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Good but would like to see CantoneseObviously, it gets a lot of the grammar wrong but like what do you expect for a translator? So better to translate short phrases/sentences. I would like to see Cantonese. There are 60million Cantonese speakers, about the same number of Italian speakers. Would really help to see a Cantonese translator. Though still quite useful and helpful..Version: 6.13.1

Indispensable appI use many different languages throughout each day, usually just little phrases here and there in my writing. This app is indispensable to me as I work, and the translations seem to just get better and better with each update. I’ve read a few of the negative reviews, and while I’m sure the inconveniences described by these folks are real, it also seems they me be expecting a bit too much. The app is very straightforward in its basic function of translating text that is input by the user. The app is also by Google, and thus it is highly aspirational in its features, and each update seems to bring further enhancements that may or may not be truly useful. I understand how this might get frustrating, but that’s just Google’s style. Eventually the kinks get worked out based on user feedback, which is how I think it should be. As far as a basic free translation app, this one is far and away the best..Version: 5.21.1

Kurdish-soraniTo /Google Translate Greeting of peace and prosperity Above all, we would like to extend our sincere greetings for the “Google Translate Community”. we would like to request our language to be in your site and app., as you see Kurdish-Sorani does not exist in the list of Google Translate, the language is spoken in Northern Iraq Kurdistan Region officially , and at the same time the language is spoken in Iran,, More than 45 million Kurds need the language in the world, and it is spoken and official in northern Iraq /Kurdistan Region, government uses the language in all the departments of governmental offices , the language is used in schools and directorates in Kurdistan Region , so please accept our request , it is very important to students and people, even for government and merchants, teachers, students, and so on . We need Kurdish Sorani on Google translate so that we get rid of having struggles inaccurate translation from other languages. Thank you, best regards..Version: 5.29.0

Doesn’t translate sentencesI love google translate and it’s sooo helpful, but the reason I rated it 4 stars was because it never translates sentences well. Like if I wrote out a sentence it would autocorrect each word but the grammar would be horrible.Version: 6.5.0

Speak for some languagesVoice for “Hebrew” “Azerbaijani” “Scots Gaelic” “Irish” “Malay” “Zulu” “Persian” And “Slovenian”, From me, Please do these languages google, or at least some, ok now I don't use this app (I use online version) but Urdu (scary text) Kannada And Gujarati has voices and it's maybe not true or not but. Hebrew Azerbaijani Scots Gaelic Irish Malay Zulu Persian Slovenian will have voices in December (have stuff from Wikipedia so maybe False information) but Urdu Kannada And Gujarati voices are true! 😌 but not urdu text 😈 maybe do app again soon. Thanks to my sonic the hedgehog tails plushie he save the day for Urdu text :) THANKS TAILS.Version: 6.2.0

Camera translation response speed is a delay and become slower than beforeCamera translations speed is a delay and become slower than before.Version: 6.0.0

GET THIS NOW!!!!!I’m not a bot, if that’s what you’re thinking. This app really helps me talk to my Spanish friend at school, and it’s the only translator app that I know that has FREE offline translation. THANK YOU!!!.Version: 6.3.0

FantasticDoes the job well done google.Version: 1.3.0

Just great!I’ve been using app to translate English to many different languages and I absolutely love it! It allows you to copy and paste which makes it way faster if you need to text someone back with an answer. Also it tells you how to pronounce words and translates from speaking! I’m amazed and I love it so far!!! Way more than you could ask from a free app!.Version: 5.18.0

I am learning Italian/sto imparando I’italianoWonderful I’ve been learning Italian and it’s cool to use and I hope that the people who made this could take it a step further by making courses with like games for the learning.Version: 6.6.0

Your best companion while traveling!This is hands down the best partner you can have while traveling short of someone who know the local language. It’s just incredible what all it can do. It translates (augmented reality) live in the screen what ever you point at. No, no snapshots, Live, you point it at a Menu in a restaurant or instructions on the wall and it sees Spanish or Japanese or whatever language and you see English or whatever language you like. Then comes conversing with locals. It has a live translator which speaks the local language. My taxi driver knew about this app and used it on his own when tying to communicate with me. Amazing, you talk in English and it speaks it back in Spanish and your local language. Then the other person speaks in Spanish or your local language and it speaks it back to you (and also shows it on the screen) in English. That’s a live 2 way conversation. Something you saw in Star Trek back in the day. The universal translator. No it’s not done yet. Yes you need an internet connection (data plans) for the above two buddies to work. For those who don’t have a data plan or internet access it has offline translations. It won’t speak but will translate anything to anything as you type it in. I’ve travelled 4 continents with this app so far and like I said it’s my best traveling companion..Version: 5.27.0

Alright Language App but...I used to use this as my language and translation app until my friends told me about this iTranslate app made by Apple only available with products made by them on Apple Store. This app is better because it has several more languages and the app is easy to use and can be used without mobile data or a WiFi connection. And I’m pretty sure Google Translate needs mobile data or a WiFi connection to be used. However iTranslate does not have the thing were you can take a photo and translate it, which by the way I think is amazing so well done Google on that one!! However if several more languages were added then I’m sure Google Translate would be my app again, however if some countries don’t allow Google in it, then I would obviously understand. Please add other languages!! Because I have a pen pal who’s language isn’t on here but however it’s on iTranslate. And I know now days you probably want to be better than people like Apple and Microsoft. But you are, I love all your other apps especially Google Lens. Please sort out my problem and if you could I would be ever so grateful because that would mean when my pen pal sends me a letter I could use the camera translate option to translate the letter I get given, and if you do add more languages he will be able to Translate mine. Thanks much, Noah Ward.Version: 6.17.0

Easily one of the most useful apps on my phoneIt’s not perfect. Its reliance on crowd sourcing leads to some questionable translations, especially in languages with fewer native speakers (I’m looking at you, Norwegian and Albanian). And its insistence on using the respectful second person can lead to some laughably formal translations in other languages (hi, French and German!). And while I’m excited that they’ve added basic definitions when you look up a single word, I’m really looking forward to the day when they also provide verb conjugation charts. But it’s the most comprehensive, easy to use translator out there. Most languages can be downloaded for offline use. And nothing else competes for the number of languages available..Version: 6.14.0

It’s extremely helpfulI actually used this to translate and guide around in steam , which worked wonderfully , but using the picture mode sometimes it separates the words into different sentences . Other than that , when first getting the app it was automatically changed to “English to Japanese” so I was stuck a little at first. Anyways , this is a well set out app and it definitely does the job 👍.Version: 6.3.0

Incredibly useful appThis app has been incredibly useful in my lifelong pursuit learning new languages. It is extremely helpful and getting better all the time. One small feature for consideration please would be the ability to organise saved words by language. Thanks and keep up the terrific work!.Version: 6.3.0

Mind-bogglingly useful.Use this app daily for quickly providing the translation for several languages and it’s remarkably good at what it does. You still need to check the output but Translate does really well in all the tongues I use. I’m not generally a Google fan but this app is a work of genius which saves hours of time and although I know Google tracks and monitors my activity to monetise it — in this instance it’s worth the downside (personally). My only gripe… No way to toggle between formal and informal case. English doesn’t have these useful subtleties but most languages do (that I know of). I know it’s easier to imagine than implement such a useful feature but it would be absolutely brilliant to skip changing vous to tu, sie to du, chi to ti etc. etc. I can always dream!.Version: 5.16.0

Super Helpful!I use google translate a lot, as a Korean pop fan, sometimes translations don’t come out and I have to use google translate to translate what I want to see. Using the app makes it SO MUCH EASIER. I love the writing and camera feature. Sometimes the camera doesn’t always find all the words, but the feature is so helpful when im writing and I want to check my work, or if something is in a different language and I want to know what it is. The writing feature is also super awesome because I can write in the word in example, Korean and it translates it for me. Sometimes I do feel like the translations are not very accurate as in when I put the other translation through to check and it comes out as something different, but of course the translations can’t always be correct. Overall, the app is easy to use and I love it! ♥️🤠.Version: 5.21.0

Excellent appThis app is amazing and has helped me so much in communicating with my partner. Falling in love across languages presents some unique and interesting challenges, and this app has helped immensely. Hilarious at times when it throws an incorrect word in, but mostly this app is great and gets better with each update. One feature i would love to see is a translation of the definition down the bottom. It’s great to have the definition there, but i am often translating a spanish word to english, so it doesn’t help to have the definition in spanish for me..Version: 5.18.0

Very usefulVery handy in a country with lots of accents and non English letter groupings to be able to take a photo and have it translated just like that. Instant translation, where it puts the words over the images before you take a photo, is a good idea in principle but currently doesn’t seem to correctly translate much, although having taken the photo it is able to detect and translate every word.Version: 5.21.1

Great app, but...Can you please add an app for Apple Watch?.Version: 5.27.0

Extremely handy, but not perfect...This is useful when someone speaks to me in a foreign language when I’m abroad, and I always use it to translate text in things. But there are some problems. One is that the US English voice sounds a little robotic,so can you make it sound more natural? Another one is that you can’t save long phrases. Some are very important, but still can’t be saved, therefore I have to save it elsewhere, which isn’t very convenient. An older version allowed you to save long phrases! Why not anymore? Lastly, some languages can’t be spoken in the app. Some of them I really need can’t be read aloud, so I won’t be able to use the conversation function for those languages’ countries. If you fix all these bugs, I will give 5 stars..Version: 6.11

Yes, I like itVery useful and smart Wish it didn't have that 100 character limit!!!.Version: 1.3.1

This is amazing ✨✨👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻I am like 10 years old and I was trying to find a app so I can translate someone if they came from Ukraine because we know the case right now, I have 2 things that I like about this app. 1st thing that I like about it is that you don’t have to pay!!! 2nd thing is that you can translate voice, text, and if something is written on paper or something you can scan it!!! I love this!.Version: 6.32.0

Fantastic appWhen I had this on my I pad I was so dumb because I didn’t know how to use it,* 2 years later * I was looking for a translator app on App Store and has to be free because I know my dad and mom can’t it for me so I looked and looked most of them wanted me to buy it and I can’t buy it so I looked and looked again and I found this app I download it and when Open the app it was free and you can use A lot of languages in the app, in most apps you could only use one language so that made me happy and the other stuff about it! I love the app! It’s the only app that I like to use for language! I hope other people like the app I saw some bad reviews I don’t know what’s their problem but yea I hope everyone likes it and yea! Thats all I wanted to say so yea, have a great day! :).Version: 6.8.0

It’s best for meEasy Simple Useful Offline.Version: 6.2.0

This is so cool and really helpfulI just downloaded this app to help with my French and all the things on it are so cool. The translations are really accurate and you can write them in, speak then in and take pictures of your page. I had an essay and didn’t get one bit. It translates the words before you even take the picture so you can see the words in your chosen language on the camera!!!! This app is incredible. You can download languages for free so you can use them wherever. I would strongly recommend getting this app- so useful and so cool!!!! Even my mum said “ that is seriously cool!! I can’t believe it can do that!!!!”.Version: 5.20.1

Perfect appI live in Greece and just cannot get my head around learning the language properly. I speak French and German but Greek defeats me. I’ve tried numerous translation app before and they are rubbish. This was recommended by a Swedish friend who lives here and it is brilliant. My Greek friends say the translations are 99% correct due to regional variations like any language. I can now hold proper conversations in Greek either written or spoken. I can’t say what the other languages are like. For Greek this is perfect and highly recommended. 10/10.Version: 6.5.0

TonganIt would be nice if the Tongan language was on this app. 🤷‍♀️👍.Version: 6.3.0

Fantastic!Brilliant, one of the most useful apps out there - the live translation via camera function is just amazing. Use it constantly..Version: 5.11.0

This App Changed My Life!!!Being a Kansas girl and falling in love with a man from El Salvador was really frightening for me at first because of the language barrier. I’d taken 3 years of Spanish in high school (YEARS Ago) so when I went to meet his family for the first time I felt like I’d never be able to belong. But, with this incredible translation app I FINALLY am becoming fluent in Salvadoran Spanish!!! I can not only speak for Spanish now, I’m also now able to listen and understand almost everything. And, do you want to know the best part?!?! If I don’t understand a word, phrase, or even a text message from the family I can just open my Spanish Translation App now and type it in, save it, and learn even more Spanish!!! Seriously, get this app NOW!!!! 😊.Version: 6.14.0

Best app in the world of translators!Ok this app is really good and I don’t care if it doesn’t get your speech right . I speak a lot of spainish and it’s perfect for me and my family to speak with❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈 🇪🇸👍🏻😍🇪🇸🏳️‍🌈🥳🤩😍😇👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🏆🥇🏅.Version: 6.17.0

Identification ModeIt would be awesome if u could type, handwrite, talk, or take a photo of a language and it would identify the language, then u can use the other features to translate that language. Plz consider this.Version: 5.28.0

Nearly perfect but lacks small features I'd like to see addedWhen I click on the text box to type, I'd like to see a "Paste" and "Paste and translate" box dialogue pop up without having to click the typing area a second time. Additionally, it would be nice to have a "Translate text from clipboard" option for Force Touch when on the home screen. Currently the only Force Touch capability is "Share Translate". Finally, and this is not for every user as it's a bit more technical, I would like to see a URL scheme so that external apps such as Workflow can quickly open Translate and use its functionality quickly. This is especially useful if one is consistently translating between three languages and needs to switch the language often..Version: 5.14.0

Japanese translation needs romaji or hiraganaThe romaji or hiragana of a translated Japanese word needs to also appear when using camera scan mode. This would speed things up a lot when I want to quickly retrieve the readings of a number of words on a scanned page..Version: 6.16.0

Good app, but bugs or improvements neededI really like this app, but there are many bugs and difficulty when using it. For example, when using the speech function it constantly stops working, saying there is a connection error where there isn't any. Or if my phone tilts a little bit on its side, the audio will stop and I have to start it all over again. This brings me to my next point: editing text. When you try to edit the text youre translating, its difficult to click it to be able to edit it or even find the spot you want to edit since the space is so small and cluttered. A function that will be really helpful is a pause/play button when youre having the text be read allowed and when the text is being read allowed, it doesnt stop if the device tilts to one side..Version: 5.17.0

Lots Of Fun!!I know this app is supposed to be serious, but it is hilarious! If you type something in in English and then translate it loads of times it makes no sense any more when you change it back to English! It is definitely good for translating..Version: 6.39.0

The best, and almost perfectOf course, translation quality always needs—and is always being—improved. Aside from that, a very handy feature would be to automatically switch the keyboard to match the language currently being typed, iff the user has a keyboard in that language. This saves me constantly having to switch keyboards. This could be an optional feature..Version: 5.5.1

Better than the other optionsThis was the third app I tried and the only one that worked. It does everything I need and a bit more. Sometimes the speaker doesn’t work that well but that’s understandable because I’m probably not speaking clearly!🤗great app🤗.Version: 6.4.0

Pretty goodPronunciation is pretty accurate as well as most translations. I don’t know if this is a feature (because I can’t find it anywhere), but could you add a feature where you can manage the speed of the speech? Thanks :).Version: 5.16.0

Ability to turn off dark mode needed!Great app but only 4 stars because one cannot turn dark mode off within the app. Dark mode looks awful and I think Google could of done a better job. I always use dark mode but when I open this app I don’t want it to be in dark mode so Google needs to add a toggle within the app to turn it off..Version: 6.5.0

Very good, but the paste feature covers some textI’ve been using this app for a while, and it’s fine most of the time, but when you have something copied, the ‘paste’ option will cover the pinyin or whatever text is underneath the text you typed..Version: 6.20.0

My most used appI don’t use this app to translate directly, but to check sentences that I have made myself to make sure they somewhat make sense. I use this app very heavily!!!! So would love to see some improvements in these areas: > Text box: when writing and editing sentences, the text box is so so small! If I need to scroll back to the beginning of my text, it is fiddly. Especially on a tablet. There’s so much space that could be used, yet the text box only takes up 1/8 of the screen! > I have the app on my tablet and phone. I have a few saved phrases on each device, but seemingly they are not synced. I would love that because then I can access all the saved phrases -and maybe even history!- from one device!.Version: 6.29.0

I love this appI do not know enough Spanish and English is my primary language. So, I have had this app since Spring 2015 to communicate with my non English speaking friends who speaks only Spanish . It is so useful to show text info to a friend or to email to them. The speaker can talk for you in person. The reverse feature can help you check accuracy in the communicated info before you send email. I think they are getting better. Great in a debate with Someone. Your non English speaking friends can not fake ignorance: don’t know English to you. I have not had to use the picture translate mode much. I phone can Cut, Paste and Send in text or email. I am sure picture translate it just as good for reading materials. I use other language too and almost every day..Version: 5.25.0

This is good but I have a problemThis is a really good app to translate my Chinese classes, but it sometimes doesn’t work with the camera translate. When I’m translating like a candy bar it shows words that are kinda weird.. I hope you can solve this! But overall, this is a really good app!!!.Version: 6.27.0

AmazingThis is amazing app because it helps me out a lot in my studies.Version: 1.3.1

Now it’s excellentI used to hate google translate as i found it very inaccurate and idiosyncratic. This was years ago. So in the intervening time i have used many other translation services and apps, once in a while coming back to google for a check up. I recently came back to it in the last couple of months and i have to say that for the languages i use it for (English/Spanish), it is now truly excellent. Particularly if you make sure to employ your brain when using it and don’t just wholesale copy/paste. Well done google - clear and rapid progress made with this service! I think i’m going to stick with it now..Version: 5.14.0

Great appI love this app its quite accurate, but I have to say as English is not my mother language that some lines are not correct as we say it differently as they are in English, so it would be great if the system is actually recognise even that. Second thing is that it would be really great if this live translation works even on writing message for example if you know the word in the other language you start writing it and it automatically pop up in suggestions this is not happening even when you add keyboard language so that would be great. Apart from that the app is on the good way..Version: 5.26.0

Doesn’t work offlineWhen I try to use the translation offline for a pre downloaded language, it doesn’t work when it says it supposed to work which is very frustrating because I rely on it to learn Russian phrases to help me learn Russian. Please fix it ASAP. This is the only app I like and I don’t want to have to give it up because of something that should already be working!.Version: 6.2.0

Pages of Translation Lightening Fast, and Reliable!If if you are using anything but Google translate to do your Spanish work for you, you are missing the boat. It translates whole pages of text instantly without error. It uses understandable language for our US - Mexico border area. I was using a different translator when I saw a doctor using Google to communicate with a Spanish only patient. That’s when I learned about Google Translate and switched. For the past two years, I have used a different Spanish translator/dictionary App. It was slow and tedious, only would translate a short paragraph at a time, but worse - it inserted words which were clearly wrong. One time instead of asking my gardener to complete a task, it inserted the word marriage into the sentence! His wife would have not been happy! Luckily I caught it before texting as I had to double- check every phrase. But now I no longer have to worry and each phrase is spot on. ( at least so far I think it’s been!)..Version: 6.3.0

Works for me...About 20 years ago , I lived in Japan for a few years. I did an OK job picking up the language while there, but I've forgotten most of it now. I recently reconnected with a Japanese friend from those days who never spoke a lick of English. We've rekindled a friendship texting back and forth using Google translate as the medium. We have some very deep conversations on all manner of subjects, and despite the small hiccups, the service has served us very well. You have to be cognizant of what you're feeding into it and avoid colloquialisms and so forth, but by and large, it's quite flawless. Sometimes I forget that we aren't speaking the same language. As for all the negative reviews, if you don't want you use Google Translate, go try to find something that works better. Best of luck with that..Version: 6.33.0

ItalianI am enjoying the App. And it is great to have this resource during the pandemic lockdown. I am learning Italian to keep my brain ticking over as I cannot get to my face to face class at the moment. My only gripe is that the playback voice speaks very fast and sometimes I am unable to get the exact pronunciation of some words or phrases. Is there anyway I can slow the translation playback. This would help greatly. Thanks.Version: 6.7.0

Add Grammatical Gender!This is a great app and it works fantastically for many languages. The one thing I really want to see added is grammatical gender for languages such as French, Spanish, and Italian. I often find myself using google translate but then having to use a second app also to find the gender of the word in question. When you translate a single word or a sentence, it should say in small letters above the word “m” or “f” for masculine or feminine. Otherwise great app, but this change would be much appreciated!.Version: 5.14.0

Love itOne fantastic app! Easy to install and use!! .Version: 2.1.1

Good app, great for travelingIt’s not perfect but considering what it does it is pretty impressive. Will definitely get you out of trouble if you’re in a bind. Also, lol at ms I can speak 8 languages two reviews below this one. Your whole review was basically a look at me humble brag with no helpful information about the app at all, I’m sure there’s better places to talk about yourself than iPhone review pages..Version: 5.20.1

TranslationTranslation works well, however the off-line option does not work unless you’re connected to the Internet..Version: 6.1.0

Conversation needs perfect data connectionDespite having the foreign language downloaded, the conversation mode does not work (or takes a very long time - which kills the conversation!) if the data or wifi connection is not perfect. Sometimes this happens with the photo mode, too. Overall it is an extremely handy app..Version: 5.20.0

Amazing! 👌I’ve started making anime shorts and this is so helpful! Because I don’t speak Japanese but I can translate English into Japanese! 5 stars!.Version: 6.1.0

Google TranslateDear app creators, I love this app. It is great for learning new words in all the different languages. I think that there should be quizzes to test your knowledge. Overall great app and it doesn't have any glitches. Thanks Stevie-jade Frankie McDowell 👵👵👵.Version: 2.1.1

Best app everI use it for all my overseas travel and now I can knot what exit is in 5 different languages..Version: 6.8.0

Does what it says!I bought a car, usual story, Japanese import and I can't read japanese and configure anything in the car. Downloaded the app and immediately, like as soon as it finished loading, I was translating everything in my car. Awesome..Version: 5.11.0

Good for practicing!!Over the last few years, I have let my Korean language skills deteriorate. I have started to review my reading, writing, and speaking of Korean using Francis Parks books ( Speaking Korean Books 1 and 2). I do not, however, have any audio tapes to go with these. This app has been a lifesaver. Not only can I hear the pronunciation by typing in the practice sentences, I can also test my own pronunciation by using the English to Korean translator. I know I am pronouncing Korean correctly when Google Translate prints the text in Hangul. Loving it! FYI, for those of you who wish to learn the Korean language, I STRONGLY recommend learning the Korean alphabet first - learn to pronounce each character as a starting point. It will save you a lot of grief later..Version: 6.12

Interface is fineThis review is an edit of an older, more negative review I didn’t know how to delete and which had been written in error. (I’d opened the newly updated Apple translate app thinking it was Google’s, and was appalled. My error. Google translate is as decent as ever, and the one issued by Apple is awful. ).Version: 6.16.0

Makes my life so much easier in FranceCurrently living and working in Marne region, France. To my shame I speak no French apart from hello and goodbye and a VERY limited number of English speakers at my location, so this app helps me enormously in day to day life. For example, I managed to specify all of my furniture requirements for my rented apartment from English to French. The most tricky part was specifying a kettle in order to make tea etc. Thanks Google🤓.Version: 5.25.0

An absolutely 5 star!!Just wanna thank google for making communication with my bf a lot easier. We are from different countries speaking different languages, and trying to speak each other’s mother tongue as much as possible. While we are struggling with foreign language acquisition, at least google translate makes the language barrier easier to overcome and I sincerely want to thank google for that..Version: 6.7.0

French Small ProblemsI was given words to learn by my French teacher. They included: Petit & Copain etc. I was told to out them together, I did. Together they mean ‘small friend’. Google translate turns the word to ‘boyfriend’. I’ve also seen other mistakes, not just in French. I believe everyone would be more appreciative if you fix these problems. This translator is pretty good other than a few mistakes in certain languages. I do suggest you get it because I don’t think there are better ones out there..Version: 5.25.0

Would be better if I could enlargeGreat app and translation, however usually the characters (especially Chinese) are so small and I would like to be able enlarge the word so that I can see clearly the strokes..Version: 6.17.0

Just wanted to say thank you!!I’m so grateful to you for making this app available for me to use, because I have advanced Parkinson’s disease and one of the things that have been stolen from me with this disease is my ability to speak to my family members and my friends, ( and in case you don’t know much about this incurable disease.) I am going to try to make you aware of some of the things that I have come to call as things that this disease has stolen from me, and so, the reason why I’m so excited about this app is because I am now able to actually talk to my friends and family that I haven’t been able to talk with in over three to four years now! 🤭 Thanks again, Kathi S. Ohio.Version: 5.29.0

An amazing and must have appI’ve been using Google Translate for many years, before it was even an app. Over the years I noticed a remarkable progress in the quality of language translation not just from and to English but also from and to French and Russian. The addition of image recognition made it an indispensable travel companion. We are now at the beginning of synchronous speech translation, which is the promise of a future in which less language will die and we will all benefit from the diversity of world views it will enable to safeguard. Bravo Google!.Version: 6.4.0

Super helpful(^O^)Its very easy to translate words in different languages with google translate! I really like the import image tool to help me translate screenshots! However, I think translating Chinese to English is very difficult with this app and not accurate enough. But other than that, this app is perfect as you can even change the accents of the speaker!.Version: 6.5.0

Great! ... but just one thingHi, I’m from England and I’m half British half Pakistani. My whole family is practically from Pakistan and they can’t speak English and I cant speak Bihari so I want to learn.I also go to high school learning French and it’s really hard because I also want to learn Chinese on my own and it is really confusing until I found this app. It is really helpful and I’ll use it when I go to spain with my family! Just one tiny detail. Is it alright if you could add a setting where you can change the words of the learning language myself so I can understand how to pronounce it because looking at symbols is like looking at pictures ; i can’t read it at all! If you don’t understand what I mean , then here is an example : “ Zaijian “ means “ goodbye “ in Chinese. “ Wo a ni “ means “ I love you “ in Chinese. If you still don’t understand then download the mondly app and inspire from that please but the reason why I don’t use mondly instead of this app is because they won’t let me take the lessons for free. Thank you for reading my review!👍 Zaijian,.Version: 5.28.0

Fantastic app despite a few hits and missesOn a trip to Japan, just realised how handy the app is. The camera feature is gold! Sometimes a few issues but overall indispensable.Version: 6.4.0

Great appI use it every day and most days more than once. Today I wanted to translate from English into Flemish but Flemish was not available. Closest I came was Fresian and Dutch. This is the first time I have not been able to find the language I needed. In spite of this, five stars..Version: 6.5.0

For me just one place is imperfect.All in all the app is great, thank you creators! I often use it while reading paper books. During this process I first read a page or a chapter, underline the new words and then translate them consequently, e. g. 20 words in a row. And here comes the sneaky moment: when you expand all the translations for a word, and then press X to clear the word area, you need to press the word area again for cursor to appear. This is really annoying when you do a lot of translation. I can’t think of a scenario when you delete the original word and don’t type a new word right after that. Maybe there’s a reason for leaving this functionality as it is, otherwise I would be so very happy if you change this behavior for just one click! Regards, Jinny.Version: 6.13.1

Add languageHi there, please add Cantonese, my friend died a little on the inside today. Thanks.Version: 6.14.0

BrilliantThis app is brilliant ! I never really write reviews but I went travelling to Europe for 3 weeks visiting France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy in my VW camper van and so arriving at campsites or airs along the way this app came into use a lot to be able to scan/translate what signs said or leaflets we received ect throughout our travels. This was also very helpful doing our grocery shop and being able take a picture of a label and scan the translation. I would highly recommend this app to anybody who is travelling to Europe or help with any language barriers. I don’t really like paying for apps, but this would be one of which I would pay for. Highly recommend !!.Version: 6.1.0

Greatest appIt is the first app understand my when i talk and write down exactly what i have said .. It is the best so far.Version: 2.0.0

Love this app!This app is really good, it has the most official languages that are needed.. I have just noticed that Arabic doesn’t have different types, since Arabic has different types of it could be hard for a learner of the language or even a person who is trying to speak English, I hope this update happens!.Version: 6.4.0

I say 3 and a half starsIt’s good but there are a few bugs and glitches for example I show my screen to something it won’t translate it pernamently it changes words . And it sometimes gets annoying or frustrating. But I have to admit the rest is ok so I recommend it to users.🙃🥰😗😜😙😚😀.Version: 6.22.0

Very goodNot alway accurate with the picture one but works really well otherwise. Great app I do suggest it.Version: 6.2.0

Good Enough xDThis is a really good app to use if you are travelling around the world, speaking with foreign people, or just learn why a word is in a different language. Unfortunately, it’s translations aren’t always accurate. But the reason why it’s still a 5 star for me is because these mistranslations can sometimes be funny. Phrases or just random letters can sometimes lead to random results. For example, if you type ‘ob am ap ri sm’ under the language ‘Somali’ into ‘English’, you will get the phrase ‘I can see you’. BEST. TRANSLATION. APP. EVER!.Version: 6.9.0

Great productI am taking German at school and this is really helpful with the of word or phrase. It is fairly accurate and easily accessible. However the best bit is the fact that if gives you all the different tools, that other apps make you pay for , for free. This is a great app for anyone and I would really recommend. The reason it lost a star was that sometimes it isn’t 100% accurate..Version: 6.7.0

Accurate Flooring And More!!As a business owner of a home remodeling and renovations company here in North Alabama, this app is priceless to me. I can print out invoices, estimates and contracts in English. Point my hand held mobile personal computer (Cell Phone) at the paper documents and it will translate the words right from the document into any of the available languages (languages have covered all of my needs so far) and make another printable copy of said documents in the languages needed for customers. Email the documents to the customers for them to review, they can digitally sign them and return the original with their signature and then I can make a copy of the signed document and send the customer their copy!! I Love Technology!!! Thank You Google!!!!.Version: 5.26.0

TextingWould be fantastic if can copy and paste the whole translated word or sentence to send as text message.Version:

Happy now8 years I had trouble communicating with my in laws. I updated and tried the new conversation device. It was fantastic to communicate with them. Well done and keep up the good work..Version: 5.20.1

FixThere is nothing wrong with this app but I’m giving it 4 stars becuase latley the app has been stalling ALOT and I can’t even use it..Version: 6.49

Nice but problematicGood app - probably the best of the translators. And free! A shame the 'speak now' function is buggy - often fails to connect meaning it doesn't translate. Crashing the app and restarting works .. until the next time. But still the translate app I recommend..Version: 1.3.1

Kudos to you - absolutely awesome! Travellers must have.Google - you just keep getting better. Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably not 100% accurate because we all use language differently but at least you can have a conversation - that’s the important bit! I can cast away the boredom of future journeys and speak to people. I can now ask a question and not second guess. I may even use it to help my business! One of the biggest hurdles has just been reduced..Version: 5.23.0

Awesome, and some recommendation (for now).This app is awesome! Been using it for a year now. I have some recommendation tho'. Do you mind adding a feature where it shows various dialect (accent), both in writing, speaking, reading, etc...? For example, Japanese. Japanese have three writing system (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji) as well as Romaji, which is the Japanese way of writing words in English. So do you mind putting them in category or organizing them if translated? Would be nice if you add footnote for each words that shows like in what way can this word be applicable. This is the recommendation I have for now, and I do think it will change this app greatly feature-wise because there is still confusion because one word can mean many things, and can be used differently depending on context..Version: 5.18.0

Great app but needs male & female voicesThis is a great app and the translations are accurate. Just one suggestion though I think this app would be much better if we had the choice of a male or female voice. And also being able to slow down the voice would be great as well. Thanks..Version: 5.16.0

Accessibility for Instructional DesignGoogle Translate is now a form of augmented reality and is adapted for educational purposes. This application provides users with tools to translate between languages and they now include an image option; users take a photograph of a sign, piece of paper, or other form of written text and receive a translation in the language of their choice. This augmented reality is ground breaking because this allows online learners to access content in other languages. The application also translates spoken word in real time, which allows all learners to access audio in written form, in their own language, online or in-person. This version of augmented reality that is adapted for education can be utilized in an online learning environment and can be utilized by instructional designers. One of the major challenges with instructional design is selecting the correct tools to build learning experiences. With this application, instructional designers are able to create a course in their own language and can make their lesson accessible to learners by recommending Google Translate for accessibility. I plan to utilize this in conjunction with my online lessons and videos in order to reach more students with diverse abilities and primary languages..Version: 5.24.0

Fantastic!!!Google Translate is amazing - not only is it really quick to use, there are lots of ways to use it - for example, you can literally just take a picture of any writing (whatever language) and it can translate it or tell you what it means in English by simply scanning it through !!! It’s a really useful app to use at home and on the go!.Version: 6.8.0

Life saverWas on holiday and found this a real barrier displacer . So helpful . connected to people otherwise unable to . Fantastic . bought people together on a new level . Thank you apple . thank you google ..Version: 5.9.0

Thank you Google TranslateWould have been so lost without this app. I travel quite frequently n finds it very useful. Does give me giggle every now n than with certain incorrect translation but it gives one an idea..Version: 5.18.0

Отлично гуд очи вах вах вахВсе отлично Приложение просто супер Я отвечаю отличное просто Советую воспользоваться.Version: 5.28.0

NZ tourist hosts NEED this!Every hotel or restaurant with a tourism clientele should have this on the front counter. Every staff member could use it to learn basic greetings in the customary language of usual tourist origins, and the use the app during interactions with their clientele. I have used it to help tourists include their photographer friend in the shot, and how pleased they have been. I highly recommend this. So far, in Japaneses and S Kiswahili, it has been 100 % accurate..Version: 2.1.1

Great app for when you are abroad!Amazing app for when you are in an unfamiliar country. It can translate street signs as well as talking to someone (for example in a shop to buy something) and you talk and it translates it to their language and then they speak and it’s translated into your language. Would definitely recommend to any holiday goers as a great app!.Version: 6.7.0

Are you kidding me???????!!!!!! Best deal ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great in every way!!!!!!!!!!!!Usually apps with this much deluxe to them are really expensive and you need to save up for them (Blech) so great job on that!!!!!!!! Also, it's really compatible and accessible (And right now it feels like only you guys and apple are the accessible apps) and so easy, and cool!!!!!!!!!! I use it to learn how to write French and also how to talk to my parents in Afrikaans and German which are there home languages, and it is a MUST-HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it seems ridiculous that they limit it to 5 stars!!!!! This is worth ********************************************* Thanks Google for making such amazing products, I'm a big fan (even though some of them I don't like as much as others) Continue, definitely!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 6.14.0

IndispensableThis truly is a traveller’s best friend. The camera translation is such a great feature and the addition of the offline feature is genius (so long as you have the forethought to download the languages first). A really first rate app..Version: 5.17.0

Great touch up could improveWould be nice to be able to select your country of Origen and if the translation was right to narrow data for improvements..Version: 1.3.1

Great functions, but translation limitationsHandy app for translating blocks of text and text in images. However, it frequently gets Swedish-English translation wrong and also will translate each word in a phrase separately and literally, as opposed to what the phrase would actually be/mean in English, although it does seem to do this for some phrases which is very handy. Also the alternative words dictionary is very useful for understanding the meanings of words and their uses different contexts within a certain language. Sometimes the word it suggests you use does not take the context of the sentence into account, so you end up saying something very literal. Improved Swedish translation would get this great and function-rich app 5/5. Also, whenever I change the language out of Swedish, Swedish disappears from the shortlist/favourites languages at the top, so I have to scroll all the way down to Swedish again to select it, even though I have it downloaded. Developers should change the top list to be recently used languages for the user, rather than the most popular languages it seems to be basing the list on..Version: 5.16.0

Amazing!Have used this app for a while to translate the odd word or phrase to another language. The ability to now use the camera to allow the app to scan written/printed foreign language (in my case it was Thai) is what this app needed to make it 5** I’m amazed by this. Anyone who has seen written Thai will know it looks like a load of scribble! This app can translate a whole page of printed Thai!! I absolutely love it and would highly recommend to anyone who travels frequently or needs to quickly and easily understand anything written in a foreign language.Version: 5.25.0

Great appYou can do lots of things using this app. Had and old photo and wanted to read the text on it, but it was so faded could not even read it properly and use google translation: was able to get the text. Amazing. Note had to use two phones, one to capture the photo from other phone(second phone)..Version: 6.0.0

Really good for offline translationGoogle Translate (the app) is much better than the browser version. You can translate offline and that is great. They’ve greatly improved their translations (their Latin is still pathetic, as it has been for many years). It still has problems picking up on nuances and dialects of certain languages. If you are speaking an uncommon language, expect your translation to come out like something from a textbook or hahaha Google Translate. The AI picks up on some slang and common sayings, but it’s sometimes inaccurate. Also, the app drains your battery like nobody’s business. I was translating for ten minutes and lost 14% of my battery. My phone is also inefficient, but all my other apps are much better with battery power than Google Translate..Version: 6.11

Great but needs a tiny bit of workThis app works just like the one online! It's great! I haven't tried the speech recognition but I'm sure it'll work fine. Only thing I can say is just an aesthetic thing, it isn't optimised for the newer devices (iPhone 5, iPod touch 5). Apart from that that's all I can say.Version: 1.3.1

AmazingI am incredibly impressed with this app. No subscription, ads or faffing about even for a second. I couldn’t recommend this anymore. I will be going to Spain to live there for a year and I have one year to learn Spanish but the bits in between that I haven’t got up to speed with this will help me socially and I imagine navigating around the city..Version: 5.23.0

The most used app on my phoneThis is the most used app on my phone. Stop wasting time with stupid social media trends and manipulated entertainment/news feeds. Instead? Use resources like Google Translate to learn a European language for free..Version: 6.45.0

Good in a pinchI use this app mainly for Haitian Creol. I’m thankful this app exist’s and that if you download the language you want you can use the app without wifi (it also works faster if you use it that way). Is it perfect?… Not by a long shot. The app translates your word literally and not your thoughts so you have to arrange you English in a very simple an direct manner so you tone and intent is not lost in translation. You also have be careful to use that exist in the language or it will just spit out the English word you used… And sometimes the translation just doesn’t make any sense. So while I do greatly appreciate the app exists and an effort was made to support the Haitian Creol language it needs a lot more work. I’d say it is currently on correct 75-80 percent of the time..Version: 6.27.0

Can’t type on translateAfter updating “Google translate “ I couldn’t easily type or copy wolds any language on “enter text”. It’s possible to fix, please. Thank you so much..Version: 6.42.1

Great app!!I like this app. I have a Japanese exchange student at the moment and this app has made it so much easier to talk with her. I hope you update it soon so it will automatically translate to Japanese and all the other remaining languages. But it's really good app would recommend to anyone going on holiday to a different speaking country or being with anyone who speaks a different language. :) :).Version: 4.0.0

Highly recommendedVoice translation really useful as you can hear the translated word as well. It recognizes my voice accurately too. Also image translation pretty cool with instant translation of signs and written texts just by aiming camera at the object. Only downside is if no WiFi or data connection, then the only available translation is by typing the actual word (ie can’t do image or voice translation).Version: 5.15.0

Great for EnglishThe translations are the best around if you're translating to or from English. When translating from Portuguese to Spanish, for example, the engine uses English as a stepping stone which leads to lots of inaccuracies. E.g.: The word "tâmara" in Portuguese (a fruit called "date" in English) gets translated into Spanish as "fecha" ("the date" as in the calendar), without any other options to choose from..Version: 5.0.0

Great tool from my experienceThis app had been a metaphorical life saver so far in Italy. The camera tool works a treat but must be kept steady or it gets a bit glitchy. Definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for a translation app..Version: 5.14.0

I need a 1000 words & a picture to explainEven thou I don’t agree with all translations let’s say about 70% I remember like it was yesterday few years ago i think 5 years ago I cried with like blazing fire in my heart for hours and hours because this app helped me translate and understand just few words i think maybe 20 words from the Holy Quran القران that night, and I continue using it with precaution till today حتى لو لا أتفق مع جميع الترجمان، دعني أقول حوالي 70 ٪ متفقاً، أتذكرها تلك الليلة كنها البارحة قبل حوالي خمسة سنوات بكيت لساعات وساعات و بقلبي يهزني الدموع تذرف لأن هذا التطبيق ساعدني في ترجمة و فهم كلمات قليلة فقط أعتقد ربما 20 كلمة من القرآن الكريم في محور تلك الليلة، وما زلت أستخدم مع الحذر حتى اليوم..Version: 5.20.1

Amazing! 10/10 recommend!Hiiiii! I wanna say thanks for making this app, and I love it. But can you just fix something about it? Idk what to put here lol. Anyway, I've been planning on learning Russian since day 1. Mostly because I wanted to understand what it meant. First time, I only knew "mama" and "papa" which translated to "mum" and "dad". So I thought to download this app, and I deleted it for a short while, but I redownloaded it. Now on most days after school, I often learn Russian on this app. And I feel like my learning progress has slowly gotten better as each day passes by. I am not joking, the progress gets better everyday! :D -mollywobbles2006.Version: 6.2.0

Must haveThank you so much Google for this App 👏 I now can talk with my friends and can be able to understand them better and vice versa. I can’t imagine my life without it 😍❤️💙💚💛💜.Version: 5.16.0

It’s gone downhillThis app has always functioned fine on my phone however suddenly and inexplicably it started deteriorating to the point where it is kind of unusable, incredibly slow and buggy. I’ve updated it a couple of times now without any change, I don’t believe the fault is with my phone as I have not noticed deterioration while using any other apps. This app is great and it would be a shame to stop using it. Also as a side it has always had an issue of placing the ‘copy’ button directly above the romaji version of a Japanese word so that you can’t see it, which is a bit annoying..Version: 6.39.0

Great appI love this app. The translations are clear and accurate. But I sometimes have problems with the voice recognition. It thinks I am saying something completely different to what I am actually saying. Anyway, it's a good app..Version: 1.3.1

Must have while travellingJust returned from a holiday in Spain. This app solved complex problems caused with SIM cards. Telcos play games with mobile prices which in different languages have lots of subtleties. Don't travel without it!.Version: 2.1.1

Folders pleaseI love this app. I would very much appreciate the ability to organise saved content and to be able to annotate saved text. I am using this to help me learn Polish. The ability to star certain entries is great up to a point, but it becomes very cluttered. If I could group saved items and conversations in various folders it would be a truly awesome feature..Version: 5.19.0

Random guy who you don’t know at all and it is privateTooooo good although it is mixing up letters in in camera mode…but it is still a good APP!.Version: 6.23.0

Please fix just one thing...!This app is invaluable but has one really annoying design flaw. After importing an image an scanning for recognisable characters you can highlight text to translate. So far, so good. However, if the text you need to translate doesn’t fit in the one-line box that pops up then you have to press the little arrow to expand. Again, so far, so good. However, now if you want to go back to the image to check out a different part you have to go back to the start and scan the whole image again. If you’re trying to figure out which part of an image you actually need to translate this is a real pain! Perhaps I’m kissing something obvious but if not, this is the one thing I’d like to see changed..Version: 6.14.0

Please guys.Guys, im still waiting for 6 and 6+ optimization. Is it so much hard to make? I understand u don't charge us for using this app, but u r one of the biggest companies around this world. Just make it. Cheers guys..Version: 2.1.1

Does the jobEasy to use and gets the jobs done without a hassle.Version: 1.3.0

The Photo TranslateThe photo translate isn’t the best, please consider to improve it..Version: 6.3.0

Love this app!This is a amazing way to learn a new language and to communicate with others who don’t speak the same language as you. This is a family friendly app that anyone could use this app. This app has helped me learn a new language that I will remember so my experience of using this app is a very good one..Version: 6.5.0

Useful now!Actually useful to me now, I can photograph Hangul to get the translation and practice while having an idea of the meaning and if my pronunciation is accurate by the automated voice. Still room for improvement especially when it it tries to pick up words, I still have to over enunciate for it to pick it up what I'm saying, but much better over all. Keep it up 👏🏾.Version: 5.13.0

Worked well, sadly owned by GoogleI used the program quite a bit and found it to work quite well. That said, I gave the program the four stars it deserved. Unfortunately it’s owned by Google and with ever increasing concerns over their lack of respect for privacy, political pandering, and shady business practices I deleted it as soon as Apple launched their free version. This was the last Google owned product I had on any device. Again, the program worked fine. Once in a great while it would get stuck but that was very rare. It seemed to need constant updates too. In fairness it had a lot more languages than the current Apple version but it also took up a huge chunk of memory. Given time I feel the Apple version will be just as good if not better..Version: 6.13.1

Quality almost FabulousI am a very inquisitive man who likes to travel frequently between my home in the alps and many of my other houses situated in exotic places around the world including Hong Kong, The Caribbean and South America. This app is so easy and quick to use. There has only been one downside for me and that is having to download the languages for all of the places I go to! For example, when I went to South Africa it took a whole 30 seconds to complete. Other than that I have had a number of great experiences... When I went to Switzerland to visit my ski lodge I found myself in a town full only German speaking natives. I was quite peckish and wanted a little bite to eat . But being home schooled I hadn’t learnt any other languages other than English. I whipped out my translate on my iPhone10(oops don’t tell anyone I have it!) to translate “hot chocolate shaken not stirred” and it worked like a charm! Overall very good app would definitely recommend to any travellers of the trade..Version: 5.21.0

The future is hereGoogle translate has always been useful. Since moving countries I have found two features to be so incredibly impressive i smile every time I use them. The first is the live camera text translation. You just hold the camera over the writing you don't understand and in front of your eyes it translates. It's basically magic. The other is the chrome instant translate of any webpage. It's amazing. Thank you Google and your software developers for creating one of the most impressive and powerful translation system ever. We are living in the future thanks to you..Version: 5.23.0

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