 star. If something can change with the verification process where I’m able to move forward and explore the app more then I can write a new review with a possible better rating..Version: 8.0.17

垃圾多年没有更新,程式老土到不能再老土.Version: 8.0.45

WhyI don’t understand why they decided to make it so that you can’t connect things like you email to your account from a device other than your phone, this has caused me several problems as I can’t log into my account from my phone as I got a new one recently and had my phone number changed and completely forgot my password this part was on me and I will admit I am partially at fault as I didn’t take the proper precautions before, but I thought it would be no big deal as I can just connect my email to the account from my ipad to login as I was still signed into the account on there, now I’m just left disappointed and annoyed as I can’t reset the password to my account or connect my email. I honestly think this should be changed as it makes no sense for me not to be able to connect my email from my ipad or other devices other than my phone..Version: 8.0.16

Touchy Security and virtually IMPOSSIBLE to recover accountI downloaded this app in order to communicate with a group for college. I downloaded the app, created an account. Everything worked fine. The second time I opened the app THAT VERY SAME DAY it had logged me out, and when I tried to sign in, a message popped up saying my account had been deactivated due to suspicious registration. Of course, the only way to recover your account is to have another WeChat who has had an account for at least a month verify your identity, but I didn’t know anyone else at the time who had used the app long enough to verify me. THERE NO EMAIL RECOVERY OPTION. And, since you have to enter your phone number, not your email, to create an account, it is impossible to create another account if you get locked out of your old one (you can create a new email address, but you only have one phone number). Customer service WILL MOT ANSWER. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. TERRIBLE APP..Version: 7.0.8

Terrible on iPad simultaneous loginThis review is strictly on wechat for iPad. I love wechat on phones. However, since I use it both on phone and iPad, I found the iPad chat functionality extremely unpredictable. Only fewer than 1/3 of the chats show up on iPad. If I don’t look at my phone, I won’t even know how many messages are missing. If I’m on the iPad when a chat message comes in, iPad will show the notification at the top. If I click on the notification, it doesn’t take me to the chat and that message will not show up in the chat. I can’t figure out a pattern of when a chat message will show on the iPad. The only consistent time is probably when I’m actively chatting with someone, then I get all messages in this particular chat on iPad. But not for other chats. Please fix this!.Version: 7.0.17

Daughter wanted me to use thisCreated an account and tried to log in and it immediately locked my new account, calling it “suspicious”! So I used my daughter as a contact to help unlock it, which it did until I tried to log in again. Then it locked me out again. I searched to see if possibly they were having server issues, and it turns out the app is owned or controlled (or both) by the Chinese government and people suspect the government of monitoring dissidents through their use of the app. I’m only guessing here, but if this is true then my using other peoples phone numbers to try to get my phone unlocked it would seem to be nothing but a phishing attempt by the Chinese government to find more people who are using the app. You would think that they would know the answer to that already I don’t know, maybe they got hacked and lost the info. Who knows. I deleted the app it’s useless..Version: 7.0.4

Black screenI think it has compatibility with my iPhone 14 plus. So many time when I was using WeChat then my phone screen turned into black and never come back again until I had to do a hard reboot by pressing volume up, down then power button. Has been so long so please do something to it cause it is very annoying..Version: 8.0.33

Crash on ios 13After upgraded iOS 13, wechat doesn’t work anymore. The app only show the moon screen for around 10 secs and escape to the iPhone home screen. Please fix!.Version: 7.0.7

Missing!!If I could see when sent messages had been read I would give more stars. When a messaging app lets users know when chats are delivered and read it gives more of a conversation feel than texting. Which is one of the reasons I prefer message apps over texting..Version: 8.0.13

净开发无用功能能不能把什么拍一拍之类的鸡肋功能全删了.Version: 8.0.22

I think it’s a so-so appI have had this app maybe 6 or 7 years now and it’s great but i wish WeChat could all WeChat Pay to use debit card than have to get a credit card because it will be more convenient for people and i wish WeChat was accepted in UK more in shops, Also why is it i have my family in china that wants to send money to me but i can’t accept because i am not a Chinese citizen its a bit annoying when i can’t accept the money so when i am in china i can’t spend the money But in general i love the app.Version: 7.0.12

I can’t make an account to talk to my sisterSo I live in Canada and my sister lives in China, but for some reason I can’t make an account to talk to her unless she has has an account for more then 6 months so that she can put in a random QR code or my number? That and also the text thing looks strange Basically what I get is text like this: signup_contact_friends(signup_no_need_be_friends).Version: 8.0.9

Cannot connect to serverCannot connect after update..Version: 8.0.6

Losing a time frame of files sent to other accountWhen I sent some files to my other account once, after I checked in on it on my other account in about one or two weeks, I found out that there was nothing there, like someone else used my account so these files wouldn’t show here again. This has already happened several times. It also said that I had to type in my password again, which doesn’t usually happen. Even after I changed the password, the same thing happened again. I also checked the place where it shows which devices used the accounts. All are normal, as I know. Please fix this annoying bug!.Version: 8.0.47

Terrible appWeChat is a terrible messenger. If you want Chinese government to know everything you messaged - use WeChat. If you want the messages you sent to be used against you - use WeChat. If you want to support Chinese censorship and suppression of free speech - use WeChat..Version: 7.0.2

IOS 12 support problemThere are some serious supporting issues with iOS 12 in iPhone 6S phones, need to be addressed ASAP, and WeChat application has not been updated for more than a month, which is not professional..Version: 6.7.2

Unable to loginNeed “friend” to help. Can’t be bothered anymore..Version: 8.0.40

Auto updateMine did a auto update in the new year without a notice. It sucks..Version: 7.0.1

F*ck you ccpDon’t use this app the ccp steals all your info.Version: 7.0.18

MatIOS12更新后闪退,不联网。.Version: 6.7.2

Not Very good customer serviceI personally have been using this app for about a few years (mostly because the rest of my family live in China), lots of people are saying that they are getting banned for “violating” the rules when they are just using the English version. I mean, I don’t know what it’s like to get banned but I can tell it is pretty horrible from the reviews. If you didn’t want people from other States other then China, just don’t put it smack in the middle of the App Store where everyone can see this app. I have many complaints about this app other than the unfairness. One, is that when I open the app, I have to stare into the abyss of the screen and wait for the intro screen to go away. And if you are reading this Chinese government, I hope you can AT LEAST let other people from different states use this app? The people from other states did nothing wrong soo yeah..Version: 8.0.29

17+ more like 13+Hey it says 17+...but there is nothing in it that should be 17+! Maybe change it to like 13+ cuz all the things in wechat are appropriate. 😓.Version: 7.0.3

My account was frozen twice for no reasonMy account got frozen again for no reason. I didn’t send any messages the day before then the next day I woke up, it told me my account is frozen. I don’t have that many friends on WeChat I only downloaded so I could take some Chinese lessons and Ty he only send me the link to my class through WeChat each night. I have already paid for all the lessons and now I have no access to it. WHAT DO I DO???.Version: 8.0.39

The worst social media app I have ever usedWeChat ranks as arguably the worst social media app known to humanity. From the very first page, the app specializes in frustrating users at every turn. The verification process is cumbersome and God help you if you don't have someone to verify you. In fact, sometimes even if you use a legitimate registered phone number, it would bring up an error message saying "This phone number is invalid". After verification, it gets even worse, you are restricted from adding a decent number of contacts in a short time and can be banned for any arbitrary reason. The ban cannot even be appealed. This app is terrible and the only thing going for it is that it has a monopoly on business with vendors in its home country. It's an awful app..Version: 8.0.34

2 starsDoes what is claims to do, but quality is poor. If you send a photo, by default it is low quality. Selfie camera is broken—it sends mirror images. File transfer is poor. Very conservative limit on file size, and it often is not downloadable if the receiver doesn’t download it quickly. Translation is extremely poor—it gives insight to how uneducated Chinese people are when it comes to English. Recently the app asks me to verify my identity even though my passport is already registered to my account. Since the payment function depends on ID verification and the ID verification is broken, now I cannot use WeChat to pay for things. A typical all around low-quality Chinese app with lots of oversights. Please fix..Version: 8.0.16

A good Chinese’s appIt’s not a good solution for registering using other countries’ phone number. I tried and it showed to other Chinese friends on their phone: This is a foreign account, please be careful or something like that. 适合中国人使用的软件.Version: 8.0.2

Bad customer serviceI have been locked out of my account for supposedly breaking violations ! I keep getting this once a month when I clearly use this account for social purposes I have emailed their support service and I have received nothing to tell me how I have violated their terms . I think this is a disgrace !! I have been a user for 10 years and now I feel like I have been put on a side like a criminal Unfortunately my friends on there have reached their limit to confirm on friends ! Should this be the case as some people may have more then 3 friends who might need verification Any other help and unlocking of my account is appreciated as I’m very cross with this all now Victoria.Version: 8.0.25

Crash?Wechat for some reason auto logged me out! Not very haply.Version: 7.0.8

Too rigid and not user-centric1. Account is blocked for no apparent reason. 2. If you accidentally entered the wrong mobile number of your friend for verification, there is no way to undo. 3. Rather than asking to enter the friend’s mobile number, the app should call the phone book / contact book to minimise error in wrong input of mobile number. 4. Country list is too long to scroll. Either have a search (wildcard) field or alphabets looksup on the right hand side. 5. Complaint resolution and feedback submission has no reference number and email notification. I am guessing no proper TAT too and chances are low to have issues resolved..Version: 7.0.5

5.4Gb??!!?!太疯狂了。该应用程序总是关闭,因为它需要 5.4GB 的可用空间才能工作!这是一个对话应用程序吗?不是3D游戏!.Version: 8.0.43

Super complicated registeration processThat is the reason I give one star, if it is possible, i do not want to give any star. The registration in China will be extremely difficult because it not only need to verify your ID, but need another friend, who uses the WeChat for more than one year and does not recommend others to join WeChat and at the same time using WeChat purchase function, to verify the ID of the friend and then allow the people to register. That is extremely to a old people and makes no sense. There are so many meaningful app explorations, but definitely not in this way!.Version: 7.0.12

Plz get rid of the new updateSeriously, the new update tickle thingy rlly annoys me so much, so many time I have accidentally click on peoples profile in group chats or whatever and it creates so much embarrassment. Other than that, the app is fine. And I’ll give you another star for that..Version: 7.0.14

Very Poor App. Don’t waste your timeDownloaded app then created account. Used it for a couple of days then deleted it as found it not very useful. Decided to give it a second chance and re installed app. Signed into my account then account was blocked due to possible suspicious activity which I get the security measures side of things. So I verified my identity using password then mobile number sms verification only to be directed to another security measure which requires another we chat member to verify my identity. Seriously are you guys joking? Account is blocked now as only new to wechat and did not have chance to make new friends via your app not enough time to recommend people to downloading your app!! As a result have to delete your app even though I verified my identity. The mentality of the so called genius who created the security measures. I’m laughing so much as it’s such a joke. HONESTLY people reading my REVIEW DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP!! Only left one star because you cannot leave a big fat ZERO!!!!!.Version: 6.5.22

Terrible and unreliableI downloaded this app to be able to contact my friend going to China but within one day when I went to message them after their arrival, my account had been locked out and I was told it was blocked due to unusual activity and no further explanation - as far as I’m aware, I did everything correctly and broke no terms of service. It told me I needed somebody with an account older than 6 months to verify me in order to unblock my account (which is a stupid rule in itself), and I found two people to attempt to help me but they were both told their accounts had been restricted because of unusual activity as well. Upon finally finding a way to contact my friend, I discovered that her WeChat account had also been blocked as well as our mutual friend’s who downloaded it for the same purpose. This is clearly an issue with this service rather than five different people doing things to warrant their accounts being blocked with no worthy explanation. I would absolutely not recommend this app as a way to contact anybody, and would strongly urge anyone to find an alternative..Version: 7.0.4

BlockedBlocked my account after one day of use, even though I had a valid phone number and only added one friend starting out. From what I’ve read online and talking to others, this is a common occurrence. It’s a shame because I liked this app. I tried contacting support but had no response in a week. All there support forms are broken on there website, so you can’t even fill anything out to try unblocking your account yourself. People who do have accounts are never “verified” by there terms, so they can’t verify your account as another way to unblock. It seems they only have an interest in up-keeping this app for China use, where they are based, so I don’t understand why they are trying to distribute it anywhere else when no one can get accounts nor any help! Never have I seen an app be this disastrous just for a chat app. It’s frustrating and ridiculous..Version: 6.6.1

Multi functions are missing and needed to be appliedI need a button to delete all my moments all in once, also a function that I can allow people who are not allowed to see my moment to see my dedicated moment for once just in case that this moment is suitable for them. In addition, please encrypt the chatting history due to the unreliable Chinese government censorship behavior.Version: 6.6.1

Maybe redesign the app?It’s slow, often irresponsive and exit the app by itself. All other apps on my phone such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter work smoothly. At this point, the only reason why I haven’t uninstalled it is because I need it to keep in touch with my friends..Version: 8.0.16

No customer serviceIn China, I have to use WeChat for work to communicate with people. I have hundreds of work and client contacts saved, and lots of important files. After upgrading to a new phone, I couldn’t log onto WeChat, and couldn’t recover my password as I registered using my OZ number that’s no longer in use. I contacted WeChat support, but after sending back a generic response, they have not responded to my multiple queries in 3 weeks. That is extremely unprofessional for such a large company..Version: 8.0.42

Chinese Spyware Security and privacy nightmare the privacy policy it's terribleZero security privacy. They collect all data about you, your phone activity and even your network. Spyware This App and service retrieve all personal and non personal identifiable info and device utilisation. Banned on all our companies iPhone Fleet. If you value your contact and privacy don’t install this app. This is Chinese spyware. So they will monitor collect store and share you conversations personal info and GPS location and you also agree that they can share with third parties all you contacts and their personal information...they even record audio and video without your knowledge. Remove this app now!!! Just look at all the info that this application collects about you? Health data for what? Your page visits, cookies everything, Chinese spyware.Version: 8.0.43

Problem with sharing pdf filesPlease fix the problem with sharing pdf files form from other platforms to WeChat..Version: 8.0.5

0MGI thought that writing the f word was funny but when I did it didn’t hah tag it.Version: 8.0.23

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