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Altimeter+ app received 92 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about altimeter+?

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Altimeter+ for Positive User Reviews

AsterUse it for diving, can set nitrogen load adjustment for any lake!.Version: 1.3

BrilliantQuite accurate and fun to use.Version: 1.3

Almost perfectThis has been my go to altimeter app for years. I recently got a new Apple Watch and have found my only complaint. There is no way to add this app as a complication on the watch face. Adding this functionality would bring this app back to perfect for me..Version: 2.1

Wicked!!After using for 30 seconds I can tell this app is awesome!! Love the map and quick response times!!!.Version: 1.6

Altimeter +Great app works well..Version: 1.3

Latest versionThis is great, and from what I have seen pretty accurate..Version: 1.1

Solid appDoes what it should with reasonable accuracy..Version: 2.3

Barometer calibration every 24 hours???Why? Can we please extend this?.Version: 2.2

Apple WatchIt’s frustrating that every time my watch’s face turns off the altimeter reading resets and takes a while for it to give you the actual altitude!!.Version: 2.2

Good appAccurate, reliable app does what it says on the tin!.Version: 1.3

ExcellentThis app is free and it's truly excellent for deter ing elevations and lat/longs..Version: 1.9.5

Altimeter+A very useful tool, would not be without it..Version: 2.0

Great appUse it often, very helpful.Version: 1.9.5

ComplicationJust downloaded - great so far! Question - it shows a complication available in the watch app however I cannot find it in the list when customizing a face. Can a complication for this app be shown? Edit - complications can be added to older watch faces. Would be great if the app was updated to have the complications work with the new faces. Edit 2 - currently the calibrate barometer function only works with the GPS. You can not manually enter a number - the keyboard does not appear..Version: 2.2

BrilliantEasy to use and amazingly good. Swiss accuracy and NASA links. Best app found in ages..Version: 1.9.5

ExcellentThis app has never failed me and works outside of network coverage areas. Extremely accurate too..Version: 2.2

AccuratePressure altitude is always more reliable than GPS. This app is simple and easy to look at. It’s also very accurate. Only thing I wish it had was a GPS speedometer and it would be a great paraglider app!.Version: 2.2

Had it for yearsLiving and driving around in the rockies between 5-14k ft. Whip this out every now and then for various uses. No qualms here..Version: 2.3

AmazingUsed it on a motorcycle tour of BC. Really useful, and useable anywhere..Version: 1.1

SmscbossVery good and accurate.Version: 1.9.5

Above Ground LevelIs there away to set the app up to show feet above ground level which would help when I am flying PPG? Same for the watch?.Version: 2.2

Fantastic AppAbsolutely fantastic app and hugely useful for a trekker like myself that needs a quick and accurate fix on altitude when trekking at high altitudes in order to work out altitude acclimatisation days on remote treks. Just a quick note that formatting has been messed up for iPhone 11 in the latest update but I’m sure this will be resolved quickly..Version: 2.3

Almost thereI'd give this app 5 stars . . . if the GPS part worked. While other apps I use have no trouble receiving GPS data this one constantly informs me that the GPS signal is too weak to be used. I hope the developers can sort this out soon. I will update my review of the app when the issue has been resolved..Version: 1.9.5

Excellent appThe latest 'aviation' graphic version just downloaded is brilliant. Do not change it. Overall, very accurate and the option of ASTER and GPS readings is good. ASTER provides ground level elevations regardless of your actual location, say in a tall building. GPS will give actual height of your location when above ground level. The three map presentations are also very useful. The 'real time' view it great when walking or hiking with the adjustable scale grid. Would recommend to anyone looking for an altimeter app..Version: 2.0

Sweet and accurateGreat that they included the Maps! Would be awesome if you could search elevation by using a home address!.Version: 1.3

Great and accurate. One suggestionGreat app. Only one suggestion. Make the data available to the Apple Watch complications. It would have been great to see my altitude on the main display of my watch instead of having to open the app every time..Version: 2.1

Good App!Accurate, intuitive and functional - well worth the money..Version: 1.5

This App is the most accurate I have seen...I have reviewed many Altimeter Apps and purchased at least 3. This is definitely the most accurate. I recommend this App. I gave it only 4 stars because I feel the interface could still use a little improvement....Version: 1.1

One problemBought it as an Apple Watch 4 complication for the Infograph face. Unfortunately it is not available as a complication for this face. Please fix. It’s available as a complication for older faces though. The app itself looks good on the phone and on the watch..Version: 2.2

AwesomeBest app out there for mountain hiking.Version: 1.9.5

Below Sea levelVery good app. Having just visited the Dead Sea area, I realised it doesn't give any indication when the heights are negative, i.e. below sea level. That would be very useful..Version: 1.4

Work great, no problemsGreat app for what it is. Used it for years, never a problem. Highly recommend!.Version: 2.3

Awesome appAwesome app great for 4x4 in the desert :).Version: 1.3

Seems goodSeems to work well - though I have no way of verifying accuracy..Version: 1.5

Yeah! Series 4Works great on my watch! Hoping complication function is coming soon..Version: 2.2

Handy app as long as you are connectedMy darling wife got this app for me. We live 17' above sea level so it came in handy during last months trip to the Rockies. It was accurate when we drove up Mt. Evans. But in the Tetons, reception was intermittent -- also on the airline. Still, an interesting tool to have..Version: 2.1

Really good appGreat little app. Would like to see a complication for Apple Watch showing the current altitude, hence the 4 stars..Version: 2.0

BRILLIANT👍👍👍So far so good. I can't fault this app. It's precise and easy to use. I haven't had the opportunity to test it on known altitudes but I have no reason to think it isn't accurate- I tested at sea level (the beach and nearby) and it was spot on. The map is a great idea and has features like any good map app. IMHO this is a useful and accurate app that does what it says and more. IF ONLY ALL APPS AVAILABLE IN 'The App Store' were so good and relevant. Big kudos to the devs and thank you. Sincerely, Paulo.Version: 1.9.5

Great appVery accurate.Version: 1.3

Great appVery accurate.Version: 1.3

Good for real estate appraisersI appraise real estate in some very rural and out of the way places in the west where high altitudes are important to know. This app is easy to use but needs to be calibrated occasionally when pressure changes with weather changes (sometimes that’s a challenge)..Version: 2.3

Works greatSimple and easy to use. Works everywhere on the planet, just needs GPS signal. Quick and very precise latitude and longitude readouts..Version: 2.3

AppIt's an amasing app. Maby there cold be mor translations e.g center meters?.Version: 1.3

SuperSuper APP.Version: 1.9.5

My go to for altitudeNicely done, dependable, accurate.Version: 2.1

Fantastic! Best app of it's kind available.I love the real altimeter look. Very accurate..Version: 2.2

GreatWorked at treat in remote locations to pretty good accuracy!.Version: 1.6

AltimeterVery accurate. Best one yet.Version: 1.3

It works again on Apple WatchThanks to the developer, it works again. Looks good too. There is something wrong with the App Store I cannot access the prior review for an edit....Version: 2.2

Great AppWorks great on iPhone 4, handy for finding out your altitude.Version: 1.3

Works!Very accurate at current known location.Version: 1.3

Great App!Surprisingly accurate! We live in CO and use it all the time on mountain passes..Version: 2.3

Simple and reliableIt’s simple and works well. The only improvement that would be nice is if it could be set using pressure altitude..Version: 2.2

Good appWorks ok not worked out features yet.Version: 1.1

Apple Watch 5 Complications?Great looking app but bought this to use as complications on my watch .. not seeing any way to do this. Am I wrong?.Version: 2.3

GoodIt's a cool and very reliable app, though it would be nice if it could be made to fit the entire screen on my iPhone 5..Version: 1.6

Simple & HelpfulI use this only with iPhone 7 and works perfectly. If I’m driving in mountains I sometimes check with posted elevation signs and agreement very close. Thanks!.Version: 2.2

¡Una maravilla!Muy fácil a usar y leer..Version: 1.3

Use it every dayI use this app every day. I’m a Ham Radio Operator. I use the app to find my elevation when operating in my car to find the best location. The higher the better. I find this app to be very accurate..Version: 2.3

Altimeter+Simple to use, accurate. Thanks for a great app!.Version: 1.9.5

Great appThought it would be handy and I was right..Version: 1.5

Most accurate altimeter I've foundBeen using my Watch for altitude information when flying my ultralight aircraft and found other GPS altitude apps to be completely inaccurate and not precise at altitude. Using the barometric function with Altimeter+ has been incredibly accurate. I used it for a flight this morning and 15 hours later at a known elevation, I'm basically right on with the baro altimeter..Version: 2.1

AltimeterVery good app. Accurate as stated. Slick interface..Version: 1.3

Very goodAlso gives GPS positions..Version: 1.6

Quick, stable, and accurateIt will register a change in altitude of 3 feet. Hold it at waist level, one reading. Raise it over your head, read out increases 3 feet. I find that astonishing..Version: 2.1

Very GoodI found this to be very accurate having compared it to Ordnance Survey maps spot heights measured in situ..Version: 2.3

Useful and polishedWhen out walking I often use Theodolite Pro on my phone. And that includes altitude but obviously does more. This is an absolutely great app for when I just want my altitude confirmed. Thanks very much Devs..Version: 1.3

ImpressiveSurprising accurate , much better than gps readings.Version: 1.4

AltimeterNeat stuff Well done. It is a pleasure to use.Version: 1.6

Accurate and well-designedBeautiful design. Tested in garden and altitude matches OS map. Clicked on map and it showed my location precisely..Version: 1.3

Fun App for a flyerGood fun to cross refer to a real altimeter but also satisfies some curiosity when travelling and at lookouts or high 'sightseeing'..Version: 2.0

Altimeter+Meets my needs. Position in degrees, minutes and seconds is a bonus..Version: 1.9.5

GoodappWorks well! Easy and accurate!.Version: 1.3

Just go new versionAccurate for where I go..Version: 2.2

FantasticGreat design and wonderfully simple layout. As far as I am aware it is accurate..Version: 1.3

Great app but …I love the app when I can read it (which is most of the time) when it is bright outside it is difficult to read. The dark background is the only option. It would be nice to see an updated version (no updates in 2+ years) that allows you to change from black to white..Version: 2.3

Simple easy and accurateNothing more to say, it does what it says and I've tested it in many locations across the world..Version: 1.6

GreatVery good app and very useful for me on the hills..Version: 1.1

Altimeter gps/asterThe only altimeter app that regularly works. Well done. Steelhedd.Version: 1.3

Solid as mountain rock...And I know because I had the rare opportunity to put this app head to head against it's yellow faced competitor in the mountains. Doesn't seem to burn data in either mode (tested in airplane mode) and registered quickly (the 2 modes varied by ~2m as indicated) The graphics are on theme and totally cool and complimentary. The added home screen info (map access and Lat. & Long.) were welcome and not intrusive. The only niggle would be to use some more vertical blank space by elongating the numbers and soften the shadows for increased legibility. We were on the move and could only briefly glance at the screen. The competitor (whose name shall not be mentioned) was more legible EVEN though it had a smaller type size. This is only an issue at high speeds with turbulent bump - but it would also tighten up the interface a little especially given that iPhone 5 has even more real estate than my 4s. ( For all I know, they will add more data to the home screen because of the extra i5 real estate - just please don't put banner ads there!) Really a 4.5/5 but we can't award 1/2 stars so a niggle costs a whole point!.Version: 1.6

Gilles PTrès bon.Version: 2.3

CalibratingI’d like to have the immediate option to go straight to the GPS for calibration the calibration on the I-watch needs to go straight to GPS for calibration // sidenote the iwatch calibration is very slow.Version: 2.2

Sledding and bikingAlways works for me , good app ,even in the mountains.Version: 2.0

Any more updates?WatchOS keeps reporting this app will no longer work with Watch OS5. I hope the developer continues to give it the love it deserves. A great app..Version: 2.1

One suggestionNice addition to the Apple Watch. Can you add a complication so that elevation can be seen on the main watch face?.Version: 2.1

Altimeter faceIt would be great if it was like a standard aviation altimeter one hand showing hundreds one hand showing thousands. Though it Is very useful 👍.Version: 2.2

Really good appI think this is great. I don't have any reason to know the altitude but I use it everywhere I go just for fun but I am sure it has a more serious use. I like the map feature as well. Very well done developers.Version: 1.3

Needs Apple Watch complication support..But otherwise a great app!.Version: 2.1

Works on Watch is 4.5Thanks for updating. Works great on my mighty Apple Watch 4. Used this app hiking up the Sierra Nevadas but had to keep getting the iPhone out to check altitude, now the Watch version will make life easier. 😃😃😃.Version: 2.2

ThanksI use this app almost 1 year.Version: 2.2

SolidHave used this app for ears now, mostly when hiking in the mountains, and many times in places where I don’t even get service and it has been very reliable..Version: 2.3

Excellent!Perfect. I use it to calibrate my altimeter watch before climbing. Great look and feel too..Version: 1.9.1

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